Posted by: themoonisdown | June 14, 2009

Robert Pattinson always has another surprise up his sleeve…

Dear Rob-

You know just when I think I’ve seen every picture of you every taken, someone drops a couple new bombs on me and for some reason that happened a bunch this weekend. Everywhere I went I saw new pics of your smug mug and I knew I had to share with my gals at LTR cause that’s what friends do! You wouldn’t understand you’re a boy!

Obviously this is an outtake from the GQ shoot but good heavens how did the photo editor choose which picture was the best? This has some nice jaw porn in it for the ladies who are into that sorta thing. I also wanna know what the necklace is: Prop for the shoot, or your own? St. Christopher medal from your grandma? Your old girlfriends class ring? A heart locket with Clare’s picture in it? One side of a broken heart Best Friends necklace (obviously TomStu has the other half)? I need to know!

Ok so this is like the best of everything… best hair length and style, best outfit, best smile… it’s like christmas card smile, or mother’s day brunch smile, or grandmas turning 80 smile, or Moon family reunion group picture smile, picking me up from the airport smile. I wanna see this a lot. Thanks.

In this photo that itsjustme posted in the Forum I picture you saying: “Oh myello there!” in my very special Moon “myello” voice that I will teach you someday. Get excited!

This is super teeny in size but large in ‘grrrr baby’

So uh yea, stop hiding these pictures from me cause I’ll find them… someday!

XO and Happy Sunday!

Thanks itsonlyme, Robsessed and wherever else I saw these pics!
Spend a leisurely day at the Twilight Art Gallery over at Letters to Twilight


  1. just fainted because the jaw porn one is so effin hot.
    it looks like an invitation to lick up his neck…

  2. Yes!!! Thanks to you Moon and your intensive research it’s now HAPPY ROB SUNDAY…sigh…sooo gone now….

  3. ….Inquiry:

    I wondered this before, however, now I feel a (ahem) sense of urgency upon viewing the above photos. May I please have a definitive answer to the question below……soon.

    What is the age that a (hypothetical of course) woman would cross over into cougar status? And when do I…I mean, when does SOMEONE qualify as reaching ‘Mrs. Robinson’ status? Anyone? And is there a difference?

    I’m just asking casually, like, no big. Just curious. (Please hurry with some well informed responses, and don’t trifle with me, you are dealing with a woman on the edge!)

    • Please… Please… Please…..Age is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT when it comes to Robsession. If you are about to become a cougar BE PROUD {admittedly it’s taken me 6 months with U.C. and Moon and all the LTR girls to get to this point} because anything to do with having the ‘hots’ for Rob THAT’S NORMAL!!!!

      Come off the edge….. come back and just ENJOY…..

      • {Oh… in the interest’s of making a fellow LTR girl happy I’m 45}

        • I thought the formula was half your age +7 years….not that it REALLY matters. (for me, this would mean a 28 year old would be acceptable…hmmmm….)

          • ew. a 20 yr old for me?
            or…… that means taylor is almost available..
            team edward 4 life

        • *kisses*

        • ❀ you!!!!

      • Thank you.
        That makes me feel NORMAL.
        God bless LTR. You are gold.

    • It’s not the age, it’s the looks. If you look like you’re his mother, you’re a cougar.

      • This works for me. I could not pass for his mother….older sister maybe, girl that used to babysit, but not his Mum. Not that this would hinder me in any way mind you…just trying to put it all into perspective.

  4. You know… I realized sometihng the other day… when I turn 50… Rob will be 25….

    and 25 can go into 50… how many times?
    I figure at least twice……daily!!!!

    Brouhahaha! LOL!!!! in my dreams only, I’m afraid!

    • What a great way to think of it. You are a genius! Much better than my “old enough to be his mother,” which is totes a downer. I am 43 and jealous of you now.

      • Love all fellow Cougars we really are our own brand of LTR ‘specialists’

      • I’m 40. I qualify for 27 (minus 4) LOL.

        I think he’d like the *ahem* “older” woman for some company πŸ˜‰ At least he’d know he’s not dealing with an amateur lol

        LOL’ing on the math division.

    • Giddy, this is brilliant.

      • Thank you my LTR champions…I knew you would help a girl out (woman, cougar…arg! Whatever!)

        I qualify for twenty-six…so close Rob, so close.

        RubyT and Giddy…I like this math…send him this way after you’ve worked him in for me. πŸ™‚

    • “At least twice…… daily!!!! To FUNNY!

  5. I love his effortless smile. It makes me so happy and makes me feel so good that smile like this is in store for the world to see. The world definitely use more smiles like that. And if any thoughts, reasons or person is responsible for these kind of smiles for him then I am really grateful to them.

    I know I am not quirky with my comments today or on most days but I couldn’t help myself. I always end up making some sentimental or lovey-dovey comments. You know that by now. : )

    • Oops *definitely could..* : )

  6. Totally into the Rob jaw porn. Love ’em all!

  7. I’m now wondering where else I could find ~more~ RPattinson surprises – besides his sleeves *sigh*

    PS – Thank God – and my bad English skills – I don’t know *ahem* what a cougar is… and have coughno needcough to know about it

    • hahaha…. i won’t share then.. but you could ask.. someone would be happy to tell you!

  8. Thank YOU moon. Anytime I get to see pics of Rob even ones I’ve all ready seen makes my day a little…saucy.

  9. Woow the first one kinda takes ur breath away!!
    He DEFINITLY looks better wivout facial hair tho
    Sory rob but u need a shave πŸ˜›

  10. That first pic is just Hawt! I have not had the pleasure of “seeing” that one. Thanks!

  11. In that moon family reunion group picture, can I stand on his other side?? Then maybe a shot of you two under the lattice arch…

  12. You know what other surprise he has under his sleeve… the momcase!!! the momcase on coolspotters!!!

  13. oh nice! I love you in Red Rob – you should wear it more often!!!

  14. jaw porn + scruff + tousled hair= a very blessed Sunday or any day in my book.

  15. oohhhhh….. that jaw could chisel granite.*THUD*

    I.AM.DIED.>>>>and then gone to rob-heaven where they have 5 rob clones to service your every need. and by that i mean EVERYTHING *winks*LOL

    • rob-heaven! brilliant!
      i never thought about rob clones, because iΒ΄d SO just drop dead of bliss

  16. my jaw dropped at the sight of the first jaw porn pic.
    the first time i saw it, all i could think of was DAYUMMMM how i want to be near that (or on top, whatever)

    and anyone can be devoted to the robsession.. ive never turned back since! *tho im his age πŸ˜€
    and just about as tall as him too πŸ˜› haha (im 5’10/5’11)

  17. weird, am i the only one who thinks that first picture is photoshopped? when i first saw it a few days ago i was sure that it was his head put onto the dossier leather jacket pic body. something about the coloring/edges of his face and hair look photoshopped to me, but i dunno. oh and btw i didn’t study this picture closely for hours. nope.

    hah ah, i’m so lame.

  18. I have been in bed for two days with a horrible cold/ fever these photos are not helping my body temperture. He’s my own personal brand of dayquil.

  19. The 1st pic is outtake from Dossier mags

  20. Anyone around??

    • Oh yeah. Hiya FN.

      • Hey!! How was your day?

        BTW, I replied to you last night and I wasn’t sure if you saw. Basically, you didn’t make me feel bad. I did. I didn’t want you to think you offended me b/c you didn’t.

        • I did read it. And responded back. lol

          It’s been somewhat productive. I’m onto another fanfic and I have to tell you about it. LOL Are you keeping a list? Knowing your penchant for beautiful quotes, I found this one with beautiful poetry throughout it—OMG! You would love it! This writer can really write. It starts off with Bella in Phoenix on the eve of her move to Forks and she sets up an anonymous account on the internet with some lovely words of longing and sends it out there into the universe. Who should find it and respond? Edward, of course. They go from short sentences to poetry to song lyrics (because he has a family band called Breaking Dawn and she is a throaty alto bluesy singer with stage fright. Without knowing anything about each other they continue this daily exchange getting deeper and deeper while she has moved and meets the pretty boy Edward Cullen and his twin sister Alice. It’s a slow burn….

          • Oh….I’ll have to go back and read then. lol

            Of course I’m keeping a list. What kind of amateur do you think I am?? lol I didn’t get to start any new FF today. Of course I need the link to this new one…you are my enabler and I hope you realize it. I’m perfectly okay w/ it though πŸ™‚

          • Ha! I hope this will link–had a little trouble earlier:


          • Yeah, that’s right. It’s called Tropic of Virgo.

          • Suh-WEET! Thanks!

          • That sounds really cool.
            The travel back in time one also sounds cool… any of you know what that one is called?

          • I don’t. I remember hearing something about it, but I’m not sure if it’s one I saved or not. I don’t think so.

          • Nat, if you read this later it’s called Only Human.

  21. Ladies I just needed to stop by real quick so that I could tell you that after finishing the chapters of the office… I am going to make tv BF learn French!! Holy mother of God! That was solo HOT! Beautiful bastard is welcome in my shower any day!!

    • *the

    • ROFLMAO!!! T–yiu got that right! Love love love the French! And the tat. OMG! Everytime I think of that, well….

      How are you?

      • *SWOON* The TATTOO!! ACK! There are no words….

        Oh yes…How are you T?? lol

      • Good. I’m on my iPhone so I can’t stay long. The BF is here so I’m pretending the robsession is not as bad as it was… Shhh don’t tell Rob LOL. How are you guys tonight?

        • We’ll keep your secret. Good here.

        • You can trust us. Doing okay.

        • Can you pretend, Tara? Does it work?

          • LOL I’m really bad at pretending!! As long as I’m not on the computer staring at anything Rob I can manage… Ha.

          • It’s when you start calling out his name during random moments of unicorn that you really need to be worried…

          • LMAO! I would be mortified if I did that. BF would send me off to the nut house!

    • OMG!!! I LOOOOOVE BB! I don’t think I said it enough last night. WHEW! The Office is some hardcore shizz!!

      • What is BB?

  22. You guys are suitably evil.

    • MWAHAHAHAHAHA… love it!

      • You’ve changed your avi.
        It’s his drunk-Oirish beanie thing.

        Maybe I love it.
        Still not sure I think he’s as hot as you all do – sometimes feels like caught up in madness that is hard to resist.

        Starting Office tonight when I get home.
        Does not sound *appropriate* for work and I got caught out with Wide Awake.

        • No, it’s definitely not appropriate for work!

          FN’s avi is not changed here yet. The beanie is back?

          What do you mean you don’t think he’s all that??? Follow along now Nat: His Holy Hotness is the hottest guy on the planet! Have you not eyes to see?

          • FN’s avi looks different. It had words last night, me thinks, and now it tis a picture of Rob with the beanie.

            I’m still not convinced that I find him hot. There are random moments of hotness… but then there are others where I think… Blue Steel…

          • I had to bring the beanie back after all that talk last night! I can’t wait until I can see it (in a week :()

            LMAO!! “Have you not eyes to see?”

          • It came to me suddenly. Why else would anyone blaspheme so on this site?

          • That’s an excellent point!

        • YAY! You can see it! I can’t wait until I can see it. I ❀ that beanie!

          I think you love it. Don't deny your feelings. lol

          Oh goodie! I think I want to go back and re-read it. Probably not appropriate for work. You got caught reading WA at work???

    • There is no way that you can not love that shizzz! LOL. That tat… I.AM.DIED.

      • Thought that it was Twilight that ruined my life (actually, it was New Moon… still think that Twilight isn’t that good…sigh).

        But really, it’s the Fan Fiction and an irrational love affair with a virtual literature hero who swears a lot.

        • Oh boy….BB (Beautiful Bastard) swears a lot, but it’s different than Darkward. Completely! But oh so good!

          • And don’t forget La Perla!

          • Finally. BB makes sense.

          • oh so, very, very good. I do so much admire BB’s work.

          • OMG! La Perla! Yes!

            I’m jealous of Ms. Swan! lol

          • Indeed!

  23. Hmmm… will be back later, girls.

    Must go home and then read office from comfort of own home with glass of el vino.

    • Good plan. Enjoy!

    • Later Nat!

  24. Ahh, back with the Beanie again? I thought we had had words about that FN! Only kidding anything with HHH in it works, even if it does involve the beanie.

    • It gives us variety Lizzie. Plus, we can use a couple constant reminders as we converse.

    • i wonder if someone could photoshop a beanie on my mouldy toast?

      • LMAO! With two little holes for your antennae?

        • Oh wait…now I understand the mouldy toast thing. lol

        • of course!

    • I can’t help it! I’m addicted to the beanie. I have a problem. I need to find a FF that includes the beanie…EyeC, keep your eyes peeled. lol

      How are you doing Lizzie??

      A beanie on your mouldy toast?? I’m confused…

      • Maybe we should write a FF with the beanie in it?

        • Ooo….good idea! I like the way you think Lizzie! I think you just became my new BFF.

      • I may have one. Will check on it later.

        • Wonderful! I’m excited. Thanks.

  25. K ladies.. Gotta run. Talk to you tomorrow.

    • So long Tara.

    • hi and bye T!

    • Bye T!! Have a good night!

  26. Hello.

    • Hello to you to EP!

      • any violence to report today or everyone well behaved for you?

        • They were good today. Small crowd actually, as much as they can work my last nerve, I’m going to miss them. Only 6 weeks left.

          • but that is also very exciting, i am really happy for you you are going to ahev such a ball. which also means i need to pull my finger out and get that list together for you.

          • You still have time, 6 weeks only puts me to the first of August. I’m quitting early so I can travel and not feel guilty.

          • never, never, never feel guilty about travel, my golden rule.

          • Not so much the travel, more the hanging out at a bar with FN and sister-nugget watching BL and MF, neglecting my church duties.

          • it still involves travel of a sort, so that makes it OK!

          • Speaking of bars…that reminds me, sister nugget likes to drink. I’m sure she won’t get crazy though. lol

            At least Sam’s show is in a BBQ joint. lol

          • lol, “I’m sure she won’t get crazy.”

          • I’m being serious….LOL

          • Okay, not REALLY. She’s fun.

    • Hey!

      • Hey!

    • Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi! How are things?

      • Hi x 5 to you too. Things are good, how are you?

        • LOL Even keel. Did some work. Got some sleep. Made blueberry muffins.

          • And now I want a blueberry muffin.

          • make that two please!

          • Three!! I’m still sad I’m missing the German Chocolate cake…mmmmm…..

  27. I’m reading this Smut Monday thing on Twilighted. It’s pretty hot. It says it doesn’t follow the current Office storyline, but it’s still pretty hot.

    • Guess I know what i will be checking out when i get home …

    • Will be checking that out later.

      • It’s just one chapter. I don’t want y’all to get TOO excited.

  28. I took a quick dip in to the forum today, and think i read that rob will start filming his new movie tomorrow?

    • Yup. That’s what I heard last week. Hope he’s ready—because this will be a BIG film for him! lol

    • Is that the one w/ Hugh Jackman?? Or Pierce Brosnon?? Or is it the same one? I need to get back into the loop ASAP!

      Btw, I saw X-Men Origins today…WHEW! That Hugh Jackman has a pretty nice body on him!

      • yep, which is why i am pretty excited by a HUgh and Rob movie, HUgh is also a really lovely genuine guy. I tell you what i would be happy to volunteet to do anything on that set!

        No , filming is for the Remember Me one with the all singing and all dancing (not) Peirce

        • Ok so I sometimes think my typos are maybe freudian?

        • Hugh IS a nice guy. You know he’s the real deal. That movie is Unbound Captives, the western, pioneer days flick.

        • I need someone to leave me bread crumbs to “The Loop” I fear I’m too far out! Shoot a flare gun or SOMETHING! lol

          • no I think the fact is i need to be lead away from the loop, i should not know half this stuff.

          • Then who would fill me in?? What if EyeC wasn’t around? I’m glad you’re in the loop!

      • It’s Remember Me w/ Pierce and Emilie de Ravin.

        • So, by this time next week he’ll be dating one or both of those people?

          • he will be married to pierce, yes. It is allowed in NY is it not?

          • Not in NY but Vermont is close by!

          • Without a doubt. I’ll take Pierce! Emilie is lovely.

          • I wonder if we’ll get a little backside action from RP? From the little I’ve read about RM there is a bedroom scene with Em. Hmmm.

          • of course not that we having been thinking about that at all

          • Yep. W/ a baby on the way. (the paps will solve this mystery b/c Rob will be photographed handing Emilie a kleenex)

          • Never mind the fact that she’s married.

          • Oooo….I’m angry!! I had a really clever response but WP re-directed me to their homepage and it was lost! Mother effers!

          • It’s the little hidden clues like that FN–proof positive!

          • FN that was happening to me over the past couple of days too, i of course just assumed it was me, very annoying isn’t it?

          • But EP, she has filed for divorce–last week, I think! True story. After all, HHH opportunities don’t come around that often…

          • Okay, so basically, my “clever” response was the kleenex thing 😦

            WP must have seen me call them “mother effers” and wanted to make me feel dumb. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED WP!! I still think you’re mother effers!!

            LOL EyeC. It would have made for more scandal if she was still married. I’m sure the paps are sad that she ruined their gossip.

          • wow, that is taking being prepared to a whole new level.. LOL. Not that laughing about someones pending divorce is funny, but

          • Did she really?

          • So I read. I’m sure it wasn’t really because of Rob. Nobody would be that desperate. (??)

          • I didn’t think she did it for Rob, but let the speculation begin!

          • E – isn’t that kind of the theme of the other Rob FF, I haven’t read it but thought the synopsis was kind of similar?

          • Lizzie, do you mean Just This Once? At this point it may be heading that way but it’s after the fact of Rob. I sooo want them to get together!

          • I think that is it, but i haven’t actually read it just saw the married girl meets Rob, they get it on and that’s about all i remembered actually! So really doesn’t bear much resemblence to Rob and Emilie, but you know why should that seem to matter?

          • And it’s all fiction anyway. I did write her a review yesterday. I’m trying to do a little more of that. I get such a kick out of the author’s responses.

  29. Ok, I have a question for the LOTN, it look like LTR is going to do a get together in LA for the NM premiere in November. How many of you would be likely to make it (I realise EP is out) but of the rest?

    • I’m out. Impossible financially.

    • I’d love to, but I think money will be an issue w/ me as well 😦

      I heard Dany is coming to the states. It would be so cool to get to meet her.

      • Oh, Dany! That would have been good too. I’ll be sad to miss it. Hope they have a live chat or something.

        • Maybe I’ll just take out more school loans….what difference does it make anyway?? I’ll be paying it all back for the rest of my life anyway…

  30. I’ma a bit the same, it looks like i will be in the states but probably a couple of weeks earlier, if you guys were going to be able to make it i was going to try and fiddle the dates around to be there for it. Still torn about it actually.

    • I understand the dilemma. It would be such a riot to get all of us together at the same time and place! What damage could we do?

    • All that wit in one place…it’s a scary thought.

      • So true.

    • yep, it definately has potential. LMAO

  31. Random Thoughts:

    I bought my ticket to Harry Potter today.

    I also bought plane tickets today.

    I don’t have class tomorrow, jury duty (when it’s not mine) is a beautiful thing.

    • HP will be so good!

      So when will you get here?

      When it’s NOT yous, exactly!

      • It will indeed. Going to the midnight show, having just got out of class at 10 and then going back to class at 8am. Good times.

        Unfortunately, Jenny and I haven’t gotten that far yet. I know when I’ll be leaving Denver, that’s not helpful.

        I’ve never had to go, thank God for being a full time student.

        • I did have jd once—attempted murder. There were questions as to his intent though, so we found him NG.

          • I thought it might be interesting, but they always call me at finals time.

          • I was on a jury for a rape, posession of a weapon and about 20 other charges, he was guilty as, was a really interesting process to go through. I was 18 and about 3 months, I literally turned 18 and got the notice telling me i was randomly selected for the jurry role and then bam i was on a case.

          • That doesn’t sound random. And wow, that’s a scary case.

          • It had its moments, but at least it was clear cut, to this day not really sure why it went to trial he was arrested at the scene, it’s not like there was any doubt about anything.

    • Pre-sale isn’t until next week here, i have it in my diary, true story, slightly embarrassing but then with me most things generally are.

      I had a strategic planning session on my trip to the states today, also maybe a swing by Lonodn so be prepared you may just get to meet the mouldy toast in person, oh wait that is what i look like.

      Just so long as it isn’t a long case.

      • I didn’t even know about it being on pre-sale, my RL BFF told me today, so we went and got our tickets. 12:01, she wanted to be sure to get the first showing, because if you wait for the 12:03 show you wait outside. In the July heat.

        We could go to the premiere there, just sayin’.

        If my professor gets picked it most likely won’t last more than a couple of days.

        • That’s funny. I can see it now 12.01 showing 12.02 showing, 12.03showing!

          London will probably be first port of call which will be late Oct early Nov well before premiere unfortuantely. Hopefully Rob will be at home though, we could go stalking?

          Jury duty is interesting to do at least once though, even if it is your professor and not you!

          • Exactly, the fools that waited to long for Twilight, were treated to sitting outside the coldest night of the year.

            I don’t know where Rob will be in that time line, he’s got a lot going on.

            Yeah, I’m sure one day I’ll get stuck with it.

      • I don’t even know if the tickets are being pre-sold here. I should look into that!

        I wanna meet the face behind the mouldy toast too!

        • really, the mouldy toast picked well, we are well matched! Will def see what i can do about some sort of meet up with you guys as I really keen to meet you guys as well.

          • That would be cool. I really hope I get to travel a lot once I become a professional. It’s times like these I’m glad I don’t have a DH or kiddos to tie me down. I want to live a little before I settle down.

          • A very good plan, Nuggety.

            Travel is the single best thing that you will ever do in your life time.

            Europe. You must do Europe.

          • I would love to go to Europe! I’ve always wanted to visit Spain. I almost went last summer, but some things came up and I didn’t get to 😦

    • I saw the preview to that! It’s gonna be SOOO good!

      Hooray! The official planning has begun!

      I’ve never had to go. I’ve been called once, but got excused for being a student. Whew!

      • I’m pretty excited about it.

        I know, I’ve been slacking off planning-wise. Austin is no big deal, just a few hours drive.


  32. So J-m’s BFF where is J-m tonight?

    • She’s sleepy.

      • good, she needs a proper sleep that girl.

  33. Very superficial random thoughts

    I’m hungry

    It’s cold

    I’m clearly whiny tonight

    My hair does look good though.

    • Eat something.

      Cover up.



      • i eat too much, thus the need to to shuffle like forrest gump

        i hate coats.

        obvious isn’t it?

        something has to go my way.

    • Good hair trumps all.

      • Just as well E, otherwise i would be in big trouble!

    • Craving anything in particular?

      That’s still so weird for me. It’s freakin’ hot here.

      Everyone has their moments.

      Are you doing the Solid Gold thing tonight?? lol

      • Just any sort of food that is bad for me really, and someone to deliver it to me.

        No you’re the weird ones with the back to front seasons.

        I seem to ahve a lot of them!

        I think it is just because Nat keeps using Gold, and for some weird reason when i see it i always think of the solid gold dancers.

    • All things considered… as long as your hair is good… you can live with the cold and the hunger…

      • I know, but as mentioned earlier tonight i am just being super whiny

  34. Randome thoughts:

    Wondering onto Twilighted was a bad idea….I’ve found like 5 new FFs I want to read. BTW, I hate Twilighted b/c it hurts my eyes, hopefully I can find them on (or whatever that other one is).

    I ate a pint of Dutch Chocolate ice cream AND a molten chocolate cake/ice cream thing from Sonic today. I’m going to be so fat! But it tastes so good!

    I’m excited to see Rob’s new movies.

    • I haven’t ventured into Twilighted, i’m too lazy, i just pick them from the forum with supplied links, poathetic i know.

      OK, now that is what i want to eat too.

      I like the fact we are gong to have loads of big screen Rob all the time over the next year or so due to his very busy schedule.

    • Yes it is hard on the eyes.

      One day. No worries.

      Me TOOOOO. ‘Cause it will be so important for his career. (!)

    • What new breed of chocolate is this????
      Have not heard.
      Educate and ruin the Australian some more with chocolate….

      • I think that’s just what Blue Bell named it. It’s quite possibly made up 😦 Sorry.

  35. Random Dilemma.

    Do I hate driving, cooking or shopping more?

    Lizzie, when does the HP movie come out?

    • Midnight release Wed 15 July, pre sale tickets available from Wd 24 July

      • How very exciting.
        Wahey. Good all around.

        • yep, can you tell i am a tad excited simply by the fact i have the dates at my fingertips perhaps?

          • But it will be awesome.
            So awesome it doesn’t even begin to… it’s just awesome.

            Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix?! Gold! Pure, genius!

  36. I believe it’s my bedtime. Have a good night everyone and sweet dreams.

    • night EP.

      • Night EP…

    • Good Night EP. Happy dreams.

    • Good night! Sweet dreams to you as well!

  37. So E – what new FF should i look into?

    • from E’s recommended reading list of course, I have probably knocked of the major ones (WA, LYLS/ALE, Dom/Sub. Office, TRL, Midnight Desire, ILLA, Arrangement, Vicissitudes, The Trip Home and a few others)

    • Give me a few minutes. I was typing and somehow got knocked off.

      • OK. Have you read Shadowboxer? I would say ‘loved it’ but you know I love all of them for one reason or another! He is Fightward here and both of them have some problems in the past (WA anyone?). She finds him at 2:00 AM all beat up in the gym where she has just been hired as clean-up girl. She gets him home and fixes him up.

        I Hate Myself for Loving You–B&A are college freshmen, new roommates and E&J are juniors. E has the rep of being a ladies man–OK, a tramp–around campus but the minute he sees B–you know. She can sing and play guitar and forms a rock band. Good stuff.

        In the Blink of an Eye–still love this one. Bella broke her back on the jump from the cliff in NM so nothing after that point from the books is known. They meet up again 10 years later at the death of her husband. She now has 10 years of life experience and has grown in confidence. Dilemmas of all kinds now. The Cullens had split up as a family and Bella becomes a catalyst to draw them together again.

        Only Human is the one where B goes back to human E in 1918. What will she discover and when will she arrive there? Who else is in Chicago in 1918?

        Love love this new one—Tropic of Virgo—see above.

        • Cool – thanks willl give them a whirl, I will pretty much read anything, but as you know will then also be quite happy to give my opinion back too!


            This is one I found on Twilighted (and finally on fanfiction). It’s one of the top 10 favorite stories on Twilighted.

            Here’s the synopsis:
            Edward Cullen made Bella Swan’s life a living hell from age ten to twelve. Finally fed up with the torment and teasing, she moved to Phoenix. Now she’s seventeen, beautiful, has a new sense of confidence, and is back in Forks.

          • Sounds very promising. I do like the human characters. Of course, I have nothing against vampires! lol

            I want to recommend so many of these stories to other friends but I really think having the TS read and absorbed is important before you start reading any of these. It would add a depth to the story–and you’d get the inside jokes, words–but if they haven’t had the desire to read TW by now, I think it may be too late. Not to mention I don’t want to be out there with my obsession with just anyone! Normal is relative!

          • Me too!

            I agree about reading the TS before starting FF. I want to share FF w/ my BFF, but she hasn’t even finished TW!!! I gave her the book a few weeks before the movie was released! I should get my book back if she’s not going to read it. Hopefully her kid hasn’t destroyed it! (that’s a dreadful thought!). I don’t think I could recommend FF to anyone else. I can only imagine the looks I would get…It’s so good though! You’re SO right! Normal is relative! I think we forget that when we come here! lol

          • That just made me laugh! I forgot what kind of perverts we must look like if we go around recommending ff!!! No, I’m sure it has to be in the right order. And to the right person. They would 1. Have to LOVR Twilight and all that that implies. 2. They would have to be open minded and start with the gentle stuff unless you know them really well! 3. It helps to have a Robsession so you get the visuals just right! Then you can move right through them getting deeper and deeper (that’s what she said).

        • I’ve also finished up to date: Hello Stranger, The Acclimation Diaries, Art After 5 and 3 others. I’m at 29 now.

          • I am going to have to start keeping track like you do E I think!

  38. Can one of you post me the link for The Office please…


      • Brilliant. Thanks Lizzie.
        I can read this while eating my ruined pumpkin soup and hopefully it will make it taste nice.

        • the office will cure most things!

        • I said this once already, but here it goes again:

          I’m SOOO excited for you to read The Office! You MUST tell us what you think of BB tomorrow!!

          (damn you WP mother effers!!) lol

          • LOL This one is stellar.

          • Oh, Nuggety.
            You will be the death of me.

  39. Just realised why i am so whingy and moany casue it is monday. And on that startling revelation, i am going to call it done! Thanks E got some new bedtime reading!

    Night all.

    • Bye L. Take it easy.

    • Night Lizzie!

    • Night, Lizzie.

  40. OMG EyeC! 29 FFs?? You amaze me!! Have you read “Nothing Left to Lose”?? I posted the link above for Lizzie. It sounds good. But of course it’s unfinished!!

    • Unfinished—the bane of my existence! See my above comment. I know, it’s crazy. But an addiction is an addiction.

      • haha! I just responded to your comment! I started this Nothing Left to Lose. Edward is SO MEAN!! I have a feeling he’s going to get his though…

  41. So, Dark Edward and Bella – together or not for final chapter and epilogue?

    • We didn’t go through all of that to NOT have them together! I think they go to college together and get a house like Rose and Emmett. They are bound by this time, aren’t they? Who else would do?

    • Are you asking for a prediction?? They better end up together! lol

      • Yes, a prediction!
        Your thoughts, girls?

        • They just HAVE to! If not, there better be a REALLY good reason!!

          • What would a really good reason be?

          • Uhh…one of them dies??

  42. EyeC I just read your comment above. I LOVED it!! YES! Being Robsessed is a MUST!! Who else would you WANT to be Edward in all those stories?!? The best part of reading FF is imagining Rob as Edward and yourself as Bella!! LOL (or am I the only one that does that??)

    • Erm… you’re not alone, Nuggety. You’re not alone.
      It’s *normal* ha ha ha!

    • Exactly! Of COURSE I’m Bella!!!

      • We’re all Bella.

        Millions of fucking Bella’s running around looking for our Edward who just happens to be one man in particular.

        Poor Rob.

        I imagine that universal adoration isn’t all it is cracked up to be.

        • You know it isn’t!

          Poor Rob.

          How much of Edward would a man have to be to satisfy? Because you KNOW there will only be a very few who ever get to touch THAT!

          • Ohhhh…that last thought breaks my heart. Reality sets in….:(

          • The phrase “many will enter, few will win” comes to mind.

          • Yes. We’re not big on reality here but every so often you need a certain perspective. I think a guy just has to be his best self—and read a little fanfic!

          • And that is how it should be Rob is one of the good guys, doesn’t spread himself all over and that is only one more reason why we love him!

          • Okay, you win. It’s true!

          • Now back to the fantasy!

          • How much of Edward would a man have to be to satisfy?!?

            I’m not going there. I’m not…

          • Yes, he’s one of the good guys.
            A rarity. To be celebrated…

            Goofball hot.

          • lol

          • Nat, get back to The Office!! You don’t want to upset Mr. Cullen!! (well, not until you know what he’s capable of….lol)

            YIPPEE!! It’s wonderful here in fantasyland!!

          • and I’m not going to comment on ‘there will only be a very few who ever get to touch that’ either…

            Night, girls.

          • I had to put it out there.

      • WHEW! *wipes brow* I was kinda worried that I’d embarrassed my self!

        Also, LOL to the deeper and deeper comment!

        • No, we all do it.
          But it’s only on LTR that we actually admit it.

          • And THAT’S what makes us awesome!

  43. What if she dies or has a monumental RWEB?

  44. Okay.

    If I’m going to even make a nudge in this FF, and have a review ready for Nuggety tomorrow, I’d better go and resolve the burnt pumpkin soup fiasco and pour myself some wine and start reading.

    Good night, girls.
    This is fast becoming my favourite time of day.
    Random mutterings.

    • Remember….beware of BB’s DIRTY (scratch that, FILTHY) mouth!! It’s HOTT though!


    • Goodbye Nat. Yup, you’ve come over to the dark side. We know, we know.

      • Well, it’s going to be a VERY BIG YEAR for Rob… perhaps he can spread himself around a bit more…

        • Perhaps, but still with limited exposure….

          • Yes…limited exposure…

            Okay. Seriously going now girls.


  45. EyeC, this story is a VERY easy read…it won’t take long at all! Ahhh!!! And then I’ll have to wait! Bleh. I like it though. It’s like Mean Girls meets TW. It’s funny, b/c right after I was thinking that, it mention Mean Girls in the story. lol It has some interesting pairings…I’m not going to say anymore…

    • I’ll read it. It’s weird how things like the Mean Girls comment crop up in everyday life. I’ll read a phrase and that same phrase will come out of the person’s mouth on TV. Does this happen regularly in you life?

      • Yep. I actually watched Mean Girls this afternoon! I’m telling you, those HULU guys are up to no good….it can’t be a coincedence!

        • Spooky. Very spooky. lol

  46. Now when I hit refresh it’s flipping into WP–WTF? Then I have to go to the beginning again.

    • UGH! Idk. It was doing that to me when I posted comments. I didn’t have to go to the beginning though. I just hit the back button and I was here again. My post was gone, but I was here πŸ™‚

      I don’t know why I’m so excited about this story. I guess it’s b/c I like when the nerdy kid gets revenge on the cool kids.

      • Revenge of the Nerds—a classic tale!

        • Isn’t it though??

          Now I want to watch that movie! lol

          • LOL Better watch out. You’ll end up like me. At least you have a deadline for your goofing off.

          • LOL. I still have a month to goof off. Longer if I don’t invest in cable!! And I’ll have my own place so no one will care when I eat or if I take the time to clean!! Freedom!! lol

          • Oh, you’ll be in heaven! Just have to get your schoolwork done. Otherwise, accountable to no one but yourself!

          • Right! And I won’t have to worry about hiding my FF!! Or sharing the computer w/ anyone so I can read my FF!! I can’t wait!

          • That would be my definition of heaven, for sure! Maybe I’ll have that week in September if he really decides to leave me behind. Of course, I wouldn’t have a car….

          • Pfft! Who needs a car?? All you need in Heaven is your favorite pic of HHH and some good ol’ smutty FF!!! lol

  47. OMG! I almost forgot to mention how freakin’ HOTT Mr. Nugget looks in that first pic of today’s post! Well, all of them really. WOW!

    • You are absolutely right!!! That is the hottest thing I’ve seen in a while! You know it brings up the James Dean thing with me. His jaw, his jaw! It’s enough to kill with pure sex appeal! But yes, all of them are quite nice. Not that I’ve spent time studying them in detail or anything….

      • Oh yes! I love the “bad boy” thing he has going on. VERY Rebel w/out a Cause. Mmmm….THE JAW!!! LOL, it’s not like I immediately copied/pasted those into my Rob folder…BUT, if we had done any of those things it would be completely NORMAL!!

        • Of course it would! Yup–C & P!

          • C & P?

          • Oh wait…copy & paste….LOL

            I should really think about these things before I post asking for an explanation.

            There’s something about hitting that submit button that brings the answer to me. πŸ™‚

          • lol Crafts major, remeber?

          • haha! I forget πŸ™‚

          • And I can’t spell either, apparently!

          • it’s all those “m”s and “e”s LOL

          • Yes.

            I’m reading along on my TOV—who knew a game of darts could be so sexy? Finally, something Bella’s good at!

  48. I’m addicted to FF!! (what’s new??) Sexy Darts?? ACK! FF is going to be the death of me!

    • I KNOW! It’s getting very hot in here….

      • I thought it was just me….not too much smut in this one….yet. lol Bella’s a bit of a slut and Edward is too…I honestly don’t know if this is a B/E story or not…it’s hard to tell.

        • As long as the story is good, it’s sometimes a relief to not have smut. More of them do than don’t so it’s not like we’ll miss it that much. There was one where it was heading down the path of Bella and Jasper and I was surprised how upsetting it was for me!

          • The Arrangement?? That one took me through an emotional rollercoaster! I remember us talking about that one.

          • No. Although that was definitely moving farther out on the line. At least Edward was involved there. This was A Lesson in Release. Followed by A Lesson in Fate. Both now finished. Good story, but very nerve wracking. I don’t like to see Edward hurting.

          • Oh wow…again, I’m amazed at how many stories people can come up with.

            In this one, Edward’s a bit of a jerk, so it’s not so bad seeing him hurt. I’m hoping he’ll redeem himself.

          • I don’t think I’ve read any with Edward as a jerk. At lleast not an intentional one. Maybe just some of the time.

            You know how WA is so long and it’s dragging out so much here at the end? I am forgetting some of the details of the story. I was just remembering how she would fix him that dinner meal every night as well as the cookies. Hurry up AG!

          • It’s an interesting twist.

            NO JOKE!! I don’t have time to go back and read all 40 whatever chapters! Those two are so sweet! The dinners, the cookies, the nightmares, the unicorns! *sigh* Hopefully soon! It’s taking a ridiculous amount of time. And not even an “Of Gemini and Gypsies” update! WTF???

          • I did read the first three chapters again but I decided there were too many other wonderful stories out there just waiting for me so I left it. I don’t understand either. And I know I will like Of Gemini and Gypsies, but even that has been sitting there for a long time. I’d hate to have that kind of pressure on me, but it’s been a very long time.

          • It IS a lot of pressure, but weeks at a time?? I mean, I don’t know what it’s like, but jeez! You’re right though, at least this gives us time to explore other stories.

          • I wrote you something like this a couple nights ago but I lost the post and my rewrite wasn’t as thorough. It was also way up higher by that time. I was grumbling that a person shouldn’t start a second story unless…and didn’t they have it mapped out when they first began, etc. I guess real life can get in the way or writer’s block but as a reader, it’s frustrating to wait so long and have to keep adding stories to fill the waiting time.

          • bummer! I wish I would’ve seen it. I know what you mean though. There should be some sort of governing rules to FF writing. lol It gets confusing sometimes. For example, I forgot just how much I love BB until I finally got around to reading those updates. And, I had to go back and read the previous couple of chapters b/c I couldn’t remember exactly what was going on the previous night and whatnot.

          • Do you have a problem with the shift from two authors to one in The Office?

          • I actually did at first. I know their relationship was changing anyway so I’m glad that the switch happened then. I was kinda worried about it being to different, but the last couple of updates have eased my mind.

          • That’s how I feel. Things are changing. Still plenty hot.

  49. Edward just walked into Charlie’s house with a drunk Bella in his arms and Billie was over there watching a game. He said, “Chief Swan, Chief Black.” LOL

    • LOL.

  50. Oh my! Charlie’s gettin’ a lil somethin’ somethin’ in this one! lol

    • Charlie! He’s always left ot except for Sue at the end of BD.

      • I forgot about Sue! Charlie is left out too often! It doesn’t go into detail, but I’m kinda glad. lol

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