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A Question for You from Robert Pattinson

Dear LTR girls-

Rob has a question for you…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(don’t you love this LAME-o announcers voice, NOW THATS A THEORY WE CAN TAKE A BITE OUT OF!!! whacka whacka whacka!)

“Are you havin’ fun?”

Please answer him!

Dear Rob-

Why yes we’re having tons of fun but we’d be having even MORE fun if you’d give us a little news, something! Anything! Walk around with your fly undone, change the lobster hat to a crab hat, buy some new nike’s, moon (ahem!) someone from a cab window. Dance Monkey, Dance! Whatever, we don’t care we just need something new to dissect into a million pieces and over analyze cause we’re girls and that’s what we do!

So I guess you’ve forced me to make up my own news with the pics of you walking around NYC and riding in cabs. Which is fine, I’m good at role playing and making things up when it comes to you! Yeah.


Yes, honey I'll be back Sunday night be good for the babysitter!

Picture One – The Momcase

(in a sing-song voice)

Looks like someone read my post about the dadcase… and got a “Mom’s going to the Hamptons for the weekend” case!

What do you have in that thing?

– Green capri pants with a drawstring waist with little pink flamingos on them?
– A bottle of hand sanitizer? (public transportation is SO germ-y!)
– Carton of Virginia Slims? (hey, it’s a long weekend)
– Fifth of Grey Goose?
– Hawaiian shirt for the big party at the Country Club?
– Gift card to Chicos? (never know when you’ll need more capri’s on a moments notice)
– Ziplock baggie of granola and goldfish for your hypoglycemic ‘episodes?’
– “Mom’s Brag Book” with pictures of your “children” and by children I mean Patty Pattz (official LTR/LTT mascot) and Tomstu

Ja ja ja jitterbug!

Ja ja ja jitterbug!

Picture Two – Moses’s Cell Phone

Seriously Rob I think this may be the oldest cell phone still in service. I almost expect there to be a half broken antennae attached. What the crap happened to the iphone? Are you bringing back amber screens and roaming charges like it’s 1996?

This is like the “Car Phone” my dad had installed in our car back in the early 90’s for “business” and it had it’s own special holder that attached to the middle console. And you KNEW it was for serious!

But really now my only other option is that it’s the “Jitterbug” phone. You know the one from the commercials with the phones for old people where all they do is call the operator to add a number to the phone and they connect them to some preset numbers?

Seriously Rob, I’m watching Jitterbug commercials thinking of you! Do something!!

Love your face and your jitterbug!

PS now try and get that song out of your head! MOOOhahaha

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And as always the forum awaits you… and it’s friday so that means CRUNK time!

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  2. i´d take anything, but i think the momcase really is BIG news.
    oh dear, how i love that momcase!

  3. I have a question that needs to be pondered. Is the frequent unevenly buttined shirt a fashion statement, a lack of hand-eye co-ordination OR a signal of some post-Robsten hasty-buttoning up?

    • I don’t know why but the first time he did it, I stated that the unevenly buttoned shirt was a mocking fashion statement. Just a hunch of mine. Now that he’s done it more times in one month than any of us have done it in our lifetimes (even when we were 3 and just learning how to button), I’m really really going with the fashion statement option. I think he’s mocking the power he has over fashion trends. Maybe it is just me (and totally something I would do if I were put in a bizarre position of trendsetter as he is). I don’t claim to know him well enough to make these assumptions about his actions.

    • Maybe he doesn’t button/unbutton – I’m thinking he just slips shirts on over his head and anything goes (that’s what she said)

      mmmm, just had niiiiice mental image of him pulling a shirt over his head…

      • …or him pulling a shirt of his head…..

        • snarf – what was I thinking?!? Clothes need to come OFF the boy, not put back on!

          Thanks for the catch!

  4. But what’s funny is that I’m totally wearing my kelly green capris with pink flamingos on them. RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE.

    And I got them from Chicos.

    Clare was with me. She got the matching pair, ‘cept hers are turquoise with red crabs on them.

    Don’t judge.

    • You were drinking your Goose when you bought them weren’t you?

    • Off to Sam Bradley gig????

      • HAHAH WIN! sam bradley gig

        and turquoise with red crabs!!!!

  5. I think we need to ask the big questions-like when did you ditch the shiteous Nikes and get new shoes?
    Do you think the caps are gonna camoflage your hair enough to give you some privacy-afterall we can still see the jaw-and that is unmistakable!!!!
    And just how many styles of Ray-bans can one man have?!
    The uneven shirt button thing is just getting embarrassing if it’s not deliberate, no-one is that unco-ordinated, that often surely!! And the hasty buttoning theory-I don’t even wanna think about Verity!!

    • it’s 100% deliberate im SURE he thinks it’s cool and gives him that ‘i just dont give a fuck and cant be bothered with buttons’ attitude

      • He should send us a sign by buttoning it 2 buttons uneven if it’s a deliberate anti-fashion statement and 1 button uneven if he wishes it was the LTR ladies (and i use that term loosely lol) that had caused him to hastily re-dress post-dumpster action. I, for 1, will be watching 😉

        • LOL Verity! I think thats a great idea!

  6. The uneven shirt-buttoning…yeah, that’s cuz he just left me.

    Come on, you all were thinking it (although probably not about me). lol

    So in those same shots of the Jitterbug phone, there are additional shots of him holding his IPhone. But I can’t explain the direct-from-1996-cell. The geek in me wants to scream in horror and chuck it out of the cab window for him.

    Is it wrong that the dorkiness of all of these things just makes me ❤ him more?

    • he’s such a dork. i heart him so bad

    • the jitterbug it what makes him so great! ❤

  7. The first picture is total WIN for you!

    Fifth of Grey Goose? I knew there was a reason I loved him.

  8. That phone is the one he uses with MY number on it and the button shirt thing comes from the fact that Stephanie isn’t there to advise at the mo’ and I’ve told you girls before I’m sure he’s partially dyspraxic……..<3 as always

  9. Moses’s cell phone! ROTLMAO!

    “Ziplock baggie of granola and goldfish for your hypoglycemic ‘episodes?’”
    —-okay, why do I find that endearing? LOL!

  10. I see the lobster, but does anyone know what the words are under the lobster on the hat? That fact that I care is NORMAL!

    • That’s Normal

      • Is this becoming the blog catch phrase or what?!


      Rob purchased the hat as a sign of loyalty to me whilst in Montauk, NY (ie the Hamptons) for his VanityFair shoot (where that pic of him in the waldo shirt came from). The hat is from Duryea’s Lobster Deck … and i believe it says Duryea’s under the lobster.

      now, the question is, am i NORMAL for knowing that?


        • You win the Normal award! Seriously though I ❤ you for this!

      • WOW even i feel a bit normal after that confession.

        ps booking flight to montauk to eat at the same table he did.

        pps waldo pics??!! where??

  11. I love that he doesn’t care if his shirt is misbuttoned or not. As for the Nikes…I want to know where exactly he ditched them so I can find them and dip them in Gold 😉

    • then you can put HUGE man sized shoes on your fireplace mantle

      • why do you comment on the blog b4 you say hello to me in the mornings. i hate you right now.

        just kidding.

        i also have not said hello to you. ‘Myello’

  12. ‘Dance, Monkey Dance!’

    Srsly! For the record Moon, I think your assumptions are spot on! Rob?

    And this shirt business…Rob with the button wonkiness, and Kristen with the knots….they’re messing with us. Or not?

    • Great minds think alike – I’m going with they’re messing with us..

      • I agree but if she starts wearing neon scruntchies I am throwing my hands up and running away.

    • seriously theyre fucking with us.

      she just needs one of those little plastic thingys that you put the shirt through that i used to wear in grade school. it had puffy paint and rhinestones.

      wtf were those called?!

      • I’m pretty sure those were just called “t-shirt rings”.

        And if I start seeing banana clips or slap braclettes I am going to get really concerned (for them, not me, of course).

        • Oooh. Tshirt rings. So eighties. So wrong.

      • But you know it would be totally ok if she started wearing multiple SWATCH watches.

        • i lived for my pop-Swatch watches lol

  13. i can see rob going “the jitterbug, hmm… not a bad idea..”
    i think rob borrowed that mum-case from his dad (his mum is too stylish for something that fuggers)
    if he ever really does endorse the jitterbug, im ashamed to say i’d probably buy one.

  14. Don’t Forget, also in the Momcase is all the LTR/LTT girls from the Robblerum who are in Rob’s Flat. Did you miss that letter, where I declared Rob’s Flat is actually located in the Dadcase, and now Momcase? Geez!

    Why am I yelling at you everyday? Gahhh! I think it’s cause I’m sad that I can’t meet you too this weekend. Pooooo. Well at least UC will represent!
    You RULE!!

    • sadly i will not be there, im on the opposite side of the world but you will have fun!

      and no i didnt see that we all lived in the dadcase? why are you not bringing these things up to me?! geeesh.

  15. OVER THE TOP!!!!

    jajajajaja I notice the flip phone yesterday… but as someone answer me about it in LTT maybe it’s just his britt phone… cause in the other picture he’s playing with the iPhone.

    I still love the fact the he has that! makes him adorable dorky!

    And me momcase… jajajajja I heart the dadcase… the momcase is the perfect complement jajajajaja…

    b.t.w, like Jena… I wanna know… what are the words are under the lobster on the hat?

  16. Moses’ phone…hahaha, I may have lol’d and snorted a little coffee….

    Also, I have a friend (dude) who chronically mis-buttons his shirt, and also does a half-tuck-in sometimes, and we make a lot of fun of him, like Dude, wtf? fix your shirt! He is seriously clueless, and all ‘What, huh? Shirt buttoned wonky? hmmm, guess it was early when I put on my shirt, no wait, it came out of the laundry this way, I don’t know, do you want me to fix it?’ He is such a dork like that it is kind of endearing. That is how I think of it with Rob, too.

  17. Yes, Rob, I’m having fun! Oh, yes I am! And thanks for asking! LOL

    Guess what? Today is like Valentine’s day here. In fact this is more like a “Everyone who is in love with -insert here whatever you want to be in love- please go to the mall and spend tons of $$$$$ in presents, cards, food, lingerie, etc. b/c we don’t have any holidays between May and August” Day.

    So, happy Lover’s Day to y’all! 🙂

    • damn we’re missing out on that up here! instead it’s uh… friday.

      TGIF and lovers days!

  18. Maybe he was calling one of the Veronicas or Victorias he’s got on there from the Moses phone …

  19. “I notice the flip phone yesterday… but as someone answer me about it in LTT maybe it’s just his britt phone… cause in the other picture he’s playing with the iPhone”

    ” But I can’t explain the direct-from-1996-cell. The geek in me wants to scream in horror and chuck it out of the cab window for him.”

    I totes understand the flip phone. I’m still holding to my 2003 model, even though I’m embarrassed to take in out of my bag in public. I have a new one, but 2003 is still my fav, so I have two contracts just because I like my old phone.
    And we know Rob likes old clothes, so why not like his old phone?

    • perfs

      “And we know Rob likes old clothes, so why not like his old phone?”

  20. – Carton of Virginia Slims? (hey, it’s a long weekend)

    I actually would think that Rob is a Capri cigs kinda guy (you know the super skinny ‘bitch cigarette’ ones). I would smoke them with him. And I don’t smoke. I would do it just to be that cool. He would think I was.


    • it was my next option but i’d already said capri like 10 times. i love those skinny cigs. hilarious prop looking almost

  21. haha that phone is ancient! i was chattin about it earlier. haha.

    “you havin fun” ?? HELLZ YEAH! ur not hidin under your hoodie, and came out to play in the dumpsters w/ us!

  22. The Momcase and the Jitterbug phone were birthday gifts from Nana. The strap on the Dad case was prob about to break so she got him a new bag and slipped the prepaid Jitterbug phone inside so he could call her anytime.

    I think the shirts are a prank someone played on him. Jackson, Petah, Sam, Ashley, Kristen… somebody picked up all his shirts from the floor, buttoned them wrong, superglued them that way, and threw them back on the floor. Rob probably hasn’t even noticed yet.

    • LMAO! This reminds me of what happened to my parents on their
      wedding night. My dad’s sister and her friends snuck my parent’s house
      and sewed all his boxer short legs together, they put potato
      chips in their bed and filled the bathtub with rice and water.
      My mother was FURIOUS! Okay, so that went off
      the path but the shirts buttoned the wrong way due to superglue
      reminded me of my father’s boxers being sewn shut.
      okthxbai 😉

    • totally a prank! he would never know… too busy on the jitterbug

  23. All this talk about Rob with his shirt and it coming off has given me a vision of Rob pulling MY shirt off and he has that oh so glorious intense look in his eyes….like he means business….and….omg…sigh …thud!

  24. ummmmmmmmmmmmm.


    ?!?!?!?!?HELLO?!?!?!?!? —————>

    • Just cause you gave him the hat, doesn’t mean another FG can’t offer some other piece of clothing to him (to wear, not like that, gosh)
      Calli is a Lobster Crazy A$$ Chicka, but I ❤ her face!

  25. rob did get new nikes. Check out the most recent nyc pics and compare with his trip to the apple store last fall.

  26. ” Green capri pants with a drawstring waist with little pink flamingos on them?
    – A bottle of hand sanitizer? (public transportation is SO germ-y!)”

    SO yuppie and I love it. LOL Now when I’m out and about today and inevitably see the Chico-lings around town I’m going to laugh hysterically and get looks.

    I honestly don’t think he LOOKS in the mirror long enough to give two shits what his shirts look like. I don’t even think he’s meaning to look more “Americanized’ with his Members Only jacket and baseball hat. I dig it though. I also love how happy he seems in NYC. He seems genuinely sober and happy in that video. Yay!

    • i LOVEEEEE that video… especially when he runs after them. SO cute.

  27. You know Rob is rocking the Jitterbug phone cause it’s easier to drunk dial people – the freaking buttons and screen numbers are huge!

    Yep, I’m programmed #1 on his Jitterbug for the bootycalls! I’ll take him anyway I can get him. 😉

    • one touch calling yalll!!!

  28. Picture Two – Moses’s Cell Phone

    Seriously Rob I think this may be the oldest cell phone still in service. I almost expect there to be a half broken antennae attached. What the crap happened to the iphone? Are you bringing back amber screens and roaming charges like it’s 1996?

    Dudette! Didn’t you know? he was on “Cash Cab” and was phoning a freind!!!
    Jesh! I thought you were on top of things.

    • “Dudette! Didn’t you know? he was on “Cash Cab” and was phoning a freind!!!”


  29. hhahaha! Mom case!! and there must be a straw hat in there! and orthopedic sandals!

    hahaha! ja ja ja ja jitterbug…shit. thanks 🙂

  30. I like that cell phone. It kinda resembles mine, only mine is pink. It’s even pinker since yesterday, when I bought a pink puppy flip phone cover from Five Below for just $2. Oh yeah, I’m stylin’.

    Maybe Rob just can’t figure out how to work the I-Phone? I know the thought of it baffles me. (Course, I’m twice his age and the owner of many dead brain cells.)

  31. Moses’ Cell Phone. Hahaha. LMAO You are soooo cruel about Rob’s luggage, phone, hat etc. Thank God he’s got someone to dress him for importnt occasions. Or maybe not: he did look cute in the mis-buttoned shirt at the MTV awards.

    • im cruel cause i love him so… i mean he’s so special it’s awesome

  32. I know!!!! the flip phone was a gift from the same lady that gave him the 1994 electric Dylan Mckay jacket he wore in the Mtv Movie awards!

    I’ve been thinking that all morning… please tell me that’s normal…

    • DYLAN MCKAY JACKET!! YEESSSssss all he needs is that sweet jag he drove and i’d DIE just DIE

  33. Or was it Brandon the one wearing electric blue?… hhhmmm… either way…

  34. I still have a phone circa ’96 and so does Rob! Oh, you ladies have filled me with glee once again! It’s like another reminder of why I am attracted to this dorky, maybe mildly autistic man. We can take grainy, monochrome photos of eachother on our out-dated camara phones. And I will wear my lobster hat from Maine when we are together. Le sigh…


    p.s. – Are you ladies on facebook? I think LTR found me there and I added you back, but now I am afraid it wasn’t really you. And now my RL friends know what an obsessee I am (not that I hide it anyway).

    • “another reminder of why I am attracted to this dorky, maybe mildly autistic man”

      OMG!!! so good.

      we have a fan page on facebook…

  35. I’ve been waiting for you guys to say something about the bag! Dadcase, now momcase! Someone needs to get him better bags. hahahahah!

    • where the crap is stephanie ritz in all this?! she needs to send a dude from the endevor mailroom over to louis vuitton for some hot man luggage.

    • He does have that one mustard hot man bag that he travels with… I like that one… its appropriate for both his gender and his age.

    • He does have that hot man mustard bag that he travels with…. I like that one and its appropriate for both his age and his gender….

      • ARRRGGGG…. why is my stupid computer acting like a douche today! sorry for the double post…

  36. Your captions are always the best! I love em.
    Im pretty sure Rob is using his jitterbug because he is too wasted to figure out how to “slide to unlock” his iphone and the EXTRA LARGE buttons on his jbug help him call a cab.
    My friend actually has two cell phones… we call her second one her “mom phone” her mom wanted to beable to get in contact with her so she bought her a second cell phone… the only person who has that number is her mom. it looks exactly like Rob’s jitterbug.

    I do love his new mom case ( in a “I want to buy that for my mom for mother’s day way”)

    He is adorable in that video.

    • he is SOOO adorbs in that video! i want to him the video it’s so cute.

      and i cant hate i have two phones but neither is a jitterbug

  37. I’m not worried about his cellphone… it’s not as old as mine. My lemma is: if it’s working, keep it; if it’s not working, keep it anyway till you get someone to fix it for you for free.
    The dadcase and the momcase just contribute to his natural charme.

    p.s: need more english classes before posting more.

  38. So …. it is a random Sunday evening in Robland. Sam Bradley and Rob are on their regular Sunday evening call.

    Sam: So Rob, what are you going to do this week to ensure that there’s something for Moon and UC to comment on in their blog. I mean they’ve been writing about you for months now … they’ve got to be running out of cool stuff surely? They even have to resort to writing about both sides of the Robsten theory lately.

    Rob: Er, god. I don’t know Sam. Um, anyway, those girls are so clever they’ll find something to write about the simplest little thing. You know they don’t need much to work on. They’re really imaginative you know ….

    Sam: Well, you’ve got to give them SOMETHING to spark off of. I mean they must spend hours each week on “your” blog Rob. Do them that favour. Er … let me think … let’s think of something really subtle that only your TRUE fans will notice (Sam looks around the room he is sitting in and his eyes settle on a shirt he threw off earlier in the day, which he can now see has mismatched buttons). I know, just start misbuttoning your shirt regularly. See if Moon and UC notice …. They can then do a nice little blog entry about how you’re not really a sex god in disguise but are so dorky and uncoordinated.

    Rob: But I am dorky Sam *pouts*

    Sam: Precisely my friend. Oh, and drop the hoodie and start wearing a baseball cap. I mean you are in NYC man. It’s what they wear there.

    Rob: They’re never going to pick up on those Sam ….

    Sam: Nah, probably not. Lets see. Anyway, I’ve gotta go – got to do an interview with Twimoms. Got a few ideas about what to say to make it nice and humourous … I’m throwing Simba into it too.

    Rob: Simba? What?

    Sam: Don’t worry that girl called Carrie at LTR will know just what I’m going on about.

    Rob: OK, bye then. Till next Sunday …

  39. English Girl!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

    You just made my day. 🙂

    • You know he’s on to you girl!


      • I know. He is so gonna bust me one day. I will be DIED! 🙂

  40. Rob has 2 new pairs of shoes. New Shiteous Nikes and new black shoes. The other pair of black shoes he was wearing for awhile were hi-tops. The new ones he’s being wearing are lo-tops. I’m gonna request a full Robstigation when Jbell gets back. I really need her thoroughness to put my mind at ease.

    • Why not ask her to photograph, catalogue and publish his wardrobe + add new purchases and alert the “media” (=LTR, LTT, RAoR, Lauren….) ?

      • She does have it cataloged. b/c that’s normal! 🙂 No worries. She’ll post her findings in the LTT/LTR Forum.

  41. I’m trying to hide my laughter while I’m here at work. That old ass phone has me cracking up. Do you think Rob could WORK an iPhone? I don’t know if he’s tech saavy or not. That’s why he has grandpa’s cell.

    And damn you for getting Jitterbug stuck in my head. Ahh!!

    • i am thinking the same thing about rob not being very tech saavy.

      i really need to stop reading this site at work…i’m gonna get busted one of these days.

  42. dadcase on coolspotters!

    • AHhahahaha… and for only 40 bucks you could be mistaken as a middle aged father of 4.

  43. Dear Rob,
    What are you to do? They make fun of your dadcase and so you get a new one only to find out it’s a momcase….
    Maybe you’d better go with the idea of giving us more camera time—I especially like the idea of a full moon in the cab window!
    I think you wore that hoodie not to disguise yourself but to stay safe inside your own little world. If you don’t see them, they can’t see you. But in NYC you’ve shed the hoodie and come out of your shell. It’s great to see that jawline and hear you laugh!
    Now if I could just figure out the wonky shirts….


  44. The Jitterbug no doubt is for weekend benders. So much easier to hit the buttons. Not that I know anything about drunk dialing. Ahem!

  45. […] A Question for You from Robert Pattinson Dear LTR girls- Rob has a question for you… (don’t you love this LAME-o announcers voice, NOW THATS A […] […]

  46. Thought you guys would like to know that the “Dadcase” has been identified — see here:

    In case you guys want to get one as a Father’s Day gift for your DH’s. 😉

    I personally prefer the Dadcase to the Momcase, just saying.

  47. RT HELP @peterfacinelli on twitter..we need everyone’s help..change your default pic to this one..and let’s make him a trending topic..:)

  48. LOTN?

    • HI EyeC!!

  49. chirp. chirp. LOTN?

    • Hi Tara–LOL Same time!

      • I know thats awesome! LOL

        How are you this evening?

        • Things are good. It’s our wedding anniversary–low key these days!

          • Aw Happy Anniversary!

          • Thanks.

  50. Hey Tara and EyeC

    • Hey EP! Anything new?

      • Hey you and my Dad and Stepmom have the same anniversary. Nothing new on my end.

        • June is a popular month.

          • It is indeed. It was SO hot and I was the best man, it was an odd wedding.

          • But it sounds like it fit for them. No rules anymore.

          • It did fit them, I think it could have been inside, but whatever. By the way Happy Anniversary. I typed it earlier but it got lost.

          • Thanks. I hope losing the post isn’t indicative of things to come tonight. I lost a big post last night but I think I must have hit ‘enter’.

    • Hey girl hows it going?

      • Hey, I’m good how are you?

        • same here!

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