Posted by: Bekah | May 23, 2009

A delightful Saturday AM pick-up game of basketball with Robert Pattinson

Dear Rob,

The Quad broke it down Vanity-Fair style like this:

UC: dying… best vid ever
EastFriend: “I’m dominating!” Yes you are, honey. Yes you are. I love it. And always knew he was as uncoordinated as me.
WestFriend: You want to know what is beautiful? The fact that he isn’t acting here. This was filmed during his break.
UC: I love that.. you’re right- they were just goofing around.. he looked in the mirror when he took a pee break and said, “Robbie.. you’re looking like a stud. Your hair is doing something awesome today. You’re gonna go kick some A on the bball court with ‘the guys’ ” 
WestFriend: Want to know what wasn’t filmed during his break? Well…I am a lady, so I won’t share those details. Srsly…that was the best video I have ever seen. Do I like that he totally looks like a “special” person throughout the whole thing?
EastFriend: But he’s a Dominating special person. With his Almanzo Wilder hai-ruh did.  

Did you miss Moon during that breaking-it down Vanity-Fair style as much as I did?

Happy Saturday!

(Much love to Random Acts of Rob for alerting me to this delightful video) 

Are you recovering from the Friday Night Crunk thread and in need of something else inspiring other than this amazing basketball vid? Hop on over to The Forum and get your Saturday chat on!


  1. I can’t watsh the video .. 😦
    Can someone post a link ?

  2. zomg i love this video! dorky rob = adorable!


  3. Here’s the link –

    • Thanx 🙂

  4. ”I’m dominating!” Yes you are, honey. Yes you are. I love it. And always knew he was as uncoordinated as me. – quote

    “he looked in the mirror when he took a pee break and said, “Robbie.. you’re looking like a stud. Your hair is doing something awesome today. You’re gonna go kick some A on the bball court with ‘the guys’ ” -quote


    You guys bring out the best lines. I know it is in the movie but I never thought you will use the pee break in the breaking it down.


    I ❤ you guys. I really do.

    • wait.. pee break is in what movie?

      • SHUDDUPINYAFACE….that pee break lol

      • How to be? Well, I might be really wrong about this. In that case, jokes on me. : )

      • How to be? I might be wrong. In that case, jokes on me. 🙂

  5. Dear Rob

    You can dominate me anytime.

    love me

    BTW <3ing the posts UC & Moon.

  6. I was all in a crappy mood this morning. Hubby was supposed to pick me up from dropping my car off at my parents, but he totally just fell back to sleep and refused to pick up the phone. I had to walk the 15 km back home…

    BUT… I did stop by here before I take a shower, to have a fit of giggles. And now I’m in a much better mood.

    Thank you.

    I love it when you break it down vanity style.

    Oh. and Rob has some serious basketball skills… 😛

  7. Can’t breath!

    OMG…I’ve yet to see this movie, and I can easily tell you that this Rob character might be a fav. Did he improv that part? Anyone?

    ‘he looked in the mirror when he took a pee break and said, “Robbie.. you’re looking like a stud. Your hair is doing something awesome today. You’re gonna go kick some A on the bball court with ‘the guys’ “

    UC…this right here, is my brand of heroin, I mean humor. I swear this little ditty is enough to last me all day. I’ll think about it later at an inappropriate time, and bust up. That. is. Classic.

    Perhaps I should add this to my morning pre-church devotions?

    I am fearfully and wonderfully made… AND… I am dominating! Girl…you’re looking like a stud. Your hair is doing something awesome today. You’re gonna go kick some A on the bball court with ‘the guys’ “ Or something like that. 🙂 I think it works.

  8. flash forward to Spring 2008 and replace everyone in that video with Peter, Kellan, Jackson, Edi, Cam, TayTay, Billy and the rest of the human dudes in Twilight… and NOTHING MUCH HAS CHANGED… i’m willing to bet my life’s savings on that last statement…

    seriously hysterical.

    • Hahahahaha!

      I think you’re onto something here. And God if we don’t love him for it!

  9. RobArt Rocks!!!

    This is the best video ever.

  10. A clip of Rob err, ‘dominating’ on the bball court AND a Little House reference? You made my weekend. Thank you, UC!

    • Whoops, I guess it was EastFriend who dropped the Little House Manly reference. Still brilliant.

      It got me thinking that if there was a Little House remake how Rob would do in the role of Almanzo and I pictured him getting all sweaty in the fields with the plow and the horses. Then I pictured him tripping in his gangly way and getting dragged behind the horses. Then it struck me that I’d have to watch him marry a 16-year-old girl and came to the conclusion that he should never play Manly.

      • Totally loved the Little House reference and then came across your reply and had to agree Manly might not be a good for our dear Rob…

  11. O.M.G!
    That’s it. THAT’s what I am talking about!
    P R I C E L E S S

    I just LOVE when you “break things down” and put this stupid grin on my face. LOL

    Rob, please, dominate me.


  12. “Almanzo Wilder hai-ruh did”

    …hai-ruh did….LMAO

    Ashamed to say but that actually took me a couple of minutes….lmao Haven’t seen that show in ages & I’ll blame that on the fact that I just got out of bed & haven’t had a gallon of coffee yet, what can I say?

    Have GOT to see this movie, SRSLY!!

  13. So…
    I watched How To Be last night.

    He’s a genius. And the people who played his parents are geniuses, too…because I wanted to smack them.

    Hilarious…with his dominating, special needs, Almanzo-hair self. All kinds of fabulousness, I tell ya.

    • i haven’t even watched it yet.. I need to NOW
      ps your lil monster gravatar is my fav

  14. pass it back, pass it back, pass it back lol

    hey at least he is reallllly good at hitting the
    head board..MY BAD…I meant back board hahahahaha

  15. Fan-fucking tastic!! I love “special” Rob. Makes it even better to have “special hugs”. hehehehe

  16. ”I’m dominating!”

    Sorry I can’t comment on the rest of today’s post because I didn’t get past Rob saying those 2 words.

    My name’s not “SnMLamb” for nothing…

    Can someone make a “Domward” icon/voice blip with him saying “I’m dominating”…someone like…SPUNKME?

    • A billion scenarios have come into my mind (too much FF I fear). None of them printable.

      There is also something just too deliciously sexy seeing Robbie work up a bit of a sweat on court doing something vaguely athletic (well for him probs VERY athletic). I’ve never seen him move quite so fast, quite so much, even a few jumps in there …. rawrrrrrrrrrr …. yum, more please Rob!

  17. Just like SnMLamb, after the “I’m dominating”, I can’t comment anything, cuz all I hear is that lol

    But I agree with whatever u wrote.

  18. Love it!
    That video is all kinds of amazingness and you guys rock by breaking it down vanity fair style.

    “Robbie.. you’re looking like a stud. Your hair is doing something awesome today. You’re gonna go kick some A on the bball court with ‘the guys’ “ hahha OMG I soo need to see that movie NOW!

  19. My mum tells me that i’m ‘special’ too

  20. Almanzo Wilder hai-ruh, was all I needed to make my day. You gals rule as ALWAYS.

    And jodie-o thanks for the sweaty workin’ the fields vision, I liked it. (until the marrying a 16 year old part)….

    • Sorry! My bad.

  21. Brilliant! Rob should do a sideline in comedy….it would certainly get viewers.

  22. Oh my gosh! He totally took that ball from that old lady! Shame on him! Haha.
    That was quite possibly one of the most stupendous videos I’ve ever seen. He looks so awkward and all the people around him look scared to touch him. I think that may have been why he was ‘dominating’. People were afraid to mess up his perfect bowl-cutish hair!

  23. Almonzo Wilder hair. HA HA HA HA

    I ❤ this movie. Got the DVD and have been watching it a lot to savor all the adorkableness.

  24. wait a second, where was i???????? i ❤ art

    • @Moon

      You were too busy “likin the rain Arizona” ;O)

  25. I just wanted to throw out a post before I go to sleep. It is almost 4am here in Dublin. I am ready for my Rob-counter. I am drunk as a skunk (do skunks drink a lot or is that just a rhyming thing?) and I am listening to Van Morrison as I type.

    so, that video is funny, but not exactly my taste for Rob porn. Reminds me of my fave LTR post – hose em down. Watching him “play” bball is just distressing – it totally kills my “you Cannes stuff it in my can” buzz. But I’m sure when I actually meet Rob and profess my lust and love, I’ll focus on his sex hair and smile and banish the ultra spazzy bball from my mind, right?

  26. I keep seeing these videos where Rob will be doing something ridiculous or …”special” and I think, “This should make him less appealing to me.” It doesn’t. Ever.

    I love that he is having so much fun “dominating” the characters in that video.

    I love you guys. 🙂

  27. Hello…

    • Hi EP. It’s late tonight. I’ve been finishing a story.

      • Hi EyeC. How was your day?

        • It’s been good.

  28. Hey EP! You still around?

    • Hey FN, good to see you!

    • Hi FN. I wondered if you were coming on tonight. What’s new?

      • Hey EyeC!!

        It’s good to see you guys too! I’ve been better. I’m stressin’ out hardcore about school and movin’ away. How are you guys?

        • You don’t want to move away or afraid you can’t make it on your own?

          • It’s more like I don’t have the money to move away and I don’t want to start making crack to be able to. lol I’m sure it’ll work out, I just tend to worry about every single detail and that gets overwhelming.

            Plus last night I kinda veered off the “eating clean” thing and today was just worse.

          • I thought that might be it. Once you’re locked into a rental agreement….I know it’s scary. Will you look for a job once you’re there or is there one through the school–work/study?

          • San Antonio’s cost of living isn’t that high. If that makes you feel any better.

            I’m sure things will work out for you, moving is stressful.

          • I’d like to try to get a job, but the people I’ve talked to in the department said it wasn’t recommended. I can apply for a Graduate Assistantship but those are mostly for people who want to do research and stuff. I need to look into it a little bit more.

            Thanks EP, that does make me feel a little better.

          • It’s hard to work on it from a distance. Once you’re there you’ll feel like you have more power over your life. Something will work out.

          • There is probably some on campus job that you can do, most of the time they try not to leave you without a some form of making money. You can usually keep your hours down, you may not make much, but every little bit helps.

            I’ve found in grad school they are WAY too worried about what is too much, I’m often left without much to do at all.

            And the cost of living in South Texas is pretty low, I lived in Kerrville for a while (Hill Country, about an hour from SA, more costly) but it wasn’t too bad. And SA is really university student friendly.

        • My cat ran away this morning, he’s back now, but it was a difficult few hours.

          Is there anything specifically scary about school and moving away or just in general?

          • Cats can get shut in garages. That’s always stressful when they don’t come home on time.

          • He took the opportunity to sneak out when my Mom wasn’t paying attention this morning and she left out of town, I didn’t get up for several more hours. My other cat was distraught, she was meowing and looking out the window, I looked all over for him until it started storming and then after it stopped raining he just walked back up.

          • Awww….I’m glad you found him. I bet that was scary!

          • That’s a cat for you! Acting like, “What’s YOUR problem?”

          • I know it sounds nerdy, but I’ve had him for almost 11 years. I was worried he’d be hit by a car or I would just never know what happened to him, he never goes outside.

          • I understand. It happens. Glad he came back. He was probably hiding under some shelter until after the rain.

  29. (((HUGS))) I knew you guys would make me feel better 🙂

    • Good. EP has a wealth of information there. That is calming.

      • I’m an expert at going to school and moving.

        • Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

          • You’re welcome, I hope some of its useful. I know what it’s like to paddle around without any help.

  30. EyeC, I’m finally catching up on my FF updates and I’m reading TPE…I LOVE this part:

    “His body next to mine was simply warm and the feeling itself prickled my eyes with tears. These are the things you miss when they are taken from you. You miss the feeling of your lover’s presence. You miss the solid mass of their frame, the solidity as more than just a fragmented memory, a bittersweet remembrance.”

    It’s so freakin’ sweet!

    • I did miss your ff quotes! So often they are forgotten once the chapter is done.

      Yes, that is very sweet and also true. I’m missing this story. She doesn’t update very often and the long waits are sad. I found the Trembling Blue Stars by going to her profile (I think it was). They are real. I thought they might be a fictional group she made up and I liked the name.

      • Oh wow, it’s an actual band? Are they any good?

        • I only listened to a couple songs. They seem to fit into the typical bands with alternative music these days. I’ll go back and listen again sometime.

  31. I only listened to a couple of songs. They seem to fit in with the typical alternative music today. I’ll listen to more sometime.

    • I forgot this is the author that was a music snob. lol

  32. Technology hates me.

  33. I’m having trouble posting. Tried several times.

    • That was weird.

      • not all the little monsters are showing for me, thought ot may by my computer, but maybe not?

        • I see all the monsters and FN’s Rob, but it the page wouldn’t load for a long time.

  34. Lovelies!

    • Lizzie!

    • Hiya hiya L!

  35. Finally! I’m back on! Glad I wasn’t the only one having trouble.

    Hey Lizzie! What’s up?

    • apart from the fact I have been exceptionally lazy…not much! Sounds like you are having a bit of finishing/starting anxiety, trust me it is all good FN, all good.

      • Oh how I’ve missed your reassurance from the future! I had a really lazy day today too. The time I spent awake was wasted on chick flicks on tv.

    • I see it was all 3 of us. At the end of yesterday’s post someone shamelessly took MY name, and part of my comment. Made it look like I said it, except the monster was different, and then linked back to something that I’m sure was a crap website I don’t know I didn’t click it.

      • What?! I’ll check that out later. I’ve never heard of that before.

        • I do not like being impersonated! There is only one ErPattz!

          • for sure, unless you count J-m.

          • She’s more a part of me, rather than an impersonator. I feel a little like Elvis right now.

      • That’s not cool!

  36. BTW EyeC and EP, I laughed at the vegie conversation yesterday, not quite up there with the tea conversation but well on the way!

    • It’s hard to contend with the tea conversation.

    • Glad to entertain! It did get carried away.

    • I will have to check it out. I haven’t had time to read all the posts of what I’ve been missing. But if the tea convo has competition, it should be good. lol

  37. I loved this part of HTB that UC posted today, probably my fav scene in the movie.

    • That RobArt! I watched it 3 times and laughed all the way through. Great video!

    • Really? I cringed in second party embarrassment and fast forwarded through during my other two viewings.

    • That one was good. I also like the part where he tells his gf that he’s adopted and she’s like “you’re making that up” and he’s like “well…yes. most of it.” He’s so cute in that movie!

      • My sister loved that part. Then she got up and refused to finish the movie.

        • The dorkier he was the happier it made me for some reason, dorkRob works for me!

          • I concur!

        • How could she stop there?? That’s absurd!

          • A) Either Robsessed and refuses to admit it (I have reason to believe this) (B) Not Robsessed and I may have been making comments that weren’t exactly in my churchy sister personality.

          • Always good to surprise your family. lol.

          • She knows I have a mouth on me, but since I rarely find anyone attractive (feel special Rob) I don’t usually have much to say about it.

          • LMAO “churchy sister personality”

        • No matter how crap a movie i really have trouble leaving, i may fall asleep out of boredom, but can never quite force myself to leave or not finish something, I always have to see the end just in case I decide i did like it after all.

          • I’m the same way. There was only one movie I seriously considered leaving and that was Hot Rod. I should’ve left….lol

          • I leave during a lot of movies or switch the channel, I have no attention span and I tend to think a lot of things are crap.

          • I can’t sqay i have seen that one, but suspect yep i’d agree maybe that is the one that I would get up and leave!

  38. Oooh and I am loving some of the shots leaking from italy just scene shots, but looking good, that is my fav part of NM the Italy diversion, so good to see it living up to expectation.

    Clearly I am full of fav things today, seems to be my word of the day

    • I haven’t seen any of those. I’m soooo excited! What is it like 6 months till the movie is in theaters?? Whoo hoo!!

    • I haven’t seen them.

    • I have to get to a few other sites tonight. I haven’t seen anything from Italy including the announcement that Rob arrived. I’m feeling out of touch.

    • I did hear Rob say in that interview that this movie is better than TW–of course the second one would be, but I’m glad he acknowledged it. Wonder what Catherine thought about that?

      • to be honest you’d have to expect it SHOULD be better, more money, the actors are a bit more comfortable with themselves and their roles. if it wasn’t stepped up a notch that would be unfortunate

        • A lot of sequels are really bad, though most of them don’t really need to continue the storyline they just do to make more money.

      • I personally, was disappointed in TW. I too am feeling out of touch…but I think that’s mostly because I HAVE been out of touch 🙂

        • ah but always in our thoughts FN!

        • I was suprised I liked TW as much as I did. It was different from the book and I thought it would bother me more than I did, but truthfully I didn’t have a lot of expectation for it. I knew it wouldn’t be as good as the books and its target was teenagers.

          • I tried to keep my expectations low. It still took the second viewing to resolve all the parts that were left out.

          • I was pretty much there for the Rob and as long as he was wandering about I was fine.

        • I have to say TW really grew on me the first time I saw it was a sold out sneak peak full of 15 yo screaming girls (to this day every time Edward enters the caffeteria for the first time I mentally hear the SCREAMING it is like a mental soundtrack) and was disappointed in the movie, by the second time i had let go of my expectations and just enjoyed it for what it was, and now really like it cheesiness and all.

          • It’s definitely grown on me. I have a similar mental association to parts of the movie. Take the scene where Bella walks into the Biology class for instance…since seeing the “Twilight Farts” video that’s all I hear during that part!

          • I don’t think i have seen that, youtube I guess?

          • It was a Saturday Morning post a while back.

          • Yep. I’m not sure if this is the same one I saw, but here it is anyway

          • thanks!

          • No problem 🙂

    • they are just of buildings and the fountain but they are pretty much how i pictured them and they have dressed them up with red banners hanging from the front of the buildings. given i have spent a bit if time it italy and had a pretty strong visual of how it should look i would have been pissed if they cheated with the exteriors but looking good.

  39. EP, I went back and checked that out from last night. Was somebody just being a smart ass? How could they take on your exact name? It seems like they would have had to change some detail to get that. Weird.

    • I’m not sure, but the name is clickable like they have a website linked to it where mine is not. I didn’t appreciate it though.

      • nor should you cause to use your name wouldn’t they need your email address as well to post here?

        • It was a different monster, but I don’t know how the email address thing worked.

      • Very strange. I don’t think anybody would.

        • No way! I wondered about the e-mail thing too. I hope someone doesn’t start doing that every night.

  40. Oh my…I forgot how intense Domward can be…but I like it….

    • Let’s see, the last chapter was with Jasper. But all 3 were fairly intense. I’m glad to have the other side of the story.

    • don’t we all?

    • That last chapter of The Office was so hot for me. I think about that tattoo just below his hipbone, a perfect circle with those words in French that are so him! I don’t know why I can’t get past that, but it’s so beautiful to my imagination!

      • Right now they’re in the plane on the way to the Superbowl. They’re going back to the room w/ the bed.

        Those French phrases were freakin hott! Is it unrealistic for me to want to find a Mr. Cullen or Domward (w/out the actual Dom part) of my very own? lol

        • I think FF has skewed all our opinions on what we want and now expect!

          • The whole world of women will have to settle!

          • Maybe we should get more men reading FF. I think they’d like it.

        • That’s what this fanfic does to us! How can you ever be satisfied with rl guys? Agree w/o the Dom. That’s a bit scary to me because, really, what dom is going to be that compassionate and loving inside? But to find a hot guy who can pull off the love/sex/good hearted part—how hard will that be? (that’swhatshesaid!)

          • I personally want Lightward and the Aston Martin from ALE!

          • I still haven’t started that one yet! Soon…very soon….lol

          • Lizzie, that last chapter of ALE where Jasper was talking about the cullens and their money and how Edward is this financial genius, I found sooo seductive. I already loved him for who he is but when you add in that factor–along with Alice’s abilities–and you think what that would really mean, it melted me!

          • Me too EyeC, me too!

      • not a fan of tatts, but i do like the idea behind it. I think the new writer is more emotional with the chartacters and their development, i mean it was going there anyway, but she seems to want to give them and us a bit more depth with them. that’s sounding wanky i know, but i don’t seem to bepoutting words together well tonight, a consequence of my laziness today i think!

  41. I haeva theory on why Rob looks so happy and comfortable in europe, cause he can happily chainsmoke pretty much anywhere.

    • Ya think? I guess. They say it’s relaxing if you’re addicted.

    • didn’t say it was a good one, but it is a theory, beats thinking it is cause he is hooking up with random blondes though.

      • That makes sense. I like your theory better than the blondes too!

      • True, so true. I think it’s the smell! His body responds, somethingdeep in the psyche. I know it’s not London though, so it’s just a theory.

      • I’m not judging. It is what it is. I’d never turn him down!

        • same, the fact i can even get past the smoking thing in the first place says something of Rob’s powers!

          • Me too! Throw it out the window–it just doesn’t matter!

  42. Hey ladies. I was trying to catch up, but I’m slow tonight. So I’ll just say hi instead.

    • Hi back at you J-m

    • Hey J!

    • Hey Jenny!

    • Hi. ❤

  43. EP has disappeared 😦

  44. Random Thoughts:

    You know your night wouldn’t be complete without them.

    The rain is killing my wrist (broke it when I was kid)

    The dog sure looks comfortable on my pillow. Spoiled.

    I really want to go to San Antonio.

    • I spoke too soon!

      I miss random thoughts.

      Hope your wrist feels better.

      You can come visit me in San Antonio when I move there 🙂

      • I intend to

      • so what does one get to do in San Antonio?

        • I go to the River Walk, which has shops and restaurants. Sometimes I see concerts there or go to a theme park or the zoo. Oh, I shop there a lot.

          • Remember the Alamo! lol

          • Right, I’ve never actually been to the Alamo. I’ve seen it, I’ve cut across the front of it to get somewhere else (I was drunk and talking about Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie, but some how that came out David Bowie, so in my mind David Bowie fought at the Alamo against Santa Anna’s army.) But I’ve never been inside.

          • LOL, I think all that’s left of it is that front wall anyway and it’s not very big. I’ve just passed it too. David Bowie fighting at the Alamo…I think he would’ve been pretty intimidating.

          • I guess he might have been fighting Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars (Find out who knows their Bowie)

            But he did not fight Santa Anna.

          • Click click, FN! You’re on the ball!

          • I lose 😦

          • I rock at Texas history, because it’s basically useless.

            My David Bowie knowledge is fairly minimal.

            And it’s fun to be drunk at historical monuments. No telling what I’ll come up with in London.

          • At least you didn’t pull and Ozzy Osbourne and pee on the Alamo! Here’s my advice: Don’t pee on any historical monuments in London. lol

          • I had forgotten about that! I promise that will not happen, regardless of alcohol intake.

          • Okay good! I have faith in you.

          • Thanks, means a lot.

    • Complete without who?

      It was actually sunny and beautiful here today! Poor wrist.

      I can’t wait to be comfortable on my pillow.

      I really want to go to London and New York.

      • My random thoughts.

        It was half sunny half stormy here.

        Me too.

        And well yeah.

  45. J-m you are rubbing off, almost as soon as you showed up i got ravenous.

    • Oh no! I was just thinking how hungry I was, too…

  46. Ooo ooo my turn for Random thoughts:

    I LOVE pizza and fudge pops!

    I kinda wanna quit Fit Camp. (mostly b/c of the restrictions on pizza and fudge pops lol)

    The new Star Trek movie looks like it’s good. Does that make me a nerd?

    Soo glad there’s no school on Monday!

    • I love those things too.

      Keep at it, you’ll be happy if you do!

      Not at all. I’m dying to see it.

      I wish I didn’t have to work Monday.

    • Me too.

      I would too, but you shouldn’t. It’ll probably be worth it.

      Yeah, maybe a little.

      The joys of working for the public school system.

    • pizza and fudge pops, i seriously hope you mean two seperate things there, if there is something that is pizza and fudge flavoured at the same time well i am not sure what i would do except perhaps throw up?

      • LOL. Definitely two different things. I have heard of dessert pizza before though. I’ve never had it. I think it has apples and caramel or something.

        • It’s awesome, it’s like pastry bread with chocolate and other sweets on it.

        • cool, just checking.

          we are blaming you for the outbreak of exercise amongst the LOTN, so you can’t give up casue that will result in a similar poutcome well for me at least anyway!

          • that would be a pout and an outcome, just in case you were wondering what poutcome is, i think i made a new word.

          • LOL. Okay, now that I know that I’m not only responsible for myself that helps motivate me. I like “poutcome.”

            We did weigh-ins on Thurs and I gained 4/10 of a pound but my muscle mass increased like 5%, my water intake is almost in the normal range, and my visceral fat (fat surrounding the organs) has gone down! Whoo hoo!

      • LMAO!

  47. Can i just put it out there that it really is not fair? You guys get to go see Bobby, Sam and whoever else happens to becsool, and i look at the back of the paper, and wait for it touring in August, yes, its’s Dr Phil. I don’t quite know what to say really.

    • Sorry?

    • Lizzie, you’re so funny tonight! You mean Dr. Phil doesn’t do it for you?

      • Now if he brings Rob with him, maybe we can talk.

        • What problem could Rob have that would warrant Dr. Phil?

          • Self-loathing? lol

            My New Testament professor is related to Dr. Phil. Not even that distantly. They’re like first cousins. True story.

          • too hot for his own good?

          • Ooooo… Isn’t he past that yet? He sounded so good in that short interview the other day.

            I’m just giving you a hard time. I watched Dr. Phil for several years.

          • I seriously need to check out the new videos.

          • he did didn’t he? like he has sort of come to terms with the fact wherever he will goes he will cause a stir, he still doesn’t get it but sort of accepts it will happen now.

          • Yes. It was a nice interview. I could see a growth in confidence and acceptance. None too soon. He’s got that round of PR coming up. He may not be as adorkable as he once was but he’s sexy as all get out when he shows the confidence!

  48. Random thoughts time

    I wonder how much longer I can hold out before i have to succumb and do some ironing.

    I really want to go back to italy (and not just cause Rob’s there, well maybe a little).

    I still need a haircut.

    it was a nice day today and i was lazy

    • I don’t even own an iron.

      Italy is probably a fun place to be (even without Rob)

      Make an appointment.

      Sometimes that’s the best kind of day.

      • I wish i didn’t own an iron

        italy is a fab place to be

        i know i’m slack

        i dis enjoy.

        • I’m going to start using fab, it’s such a good word.

          • it is, its a fab word

    • I have an iron somewhere…I obviously use it all the time 🙂

      I’d like to visit Italy ONCE. I’ll have to get Mr. Nugget to take me there when he’s not working.

      Me too!

      It rained here and I’m blaming that for my laziness.

    • I like ironing. But it’s dangerous for me. Too high of a clumsiness factor.

      I’d love to go to Italy (with or without Rob).

      I don’t need one yet.

      It was nice here too, I wish I had been lazy. I plan to sleep all day tomorrow.

      • Explain the clumsiness and ironing?

      • Well I haven’t had an experience with the iron yet.

        But during finals, I burned my pinky and ring finger on my flat iron. I literally couldn’t take ice off of them for 5 hours. It was so painful when I took the ice off that it literally felt like my pinky nail was being peeled off. And that was on my writing hand too. Writing notes was a bitch after that.

        Now I try and stay away from hot things.

        • Been there

          • either I or a piece of clothing will be burned per ironing session, i just accept it as a fact of life.

    • Ironing? Only when I sew, which isn’t often.

      Italy~~always has been one of my longed-for destinations.

      Igot my haircut yesterday! YAY!

      Nice day, rainy night.

      • at least one of us can see!

        • Finally!

  49. I don’t want to go, but I am definitely about to fall asleep.

    Night ladies, sweet dreams to all of you.

    • I’m going to. We always seem to go together….

      Night everyone, sweet dreams.

  50. Flat irons are dangerous!

    I think I’m going to call it a night! It was good chatting w/ you gals again.

    Good Night!

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