Posted by: themoonisdown | May 24, 2009

LondonCalling writes Lil Edward Cullen a poem

ain't no cure for a lil eddie addiction

ain't no cure for a lil eddie addiction

Dear Rob-

So remember last month when I was home during Easter holidays and dyed eggs with my cousins Lilcrazycow, Londoncalling and of course the Little Edward? Well during that time Londoncalling also wrote a poem about my “obsession” with the mini E action figure and how I take him everywhere with me “just in case.” Londoncalling actually entered the poem as part of a contest he was in for one of his college classes. Who knew your action figure and this blog could help a family member with fodder for their college degree?! Wonders will never cease. So without further adieu LondonCalling’s poetic genius…

a plastic edward doll is my cousins new craze
taking it everywhere she goes these days
pictures in phoenix, oklahoma, and L.A.
posted and journaled on her web blog

taking it everywhere she goes these days
pocket edward is her hobby you see
posted and journaled on her web blog
and that people actually fallow it is insane

pocket edward is her hobby you see
it travels the world or at least the country
and that people actually fallow it is insane
and get excited to see where he’s been displayed

it travels the world or at least the country
pictures in phoenix, oklahoma, and L.A.
and that people actually fallow it is insane
a plastic edward doll is my cousins new craze

That’s talent folks! And yes… this little action figure may be an honorary part of the Moon family at this point. Edward Moon-Cullen, has a nice ring to it right?

You’re the best Londoncalling!

Where else in the world has the Edward Cullen action figure been?


  1. “Edward Moon-Cullen, has a nice ring to it right?”
    Yeah .. it actually does

    • all the more reason he should be in the family! legally. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. What about “Robert Moon – Pattinson”

    I mean he’s real and not ficticious.

    • NOOOWWW we’re talking angie!!! now we’re tlaking!

  3. “posted and journaled on her web blog
    and that people actually fallow it is insane”

    lmfao. Hilarious, yet wondrous at the same time.
    Love Londoncalling with all my heart, I do.

    • I agree. I wanted to post the same thing but figured its better to reply here. Thanx.

    • he is the best! i shall pass along your comments or tell him to get over here!

  4. I love the poem but I thought we weren’t insane because That’s Normal right? right?
    Love you Moon and nice that the whole family is getting involved….

    • Yea. That’s Normal but they don’t know it yet. Moon?

  5. I am thinking your PE has been “round the block” a few times…lol

    You may need to refer back to Laurens Bite for proper bathing technique!

    Not that he looks like he needs it..PE always looks FINE hahaha

    • he is quite the slut isn’t he?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Um. you look hot in that picture. Can we be fake lesbians? Is that new hair?

    • we’ll always be life partners daaaaahhhhling!

      um i gots it redid a week or so ago…

  7. Clever I tell you, clever! LOL!

    Moon, I want your hair!

    Sorry I have been MIA the past few days. My computer got a virus Thurs night. Dell removed it via remote access, but in normal mode the computer keeps freezing, it’s fried and I have to do a system restore to fix it, so am waiting for an external harddrive to arrive in the mail (estimated delivery is June 1) so I can back everything up and do a restore.

    I’m running in safe mode, which means I can’t use any of my other programs, including my dvd ripping program, so I won’t get all the media show coverage vids posted at the forum until all this crap is taken care of with my ‘puter. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Fricken blows I tell you, blows.

    kisses to you all!

    • awww jena,sorry to hear about your computer problem,hope it all gets fixed soon! kisses to you too!

    • you can have it! i’ll shave it off and send it!

      ps dell sucks! i hope they read this.

  8. pocket edward is her hobby you see
    it travels the world or at least the country
    and that people actually fallow it is insane
    and get excited to see where heโ€™s been displayed

    never a truer word(s) written ala poem-like!!!!

  9. anywhoo,this is a funny piece.i LOL’ed while reading it,coz,yes,i do imagine making out with rob all the time! LMAO!

    • I love all the ‘silence’. LOL At 11-12 y/o that’s just about right! Also love the interviewer, “I do. All the time.” Amen.

  10. My journey to the dark side of the force is complete… I made this as an apology for Lauren over at Lauren’s Bite after I wrote a narky post on her blog:-


    Even managed to get an LTR reference in there.


    Dolce and Gabanna + Ray Bans.

    Soccer Mum, do not laugh.

    While I’ll never be as rob-obsessed as the rest of you, I do *get it* now.

  11. Thanks for not using plastic Edward to cover your lips. Is all I’m saying.

    I love your cousin. And Star Trek. And maybe Twilight…

    • never not for you!

      do you think rob will like it?

      and โค all those things too… letterstopinesol coming soon!

  12. I wonder what Rob does with his little Eddie action figure. Obviously he has one.

    Also, is that pic really Moon? Seriously? I’d go fake-lesbo for you.

    • I don’t want to think about it.

      And I agree, Moon is hot.

      • Neither do I. But I secretly hope he takes pictures where he poses with Eddie. In his underwear. While eating hot pockets.

        She totally is.

        • That for sure happens.

        • I hope Moon reads those comments. I’m sure she’d be flattered to know about her fake-lesbo fanbase ๐Ÿ™‚

          • i just read that and you are toooo kind! now let’s make out!

            and i too hope he owns one of these… or at least his mom has one at the house she takes out when he’s home to embarrass him with!

          • You mean that wasn’t you that I’ve been making out with for the past hour? For shame. At least I’m ready now, let’s get it on!

            I hope everybody in Rob’s life buy’s one of those to embarrass him with.

  13. Holla LOTN. Anyone there? It’s later than usual…

    • Hola Jenny and EP.

      • Hey EyeC, how are you today?

      • Hey EyeC! Glad you were lurking. I’m loving The Red Line. So addicted.

        How are you?

        • I’m so glad you like it Jenny! So did I. Still think about it. It’s one of those that you wish you could read for the first time all over again!

          Doing good.

        • Yeah, it’s a really cool concept. Except I feel bad for Edward the entire time. I’m only on chapter 5, but I can’t stop reading.

          • It’s a long one so there’s plenty of time for development. He does start out in a terrible situation.

          • I loved f****ed up stripper edward, strangely addictive.

          • I guess that one’s going on my “to read” list. Anyone have a link? (silly question? I think so…)


          • Thank you Ma’am!

  14. So EP, what did you do today?

    • I channeled my inner nurse at church, cause some kid got stung by something and complained the whole time. She’s clingy. That was the most noteable part of my day.

      • OH, poor girlie. I know some kids need more attention than others. I’m sure you handled it fine.

        • I suck at nursing, but I felt bad for her.

          • Yeah. Not my strongest area either.

  15. Hola Chicas!

    • FN!

    • Hey FN! What’s up?

      • Not much. You?

      • Not much either. Man we’re exciting.

        • Oh yes we are! I think people might be jealous.

          • I’m jealous.

          • I’m jealous of EP being jealous

          • Don’t worry. I’m sure you gals are just as cool as us!

    • Hola FN. I’m glad to see you two nights in a row! Yay for MD!

      • I know, right? MD is wonderful!

        • Good time to do whatever you want. It helps if the weather is nice. Rained here today but I don’t know about tomorrow.

  16. Monday Monday, can’t trust that day,
    Monday Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way
    Oh Monday morning, you gave me no warning of what was to be
    Oh Monday Monday, how yould cou leave and not take me.

    • a bit of momma & poppas to sum up my day!

    • I thought you were inspired by today’s post. lol

      • I’m not that cool. lol.

    • Hey Lizzie.

    • Yay M & Ps too! Hi Lizzie!

    • Hey Lizzie!

  17. So you have a monday public holiday, memorial day for what?

    • Originally, those who have died in war. Now it’s those who have died period. Also anything you want to celebrate—barbeques, the beginning of summer, the end of school, etc.

      • Oh yeah, I forgot Barbeques! lol

    • To honor those that have fought in wars and are serving our country.

    • I thought that was Veterans Day which i thought was a sperate thing, obviously not though!

      • We do it several times a year. Labor Day at the end of summer too.

        • And Patriots Day which doesn’t get you out of work on September 11th.

          • see how educational this site is?

          • AND the 4th of July, sort of. Although that’s really Independance Day, we like to bring that in too.

      • It is a separate pne. This is the war dead the other those who have served. Kind of a narrow distinction.

        • *one*

        • I’m a terrible American. I forgot about Veteran’s Day and I wasn’t even aware that a Patriot Day existed!

          • Political Science Minor.

          • Like Lizzie said, this site is so informative! lol

          • We’re just full of it.

          • We’re full of something.

          • sweetness and light?

          • Something like that.

  18. So EyeC, looks like you will get a pretty good birthday present this year, New Moon being released, hope you like it I went to a lot of trouble to arrange that.

    • Gee, thanks Lizzie! It’s a day early this year, right on last year. TW likes me. I ended up seeing it alone after all my careful planning. NM will be a bit more crowded I think.

    • I planned on calling it a late B-day present for myself. My birthday is the 11/2.

      • I did do my best to accommodate you both.

        • Well, all of your effort is much appreciated.

  19. Random Thoughts:

    I fear I’m not as cool as FN and Jenny.

    I think we should get off work for Patriots Day, but not until next year cause I’ll be London this year and it won’t benefit me.

    I now have “Monday Monday” in my head and it’ll probably stay that way until Tuesday.

    • Of course you are.

      We totally should.

      I’m not familiar enough w/ that song to have it stuck in my head. There’s a song I THINK it might be and if it is “Monday Monday” are the only words I know.

      • Probably not.

        I’m going to write my Congressman, actually I think it’s a chick.

        I know the words my RL BFF plays it a lot.

        • Is it sad that I have no clue who my congressperson (note the politically correctness) is?

          • Once again, I was a Poli Sci minor, I should know and I don’t. I used to. So I don’t think you should feel bad about it.

          • Ok good.

    • You and me both

      And you will miss the UK August Bank Holidays

      It’s better than Hot and Cold which is still playing in my head.

      • You’re from the future, that makes you cool.


        Really Lame.

        • yep triple lame

      • Oh and EP, it is totally weird when you live in another country and it is a public holiday at home and you don’t get it cause you are o/s, you spend the whole day being pissed and cranky that you are at work when you know everyone else is playing.

        • Thanksgiving is going to be a pisser, cause my Grandma makes heavenly turkey and she informed me she could not ship it to me.

          • No turkey day?? That’s absurd!

          • Bringing up Thanksgiving in England might be rude…

          • Bummer!

          • don’t worry you can get turkey, but it will have to be a do it yourself jobbie.

            Can i say i don’t like turkey at all, love chicken, just not turkey. I know I’m weird.

          • If I made it, I wouldn’t like it either. I have a thing about things looking too much like they did when they were alive. The turkey always has to be carved where I can’t see it, b/c if I watch I’ll gag.

          • It’s not our fault they wanted to explore! lol

          • lol. I told my family that if I were to marry a British guy, I wouldn’t be attending Thanksgiving anymore, because that’s rude.

          • It does seem a bit so, doesn’t it?

          • I thought so, my family didn’t think it was that rude. My Dad said “Our family was British at one time” He’s such a smart ass.

    • Cool is a matter of opinion.

      It wouldn’t be so great to celebrate Patriot’s Day in London, would it?

      Yeah, you get a song going and it fits in the old groove like it never left. I’m listening to Maroon 5,
      ‘Cause ya leave me comin’ back for more
      and I feel a little better than I did before.
      If I never see your face again, I don’t mind…

      She asked me to stay, but I wouldn’t listen
      She left before I had the chance to say…ooo..

      • I don’t think I’m cool.

        That wouldn’t quite work out.

        Still, “Monday Monday” I should turn on iTunes.

      • Thanks EyeC, I’m now trying to embed that one, anything is better than Hot and Cold, for some weird reason The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony almost did it, and then bam back to bloody hot and cold. Katy Perry YOU SUCK.

        • Yeah, Katy Perry has a diobolical way of getting in there. WTF? EP says she’s not THAT smart!

        • I love that Verve song! I must blip it immediately.

  20. Don’t get down on yourself, EP, nobody is as cool as me.

    Canada should get that holiday too. Just cuz.

    I have no songs stuck in my head.

    • that’s right, rub it in.

    • Maybe after the merge.

      Yeah and Australia too, just so Lizzie can have a break too.


      • I will actually get one monday week, the Queen’s Birthday, which technically was in early April, but given we already have ANZAC day (Veterans/Memorial day equivilent) in April we decide to do it in June instead, casue we don’t have any other public holidays around then, we are kind of practical like that.

        • I have Queen’s Day on my calendar! Well, it says “Queen’s Birthday (New Zealand)”

          • I think that’s how we got President’s Day.

          • huh NZ are doing queens bday a week before us this year.

          • Okay, I see that now….btw why do all states except WA celebrate Queen’s Bday?

          • cause WA is just plain weird, they won’t introduce daylight savings because apparently the extra hour will fade the curtains, need i say more? Actually don’t know, but the part about WA being weird is true.

          • That’s strange. How rude of them to exclude themselves from the rest of the country.

      • Definitely after the merge.

        Yeah, Australia too.

        I think so too.

        • You need to remember, you’re merging with me. We could come out funny looking and nerdy.


          I’m jealous.

        • Some of my traits are just too powerful to deny. See: awesomeness.

          Mmhmm (I forget what we’re mmhmming about).

          They call it “ear worm” when you get a song stuck in your head. The best advice is to listen to the entire song.

          • I forgot about your undeniable awesomeness.

            That Australia shoudl get that holiday too.

            I now have “Wannabe” by The Spice Girls in my head. This sucks.

          • I’ll trade you wannabe for hot and bloody cold

          • “Hot and Bloody Cold” I like it! Let’s think of new lyrics for that song…

          • “If you wannabe my lover you gotta get with my friends, make it last forever friendship never ends”

            I never got that song.

          • Me either.

  21. Time for my random thoughts:

    While looking at Queen’s B-day on my calendar I noticed that the 16th was “Armed Forces Day”

    I have my hair in 2 buns on top of my head and I think I look like Yoda.

    I love “The Other Sister” it’s soooo sweet! I want someone to love me more than marching bands and cookie-making dang it!

    • We โค the military.

      Tres Spice Girls circa 1997

      That's all anyone could ask for.

    • Wow, we have more military holidays than we know what to do with!

      Wise One.

      Olive Juice.

    • Jeez you have a lot of military themed days, we have one, do it big and with feeling, and we are done for the year.

      Why on top, why not pricess leia style?

      It was a good movie wasn’t it?

    • We love our military.

      Tres Spice Girls circa 1997

      That’s all anyone can ask for.

      I wrote this all before, but it got lost in cyberspace.

      • Yes we do celebrate our military a lot. LOL Lizzie “big and w/ feeling”

        I think having it on my ears would bug me. I forgot the Spice Girls wore their hair that way.

        It shouldn’t be that hard to find.

        I hate when that happens!

    • I’m too lazy to look at my calender.

      That sounds hot.

      Who’s in that?

      • It’s right in front of me on the wall. Doesn’t take much effort.

        Oh, it is. lol

        Juliet Lewis (I think), Diane Lane and I’m not sure of anyone else’s name :/

        • Juliet Lewis is right. Isn’t Diane Keaton? And Gulianni Ribbissi (sp?)

          • Yes, Keaton. It took me forever to even guess Lane. lol Gulianni I think might be Giovanni something. Not exactly sure.

          • Right! I’m still on thinking about Political people.

        • Oh yeeeah, that girl. Every time I see her in a movie now, I think of her as being mentally disabled.

  22. Random thoughts:

    I was probably the least productive person on the planet today.

    I forgot to shower, so now I have to get up earlier to do it. (Trust me, it’s needed)

    Tomorrow for lunch I’m having salad with cut up chicken. I am so healthy.

    Rob’s attractive. Just sayin’.

    • Eh, maybe.

      I hate waking up to shower. Blah.


      That much is fact.

      • Where’s that confidence you always have in me?

        Me too. I’m a night person.

        I know.

        For real.

        • Sorry, you’re the most useless person ever.

          Me too.


          He’s good looking.

    • I may have you beat. Does reading fanfic count?

      I believe you.



      • Yes, I’ll count it. I was even too lazy to read.

        Thanks, I like having people believe in me, even for the small stuff.


        I know, obvious, right?

    • Given you are currently having my yesterday, there is a possibility i may have been less productive than you.

      I wondered what that aroma was

      I will be having that for lunch wed and thurs

      He sort of is isn’t he?

      • You’re too busy to ever be unproductive.

        Sorry, I tried to cover it with vanilla spray. The mix probably is worse than the original smell.

        We’re both healthy! Are you starting to merge with me and EP?

        Yeah, kinda is.

        • Nuh, I am just good at projecting “busy” vibe, how else do i get away with playing here every day while at work?

          I thought there was a hint of vanilla in there somewhere

          I think i am merging with Tara actually

          If only onther people could see what we see in him, he would go places.

          • You think other people don’t see what we see in him???

          • kidding EyeC, kidding!

          • Oh, good! You scared me there for a minute!

          • and Rob is still the reigning champion as the hottest guy on the planet.

          • But of course.

    • Everyone deserves a day off. Especially when they don’t have a MD!

      I need a shower too.

      That sounds soooo good.

      Oh yes yes yes!

      • Yeah, my weekend was unusually busy. Mostly I like to sit around being useless.

        I need to hire someone to shower me. That didn’t sound right.

        I hope it’s tasty.


        • hiring someone to shower you? OK, J-m, you definately win, unless you are talking FF showering in which case I want someone to shower me too.

        • If Rob’s career doesn’t work out maybe you can hire him to shower you. That’s only if people don’t discover what we see in him. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • I knew this was going to come up. I’m psychic.

          • I wouldn’t even need to hire Rob. He’d do it for free.

            Okay, okay, we’re entering into total fantasy world now.

  23. EyeC wanna merge w/ me? Now that everyone else is merging I feel left out. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • don’t worry, i am resisting a merge unless Tara gets Rob, then it is definately on.

      • EyeC remember: I’m engaged to HHH. He’s the future Mr. Nugget. This merger could have a positive outcome for you. Then again….maybe merging isn’t for everyone. lol

        • How could I forget that! I think there could be no greater incentive on earth!

    • As long as Lizzie is with Tara. They both do the swimming thing. You know you’re my little French Nugget. Sure, we can merge. I don’t think I’m into the fake lesbo thing like so many of them are. I don’t want to have KS/NR as my role models!

      • I believe Jenny and I have agreements in place to not even look at each other for fear of supposed relationship.

        In other news, I accidently touched someone’s leg in church with my leg. Am I now dating that person, cause I don’t even know them?

        • No you are not dating. Keep your head on straight girl!

          • Reality becomes a blur sometimes when it comes to leg touching.

        • Yep. You’re also having rendevous in Italy with them. You’re probably getting married soon.

          • Her boyfriend is going to be pissed.

          • I thought my comment above this one would have gotten more attention. Clearly not as witty with the double meaning as I thought.

          • LOL. It was. I thought I replied to this one earlier. Damn technology!

        • No dating, EP. You totally had sex via leg touching.

          • Wow, in church and everything, I’m such a slut.

          • I know, that’s what I’m saying.

          • Hey, I wasn’t going to point is out, but if you go there….KIDDING, only kidding!

          • I guess I couldn’t help myself, I mean afterall the sermon on temptation was last week.

        • OOPS! I mean, NO WAY! lol

      • ah, but they both got HHH, so maybe not such bad role models after all.

        • Lalalalalalalala…I’m ignoring the suddle suggetion that Robsten exists/existed. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I did the same thing FN!

  24. “I always laugh when I hear someone call women the weaker sex. Wrong. They are powerful, strong, and insatiable. I know.”

    I like this already! Not even halfway into the first chapter!

    • what are your reading?

      • The Red Line. I was gonna wait, but I had to find out what you gals were talking about.

        • all i can remeber are the stripper edward bits, I always seem to gloss over the Bella bits no matter what I am reading, funny that.

          • But this Bella is one of the best ones out there. I even gave her an acknowlegement!

          • true, she actually was one of the better bellas now you make me think about it.

          • That was stripper Edward.

          • Which i realised once i thought about it, the philosophising stuff doesn’t tend to stick in my head, too eager to get to the good stuff i know is coming.

    • I know you’re going to like it. I want a stripper Edward for myself!

      • we can share, which totally works since we are in different hemispheres, we each get him at night.

        • Never thought of that. He is so accomodating.

      • Is he going to give Domward some competition??

        • I don’t even know how you keep all of them straight.

          • They each have their own story. Each unique.

          • Oh.

        • So hard to compare. Each Edward is unique. It’s great to see this one grow into what he has the potential to be. I can’t choose, won’t choose.

          • It’s not as hard as you would think. Like EyeC said, they’re all unique.

          • btw that was supposed to be to EP.

            It is hard to choose amongst them. I know which stories I like better, but choosing the Edwards is harder.

          • I do keep them all seperate for now, but the mroe i read the more I wonder how much longer it will before before edwards and stories will start to blur, excluding the standout edwards/stories of course.

  25. Random thoughts

    I have a perfectly round bruise on my right forearm and matching one on my left upper arm, and I have no idea how I got them.

    J-m’s laziness is catching i couldn’t be bothered to wash my hair this mroning so put it up instead and smothered it in hairspray, feels gross.

    why, oh why is it still monday.

    Rob honey i want to go to bed, now.

    • Alien Abduction?

      I hate not washing my hair.

      Because the sun hasn’t made a complete rotation around the earth.

      I’ll let him know.

      • I think FN is on to something.

        Mine is clean.

        Again, FN knows.

        I don’t have a comment for that.

      • I really should have considerd that, thanks.

        I know.


        If you would hurry him along i’d appreciate it.

        • I’m sorry. I made him read the Dom updates and he was *cough* inspired.

          • that’s fine, just keep him that way until he gets to me then.

          • Oh, I know the one you’re talking about!

          • Okay. He’s young. I think he still has a few rounds left in him.

    • Bruises always show up mysteriously. Freaky.

      I hate second-day hair.

      Just you wait.

      Sigh. If only.

    • Clearly you were abusing yourself. Mondays always do that to me too.

      Sorry. I can’t contain it. It’s a curse.

      It just turned Monday here. Be lucky you’re almost free.

      Me too, Rob.

      • so my choice is abusing myself or alien abduction, I’ll have to think on that one.

        nah, you were just convenient to blame.


        OK you can have him for the next 5 hours as I won’t be ready until then, but then he’s all mine.

  26. Okay, whoa, Edward is making out w/ Rosalie? WTF? lol

    • Keep reading.

      • def keep reading, no sleep for you tonight FN, LMAO

        • Thank God for Memorial Day!! lol

  27. Have you guys seen those Hulu commercials that talk about how tv is rotting our brains and then they even say “see, I just told you what’s happening and you’re still watching” Those freak me out…

    • I think my brain s rotted. I remember the at the end but I couldn’t tell you one thing about them right now.

      • I don’t know what they do either, I just remember the commercial. LOL

  28. OK LOTN, it’s been fun but I am out of here, off to the pool (here that T, you will need to swim tomorrow) then home to get ready for Rob’s arrival. May not be on tomorrow, if not catch you Wed.

    Nighty night.

    • Bye Lizzie. Have a good swim. You’ll be all relaxed and ready for Rob.

  29. I have to get up for work, soon. I should sleep.

    Sweet dreams, ladies!

    • I’m with Lizzie and Jenny. Good night all, sweet dreams.

    • Night nite. Both of you.

  30. Night Gals!!

    EyeC are you going to bed too?

    • Not yet.

      • Me either. I’m having mixed emotions about Stripward. (does he have a nickname yet??)

        • No, not that I know of. It is a very different setting for an Edward but he’s been traumatized and feels trapped in the life.

          • I kinda get that. I’m interested to know how he got into that profession. I’ll find out soon enough I suppose. I love how there are so many different versions of Edward out there.

          • I know. And to think of all the thousand that we’re not reading.

  31. I am reading one on that features Rob, not Edward. Like I Love LA. I can’t remember what you’ve read.

    • I haven’t read I Love LA. Actually, I haven’t read any w/ Rob instead of Edward.

      • This is only the second one for me. It’s called Just This Once and a young married woman goes to London to visit her friend who is now living there. The friend, Emma, is an actress and runs in the same circle as Rob’s friends. They meet in a pub and it takes off from there. I am enjoying it. All the others are Edwards. The last set (story and its sequel) is turning out good but the first part had Bella paired with Jackson and it felt so wrong. Didn’t realize I was a purist!

        • I realized that when I read The Arrangement. At first I was like, “Yay! Go Jasper!” but the more I read it just didn’t seem right.

          • I know that one will turn out alright now. That is a sweet Edward. Infuriating that they didn’t tell each other earlier!

        • I just called Jasper Jackson up there! lol

          • I didn’t even notice!

  32. LOL No joke!

  33. I feel so close to this Bella already:

    “I had no idea what to do with my hands. They hung at my sides like two dead fish. I am so bad at this crap. No wonder I donโ€™t have a boyfriend.”


    • Yeah, LOL She’s so great. I love her because she’s smart and caring. Nobody would take the time with his inner self like she does. It’s so easy to get lost on the wrapping.

  34. I just read this line from Bella to Edward:”I will haunt you in your sleep and pants you at work if you don’t get me a pink coffin.” as he takes her ice skating.

    • LOL. What story is that from?

      • It’s Hello, Stranger. It was a rec from the author of that last story A Lesson in Release/A Lesson in Fate.

        • rec?

          • Recommendation

          • Gotcha. lol

        • This one–HS–is when they’re both in college and taking an anthropology class and they get paired for 28 days to be in a ‘married’ relationship. They have to live under one roof. Then write a 5,000 report.

          • That sounds funny.

            OMG!! WTF? Edward is doing Victoria??? This story is testing me. lol

          • Yeah. It’s part of his indentured servitude. Sick. Sad.

          • Are you going to quit it?

          • No way! I’ll stick w/ it. You gals wouldn’t steer me in the wrong direction.

          • I get nervous when I make recommendations. Lizzie is very opinionated on her stories. lol I’m usually one who likes everything as long as it has a quality to the writing. There is a thriller/action aspect to that one that she didn’t like but I’ve thought about it and for me it added a lot to the story and made it different than any others.

          • I’m not too picky. I agree that as long as there’s quality to the writing I’m usually amused.

          • If you’re still thinking about it days afterwards, it left an impression. Especially if the Edward doesn’t leave that place you made for him in your heart…. I just remembered, she is writing a sequel to that one because she didn’t want to let the characters go. That’s a good sign too.

          • So this one is finished?? wtf? lol

          • Yes. Isn’t that a relief?

          • Very much so.

          • Don’t go looking on the forum. They put up spoiler notices but my eyes caught a sentence and it sort of ruined one plot point for me. Your eyes can’t help themselves! lol

  35. I can imagine this story as a movie.

    Just to clarify, she invited him over to study him NOT sleep w/ him, but he doesn’t believe that? I’m confused as to whether she expects the sex or not. He just got to her house and she said she shaved and wasn’t sure why. So, I’m guessing she’s not sure what she expects yet. Am I right?

    • So…basically, I should’ve just waited a few more paragraphs. lol

    • She thinks it’s just to study him but there’s an attraction there on her part. Obviously, underneath, she’s thinking something could happen.

    • I think it would make a good movie. It would definitely have to be x-rated! And be directed by a woman so it doesn’t become a porn flick!

      • LOL. X-rated? I can’t wait to get to the good parts! lol

        • Most definitely!

          • Yippee!! I love my smut!

          • LOL Same here!!!

  36. @ Natalie :
    Welcome to the club
    I’ve been in RobInsane/Insane for Rob Club for 5 months now and going strong. ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. I don’t go to the forum much. I tried earlier and I kept getting this weird message about opening a file. It just took me to Printshop. IDK what’s up w/ that. I haven’t tried it again.

    • Yeah, that happens to me when I use the # link they gave us. I can still get there by clicking on the little stamp at the top right of this page.

      • I haven’t tried that. I don’t think I’m missing much over at the forum anyway. lol

        • It’s a new group of regulars there. It feels intrusive to cut in. They all know each other by now. I do check for new fanfic.

          • I know what you mean. I saw a few of them had over a thousand comments and I’m like WTF?? That’s insane to me!

  38. There’s no way I would share my subject w/ my two besties! Nope. I hope that’s what the majority ruled. Don’t tell me though ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Again, I should just read before I comment. lol

    • I thought the same thing when I read it! Not when I had paid what she did!

  39. “Tonight I have some things planned, but itโ€™s not about having sex. I want us to take our time and get to know each other tonight. I want to touch you and I want you to touch me. I want to talk to you and kiss you. I want to hold you and massage every inch of you and then I want you to massage me. And I want us to fall asleep together, wrapped up in each other. But I will not push you into having sex with me tonight. I want you to tell me when you want me. And then I will be glad to ravage you. I donโ€™t want you to be afraid of me, or nervous. Does all of this sound good to you?โ€”

    Uhh….HECK YEAH!!!

    • See why I love him?

      • Uhh…HECK YEAH! lol

  40. Hello French Nugget and EyeC… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Brummielover! How are you doing?

    • Hey lady!! How’s it goin?

      • I Love LA is the best FN you should read it..seriously. Brill

        • I’m kinda hesitant about the Rob stories. I’ll get to it eventually. I hear good things.

  41. ok just waking up..willing myself to get out of bed lol

    enjoying my day long weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ You are talking about the red line?

    • Yes. FN just started it last night. Did you love it?

      • Anyone read WA what is up with no updates?

        • That’s my fave! Idk what’s going on. I’m not in too much of a rush to get that one b/c I’m gonna be sad when it’s over.

        • It has been sooo long. She must really be working over that last chapter! I check at least once a day.

          • I read she is writing like 2 other stories at the same time..ugh hate when they do that lol that and I love La are the best ones out there in my opinion…

          • I started reading one of her new stories. I like where it’s going. I don’t like waiting for each chapter though.

          • I’m having a hard time picking favorites–aside from WA. I love all my Edwards!

  42. hmmm A loved the emotion between E & B but some of it was to graphic for me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but I finished it just a couple days ago ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I liked the psychoanalysis of it. She was so good with him. It was also one of the strongest Bellas so far.

      • oh yes agreed, she was strong ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Ok Ladies gonna head out on my bike before it gets really hot out…have a great Memorial Day!

    take care ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Bye! Thanks for stopping in.

    • Bye!

  44. Hey FN, I think I need to go to bed. It’s been fun. I’ll be glad when you can visit more often. Enjoy The Red Line! G’Night and sweet dreams, OK?

    • Night! It was good getting to stay up tonight! Sweet Dreams to you too!

  45. Moon….you have beautiful lips. If your fake lesbian relationship doesn’t work out with UC, you just call me, OK?

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