Posted by: themoonisdown | May 10, 2009

Where in the world is the Edward Action Figure? Lil E goes to the movies

Dear Little Edward-

Since you knew I had been DYING to see THE TUCK Rob play Salvador Dali in Little Ashes and since Saturday was my birthday, you decided to take me to the movies Friday night along with some of our fave bloggy buddies and OG commenters Vicky B and Aja. You are SO thoughtful!

You were excited and nervous to see your doppelganger on the big screen playing such an influential artist! We both didn’t know what to expect.

We both cringed at the bag wig (what is it with movie wig depts?!) and sighed when you and Lorca had some special moments and held hands during the sad moments and I wiped away your little plastic tears… so sensitive you are!

You got a little embarrassed at this part and I had to put my hands over your eyes! AHH!! THE TUCK was alive and on the big screen in front of us!

At the end we couldn’t believe it was over so sweet, so sad, a bit ridiculous (in a good way) and very poignant. Go see this and enjoy!



  1. I so wanna see this movie!
    Moon, hope you enjoyed your birthday and the 27 wishes from Rob!
    You didn’t take them all at once, did you!? 😉

  2. awww Pocket Edward was reaching out to touch Federico…yea make him stop that lol PE isn’t allowed to be a switch hitter. haha

  3. what amazes me is that when I went to bed last night.. this post wasn’t scheduled.. but when i woke up this am.. it was here… I’m impressed.. VERY impressed!

  4. Great way to celebrate a birthday. Loved this movie even more the second time, so go see it again, people!

    I took PE to the “LA” too, but did not dare take him from my bag. Am a coward!

    • @Summergirl

      lol I hear ya…so many pics I wanted to take when I was on holiday..I did take a fair few…but at the airport when I was on my own…I chickened out big time.

      • I think there is a fb thread for Pocket Edward pics.

        I am going to take some PE photos in “HTB” locations, Pocket Edward in the footsteps of RobART, so to speak.

  5. I am so jealous! Seeing THE TUCK live and in action, no less.

    I’m still sitting here panting over HTB and Rob’s deliciously big feet on A BED!

    Ok, so he isn’t nekkid like he is in Little Ashes, but it will have to do me until I get to go see L.A.

    I know it was sooooo good for you and lil E, moon. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the LTR mommies out there!

    Dear Rob,

    I know it isn’t Mother’s Day in England, but I’m sure your Mum would appreciate a call from you today just the same. Give her a ring, won’t you?

    Thinking about how you’d go about making me become a mommy again with love…other stuff,


  6. Happy Mother’s Day LTRers! Hope you all have a great day and spend it with you moms and/or your kids. (I’m doing both)

    Moon – I’m so impressed this was up already – I thought last night was party like it’s 1999 for your bday. And here you are, wide awake and posting PE pictures.

  7. Yes Rob, call your Mummy!!! ❤

    Happy Mother’s Day, to anyone who is a Mummy or who has/had a Mummy.

    We had Mothering Sunday back in March, what’s with the different dates I wonder?


  8. i just can’t get over THE TUCK. it haunts me.

  9. Lil eddie saw the tuck!!! Yay!

  10. Yes the wig and moustache were awful but I enjoyed the movie anyway. The tuck was actually kinda hot in a creepy/hot way. Was it just me or did Rob’s accent come and go?

  11. Moon! Use one of those 27 wishes to untuck The Tuck.

    Srsly, can’t wait to see LA, but will most likely have to wait till DVD cause Oklahoma sucks!

  12. I want to see the movie too!!

    However, this post is to all the GREAT mothers here at LTR. Sure, you’ve forgotten to fed your kids a few times, we have wonderful towel and axes stories (LMAO) but you girls are awesome, the most amazing, caring, beutiful multitask women I’ve ever met.

    I heart you all VERY much! *hugs*

  13. Happy belated birthday Moon! What a great present from PE – he’s so thoughtful!

    I saw this movie in March with my Best Mate and we loved it. Actually we were too busy laughing at the faces and posturing ‘Dali’ was making and didnt realize he was naked (Tuck included) until it was over. We felt cheated!!!

    Keep up the laughs ladies – I love this site, you have a great sense of humour and never fails to cheer me up.

  14. Dear Moon,

    I love that you did this. And took pictures.
    Forever and ever, Amen,.

  15. How hilarious is it that all your camera phone pics came out as blurry darkness except for the tuck – his whiteness is such that he glows and stands out. Lucky us.

    I was crossing my fingers for a Letter to Clare today in honor of Mum’s Day. Drat. But The Tuck will do – except it just made me puke up a little of my mother’s day brunch.

    (just kidding – Rob can do no wrong – INCLUDING the tuck)

    Happy Mum’s Day to all LTR mums!

  16. “Pocket Edward in tuck-gate scandal” I can see the headlines now. Glad you enjoyed all (most) of the film Moon and LE

  17. What a perfect birthday, to spend it with Rob on screen! Sigh….

  18. Oh this is interesting….

    Jamie Campbell Bower (a.k.a Caius) decided to post an image of him webcasting with his friends via twitter. Looking at his screenshot he included the contents of his desktop. He is into quite a lot of illegal downloading.

    (By the time i re-checked the link vi twitpic he pulled down before I was ready to post. But I was able to snagg a screencapture of it and save and post to this site:

    … he’s really into lifting episodes of Family Guy off of torrent sites and Taylor Swift music.

    • Good find Angie 🙂

  19. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!


    I’m sorry I missed you all last night! Hope everyone is well!!

    I miss you!!

    ❤ Frenchy 🙂

    • Miss you too frenchy, how are the muscles coming along?

    • Hi FN,
      We all miss you too. Five weeks is a long time! Hope you’re OK.

  20. Oh, the tuck. I will have to wait to see this when it gets mailed to me from Amazon UK. {sniff, sniff}.

    I hope Little Edward isn’t scarred. He is so very pure.

  21. This made my day…..

    Its like he was saying, “happy mothers day to the ladies of LTR, here’s my mother’s day gift to you all!”

    Sweet baby jesus in the manger!

  22. @Moon loved the movie and can’t think of anyone I’d have rather watched THE TUCK w/ besides you and MrsP.

    To anyone who is close to a place showing this movie…go! Srsly!

  23. Anyone lurking?

    • Hey Lizzie, I’m here. How are you doing?

    • Hi guys.

      • Hey EyeC, how are you today?

        • I’m good. Low key here, sort of rainy and cold.

          • Rainy and cold sounds nice, it’s so hot and humid here.

          • We’ll be getting the hot by Tuesday. Not the humid though here in the Rockies!

  24. Hi guys, you are both well I hope?

    • I’ve had better days, but sure I’m doing well.

  25. I laughed when i saw the reaction to the photos of Rpb walking innocently in the street with a girl who happens to be a friend. speculation overdrive, poor guy/

    • mind you Rob doesn’t make too much look innocent, or maybe that is just me wishing and reading way too much FF again!

    • I saw the pictures, but not the speculations. I’m sure they were crazy.

    • Yes. I saw that. He can’t win.

    • I did love that one where you could see his happy trail though, I must say!

      • My attention to detail is clearly not as good as yours.

        • LOL

          • Kind of impressive, I’m very type A.

        • I must admit to having made a study the happy trail too!

    • I love how I have absolutely no idea what pictures you’re talking about.

      I fail at being Robsessed.

  26. Holla ladies.

    How’s everyone?

    • Hey BFF, it’s a crappy day. How are you? Did your Mom like her breakfast in bed?

    • Hey Jenny. How did your MD breakfast go?

    • Hey BFF. My day wasn’t great either. Why so crappy?

      Hey EyeC! How was your day?

      My mom liked the breakfast in bed (though I probably should’ve woken her sooner so she felt more hungry, oh well). I made buttermilk pancakes with strawberries and blueberry syrup, and yogurt with strawberries. And coffee. And the paper. And just writing that out made me hungry. Darn.

      • Sorry about your day too, clearly if one of us has a bad day we both do. I fought with both my Mom and sister today, so that was fun.

        Your breakfast sounds really good, now I’m hungry.

        • I fought with my brother. Had a headache all day. Was just grumpy in general.

          Yeah. I’m craving something. But I already brushed my teeth! I can’t win today.

          • I was tired most of the day too, I volunteered two shifts at children’s church this morning. This one little girl was exhausting, she had injured her wrist and she wanted pity and I just didn’t have any. I was in a pretty good mood until she dragged me down, then another cried for like 10 minutes for reasons still uncertain in my mind, so from there on I was pretty grumpy.

            I want something too, I just don’t know what. I think I’m going to buy a red velvet cake tomorrow, I’m an emotional eater.

          • Wow, since we’re all being honest, I guess I can say that I sliced off the tip of my thiid–orbird–finger makeing dinner and it’s affecting my typing. I’m trying to mess myself up one day at a time.

          • EyeC – you and the hands, you got to watch yourself, and especially those hands.

          • Ouch! EyeC, you’ve been around Jenny and I too long and didn’t Lizzie say she was an accident waiting to happen? We’re rubbing off on you.

          • Yikes EyeC. Nothing too serious I hope??

            BFF, that doesn’t sound like a pleasant day at all. Just thinking about a child crying is making my headache flare. My day was pretty nice compared to yours, but I just felt off for some reason. Probably due to the linking. I tried to read outside in the sun, but it kept hiding behind clouds. And then it rained. Though I was happy it rained, it felt nice with my mood.

            I’m jealous about the red velvet cake. I totally forgot I had a recipe. I’ll have to remember that next weekend. I can’t tell if I’m an emotional eater, because I like food too much to stop eating enough to tell.

          • Ya, I’ll blame it on you guys! It’s the same hand! One finger and the thumb to go!!!

          • The linking will bring you down. I’m still not good with the crying, I just don’t understand what they want most of the time. The sun was out here today, I wish it would have rained.

            You need to get on this red velvet cake bandwagon, you won’t be disappointed.

        • Sorry to hear about the bad days girls, time to manifest i think!

      • Hey Jen, I was just having a chocolate mousse birthday cake break for one of my colleagues. yummo.

        • That sounds amazing!

        • Grab me a slice, won’t you?

          • too late, got to be quick in this place, seriously the first morning tea I attended I thought I had walked into feeding time at the Zoo!

      • That sounds good. Fine here.

  27. So when are you guys all off to see LA?

    • thinking about the happy trail naturally led me to thinking about The Tuck.

      • LOL I know. Still thinking about it myself… For me it’s June 19th if we go the first night.

      • I don’t know. Apparently it’s not playing in Houston which would have been handy since Mom’s BF lives there and they are always trying to get me to go for the weekend. I think it’s playing in San Antonio sometime it June, I may go then.

      • At least there is a release date for the DVD so I know I won’t have to wiat indefinately, I really want to see the movie and not just cause of The Tuck (OK maybe a lot cause of The Tuck and Rob nekkid) but it does look like a good movie.

  28. Hi girls! How are you all tonight?

    • Gen Gen! Back at you!


      • Nice lips. He did that hand thing before in one of the outtake shots, didn’t he? Hi Gen!

        • Hi EyeC- good to see you gals!

      • I like the ciggies in the front pocket, i’d prefer something else outlined in the front pocket though…

    • Hey Gen! How u doin’?

      • Hey E! Good how about you?

        • Eh, I’m doing ok now. Nice people, pretty pictures, good times.

          • Exactly – what’s not to like about that huh? LOL


    • I’ve been making a pretty careful study and can’t decide if his ass is coming back or not, may have to do some more study i think.

      • Ahh, what a hardship but well worth it!!! LOL

      • I’d say no. He has the Italy scene. He won’t let up until then.

      • lol, conducting further “research”

      • Yes, the cause is definately worthy of more research. I wonder if I can get some sort of funding grant?


    • he has just finished whispering sweet nothings into my ear, too bad the photographer cut me out.

      • Photoshop is such a bitch sometimes.

    • I have to say, I like his hair less copper. Just in case you were wondering.

      • I was just thinking how he was rocking the hair.

        • The hair is nice. I don’t think he will have to let it get as long as he did last time. Keep it trimmed to this length.

        • It’s weird, cause I love redheads (though that really is more copper), but I like his brown better.

  31. I dont mind the wig, it was suppose bring one out the look young Dali used to have.

    But I dont know Dali used to tuck or not.
    * I have no words for it. I understand he’s shy but the things he’s willing to do to keep his *I* in covers. He should have asked for some camera adjustments rather than the *tuck*. Anyways I dont either way, as long as it is me who sees thw full view.
    Rob, what do you say? I will show you mine if you show me yours.

  32. Ack, sorry, Hi Gen!!

    • Hey Jenny! Left you an email today!!! About KOL- did you see it?

      • No! I didn’t! I just checked again and nothing. 😦 Argh.

        • OK, just sent it again to
          That’s correct right?

          • Yeah, should be. I sent you one from there a while ago. So just replying should work. *shrugs*

          • Oh, that’s why. Who the heck is Frank Muller?

          • Hahaha! my DH!!! LOL

          • Oh! haha Okay! My bad.


  34. So I caved. I grabbed a hunk of my favorite cheese and some crackers. Bah.

    • That happens to the best of us, I’m hoping by you eating, I’ll somehow magically feel full and won’t have to get up.

      • That would be a wonderful power. I’ll tell you when/if I feel full.

        • Thanks. Do you think we’ll have to eat more or less when we merge?

          • Hmm, good question. Let’s hope it’s less. Though somehow I doubt that will be true.

          • I wonder about this stuff. How much will we eat, where will we live, what are our families going to think? Merging is a lot to think about.

          • I never even thought about that.

            Clearly you’re going to be the brains of this operation.

          • I’m the brains? Scary.

          • Well, maybe the merging will put together our best halves. Let’s wait and see. It’ll be an adventure.

          • Adventures are fun, somehow with us it’ll probably be more like a misadventure.

          • Hey, depending how our brains merge, we may be stupid to notice! WIN.

          • *too stupid to notice

            I have a head start. Yipee.

  35. Just saw this one tonight-

    • New to me Gen, but then I pretty much wait for you (or somebody) to supply my pictures.

    • I hate the name Bob the Biter! He looks cool.

  36. I meant to tell you guys, I think I’m creating a unicorn. This kid that volunteers with me a church-he’s 13 and follows me around like a puppy.

    • That is cool EP. 13 is a good age to become a Unicorn.

      • I told him it would help him get girls.

        • That is true. Godd for him to prepare like this!

    • Creating a unicorn, I am impressed, keep up the good work!

      • My mission is complete then, I was hoping it would impress you. 😉

        • the world will be a better place with more unicorns running around, you are just doing your bit!

          • That’s true about the world and unicorns. Apparently that unicorn Jordan on the forum gets a lot of marriage proposals.

    • Your conversion skills are improving, BFF. I’m impressed. Mine still suck.

      • To be fair BFF, I think he has a crush on me. He followed me around doing a British accent today, cause he knows I’m going to England.

        • lol That is so charming! Too bad he’s only 13. And not Rob.

          • It’s so typical, someone likes me, follows me around, talks all British and he’s 13, his accent is fake and he’s not Rob. This is the story of my life.

          • Hmm, I don’t have much better luck with men. Although, they’re usually my age or older, so that’s a start.

          • Little boys love me, don’t worry I don’t love them back. 13 is actually a bit old, they usually get tired of me around 11.

  37. Quiet bunch tonight. New fanfic updates, or something?

    • Just monday afternoon work blues, sugare from the cake wearing off.

      Maybe your random emails fo the other day weren’t so random after all Jen?

      • Oh yeah, you’re working. No fun!

        And no, they were definitely random. I read the emails and had no idea who they were. Gen’s email went to my junkmail by accident, so I didn’t read it.

    • I’m reading The Red Line and loving it. I’m on chapter 10, so really involved in the story. I love all my Edwards.

      • What’s that one about, EyeC? I’m still reading I Love LA. It’s meh. Not as good as the others.

        • This one didn’t sound as appealing at first but it is so good. Edward is a stripper—most beautiful and successful but has totally given away his soul. Bella is a psych student and wants to hire him for 2 weeks so she can do her final project on him. It’s a great psychological study and the storyline keeps you interested. Of course you fall in love with Edward.

          • Of course. When don’t you fall in love with Edward?

  38. EP, I’m done eating. And I don’t feel full. Drat.

    • Awesome use of the word drat.

      • I know, right?

        • I was pretty impressed.

  39. Girls- I’m almost done Midnight Desire. What do you think I should read after?? I’ve read, IE, Warmth, and The Sub. Any advice?

    • Wide Awake! Do it!

      • It’s long but a definite must read.

        For sex, read The Office.

        • Also Let Your Light Shine to read how Bella and Edward’s honeymoon should have gone. The the follow up story A Life Extraordinary.

          • Thanks girls! Will do!

    • Def Wide Awake and LYLS and ALE. theya re the stand out FF that I have read.

  40. More-

    • New dad case Gen – good work!

      • I thought that was a new case. Maybe he was tired of the ribbing.

    • I’d like to get a whiff of that hoodie! lol

  41. Okay ladies, I’m leaving early tonight. I’m not really tired, but maybe winding down will help me sleep.

    Sweet dreams when you go!

    • Count Robs instead of sheep tonight – might help. Night

    • OK. Night Jenny. Later.

    • Good Night Jenny!

    • Night BFF, sweet dreams.

  42. More news-

    • fingers in ears *****nah nah nah nah******

      • me too me too! What – did someone insinuate something? lol

      • I refer you to the other day’s rant. Seriously, people who aren’t dating are allowed to touch, I promise.

    • Stomach twisting again….

      • If they sat next to each other they were dating, if they sit across from each other they are playing footsie among other things, if they sat on opposite sides away from each other then they are fighting about NReed. They can’t win.

        • Plus, think about this. Multiple people are getting in a car through one door, what is the natural human response? Scoot all the way over, so the next person can get in. Duh!

        • Common sense again. Thanks.

          • Maybe I’m in the most hardcore denial ever, but I just don’t see it. I’ve been around Rob, his limbs are really long, they take up space. Kristen had to put her’s somewhere. Plus, why would you sit so far away from someone in a car? I assume that you would want to have a conversation, typically easier done in closer proximity. SUV’s tend to have a lot of road noise, I know I drive one, I can’t hear people in the backseat.

          • Logical.

          • I try.

        • I just refuse to think about any possibility, ignorance is bliss.

  43. I’m off too! Good Night all! Sweet Rob Dreams!

    • Thanks Gen, dream of Rob, or Art, or Salvadore, or Edward…

    • Night Gen, thanks for the pictures.

    • Night Gen. Thanks for illustrating our night.

  44. I like he is headed back to Europe, i hope he gets a bit of a break and reprieve, for the first time ever the stress is really staring to show on him.

    • Yes. I really hope he gets a break. Cannes first? Italy hopefully will not be too intense but I’m a bit doubtful. London seems his best bet until he goes to Grouchos.

    • I hope so too, the fame, rumors, photographers, fan demands have to get old fast.

      • They’re old to me and I’m not even there! lol

        • We will be one day EyeC, we will be, especially when we sell the J-m EP merge story!

          • LMAO! That will be a hot seller fo sho!

          • Glad you guys can benefit.

        • I know right. And you know I always encourage him to spend as much time in London as possible.

          • London is his respite from the world.

  45. Dear Rob,
    You’re looking tired and stressed out. We think you must be looking forward to a break in your schedule coming up. It has to be so wearying to have to put up with all the rotzis continually and not even get a moment’s reprieve. People like to say that because you get paid for it you should be thankful but nothing is worth selling your soul for—or having your soul taken away. I understand the need to express yourself in your work but I wish for you success so you can find your private get-away spot somewhere in this world which will give you protection and peace of mind.

    Always wanting your best,
    Me xoxoxo

    • Cue the typical, if Rob wants a get-a-way, it can be arranged comment!

      • and the fact you are soon to be in London is just so co-incedential is it not EP?

        • Lizzie! Are you suggesting that I might want Rob in London so by chance we might meet up and fall instantly in love? That’s ridiculous.

          • Yes I know how could I, completely ridiculous EP, completely ridiculous.

      • Yeah. Denver rarely has a problem with the rotzis. You’re always welcome here….

        • He’s always welcome here, but I don’t even want to be and I’ve lived her for 20 years.

      • I know a fantastic, isolated place where you can be as low key grungy as you like Rob, I won’t even charge rent, well actually I will but will settle for payment in kind.

        • He could go on an extended vacation around the world costing him next to nothing just staying at houses of all his friends (with benefits, of course!) on this site alone. And we would really treat him right because we know wha he likes.

          • Maybe we should put that to his mgt? LMAO

          • LOL. How could he refuse?

          • He said he wanted to travel. A lot of DH’s might have a slight problem with this plan…

          • DH’s be damned!

          • lol, I think Rob is on a lot of “freebie” lists anyway.

          • More than he’ll ever know!

    • Good letter EyeC.

      • Thanks. I really do care about him.

        • It was a good letter, I think we all worry about him a little.

          • Of course we do. We are so not fangirls here but smart ladies who appreciate.

        • Despite all the lusting out loud, I think we all do, well I hope so anyway.

  46. Ok loveys, time for me to depart, I will try to be less work distracted tomorrow. I do so hate when work gets in the way of a good chat.

    Night all, and especially you Rob, xxoo.

    • Bye Lizzie!

    • Good Night to you Lizzie. See ya tomorrow.

  47. I guess I’m out too EyeC, it’s been a long day. Have a good night filled with robdreams.

    • Good Night EP.. Have a good sleep. See you later.

  48. aw I wish this was playing near me 😦

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