Posted by: Bekah | May 8, 2009

Robert Pattinson speaks out

Dear Rob,

How nice of you to show your love for Lauren from Lauren’s Bite by speaking out in the following RobPorn for women:





Thanks. I’ve missed you. We were on a roll there with new sightings lately. I’m happy to know you’ve been thinking of me too. Uh, your last “speak out.” You seem like you’re hiding something…? Fine, I’ll wait until tomorrow, I guess, but this better be good…

Always seeing you clearly,

Are you new? Wondering why we call this Rob Porn when he’s clearly completely dressed? Well, see our collection here (shared from the stash under our beds) and read all about it in our first RobPorn for women entry.

The Forum is a great place to share your personal collection from under YOUR bed. Have you signed up yet?

Stop asking. Rob said he’s not telling us what that last picture means until tomorrow!



  1. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

    2nd picture made my life complete.

    • Ditto re: 2nd picture.

      I mean, really –
      the eyes
      the lips
      the jaw
      the hair
      the hand

      And the caption made me happy too *admires her fab personality in the mirror*

    • #2?
      #4 is my all-time fav pic of him anytime, anywhere. yummers.
      i really wonder sometimes if he knows how attractive he is…

  2. Anticipation…

    p.s. Do we LOVE Rob with photoshopped spectacles? We do. Of course.

    • of course we do. do i love that you called them spectacles? yes

      • did you photoshop those glasses??? hilarious uc i love it!!!!

  3. Yeah I thought he was wearing them for real and I was about to ask was it a recent shot …You fooled me there for a second πŸ˜‰
    I love these keep posting them πŸ™‚

  4. Love it When Rob speaks out .. he should speak out more πŸ˜‰

    • i know.. i love when he speaks out too. i think he might start doing it often

  5. Holy cow!! I almost fell for the glasses…good job on the photoshop!!! πŸ˜‰ Awww Rob now I have strength to endure the rest of the day…thanks UC!! πŸ™‚

    • i actually just found it that way! i was fooled for a bit too until I remembered seeing the pic the normal way! i like robbie in glasses!

      • Yes I must agree…he looks nerdy-sexy…I love nerdy-sexy Rob!!!

  6. Had a terrible working night at the bar but that was all I needed to make things better…Thanks, UC! You girls (and Rob) always know how to make my day, ❀ ya!

  7. Wow! I made it here to make the top 10 comments! Life is so busy and I feel terrible neglecting Rob the way I have as of late. Time to visit but usually not to comment.

    Dear Rob,
    I am sorry that I have not posted witty, snarky with love comments on your most fav site as of late. My stupid life has kept me busy and that’s been rather bothersome.
    I still wanna bang you.
    I still wanna rock ya world.
    No one can do ya like a could do ya….just saying.

    Thanks as always for the great morning wake up, UC and Moon you really are my Tony Tiger!

    • ‘I still wanna bang you’…as if that would ever change! xoxo

    • Roar

  8. Ok, I won’t pester you about the secrecy…

    But, can I just say, HOLY CRAP! to the last photo.

    The FINGERS, the HAIR, the SHIRT, the EXPRESSION on the FACE!!!!! Dear Lord (baby Jesus in the manger – for Moon of course.)

    That LOOK! Pretty sure he just got me preggers with that LOOK!

    Thank you God, for this gift. For this post. For UC and Moon. For coffee. That is all.

  9. That last photo…..THUD!
    And I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

    • The LAST photo, ya baby!!!!!

  10. Love.It.

    That second one completed me. I can die a happy woman now. lol

    • I’m feeling the jaw, I’m with ya Pange.

      But did you SEE the last photo!!!! The face, just sayin. grrrrr….

  11. Of course UC!

    You guys probably had no idea what a service you were providing when you began LTR. Crazy how things take off sometimes!

    I love me some Rob, but it’s the raw wit that brings me back everyday. Would love to hang in RL! You both must be smart as a whip to be this funny! Rob would approve! xo

    • awwwwwwwwwwwwww we would love to meet you too!!! we need to have a big party so we can all meet and gush in person!

  12. Short vid of Rob at Sam’s concert. Apparently bandana boy is pretty funny. I can’t see the vid yet.

  13. Dear Rob,


    That is all.

    Love, me

  14. This is not a joke. I am writing a letter to the Pope right now to ask him, no, demand him, to name UC and Moon Saints.
    Thank you girls, you really save most of my days.

    • is it “make” or “name”?
      whatever… you guys deserve a VIP pass for heaven!

    • saint AND a VIP pass?! WOW front row joe in heaven!!!


  15. TGIF… and thank God for making this hunkahunk of burning love! This site tickles me. Thanks for all your hard work. They kicked me out of TwilightMoms for being to snarky. I feel at home here…

    • Boo to being kicked out! What a bunch of wankers.

    • Kicked you out?! You are better off without them!

      Although, I think you should be proud, in a way. Too snarky…haha.

    • how do you get kicked out of a website? Do they block you?


      nothing is sacred here especially not rob OR twilight πŸ˜‰

  16. Dear Rob,

    After gazing upon your magnificent bone structure, lightly burdened with the most tempting scruff I’ve ever seen, I’ve got a sudden, irrepressible urge to be burned by it. Please, come and burn me with your scruff. *Sigh*


  17. hmmm Rob is rocking the glasses!

    • He just seems to look good in ANYTHING πŸ™‚

      • OR NOTHING! HAHAHA sorry I will behave

  18. Great. So now I have ONE MORE fantasy to include….like I don’t have enough, ROB IN GLASSES…reading..turning pages with those FINGERS….OME.


    Tomorrow is sure to be full of special hugs. haha πŸ™‚

  19. Rob with Glasses……………………


  20. I know what song fits Rob

    Personal Jesus – Depeche Mode

    Has someone already made a video with Rob with that track?

    • JAG has!!!

      It is BRILL!

      • And all Rome pics.


      • Thank you, thank you, thank you…..
        just had a real shi**y day and this has ‘altered’ my mood completly.
        First class job JAG for making this and helping the rest of us cope with RL.

        Excellant post as always Rob’s spec’s are welcome to lay with mine on my bedside cabinet or bathroom self {I have a large bath} anytime…….sigh

        • Thanks for the love. ❀ Ive got 2 new vids in the works now.

          • cannot wait!! ❀

  21. The last one…

    If that’s how my birthday will go this year, I would die… literally.

  22. Hey girls, im back. Sorry for the absence. My Internet connection had some problems.

    I loved the second one and I can’t wait for tomorrow’s post(tommorow’s my b’day too = so double treat for me)

    *Rob knows what he wants and how to give it too.*

    • Happy Birthday for tomorrow πŸ™‚

      Whatcha planning?

      • Nothing….Im a full time student[theoretically], so Im not working which Im a official bum.

        The Best & Only option for me – Eating chinese, reading fanfic and chatting with you girls. Please come at the forum, girls, I need you at my lonely-cum-bum birthday. Did ya hear it, I need you. See ya tomorrow. It will you, me and Rob.

        • Darn, my fingers and my brain is not connected properly. So many mistakes, so many.

          • Have a happy day, I am off to see Little Ashes again tomo afternoon, hope to see you at some stage, although I am 5-8 hours ahead of most of you………………..

  23. Dear Rob,
    Hey! I am the people in China. I am gald that I know you. You are very handsome*-* Your acting is very good too. I think these are the reson make you be famous. Your birthday is on 13th May. I hope you can have a Happy Birthday. If you can see this letter, I think I am very lucky. Happy Birthday! I will give my effort to learn the english. Support you forever!-3-
    By Maggie

  24. Holy sh!tballs. I am at work and I saw that last pic and I think my panties have melted.

  25. picture number four? That’s right before he grabs me for some lovin’ behind the dumpster. sigh….

  26. UC and Moon – you guys are too funny. Thanks for another LOL post

  27. Don’t have a lot of time and not feeling too funny today (holding a bucket all night for a kid to puke in will do that to you) but wanted to post a link. SpunkMe wrote a letter to Ted with a link to Robsten in the forum!

    • OH yeah, go Spunk!

  28. OMG – To EVEN imagine Rob’s “spoiling” me! Now that is what I call “Rob Porn” in the best way.

    All squirming in my seat in anticipation for tomorrow or is it that last picture? He has the LOOK for sure! Pure unadulterated SEX LOOK!

  29. Rob with glasses *thud*

    I love a good tease. Can’t wait to pop back tomorrow.

  30. Great post girls – as always.

    Anyone read Ted C.’s column today. LTR was mentioned!!!

    Dear Ted:
    The Robstens at Letters to Rob Forum love you! Keep up the great work at getting us the truth! We have some possible evidence for you to check out on our thread there! We currently have three conspiracy theories holding strong: First one is called Shirt-Sharinggate; second is VanityFair-Kissgate and third is Italygate…something with Robsten has been going on a long time! Help us confirm it, Ted! We know you can! First theory is fourth post down on first page…other two theories are on page eight of our thread. Hope it helps you out in your Robstenvestigation!

    Dear Conspiracy Chick:
    Great detective work, gumshoe!

    • Twinners! I posted the link above —

      And now I will resume my paranoia induced panic attack about all the personal things I’ve written on here..

      • Sorry. Got all excited and couldn’t wait to post it. Gawd, I’m such a loser when it comes to the Robsten… LOL.

        • Mee too – on the couple who shall not be named anywhere but in the Robsten forum πŸ™‚

  31. Dear Sweet Baby Jesus in the Manger…Bless his heart in that Glasses picture…I was like “why have I not seen this” – I felt like I let down my Robsession. Whoever did that Photoshop needs to provide us with shirtless glasses porn…yeah, I need that.

  32. omg…does anyone have the last photo of Rob in a huge crystal clear sort of a way?? That face is drop dead. I’m hyperventilating.


    • and the fingerporn happening in it…i can’t take it!!!

      • I tried to make it, but when you Ctrl+++ it gets fuzzy…

        • I’m wanting just the pic…no words on the side…just the simple sexiness that is Rob.

  33. OK, all of SPunks lurkers/guests on the forum are making it not work right….

  34. @SpunkMe!!!! You rock!!!
    I love your letter to Ted C. You know I don’t like to talk about some RobStew aka RobSten, but giddy as a school girl that u wrote Ted and he posted it on his site.
    When u are famous I can say I knew you when. πŸ™‚


  35. Ooooooooh YEAH!
    Rob is officially HOTTER than Brad Pitt!!!!

    Did you hear that Sam Bradley aka Rob’s BFF. Please make sure he is well aware of it if he’s not!

  36. Happy Friday and hellow everyone!

    Oh my…… Oh how I’ve been waiting for some Robporn. \(^o^)/

    UC, you have fulfilled a girl’s fetish..
    GLASSES!! hehe
    What’s a girl to do with…sexy hair, sezzy lips, sexy eyes .sexy phalanges (watched too much Bones heh), and now GLASSES!

  37. Great stash of Robporn, as usual!
    Thank you!

  38. Only one guy on the planet nearly as hot as Rob and that’s Domward:

    Just updated.

  39. BB and Domward has been updated! weee!

  40. @English Girl
    haha we thinking the same thing!

  41. Love RobPorn!

    Rob with glasses! I just jizzed in my pants.

    Dear Rob,
    Please wear glasses more often. Thanks!
    me (HOT4YOU)

  42. Great ROB PORN!

  43. Hi All

    Ok I guess I have been officially outed! I seriously did not expect Ted C. to post my letter. OMFG!!! I don’t know what to say! I hope LTR gets lots of new members from it, I guess.


    I love you all for your support!

    Dear Rob,

    I am sorry to alert the national news of all your sexcapades we’ve established at Robsten. We could not help ourselves. Really. It is all for you…THE MAN! We want your happiness and the suits to back off. And if KStew isn’t enough for you, you can hurry your fine ass on over to my house. Waiting in bed for your arrival.


    UC—>Love the Rob Porn for Women post today. The photoshop glasses look HOT! Read me a book, Rob!

    • @SpunkMe Smooch! You are my hero! πŸ™‚

      • @DanaB

        Awww! Thanks! Smooch back! And you are new right? We haven’t met here before. Welcome! Come see us in the forum!

        • I’m new-ish. I’m registered and somewhat active in the Forum too. πŸ™‚

          • Well, glad to meet you. I’ve been a little out of things since the forum opened. I used to be here all the time. Now, I just try to keep up with everything…LTR, Forum, RAoR, Twiporn, etc. etc etc. and r/l of course! LOL! So, just wanted to say hello directly to you.

  44. Lurking around.

    • Here too, but not in the best mood. The family pictures are in.

      • Afternoon EyeC and EP. Family pictures?

        • Hey Lizzie–how did it go last night?

        • My Dad and Stepmother insisted that we take family pictures to celebrate us being a family for 5 years. I was not amused then, I’m really not amused now.

          • They don’t always go as planned…. Does everyone else wish they could cut you out of the pictures now?

      • Hi EP—LOL LOL LOL!!!

        • To be fair, the family picture my Dad e-mailed me is really cute. The one of me and my sister made me cry, if I look like that I should just end it.

          • If it is any help, I take completely crap photos and despite the red eye reduction, let’s just say I would not need contacts if I was in any of the films, I would bring my own vampire eyes.

          • Good for the family pic. lol

          • Last time I was in a group photo I raised my chin up too far and I looked like an arrogant ass. Learned to tuck!

          • I just normally stick to trying to hide as much as i can in a group photo.

  45. Hi girls!

    • Tara! Hi girl, how’s it?

      • Hey EyeC! Im ok. how are you?

        • so-so.

    • Hey Tara.

    • Hi Tara (I should just stop at T, it took me three attempts first was Tata, second TAra, then finally nailed it!)

      • Byrdie did that once too! lol T is okay with me. Thats what people usually call me anyway.

        HI EP!!

  46. I will give you a quick report of last night, the opening act started with the line, Good to see you all, just as well I wore my stretch deniim jeans. At this point I announced I was going back to the bar, clearly this night was going to require even more drinks than I thought. Actually wasn’t a bad night probably a combo of more drinks and the ridiculousness of it all!

    • Drinks help!

      • oh yeah!

  47. Spunky hit the big time huh, with Ted C picking up her email and directing everyone to the LTR Forum threads.

    • I went to try and find it but I couldnt… is there a link anywhere?

      • earlier up the page they reproduced the letter and a link but for some reason i can never make the Ted C links work here.

    • Just read it. For some reason I just couldn’t click it earlier—denial is still running strong in my heart….

      • I read they were baseing the newest theory on Rob and Kristen leaning into each other to talk at Sam’s concert. You know, the loud concert where music was playing and people were cheering and you can’t hear the person next to you. Also, Ted C is an idiot. That is all.

        • Thanks EP. I can always count on you to make me feel better. So sensible.

          • You’re welcome, I’m telling you a little common sense would make the world a better place.

        • I try not to read any of it!

  48. “To be fair, the family picture my Dad e-mailed me is really cute. The one of me and my sister made me cry, if I look like that I should just end it.”

    LOL I ALWAYS say that when I see a picture of myself. And then I ask my friends “Do I REALLY look like that? Because if I do, I should just end it!”

    Holla ladies! How is everyone tonight?

    Lizzie, I’m glad you had fun! Did the shoulder pads look hot?

    • Hiya Jenny.

      • Hey EyeC, how was your day?

    • Of course they did – when don’t oversized shoulder pads look fab? Was going to accessorise with my wedding fiesta fingerless lace gloves but decided they were just to good for an ordinary evening out. LOL

      • But of course. Save the good stuff!

  49. Sorry guys, I lost power. Hey BFF!

    • I hate when that happens!

      • It’s not raining or anything, the power just went off.

    • Hey BFF! Sorry to hear about the crappy family photos.

      I agree about TedC.

      I don’t know like Robsten rumors for 2 reasons:
      1) Dear Rob, don’t date anybody because I’ll be irrationally jealous.
      2) I think it’s creepy people speculate about who you’re dating. Who cares! You can date whoever you want, and it shouldn’t be anybody’s business. (Except mine, when we’re in the same bed… then I need to know, you know, so I don’t get STDs from KStew – cuz you KNOW she’s got some)

      • lol BFF

      • And EP, when we go see Bobby, I’ll make sure not to lean in to speak with you. People might think we’re fake-lesbos, like Nikki and KStew. OHNOES, we’re leaning close to shout at each other!

        • Thanks Jenny, I don’t want to look like Nikki and KStew. Just don’t talk to me the entire time, cause that’s normal human behavior and everything. I mean we aren’t dating BFF, there is no reason to speak to me.

  50. OK family have descended on me for early mothers day thing, will be back in a couple of hours if anyone still around, if not, catch you tomorrow. See you soon

    • See ya Lizzie, glad you had a decent time and were lookin’ hot in the shoulder pads.

    • Okey Dokey. Enjoy.

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