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Mistaken Identities: UC and Moon

Dear Rob-

I needed to write you because I’m afraid UC is turning into me… the sappy, deeply sentimental, gushy version of ME that I try to keep hidden! She’s usually the funny ‘I wanna shag you’ writer and I usually end up writing about wanting to hug you and your mom. Wtf?! But today is quite the opposite… we’ve been going back n forth about that Variety interview you did before the Twilight premier last year… you know the 15 minute one in the hotel with that woman who sounds like Catherine Hardwickes older slightly less cougar-y sister? Yea, this one…

(part one, full version here)

It was like the good ol days when we would watch the hour long Vanity Fair video and break it down just us two and then figure out we needed to blog to the world about our obsession. Only this time she was saying stuff like “I miss this Rob” “He’s not like this anymore he’s changed, he’s scared of the crazies, he won’t give this kind of interview again!” and the ultimate: “I can’t think of anything sexual to say about this video!” and THEN I got worried! I mean COME ON! The V Neck, the way you’re sipping the last drop in that Coke bottle till it’s gone and then some? Hello interviewer lady get this man another Coke!

But seriously Rob you wouldn’t change on us right? Sure you’re a little more conscientious now but I wanted to tell you our offer stands if you ever wanna spill your guts we’ll interview you in my room with a handheld camera, make you sit on an old sleeper sofa from ’85 with hot pockets crumbs in it and feed you teensy tiny bottles of Coke if you’ll never change! And we can talk more about how New Moon is your favorite book because Edward isn’t in it and how the months part made you sad. ME too, Rob… me too.Β  Oh and we may find things to do other than uh interview you… I mean we have a camcorder after all we gotta make good use of it.

So answer us and make UC’s and my day… and then maybe my non gushy UC will come back to me!



  1. I almost forgot about this interview…
    Please Rob, you may never ever change! We love you for being the humble, shy, hair grabbing man that you are!

    • hair grabbing man! UH HUH!

      • I meant HIM grabbing HIS hair…But wait…Lemme think about it for a while…Oh yeah, I get the visual…*sigh*
        Thanks, Moon πŸ™‚

    • i’m embarassed to say i haven’t seen this one until now. i literally drooled on myself. i was watching it and chewing on my thumbnail like i always do to keep from huming the screen and then……… drool. i love it.

  2. Rob + camcorder + sleeper sofa = WIN!!!

    Can we take turns…uh….interviewing him??

    (BTW-I love this interview too, he’s so sweet)

  3. Awww you’re right he has changed…I miss this Rob…all the crazies in the world have changed him…sad! 😦 But he’s still awesomely humble and that makes him sexy in this video.

    • I agree he has changed. The crazies have made him hard and not in a good way!

  4. Love that video – so candid and he was so natural not really worrying about anything. Minus the fact that the interviewer was totally annoying and I could hardly hear him. I like how you tagged “gushy”

    • haha.. catherine hardwicke’s older slightly less cougar-y sister hahaha

      • can’t you just imagine this woman at a bar on thirsty thursday in a college town, looking for the hook ups?!

  5. Best shirt ever.

  6. Yup, that Rob slowly surely gone now. The “working environment” finally got to him.

  7. You guys are just great!
    Thanks for the laugh. I needed it.
    (and I agree. He shouldn’t change, ever).

  8. deep d0wn its still the same old rob….hopefully

  9. You guys realize that when Rob actually DOES agree [and he’s going to] to meeting you and have this interview, you’re going to have to tell US.

    And some/all of us will ask/demand to be there and you’ll have to say yes. So then there’ll be this HUGE room of non-crazy/crazy women there panting heavily just staring at Rob while you and UC are holding a camcorder.

    …Yeah, actually, its gonna be brilliant, I can’t wait! ❀

    • haha…. i can’t wait to hear you panting behind us! maybe we’ll rent out a police station and put him in one of the interview rooms with the mirror that’s actually a window.. so you guys can swoon loudly and he’ll never know…!

      • And then my mind went straight gutter. Police uniforms. Handcuffs. Behind bars.

    • a two way mirror!! classic… and we’ll shine a bright light down on him.

      ps your lips to gods hear dawnzilla!

  10. I hope “that Rob” isn’t gone for good but it seems almost inevitable with all loonies who have to tail him wherever he goes , screaming and allowing him no private life AT ALL. C’mon, people, how would YOU feel with a camera in your face every minute of every day? Didn’t your mothers teach you any manners? Don’t you know it’s RUDE to interrupt someone while they’re eating dinner, for God’s sake??? Your autograph/ picture/declaration of love/offer of sex ISN”T the most important thing in the world. Have some respect and let the man breathe.
    Rob, don’t stop being the YOU that we non-loonies love and cherish. Think of all us who love you who don’t stalk you and harass you and are content(not really) to admire you from afar. Please.

    UC and Moon, just a thought re: being Rob’s worst fans: You guys are amazing and, I think, the best kind of fans. You don’t have to have all kinds of scary, creepy knowledge about every aspect of Rob’s life to be a fan-just the fact that you keep up this hilarious blog makes you guys pretty serious fans in my book (and surely in Rob’s).

    • i do know what color underwear he wore yesterday, so don’t think I’m THAT non-stalkerish..


      • uhhhh i dont. this scares me

      • how do you know?

        And what color, if you’re sharing.

  11. Ok, this actually makes me kind of sad.

    I really have been waiting to see how Rob would either reluctantly morph into what was projected onto him OR subconsciously grow more paranoid and frustrated with his newfound fame. Seems like perhaps an odd marriage of both.

    I forgot how intense he is. Love him for realz tho!

    That being said, I firmly believe a few minutes of dumpster time can do a wonder of good. Provide clarity, restore confindance, etc.. You know what I’m sayin?

  12. BTW, the whole, ‘ I’m a dick’, comment?

    Well, after much thought and internal debate…I can honestly say that this is something I can work with. Not a problem, really, totally focused. πŸ™‚

    • i love how it says it!

  13. He has changed, just not so carefree anymore. Makes me sad…damn crazy stalkers did this to him.

    But…he can be my dick…I really don’t mind.

  14. Please, Please, Please insure the we get first viewing of video footage, ALL video footage girls!!!
    As you know we couldn’t all be there in person as that would defeat the purpose of this ‘private’ interview, we are happy to accept this compromise lucky lucky U.C. & Moon…………

  15. Moon,
    This quote: “Oh and we may find things to do other than uh interview you… I mean we have a camcorder after all we gotta make good use of it.” was inappropriate.

    Love your gushy bloggy partner

    • HAHAHAH someone had to bring the gush train back around to dirty thoughts πŸ˜‰

  16. I am not worried about Rob (well maybe an itsy bit), because if we get him at all a bit drinkity, he will adjust back to his true carefree self. I have confidence.

    Perhaps we should send him some Heineken. And by some I mean several cases.

  17. Can I be there too? We’ll just tell him its a press conference. And when he starts asking why we are looking at him like that…we’ll just have to show him. It will go from press conference to “Press up against him” conference in about 3 seconds flat.

    BTW – I ❀ that interview and I was feeling the same way about the coke. Don’t these people know he needs roughly 4 gallons of liquid a day to function? I’ve never interviewed him and I figured that out.

    • Seriously, every Rob interviewer should stock the fridge and hook up the catheter. It’s fundamental knowledge.

    • @Kristin “It will go from press conference to β€œPress up against him” conference in about 3 seconds flat” ROFLMAO!

      I watch this interview pretty often to remind myself of how Rob really is. Sad that he has had to change,but one day, all the crazies will move on to the next “it” boy and we will get “our” Rob back…I hope!

    • For real dude he always has a water bottle, a coke or a beer in hand… I swear theres a mini fridge in his little audi.

    • press up against him conference!! new term we’re using!

  18. LMAO @ Kristin! Brilliant idea!

    btw, if anyone missed the ET New Moon weekend special, I found a really good copy to download over at

    • Is that the one from last weekend or did I miss something this weekend?

      • Yes, that’s the one from last weekend. The link I provided,
        it’s the firt 4 parts.

        • firt? bbaahahahaah

  19. This is actually my favorite interview of His (notice the capital “H”) πŸ™‚ I love the part where he said “I will ruin you.” He can ruin me any time he wants to! I really hope that once all the hoopla over New Moon and Eclipse…and Breaking Dawn…wears down (looks like he has a long way to go…) hopefully Rob can find some peace and quiet and return to his silly, charming, diarrhea-of-the-mouth self that we love and miss so much.

  20. I kinda hope deep down he hasn’t changed. And that interview I heard on Ryan Seacrests show where Ryan told him just to embrace it. And Rob said if he embraced it, and then it was gone, what would he have left.

    I sure hope he doesn’t embrace it because I really like the humble sweet thoughtful Rob. Not the crazy loony hollyweird….

    • awwww see this is the difference between our rob and ryan seacrest.

      long live the rob

  21. I LUV this interview. When I was first getting into the fandom, one of my first turns at uTube to find videos unearthed this one.

    I wasn’t sure if I really liked Rob up until this point. This interview really solidified how amazing I think he is. He really seems himself in this and makes some great comments. He’s really insightful. You could tell he really thought about the series and the characters and, most importantly, his character and how to portray him. But he also doesn’t take himself too seriously. His natural humor shines through here. I sent this to my friends to also convince them how wonderful and adorbs he is b/c I knew this interview, without a doubt, would do that.

    It does make me sad that, most likely, we won’t see interviews like this in the near future. Too much as happened with the craziness that is the fandom and, sadly, it must have changed him in some way already. I mean, he’s even said how he’s pretty paranoid and afraid to ruin the lives of those close to him. It’s so sad! I truly wish he could still be a normal guy. Hopefully, when the huge burst of crazy starts to die down, Rob will be able to return somewhat to the life he had before.

  22. *sigh* Oh poor sweet innocent Rob. You had no idea all the f*%#ing crazies out there wanted to devour you. It’s OK to accept it. And I think you should DEFINITELY do the interview with these ladies. I mean they are mature and legit interviewers. *coughbullshitcough* So just do it K?

    P.S. WTF do you even get those 1980’s size Coke bottles from? Just wondering.

    • safeway has mini cokes! I see them all the time…. I wonder if its a westcoast thing… are you on the westcoast?

    • hotel mini fridge?

      and we are SOOOO totes professional πŸ˜‰

  23. I have to agree. I have noticed it as well. I have actually told friends and family that I have become his privacy advocate. I feel bad that each every day Ted Casablancas is making up stupid lie about him and KStew, having sex or holding hands in a supermarket. It’s ridiculous. I hope that Hollywood and Twilight hype don’t completely change our boy/man too much.

  24. I am sure this Interview Lady plays this for herself every night to go to sleep. (I know I would!) She is probably kicking herself that she did not make FULL USE of the sleeper couch while the camera was rolling…OR maybe she did…hmmmmm…Lucky Interview Lady

  25. If anyone could get another couch interview like this one, it would be you two ladies. And if we all can’t be there then please at least set up some webcam action so I can drool in the privacy of my own home while wishing that I were you two.

    And…I may have checked this site before I started class today and decided not to teach so I could watch this video again. I’m like, “shhh…I am “grading papers” over here!” while one earpod is in my hear all stealth like.

    • HAHAHA teaching the youth of america! at least you have priorities!

      • Laura from MTV got to interview him ON a couch WITH Rob ON the couch!

  26. If anyone could get another couch interview like this one, it would be you two ladies. And if we all can’t be there then please at least set up some webcam action so I can drool in the privacy of my own home while wishing that I were you two.

    And…I may have checked this site before I started class today and decided not to teach so I could watch this video again. I’m like, “shhh…I am “grading papers” over here!” while one earpod is in my ear all stealth like.

    • whoops, posted twice. my bad.

  27. WOW! I’m surprised that you’re talking about this today!
    Today I have this dream with Rob: he told me about the changes he have to manage in his life now and how he is sad and pissed off about all this… seeing no way back. I felt sorry for him.
    I understand if this is true b/c it seems the one way to stay safe and to not go crazy with all that is happening.
    But it was only a dream… what am I know?
    And almost no sex on this one! LOL
    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. But I want to say, in my own defense, that in this dream Rob asked for it (apparently I’m this confident about myself – in my dreams… hahahaha). How am I suppose to let him down on this one?? πŸ™‚

    • i’ve never had a rob dream!! how sad it that??

      • I had a dream once about nothing but his tongue,
        but nothing sexual was going on with it.
        Now why would I dream something like that?
        The tongue dream I can understand but the fact
        that it wasn’t doing anything to ME I don’t understand.

  28. Rob changing was bound to happen to some extent. I don’t think he has it in him to ever be 100% Hollywood but he’s gotta withdraw into a shell to protect himself. His entire life is on display now and I don’t think he’s the type of person that handles that well.

    I see him becoming Johnny-Depp-ish – so reclusive and secretive that he falls off the radar (but still gorgeous and talented and working “just enough”).

    That may be a good thing for me because then I can get my life back. But I’m sure I’ll always be a fan. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

    • Yeah, WTM, I can see him going recluse too. Johnny does a good job of it. Get out of America and find a sanctuary, working “just enough”. And he’ll still have his music –maybe that production company he wants. It would be good to get my life back! Of course I’ll follow his career to the end. Devoted for life.

  29. i watched this interview a few days ago and the whole time i was thinking “this is a really good interview.” i thought it was just a fluke but you guys are right, the crazies got to him, but also i think he seems more into answering questions genuinely in this interview. maybe he is just tired of talking about twilight all the time and answering similar questions over and over and over again or having to give out his coached PR answers to everyone. either way. sad. poor boy needs a vacay.

  30. the interview is great~ i loveeddd this one. it shows how down to earth he is. i believe he still is. there was another interview that i read that he said he’s always appologizing to his management for sayin stupid stuff.. its the stupid stuff that make us love uu rob!! hahah

    i agree taht i can see him becomming like Johnny depp. even tho the guy isnt too far on the market, he’s def something to talk about! *(being down right drop dead gorg helps as well)

  31. Sounds like someone is having a “love day” a la ALE. It’s okay to feel gushy about Rob on random days, just as long as you still can get back to wanting to bang him. Tomorrow, right?

    Yep, the crazies have changed him a bit, he might be more reserved in some interviews, unless it that MTV guy or another Brit. He seems to relax more when the talk to him.

    I feel that as long as he can go “hide” in London and be with friends and family, they will help keep him grounded and sane. At least that is what I tell myself otherwise I think he will end up like Depp and become a recluse.

  32. Weird I JUST watched that interview yesterday for the first time since it came out months ago and was thinking the same thing… I miss relaxed Rob… That lady is totally Catherine’s sister… if you fast forward this interview its funny… he fidgets more than any person ever… his facial expressions and hailirious and he I never noticed how much he talks with his hands until I FF this interview… (the only reason I would ever FF any part of this is because youtube kept freezing at min 10.)

  33. dude good point! no one looks for anyone in alabama!

  34. I love how he can’t keep his hands off his face or out of his hair…


  35. He can take turns hiding at my house and yours…

  36. I love how he fidgets and run his fingers thru his hair .just so adorable.and I think I have yet to see an interview where he doesn’t drink anything.

  37. I am really interested to see what happens when he spends a few days in London.

    I am pretty new to all this — did he have press and papparazzi probs in Dec/Jan when he was here please? Were there a ton of pics? Lots of fans following him all the time?

    • are you referring to when he was in London for his holiday? He basically hid out when he was home. There were a few random sightings at pubs, but nothing hardcore until like the last week that he was there, thats when the infamous girls in fur coats/ hooker boots were following him and Tom into that store… anyone remember those pictures… I thought to myself… if those girls are with them, I have totally misjudged this guy… apparently they were “fans”.

      • Hi Tiffany

        yes, I was not a fan then, I am a latecomer.

        I cannot remember a fuss when he was here in Jan 2009, but I wonder if that will change now that he is getting more famous each and every day?

        I know he went to a Bobby Long gig on 13th Feb in central London, and have seen some pics fo that night, but not many others.

        Thanks for answering πŸ™‚

        • Actually I forgot about that Bobby Long gig -it was one where I read a fan report and it did sound there as if he had to leave early as he was getting too much attention …. that’s about the only report I heard from the London time like that. And I think that was probably because people guessed he might be there and went to see both BL and hopefully see RP, it was discussed on some fansites/imdb beforehand, so there was more of an organised approach …. people going along in the hope of seeing him as well as wanting to support BL.

    • Summer – from what I saw on the fansites & UK press at Christmas/Jan, early Feb in London it was nothing like it is presently in Vancouver. Nothing at all like that. Sure he was papped a couple of times on an evening out (by papperazzi not fans) outside the Groucho Club and those photos turned up on fan sites – well that’s a given isn’t it – if you go to the Groucho Club you kind of know you will get papped. There was the odd photo taken by a fan who bumped into him in a pub – just one woman photographed with him in a pub – no huge throng of fans gathering around him like we have seen in Vancouver. Those fans sent their photos to Perez – oh well, whatever turns them on. But what is interesting is that it looks like he was able to enjoy a normalish evening in the pub as there weren’t throngs of people around him in the photo with the fan. Maybe this is not the case, but there certainly weren’t hoards of people blogging/twittering and alerting friends that they were in so and so pub/club and to come meet RP and detailing every little encounter. Possibly it will change when he next comes back home. I bloody well hope not – this man needs a break or he will go bonkers with it all.

      To be honest I am sick and tired of hearing about huge crowds of people surrounding him, that the hotels are staked out and that he can barely make it down the street to meet other cast members in a bar without having to leg it from rabid fangirls. I am not sure that any celebrity ever has had to put up with what Rob is going through now with all the internet frenzy which is accompanying the Twi phenomenom. I think it is the combination of Rob having played Edward (so all the Twihards are totally in love with him as Edward), he’s totally handsome so of course we can’t take our eyes of him anyway. He’s polite and kind to fans in terms of letting them take photos and interrupt his free time (I hate to criticise that but maybe he needs to start to say “no” a bit more, although it sounds like he is getting there … but he is just too nice to people – he needs to put himself first a bit). He’s an interesting guy – he’s shy, but he talks way too openly, he’s quirky and funny, but also very sensitive and intelligent …. all these things together with the whole Twilight thing have made him some kind of celebrity target as has never been seen before (as far as I know).

      It worries me to be honest. I think the whole thing up in Vancouver is being mismanaged pr wise, and security wise. I’ll be glad for him when it’s over.

      I actually feel guilty about my interest/support sometimes. Sure I look at some of the fan encounters blogs, at snapped photos. That is what was/is so nice about LTR in that we write our little fantasy comments, no harm intended, probably only ever going to be read by Sam …. (ha ha ha) and hopefully never by HHH (please forgive me for all the lusty comments which have been posted over the last few months … it’s my age, I can’t help it, I’m in my prime and feeling it!!!).

      God, this is getting to be a bit of an essay isn’t it? I’m gonna hit post now before I go on anymore. Just a tad fed up with all the hysteria presently. Stupid, ignorant HEAT magazine in the UK has Rob in the top cover banner with his “gay kiss”, all sensationalised etc. For crying out loud HEAT. Still I didn’t expect anything less of them.

      • Thanks English Girl, for all the info. I am glad he knows he can find a place where it is calm. Hopefully!

        It made me sad when he said he is learning to sprint 😦

        I wonder if this happens when Brad Pitt does a movie in Robcouver? (or would it be Bradcover?)

        Anyways, I feel guilty too sometimes, I guess the best thing to do is NOT buy Heat mag and NOT go to the gossip sites……..

        • No, don’t buy Heat peeps! It is complete garbage anyway – though sometimes I like to partake of a bit of garbage gossip if I get a lull in the day.

          But today I browsed it before I paid for my petrol at Sainsbury! Thought it was the least Sainsbury could do for me seeing as how I spend so much on petrol monthly with them!!

          And I think the difference is when someone like Brad Pitt does a movie (anywhere – not just V’couver – don’t want to put the blame on the place, because it isn’t, it’s the people who are behaving badly) I am sure he has heaps of security to make him untouchable as it were. Now obviously that would not be a nice scenario for RP to live through either – they need to strike a middle balance.

      • @ English Girl…I TOTALLY agree with your comments about Vancouver being mismanaged. Maybe I’m in the minority but I just don’t agree with the set stalking/hotel stalking/restaurant stalking. I know people want to say “He asked for this…it’s part of the job..” but it seriously pisses me off. It’s the same with the paps and celebs and their kids. Frankly, if I were famous and those assholes came near my babies? I’d get arrested for battery.

        I just think people are taking their ‘fandom’ way, way, WAY too far. Sure, visit Vancouver…and if you run into him, you do. But this blog/tweeting where he is, has been, is going…it’s just too much for me. People are going to be really sad when he either shrinks back and we don’t see him at ALL OR he has a bodyguard 24/7 and NO ONE is allowed near him. All this craziness is only making him MORE unattainable for his normal fans.

      • Great post English Girl. so much that you said that I agreed with.

        And to Moon’s point, I think I’m suffering from the same thing as UC. I have to agree that my worries for Rob are seriously crimping my desire to f**K his brains out. Now I mostly want to take him to my home and let him sleep in my extra bedroom for a week to recover from all the craziness.

        When he is ready to emerge we’ll eat some take out fast food, drink some beers and then I’ll teach him how to play guitar hero so we can rock out together. He can even go for a swim in my pool.

        Rob – if – no, I mean, when you read this, I’m serious about my offer. I live about 45 mins outside of NYC, where you will be this summer. I live in the burbs where nothing ever happens and no one ever comes. Very easy to hide. And there are some Baldwins that live near by if you need to hang with some Hollywood peeps. Also, free A/C and cable.

  38. He can hide here too. Seriously….no one ever comes to rural North Carolina. I’m actually clear until about October when DH gets his R&R. lol

    Between the 3 of us, we could keep him hidden until next year sometime. =)

  39. I agree, Rob needs some down time. How best to do that is to hang out with a Vancouver local (such as myself) who knows how to ditch the paps and crazies, and who knows which pub to go to where no fan girl goes. I could stash you away everyday for a few hours for some “down time” and then hand you over to Chris Weitz all in one peice, just happier. I’ve been thinking about, it could work. Call me Rob, I can be there in minutes.

    • when will he have a day off though?

      new moon finishes end of May? then I bet he is strraight off to NYC for that movie, then NM pronmo will start.

      He needs a rest. I sound like his Mum!

      Do you think he may get a hol? Go to teh caribbean or somewhere? with TomStu and get his drink on……..

  40. interesting to read everyone’s comments. clearly we’re all feeling the same concern for rob, and want nothing more than for him to just stay the same person that we all fell so hard for. i hope that amongst all the insanity, he can do this.

    some of the “fan” behaviour is appalling. remember in late march or so, the story that came out about the young women who met him & sam … one of them mentioned something to the effect of “he looked like he didn’t want to be photographed, but we did so anyways!”, etc? and then she called more friends to come to the restaurant and meet him too, or something. i mean … it leaves me speechless. “fans” like that i want to smack — hard.

    one more comment on today’s LTR: uc, how on earth could you not find anything sexual to say about rob in that interview?! as sad as it did make you/me/us at times, to remember what he was like … surely you could still *purrrrr* a little at it, no?! C’MON, GRRRL. WATCH IT AGAIN. AND SAY IT WITH ME: purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  41. English Girl covered all of it, I think!

    The only thing I have to add is my favoirte line, “I am a dick.” And, Moon, I’m so with you. It’s all in how he says it.

    And if he were a dick in real life, which obviously he is not, it would be completely understandable with all the crap he has had to put up with in the past year.

  42. I gotta agree with UC! There is nothing sexy about that interview. Maybe cuz it feels voyeuristic – like we’re peeking from behind a louvered closet door at Rob’s session with a cheesy therapist. The interviewer gives me the creeps in a 40-something-mom-down-the-street-that-looks-like-she-wants-to-eff-my-son kind of way. Seriously, she’s got the “you’re the shiz and I want to eff you” thing mixed up with her condescension and maternal instincts. And it gave me the creeps. I bet Rob had to take a long shower after that interview. Or crawl into bed with the dog for a few days.

    • Sorry I think I went a little overboard. I loved all the questions the interviewer asked, of course, and naturally I loved all Rob’s answers. But there was something a little off and it has always bugged me (and being bugged makes it unsexy I guess). The “dick” part however, very sexy.

  43. And then spend 3 days apologising to the dog……..


    Just booked How to Be tickets for Sunday!!!!!!

    • Noooooooooooooooo.

      Soooooooooooooooooooo jealous.


      I’m not busy on Sunday ….. now what excuse could I give to my OH (whom I only see at w/ends) and son (ditto – at boarding school til lunchtime Sat) that I need to flit down to London on Sunday without them getting all suspicious? Trouble is, I’m like Rob – can’t lie.

      bugger bugger bugger

      Wish I still lived in London. Poxy countryside. Blah!

      • The Lexi at kensal Green. It is also showing in Leicester Square on Fri 15 May.

        Both have Q&A sessions πŸ™‚

        • EG is weeping …..

          Must go to “lying” course at night school to learn to cover up Robsession better.

          I suppose I could suggest husband meets me straight from airport at Leicester Square …. but then we never go to the cinema in London anymore, so it is going to seem totally wierd to him … and then he is going to start asking why this funny little film? If it were Terminator he might be interested!!!

          Real life is not kind sometimes.

          • So Summer – are you “out” with your Robsession with friends? With other half (if you have one)?

            My friends would think I am barmy!

            My OH would possibly be a bit jealous (silly really) – I may have to start to break him in gently.

          • English Girl — Mr Summer came with me to Little Ashes – but would not stay for the Q&A.

            Sometimes he quotes Twilight at me “You can google it” — “YOU put YOUR seat belt on” — “I may not be human but I am a man” (so — film AND book) and other times he gets REALLY bored of it all and sometimes actually quite cross.

            I think he would rather I had a crush on an unattainable actor than someone who lives just over the river from me……oh!!! WAIT!!! LMAO πŸ™‚

            And, yes, most of my friends know too πŸ™‚

            So — Mr EG has NO idea then?

          • None whatsoever. It is my darkest secret. I don’t think if you said the name Robert Pattinson he would have a clue. He wouldn’t recognise the face. I must stress that it helps significantly that my husband is not in the UK during the week, so I can get up to all sorts of stuff without him knowing!! Plus my computer is in my home office and he rarely sets foot in there. I think my teenage son is a little more aware. He rewatched Twilight with the commentary with me the other day and asked who played Edward, and he uses the computer in my office when he is around and sees me on this site and the odd other one, but I try not to be caught!

            I don’t have pictures saved (not that organised plus there are always nice pics posted daily here if I need a fix) and now son is posted off to boarding school … that’s him out of the way and dealt with!

            Husband did think it was a bit wierd that I was kind of re-reading the books (I skim read the bits I like if I get bored …). He knows what Twilight is and he knows I liked the film/books (but I’m not obsessed with Twilight so nothing really to cover up there) … but he is not a gatherer of misc. random information like actors names for things he likes, let alone things he is uninterested in … thank god.

            Re being out with friends – I suspect I’m a bit older than you so maybe that is what stops me? There is no way I am coming clean there – I would rather tell my OH all!!! And that’s a shame as one of my closest friends would LOVE Little Ashes, but I’d feel a whally asking her to come with me, especially if the cinema was full of teenage Rob fans! So do any of your friends share your liking for all things Rob?

            I am thinking it is quite a turn on that Mr Summer quotes Twilight to you!!!!

          • With Mr EG being away I guess that makes it easier for you. Mr S is always bringing me cups of tea when I am online and I am ALWAYS looking at Rob pics so no hiding for me πŸ™‚

            I LOVE it when he quotes Twilight — and Little Ashes “Luis, I AM Andalucian” “Apart from the bear, did you see the bear?” — but it only happens once or twice a week.

            I LOVE that you have a secret life, makes it kinda exciting? but it is a bummer that you cannot get your friend to go to Norwich to see LA. The cinema might not be full of teenage girls……..but it was mostly teenage girls at Cine Lumiere. And all of Rob’s family too πŸ™‚

          • OK I am obviously being short changed by my hubbie, compared to yours.

            1. He does not regularly bring me cups of coffee when I am upstairs “working” (ie 20% work and 80% daydreaming about you know who) or, more usually at the weekends when he is around blatently surfing the web for … well you know!

            2. He isn’t even there most of the time, even if he did feel inclined to bring me coffee. Not that that’s a bad thing … I’m kind of used to it now – heaven help me if I actually had to live with hubbie all the time – I think I’ve gone beyond that now after many years of married independence! When we retire we will def. have to have 2 houses to live in – me in one and him in another. And he will need to get a cook for his house because I can’t be bothered anymore!

            3. Even if he came and saw Little Ashes with me (I might chance that I think!) he would probably fall asleep and certainly not be able to quote me parts of the film.

            Very interesting to have it confirmed that lots of teenagers at Cine Lumiere …. def. not taking my GP friend with me to Norwich. She will think I am nuts. Husband knows I am nuts (generally rather than specifically about RP) so that would not be such a problemo plus he might think the teenagers are cute so that might distract him a bit …

            Hmmmn …. what to do?

          • Come to see “Little Ashes” in London!

            Park in Barnes!!

            Go see Clare and Richard (not really)!!

            Not real littlies at Cine Lumiere – the movie is certified 15, but lots of 17-22 year olds I would say.

  45. Just seen Brooke Shields talking about “helping” Rob.

    I think he is too lovely for his own good.

    He does not seem to be able to say NO, and to disappoint people, sweet boy!

  46. Ok …. my reaction to that “old” Variety interview.

    Love it. I think Rob is VERY sexy in it. You see his intelligence (woh major sexy in a man for me – he’s gotta be intelligent for me), his thoughtfulness, his sensitivity. He’s wearing a v-neck jumper with no t-shirt or shirt underneath …. that’s pretty sexy too for me (I am obviously easily pleased?!). What’s not to like?!

    Rob’s very relaxed, the interviewer is intelligent and asks some different questions and draws out some great answers from him. That is what being a good interviewer is about. He obviously feels comfortable with her, he’s not got that gawky shy thing going on which he sometimes has with female interviewers when he momentarily lets himself realise what a hot guy he is, before running away from it (and them) mentally.

    Sexiest thing is when he starts analysing himself with regard to Steph Meyers comment about him not being a good boyfriend. When a man starts to ponder himself like that …. simply devine!

    See it only takes little things for EG to think yummy Rob thoughts. I don’t need the robcrotch or handporn to stimulate me. Even the bed hair is not essential. Or the jawline, lips (my fave though) or the manly chest which peeps through his unbuttoned shirts. All he needs to bloody do is talk and I’m happy ……

    Like I said earlier, must be my age!

  47. and the other thing about that lovely v-neck shirt: is it just me, or is that the only time we ever saw him wear that? if that is indeed the case, that is … unusual πŸ˜‰

    ah, love that pattinson …

    • Ms J Bell is wardrobe mistress – we will have to consult her.

      Actually, on second look, I am thinking it is a long sleeved t-shirt – maybe not even v neck – he just pulls them into a v when he fiddles!

      Whatever … it looks good, on or off!

      • I dont’ think it’s the only time he’s worn that: I remember a photo shoot – the one that triggered the comment from Loredana (my own partner in crime): “How can a man in plain white tatty, holey tshirt look so goddamn sexy???”

        But I leave it to wardrobe mistress to issue a final verdict on this…

        • heya monica,

          i know of the photoshoot he did with a holey white tee … but it was just that – a tee – whereas this one is a longer-sleeved one. hmmmm.

          • @Amanda: yeah, just realised that!!! What??!?! he owns a piece of clothing that we have not itemised, categorised and whatnot????
            Where is the FBR when you need it???

    • Rob in that white T where you could totally see the contour of his arms, sitting on that couch with the lights dimmed down, talking about himself in a soft, low voice, and no one seems to be around…
      If I were that interviewer my shirt would have totally came off already and I would’ve had him pinned on that couch, like 2 mins into that interview…. seriously, she must’ve had SOME self control!
      Speaking of selfcontrol, I was having lunch at this place (I live in Vancouver) and someone mentions that they saw Rob fiming like 10 mins from where I was. I hyperventilated. I swear girls, it took some self control to keep my booty in that seat and not run off in a mad panick looking for Rob. After watching this interview, could you blame a girl for just wanting to go there and sniff him? I did remember the moral of today’s blog however, and decided to let Rob be Rob, and not go fan girl all over his creative, artistic ass.
      Anyways, I do agree, that for a fan to go out of her way to annoy our Robbie is inexcusable. Yes, if he happens to be sitting at a table next to you then its God’s gift to you for all the good things you’ve done, and you can enjoy it. Send the guy a molson canadian, and if he comes over to thank you himself, then its your chance to bang him. If he doesn’t, then you probably haven’t done enough good deeds to deserve it. Work on your Robma.
      Just a thought for all robsessed girls n Vancity.

  48. This is one of my favorite Rob interviews.

    It makes me very sad for him, now. Having to hide out in a windowless hotel room. All paranoid.

    He just wants to be himself. The HIM we all love. The HIM the crazies love too. But the crazies aren’t letting him be that Rob.

    Is anyone else feeling a little protective?

    • Yes I think we all are today.

      I wish there weren’t so many external shoots for New Moon. It would be easier if they could film more of it on a soundstage in privacy. Not that that helps with all the fans chasing them all around in the evenings when they try to escape the hotel food.

      You know what, there is no way in hell I can see him doing Breaking Dawn, if it ever gets to that, if things carry on like this. (Don’t have any strong need for him to do it either – they can stick a new Edward in by then as far as I am concerned – or not film it at all.)

  49. Hi guys, it’s my second comment!! LOL!

    It makes me feel guilty that he’s changed because of the obsessive crazies, knowing full well that us girls at LTR could *possibly* qualify as obsessed.

    Does anyone know sure signs of being Robsessed??

    • Well you’ve hit the nail on the head there. I have thought about that myself (ie are we as bad as the obsessive crazies stalking and shoving boobs into his face for pictures). The answer is easy – no way!

      I have to hope that by posting on this blog there is no impact on Rob other than that which every celebrity/actor has – after all their profession dictates that people must be interested in them and their work, or they would not be successful. Of course it doesn’t give us the right to know everything about them.

      Sure, we are a little naughty sometimes in our posts (sometimes alot naughty). I like to think that it can all be taken with a pinch of salt, as a bit of a laugh. That’s the essence of LTR isn’t it – good plain (sometimes) dirty fun and appreciation of a certain person?

      Signs of being Robsessed … I’m sure someone did a list way way. But being here in the first place is one!!!

  50. Hi Girls!
    I am finally back. I am trying to read all the posts and comments I have missed but first of all I would like to point out a few things.

    – just started my new job with my old boss at a US law firm, so my favourite time zone is now EST πŸ™‚
    – needless to say, these are pretty hectic times…
    – the biggest hug to UC, Moon, and to all the hard core regulars out there (Gen, JAG, English Girl, French Nugget, V, soccermom, ifonly, Steph, WTM, MrsP, Ceri, Carter, Spunk Me and all the others. Missed the shit out of you, as Darkward would say
    – a big HI to all the newbies (guess after so long on the run I am back to newbie status…)
    – Any fundamentals that I have guiltily missed? Any pics I absolutely need?
    – I am basically out of FanFiction to read. Any pointers? Why do those great LadyWriters LIVE instead of updating?
    – Filming schedule in Italy confirmed: too bad I cant’ make it down to Montepulciano (BUGGER!)….

    Guess that’s all, back to catching up…
    By the way, this vid is amazing: he is cool even when he looks disastrous…ADORKABLE!!! (and funny, too)

    • Hi Monica

      welcome back – missed you!

      OK … I have been a saddo and been on here too long …. so I am going to get some food sorted out and stop blocking up the blog.

      • Hi EG! Missed you too!! How are things in England?

        • Frustrating!

          I need to out myself so that I can drag someone along to HTB and LA with me at the cinema!!!

    • Yay!! Welcome back!! We’ve missed ya! I started this new exercise class and it sucks the big one b/c it TOTALLY cutting into my LTR time!! Hopefully we’ll meet up here or the forum eventually. Glad to see ya again!

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