Posted by: Bekah | May 6, 2009

You must be talking about a different Robert Pattinson

Dear Rob,

I was laughing a while back at this People magazine “Style Watch” thing. They said you “really love” your LNA Zip-up hoodie which, after I did a quick google search, I found seems to retail for around $103.00.


Uh, I bet you’re laughing really hard too, huh? Because we know you never pay more than $3.00 for a shirt. That’s a faded glory Wal-mart brand hoodie that you found at the salvo, right? Yeah, thought so.


Hello, Robbie!

Not that I don’t think you can’t dress well and with style, because, believe me, you’ve SMOKED every suit you’ve ever worn. ButΒ I know dressing up isn’t your norm, and when you’re hanging around with pals, heating up a hot pocket with TomStu, bopping to Sam Bradley’s beats with Kristen, playing air guitar and/or getting your praise on while waiting for a ride, you’re chill, relaxed, (sometimes drunk) and most definitely not in a sweatshirt that retails for anywhere near $100!

You’re the- recycle my clothes, share with a homeless guy, pick up an outfit off the hotel floor, buy a new t-shirt twice a year, pick through a dumpster, wear the same sweater from the high school days- kinda guy, and we love you for it.

Don’t change (well, change every day and wash your 2 shirts, but.. ya know.. don’t change on the inside),

No one rocks their old ratty sweater that they wore to their 11th grade homecoming dance like you do

No one rocks an old ratty sweater that they wore to the 11th grade homecoming dance that they went to with that homely girl with braces where their mom took pictures like it was their wedding day, like you do...


  1. I love that he’s frugal. It’s sexy.

    • Gosh my eyes were out of focus and for a second I thought your comment said “fungal”.
      It made me LOL

    • FADED GLORY!!! ftw

  2. Bwahahahaha! I love it! And him!

    “…11th grade homecoming dance that they went to with that homely girl with braces where their mom took pictures like it was their wedding day…”
    Definitely in a dead heat for funniest line ever.

  3. Dear Rob:

    Please listen to UC!!!! She loves you very much (although not as much as I do) and wants the best for you. Besides, we don’t mind what you wear because we prefer you naked anyway (naked in my bed is even better).

    Always yours,


  4. UC you’re so right, there’s no way he paid that much for that sweater. Maybe it was a gift…..

  5. just remember, please, to do the laundry, or take Β΄em to a laundromat, ironing service include… and remember to wash ur hair/all of ur body frecuently… today I am in da clean mood.

    cuz we know that “No one rocks an old ratty sweater that they wore to the 11th grade homecoming dance that they went to with that homely girl with braces where their mom took pictures like it was their wedding day, like you do…”

  6. Um…hello…he got that zip-up sweatshirt from me.

    And I got it from Goodwill. Appropriate, no?

  7. Bahahaha a $100 hoodie…me thinks NOT!
    Another bril post!

  8. I wonder who made the beanie? Is he going to try to pass that off as expensive?

    Love this one UC!

    • it’s louis vuitton 1500 smackers

  9. Let’s just say for shiggles he did actually pay $100 for that hoodie. That still values his entire wardrobe at around $153.64, no?

    • $125.99
      He bought everything else on sale…

  10. Is 11th grade, like 16-17 years old?

    And homecoming? please? I don’t think we have that either…….

    • Although I left school some time ago…….so maybe homecoming happens in England these days….. ?

      • haha.. i knew those were totally american things.. but i dindt’ know the british equivalent!

        • “You can google it”

          I googled homecoming and we defs don’t have that in the UK.

          I don’t think google explains the nuances behind it though.

          Is it cute or lame?

          • Schools are beginning to have proms though in the UK. But to be honest they are not hyped anything like US proms. More like a ball for the end of year/end of school. My neighbour’s daughter got picked up in a limo for hers together with a bunch of her friends.

            I remember when I lived in the US being in one of the big downtown stores shopping on what was obviously prom night somewhere local as loads of teenagers were at the beauty counters having their make up professionally applied, and with their hair all “put up” for the occasion. It was scary – they were teenagers yet they looked older than I did!

    • Yeah, proms are defs getting popular here in UK πŸ™‚

  11. He DOES rock a good suit, LOVED his suit in Japan, TOTES gorgeous.

    Umm, was it Prada? (sorry about all the questions today)

  12. When I first saw the picture of the guy who was playing Edward last year, it was the pic of him in that blue sweater (the one of the left). It’s not his best pic, and needless to say, I was a little scurred. But yeah, he rocks the Good Will clothing.

  13. “faded glory” LOL! I love it!

  14. $103 for a hoodie?!? I laugh right along with you and Rob. And anyone who pays over $100 for a hoodie that looks surprisingly similar to the ones purchased for $5 at Wal-Mart should be made fun of, not called stylish.

    Rob has a style all his own. “Hobo” is the new black, don’t you know!!

  15. I love that he just doesn’t give a crap. My DH is like that, too. Not in the grungy way, ’cause sometimes DH takes a shower twice a day, but he definitely doesn’t care about his clothes and has been wearing the same ones since high school. (He’s 32.)

    I was watching the outtakes from “The Goblet of Fire” last night and was wondering if the beanie he’s wearing at the end is the very same one we see in a lot of the recent pics. Would not be surprised in the slightest…

    • steph, i totally wondered the same thing …

      … and came to the conclusion that *of course it is the same beanie!* this is our boy pattinson we’re talking about here. bless ‘im.

      and bless the holy beanie.

      hee hee.

  16. His wardrobe is entirely stolen from the films he has made as far as i can see. I’m holding out hope he turns up to something rocking one of those floral nerd-shirts from BMH one day lol

    And in keeping with that theory he totally goes commando πŸ˜‰

  17. Hello Snarkiness! Thanks for making me laugh. $100 hoodie. No, not our Rob. Ha!

  18. You know, he probably DID pay $103 for it… that’s why he wears it all. the. damn. time. I’d wear it every single day too if I paid $103 for it.

    PS –
    I want to burn the blue cable knit. That’s all.

    • i’ll supply the matches, JBell.

      love you, rob – but haaaate that sweater.

    • We are twinners!! I think of ingenous ways to destroy that sweater every time I see favorite to date is –slowly ripping it to shreds in my desperate need to get Rob naked for sexy time….mmmmm….good times

    • i’ll douse it with lighter fluid

  19. @JBell I love the blue cable knit sweater.

    Great letter today!!!

  20. Ok. I could believe it’s actually an overpriced hoodie. The question is…….. Which movie set did he “perminately borrow” it from?

    • That was almost exactly my thought–stole it from a photoshoot!

    • I thought that, too! It was prolly “given” to him thru a shoot or filming. Or maybe he did buy it, with the persuasion of someone else, so of course! he wears it all the time b/c it’s $103.

      He and KStew have the vintage/old clothing love in common. Awww. Luv for the RobStu. πŸ™‚

      Sad to say though, I’ve spent more than that on sweaters and hoodie-type tops. For a single item. πŸ˜› I have a shopping problem. And I like quality over quantity. *shrugs*

  21. Yep – there’s no way he’d buy a $103 hoodie – remember – he wants to be one of the people!!

  22. I’m sure that there are plenty of things that the normally frugal Rob splurges on (like gifts for me, of course) but I doubt that he’s going to pay over $100 for a plain black hoodie. That’s just lame – and slightly overpriced.

    I hope, too, that he doesn’t change (on the inside)…lately the interviews I’ve been seeing (although they are probably old) give me the yucky feeling that he’s getting a little jaded from all the stalkers (but who can blame him!). I hope that we get to see giddy, funny, smile-y Rob again soon!

    • Yes please to giddy Rob — and soon please πŸ™‚

  23. Burning his blue cable knit sweater will leave him without something to wear on those cool evenings in Canada, JBell, we don’t want him to catch a cold, do we? Who would nurse him back to health?? Oh wait scratch that, get rid of all sweaters and clothing and I can nurse him! Good idea.
    It have to agree about him being too frugal to waste that much money on clothing, a night on the town, sure he would waste that much and more in drinks alone!

    • oi – it is called SPENDING money on drinks. not WASTING.



  24. If that hoodie is indeed Faded Glory, he’s never washed it. Cuz if he did, it would now be a size 2T.

    So either it’s never been washed and it’s Faded Glory or it is indeed a $103 hoodie.

    • And it would be grey instead of black after 1 wash, LOL!

    • AHAHAHAHA! it would be a size 2T… TOTALLY!

    • yet again, WTM, you kill me! Size 2T! How old are your kid(s)?

      • I don’t know how old they are – I lost track after 18 months. I do know, however, that I have 2 kids. Now where did they go?

  25. If you think about how many times Rob actually wears the items in his “capsule” wardrobe he actually gets very good value for money. So maybe he did invest in a $100 hoodie, and after he has worn it about 1000 times it is mere cents per wear.

    However ….. I think he leaves photoshoots with any major additions to his wardrobe! I’m sure he asks first though – its not like the stylist is going to say no to His Holy Hotness is it?

  26. You know, in reality, he probably did pay $103 for it because those button flies of his run nearly $200 and aren’t those black jeans he always wears Prada?

  27. Oh, oh, oh I do know that grey button down he wore to the Sex Drive premiere is Helmet Lang, because I saw the tag from a fan photo when he wore it at a signing in Italy, he had his head down signing and you could read the tag. Yep, I’m observant like that, LOL!

    • That’s NORMAL though Jena.

      • Oh good! Whew! LOL!

    • Good call Jena! πŸ™‚

      Anyone know how financially secure his parents are? It seems like he’s never really had to worry about money very much…

      And, as usual, HHH looks good in anything. Sigh.

      • I saw the house he grew up in in a teeny mag and it was
        HUGE! Think it’s still his parents’ house.
        Granted I know that doesn’t mean anything, but it was
        massive! Looked very nice!

        • THAT made me feel like a stalker, LOL!

          • yeah, me too.

            is this it?


          • Gosh I can’t believe the Evening Standard published a picture of his family home. But …. I still looked at it. Bad me.

            Did you see in the article – it referred to the fact that when he was in primary school (ie school up to about age 11/12) he was a runnaway winner to the untidy desk award? That is so funny.

            I wonder if this predisposition to messyness means my own son who is very musical is also destined for greatness. It would be a nice gesture from the gods in return for having to live with the mess. My son is working the “my room is a warzone and the floor is definitely the place to store clothes – all clothes, dirty or clean, and various random towels (so that mum has to wash everything again as it becomes impossible to tell what is what), and don’t go near the drumkit mum – let alone dust it, or the sound system and the amp, or the Rockband stuff ….. no don’t turn the TV off, even when I am not there all week …. oh, yeah, I did forget that old plate of pizza under the chest of drawers …. that can of flat coke is only a week old ….. oh dear my lava lamp exploded all over the wall (actually the cat knocked it over but he likes to exagerate but it sure was messy) ….

          • I was so surprised EG, but I looked at it too. Bad me, also.

            Hope your messy son is destined for musical greatness, EG πŸ™‚

            I think where Rob’s folks live is a “good” area, and so his upbriging was probs comfortable.

            But I don’t suppose he had Helmut Lang shirts until recently. I don’t think he really cares what he wears — and we love him for it.

            But he must know how good he looked at the London, LA and Tokyo prems in fantastic suits. I guess he gets to keep them. Where are they now? He should auction them for charity!!

          • I think the least my son can do is become a rock star and look after me and Mr EG in our old age after all the bliddy school fees we have already and will for a few more years fork out on him. It would be nice to think that at the age of 17 or 18 he could do a film or two and earn enough to pay his own fees … I think Mr Pattinson Snr was very lucky there! Alas my son is not interested in acting … just the rock god stuff and I don’t think he’ll be earning soon enough to help out. Reminds me, the house is VERY quiet without him here in the week. Gasp, you can set foot in his room and not stand on a load of stuff at the mo.

    • Helmut Lang shirt

      I have a pic in my photobucket where you can see the label, like Jena says πŸ™‚

  28. lol @jbell.. haha. i like that sweater! if hed pair it up w/ a white collar shirt under it, he’d look pretty spiffy,
    i burst out laughin when u posted those 2 pics togteher! ive never noticed it before, and i think its the greatest thing!
    it shows how down to earth he is that he doesnt need a stylist around him 24/7 making sure he’s not repeating the same outfit/clothing pieces, 3 days in a row. πŸ˜› hahaha

    ❀ how i heart him!

  29. Going by the information out there Rob comes from what we’d call middle class status {ie went to a private school}. So there seems to be an element of security growing up, although the fact that he had to finance his last couple of years himself {due to the fact he wasn’t getting the grades his parents expected shows sensible parenting}.
    Love the post and I agree most of his wardrobe seems to be from photo shoots or do they wear their own clothing ?

  30. I don’t see where people get their “facts”. If it is in fact a $103 hoodie then it’s probably something from a photo shoot or movie set because you know that he takes that stuff home with him and recycles that. Like his black jeans, the blue shirt, the sweater, and we all know the grey shirt and RayBans were his already.

    I say good wardrobe swipe, Rob!!


  31. Have you guys seen the new Twilight Theatre? If you haven’t, go, go now! As usual, Calli does us proud!

    • I agree DanaB, absolutely hilarious πŸ™‚

  32. Rob definitely makes vintage/donated clothes very sexy! Hell, he could wear a potato sack and still look sexy! Although we do prefer him to wear his birthday suit, right? I love the fact that he dresses so casual, it goes along with his laid-back and down-to-earth style.

  33. I totally think it was a waredrobe dept. swipe πŸ™‚
    I think he has said before that he likes expensive things, but not flashy things. I think he HAS to get expensive shit because he wears it so much if it wasn’t made well it would fall apart!!

    I love him. longtime.

  34. I LOVE his vintage look, really sexy! please dont change Rob!!

  35. The Volturi has arrived!

    • Jena was it you or JBell who had picked out a nice messenger bag for Rob’s birthday to replace the dadcase?

      Well anyway, looking at the pics of Jamie C-B …. he’s got an entire wardrobe trunk hanging off of his shoulder. If he’s not careful he’ll keel over or end up with a spinal problem.

      Another bag required please!

      The Brits are obviously having luggage problems …..

      • Twasn’t me, LOL!

  36. Love love the fact that this guy goes around unconcerned that he has been photographed wearing the same outfits over and over again. That’s kinda unusual in Hollywood isn’t it? but our boy still manages to look ΓΌber hot even without a personal stylist.he rawks that hobo look!

  37. Morning all…If you haven’t seen this…it’s my new dream.

    • OH wow…I didn’t even know I knew how to embed something! Sorry, meant to just post the link!

      • LMAO !! I’m totes jealous of that woman!!!

    • omg, that was A.MAZ.ING!!! What a freakin’ lucky hag!!! Not only is she getting the triple treatment from the hotties she starts rubbing Kellan’s knee and he doesn’t stop her. JFC, I’m green with envy.


      • Okay..I am second hand embarassed for her at the end when she takes it overboard with the twitching and thrusting her tatas in Kellan’s face. Stop that!!

    • OMG I am second hand embarassed looking at that …. I couldn’t get all the way through it I was both cringing and giggling so much.

      Kellen is funny though … and clearly Edi gives a mean massage.

      • Dang I wish I could see what you are all talking about, LOL!

        • Peter, Kellen and Edi are on stage at a Twicon. Fan is invited on stage to sit on Kellen’s lap, her feet end up on Peter’s lap and he gives her a foot massage, Edi stands up behind her and starts doing a shoulder massage …. Kellen is very flirty, she is clearly a bit embarassed, but probs also loving it.

          At that point about half way in I gave up watching because I would be soooo embarassed if I were her and had this immortalised on Youtube forever.

          Kellen’s def. got the gift of the gab. I hope he makes sure Rob has an awesome birthday – shame about whatever scene they have to film the next day ….. it will probably only be some little tinsy unimportant scene like the running across the square reunion one. Not a biggie then.

          • Saw this on my lunch hour,
            LOVE IT!! How fun are these
            guys?! What’s so funny is that
            she got onstage and had
            their undivided attention
            and then some and she…..
            asks about Rob, LOL!

    • Kellan, I think I love you a little bit ❀

      • I have already admitted I love Peter, Kellan and Jackson, and once Tay-tay is of age I’m sure I’ll be on that bandwagon too.

    • OMG! that is funny… they gave that chick an inch and she took a mile good on ya lady!

  38. oh SnMLamb……THAT is priceless……

    I am grinning fom ear to ear!!

    • I loved when she got up there how Kellan put his arm around her and he was hanging on!


      • Can we please agree if it was rob’s lap that woman was sitting on, can we put her on the FKL? Just purely based on principle though.unless it’s an LTR gal then I just want the deets πŸ™‚

        • *imagining being on Rob’s lap…


  39. I just hope he doesn’t change, I love him just the way he is… (sorry, I’m replying a couple of letters)

    I love all of his 9 items of wardrobed… He es so cute and nice… I just love him!

    It’s good to see him having fun with his friends in his comfortable shoes and black hoodie… He truly seems like a perfect guy.

    Greeting from El Salvador!

  40. So funny, as per usual.

    This letter reminded me of when I saw Rob listed in a top ten best dressed list and I laughed out loud. Who was his competition, actual bums? I LOVE him and want to do many nasty (in a good way) things to that (literally) dirty body, but I am not so delusional as to give him a place on a top ten for best dressed!

    And I refuse to believe that anyone would spend $100 on a hoodie – rich and famous or not. That’s just N.V.T.S. nuts.

    • LOL. milfy he’s on my top ten best UNDRESSED.

    • haha… Im NUTS… and a shopaholic… its a disease… It is also why I don’t want to get married until Im 30… so I don’t have to share/ answer to anyone about my money… FREEDOM is being Single!

  41. Am I the only one here who has paid over 100 dollars for a hoodie? I don’t think its that expensive especially since he wears it everyday… I looked up the jeans that he wears all the time… ya know his one pair of jeans with the hole in the knee? They are from an Australian Company called Denim and Thread,they are pretty inexpensive around $170-250… Im pretty sure those were given to him at the GQ photoshoot…. when you’re famous people want you to wear their clothes because people like us will talk about it and check it out. Im pretty sure Rob never paid for anything he wears it was either given to him or he found it a taxi and called dibs… Everyone wants him wearing their stuff, and I love him because he hardly ever does change it up… so not hollywood… oh yeah I saw pictures of Kellen and Ashley shopping at H&M haha thought that was funny… I literally said out loud(to my computer)… dude, go spend more money on your clothes… If I were rich I’d be spendin’ all my money on clothes… oh wait.. thats why Im not rich… Oh by the way… I do shop at H&M they have some cute stuff… I just wouldnt if I were rich…

    By the way: great comments today you guys are on the ball today.

  42. I bet it’s swag. If I was a designer or a popular store owner, I’d ship him a shitload. He’s photographed all the time…I’d want him wearing my stuff. Plus they sell it at Planet Blue and Fred Segal and Intermix…it’s highly probable he was gifted it with it.

    Which is actually even MORE endearing for me. He can make 100 dollar hoodies look homeless chic. How….talented.

    • That so should be the offical name for the new trend Rob’s surely starting: “homeless chic” or “hobo chic” or, I got it! I got it! “dumpster casual”? I dunno, but it defs going to be a new hollywood style …..cause Robbei’s so cool and all the guys wanna be like him.

      • Dumpster casual. Ha. LOL I like that one.

      • Definitely dumpster casual! That’s what I’m putting on the my cocktail party invite!

  43. BWAHAHAHA….I am still picking myself up off the floor….Rob buying a $100 HOODIE?…..LMAO! That is some funny shizz, they obviously don’t know how psychodevoted Rob’s fans are. Who did they think they were fooling with that blatant lie and manipulation?

  44. I think Al Gore should give rob an award for being so eco-friendly. He really does “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle”.

    • I met Al Gore at the Nashville airport on my way home from Sam & Bobby’s show (true story)… do I get points for that in the degrees of separation since Lauren mentioned him on the Rob blog and since he should be giving an award to Rob for his recycling skills?

      Lauren + Al Gore + Me + Sam/Bobby + Rob = 4 degrees???

      It’s a stretch, but I’ll take it!

      • lmfao. If I could actually COUNT that would be 5 degrees. Or 6 if you count Sam & Bobby individually…

        Damn. That’s just too many.

      • I hope you told him that his Polar Bear scene was gripping.

  45. A gazillion dollars hoodie or a $3 dollars one or a “borrowed” hoodie from a movie set. Whatevs… I want prefer him N A K E D in my bed.

  46. Check out this photo! THUD!
    The eyes! And I wanna be that bottle!

    • I. AM. DIED. This are some FME…F*ck me eyes…

  47. Helmet Lang.

    • *Helmut Lang–> it’s German, and I have an uncle by that name πŸ˜‰

  48. Time out, here’s the one that if you click on it, it fits the whole screen. Totally Helmet Lang.

    • Why the hell am I looking at the tag? This is total hot face porn and I’m looking at the tag! Have I lost my marbles!? Don’t answer that! LOL!

  49. Sorry ladies Rob dresses so Eurobombchic because after he met me he knew that he could waste an obscene amount of money on new clothes. You see when we get together, in the heat of passion, I literally rip his clothes off of him. Recently, he said “Bloody hell, that was my favorite shirt! I guess I am going to have to keep a few choice pieces to the side. If you keep getting this excited I’m going to be walking around naked. Damn girl, you are good to me but you are killing the wardrobe.”
    So I apologize again for his limited wardrobe pieces but I just can’t help myself. What can I do when he keeps coming back for more?

    Dear Rob,
    I haven’t seen you in a while. I am still cuddling up to the shredded pile of clothing you left here last time. If you come back baby, I promise I will be good . If you hurry I’ll reward you with that thing I do that makes your eyes roll back in your head. Miss you baby. If it helps I could take you shopping, yes I am willing to pay for it. I will be your willing conquest and like a Spanish conquistador you will capture my heart.
    Love and kisses

  50. Just found this, and emailed it to the hubby right away.

    He’ll be glad to know he’s not alone.

    • It’s frightening how right on point he is! I felt a twinge of guilt after I read his site… So, I now solemnly swear and promise to be a better wife and mommy between the hours of 6-9 p.m.

    • This is waaaaay too funny!
      I’m pretty sure the owner of that blog is an OG’s DH
      who plays Halo w/ a teen

    • That had me in stiches. Thanks for sharing. I love this guy. Mostly because he knows there is no hope and just deals with it. Ha ha.

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