Posted by: Bekah | May 4, 2009

6 degrees of separation from Rob

Next time you jump on a plane, make sure it's flying my way. Oh, and if you look this good, I'll be sure that we have no degrees of separation if you know what i'm sayin'

Next time you jump on a plane, make sure it's flying my way. And if you look this good, I'll be sure that we have no degrees of separation if you know what i'm sayin'

Dear Rob,

This past weekend I was sitting around, thinking of you like I always do, and I realized how close we’ve gotten in the past (almost) five months. A few months ago, in my Rob Journal*, I started listing the ways we were connected. It was kinda like that ‘6-degrees of separation’ thing. Ya know, like with Kevin Bacon. Except that you’re hot and your last name is not a type of breakfast meat. As I reflected on my Rob Journal writings, I noticed a pattern. As the months have worn on- my connections to you have gotten closer and closer… almost to the point of, gasp, really knowing you! Look at what I mean:

6 degrees from you: We’re just skipping this one entirely! Off to a good start!

5 degrees from you: I have a good friend who’s best friend’s brother is good friends with Katy Perry- who you had dinner with on December 17, 2008. So: Good friend + best friend + brother + Katy= Rob. Five!

4 degrees from you: The Bff (ya know, the James look-alike we talk about on LTT) and his band, Far Beyond Frail, have the same manager as the singer-songwriter Charlotte Martin who wrote a song that appeared on “The London Movie Soundtrack” and YOU live in London. (I know.. long shot.. but this was a dark time in the Rob Journal) So: The Bff + Charlotte + London= Rob. Four!

3 degrees from you: In January, I was the MOH in my cousin’s wedding. Another bridesmaid was dating Andy, who is in a band called “the Academy is” who are on the label Fueled by Ramen with Paramore, which of course has Hayley Williams who had a fake Myspace date with you.Β  So: Andy + Paramore/Hayley =Rob. THREE! Wait! I’m not done… My husband’s college best buddies are in a band called Paper Route who TOURED with Paramore last summer right before Hayley had her fake date with you! PaperRoute + Hayley= ROB.

2nd degrees from you: We can’t forget about your boy Sam Bradley and his love for LTR. He loves us, you & I just know it. So Sam Bradley=Rob (wow.. I’m not good at math, but that looks like a false equation if I’ve ever seen one!) TWO!

Do you know what this means Rob? There’s only one thing left to do- let’s close this gap and make this thing official. It’s time to only be separated by one degree.. you know, where the equation says Me + You= sex 6 degrees of sex uh late nights talking about literature and sex whatever… just get over here and we’ll see where this night takes us…


*I don’t have a “Rob Journal” but I should!

So you’re all 3 degrees connected to Rob… LTR+Sam=Rob, but do you have any other cool connections? Let’s hear them!

If you haven’t joined yet, what are you waiting for: THE FORUM awaits you!


  1. I just need to squeeze myself into this equation somewhere, and it’ll add up perfectly.

    At least in my mind.

  2. No Rob connections, but I’ve actually met Kevin Bacon so that 6 degrees game is really easy for me! Now can you connect Rob to Kevin Bacon?

    • hahaha you’re MET kevin!? brilliant!

      • I’ve met him too! He’s really nice.

  3. LOL, great post UC! Your humor totally made me forget the stress of the papers I have to turn in today, thanks!

  4. Taking Pamela’s challenge…

    Kevin Bacon was in Footloose with Sarah Jessica Parker.

    Sarah Jessica Parker was in Sex and the City with Kim Cattrall.

    Kim Cattrall was in My Boy Jack with Daniel Radcliffe.

    Daniel Radcliffe and Robert Pattinson were in Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire TOGETHER!

    Yay! Rob is 4 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon.

    Just as I am 4 degress from Rob. But I’ll never tell how…

    • i know i know!

      and you’re amazing at the kevin bacon game! (that’s what she said)

    • I consulted The Oracle of Bacon. Robert Pattinson has a Bacon number of 2.

      Rob was in Twilight with Edi Gathegi who was in Death Sentence with Kevin Bacon.

      SO, good news for Pamela–you have a Rob number of 3!

  5. Um…DEGREES…not degress. I can spell. Sometimes.

  6. I am about 27 degrees from Rob 😦

    I lose!!

    Funny post though πŸ™‚

  7. lol.. Funny Stuff… :p
    Yay… I’m the author of comment number 3… so… that’s gotta get me in a very close degree to Rob!!

    • Well… by the time i was writing the comment i was number 3…. hahahaha

  8. Dear Rob,

    Even if I could think of totally fabricated yet totally funny connections like UC’s I would still be like a zillion degrees of separation from you.

    Now, please excuse, I’m off to kill myself.
    My life sucks. =O(



    • andrea! you know ME, who runs a blog where SAM comments, who is friends with ROB.

      • =O) LOL

        You are right!!! And knowing you is almost as cool as knowing Rob!!
        He doesn’t make me laugh every day (although he does cause other kind of feelings). Thanks for cheering me up!!!

  9. hey guys! Im writing an english test tomorrow, i have 2 write an essay, and guess what?! Im gonna write bout rob!! πŸ™‚ hugs and kisses oxox kim

  10. UC, that photo is smokin’ hot, and that makes me think of his 6 degrees of Holy Hotness: simmering, melting, smoldering, steaming, bubbling and boiling over! Damn…

    Thank god (and Rob) for Monday mornings at LTR!

  11. Ok, I was always terrible at this game.

    BUT, loved the post as always my chickas!


    ‘I’ll be sure that we have no degrees of separation if you know what i’m sayin’….Oh, I think I do! Niiiiiiiice.

  12. Awesome post… let’s see…

    I went to a JGro concert (20ft from Heaven)…JGro is very good friends with Katy Perry…Katy Perry dinner with Rob…

    That’s 3?

    • josh groban is good friends with katy perry? That’s who jgro is right?

      • Oooo, good one! I went and saw Josh Groban in concert to!

      • “Very” good friends… if you know what I mean.

      • @ UC: That’s right…he said so himself (check him out on Buzzcock)

        @ Jena: Did u enjoy it?

        @ Andrea: that’s what Perez said…i don’t mind…she’s pretty in a way…maybe she’s his booty-text thing…

  13. Okay, So I thought about it and I have one!!
    My cousin dated Dave Coulier who worked with John Stamos who shares the same agent Stephanie Ritz as Rob. Cousin + Dave Coulier + John Stamos + Stephanie Ritz =ROB

    hell of a lot closer than I thought I was! lol

    • the best part is that your cousin dated dave coulier. I LOVE THIS!

      • Really random – he gave her a signed hockey stick on their first date. Hope he doesn’t stumble across LTR…..shhh lol

        • With his own siggy? LOL Wow, that’s um…I’m not sure if it’s cocky as hell or sweet?

          • Haha yes his own siggy. So Random lol

  14. Hmmm…my friend knows a family in LA whose son is a handler for Rob. Friend + handler = Rob.

    Rob, I would be an even better handler for you. Or perhaps, if you seek Amy. Now is fine. πŸ™‚

    • LOL…Adding “Handler” to my goals.

    • does a ‘handler’ handle what i HOPE he/she handles?

      • I was thinking the same I perv?

        • No, THAT’S NORMAL!!!! πŸ™‚

  15. I can’t say I’m even 1 zillionth degrees close to Rob. All I have are pictures and magazines…and this wonderful blog. LOL.

    • Ditto. LOL

  16. I have an acquaintance, Kari, who does costume design, mostly for theater but she’s done some films. On Kari’s FB page is a photo of her on a set w/Ashley Greene.
    Kari + Ashley = Rob

    I’m too chicken to ask her about it though.

    • Ask Kari to be her assistant , all costume designers, stylists have assistants and movie stars often marry assistants, so….. in few weeks time: Annie+Rob

  17. Well, I actually met him so anyone who talks to me is kinda connected, ya know? LOL

    • SPILL! I wanna hear details girl! πŸ™‚

      • I was the one that met him through the contest and got to go to the premiere and then meet Rob after his radio interview. My pictures were posted on here a little while ago

      • Oh and just to let you know, I am the Heather that replied above, I just decided to make an account so I could put a picture up but I have no idea how. LOL

  18. I met Sam Bradley who is friends with Rob……WOW! I should prepare for what may come next πŸ˜‰ If it doesn’t work out Then I met Bobby Long who I would totally bang so there is that.

    • LMFAO “who I would totally bang…” Classic.

  19. LOL! UC, I hug your brain!

    I hugged Keanu Reeves who was in “Street Kings” with John Corbett who was in “The Messengers” with Kristen Stewart who was in “Twilight” with Rob. That’s 4, the best I could do. LOL!

    • You HUGGED Keanu – OMG How are you still alive right now?! I totally woulda died. lol

  20. Hmm..let me think. My connection is through this blog – LTR + Sam = Rob. Yay! 3 degrees.

    Another one through universe – God + Me = Rob. Yay!!! 3 again. Now if only universe bring us together.

  21. ha ha thanks guys! And i also hope to get an A+

  22. i live in vancouver, and met kellan… sooo.. not bad. but still, do you know how FRUSTRATING that is?! i’m sure if i just wait it out past the twilight hype, one day i’ll be able to get rob alone and marry him. you’ll see. i have a plan with a million backups.

    • it sounds like a flawless plan to me! how was kellan!?

  23. luv this one UC.. I am only 3 degrees as well.. LTR +Sam =Rob… never close enuff but will have to do… another smokin hot pic too

  24. I think we can ALL (that includes you ladies who think you’re a zillion degrees away from HHH) safely assume we’re 3 degrees thanks to this blog. Another fantabulous post, UC. (And can I just say I’m kind of relieved you don’t have a Rob Journal? That’s almost up there with the pants.)

  25. me + rob + sweet sweet love = 1…oh wait, that was a dream..never mind..

  26. good morning LTR ‘ers!! I see everyone is having a wonderful time going thru degrees of separation 101 -the road to the robnana edition!!! p.s UC I couldn’t understand some of ur equations but if u make it to first degree, can u squeeze me in there somehow?thanks! LOL

  27. I know you so whenever there are no more degrees separating you anymore I expect deets. That is all.

    PS you and moon are my favorite bloggers b/c you make me laugh my ass off…even on Mondays!

  28. My boss’ bff is from London. So Londoner+Rob=2!

    And you know ALL London people know each other. Right? Right?!?!

    You don’t even wanna know how I embarrassed myself when I asked him if he knew any Pattinson’s. LOL I HAD to ask. You know you would have too.

    • LOL. You had to ask πŸ™‚

    • I live in London, so that makes me closer than the 27 degrees I THOUGHT I was!


      Except Rob is NOT in London 😦

      And no sign of him coming here either 😦

  29. Rob got nominated!

  30. One of my friends is Mormon. Mormons know S.M.=Stephenie Meyer=Rob

    LMFAO That’s all I got.

    I’m like 2/3 degrees away from Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon, Lance Armstrong, Edwin McCain, Jerry O’Connell, Kevin Costner, George Clooney, Tim McGraw/Faith Hill and a bunch of other country artists but I’m not awake enough to even begin to wonder how the hell they’d get back. Or if they even would?

    However, I have met S.B. and had a conversation with him/pictures/hugs/bitched at him for not having an album yet/told him to hurry his ass up/yadayadayada. So there’s my degree or whatever.

    • OMG I was just going to say something to that extent…one of my students is a mormon too… totally took the thought outta my mind…NICE!!! LOL

      • I AM Mormon. So does that mean I own Rob…? (yes, it does, it does, don’t you tell me otherwise!).

  31. LOL This is truly awesome!!!:)

  32. I’m in love with this!!


  33. Ok. I have much to much ADD (and coffee in my system) to read all the comments right now.

    I’ll just say that I’m super lame and cannot think of any kind of connection. Booo.

    Loved the post though!!

    And A Rob Journal? Well, you totally have one. An online one. You know, where you keep all the info you find and use for your posts. So, yeah.

    I can’t think straight right now…

  34. Okay.

    You lost me at the hottness radiating from that picture.

    Right now I can’t think of any connections because my brain is 100% consumed with wishing I was his hand.

  35. Uff this is gonna be hard…

    A month ago I met Ed O’Brian from Radiohead and he’s from London, and he’s famous. C’mon, famous people from London must know eachother!!! lol

    That’s the best I can do!

  36. Me+Paul Morrison= Rob

    • Hey!

      You know Paul Morrison? Cool πŸ™‚

  37. LOL.

    Hey Rob, you + me can = sex ANYTIME baby!

    Gah, I can’t think of any thing…….

    Um, I used to live in England and Rob is English.
    And….I snogged with a guy at a college party who went into the NFL and played for several years. S’all I got.

  38. Check out the people in the background of that pic of Rob in the airport. *I know, it’s difficult to focus on anyone but Rob* It’s all men. And they are all dazzled by Rob. See. I was right. Even guys think that Rob is smokin’ hot and they secretly want to be him!!

  39. Will close my degrees gap when my plan to touch Kellan’s abs takes place this summer at Twicon!

    But, for real, I think Sam replied to me on Twitter. Can’t be sure (considering he doesn’t know how to reply) but I replied to him about being a Twitter Trending Topic and within 5 mins he was asking what a trending topic is. So, yeah, I’ll take that credit and get my 2 degrees of separation.

    Oh, and @fakerpattz follows me on Twitter! Does that count for anything?

    • That’s hilarious that fakerpattz follows you. I read his/her updates sometimes and get a weird thrill and then realize I’m likely talking to a 40 yr old mother of 2. Oh well. It’s all in fun!

    • I thought that too, cuz you were the one that used the words “trending topic” and then a minute later, he posted using the same term. So yes, I think he answered you!

      • Yes!! It was me, I just know it!!

        Dear Sam,

        I ❀ you, but learn to reply on Twitter. Then I can take a screen shot and save it forever!!

        Love, me

  40. Oh, got another one! Dreamboat records commented on my blog. Dreamboat = Rob. Another 2 degrees in a different direction! Woo hoo!!

  41. I’m holding out to be one degree…me+Rob.

    Go big or go home!

    • Yay! That’s the spirit! You go girl! ( and bring me along please)

  42. One of my college student’s old friend’s from high school is apparently good enough friends with Rob to hang out with him frequently. I took my student to a college newspaper convention where she ran into said old friend and the friend said she and Rob “go clubbing together.” I like to pretend she’s delusional.

    Is it weird that I get insanely jealous when I hear these things? I mean, that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach like i just heard my actual boyfriend was cheating on me jealous? That’s the way I felt when those first Camilla and Rob photos surfaced and that’s when I knew I might be nearing the danger zone of Robsession.

    • no. That’s Normal!

      but did i hear you correctly? you’re the professor and jealous of your student’s friend?

      Again, that’s normal!

      • Ha, I’m not a professor but an advisor at the newspaper and I’m still in my mid-twenties. So, yeah, definitely still normal. What’s NOT normal is the fact that none of my students are into Rob or Twilight in the least. I beg them to watch Twilight and they beg me to watch Slumdog Millionaire. We’re at an impasse based purely on principle.

  43. Um, I’m English and was in London in November. Rob was in London in November. London + me =Rob.

    LTR has me roaring with laughter. Just genius. I 3> you.

    • LOL got my ❀ the wrong way round.

    • haha we 3> you too!

  44. I hugged Kellan Lutz at Accio Con.

    I will be hugging Kellan again, along with Peter and Jackson, this weekend at EyeCon.

    I think that puts me like negative 2 degrees of separation from Rob.

    But just to be technical…my friend’s husband’s nieces were extras in Twilight, so

    friend + friend’s hubby + nieces = Rob

    What’s that, three degrees?

  45. Okay… so this might not be related to the post but I thought everyone who didn’t read this yet would be happy to hear about it.

    In this weeks Us Weekly, they have a quote from Rob:

    “I’m really worried about ruining their lives. I’m kind of a paranoid wreck” — on why he doesn’t like to date.

    There’s a picture of him at the Oscars too.

    So, as long as I got to show him my lovin’ – ifyouknowwhati’msayin’ – I don’t care if my life would be ruined. I would take on the paparazzi for him, I would deal with sourpuss Kristin for him. I would do anything for him to ruin my life.


  46. I am solidly 2 degrees of separation from Rob…

    —I met Sam Bradley and he put his arm around me for a picture…so I’ve touched someone Rob has touched πŸ™‚
    —I met Bobby Long and he put his arm around me too
    —I live in Pittsburgh where Adventureland was filmed and I worked at the same amusement park in college where Kstew works in Adventureland….This one’s a stretch, I know…but I count it πŸ˜‰

    2 degrees of separation is as close as I want to get…we’ve been over this – I do not want to actually meet Rob ever. But I DO like meeting and touching people who are his friends. πŸ™‚

  47. Loved this post!! =WIN

    • OMG. His eyes…his face…that hair……that look reminds me of Orlando Bloom

  48. A woman I know casually at my daughter’s elementary school has a high school friend whose sister was an assistant director on Twilight.

    casual friend + her high school friend + sister = Rob

    Is that 3 degrees or 4?

    Does owning that 6 foot tall cut out get me a degree closer?

    • Ha! Hilarious on the cutout!

    • Wait – wait – I have an even better one!

      I am friends with a girl who is friends with the reporter that did the GQ interview and article. So,

      my friend + GQ reporter = Rob

      That’s practically like I made out with him behind a dumpster myself.

  49. More pics-

    • what’s with the creepy Rosemary’s baby carriage behind him in that 1st picture?

  50. I like Neinor’s answer, which could be mine, too–I lived in England, Rob lives in England–one degree! Hey, you never know, we could have been on the same Tube train at the same time.

    In reality, it goes like this: my ex-boyfriend was a sound engineer on Buffy, therefore used to work with Seth Greene, who was in Can’t Hardly Wait with Peter Facinelli, who is Rob’s Daddy C. Four!

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