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Where in the world is the Edward Action figure? On the run from the Law!

Dear Mini Edward-

When you heard Moon’s cousin Lilcrazycow was headed back to the homeland you couldn’t stand by and let her go alone, you needed to see the land that birthed two wild, whacky and partially insane cousins. Who else would carry matching Lil Edward cases in their handbags and take incriminating and embarrassing photos of you at any chance? There must be something in the water in Oklahoma that our moms drank back in the day.

So you jumped in your car and chased after Lilcrazycow…

Even mini Vampires need to gas up the car. It’s amazing how much strength a little 7in plastic doll can have!

It was time to hit the road and bring our lilcrazycown home! Step on it!!

Uhhh oops… apparently the red dirt had your sharp senses a little off or those Oklahoma police officers are HUGE fans because you totally got pulled over and read your rights… you have the right to remain devastatingly handsome… anyone you kill and drink their blood can and will be used against you in a court of the Volturi!

Luckily this particular chief of police happened to be in the Moon family and let you off with a warning. THIS TIME. But next time you won’t be so lucky you”’ be forced to listen to karaoke and impromptu stand up comedy at the next Moon family reunion (coming this Thanksgiving!) as part of your sentence. Be scared!

Put your hands up so I can frisk you!

Location: somewhere around Seiling, Oklahoma

Where else in the world has the Edward Action figure been?


  1. “you have the right to remain devastatingly handsome”
    LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. “you have the right to remain devastatingly handsomeโ€ฆ anyone you kill and drink their blood can and will be used against you in a court of the Volturi!”

    “Put your hands up so I can frisk you!”


    • I agree.

  3. Bad guys are HOT!!! (LOL)
    Brazilian Fan

  4. I love the family cop, how cool is he having his photo op with Lil Edward.
    you girls are great โค

  5. Probably one of my favorite posts EVAR! I can’t get over how funny you guys are!

    I was so scared for you/your cousin that you really got pulled over! And I was thinking ‘Man, what an awesome cop to let them take a picture of a mini edward!’

    You fooled me, lady! โค

    • hahaha can you imagine?! excuse me officier now that you’ve given me a ticket and or are going to arrest me can i get a pic of you holding this edward cullen doll? YEs? THANKS!

  6. This might be the best “Where in the world is the Edward Action figure?” adventure ever!!!

    • I second that thought.

    • Hi mrs simba!!!*waves madly*

    • WOW?! really!

      good job lilcrazycow!

      • thanks! i’m glad Lil E followed me to Oklahoma…

  7. Hey guys. Long time reader, finally coming out of lurking. I am completely in love with your posts, they’re hysterical. Thanks for making me laugh!!


    • hey ‘me’ THANKS for coming out of lurkdom to tell us! XO

    • Welcome to our LTR gang of girls.

    • WELCOME!!! stick around comment some more! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. “put your hands up so I can frisk you” LMAO!!!! aww moon, can I volunteer my services for that ? I swear I will ” frisk ” the robnana very thoroughly. on another note, have you ladies seen the photos of rob on robsessed? He is rockin’ the Edward look so goood nom nom nom

  9. Rumor Control…

    Was reading through Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary twitter and found this tweet:

    BostonFilmGal Laura Yellen Apr 03, 04:56 PM
    @guyoseary Hey Guy…congrats on your success with “Twilight.”

    guyoseary Guy Oseary Apr 03, 08:39 PM
    @BostonFilmGal thank you very much.. I feel very lucky to have been a part of “Twilight” …

    What part did Madonna’s management have with that movie franchise?

    • Hmmmm… That’s interesting.i hope this does not mean that mad should get a Part in the movie though. ick. Just ick.

    • he was some sort of producer i believe. this all came out a few months ago around the time those new moon song rumors were swirling…

  10. Hi Sherin!!!

  11. — OMG this is HILARIOUS —

    Nikki Reed, Kristen’s boyfriend make fun of Catherine Hardwicke! lol

    This is a funny video posted on Catherine Hardwicke’s website with Nikki and Michael making fun of Catherine. And they aren’t the only ones to join in the fun. Catherine makes fun of herself. Her “snarky” assistant also joins in the fun with a bunch of other friends.

  12. LOL! i’ve actually wondered if i would have the balls to break out mini-edward if i ever got pulled over for speeding or something. um, i’m thinking “no effing way!”, but now i won’t have to worry about it ’cause you guys did it for me (and kept it in the family – even better!).

  13. Big shout outs for Oklahoma!! Whoop, whoop! Yes, something is in the water out here, and I’m glad you got a bit of it too.

  14. And do I win a prize for not only knowing where Seiling, OK is, but for also having been there before?!?

    • I love that you not only know where Seiling is, but you’ve been there too! Lil Edward and I had a great time in Oklahoma! And my brother suggested taking the photo with Lil Edward. He humors us…

    • amber- yeaaa another oklahoma girl… i can only claim being born there but not brought up… big ups anyway!!!!!

  15. I love Mini Edward’s adventures! He sure does get around.

    My six year old tries to set him up with her Polly Pocket dolls, so far no luck. I told her E prefers brunettes.

    • ha lol, awesome.

  16. You girls are crazy and I love it!

    I soooo want a pocket Edward.

  17. OME!! I’ve been stalking er, reading your site for a couple months rolling on the floor. Only to find our OK connection. I’m from Bridge Creek, OK woot woot. Seiling eh, home of the infamous Gary England. Sweet. If I’d known Lil E and his peacoat were so close I’d have arranged a visit. (Facepalm) looking forward to more of Lil E’s adventures. Peace out!

    • OK represent!

    • hi amanda!! welcome! another okie coming out of lurkdom!

    • i love gary england!! i miss him since i’ve moved to the land of perpetual sun.

  18. OME…you guys are so funny! i love the creative uses for the rob doll…. *hugs*

  19. Dear Rob,
    I have this friend who is kinda of a switch hitter aka plays for both teams aka is confused and not sure if he likes boys or girls. When we go out he’ll ask me if I think some guy is hot. We have had a couple of guys we agreed on. So I decided I would come out to him and confuse my love for you. I was out at dinner last night with said friend and BFF and her BF. BFF asked if I had my Pocket Edward Twilight guy thing. I was like of course I do. HELLO!! Have we meet?? I bring him everywhere (except to see Simba play. That’s just bad manners and creepy). I bring Pocket Edward out and guy friend is like “is that that Twilight Guy?”. We talk a little about Twilight. He hasn’t read the books or seen the movie and doesn’t want to. That’s cool. We can still be friends. He has the G-phone from T-Mobile and I ask if I can use it. I proceed to Google pictures of you. I go for the BIG Guns the ROBQ pics. Who can resit those?? You’re so freaky hot. We start to look at pics and all he says is “too hairy, he seems all about the hair’. WTF! Are you crazy?? We continue looking at the wonderfulness that is the ROBQ. Then we come across the Smokin Hot Urban Cowboy pic. Friends says ” not bad, not has hairy, I like the all black look”. Alright we might be able to stay friends. I thought we were about the have to break up for a minute. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Then he asks about “that other guy from Twilight. You know the one that got all buffed up for the new movie. He’s kinda hot”. I tell that’s Taylor and we can’t talk about him being hot because he’s underage and it’s just wrong to think of him that way. However, as soon as he turns 18 we can say whatever we want. He’s agrees to not talk about Taylor and his possible hotness. Friend then tells me really prefers a bear. Just in case you don’t know what a bear is I wikEd that shit for you- We continue talking about boys and what not.
    So Rob your probably like why are you writing me this lame as letter and about your friend who likes Bears and thinks I’m too hairy. Well Rob the point of the letter is to let you know I’m out there trying to convert all my peeps to Team Rob. I’m taking them on one by one. That’s how dedicated I am to you. In return for all my hard work can you please let your BFF Bobby Long know that I love him and wanna meet him and marry him. Try to be cool about and not make it really obvious. Just bring it up in casual conversation. You could be like “Hey Bobby. How’s the tour going? BLAH BLAH. Words, words, words. You know how I like to troll the internet looking for stuff about myself. Well I found this really awesome website called Letters To Rob. Those girls are effing hilarious. There’s this one chick Carrie aka Veddersgirl who seems really cool. She talks about you sometimes. I think she said she was going to your show in Atlanta. You should try to get her number and meet up with her while your in town. I bet she knows some cool places to hang out. Hook it up dude! For real! I really wanna see you with someone. You seem a little depressed. So just go for it”. I have faith your ability to coven my love for your BFF so I don’t come across as creepy or stalkerish.

    Me (Carrie)

    • Love it Love it Love it
      and so educational to even as the mother of a 20 year old gay son I didn’y know what a bear was, must go question my lad a bit more…..
      Have dried eyes now and say
      Rob do your stuff for Carrie!!!!

      • Glad I could educate you and make you laugh. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Carrie … that was some letter – loved it (and learnt a bit too like Ruby!).

      If Simba, Rob or any other *cough* visiting “friend” were to read it, how could they fail to be moved?

      • Thanks EG! I try. ๐Ÿ™‚ I gotta try to give myself every advantage over the other gals trying to get to my future DH. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Just in case you donโ€™t know what a bear is I wikEd that shit for you

      You go with your WA quote…

  20. Hi guys, love all your letters, they’re wonderful and hilarious! I’m with Amber, do I get a prize for knowing where Seiling, OK is and for have been there too? Hubs and I both graduated from SWOSU in Weatherford, only now we live on the other side of the state.

    • yes. you get 7 minutes of alone time with Rob in the county prison in Seiling, OK ๐Ÿ™‚

      • SHE WINS!!!

        hi jen!!!

    • What?!? Jen, I am a SWOSU alum as well!! Small world, small world…

  21. Carrie, with that infallible logic, you totally have a shot. Go get’em sista! xo

    • Agreed!!! LOL!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ He will be mine. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Little Eddie, you sexy beast! Come visit me in Toronto! I promise to write you your very own ode, while you attempt to fill the void only RL Rob can own.

  23. “you have the right to remain devastatingly handsome”

    Says it all really! Little Eddie did I ever tell you how masterful you look when you are driving?

  24. Where in the world is everyone getting their PE’s? I need one to stash in my backpack/purse at school!

    Thanks much for the help!

    • hot topic!

      • It’s on pre-order. Plus it comes with the Bella doll and I’m not sure I want it. Did you get it in the store?

        • i got one back in january at borders before hot topic had them, i think it was a fluke… you can still get them there and i did hear theres an ed/bella version coming out!

  25. I have pics of Pocket Edward searching for Rob in SW London. He went to the DVD rental store, the bookstore, the coffeeshop, the duck pond, the arts centre where Rob used to perform, he even went to FOUR pubs, but could not find Rob.

    Pfft!!! Stupid Pocket Edward!! Does he not know about Rob shooting”New Moon” in Vancouver.

    Haha!! The pics are funny though ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. By the way, taking pics of Pocket Edward stalking Rob……that’s normal!!

  27. Quick drive by posting … just saw this posted on the imdb board – its very funny! The girls who made it must have had a scream the day they did it.

    Def. will be appreciated by us LTR’ers. It’s a paradoy of “a day in the life of RP”

    • I think I just pissed my pants. That was so effing funny, ๐Ÿ™‚

    • LMAO!! I think Rob singing in the park and working out are my favorites!! Thanks for sharing that!

    • Very funny! Thanks for the share EG. Was that the ‘Dali dance’ I saw Rob doing?

      • Love the song, LOL! “I was born a unicorn” LOL!

    • OH MY GOD. Those girls are hillarious.

  28. I love the fact that Little Edward got his pic taken with a cop! Priceless!

  29. Nikki Reed, Kristenโ€™s boyfriend :lol

  30. Hey, I am long time lurker and this post brought me out of lurkdom. I have to say, I just bought my own Edward Action figure! I was on a date with my husband, having a delicious dinner at Outback! Yes! And he was sooo kind and just listened to me go on and on about LTR and WA. He actually suggested that we go across the street to Hot Topic and get an action figure of my very own!! I know! He was scoring some major points. I have so many plans for that little action figure ๐Ÿ™‚ Let the good times roll!

  31. awesome post Moon (yes it’s 10:20pm and I just read it- I was a good housewife today & a bad blogger) I wish I could get Edward in handcufffs…


    • YAY!!!

      • Done! T, are you reading this???

    • How have you been girls?

      • Hi Dany. Did you get it read? Good, huh?

        Doing fine.

  33. “you have the right to remain devastatingly handsome” Hilarious.

    Late night group, I’m around.

    • Hi there EP. I’m here too. Did you get your paper finished?

      • It’s almost finished, just a bit more to go and its due at 7pm tomorrow. How are you tonight?

        • Oh good. Bet that’s a relief! Things are good.

          • It really is, I can’t look at it anymore. When it’s done its going to be close to 50 pages and I’m well past over it.

            That’s good

          • OMG! Wow, you really did put in the time. Ya, over it!

          • Masters student, I should at least look like its hard from time to time. Education, easy degree hard job.

          • That’s true. You’ll have your hands full with kiddies soon enough.

          • That’s mildly scary.

          • But also exciting! You’ll be working with those young minds and becoming their favorite teacher!

          • That’s very sweet and I certainly hope so. A few of them favor me as church leader and that makes me excited to do it. Then some of the hate me cause I’m kind of a hard ass, but if I’m nice all the time most of them don’t listen.

          • Well ya. And you have to get their attention first as you’ve said. You’ll be good. We always remember the ones we loved the most even if they made us buckle down and work.

          • True enough.

  34. Holla ladies. I’m here. I was just making my lunch for tomorrow. Sigh.

    Glad you’re close to being done your paper, BFF. Why the fug does it have to be so long? That sounds more like thesis length.

    Hey EyeC! How was the LA update? I haven’t read that fanfic yet…

    • Hey BFF, work tomorrow?

      Long because this professor is a nazi.

      • Yeah I do. So sad I won’t be able to sleep in and lay around reading all day.

        And wow. That’s king of the nazis.

        • Work can really cramp your style.

          I hate this prof. She just wants everything to be hard, you should see this rubric, it’s insane.

          • Is it online? I’d look at it. Haha

            And yeah, work is definitely going to cramp my summer style.

          • I don’t think so, just take my word. And if your head hurts tomorrow, that’s just me banging my head on my desk.

          • I’ll make sure I take advil to work. And I’ll anticipate a sudden headache.

    • Hi Jenny. It was delicious! We were kinda worried after the way the last one ended. Most who start it like it but others can’t get into it. Matter of taste.

      • I should start reading some more fanfic. I’m halfway through LYLS, and waiting for the WA update. Wah.

        • I would say The Office or The Submissive next.

          • Which do you think I should do first? Or just do both at once?

            This could sound dirty.

          • Oh, it IS dirty!

            The Office starts out quick and dirty-licious and goes from there. Yummy. I’m re-reading this now and love it all over again. This is BB or Beautiful Bastard Edward.

            The Submissive if BPOV and most girls here love it (me). It is finished. It’s followed by The Dominant which is EPOV–a surprising and very wonderful counterpoint that is still in process. She will follow with a third called The Training. This is Domward Edward.

      • Yeah, for some it’s complicated to read about Rob loving somebody else lol I have to admit at first it was difficult for me too, btu then I realized that Rob is also a character, she invents a whole new personality and stuff…

        For instance, I don’t think Rob is as sure of himself as ‘George’ is…

        I liked the chapter but it wasn’t as emotional as I expected it to be.

        Hey jenny!

        • Hey Dany!

          Yeah, I dunno how well I’d get into the actual Rob fanfic. I’ve never tried. But I do like the Edward/Bella fanfic stuff, for sure.

        • Hi Dany!

        • Yes. You do beging to separate Rob from RTP as you read along. No, I don’t think realRob is quite that smooth and confident–not yet. Besides, we all love his adorkableness. It maybe could have been more dramatic but I’m relieved after the wait. Just one more chapter to go.

  35. I liked the post today. I laughed when I saw the pic of the cop car. It’s a good thing they kept it in the family. I wonder what the reaction would’ve been otherwise…

    • I thought it had to be a set up at first, I was all, how did they manage that?

      • “you have the right to remain devastatingly handsome”
        Can we take this right away from him? It’s really giving me a hard time to study

        • Does make it hard on the study habits, that much is fact.

      • I know what you mean, EP. I thought maybe they just faked the picture. Haha

        I would love to see someone ask an actual cop to pose for that, after being pulled over.

        I don’t think I’d ever take pictures with an Edward action figure. My mom bought me a Twilight shirt for Easter, and I told her I was 1st-hand embarrassed.

        • I have a book mark (thanks mom!) and the poster that Rob signed, that’s enough Twilight merchandise for me.

          • Yeah. I would have none (aside from one copy of the DVD and the books), if it weren’t for mom. She was like “I bought the one with the picture of the boy on it, because I thought you’d like that one more than the girl.” And then I was 1st-hand embarrassed all over again.

          • She was only thinking good thoughts for you. Awww. You could make it into a pillow!!!

          • LOL Nice, Mom got me the Edward bookmark, she knew what she was doing. She’s WELL aware of my love.

          • I was trying to talk to the books up to my mom. She hasn’t read them yet. And she watched the movie with me.

            I don’t even think you need to say anything. I think it’s pretty obvious how beautiful Rob is.

        • I read somebody’s account of getting stopped for speeding and the cop saw her copy of Twilight on the seat. Said his daughter was into it and knew all about it. He just gave her a warning! You never know….

          But to have a picture taken with a real one, dicey. lol

          • Wow, I never get out of tickets, except the last one, I got pulled over on because the cop claimed I drove over a line and asked if I had been drinking, I hadn’t. Real reason, Texas plates in North Carolina.

          • Those Texans! Gotta watch ’em!

          • Everyone hates us because we think we’re awesome.

          • Yeh, we know.

          • I never saw the big deal with being a Texan, although it’s been pointed out to me more than once, by people from many states, that I might be the only person who left Texas willingly.

          • The portions used for meals there is… insane. I would literally be the size of a house if I lived there.

          • Do you have a Stetsan hat and everything?

          • @ Jenny, we do have massive portions, I always share.

            @ Liizzie, I don’t have a hat or boots. I think my sister has some boots and maybe a cowboy hat made out of a beer box, and I’m actually the bigger redneck, go figure.

  36. Good afternoon lovely ladies.
    I’ve had a terrible case of Mondayworkitis today.

    • Hey Lizzie, sorry to hear that.

      • It’s Ok I’m just moaning, ignore me.

        • Sometimes you just need to complain.

    • Hey Lizzie! It’s still Sunday here, but I’ll have the same thing tomorrow. Sigh.

      • Hey J-m, big sigh back at you, I sympathise.

    • Hi Lizzie. Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down~~~

      • too true EyeC, too true.

  37. Hey, what were you guys talking about last night about Bobby and Sam doing some interview?

  38. My itunes is being a real bitch tonight.

  39. hey Lizzie and goodbyes to everybody cuz I’m going to bed (awww) I know, I know, I’ll miss you too! LOL

    Hugs and kisses!

    • hi and bye!

    • Night Dany!

    • Night Dany.

    • Night Dany. Happy dreams (aboutyouknowwho)!

  40. Did you guys see Tay Tay was voted best abs on ET I think? And yet he just doesn’t rock my boat.

    • I think I missed that one, yeah he’s a little young.

    • I think it is the age thing, there is NO WAY i could contemplate going there with Tay Tay, am already creeped out I go there with HHH.

    • Is TT ex-disney, he has that whole disney thing going on about him don’t you think?

      • He did a Disney movie, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. But Jackson is ex-disney too, he was on Disney 411 which was like a entertainment clip they showed during commercials that let people know what was going on with disney movies, shows, etc.

        • NO way Jackson is ex-disney? Wow that has really surprised me, he definately learnt how to shrug that off, would never have guessed in a million years.

          • Sometimes my random knowledge of things scares the hell out me.

          • We’ve watched too many clips EP.

          • Yeah, yeah we have.

    • No, I didn’t watch. Sorry. Doesn’t do it for me. Even at 18. Yeah, a little Disney, but sweet enough.

  41. Hey Gen, are you lurking anywhere, I would love a Robhit if you are?

    • I miss Robhits!!!

  42. my boss just wanted to talk about dates for 2010-2011, is it any wonder I have modayitis, I can’t even deal with tomorrow right now let alone 2011. I just smiled sweetly and said sure, no problem. ick.

    • Whoa!!!

    • Good luck Lizzie, I’m just trying to make it through the week.

    • crazy isn’t it? sometimes you just have to humour people.

  43. I know it has been sunday for all you guys, but gee the forum and LTR was really quiet today, since i found the site, i don’t ever remember it being this quiet

    • The Tmes They Are A-Changin’~~~

  44. I am super Bobby crushing right now. Damn you Bobby.

    Dear Rob,

    Let’s make a go. And if it doesn’t work out (but it will, don’t worry), tell your friend Bobby I think he’s keen.

    Love, me

    • BTW Jenny if you’re serious about Vancouver, I’m in. EyeC if you need someone to go with you in Denver, I had a conversation with my Mom today and her BF wants to vacation there and they said they’d meet me if I decided to go with Jenny and fly in from Vancouver, we could go see them and then I’d vacation with them for a few days. I sound like a Bobby groupie.

      • By “them” the first time I mean Marcus and Bobby and “them” the second time Mom and BF, unless one of them wanted to join us.

        • Ah! I can’t stop saying them, too much writing today!

      • Wow!!! You know the date? 8-12? Wouldn’t that be fun!

        • I know the date, I’m good with them, but I think we could have a good time and you wouldn’t have to go alone and I could spend more time out of this city and cross another state off the 50 states before I die list.

          • LOL You’ve gotta have goals! It would make it sooo much easier to go with you than creeping in there alone. Denver doesn’t got lots of Hollywood types so there’s no paps waiting around. Most of that happens in Aspen/Vail. I don’t even know what kind of advertizing this place does. It’s right on Broadway near downtown, so easy to get there.

          • Goals are important, mostly I just want to see the world, including the US. Always good to have someone go with ya!

          • *get* not got, duh!

      • BIG, BIG, BIG sigh, have fun girlies…

      • You won’t believe this, but when I woke up today I was thinking about Bobby and that interview. How can that be when I’m only dedicated to Rob??? I think it included both of them because I have been imagining Rob showing up here for the gig. I know they will probably be filming Ec at that time but I’m still imagining.

        • Bobby is super cute. I haven’t even finished the interview. But… super cute.

        • Imagining or manifesting?

          • Wellll….

      • Ummm. I am totally in. For real. That just made my night!

        We should plan it, at some point, I guess. Yes? Like, look where the gig is. Look for good hotels around that area. Or in an area nearish. And how long you can stay, etc.

        Plus I’ll probably talk to my other BFF (who lives there) and see if those dates are good for her. I may stay with her for a bit after you leave, or something. Or maybe before. Who knows.

        • Yeah, we’ll plan. Soon, not hella soon, but soon enough to get a good deal on a flight. I can probably fly up Sunday or Monday, depending on how much time we want together, but if I’m meeting EyeC I’ll need to fly out Wed. morning.

          I’m really excited.

          • Sounds good. I’ll ask my friend about it as soon as possible, just to see if that’s a good time for her too. I was planning to go see her and her husband this summer anyway.

            And let’s smash as much time in there as we can. Cuz we can do other fun things in Vancouver.

            I wonder when you have to buy tickets, or if you just have to show up?

          • Cool. I dunno about tickets, the place doesn’t even have the appearance on their calendar yet. Or the didn’t two days ago.

          • Hmm, we’ll have to look into that too. Maybe phone them, or something. Or maybe I’ll just call Bobby and ask (I wish).

  45. Random thoughts for today:

    i have the worlds fastest growing hair and need a haircut yet again.

    do you just eat red velvet cake for celebrations or just because, I think i am becoming obsessed with it?

    Should i buy my own pocket edward?

    I really want to see Ashley drive the yellow porsche.

    • I need a haircut too

      I usually have red velvet cake for my birthday, but I’ve eaten it because.

      If you want your own pocket edward.

      I love Ashley.

    • I wish my hair grew faster. I’m trying to get it longer again. Darn you, Lizzie.

      I’ve never had Red Velvet cake. Darn you again.

      If you buy one, take dirty pictures. And send them to Rob.

      I would like to drive a porsche for a day. Until I crashed it. Inevitable.

      • I almost wrecked my Grandpa’s Lexus, I can’t have nice things.

        • I’m a good driver. But with a really nice car… you know how we are, always cursing things we touch.

          • I’m a decent driver, but I drive a Chevy for a reason, several reasons actually.

          • I drive a Subaru. With all-wheel drive. Or I’d never make it to school in the winter. Darn Canada.

      • I’ve never had red velvet cake either which is why i think i am becoming obsessed with it!

        • Oh! I didn’t know that! My cousin found a recipe for me. I might try and make it next weekend.

      • Dirty pictures for Rob—LMFAO!!!

        • I just think of the sweetest gifts, don’t I?

  46. You will all be happy to know the good news I have till friday to sort 2011.

    • YAY!!!

    • What a relief!!! Nothing like springing it on you….

    • I love the way you talk, Lizzie. You remind me of my friend Simon who lives in Australia.

      • Is he Australian or transplanted Canuck?

        • He’s Australian. Don’t think he’s ever left the country, even. I forget where he lives exactly. Not in a big city though.

        • Apparently he DOES live in Sydney. Somewhere called Riverstone. Annnyway. Haha

  47. I’ve gotta take a short break so I’ll be back soon.

    • Ok, see you in a bit.

    • See you soon! I’ll hold my breath until you return. I’m very dedicated.

      • Rob’s not coming to give you mouth to mouth, you know that don’t you?

        • Buzzkill.

          • Well, you know, some of us have him otherwise occupied and as much as i like you j-m I’m not prepared to give up my make dirty pictures sexy time cause you can’t hold your breath long enough. just saying.

          • You wouldn’t give up Rob, even to save someone else’s life? Wow.

            Dear Rob,

            Please don’t listen to Lizzie, and come save my life. I will make it worth your while (i.e. you can watch me and Bobby make out). JOKES. You and I will make out.

            Love, me

            PS Bobby can join too.


            Okay, no jokes. For real.

        • Well aren’t we miss-negative-pants!

  48. You know I will want full reports on the face to faces don’t you, yet again i will have to be satisfied with living vicariously.

    • The details will be like this:

      ErPattz: It was awesome, Bobby was amazing. And we got to meet him afterwards, and share a beer. And then I just watched him and Jenny make out all night. Good times.

      Jenny: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Bobby.

      • you are so not getting my dirty pictures sexy time now!!! LMAO

        • Wha?! Why? Evil Lizzie.

      • That’s probably true and I’ll be sure to end it with, Good times.

        • It will be good times. So it won’t even be a lie.

          • If we’re this much fun online, I can’t even imagine how fun we are in RL. It will be good times.

          • Maybe EP will bring you a red velvet cake, then you can tell me it’s disgusting and I can stop feeling like I am missing out!

          • Maybe EP can bake me and Bobby into a Red Velvet cake. And then him and I can jump out and surprise Rob.

            This idea gets better and better.

            And I agree, BFF. We may be too fun to handle.

          • I am sure Jackson would say, “Oh ho ho, I’m sure we can handle that….”

          • All I read was Red Velvet Cake and Rob.

          • Red Velvet and Rob – even better

          • Frosted fun!

  49. Okay. Aside from (probably) being poor, and (probably) nobody liking my music… I would love to a musician.

    It seems like such a romantic life.

    Living in a crappy apartment, hanging with a bunch of musically inclined friends, writing music, playing crappy gigs, touring with friends.

    • Good times.

      • I know, right? Siiiiiigh.

      • EP, maybe you should drop out and we should move to London and live in a crappy apartment together and write music.

        • That would be living the dream

    • Of course if all your friends are hot and one of them just happens to be incredibly superhot it would help would it not?

      • Are you implying I’m unattractive?

        • absoluetly not, perish the thought! I am implying lolling around in cheap plastic beanbags with hot eye candy would just add a certain romantacism to the whole we know we will be famous one day vibe that you would ahev going on.

          • LOL

            Yes. That would probably help. I need to recruit some super hot people…

  50. Sam looks so young. I’d say he almost looks as young as me. Maaaaybe younger.

    I look 16.

    • It’s Sam’s boyish curls he has going on

      • I โค Sam’s curls.

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