Posted by: Bekah | May 2, 2009

It’s Saturday and Rob doesn’t know…

Dear Rob,

What is it you don’t know?

  • Why the sun shines?
  • Why beer tastes so good on a hot sunny day?
  • How to choose between Nikki & Kristen (Choose me. Or Ashley)?
  • How your hair stands up after 5 days of grease?
  • Why you carry around a briefcase from Staples’ 1992 collection?
  • Why getting an @ message from a fake rob on twitter is a thrill?
  • How the heck we ended up in Glamour magazine?
  • Why people laugh at UC & Moon online but not in real life?
  • Why a 17 year old has a bigger part in your next movie than you?
  • Why suddenly birds appear, every time you are near?
  • How Stephenie could write a book that is missing you for 3/4ths of it?
  • How come KStew owns and has worn a pot bikini?
  • Why Ashley Greene is too good for the men of Twilight?
  • How Jackson can look just as hot as a woman AND a man
  • How the Pattinson Pants could actually be in existence?
  • How to get yourself a pair?

Yeah, we know. We wonder all of the above, too!

UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown
Thanks Myria for the vid. And thanks to Moon who basically wrote this post

See our fav Sat. Am Delight EVER after the cutThey don’t make them like this anymore…

Seriously, we’ll pay big money to see a Sat. Am Delight that rivals this one (and by “pay big money” I mean give you an AWESOME fake prize!)

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  1. oh holy shiz that was hotness overload. πŸ™‚

  2. I don’t know if I’ll watch it 10 or 100 times.

  3. How Jackson can look just as hot as a woman AND a man…
    LOL! I also cogitate about that…

    That was pure Rob PORN
    IΒ΄ve forgotten to breath for two minutes.. thatΒ΄s an all time record!

  4. “…Uhmmmm, I’m not sure yet…”
    Oh, but I AM SURE, that this was the cutest vid ever – Rob stumbling for words: <3!
    And the way he says: “I dunno!” *iamdied*

  5. seriously, if there is a hotter guy out there, i’ve yet to see him/stalk him online.

  6. Must. Lie. Down.

    He can’t help it, poor thing…what month old pair of pants, greasy hair, grizzly adam’s beard, beer breath, filthy boots, and a hood is gonna hide that!

    Rob, my love, you are clearly fighting against nature. Why else would your hotness be escaping through every photo in spite of your very best, ‘I don’t give a crap’ efforts? Just sayin.

    Beloved, you have obviously been predestined to rule at the top of the ‘sex on fire’ food chain. Just roll with it.

    Of course, I have no issue with you filthy or cleaned up nice. And by no issue, I mean you rule my existence. *Special hugs*

    • THIS. 1000X.
      Why we can’t never get enough of Rob???

    • I totally agree with you. He fighting a losing battle against nature who created him for all senses delight. He’s ruling planet is Venus[goddess of love and beauty] and she has made him a perfection as a male. Plus he’s a beauty with brains[I cant believe I have used this phrase for him but I couldnt come up with anything else, please ignore it if want to]

      P.S. Rob, Venus has blessed you. And she blessed me too.

      • You are so right! He is beautiful.

      • @above. please ignore the grammatical/spelling mistakes. you know my brain works faster but my hands doesnt.

  7. “Why suddenly birds appear, every time you are near?” I was wondering the same thing! lol

    Good morning, lovely LTR people!!! How are you?

    • Yea. That one too. Why? LTR girls please answer these difficult questions. because I can’t come up with a single answer.

  8. wow 1997 called and its glad its pop music is still getting some use. could there have been a better song for that video?… i dont know.

    • It’s like this song waiting for the perfect fanmade video. Now we have it.

    • yea dear lord ANY other song

    • hahahahah

      • lol…..looks like moon couldnt handle the blast from the past. sorry moon. i no my comment was corny but i couldnt help it here.

  9. Good morning lovely ladies, and celecorns(I got tired typing “celebs and unicorns”,so I’ll just lump ’em all in there) yes,I get a cheap thrill too, when I see a fakerpattz twitt,I block out the “fake” part.:-)

    • me too. I wonder it is the real one undercover as a fake one so no one will know for sure that he is indeed.

  10. Good morning all –

    A few articles to share this AM. First one was twittered by RobPattzNews so you may have seen it already. But if not, it’s a good article with Rob, but you can def. tell he’s irritated with all of the media crap:

    Next on was Twittered by Sam, so you may have seen it as well. Great article on Sam Bradley done when he was in Nashville

    Lastly, great article on Bobby Long done when he was in Nashville

    enjoy! Happy Saturday –

    • @Chinamother

      Thanks for posting that 1st article about Rob above…

      So many new quotings from him there…feel kinda sorry that he is holed up in that messy room of his with no windows. And hate that the suits are scolding him for his interview answers all the time. They suck! I’d like to rip them a new one! Got my pitchfork out! Who’s with me?! I get the feeling he is tired of being reamed by the suits over his incapability to lie or keep quiet about anything…it’s who he is…and I love him more for it that he stays true to himself…and as for Rob saying he is afraid to look under the Duvet covers on his bed to see what’s there…I know exactly what’s there…Rob JIZZ…hell yeah…makes me HOT thinkin’ about how it got there!

      @UC and Moon…350 pics of Rob at once is seriously making me blink and stutter like KStew *legs twitching uncontollably*..thanks! And Rob, I love when he is clueless…”I dunno”…just adds more to his hotness!

      Dear Rob,

      You don’t have to have all the answers. It’s ok, babe. Saying “I dunno” gets me just as hot for you as you talking about all the intellectual books you’ve read. Speaking of books, meet me at the library in the rare books collection room, I’ll be waiting on the table to “discuss” your latest “find”.


      • “meet me at the rare books collection….” LMAO!! Oh domward,I heart you so!

      • Hmm.. I wonder, What will be his latest find?

    • I hope all the TwiIdiots listened to that. He’s learned to RUN. That’s horrible and I seriously hope the people who stalk his ass feel bad. I’m sure they don’t but then again, they probably don’t have a firm grip on reality.

      Maybe he’s not politically correct but he’s RIGHT. Little Ashes would have NEVER gotten the press it has, had Twilight not been a huge success. Yes, he’s a great actor but who is going to go see an indie film about Dali? Not most of mainstream America. Most people can’t even tell you who Dali WAS. It was an obscure film that has gotten where it is because of his fans that are pushing it.
      The press is just retarded. They want to latch on to anything and spin it where he’s an asshole.
      I’d take an honest asshole over a trite wuss controlled by Hollywood ANY DAY.

      And lastly, I wouldn’t let the maids in my room either. Can you IMAGINE what would show up on Ebay? Screw that, dude!

  11. [Why Ashley Greene is too good for the men of Twilight?]
    I wonder at that question too.

    [How Jackson can look just as hot as a woman AND a man]
    Where can I find unrealesed pictures of womanly Jackson?

    • watch the episode of criminal minds that he’s in and you’ll see πŸ™‚

      • do you have any link for that episode.

        • moon..i saw it on youtube.

  12. Hey – why are my comments awaiting moderation all of the sudden? I take a day off of commenting and you’re all “shutupinyourface”?? lol!

    • Because the blog only lets you post 2 links without moderation. More than that, you have to wait for the approval πŸ™‚

    • it flags it after 2-3 links. thinks you’re spam πŸ™‚

      • Ohh….that makes sense! Did not know that!

  13. Mornin ladies! Off to get my Sat. started but the chat thread is started in the forum

  14. Yes, when @fakerpattz called me one of his harem girls, I died a little. Please never let me meet who really is playing @fakerpattz. I don’t think I could handle that!

    • uhh I want in too!! lo Put a word in for me! lol

    • Oh no. Never. Never meet him. The memory will scar you. He’s not real but who knows. May be he is but do not, I say do not risk it.

      • Him? It’s probably a 40 yr old woman playing fakerpattz!

    • You need to butter fakerpattz up and get him to start following me…I’d love to be in the harem…even if I’m the last one. lol!

    • i pretend it’s the real rob in my head playing a big joke on us all πŸ˜‰

    • it’s clearly a female.. so that would DEF ruin it:)

  15. 350 pis of Rob is awesome..almost had a stroke with the fast flashing of the pictures but thats ok it would be well worth it…whats with the Savage Garden though? πŸ™‚

  16. Dear UC and Moon,

    Have I told you ladies just how much I love you? No? Well, I LOVE YOU! I don’t post much here (only because I can’t keep up) but I read LTR and LTT religiously. Thanks for all the laughs.

    • you are most welcome!! we’re glad you get a laugh!

    • we love you back Debby.. and we can’t keep up either, so we understand!

  17. That second video almost gave me a seizure. Totally worth it.

  18. Glamour? Who’s in Glamour? Don’t make me get out my back editions and look for a mention of LTR or Rob!! Please tell me! I have things to do today and don’t have time to scour my Glamours. Ha ha.

    • Yea,, I want that too. Who is in Glamour?

    • we (ltr/ltt) are mentioned in the recent edition of glamour magazine. the GREEK version.

      • YES.

  19. Between the “I dunno” foreplay, the dog licking my toes, and 2 minutes in Rob heaven, I need sexual healing.

  20. man, that guardian interview makes me wanna clean his room, change his sheets, drag him out into the sun and just hug all over him…

    • Melissa!!! Long time no see!! How are you??

      • im good im good!

  21. And now I will have Savage Garden in my head all day long…

  22. Niiiiice….Savage Garden. Now I’m going to totally walk around singing a chick-a-cherry-cola. WTF does that even MEAN?

    1992 Staples collection made me snarf my Dr. Pepper. Classic.
    Also, UC and Moon, I have a hard time believing no one laughs at you IRL. You’re both pretty witty…maybe they’re just HATERS hatin’.

    • A chick with a cherry and cola?!? I dont know. Sometimes I dont understand the whole song.

      • I looked up the lyrics. >ashamed<

        “Anytime I need to see your face I just close my eyes
        And I am taken to a place
        Where your crystal minds and magenta feelings
        Take up shelter in the base of my spine
        Sweet like a chica cherry cola”

        Alrighty. Sounds like someone was lit when they wrote a song. I get the song…there are just some odd lyrics.

    • i promise. no one thinks i’m funny in real life!

  23. Dear Rob,
    The answers are as follows:
    The sun shines because you are you.
    Beer tastes good on a hot sunny day because I imagine that is what you taste like. Choose Ashley…duh! Your hair has a mind of it’s own. Because your dad actually gave it to you when you started Kindergarten.B/C a fake twitter is better than no twitter ifyouknowwhatimsayin πŸ˜‰ Who was in Glamour??? WTF where have I been? Anyone who is lucky enough to meet Moon or UC knows the answer to this one. We felt sorry for him and thought we’d let him have a chance to show off the muscles he worked so hard to get. Birds are smart. SM husband was getting jealous so she had to go on the DL with all the Edward talk.KStew obviously went to Panama City for Spring Break one year and forgot her bathing suit and it was either the Pot Bikino or the Corona one! Because Ashley is too Classy! What do you mean? He’s a man??? The Pattinson Pants exist because someone had some puffy paint, a bedazzler and way too much time on their hands. And finally, just ask Moon after next Friday!!! πŸ™‚

    • This is best answers list then no answer. Thank You So Much.

      I know Ashley is great. Please write some highlights about our BFF’s personality.

      [Just a thought – oh well few thoughts – dont mind]
      But wait for moment, she plays his sister. Even though its not real but I dont know, is it ok? I mean you have to challenlize brotherly thoughts for her during the shoot.
      And Im a still little weirded out about the whole Nikki matter. [just a thought]If they were practising their lines when it happened. It was brother-sister lines of Edward-Rosalie conflicts. What would be romantic or provocative about those rehearsals!?! Exchanging playlists,going/eating out with cast mates is not a turn on event, which they do on regular basis[I think]. NO, I have no doubt they didnt do it. And our Rob is very reserved and raised to be a gentleman before the ladies/girls so I dont think he initiated anything. Ladies, please dont be mad at me. Its just a thought, well few thoughts actually.

    • This is best answers list then no answer. Thank You So Much.

      I know Ashley is great. Please write some highlights about our BFF’s personality.

    • awwwww vickyb i knew there had to be answers out there!!

      ps NEXT friday!!!!!!!

    • i know your back there in your craft corner drooling over your poster and making yourself some Rpattz undies in case you actually do track him down one day……

      oh.. and thanks for the great evening!

      • rpattz undies.. now THATS an idea i can get behind!

        • word!

        • Or in front of……

          I had to.

        • actually id like to get INTO rpattz undies…. but who doesnt?

      • @Rachel L….hmmmm how original! I thought you were gonna try and use some super secret code name so I couldn’t find you!!! And I actually had to move my craft corner to the upstairs closet (which is even better for making Rpattz Undies). You are welcome! I was in shock that MrB was being so sociable…it must be old age!

  24. Awesomeness as per the usual.

    Those 350 pics….I’m…strangely…speechless. Wow.

    And after reading that article Chinamother posted the link to, I’m annoyed with a world that makes a man this beautiful learn to sprint and hide. I know it’s impossible for him to not change after all of this hype, but golly, I sure hope it’s not much. People as transparent as Rob are a rarity in Hollywood.

  25. uuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..i dunno hahaha! love it

  26. How to get yourself a pair of Pattinson Pants

    step1: Go to the good will… search in the plus sized dept. for a pair of denim made circa 1996-1998. drink a beer
    step 2: make a trip to your local “Michaels Crafts”, but some iron on transfer paper, glitter puff paints, and iron one letters. drink 4 beers
    step 3: print off your favorite pictures of rob in every movie he has ever done onto your iron on transfer paper. move on to a a bottle of vodka
    step 4: spend 23+ hours arranging and decorating your photos into an attractive layout. finish said bottle of vodka.
    step 5: bask in the glory of your creation!!
    step 6: go to the rob pattinson movie wearing pattinson pants… get laughed at, but somehow delude yourself into thinking they are laughing with you (since you are so friggin drunk).

    note: anyone willing to make and then wear those pants has to be totally inebriated.
    step 7: wake up in nothing but your *eclipse keds grasping your hot topic edward pillow. with no recollection of the last 24 hours.
    step 8: get on LTR and be first and second hand embarassed for the person wearing those pants read all the snarky comments and maybe add one yourself
    step 9: suddenly remember what you did all day yesterday…go to the liquor store… start process all over again.

    * If you would like a how to on the eclipse shoes let me know.

    350 pics of rob… my brain just exploded… i literally blacked out for a minute..

    • omg tiffany, amazingg! i started crying laughing at the wake up in nothing but the eclipse keds!

      seriously you’d have to be high as balls to make and the WEAR those pants in public.

      oh yes we need a tutorial about the eclipse keds.

    • i’m gonna make sam bradley pants

  27. Yum. That is just pure gorgeousness right there.

    The “I don’t know” vid was super cute too.

    I don’t know why he makes me sooooo fricken hot at 1:11 with the tongue, lip suck thing.

  28. hmm.. that video with the 350 pics… whoa… jizz in my pants, is all i have to say πŸ˜€

  29. mmmm. I had a great one hour walk/jog and all I could image was Rob working out right next to me. I could imagine him in a long grey sweatshirt, shorts and his really neat shit kickers.

  30. Okay…I know I emailed this vid to you, but first time around how did I not notice the lip licking at 1:12…that’s helping me get through the rest of the day right there. Grr!!


  31. I love that fakerpattz is a tag!!! lol!!

  32. Ow, my eyes hurt. I don’t think I blinked once during the picture video of Rob. I was like “Can’t blink. Must not miss any pictures”. Loved it!!!

    There are many things I have wondered that are in the list as well.
    These were some of my fave’s:

    “How people laugh at UC and Moon online, but not in real life” (Not in real life? Really? Every time I read your posts [usually in class] I laugh so hard that people have started to think I’m a little crazy!! But whatever. I enjoy satisfying my obsession over Rob with hilarious posts)

    “Why Ashley Green is too good for the men of Twilight” (Except Jackson. I love Jackson)

    And speaking of him also the one about how he looks good as a man and woman. When I saw the Criminal Minds episode, after I picked myself off the floor due to laughing like a maniac over the whole thing I realized, wow, he looks good as a woman. Then I wondered if he would have thought of that as a compliment…

  33. you are so welcome uc… you know how i like to come up with some random shiz for you

    TEAM WORK! two are better than one… like jesus says

    • You’re my favorite partner (that’s what she said) πŸ™‚

    • I am so grateful that both of you created this oh-so-funny and the best robert pattinson site ever. Love you forever.

  34. hahaha I DUNNO! i noticed he said that a lot long time ago. that made me lol. and the 350 pic 😐 i dont think i blinked the whole time. almost had a seizure!! haha.

  35. Why is it Lizzy Pattinson looks exactly like Dakota Fanning to me?

    • ….and here is another question….

      Robert has another sister Victoria Pattinson. What exactly does this girl do? Is she in the entertainment buisness too?

      UC and MOON what do you know about these siblings?

      • if you read our post from friday.. you’ll learn we know VERY little πŸ™‚ we just pretend…

  36. Apparently, Victoria is in advertising. I saw a video of him with his sisters but as soon as they realized that the cameras were on them they disappeared Rob got into the cab by himself.

  37. LMAO @Tiffany! ROTFLMAO! Excellent and priceless!

    Love today’s post, especially the ‘why do birds appear everytime you’re near’ and ‘how to get the pants’, LMAO!

    I have spent today catching up on sleep and I finally finished Breaking Dawn. I know, gasps all around that I am probably the only one who is still on the first run through the books, but I’m done and I’m sad they’re done, therefore I will start over again! πŸ˜‰

    Here’s a recent interview about H2B:

    • Is he just being thoughtful? Is he very tired? Is his mind on the heavy stuff in the NM scenes? Is he becoming jaded? Who knows where his head is during this interview. It’s always good to see him and it’s normal to be concerned about him. Plus he’s rockin’ the Edward look.

      Anybody know about the Guardian interview?

  38. […] It’s Saturday and Rob doesn’t know… Dear Rob, […]

  39. i love him.
    thats all.

  40. I can’t believe it took me so long to find you.

    I jumped on the Twilight bandwagon very late. Like 3 weeks weeks ago. I read all 4 books in a week. And have been dedicating my days ever since scouring the net for all things Rob.

    I cannot get enough!

    My poor family.

    I am however extremely thrilled to find you!

    And may I just say, I couldn’t imagine a better post to lose my v-card πŸ˜‰

    • WELCOME WELCOME!! we’re so glad you found us! make yourself at home, join in on the fun!

  41. Moon and UC,
    I giggled all the way through the post today! Sweet, sweet, sweet. And Rob, You dunno that I just wanna be Close To You? By now you should!

    No, you can’t beat the “350 Pictures of RP in Less Than 2 minutes”! Can. Not. Be. Done.

  42. I’m around.

    • Hey EyeC, I was going to say but the dog got into my pineapple lotion. Lotion is not food.

      • going to say hi*

        • Silly dog! Bet it smells good. Hi EP. What have you been up to?

          • It smells great and it sparkles, which I didn’t realize when I bought it so I only put it on my legs when they are covered with pants. Shiloh, however, now sparkles like the vampires or a stripper, whatever. And I haven’t been up to much, I’ve had my paper on my screen all day and I’ve avoided it like the plague. What’s new in your world?

          • Come ooonnn. You don’t want to sparkle??? It would be so Edward.

            So you’re having a little block there. I can relate.

            I’ve been washing dishes and am all pruny.

          • I try not to add to the crazy too much, sparkling would do that.

            Blah, this paper is so boring, and the prof. is harsh, I feel like I’m being set up to fail.

            Washing dishes, that is my least favorite chore or maybe vaccuming is.

          • You’ll get the paper done fine. Just kick yourself in the butt tomorrow.

            Maybe the windows inside and out. Maybe cleaning carpets–so wet.

          • I’ll do that, the race was on tonight, so I won’t be distracted.

            Maybe I just hate to clean.

            I wonder where everyone is.

          • Remember, a lot of people have lives…

          • ..I keep forgetting.

          • Did you read those interviews from earlier with Sam and Bobby?

          • Yeah, briefly.

          • Sorry. I tried to click out of one window and I confused my computer.

            That cracked me up when she asked what song Sam wanted at his funeral and he said At Last! Those guys are such jokers.

          • I loved the banter between the two in both articles, that was priceless.

          • You could just hear them going at it, couldn’t you? So fun. I really would love to be a fly on the wall when all 4/5 of them get together.

          • I know, there is just no telling what comes out of their mouths.

          • I didn’t remember that Bobby came from a musical family. I’ve been thinking about those two all day. Sometime I’m sure I’ll hear Sam but now I really want to go see Bobby when he comes here. Think I’ll push through my fears and even go it alone. Have to work up to it.

          • I completely understand not wanting to go alone, but if I waited for someone to go with me I would have never met Rob. In short, I think you should go.

          • That true. And I would say that was worth it. *understatement*

            It would be a shame to miss Bobby AND Marcus out of fear.

          • True on both accounts.

  43. When Sam said one of his top 5 albums was Al Green, I nearly had a freak out. I love Al Green, my friends make fun of me.

    • I KNOW! I wrote down the top five for each of them. I have that obscure Cat Stevens album and I took off all the CD racks I have on the stereo so I could pull out some old albums and play them. I forgot–you have to actually go over there and turn them over when they’re done so you can listen to the other side!!!

      • Ah, the joys of vinyl.

        • Yes. How we forget.

    • The other thing I’ve been doing over the last several weeks is researching Tom Waits. I go through one CD at a time and decide what I like. Still have quite a few on my list. I love him with that gravely old voice. I’ve always thought that if someone drinks heavily their whole life that it would really stunt their ability to continue to be creative but he continues to write such beautiful and heartbreaking songs. He can really paint pictures with his words.

      • I’ll have to look into that, I vaguely know who he is. I’m so impressed you do things like that, every few years I make attempts to expand my musical taste and never know how to start. That’s how stuff like the Jonas Brothers get on my ipod, but don’t tell Bobby, apparently he thinks they need to be confined to hell.

        • I LOVED that he said that! LMAO at Bobby! The boys are very selective in their musical tastes.

        • I know, I’m returning to my old ways, and after yesterday’s post I was planning on making a clean break. lol But I like following these guys. And they do have good taste. I watched a 10 minute vid on YouTube with Tom in concert and the rapport he has with his audience is comfortable. He was telling the story about that guy who attached all those balloons to his lawnchair. Funny stories. Rob had said in an interview he had earlier wanted to be a piano man like Tom Waits. You wonder what kind of life that would be.

    • Al Green is cool. Pffft! on them.

      • I know, you know, Sam knows, but I get so much crap for it.

  44. Hey guys. I don’t know if this will send right away or if I have to be approved because I’m on my phone.

    But I’m at a pub right now, and there was this guy who looked like Rob dancing. And it was hilarious. I can still see him. So cute.

    Had to tell you guys. Wish you were here! I may be on later tonight, if you guys are around later.

    • Hi Jenny. Looks like Rob!!! Check him out! Ya, we’ll prob see you later.

  45. I smiled the whole way through and was shocked and saddened when it ended. Now I am a pile of goo. (But my arm has just enough strength to move over and push the play button again, and again….)

    • That’s funny amylouwho! Keep it goin’…….

  46. K seriously, he’s wearing the combat boots. And he looks all awkward like Rob.

    And he’s dancing to “Poker Face”. LOL I am laughing so hard.

    Especially because I’m posting on the site while I’m at a bar.But whateves.

    • You and Carrie ought to get together! Really—check him out!

    • I don’t know Jenny, I think you should hold out for the real thing. That’s odd, optimism isn’t usually my thing.

      • I guess I shouldn’t give up on either one of you and the genuine article too soon. Anything else would be a sad substitute.

        • That’s really nice.

  47. I agree BFF. Nothing would suffice, except the real thing. But he’s still fun to look at.

    Okay, I better stop ignoring the people I’m with. Miss you guys! Hope I see you later. If not, tomorrow night. ❀

    • Have fun BFF!

  48. Is everyone gone??

    • I’m still around. Hey, FN!

      • LOL, I thought you were writing a paper! πŸ™‚

        How are you tonight?? Have I missed anything exciting today or yesterday?

        • I’m blatantly procrastinating, did you know that watching NASCAR while having the paper on the screen doesn’t mean the paper will write itself.

          Nothing exciting at all, we called it an early night last night. I’m good though, how are you?

          • LOL, I’ve found that to be true w/ various movies as well. Maybe it’s the tv that isn’t compatible w/ papers. Maybe if I try drinking….

            It’s weird, but my alarm went off early this morning and so I decided to get on and read what went on last night. It was weird, but cool at the same time. It had kinda a sad feeling to it 😦 I’m going to try to be on as much as I can. I’ll be busy the next few weeks, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving LTR up!

            I’m okay. I went out w/ my BFF tonight and didn’t have the greatest time.

          • Drinking, interesting thought.

            Last night had a bit of the melancholy to it, I didn’t mean for that happen. I love you guys, I do need to spend more time in RL, but I’m not giving up on LTR, too many laughs.

            😦 I’m sorry to hear that. I haven’t heard from my RL BFF (in light years)

    • Hi FN! Glad you made it. I know tomorrow night will have to be early for you so you can get up Monday!

      • Bleh, don’t remind me. lol I’m excited but scared all at the same time. How are you doin?

        • i’m fine. I wrote you a PM when I was over in the forum. I actually posted a couple things! I keep checking for The Arrangement to go up but she must have run into some problem. I’m too anxious and I’ve been re-reading some of the earlier chapters and then I read the three outtakes. Getting desperate. I’m re-reading The Sub!

          • I’m just now checking the forum. YAY! For posting today!! Bummer about The Arrangement 😦 I STILL need to start LYLS!! I feel like such a slacker!!

          • You’ll like it. I may have to go back to that one for re-reading next. lol I thought these wouldn’t be very good the second time around but I am enjoying them. Think I’ll do The Office too.

  49. EyeC I haven’t re-read any. Maybe a few chapters here and there, but that’s it.

    The PM I sent you did say more than Hola. Did you click on the word Hola? I think that’s what opens the message. I can’t remember….I’m pathetic, b/c I was just there! lol

    EP It’s not your fault last night was kinda melancholy. I think everyone feels that way. It was so sad reading it b/c I wanted to be like, “I’m here, I’m not going anywhere!” So sad 😦

    • I know, I felt like I should put it out there, but it took a sad turn.

      • I felt like I needed to give everyone a hug. lol

        • lol, I can’t even imagine reading that. Probably a lot like reading the tea conversation.

          • What?? No way! The tea convo had a whole different energy for sure! lol

    • Once you get out of the message to respond it erases it and I couldn’t go back to try anything else. I clearly need to read the instructions!

      We were a little melancholy last night. I think we miss the fun we all used to have with the daytime girls. There’s always a new crowd on the forum when I go there. It doesn’t feel as inclusive as it used to be. But I don’t plan any big changes right now.

      You remember the WA epic outtakes? Before all those new chapters? I went back to read them and they sounded just like the chapters. Am I missing something?

      • I’m not sure I remember those. Maybe I need to go back and check them out.

  50. Gen says hi via twitter. She said she’ probably about to go to bed.

    • Hi Gen if you’re reading.

    • Tell her Hi from me. I miss her.

      Is that where everybody is?

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