Posted by: Bekah | April 20, 2009

One picture, two takes: Partying it up in Vancouver edition


I'm all vaklempt... talk amongst yourselves... here's a topic how come we park in a driveway and drive on a parkway?

Take One – Themoonisdown

Dear Girl next to Rob,

You’re right. No one’s EVER going to believe you when you tell them you met Rob. Or that he smells like rainbows, jelly beans and the bookbindings of your worn out Babysitters Club books. They’re also not going to believe that his eyes are like depthless oceans of emeralds. Or that his voice sounded like Jesus himself and all the angels in heaven singing when he told you “Um, excuse me, I need to get by, there’s some dumb biotches telling me to come listen to theirs friends terrible band.” And finally they’re definitely not going to believe that when he stepped on your foot while walking past you that it felt like kittens and puppies licking your toes.

Seriously they’re not going to believe a word of it. Good thing you have this picture.


PS if this was me in this picture, I would get it blown up poster sized and hang it over my fireplace because this is seriously the best picture ever.

caption here

Come on over, I'll give you angst

Take Two – Unintended Choice

Dear Rob,

I know what’s going on here:

Girl crazed over you: “Oh my, Mr. Pattinson. You look dashing tonight.”
: “What the? Is that?… It is! Nikki Reed just pulled off Kristen’s glasses and let down her hair! And.. oh, my! They’re…they’re KISSING! Here, girl, hold my heine, I’ll be right back.
(mumbling to himself, shaking head)
Why didn’t I think of this last year? A threesome would have caused so much less drama. Plus, doing both of them at once will give me free time to iron my one shirt, microwave Little Debbies and work on my new songs, all in the same night!! (Although if I’ve figured out how to please them both, and keep us all happy… where will the angst come from for my songs?)

I’ll tell you what. Add me into your love-mix, and I can promise the angst will be free-flowing.



  1. Poor girl – seriously what do you say to HHH (I just learned that one last night while lurking on the boards)? I also fear a little for myself if for some dumb luck I bump into him in September when I travel to Vancouver. First, no clue how to appear calm and reserved while asking for a pic and two, if I did get a photo (and I am sure that I would look vaklempt x100) I would be afraid of everyone’s jokes. I guess it is a problem that I would want to have – means I would have met Rob! Ahh, a girl can dream. Sorry for the rambling, I am commenting from the train – can’t really edit myself.

    Gros bisous,

  2. I love how that girl is just mesmerized by him. Would any of us be any different?

    Also, found this today. It’s a video of the cast saying hello via video to Volterra Italy. Apparently it’s from the New Moon set and they are all in costume….the Birthday party maybe?

    • just watched the video… those two girls can’t keep their hands apart when there’s a camera involved!

  3. @JBell, @Carrie, @Jetbaby

    I saw on Sam’s twitter today that he’s in Nashville (waiting for us) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ok…I’m going to work…I’ll check in later.

    • They all got to say hey to him last night at the HTB screening!! HOW EFFING JEALOUS ARE WE?! Your answer would be: Extremely. lol

  4. I agree with Moon. This is the best fan picture ever! Well, maybe the walmart one where you can see the ‘O’ face of a girl after Rob just passed by, is a good competition….but the face of true ADORATION expressed in this picture is exactly what happens to us in RL when we see him in a picture behind our computer screens.

    I hear you, annonymous Rob fan!
    No go running to print that in big-size pictures and to put it in tshirts, pants, hats, socks and underware. Yeah, you’ll look weird, and people will laugh at you, but screw them, you got a picture with Rob and that’s all that matters LOL

  5. Hey! Sam has a twitter? Can you give me the link?

    Also I think I’m following you JBell in twitter, I’m DanySpike ๐Ÿ™‚

    Does anybody else has twitter??
    (Rob?? ….no? Oh well, it was worth the try)

    • Good morning, wonderful ladies of LTR. How are y’all morning going?

      Anywho, I have to agree with English Girl, Moon had me ROTFL. Every sentence had me cracking up litteraly, from his smell to his voice to him stepping on her foot. Hilarious!!

  6. I love it…’cause she’s looking at him in utter adoration. Meanwhile, he couldn’t be less interested. You know, exactly how he is on that video shoutout to the Italians. He’s all but saying, “Why am I here?”

  7. Two words…LUCKY BITCH!!! LOL I don’t know how I would handle him being so close…but I’m pretty I’d get creative and you guys would probably be seeing on the news getting put into a cop car and sending a shout out to the LTT/LTR girls!!! LMFAO ๐Ÿ™‚

    • tmz!!

      • LOL…or maybe E!

  8. One picture, two takes!!! I LOVE THIS SERIES! It’s like finding buy 1 get 1 free sales at the grocery store! That picture is nothing but *swoon*; she is the epitome of *swoon*. If *swoon* had a face, that’s what it would look like right there.

    @Moon – “when he stepped on your foot while walking past you that it felt like kittens and puppies licking your toes.” rotflmao Fan-effing-tastic.

    @UC – “Nikki Reed just pulled off Kristenโ€™s glasses and let down her hair!” I have the Van Halen – Hot For Teacher video in my head now… thanks. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Alright, I’m taking one for the team again today. I won’t be around until later this afternoon. (For the newbies: it seems as though when I’m not around during the day, some big breaking news happens or some pictures surface.) Like yesterday when I wasn’t around and all of the InStyle outakes came out… yeah, you’re welcome! So, I’m off. Got lots to get done today, and I’m begging you – PLEASE send happy Rob thoughts my way; I’m gonna need them to keep from killing my boss. ;]

    An article for the road regarding Breaking Dawn – I haven’t read it because I always link before I read – so… proceed with caution. I don’t know if it’s rumor/gossip or what have you.

    PS –
    @Dany – I approved you:)

    • “If *swoon* had a face, thatโ€™s what it would look like right there.”

      • OMG “if swoon had a face…” SO awesome and true!

    • AW Jbell – you are such a team player! Sending you happy thoughts….if you kill your boss you probably wouldn’t be available to do all the fabulous stuff you have coming up! You would incarcerated. So that wouldn’t be so fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ You can do it! *smooch!*

  9. LOL. Not only do I love the way that she is gazing so lovingly at him, but her hand over her heart is just priceless!! God bless her!

    • I agree but she shouldn’t cover up her cleavage if she wants him to stick around. I’m just sayin…

  10. Bad bullies!!

  11. Good morning, lovelies!

    This pic is precious and I’m lol’ing at the two takes. But I’m seriously a little jealous of the chick in the picture. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Oh, and thanks for explaining HHH for me yesterday. I knew WHO it was, I just didn’t fully grasp what it stood for. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hey pange, did you get my question yesterday?

      • I did. I answered you over there, but I’ll put it here too. =)

        I don’t think I’ve ever been acknowledged by a ff author, but I’ve reviewed a couple of them. That’s probably where you saw it. But also, “Pange” is a pretty common nickname for my given name so it could have been someone else. =)

        • oh, then maybe that’s it. I’ll tell u what: if i ever write a ff, i’ll name you there!!! lol

          • That works for me!

            You know, I always thought I had a bit of talent as a writer until I started reading some of these. Man, these people blow me out of the water!

          • I think that when you have the talent, it’s just a practice thing to get just as good or even better than other writers…maybe you should try writing one!! I’d be more than happy to read it!

  12. Good morning beautiful ladies.

    Love the 2 takes. Both had me laughing out loud, say it , out loud. Oops I digress.

    I’ll be lurking all day โค

  13. Dear Girls,
    Best picture ever.
    The girl itยดs just drool over him, but, can us condemn her? No no no.
    *Speakin of this, a have a question to UC and Moon:*
    Westerday I made my husband buy a pair of skinny jeans.
    Am I a hopeless case a robsessed? (LOL)
    Kisses and hugs from Brazil.

    • i love husbands in skinny jeans… i love that you did that:)

    • Another brazilian! Great! Giseli’s gonna be excited!

      • Hi Dany,
        Yes! Yes, I am! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • YAY!
      Another Robsessed Brazilian girl in tha house! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Oi (=hi) Maria Cristina! Welcome aboard! *waves*
      Beijos (=xoxo)

      • Giseli
        The Brazilian sauce is hoooooot. (LOL)
        I think thatยดs Rob just MUST to know this.
        Letยดs sing โ€œWe are the worldโ€ for him.
        All togetherโ€ฆ

    • nope that just means you have good taste… and in the back of your mind want to imagine rob from the waist down on your hubs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Sweet dreams are made of this, Moon!
        Ps: I love my husband. This thing with Rob itยดs just a case of teenager passion…

  14. “his eyes are like depthless oceans of emeralds.”

    That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking just yesterday when I was contemplating Rob’s eyes ๐Ÿ˜‰ Execpt that I wasn’t quite sure about the colour

    “And finally theyโ€™re definitely not going to believe that when he stepped on your foot while walking past you that it felt like kittens and puppies licking your toes”
    Yeah She’s SOO LUCKY … I wish he’d step on my foot
    OH MY ROB !
    I LOVE this letter !

  15. @ Moon – what can I say, your words are positively poetic today. I would never have thought that to string together rainbows, jelly beans and the bookbindings would have such an apt descriptive effect, but girl you have it in one! The rest is perfect too.

    @ UC – sorry Moon has trumped you today. Normally your humour has me falling off my chair, but today Moon was SOOO good, nothing could beat her. But I’m sure I’ll be falling off my chair soon at your comments (or the next time I experience the *poof* effect. Probably in about 30 seconds when I click on a picture link …

    • this is ashame that moon trumped me today.. b/c we had a competition going on.. winner takes rob.
      i’m very upset


      • When did I say you could have him then?!!!!

        Don’t want to share …..

        (In my dreams – if only, ha ha ha).

    • one bouquet, many flowers… it takes a village people… all the above!

  16. “Or that he smells like rainbows, jelly beans and the bookbindings of your worn out Babysitters Club books.”

    ROTFLMAO! I can’t breathe! Oh my gosh, priceless! LOL LOL! LRH! LRH! (laughing really hard)

    • Oh i know! I loved that…and humm…brought back memories. LOL.

      It made my day!!

  17. “microwave Little Debbies” LMAO!

    I was so groggy ass crabby coming into work this morning, slept like ass last night, but these two letters just made my day, LOL!

  18. Finally, a girl who doesn’t look like a totally idiot when she meets Rob. So refreshing!

  19. all i know is that you said “babysitters club” in your letter, moon… which blew my mind.

    i AM maryanne..

    • claudia! stacey! remember the super books and one when they went to new york city?! loved that

  20. Okay, I broke. I’m a Twitterer. Same username as here. lol Add me?

    And how do I get this on my phone? Or should I just use the website?

    • pange are you new? or did you just change your name?

      i don’t think i’ve said hi! HI!

      • I think I was just Pange when I first started posting, but then I joined wordpress and had to change it so I could have a gravatar. =)


    • yay! I jjust started yesterday, so we’ll be learning together! lol And I have no idea how to get it on the phone lol

      • Dany, I found the phone thing. If you go to your profile and then devices, you can set it up through there.

    • okay, i would give ANYTHING just for a photo with rob!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ any of you got any contact details for rob? Please let me know, im desperate!! Hugs kim ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Great post UC and MOON. You gals are so witty. I hope that I can grow up to be just like you!

    I love picture gal’s little purple bow. She looks so sweet and smitten. Maybe she really was thinking of Kittens, rainbow and jellybeans.

    Sweetheart girl, way to hold it together in the presence of HHH. I feel like a proud mom.

    • you will just like us one day, i’m sure of it

  22. You never let us down ladies! It is truely an artform of sorts the things you think to write to please us.
    If I swang that way I would get on my knees and propose to both of you right now. We could live happily ever after with our little PE’s.

    • and we would marry you.. we would! we’re just waiting for someone to ask..

  23. @pange: are you sure it’s the same username? It says that there’s no pange1223 there…

    • @Dany: weird, because it said you didn’t exist either. lol Maybe you can find it by email? jsbabypie@gmail

      • I sent you an email inviting you…that’s the only thing I could do with the email lol

        • I’m lmao right now. Not at you, at me. I didn’t get an email and no matter how small I make my twitter pic, it keeps rejecting it for being too large. Gah!

  24. This post was so funny UC and Moon…I read Moon’s and thought it couldn’t get any better than:

    “Or that his voice sounded like Jesus himself and all the angels in heaven singing when he told you โ€œUm, excuse me, I need to get by, thereโ€™s some dumb biotches telling me to come listen to theirs friends terrible band.โ€

    He is HHH theoretically the 2nd coming after all! LOL!

    And then came:

    Here, girl, hold my heine…Uhhh…Gladly! And I’m not talkin’ about your beer!

    Oh and as soon as I looked at the girl in the photo I was cracking up and my first thought was of Tai from Clueless:

    ROTFLMAO!!! Oh she is actually doing a swoon for realz! LOL!

    Good morning to all you great LTR Ladies!

    • Good morning, SpunkMe!!
      Clueless! that was a funny movie…

      • Hi Dany! *waving furiously*

        Yes, that was very funny! Classic!

    • HI Spunky ๐Ÿ™‚ Didn’t get a chance to come back and respond to you yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry! Glad to see you posting again! ๐Ÿ™‚ and OMG…clueless was my favorite movie for months. I totes went out and bought that school girl outfit that she wore for her driving test. LOL.

      • Hi Kristin!

        Yes, we missed each other! Like 2 ships passing in the night! LOL! Thanks! It’s good to be with you and all the girls here. It feels like home! That is one of my favorite movies too! I should have bought an outfit like Cher’s, (love the driving test outfit BTW), but I never did. Hope you had a good day…I read about your tater tot incident…Oh My! But agree with your reaction…near death experience/death by house fire=HHH flashing before your eyes! Could happen to the best of us! LOL! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • And now I’m ashamed to say I’m singing “Rollin’ wit tha homies…”

  25. So um…which one of you wants to be a gem and rip the cast youtube

    and send the wmv to me at work? PAAHHWEEEASE?! I can see it on my lunch hour but I’m going nutz with anticipation, LOL!
    Anyone, anyone?
    Thanks in advance! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yes, I know, I’m a pain in the ass! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I didn’t know you can rip videos from youtube?? How does one do that??

    • Thanks Debs. Okay Jena I’m going to try now. Let me know if someone else has done it.

  26. Two AWESOME letters, ladies. Love Baby sitters club reference and the Twi-Theater of Rob’s thoughts.

    But much like that other red shirt girl, getting her pants signed by HHH, I hate this girl too. Can’t help it. I am ravished with jealousy. I even have green on today, so it’s fitting.

  27. Somehow my post went as a reply to Dany somewhere higher up. Not sure how that happened. Anyways, here is it again.

    Good morning, wonderful ladies of LTR. How are yโ€™all morning going?

    Anywho, I have to agree with English Girl, Moon had me ROTFL. Every sentence had me cracking up litteraly, from his smell to his voice to him stepping on her foot. Hilarious!!

    Oh I have to add that UC you are always funny but I dislike reading anything about Rob having sex with Nikki or Kristen. Yuck, I just puked a little in mouth.

  28. hi ladies! glad to be back. i missed tons of stuff! well glad to be back.

    p.s whats this about an HTB list? can i get in?

    • If you are unable to get How To Be on your cable
      on demand channel starting April 29th,
      then JBell and I are going to split
      the list of those who need it and send out dvds.

      • thanx! can i go on the list?

        • Gotchya down!

          • Hey, can I get in on this? Do you need email address or something?

          • HI – I can’t get it on my cable either. Ugh. Can I be on the list? Juet let me know what I need to send. Thanks.

      • I wanted to get in on this list too…not sure if I can get it on demand yet, but better to be safe than sorry!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hey, Jena can I get on that list??? Please?

  29. Great letters ladies, I must say she is doing better than I would in this situation. I like to think of myself as calm, cool and collected but there is no way in the world that I would still be standing if he were that close to me. I get weak in the knees (song?!) when I see his picture on tv or the computer can’t imagine RL!!

    And it’s Monday only 3 more days till the ET interviewsssssss!!!

    Morning All – have a wonderful Robfilled Day!!!

  30. My first reaction to that picture is to laugh, but then I realized, that is EXACTLY how I would look if I were that close to Rob. I’d be speechless. What a sweetie! I hope that girl is ID’d and we get her story.

    Okay and then on to Rob’s hands … I don’t know what those hands are doing, but dang, I’m liking it. Holding his beer right by his crotch?! Win.

    • “Holding his beer right by his crotch?! Win.”

      LMAO!!!!! Nice.

  31. I love Moon’s caption. That will last me the day. lol!!


  32. ok, girls, I’m going out, talk to you later!!!
    (I’ll just got internet in my cell phone so maybe I’ll write something in a few hours to try)


  33. Bom dia! (=good morning!)
    Can you picture me doing exactly the same to these letters? I think you do!
    LO.VE these today! The *swoon* girl deserves this two takes, fosho…

    • Giseli, there’s another girl from Brazil!!

      Her name is Maria Cristina ๐Ÿ™‚

      Ok, now, I’m really going to go. Bye!

      • Dany,
        I saw her! YAY!
        Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚
        Hope to see you later!

  34. Good morning ladies!! can I say I’m jealous of that girl in the pic?? I so wanna be next to HHH !!!

    • Ditto. That’s what I said. Can’t help it.

  35. I actually have to work today. Boo hiss. So I’ll check back in with you gals later.

    • Bye Jena, see you later!

  36. Real quick before I go, new photos up from the club the other night.

    • also real quick….did you see what is coming to OMAHA??????

      LITTLE ASHES! At film streams!!!!!!! OMG! JENA~ we should go!!!!!!!!

  37. Have to go too, girls. RL is calling!
    See ya!

  38. Hi ladies! Hi lurking celebrities!

    @JAG – thanks so much for the video! Wish I could’ve heard the convo! I’m never fully satisified. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • hahaha. LURKING celebrities. amazing…. might steal that one:)

  39. Moon and UC – I laughed out loud this morning at your letters. I had some blueberry waffle in my mouth and my daughter goes “eewww, mom, what is so funny”, I told her it was just a picture and she goes “Well close your mouth thats gross” LMAO! You guys are amazing. I bet you both sparkle in the sunshine. I just know it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hello to everyone else! You all are on it today! Whew! I’m gonna be here a lot. I have nothing planned today, on purpose. Its gonna be great. I need a mental health day and today is that day!

    • haha.. ‘close your mouth’ (that’s what she said)

      • *snort* Literally.

        Yep, my coworkers think I’m insane.

  40. Has everyone seen JAG’s site today??!! It is…there are no words…HHH! Just click on her name:

    Just a Girl…

    it’s the 22 post from the top of this page

    I โค her!

  41. These both were really good. I was laughing as loudly as I could with a sleepy baby just one room over when I read, “…when he stepped on your foot while walking past you that it felt like kittens and puppies licking your toes.”

    And, UC, this one got me in your letter, “microwave Little Debbies .” That one was snort worthy.

    You guys may have already covered this last night, since I’m not able to be on here too much during the weekends, but did anyone see E! news with Zac Efron yesterday? They were talking about his GQ shoot and how he was “channeling” Robert Pattinson! All I could think was, “He wishes!” There were even pics of him smoking and wearing a beanie! It feel like he’s trying a tad too hard to be like Rob.

    • hahaha channeling Rob! that’s amazing!

      • Oh, poor Zac Efron. Only thing he channels is being a girl. A burl(boygirl), if you will.
        He will so look back and be 2nd embarassed for what he is now when he’s 30.

  42. Awwww, who can resist the intoxicating scent of HHH…not even the Hetro guys!…

    • That’s pretty cute.

  43. Good morning ladies! Off to a wonderful Monday I see.

    @UC and Moon – Both takes are hysterical! I’m hoping the poor girl didn’t faint!

    This is a cute little story. Just more fans stalking Robcouver, but I found what the husband did for his wife sweet:

    • Hi Smom!

      Good article!

  44. I think I am going to send Rob a lifetime supply of gum b/c he looks so hot when he’s happy and chewing some gum…

    Dear Rob,

    What flavors of gum do you like? Strawberry? Mint? Oh!.. how about SpunkMe flavor??!…you can nom nom nom on me anytime!


    P.S. can I just say that the way you walk makes my panties go *poof* !

    • HEY Lady!!!
      Got ur email been caught up in RL and totally sucked into WA. Missed you and so glad to see u again. I’ll chat with about WA later. I gotta crap load of work and need a nap. ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. I still love this photoshoot…how about some Cullen Cream for your morning cup ‘o joe/coffee…

  46. Morning Ladies!

    Will probs be lurking today, RL interrupting the Rob cyber stalking. Damn you! *shakes fist at the world*

    Was going to get on here yesterday again, but had to read the Wide Awake chappy and then got caught up in LYLS and ALE. *sigh* Lightward is so hot.

    Can’t believe I missed out on the InStyle outtakes and Metropole pics. I really hate beer, but for the first time in my life I really want a taste. To be the beer that he holds next to his crotch, heaven!

    @JAG: You rock! I love your pix and account of your night with Sam. It looks like he was into you, being all sad that you couldn’t stay for the second set. JBell better watch out, she’s got some competition there! hee hee

    • Don’t you just love Lightward? Yes very very hot but also filled with sweet lovin’ all the way through.


    Sam just left a comment on my blog.


    That is all!

    • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wow! I love living viacriously through you. That was awesome. Also, love your blog.

      AM DIED too.

    • SQUEE!!!!!!!!

    • sam is amazing.. finding himself on the interwebs.. so hilarious!

    • WOW! We’re so proud of our JAG! You deserve this for not screaming in his face and just being a nice fan!

    • I AM ABOUT TO HYPERVENTILATE. THIS IS SO AMAZING. and did I mention that I am so jealous of you!! I swear to god, if we have the LTR convention, we totally are asking Sam to come play for us!!!!!!

      • ooo great idea!

        • Wonder how much it would take? lol *breaks open piggy bank*

          • I’d chip in for that. His music is amazing. =)

          • Oh yeah I most definitely agree to that * hi Sam! we r going to have an LTR convention, please come? We promise not to fangirl scream at you.

    • Oh ehm geeeeeeeeee!!!! JAG I’m freakin screamin’ here!!! I. AM .SO.DIED!

    • OH


      GOD! *in my Friends Janis voice*

      I can’t believe he remembered and looked you up! Oh holy hell! You made quite the impression on our sweet Sam there, JAG!

      He is magnificent!

      I hope he bookmarked you right along with LTR and will come for some good entertainment! LOL!

      I oh my god…things are going dark…..i…you..he…can’t talk … #@%$#^%&^8



    • Holy crap!!! I just went into convulsions for a moment. So fun! See what happens when your normal and not a crazy. Congrats!! WooHoo Go JAG!!

    • OH


      GOD! *in my Friends Janis voice*

      I .AM.DIED.



    • My posts keep disappearing into cyberspace! So if they show up later…oh well…ARRRGGHH!!!

      @ JAG



      GOD *Friends Janis voice*



    • Yup. Sam’s a great guy. He said lovely–how sweet is that?

    • You do realize he could browse on over here and read your comments, yes? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Aww bless him. He’s such a doll. Nashville is going to rock next week. Can’t wait to hear him live. Anyone who can do No Diggity and make it sound that good deserves an award. Dude is talented. From what I gather, he is going to be BOMBARDED at 3rd and Linds. I half hope I can hear him over the squee’s that are sure to ensue.

  48. Just A Girl what is the link to your blog?

  49. Morning all…

    Love the total loss for words look that chick has in the pic. She really looks sweet and normal.

    As for JAG’s website…that is awesomeness.

    Dear Rob,

    We love that you have down to earth, talented, cool, sweet, cute, normal friends. Just one more reason you should love us all here at LTR.


  50. Is it just me, but does anyone else, love Sam’s randomly chosen by WordPress, Avitar? It just seems to fit him just right.

    • it does totally fit him! ๐Ÿ™‚ โค it.

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