Posted by: Bekah | April 19, 2009

A mid-day Sunday update

Doing what you love to do best..signing a Twilight book

Doing what you love to do best..signing a Twilight book

Dear Rob,

I know. Two letters in one day! It’s an LTR record (or just really reminiscent of the good ol’ days when we had more time to be more creative!)

We just got an e-mail from Kari who is the street team leader for Sage & The Dills. You know them. They were the band you went to hear last night when this girl in this picture brought you a Twilight book to sign. Did you enjoy that? I bet that before you left your hotel for the show you got down on your knees and prayed that someone would have a Twi book in-hand for you to sign…

Kari wanted us to tell everyone that Sage & The Dills will be back at the Metropole in Vancouver TONIGHT (as in Sunday 4/19/2009) at 10pm (Wow… that’s late.. you should probably nap first)

Kari said this,

Sage-the lead singer-is Nikki Reed’s Best friend and has been in Vancouver with her for the last few weeks. Nikki, Rob, and Kristen were at the show last night and will most likely be there tonight as well.
Sage and The Dills have an official Myspace And an official fan page

There is music of theirs on both pages and they are hoping to get the song “Dawn” included on the New Moon soundtrack!!

So… are you going to the show again? I mean… it’s not like there’ll be THOUSANDS of girls waiting outside for you to show up… No… it’ll be safe… no one will even guess that you might show again!

Enjoy your nap,

PS: We have no idea if anyone from the cast will be there.. apparently 100monkeys also have another show in Vancouver tonight. Don’t shoot the messanger if Rob/Nikki/Kstew don’t show. But do bring the messanger lots of pics of Rob, if we happen to be ‘right,’ plus a video of him saying he loves UC & Moon… oh.. and can you get my Twilight book signed while you’re there?

Oh no! Are you confused? I posted twice… what to do? Where will you get your LTR on? Um.. someone make the decision? Earlier post? Move to the new post? Lemme see who is currently there- JAG… I see you. Make the decision! Are you moving or staying put?



  1. I’m moving, come on and join me 😉

    There are so many new Rob pix today I can’t keep up. My bet is that he won’t show up tonite last nite looked like a mob scene.

    Plus I think he’s wrapped filming…airport pix anyone??

  2. I’m here!!! I love double posts!! And anything double if it’s Rob related!! LOL

    Rob, come on, go to the show again today! Nobody will know you’re there! If UC says its safe, then it is!

    Sam trusts us, so should you! LOL

    • I totally agree!
      Double anything Rob related would be just great! (Except double chins. Maybe it’s just me but i can’t picture that on dear old Rob.)

  3. I love the tag NAP lmao

    • Me too, I was imagining it until I realized that I wanted too much to be there witnessing that…better go back to real world, where that kind of stuff will never happen lol

  4. Don’t shoot the messanger if Rob/Nikki/Kstew don’t show. But do bring the messanger lots of pics of Rob, if we happen to be ‘right,’

    Love you girls…you make me “SUPER HAPPY!!”

  5. Moon & UC 2 posts, you are out of contro! 🙂

  6. oh…and can you get my Twilight book signed while you’re there?

    LOL! yeah, that’s EXACTLY what he wants to do when he’s out partyin’! Will it never end?

  7. Double Posts RULE!!!

    More Rob pics = all smiles.

  8. Double post! YAY.

    I love how snarky this one is. Schwiiing!

    Also- did anyone notice that the tags for the nerd post yesterday are “fetish, hot, mom” and “sexy sweater”? I think Moon may be confusing several google searches.

  9. I made a mistake in trying to look everything in such a short amount of time…my brain (and other lady bits) just might explode from all the Robgoodness.

    I could never meet a celebrity. I would be the girl asking Rob to sign the Twi book. *sigh* I would make such an ass out of myself if it ever were to happen.

  10. Hey peeps! Wow, 2 posts in one!
    I’d have felt like a complete ass asking Rob to sign my copy of Twilight when obviously he was on his on time trying to enjoy himself. He really needs a break. Wonder if anyone will ever get that?

    @JAG, I will make a youtube acct if you’d send me the link to your Sam video, please? And again I say “You LUCKY thang you!”

    @ SpunkerDoodle! WELCOME HOME HONEY!

    did you get my emails? If so, it’s goin down! IfyaknowwhatImean!

    • @MJ

      Thanks! E-mail me an update! I am patiently waiting on an update! I got your last e-mail but it didn’t say what happened! RESEND IT! OMG!

      • Lol, oh man! Did you get the forwarded mail?

        • WHAT?! *Rob’s high pitch voice*


          SEND SEND SEND!

          • NO?? Crap! ok then, will do!

          • resent!

  11. This day is wacky good!

    “So… are you going to the show again? I mean… it’s not like there’ll be THOUSANDS of girls waiting outside for you to show up… No… it’ll be safe… no one will even guess that you might show again!”

    LOL! Thousands? Especially not after this post hit the net and Twitter!

    Two posts? Amazing! This deserves an award!

    Look he even dressed up to see you receive it…

    • I missed you and all of your many gifs!!

      • Thanks, Mrs.P. I missed you too! BTW, I love your picture…it’s very elegant!

        My gifs are no match for Genevieve’s beautiful big pictures of Rob, but I try to add what I can. I’m the olive to her martini! LOL!

    • I love that gif…it’s not too hard to imagine he’s trying to understnd what I’m yelling from the seats! lol

      R: what?
      D: Meet you back at MY place!
      R: what??
      D: Meet you back at my place!!
      R: Ohh…*smiles*


      • LOL! Sounds good, Dany! Yo go with that!

      • Dany, you clever girl! You’ve been holding out on us… Was he as great as he looked that night?

    • *poof* Love that gif!

  12. Nap as a tag? Now all the moms trying to get their 2 yr olds to take a nap will wind up here!!

  13. K, did anyone see the pics of Kellan and PF reading new moon…sorry if it’s a repost, I just think it’s cute.

    Oh, and then here’s the pics and vids of the new Cullen house.

    Yeah, I’ve been MIA all day, RL!

  14. Hey Lovers Of Bobby Long out there…..

    He just recorded some of his myspace songs with Fred Portelli (a producer) and it’s on Fred’s myspace. They are Bobby’s typical songs, but with piano and background singers…and all I can say is WOW!
    Check it out –

  15. @JAG
    I am waiting *patiently* for the youtube add 🙂
    Username: usruschi
    I sent the request a couple of hours ago…not that you have a life or anything – but come on! Add me!! 🙂

    • @JAG: Me too but just got an acct….

      username: poetatheart9

    • @chinamother I dont have your request yet. Can you go try again.
      I have yours MJ I’ll send it now.

      • Thanks!
        I don’t know why but my background won’t show up on mine and I’m only 27? What’s up with that? I don’t know, but I’ll take it!

  16. 2 Posts??? YAY!

    K, I know I’ve been MIA all day, but I’ve been watching NCIS on Netflix all day…

    SO, did anyone see the pics of PF and KL at the airport? TOO cute.

    Also, what about the vid of the new cullen house?

  17. Umm why can’t I post…I keep hitting submit and they are no where to be found.

  18. OK, so anything I post with a link isn’t showing up

  19. Wow!! Two posts in one day! You’re on a roll.
    Oh to be in Vancouver right now *sighs*…..

    I saw on Twitter that there are like 50 Instyle outtakes somewhere in Twiverse. Does anyone know whihc site it’s on??

  20. The FIRST thing I noticed was the Twi book in hand at the bar. Do you think she thought, as she was packing her purse: “wallet-check. ciggies-check. lip gloss and liner-check. gum for later-check. WELL WORN COPY OF TWILIGHT in case the bar gets boring or I meet Rob Pattinson: check.”

  21. “Sage-the lead singer-is Nikki Reed’s Best friend”

    whoa. i thought kstew was nreed’s bff!?!


    ps. thanks for the double post! makes the weekend ending easier.

  22. helllllllooooooooooo party people.

    Dear Rob,
    miss me? run your hands through your head if it’s a yes.

    • HI Calli!

      • hihi! how was your weekend?!?

        • Good nothing to exciting! Loving all the new pics of Rob! time for some Twi- Theatre!!?? LOL

      • YES!!!!!!!

  23. Poor Rob! Signing Twi books while partying total BUZZ KILL!

    Hi girls!!

    SpunkMe SOO glad you are back I missed you and you craziness!! Please dont ever leave again!!

    • Hi Tara! I missed you too! I guess I should be like New Moon Edward and pledge to never leave LTR again! I did propose on the last thread.

      • And I said I do, but for some reason it didn’t show up!!!!

        So here it is: I DO!!!!

        • Yeah!

      • LOL!

  24. Okay Mr P (looking HOT btw) you should be able to see the vid and so should MJ

    Are anyone of u

  25. @JAG
    Wait, I think I told you the wrong username! Try jlpsu. That’s what it says on the top of my youtube account. I sign in as usruschi, but that must not be my ‘name’ i picked.

    Try jlpsu – that’s me too….

    • Done, you’re in now.

      • girl what you giving away? i’ll take a dozen. nekkid. unless it’s gaysianeric. then CM can have ’em all.

  26. hi spunk – yay you’re back! 😉

    can someone please explain to me how Rob is suddenly no longer camera shy?!?! what’s he been up to these last 48hours?

    • Hi Calli!!!!!!

      Apparently, reading undying love posts for him on LTR…we gave him a confidence boost! LOL!

      Moo goo gai pan?

  27. @JAG…whaddup with your video? Is is smokin? Will I need to smoke a ciggie afterwards? I am SassyK on youtube… 🙂

  28. @JAG
    Yea!! Got it!
    I gotta say though JAG – he looked WAY into talking to you, don’t ya think? Def gave good eye contact and seemed very interested in what you had to say. Are you married? If not, i’d follow up on him 😉
    That’s so great! I hope i get to meet him and Bobby in Nashville!

    • haha. Yes I am married. My friend who video taped it said it looked like he didnt want to stop talking. I’ve got a complete recap of everything going on my blog in 20 mins. Complete with all my pics.

      Maybe I’ll get my DH to agree to a freebie 5 list, well I only really need a freebie 2 list. LOL

  29. Sorry I have been MIA this weekend, I have lots of comments to check up on. I’ve been getting things taken care of to get ready for my trip next week and haven’t been by the site since Friday. WWHHHHAAA!!!!

    I’m loving the new photos from last night! YUM! He seemed to be in a really happy mood to and happy to oblige to fans.

    @JBell, did you see H2B and if so did you post a review? Point me in a direction so I can read it pweease!


    That photo….his mouth….oh his mouth….
    and his eyelashes, look at how far those suckers go out! To quote Bill & Ted “I’m in love dude”

    • Jena you’ve got it bad for the eyelashes, don’t you? Just like me and the freckle porn. I love those beautiful looong lashes too.

      • There’s just something so beautiful about them….they’re so long and flowy, LOL!

  31. @JAG, I sent a friend request so I can see too. Should be the same as this one. =)

  32. hey JAG im sending a freind request through youtube right now… im tbone6388

  33. Did I hear correctly about JBell making copies of HTB and sending them out?? If so JBell can i be on the list?? Please Please!!

    • JBell and I are splitting the list, so I added you!

      • SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Thank you soo much! *bows down*

      • Jena *bats eyelashes* can you add me too (pretty please)?!!!<3

        • Yesums! Done!

          • I ❤ you! Email will arrive tomorrow!!

        • We’re on an eyelash theme here are we?

          • Must be- seem to work though!

      • Do I need to send you info? If so whats your email adress?

  34. Whoops, I just put this under the wrong day, LOL!

    Let’s try again shall we

    JBell, just read your review! So glad you enjoyed it and got to meet and talk to the guys!

    And LMAO at PishPosh saying you’d dress up as a tree to be an extra, ROTFLMAO!

    • Hi Jena!

      • Hiya!

  35. @MJ

    E-mailed you back.

    • ok, lol, I just got caught up in r/l for a few…

  36. I think it’s hilarious and funthat Sam has been here! (as I recap every single thing that I have said here, LOL!)

    • i thinks its funny too!! he should get in on the fun and post some comments!! dont worry Sam we can keep it on the DL!! hey you could even bring Rob too!!

  37. @JAG..that vid was sweet!!!! He sure was very attentive toeverything you said…hmm…then again, you are very lovely!

  38. @ JAG

    can i join the party too? I subscribed as LizzyToast – is that what i was supposed to do, when talking technical i need it in one syllable or less chunks!


  39. going to read the update of WA….I just realized I almost forgot it…I hope it isn’t depressing.

  40. @JAG
    what do i need to do to view your video? i’d love to see your sam encounter! so happy for you (and a lot jealous!)

    to all
    did any other fanfics besides WA update?

    • not that i know of! i wish I LOVE LA would be updated!!

    • Create a youtube account and send a friend request to the link way above & I’ll hook you up. 😉

  41. @JAG, to echo MJ above, you are very lovely and it looked like he was slightly dazzled by you. =) Good stuff.

    • yes that video was awesome!!!

    • JAG, thanks for sharing, that was seriously cool.

  42. So can I just say I’ve been at the first post of the day for about 2 hours wondering what the h was going on…

    • LMAO.. oh JBell! it happens to the best of us!

    • …just refreshing over and over and over again thinking “Okay. It’s been known to be slow for up to an hour but SOMEONE would have *chirp chirp*’ed by NOW.” lmao

      • thats a good one! two posts are confusing.

  43. @Tara – Seriously, it was confusing. I thought LTR was broke and I almost had a fit lol

    @Jena – You still out there? I got your emails about Tara and Gen. I’ll be emailin’ ya back about the other stuff in a while… hopefully.

    Dear Rob,
    I think you should just stay home with me tonight, you know, for safety reasons. Unless you plan on debuting ANOTHER NEW article of clothing, then by all means, go for it! I love your suit vest, it’s hot on you… it’d be even hotter on my kitchen floor. Yep, that’s right, kitchen floor. Let’s make some muffins like Carter.
    I’ll be waiting,

    • id have a fit too!

      OH and the suite vest IS HOT. only he could pull that off!

      • *suit*

  44. Hey all, still here, but doing my nieces bday invitations…I scrapbook, so I got suck(ered) into it.

    @jena and Jbell
    I need to be on that HTB list…do you need anything from us to do that?

  45. Update to Place Your Bets just posted!!!!!!!!

  46. Did i miss anyone, Ive got a bunch of friend requests at the moment & I dont know who they are?

  47. @Jbell
    how did the head of the FBR get left behind!?!

    • Exactly! lol I was out most of the afternoon and just left Firefox & LTR open, so I didn’t know there was a new post. Sigh, such is life…

  48. It’s quiet, so I will post it, it is really quite naff though, but for those of you that are interested an article on KStew.

    • See…this is why I like Kstew. She is really down to Earth. A lot of other stars would be out capitalizing on all of the fame and there she is, living with her parents, appreciating her fame, but not letting it define her. I gotta say, I really do like this girl.

      Scarily – I also have to say, that despite my earlier misgivings, all of the recent fan encounters with Nikki have also proved to be quite charming with her being extremely nice and sweet….so now what? I thought I didn’t like her….maybe I’ll have to rethink that – *ducks*

      • Shhhhhhhhh… don’t tell anyone, but I think I’m not far behind you in that realization…


        • I don’t mind Nikki, she seems like someone I’d like to hang with & grab a few drinks…I know pitchfork & torches…here they come.

      • yes nikki confuses me… i must also say that i thought they all looked so fun in those pics from last night. and for some very odd reason i was digging kstew’s look. just glad they all looked so relaxed.

  49. Did you all see how much the Robert doll sold for on ebay?!!!!!

    OOAK Twilight Edward Cullen Rob Pattinson repaint NCRUZ

    Holy Crow!!!

  50. ok – I just saw this and think it’s funny as hell…

    scroll down to the bottom (if you can get past the Rob pic!) to see Kellan and Peter….way to screw with the paps, guys!


    • and yes…I’m replying to my own post…. 🙂

      Here are a few more shots of them messing with the paparazzi. I think it’s so damn funny 🙂

      Since these seem to be everywhere, many of you probably already saw these – but since i troll the net all day (sadly) and just saw them now, maybe some of you have missed them –

      • LOL I hadn’t seen those! Thanks for sharing!

        I adore Peter and Kellan, they seem to have the same type of humour me and my friends have. Of course, I don’t know that for sure, but it really looks like it.

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