Posted by: themoonisdown | March 29, 2009

Where in the world is the Edward Action Figure – Spider Monkey Edition

Dear Lil Edward-

As you know UC and I were together last weekend and part of this week which gave us plenty of opportunities to take you out and show you other areas of LA that you haven’t already seen and that’s saying something cause you get around a lot in my bag! The other great thing about UC visiting was that she brought her Lil Edward and you two go to meet!! Long lost brothers together at last! We were having so much fun together you two decided to take us to Griffith Park the real like site of Edward’s Meadow and indulge our fantasies a little by acting a few crucial scenes out for us… you boys are too good to us!

Stay tuned for more scenes from our radical weekend together!

On to the show…

Friends are friends forever… if the Lord’s the lord of them… oh wait scenes from the movie, not CCM songs from the early 90s

Then you guys acted out one of our least favorite lines in the whole movie… “You better hold on tight Spider Monkey…”

Then it got intense when you started in on the big reveal sequence… “I’m the world’s most dangerous predator. Everything about me invites you in. My voice, my face, even my smell. As if I would need any of that. As if you could outrun me. As if you could fight me off. I’m designed to kill.”

and a tender moment… “What a stupid lamb… What a sick, masochistic lion”

“And so the Lion feel in love with the Lamb…” in Edward’s Meadow, aka Griffith Park between the screaming kids on the playground and the old dudes on the golf course. But sshhhh we won’t tell!

Then you guys REALLY got into it and we felt a bit awkward… “Hold still… I wanna try one thing…”

After we pried you two apart it was time for a family portrait in the meadow.

Coming soon… sprinkles… robertson blvd… santa monica pier… THE WORLD! Oh and our very first video. EVER!

PSSSSST: if you wish we’d throw you on our backs like a spider monkey don’t forget to vote for LTR as the Best Rob Fansite (as if there’s another!!) at the Dazzle Awards. All you gotta do is scroll down to “Best Rob Pattinson Fansite” and vote! Simple!


  1. I’m from Brazil and I love your creativity and sarcasm. You’re the best!
    Very Very funny.
    Spunk MUST see this!
    Thanks for all!

    • YES.. he MUSt see this!!! xo so glad you read us!

  2. LOVE the family portrait!

  3. You two are too much! Thank you for the belly laughter so early on a hungover morning. I agree, the “spider monkey” line is so embarrassing, and even more so when evidently Rob picked it himself. Of course I don’t hold it against him.

    • and even creepier when it’s TWO edwards! ha

  4. haaaaaaa…perfect way to start my work funny!

  5. Good morning ladies! Just swinging in to say hi before cooking the family bacon and eggs (in my fantasy Rob smells that greese from afar and comes a knocking). Love PE pictures ladies, very cool you got to hang together with your little men!

  6. LMAO! You ladies are the best! Thanks for the laugh. My little Edward enjoyed it as well. He loves LTR. We read it every day together. I love the “Lion and Lamb” shot. So tender..emotional..beautiful.

    • it was really hard for them to say good-bye. i’m so glad we caught that shot.. they didn’t know we took it.
      i’m so glad you and lil ed read us together! how cute!

  7. Awh! You guys are so cute together – all of you! πŸ™‚ Thanks for some much needed laughs!

  8. LOVE the one where he’s demonstrating he’s the world’s most dangerous predator…How’d you get him to hold onto the stick the whole time? And I wish they could have done some “ming reading” together, oh well. I love the family portrait, I love your highlights, you on the left. (no, not you lil edward)

    • That’s moon on the left. I love her highlights too. I have a ways to go since my hair is so long, but I am planning on stealing her hair.
      holding on to the stick took WAY too much time to figure out- plus he has great skills

    • my sister in law is a hair whiz! if you’re in la and need some fab-oooo hair let me know!

      ps lil ed’s feeble hand could barely hold on to that stick. uh i mean tree branch

  9. That was funny. Love the pictures. Great way to start the day. Thanks

  10. Love you guys…I never know what to expect, but always leave the site with a huge grin!

  11. Dear UC and moon: girls you are the funniest coolest peeps eva!! thanks for sharing those pics, they r my favs,I’m showing them around these parts and people are crackin ‘ up!!! I love love the spidermonkey pic,at first I thought there was an Edward on Edward action going on, til I read d caption!and u captured the meadow scene soooo well!! LOL!

  12. I was a little creeped out by the second picture, I can’t lie. Looks more like the Lil’ E’s were acting out scenes from Little Ashes rather than Twilight. LOL

    Also – overnight breaking news –
    Rob was supposedly spotted out last night at a Juno Fest party. I won’t believe it til I see pictures, and if it was a party type setting he was at, there are bound to be at least iPhone/cell phone pictures Will keep on top of it.

    http// – Info on Juno Fest.

    • Shit. Try again –

    • Another report – an Indie singer named Adaline reported on her Twitter:
      “MET ROBERT PATTINSON AT A JUNI AFTERPARTY! MY LIFE HAS COME FULL CIRCLE. How funny is that?? After all my obsessing all week. Meant 2 be”

      Her MySpace page in case you’re interested –

      • So glad he did somethine HE wanted to do, something he would enjoy!

      • Oh wow, how cool is she? So she has only been obsessing for a weeK? NOT fair….

        • I know! Well, at least she recognize that her life has come full circle after meeting Rob. She gives it the necessary importance lol

      • omg i await the day my twitter says “met robert pattinson last night”…

      • Lucky girl!! and what is a Juno fest btw?

        • Canadian Version of the Grammy’s

        • It’s a huge music festival in Robcouver:) Rob totes would go to something like that, of course

          • But of course!! Rob would so totes love that! Mebbe he went w the BFF’s , thank god d poor boy has gotten out and about for a change. so did anyone get pics ?? I need my rob pics!! I’m in extreme robdrawal!!

    • you are ALWAYS on top of the news!!

      ps adaline WISHES!! back off bitch there is a line and your spot is around the corner next to the 7/11

  13. Good morning JBell! I just read about your horrible dream on twitter, and seriously, I have been terrified from day one of my Robsession that something bad was goig to happen to him. Just because it always seems like all the new great up and commers have bad luck in the mortality department. We must all send Rob thoughts of perpetual safety in all things he does so he won’t ever get taken from us!!! P.S. Will you follow me on twitter JBell so I can respond to you on there too? I am Kimmycullen (aka Kimberly Hoover) Thanks and NO MORE BAD DREAMS!!!! PPPLLLEEEAASSSEEE??? πŸ™‚ Thanks lady.

    • Was also a little creeped put about the “spider monkey” sceen with the pocket Edwards….

    • Done:)

      Sigh. I don’t even want to talk about my dream. It was the most horrific thing I’ve ever experienced and I feel like if I talk about it, it will make it all the more “real” and possible. Kind of like something happening IRL but you’re hoping that if you ignore it you can trick yourself into believing that it just never actually happened? So that’s what I will do, ignore it and it will leave my subconscious and never come back to haunt me again…

  14. what…Edward was in BrokeBack Mountain??? OME

    • Bwahahahaha!!

    • thats what we were thinking! and little ashes like jbell said. all very weird to see acted out by the minis!

  15. Morning, 2 PEs twice the fun!

    finishing up SexDrive vid.

  16. Pic #4 and #6 look as if they’re about to ManKiss *lol*

    • oooo ManKiss

      • Oooh yes! Can’t wait for the Sex Drive vid…You got the good stuff, girl!

      • Little ashes: the PE edition

  17. @UC & Moon, Just wanted to thank you for giving me another excuse to clean my laptop screen. LOL
    Uh, pic #2 (what JBell said)! LOL! You girls NEVER disappoint. Thanks for the Sunday laughs!

  18. New Twilight pics-

    • Thanks gen!! rob looks so cute n kstew is * gasps * smiling!! maybe it’s because the vampires and werewolves do get along ?!!! LOL

      • Go figure right?
        Now all we need is a new ‘Rob’ pic! That would be SO good!

        • So, if rob was at said fest, you’d think the pics of him would be flying around d net by now right!? c’mon peeps,give them up,no robpics hoggin’ is allowed in the robuniverse

    • awwwwww a kstew smile!! yea!

  19. Two more-

    • Does anyone else get totally hot seeing Rob in that blue ski jacket when he met Charlie? I totes think he should steal that from the set!

      • Alas! I don’t think he ” adopted” that one, he looks so yummy in that blue jacket

  20. Good morning, gals!

    What’s your e-mail address? I’ll send you the mp3’s of Rob singing In your Head and I Don’t Mind.

    @UC and Moon
    Totes had a Little Ashes moment there with PE…HOT that there are 2 of them, could you imagine having Rob as twins…totally want some of that action ifyaknowwhatimsayinandithinkyado.

    Hey girl, missed you yesterday. Took the day off from LTR, eh?

    I posted much Robsten fanficporn yesterday..thought you’d like it…check it out on last thread or in JAG’s Twiporn library.

    Can’t wait for the Sex Drive vid!!!!

    BTW, DH came home this morning and brought laptop…totes sitting on pins and needles as to what he was going to say…Rob Urban Cowboy pic plastered across when turn on laptop and then my folder totally filled with Rob sex smut (ooo that sounds kind of hot)and then anyway, and then I was freaking out he would log onto LTR and see my screen name and totes read all my entries! But alas I worried in vain as he said the hotel’s internet connection did not work, so he saw nothing, but Urban Cowboy Rob, but didn’t comment about it. Phew!!! Close one!

      Thank you my dahhhling!

      • Ok sending now…let me know if they come through ok and if they play.


      • me to pls ❀

    • yes we need some twins otherwise poor rob will be totally worn out all the time!

  21. Just saw these- Oooh!

    • JACKPOT! New picture never seen before!

      I LOVE you Genevieve!!!!!!!!!

      • ❀ back!

    • I think I just died and went to Robven..

  22. *sighs*

    • OMG!!! More thumb sucking!!! Holy Sh*t!!!

      And can you see how long his thumb is????

      OH OH OH! That is like top handporn!

      • Happened to notice that myself (good LORD)!

        • Save that one and re-post numerous times, please! Oh and can you enlarge for close-up?

  23. Here’s just a small piece of Heaven…

  24. Good afternoon gals!

    @JBell, I didn’t ever get that e-mail w/ the MP3s. That account is acting funny. Would you mind trying to send them to another one for me please?

    • Yep, I’ll send them there. I got the email’s back last night in my spam folder saying they couldn’t be delivered to your other address

    • @FN

      I also got emails sent back from your other address when I tried to send the mp3s on friday. So sorry, I felt like such a bad friend when you were like “can you send the others, carter?” Maybe your email inbox was too full?

  25. @SpunkMe – Received. πŸ˜€ Thanks a million!

    • Great! Enjoy!

  26. New screen cap-

  27. @FN – Had to send them kind of awkwardly… let me know if you get them – there should be a total of 5 MP3s

    • @JBell I’ve got all 5 now I just have to download them. Thanks again.

      @Carter Yeah, I think it was. But it didn’t warn me or anything! You shouldn’t feel bad. Thanks for trying πŸ™‚


    • Gen you’re amazing! How’s it goin’?

    • What is that one from? How to Be?

    • I have a sudden, irresistible urge to take Rob antiquing.

    • wish i could find HIM in a thrift store!! what a find!

  29. 😦 I’m almost ready to give up. It’ll let me play them in my-email, but it won’t let me “save target as” them. Does that make sense? It says “internet explorer cannot download. No such interface supported” I got “In Your Head” to work, but that’s the only one. 😦

    • 😦 Do they show up as links in your email? On Mozilla when you right-click the option “Save Link As…” and it works like magic. I’m not sure what else you can try except maybe downloading and using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser…

  30. No, they don’t show up as links 😦

    I tried clearing out my other inbox, will you try to send the other 4 to that one? I’m sorry to be such a pain.

  31. SexDrive video is done, just publishing at moment. I’ll post when ready, its HOT!

    • Yum! Can’t wait!

    • The suspense is killing me!

  32. I’m just watching an episode of Doogie Howser on and I just noticed that doesn’t Robert look a lot like Neil Patrick Harris? Seriously?

    • There are a bunch of pictures of NPH in the RobQ! They both have pretty hot jawlines…and intense, mobile faces. Squee!

      If you like NPH, silly musicals, and super villains you should watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. So great!

      • i loved dr. horribles sing along blog..hillarious.

  33. Ahhahaha! What a fun first does of twilight/rob for the day. It is creeping me out how much one of the edwards in pic 3 looks like rob in a wide shot on set. Good work. Did you actually make them say the lines (you know like when playing barbie when you were little)?

    @Genevieve, keep the finger biting/sucking pics coming!


  35. FINALLY,
    its up click on my name to go to my website.

    • It’s rob-fuckin’-tastic! Thanks a lot for this evening delight ❀

    • *bowing down* I love how you would scan up his body and then race right back down to his crotch. It’s like you are looking someone over and then you are like – wait a second, that looks good. Really good JAG!

    • WOW!!! All that Robcrotch….sheesh!

      • Not RobCrotch…DiscoStick LOL

        • Right! Btw I love that song!

  36. Y’all are so hot…
    wanna make out?

  37. Rob didn’t win Best Newcomer at the Empire Awards. 😦 I’m honestly pretty sad about it, but Gemma Arterton who is actually in The Boat That Rocked with Tom… so Rob wins by association! Yessss!

    • It was rumoured he might attend, guess not.

  38. @spunkme – are you around? Will you send me the MP3 audio files you were talking about sending to JBell last night? Or if you have them JBell? You can send them to SM’s account (we share it for online stuff)

    • Oh, and SM, I saved all the twiporn links from last night for you. πŸ˜‰

      • hahaha I saved them too! Dirty minds must stick together IfOnly

        • @CHR – Yeah, I had only read one of them before yesterday. But it was a slow day yesterday and SpunkMe posted a few short ones, so I started reading them. Now I am hooked. I’ve had some girlfriends give me some books in the past that were more like written porn stories, but nothing can top the images of Robporn when you read these. BTW – I love that you got your picture up. It really helps to keep everyone straight when you can put a name to the face.

    • I can send them now while I’m re-sending to FN. Just the two of them right? Do you have all 5?

      • Thanks JBell. I don’t have any of them…..

  39. @Moon and UC – I’m glad you guys hate the spider monkey line too. Worst line in the whole movie. SM and her family always say, “here’s the part you hate” everytime we watch it. It’s just freaky. And I hate how he picked that line out of 10 choices. I’m just hoping the other 9 were even worse. I also have to agree that today’s post does look more like a little ashes reenactment than twilight. LOL! But hey, PE’s a professional! They both did a good job. (but who owns the pitcher and who owns the catcher?) And their hair looked great! You did a good job with wardrobe and hair for them. And the camera work was amazing. πŸ™‚

    • I thought the same thing about the other 9! I can’t imagine how much worse they could be though.

      • Okay, maybe I have a few ideas….


        “”Get ready for the ride of your life.

        “I hope you’re not afraid of heights.”

        “Come with me if you want to live.” πŸ™‚

        • LMAO – 1,2,3, blastoff. Ha ha ha

      • I’m sending all of the MP3s in bulk email again to SoccerMom/IfOnly so you’ll be getting duplicates. Don’t mind those lol

        • Thanks JBell! I can’t get to them right now. Livemail having problems. It’s letting me into the inbox but when I try to open mail it says the server is having problems and will be up later. I’ll let you know if I don’t get them right or something. But is shows your email with an attachment, so I’m sure it’s fine. Thanks again.

    • I HATE HATE HATE HATE that line. It completely ruins everything about that scene. When I watch the movie and Iknow it’s coming on soon, I am like squinting and cringing in the lines leading up to it…

      BAD FORM Catherine. You should NOT have let him say that line! It’s all your fault.

      • Rob picked that line therefore I cannot hate it *sigh*

        • Oh, no, we hate it and he must be punished. *cracks whip* (maybe I am glad he picked that line now – LOL)

      • I hate the scene in the hospital when he says he’s leaving and KStew is stammering through “What? No? You can’t say stuff like that to me” I have to look away, it drives me nuts. I hate it!

    • spider monkey and monkey man were the WORST my cringe-worthy lines of the entire movie. AHHHHH i hope they dont do that crap this time around!

  40. Are you sure you were recreating scenes from Twilight and not doing previews for Little Ashes? πŸ˜‰

  41. Hi IfOnly…I see JBell is getting those to you. His singing is like sex melting in my ears!

    Busy uploading gifs and pix to photobucket acct so I can post for you guys…

    OMG! IfOnly, did you catch that one that Vogue posted last it was some Little Ashes ala Edward and Jasper meets The Sumissive/Dominant…ok That I had to quit.

    • I have the link but haven’t had time to read it. Didn’t get out of bed until about an hour ago – out too late last night (as usual)…..

    • I’m reading that one now. All I can say is WOW….

  42. Another shitty line – “You should put your seatbelt on!”

    WTF, Melissa Rosenberg? Was that the best you could come up with?


    • Catherine says in the commentary something to make me think Kristen picked that line too… CH says “I love what you did here Kristen; about the seatbelt…”

      • Oh I totally missed that part… I also don’t get the way Rob responds with “well you should put your seatbelt on!” I get totally confused… like what was that?

        • I actually liked that line. *ducks* I thought it was cute. He says you should put your seatbelt on like that because he can’t get hurt and she can.

          • LOL Twinners!

          • Haha I’m not going to internet fight with you, IfOnly. I hadn’t thought about it like that. I think I perceived it as being a cop-out line. Like they couldn’t think of anything better for him to say. I dunno.

            I ❀ you IfOnly… let’s never fight again! haha

          • No, I’d never fight with you Carter!! ❀ Just thought I’d give you a different look at it.

        • I actually kinda like that part… especially Rob saying that cause it’s just so cute.

          He’s so take aback and thinks it ironic that she’s telling HIM to put his seatbelt on when she should be worried about her own safety with him driving like a crazy man

          • I love how he says it too. His face is cute and he does a little are you kidding me laugh…..mmmmm…..Rob.

  43. They should have moved the “Do you trust me?” “In theory…” lines up to that scene and let it drag and then for the next line it would have been Rob saying “…then close your eyes” when he jumps to the next tree…

    Just sayin’

    • Oooohhhhh. I love that so much better!! Much more romantic. (okay, add screenwriter to your list JBell).

      • 1. FBR Investigator
        2. MIB Front Woman
        3. Journalist
        4. Writer
        5. Travel Agent
        6. Screen Writer
        7. …


        • That reminds me JBell. Did you check out Hotwire? When I was looking up flights/hotel combos they had the best deals a couple of weeks ago.

          • o0o! That was the only one I couldn’t remember lol I knew I was missing one! I’ll have to check that one out later

  44. @IfOnly/FN – Somewhere within the mess of emails I just send out, you should end up with 5 different MP3s. lol gmail & aol are being a pain in my ass today and I can’t keep up with which one’s keep getting sent back to me as undeliverable.

    • Okay, I got them in the email and can open them in the email (they open directly in the email – they don’t open another window), but can’t save them. I have tried opening them in a different window (right clicking and choosing that option, but it does nothing). It also doesn’t give me the option to “open with” when I right click. Do you know what I am doing wrong? I’m using a PC. Do you have a MAC? Is that making a difference? I also have itunes, ect on here because I have iphone. I’m so much better than SM but am still techno challenged.

      • Is livemail MSN? I had trouble with that one earlier too! I don’t know what their problem is.

        • it is msn. did you have the same problem trying to save them?

          • Yes, it kept telling me that “internet explorer cannot download. No such interface supported” I finally just gave up and tried w/ my other e-mail address. It would look like they were starting to download and then that message box would pop up. As soon as I clicked “ok” it would stop the download.

  45. Thanks JBell, I finally got them all downloaded!

    • Oh good! You’re welcome!

      • BTW – what’s a twinner? from your earlier post? I’m a little slow on the lingo sometimes…..

        • Lauren ( from ) says it. It just means “Twins!” since we posted pretty much the same exact thing at the same time lol

          • I love the seatbelt line too! Can we be triplets? lol

          • Ooohhh *light bulb goes off*. Gotcha! Thanks JBell! And FN – sure we can be twiplets (ha ha – I made it into a twilingo).

          • YAY! I’m a Twiplet! lol

  46. Whew, glad I’m not the only perv around here who saw the 2 pocket Edwards and immediately had thoughts of man-on-man love. LOL!

    Very cute, nontheless. Two P.E.’s are better than one!!

    So – HOLY CROW. I read all of “The Arrangement” last night, at least what is completed of it. CAN’T WAIT for the next chapter! At first I thought it was going to be just another hardcore bump n’ grind, but the plot is very good, and actually really frustrating!!

    I was actually yelling at my laptop “OH COME ON!! ARRRGHHH!” at the story. LOL!

    OK, check out this vid of Rob. It’s an F-ING annoying screamfest at a mall, so just turn the sound down and spare yourself an anxiety attack. Fast forward it to about 2:35 and watch…. he bends over and I SWEAR I can make out his butt crack!!!


    • Vogue, I have to thank you for the link to The Arrangement. I’m only about halfway through, but I love it! “Say yes to crack” LOL

      • What’s the link? I’m in need of something to read tonight

    • Oh that is definitely some RPattz booty action… I am died. Sigh! :]

    • totally saw the butt crack!!

    • I’ve seen that one before – another gates of hell for poor Rob. Nice butt action though. His underwear was actually over his butt though right? We were just seeing tight undies crack?

      • yeah, but still, that was quite the big shot of crack!! did his pants practically fall off?

        • Yeah, probably the most crack we’ve seen so far. He didn’t really seem to be pulling up at his pants to keep them on either. I would think he would need to as much as the came down when he bent over.

    • HOLY CROW… god smeyers, COME ON! πŸ™‚

  47. Finally, I have an advantage being a Canadian, doesnt happen very often.
    Reports are that Rob may very well be on the broadcast of the Junos tonight. His appearance was apparently public so there is a chance he may be on the show,which is on Canadian tv station.
    Need to learn to hook cable tv to PC stat!

    • Saw that @RobPattzNews said it was a “public” appearance. Wondering what that implies… I would assume that means it was scheduled by his agent?

  48. I have never seen this interview.

    This guy is HILARIOUS and I am shocked that Rob doesn’t seem to get his humor! It’s so dry and stupid, and Rob seems so unsure of how to respond to this guy’s weirdness. It’s akward, but funny too. What was up wit dat, Rob??? You are the king of being off-the-cuffm and quirky!!

  49. Girls, I have a question. How many cds does the Twilight DVD have? In there’s one that has 2 cds and one with 3…but I’m not sure, and I’m guessing you all have it already. Can you clear that up, please? Thanks!!!

    • I believe there are several diffent versions available. I would definitely go with the 3-disc. That’s the one I got.

      • Thanks! That was my first choice, too, but I wasn’t sure if the 3 cd thing was a real thing or not. I was going to buy it from amazon but the shipments costs are HUGE! so I’ll save a little more money and buy the DVD and the 4 books together. I need to have them in the original language!!!

  50. The Arrangement. Read it Ladies. We will discuss it.

    Also, in honor of todays Hot Vampire man love pics, here’s a total freak show of a fanfic.

    I was reading it , saying “Oh HELL NO!” “Oh No they di’int!! OMG!!!” (not for the faint of heart)

    • Um, I think we should totally do a smut/fanfic book club. Like every Thursday night we discuss the latest fan fic.

      “So what were the character implications of Edward and Bella banging up against the window in ‘The Office’? Discuss.”

    • I’m a smut slut πŸ˜€

      • well, if we get too raunchy here for UC & Moons taste (don’t want to be TOO over the top, not that we don’t linger at that precipice ever day here!) we can do it at my blog. It’s set up for trashtalkin.

        But this is my favorite place to be…..:D

    • Name me a person on LTR that isn’t a smut slut haha

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