Posted by: Bekah | April 17, 2009

Robbie Dean

Dear Rob,

There have been whispers in the media lately (and by “media” I mean the LTR comments) of the uncanny similarities between you and the late, great and very handsome James Dean:

  • First there’s this picture (minus the Rob Porn) where you were clearly going for the whole “Rebel without a cause” look (and by “you” I mean your stylist- no one is fooled, Robbie. We know you don’t dress yourself. Cuz when you do, you look homeless very handsome)
  • Secondly, and I’m not reaching here, James Dean is buried in Fairmount, Indiana (the beautiful bustling town near the metropolis of Matthews, IN) which is 10 miles from where I started my college days in Upland, IN (the town is as awesome as it sounds). Fairmount is right off I-69 (that’s what she said) and there’s a sign that was along my drive from I-69 to Upland noting that Fairmount was your hometown and burial place. Also I used to get late night, gas station pizza off that I-69 exit. You’re not seeing the connection? James Dean is buried 10 miles from where I went to college, and I write blog about you, duh.
  • Thirdly, according to the great and always accurate source, Wikipedia, there is some question of Dean’s sexual orientation as he liked to gallivant around with lots of women AND men.  Now I personally know you are NOT into dudes in any way, but you rocked a kick-ass bi-sexual in Little Ashes and you KNOW someday someone is going to write your biography and accuse you and TomStu of getting it on in his flat one drunken evening…
  • Forth, James Dean? You play a vampire Edward who fights a vampire James… coincidence? I think not…
  • Lastly, if James were alive today (or more like, if I had been alive in 1955), Moon & I would have clearly started a website where all the Doris’, Helen’s & Betty’s (the LTD girls, if you will) could confess their love to James. Although, silly me, the world wide web wasn’t around then, so it probably would’ve been more like… I dunno literal letters delivered by … morse code? How do you say “fake lesbian” in morse…?

By now, I know you’re probably pretty convinced of how similar you are to James Dean, but just in case you still have doubt, two great LTR ladies, Soccermom and IfOnly have made us a video as further proof to your Dean-likeness

Oh, and one more thing? Just because we think you are similar to James Dean in many ways doesn’t mean we want you to be. I mean, you are turning 23. James died at 23. So, as Edward would say… Be Safe. Don’t drive a fast car. Don’t drive that clunker BMW of yours/Nikki’s either. How about you don’t drive at all? But definitely don’t walk- and don’t hitchhike… how about you just stay indoors for the year? You can stay with me… We’ll find something to do…


Thanks again SO much to ifOnly and Soccermom for this great vid!

Update: LTT & LTR were mentioned (along w/ some of our other fav blogs) in the Greek version of Glamour mag. Weird? Crazy? Awesome! Whatever.. we love it! LTT/LTR mention in Greek Glamour



  1. That was a great video!!!! He does look like he’s the reincarnation of James Dean!! Well thanks Smom and IfOnly for an enlightening video LOL

    And UC, that was a funny letter, I would have been happy to be a part of LTD by mule post or something like that!

    Here’s to Rob looking (homeless), very handsome!

    • I’m sorry to post twice, but I’m watching the video again and I’m SO impressed. More than impressed! You found the exact pictures to prove your the similarities….You did an amazing job ladies!! I had to say W.O.W (again) and Thank you! (again, too)

    • UC… are you… are you FROM Indiana? B/c that’s where I’M from, as well! I’ve BEEN to Upland (yeah, as exciting as you said), I’ve OF COURSE been to Fairmont, just off I-69! Went to college in Muncie – the armpit (and rape capital) of the state, as you likely know.

      But you got out! Good on you, UC, good on you.

      • hi jas! i’m not FROM Indiana, but i did go to Taylor in Upland for 2 years before i ‘got out”
        so you understand what i mean!? rob IS james dean:) more proof!

        • AH! Taylor, eh? Right down the way from good ol’ BSU! 🙂 I had some freinds there.

          Still, VERY good that you got out!!! 🙂 (Did you realize your mistake as soon as you got here? LOL!)

          Yes, yes… you are very perceptive, UC! He is the Brit James Dean. Uh… but slightly dorkier. Ok, lots dorkier. But that is PRECISELY why we love him, is it not?

          • Wasn’t James Dean a little dorky irl too?

      • Is that anywhere near Kokomo? I used to live there when I was a kid…just wondering! 🙂

        • Vickyb… yes… about an hour from Kokomo! I used to pass through it on the way to Purdue to visit friends! (I even lived there for a short time!)

          Small world!

          Do you still live in Indiana? Or did you get out, too? LOL!

    • CLEARLY!! we would have started letterstodean!

      LOVE this and the video. such a great job and they are kinda eerily similar to each other! creeeeepppyyy!

  2. this site makes my life. i got my mom into it and she’s hoooked. you 2 ladies are fabulous and your wit is greatly appreciated.

    • Oh Jeez – someone’s mom reads this site? I need to tone it down a little!

      • I think most of us are someones Mom…LOL

        Morning @WTM.

      • haha… you’re funny.. and i agree wit JAG’s response… LOTS of you are someone’s mom!

    • first of all, your name= brilliant
      second of all. AWWW thanks!
      third of all, hi to your mom too

      • my mom is particularly fond of ‘where in the world is edward action figure?’ esp. baywatch edition. =)

  3. @Soccermom & IfOnly – I have no words girls. No words at all. The only thing I can think right now is “Bravo! Bravo! Superb!” I just… ahhh… it was so great! I’m so impressed, I really truly am. When it got to the “looking out the window” part my mouth lit’rally dropped open! Everything is perfect. I can’t praise you enough. Seriously.

    @UC – You’ve done it again lol but I expected nothing less.
    “Fairmount is right off I-69 (that’s what she said)” – I nearly pissed myself. BEST ‘that’s what she said’ EVER.
    “How do you say “fake lesbian” in morse…?” LOL HI-larious.

    • LMAO! I say “bravo, bravo, superb” all the time now and have
      just recently adopted “Shut up in your face!” to say all the time to!
      We need a video of nothing but priceless Rob and his character’s quotes!

    • i was giggling like an 11 yr old boy when i wrote that ‘that’s what she said’ so i’m glad you enjoyed it

  4. That video could almost make a non-Robster turn…
    I said *almost*, girls.

    Yesterday’s Rob-Porn was also…something else.

  5. That post cracks me up! He’s obviously the perfect man all around.

    I thought James Dean was hot too (way before my time) but still…he was the coolest of cool but not on a Fonzie level. James was the first…Fonzie was a bad copy-cat.

  6. SoccerMom and IfOnly – loved loved loved that vid. You guys did a GREAT job! I’m impressed!

    Who knew James Dean had so many bags under his eyes? He had stock in Louis V!

  7. SoccerMom and IfOnly – When I can watch the video at home, I am sure it will be lovely. Can’t wait.

    UC – Great letter, hope he stays safe for all our sakes. My fav line was–> “James Dean? You play a vampire Edward who fights a vampire James… coincidence? I think not…” Great comparison skills!

    In our alternative LTJ lives, can I be Helen? I’ve always liked the name Helen.

    • @Janetrigs
      hey lady… i posted a TwiTheater yesterday at around the 5 o’clock hour… don’t know if you saw it and i don’t want you not getting your fix!

      • It was cute thanks! But wuth Old pics. 😦
        I am tres picky with my TwiTheater. 🙂

    • yes. you can be helen

  8. Golly-gee, you guys are right…And its become quite clear to me that James had some kick-ass hair! Thank goodness these two aren’t both alive now/at the same time/while i’m alive. Rob might get a little jealous of my crush –

    shh shh, honey, its ok *pats Rob who’s curled up at my feet sleeping* you’re the only hair for me.

    • ‘cept your crush on james would be on a 78 yr old man.. which, maybe you love the old dudes, but is kinda gross

      • iono, if 78 year old James had hair like 22 year old James, I’d stand my ground…aaaaaaand, you KNOW James would look sexeh in his old age. I’m thinkin a slimmer, more badass, less facial hair Sean Connery?

        But all this talk of fiiiiine James Dean is making lil Robbie feel jealous. *Pets Rob, who is now cuddled in my lap*

      • I find Tom Selleck still pretty darn hot! And he’s pretty old….

  9. Soccermom and If Only – That was amazing! No wonder you’ve been busy and away so much. That must have taken a lot of research and work. Sexellent job ladies…seriously! One impressed Robcat sitting here.

  10. This is my favorite kind of post from you,
    and it’s what got me hooked to your sites in the first place (or how would you define “I open LTT and LTR first when I’m on the internet, and check the sites repeatedly throughout the day”?)
    I love it when you write it so overbearingly ridiculus but serious that I could scream of laughter. Well … that I have tears rolling down my face.
    And I think it really works best when you write like that.

    • what do you mean ridiculous? i AM serious…. didn’t you read the whole bit about fairmount, IN being near where I started out at college?

      don’t deny that it makes rob/james twinners


  11. Nice job on the vid ladies, must have taken you a while to gather all the pix and put this together…

    *applause, applause*

  12. The whole time I was watching the video .. I was like ..I don’t know what I was like my mouth was hanging wide open I guess .. but I believe in reincarnation way to go.. 😉 ..
    P.S I think ROB is hotter 😛 and btw .. I LOOOOVE your blog girls !!

    • oh THANKS Leila!!!! Yes.. i agree Rob IS hotter!!!

  13. Good morning, my lovelies!

    Awesome video! I just melted.

    I cracked up @ “Fairmount is right off I-69 (that’s what she said)”. Funniest.Sentence.Ever.

    Is it just me or was JD peeing in that View From Behind shot?

    • i’m pretty sure he’s peeing too…

      and thanks for liking my perverted 11yr old male mind

  14. GREAT VIDEO!! Um, wow. Apparently I also love James Dean after that. If we can Photoshop some shiteous Nikes on Dean…*swoon*

    Is it bad that when I see “The Hair” picture, all I can think of is @fakerpattz? Too much time on Twitter, I know.

    • sometimes i forget and think fakerpattz IS actually rob.. and when i think of rob i actually think of fakerpattz.. who i think is actually a girl… so… yeah, no that’s not so bad…

      • …that’s normal.

        • Lol. My favorite. Phrase. Ever.

          Totally useful in all aspects of life.

          Especially to justify crazy fandom-girlness when we are too old for it.


  15. I want…….Rob to see that video. Beautiful. Brilliant.

  16. @IfOnly and Soccermom – That was great! Thanks so much! It was made even better by the track that accompanied it. I love Rob’s voice. It’s so emotional and raw.

    @UC – Hilarious post, as per the usual. However, I really hope Rob doesn’t “drink” the Beemer, either. That’d just be bad news all round. 🙂 I loved your point #2, however ambiguous it might have been! (Were you drinking again?)

    @Pange1223 – Totally pissing and talking on the phone, 50s style. Gotta love that.

    • oh did i say he shouldn’t drink the beemer? hmm.. i’m an idiot:) and apparently all the people from 8 am-9:42am are too, b/c you’re the first to point it out!! xoxo

      • I noticed that too…I had to reread it, but I knew what you meant, UC. It’s okay…it’s hard to think straight when you’re thinking of Rob sometimes. 🙂


  17. *standing ovation* Wooo! Awesome post and video! Soccermom and IfOnly, Wow. Just wow.

  18. Soccermom! IfOnly! I’m standing up and typing this right now, ovation style. That was amazing and eerily accurate!!! You two gals are so fabulous! Thank you for all the time you spent on that video, it look professional! I am super impressed!!

    Moon – Your connections to James/Rob are undeniable. HILARIOUS! I copied you last night and went out for $2 blue moons last night. I’m only slightly regretting it this morning. XOXO

    Good Morning Girls! Volunteering at 7 yr. olds school for a few hours then hoping for a nap today. ugh. Its gonna be a long friday. Glad I have you all to keep me going! 🙂 SMOOCH!

    • haha I’m retarded.

      UC I meant to direct that at you and put a new little shout out to Moon about the blue moons. GAWD. I suck. Send Rob over to spank me. 🙂 heh heh

    • kristin sometimes you get me and moon confused 🙂
      i wrote this post and I had the blue moons.

      but don’t worry- tonight is thirsty thursday and i’m sure moon will have some drinks for us to talk about tomorrow.

      wow… tonight is not thirsty thursday..

      am i drinking again?

      • maybe it was the whole “moon”…WTF. I don’t know what the hell I am doing.

        I KNEW IT WAS YOU. I SWEAR. I’m not kidding. I am COMPLETELY NORMAL.

  19. Hey! I grew up near Fairmont! I’ve driven by there quite a few times. Ah, the home of James Dean and Garfield. 🙂

    Thanks for the great video! What a great way to get through the workday and start the weekend!

    • the beautiful metropolis of Fairmount! wonderful! you win too- another reason that rob IS james dean!

  20. UC, have I ever told you that I love you? Well I do. I don’t care what kind of day I’m starting out, or what is going on, I laugh daily because of you and Moon and everyone here and I thank you for that! Does good deeds to the soul!

    LMAO at this, Epic! Epic!
    “I would have clearly started a website where all the Doris’, Helen’s & Betty’s (the LTD girls, if you will) could confess their love to James. Although, silly me, the world wide web wasn’t around then, so it probably would’ve been more like… I dunno literal letters delivered by … morse code? How do you say “fake lesbian” in morse…?”

    • i just want everyone to be impressed that i researched “popular baby names of the 1930s” just so it sounded more legit…

      thanks jena.. hugs

  21. Great Job ladies – My 2 favs in one video – Friday morning cannot get any better! I love the one of JD peeing on the phone – priceless.

  22. Wow, that’s an awesome vid, Soccermom and IfOnly! Must’ve taken a lot time to put it all together! And I can see, there’s definitely something there! Probably would’ve fallen for JD myself in “those days”…
    Just one question: What’s the difference between “the stare” and “the intense gaze”? LOL
    And I have to disagree when it comes to “the girl” I absolutely refuse calling KStew his girl, but that’s my problem, I know 😉

    UC – Love your letter…epic!

  23. Also, I can’t see the vid from work but I will be all over that as soon as I get home!

  24. @JBell, I know you are not doing the H2B spoilers, but have you watched the “loo” clip where Rob says “shut up in your face”? If not, you must! But I thought of a question you could ask the director….ask them if that was Rob’s improv line or if it was in the script because that’s just damn priceless and hella funny!

    • Or is that crossing the line of asking him about Rob again?

    • Totally love that line – I was saying it allll night! lol. That’s a good question so funny!

  25. Excellent video! The similarities are striking!

    UC – hilarious that you added “morse code” as a tag to this post. Some middle school kid is going to google ‘morse code’ for a social studies project and come across this site. hahahahaha

    • i giggled when i put morse code as a tag… i love random tags that really have nothing to do with anything

      i can’t wait for that middle schoolers to quote us as a source for his 7th grade project

    • i giggled when i put morse code as a tag… i love random tags that really have nothing to do with anything

      i can’t wait for that middle schooler to quote us as a source for his 7th grade project

  26. love the video!! i think i just died and went to heaven *swoon*

  27. James Dean was my first crush. His performance in East of Eden slays me. When he’s on top of the train, after meeting his mother, and he pulls his arms inside his shirt? GENIUS.

    I’ve now decided East of Eden needs to be remade. With Rob as Cal Trask.

    My heart just stopped at the thought of this.

    • I was totally thinking the same thing – .died.

  28. W.O.W. That is a really great video!

    Well done ladies, have a beer tonight, and I’ll toast to you!

    I love this site, and your ability to connect things, that I did not know were connected before! (I-69, gas station pizza, the name James…etc)

    Thank you for helping me see the light.

    Heheh, happy Friday!


  29. Mornin’ Sunshines!

    That video was absolutely awesome!

    I believe I’m going to change my name to Doris now. And I love that my future fiance was mentioned in your letter today UC!

    • I’ve got dibs on Helen, Doris.

  30. There’s a new photo gallery on the EW website of the new cast members. Please to enjoy:,,20234559_20234565_20273159,00.html

    • WOW, they actually did great on getting good, up to date pics of the cast! That kid freaky kid looked normal lol.

    • That Cameron Bright scares the crap outta me…..*shutters*

      • Totes understand!

      • OMG…he does me too! Glad I’m not alone!!

  31. whose marrying jackson?

    you got some cutie kiddies in your future….

    • I’ve got the new guy Demetri. Not sure about Jackson, have forgotten.

  32. Love, Love, Love today’s letter except for the part where you speak of age 23… that made my heart skip a beat in pre-mature motherly nervousness. but you made it better with your speak of morse code…

    IfOnly and Soccermoon… phenomenal. excellent job picking the song to go along as well.

    and just because you are always giving to us, today, i’ve decided to give to you UC…

    “How do you say “fake lesbian” in morse…?”

    F A K E L E S B I A N

    ..-. | .- | -.- | –
    .-.. | . | … | -… | .. | .- | -.

    p.s. i’ve clearly got time on my hands this morning… or, to be more truthful, a strong desire to avoid work on a Friday morning.

    • ROTFLMAO! Oh my gosh–priceless!

    • LMAO Calli – love that you posted this! You’re awesome!

      • @IfOnly
        no silly, you’re awesome for that video! “watch out Hollywood! someone’s coming for you” <— please say this in that uber cheesy Mike Newton, “how you liking the rain Arizona” voice.

        p.s. please pass these sentiments onto Soccermom

    • WOW!!! Very clever and funny.

  33. @Soccermom and IfOnly

    Great vid and great song choice!! Loved loved loved the song choice!


    You’re amazing!! Superb letter!


    Does anyone have a link to the “Shut up in your face!” thing?? Cause I want to see that!!


    PS – Last night was the first night I dreamt of Robert’s peen. I woke up smiling!! I think I dreamt of him because I was sending UC & Moon Rob vids at like 1 am. I don’t know, but I can’t get the image out of my head even now! /temperature rising


      I think I watched this 50 times last night, I was crying from laughing so hard. I think I peed a little to, LMAO!

      I love how versatile he is! He even sounds different! Hilarious!

      • Report on the peen!

        • I’m way too embarassed!! I even started making up a poem about it it was that glorious!! /hypervetilating

      • btw, why didn’t she flush the toilet? LOL!

        • Do you girls know what he says at 00:46 in that video? I swear he says “panties”! But I’m a perv and that’s what I WANT him to say! teehee

          And yes, why didn’t she flush? But then you don’t hear the water running when she’s supposedly washing her hands either.

          • But she didn’t even turn around to flush the toilet…That’s SCANDALOUS!

          • I think he said “oh no, your parents divorced”

          • He says very quickly “oh no, your parents are divorced.” We like how you think though

      • I noticed his voice too. It seems different with every character he plays. How does he do that??

        • He does it because he’s a genius actor!!!

      • omg, i love it so much!!!!

        • Yeah, he says “you’re parents are divorced”
          but I had to turn it up to hear that because at
          first I thought he was referring to her panties to,

          • In my head he’s saying “panties” so I’ll just stick with that!! haha

  34. Good morning ladies! IfOnly and Smom here…

    @UC – Thanks so much for posting our video! Your letter was great!! But we also wondered if it was tax day happy hour take 2 because we don’t want Rob drinking the BMW either!

    @Everyone – Glad you all liked the Video! We were excited about it and hoped everyone would like it as much as we did. We wanted to let you all know how this video came to be. We didn’t set out looking at pics that were alike to just make a video. Smom was surfing the net looking at JD photos because RP reminded her of JD. But as she got to looking at the JD pics, she noticed how similar the poses were to RP’s pics (because, of course, she has every RP picture etched in her brain). So she started emailing them to IfOnly to see if she thought Smom was just crazy (you know, like everyone was starting to look like Rob or something). IfOnly’s eyes popped out of her head – the window picture was so eerily similar that we felt like they were both looking out the same window. It was also kind of ironic that she started looking at these pics the day before the leather jacket picture surfaced. Once we saw that picture, we knew we had to make a project out of it. However, Smom’s draft of this comparison started out as a very sad looking word document (poor Smom couldn’t even resize the pictures lol). So, that is when IfOnly stepped in and helped edit the project. We love Rob’s song with this too. It seemed to fit so perfectly and it was the first song IfOnly looked at to try with it. IfOnly also had a hard time with the girl pic, so we made sure that we called it “the girl”, not “his girl”. We also loved “the view from behind” because we have always thought that Rob looked like he was peeing on the tire and then JD is actually peeing in his pic! (love a guy who can mulittask -ifyouknowhatimsayingandithinkyoudo)LOL

    @ Junsikat – yeah, there probably isn’t much of a difference between “the stare” and “the intense gaze” but we have picture mind reading abilities and their thoughts were clearly different for these titles. 😉

    It is also so perfect that UC posted this today as Smom and IfOnly had planned this day together a few weeks ago – Robkarma that we get to be together today!

    • Oh yes, now I can see the slightest difference between their thoughts in the different pics! LOL
      And I love how you talk about yourselves in third person – priceless!!!
      I also have to admit I know you wrote “the girl” but the jealous 13yr old fangirl in me just always gets offended when it comes to KStew *bwahahaha*

      • IfOnly does too! She had to make sure that both girl pics were from movie promos as well. We convert to third person typing when we are together. LOL Helps us keep who is saying/thinking what separate. It’s our third brain.

        • I think that’s NORMAL, IfOnly, ❤ you!
          And ❤ your third brain, ladies!

    • IfOnly and SMom: Great vid! I’m loving the peeing pics, my fav. I’ve always thought that Rob was the next James Dean. Your vid just proves it. SQUEEE!!!!

  35. Screw this “Be Safe” business….if I ever meet Rob I’m asking him to write “Shut up in your face” on my poster! After I tell him “I just wanna try one thing” LOL!

    • Are you gonna poke him in his cheek too?? I totally would!

      • Totally!

    • If I ever meet rob, I couldn’t ask him anything. I am not really sure my voice would work. I mean…looking at him in pictures gives me shivers…I’m not sure what actually LOOKING at him in real life would do to me.

      I’m willing to find out.

  36. Another similarity:

    Did anyone else notice the facial expressions were the same?? Like how their brows crinkle and furrow together?? Maybe that’s just me.


    • I wonder if he studies people for roles? Because I would think the James Dean character came out in Edward/Rob in Twilight.

      I know I read something about “how to be” and the director said Rob actually read the script (guess some people don’t) and he asked questions trying to perfect it.

      • Even in interviews though he works the worried eyebrow look like a champ. Here’s one that I found last night that I hadn’t seen before. Watch his eyebrows/face.

        • Good Video Myria – I think he looks cute in this vid in his little lumber jack (yeah jack) shirt! ….yum!

          • He looks totally gorgeous in it!!

          • I’ve never seen it either. Um… I stroked the screen. (This is the crazy train right?)

      • He does! I completely forget where I heard/saw/read this, but for his American accent for Twilight, he wanted to make it old school, something like James Dean or Clint Eastwood.

  37. Every morning I come online and check your website. I even have it marked on my bookmarks bar so all I have to do is click and I’m here reading up on my obsession, Rob.

    I just want to thank you for supplying my life with what I hold dear to me.

    • you are welcome, darling:) we are SO happy to do it!

  38. Oooo I totally just remembered – I had a Robert Dream last night – we were walking along the beach and he was helping me look for my dog. Strange I don’t have a dog….maybe I was trying to trick him in my dream to “look for my dog” so I could take advantage of him in the sand. 🙂 That must of been why I woke up in such a great mood today!

    • Maybe you should GET a dog and TAKE it to the beach. Maybe your having an Alice vision?

  39. I haven’t commented on the video girls because I haven’t seen it yet. I cant’ view it at work. But, from what I can tell from the comments I’m reading…’s awesome!

  40. *Nods in fervent agreement*

    Which is why over at LJ, I use this icon from time to time:

    (Credit to the brilliant cleolinda)

  41. WHOA!

    • Holy Hotness – My heart can’t handle it!

    • WOW, well done. that is some good sh*t right there.

      • Thanks!

    • What is it? Jena and I are video-less @ work.

      • Rob… nekkid.

        • just kidding … it’s not nice to tease the visually challenged. It’s a Hot Rob video… to mariah carey’s fantasy.

          Dear Rob,
          I’ve been bad. I’m ready to accept my punishment. Please be harsh.

          • Dear Rob

            I have NOT been bad today.

            But punish me anyway.

            xox EG

    • I can’t see it!! It won’t play on my iPhone!! I’ll have to just wait until tonight. 😦

  42. Thinking back on my Rob peen dream and singing:

    *I kissed your peen and I liked it…I hope my hubby don’t mind it…it felt so wrong….it felt so right…I think I’m in lurve tonight*

    • Nice….lol


    • I just now finished LYLS. That change was a-ma-zing. Starting ALE…

      • I finished LYLS last night too and started ALE. I’m on ch 7. I wish I had time to read it all day.

  44. @UC ._ _…_.._ .___. Pretty sure that is “fake lesbian” in Morse Code, but I’ll have to dig through my survival guide to make sure.

    Another coincidence: I loved James Dean as a teen and now I love Rpattz as a mom of an almost teen. Eerie isn’t it???

  45. That video was awesome. Actually had some pics in it that I hadn’t seen yet.

    I love goofy Rob. And Serious Rob. And Playful Rob. And Nervous Rob. And Introspective Rob. And…

    Well, you get the picture.

  46. @SMom @IfOnly…Great video! The similiarities are eerie ..
    We were made to watch Rebel Without A Cause in 8th grade and I loved it.

    You guys did amazing work on that!

    @Calli: why did you putting down the morse code for fake lesbians NOT surprise me? Lol…

    @UC: I applaud ya’l’l with being able to come up with new material every day….you guys are hilarious and very imaginative!

    • hehe… Hi M.J.!

  47. Does anyone know how to make an mp3 of the “shut up in your face” (just that)? If so I’m requesting it please! LOL!

    • You should ask JBell…
      She knows how. I can, but I’m not good at it.

  48. Ok, it’s Friday and I haven’t really worked all week. SO i’m going to be a good girl and close the LTR window so as not to be tempted today (and so I don’t lose my job).


  49. Loved the video and the note. One thing missing though was mention of uncanny eyebrow resemblance. I mean seriously, they both probably needed some grooming.

    • does licking rob’s eyebrows count as grooming?

      • I call dibs on that.

        • can i help?

  50. I have nearly gone cold turkey today – went out early and only just got back to look at LTR and it is 6.16pm here in the UK. Excruciating.
    Don’t recommend it at all.

    • Oh my. Are you feeling okay? Need an aspirin?

      • I need something way stronger than aspirin.

        6’2″, slim, bed-hed hair, gentle eyes, graceful hands ….. AARRRRGGGHHH

        I am an addict.

        • I love your description….swoon.

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