Posted by: themoonisdown | April 18, 2009

Robert Pattinson, The Nerd, My lover!

Dear Rob-

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again… I love me some nerdy Rob. I’m not joking… bring on the glasses and lame ass rainbow sweaters ANY day and I will be all over you like white on rice. So apparently this is form The Bad Mothers Handbook (im such a good fan I know everything about you… sorta. uh not really) which I really need to see. Please have your mom Clare send me a copy from her personal collection of all your greatest works.

I think I have what professionals might call a “nerd fetish.” Please help me… make my day and talk nerdy to me Rob!



  1. I`m right by your side – I love nerdy Rob!!

    I like this film a lot. The scenes in the hospital are genius and I love the ending…

    Could watch this film over and over again.

    • i love rob, even if he’s nerdy, he’s like the hottest man alive, right? πŸ™‚ please let me know if you get new news on robbie! πŸ™‚ love him 2 bits! Hugs and kisses, kim mwa

    • ohhh must watch!

  2. Great post, Moon! That video is stellar, perfect song πŸ™‚ If only that red velvet blazer at :58 – 1:15 was a little brighter red, I’d think it was the one he wore to the GOF premiere! Which would be an act of RealLifeNerdyRob, whom I adore.

    • RLNR = my favorite kind of rob!

  3. Yep, he is truly adorkable in this movie. Love the long legs in the skinny jeans with the awkward, stumbling walk.

    I always crack up when he tells her to “wee on the stick”

    • adorkable!! thats a great word!! genius! >_<

  4. woah.

    he looks like austin powers with that blazer at 1:00

  5. He’s awesome in this! So sweet and thoughtful. I love me some nerdy Rob, too! “Talk nerdy to me, Rob” – LOL, snort!

    • Definitely talk nerdy to me!

  6. Aww he is so cute – I liked the part when he had the ice cream – holy hotness. Morning Ladies!

  7. I found this interview of Robert – It’s about Twilight. Don’t know if you have heard it before – but he giggles and sounds so cute!!

  8. I love British nerds starring in an After School Special about teen pregnancy.

    • Yes! One of my favorite genres!

    • this afternoon at 3 a very special program all teen need to see!!!!!!!!

  9. Even as nerdy Rob he has the hand in the hair trademark and when he kisses her at the end he has the “I’m in pain” brow movement. This makes my insides gooey.



    • uh huh, me too!

  10. Morning all…any word from Jbell about last night?

    • Morning!!!

      Yeah, she meet the cast. Rob was a no show. Says all the guys were really nice. Got pics and autographs. I’m sure she post later.

  11. Love!! Love!! Love!! Nerdy Rob!!
    Moon thanks for recognizing the greatness of Nerdy Rob.
    Love the Rainbow Sweater, Love the Glasses, Love the adorkableness, and Love those really tight black jeans.

    “I will be all over you like white on rice.” I’m right there with ya.
    If I every see Nerdy Rob it gonna be on like Donkey Kong (thanks Robzilla for bringing that one back πŸ™‚ ).
    Dear Clare,
    Can you please “accidentally” leak some of Rob’s school pictures. I’m not a pedophile. Just wanna know what our kids are gonna look like. I sure he was so adorkable in his school boy uniform. Come on help a sister out.


    • LMAO “I’m not a pedophile”

      Too funny.

    • LMAO @ ” I just wanna know what our kids would look like”!

    • There is a photo out there of him in a blue school uniform – smart blazer, tie etc. Typical British school uniform. He’s probably about 8 or 9 years old? His hair is really blond and he’s got this cute stubborn little look on his face – but he looks absolutely angelic (I am putting my mother’s hat on to write this of course, no silliness intended at all). So sweet. If Rob ever becomes a daddy, his children are going to be seriously pretty.

      Sadly Carrie I am not sufficiently clever to have a photobucket account with the photo stored in it … have you not seen it? I’m sure it was on Robsessed a while back for example. I don’t look too far for my Rob fix so it certainly wasn’t anywhere obscure.

    • “I’m not a pedophile. Just wanna know what our kids are gonna look like”

      THATS NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!

      • Thanks!!! I Am Normal!!! πŸ™‚ LOL!!!

        Would it be normal if I made an air-brushed T-shirt with “That’s Normal” with rainbows and unicorns. I am so gonna wear next week to the Bobby/Sam show.

  12. Love the video, love the song, love Rob…Nerdy, grungy, whatever!

  13. Is there any way I can see The Bad Mothers Handbook?!

    • It was on YouTube for a while – not sure if it’s still there.

  14. Good morning y’all !!!! * smmochesss* I do love nerdy rob, sometimes it feels like that’s what he really is in RL but he is so adorkable nonetheless!

  15. hahaha Moon…that last sentence…
    made me think of you singing to him..

    Down the basement,
    lock the cellar door .
    and Robbie, talk nerdy to me”

    Sheesh, babysitting will make you lose your’s gonna be a LONG day….wish me luck that I don’t bind, gag, and shove some kiddies in the closet…of course that’s just a joke…just pray that I have hair at the end of this adventure…

  16. Bad Mother’s Handbook = Genius!! All moms will love it!

    Thanks goodness whoever made this vid used the scene with Rob and the ice cream, cause he looks smoking in that scene.

    Hospital scene was great too!

    You can watch on Google videos here:

    • Amber
      I love seeing you here again!

  17. @ Moon

    Thanks for reminding me how good TBMH is – I must order the DVD. I watched it once on Youtube, but would like to see it on a proper TV so that I can ogle Rob’s string bean legs. seriously he looks so much taller in this, must have been the skinny jeans and he must have been even skinnier than he is now. (PS Rob you are looking a bit TOO skinny lately. A liquid diet is not sufficient and a pint of whatever does not count as food by the way.)

    And as for wanting Rob to “talk nerdy” to you Moon …. frankly Rob could read the phone directory to me and I’d be in 7th heaven by about the 3rd listing …

  18. Moon I will fight you for Nerdy Rob.. i can’t control myself around the nerds either…

    (ps.. maybe philly-guy isn’t the best fit.. he seems much cooler than daniel gale)

    • you really did not just post that here

  19. Ok I’ve watched it and I seriously do think that the red velvet jacket is the same one Rob wore to the GOF premiere haha maybe I just really HOPE it is…

    • I must admit I thought/presumed it was.

      Rob’s got his own unlaced boots on too in scenes I think …

      Very sad how we know his wardrobe isn’t it.

      • Yea I noticed those too! In the yard πŸ™‚

  20. Goooood morning. You guys are gonna hate me after I tell you my Sam stories squeeeeeeee
    and I got news for you too UC.

    • Ready and waiting to hate …..

  21. Can’t hide that jawline. *sigh* Love it.

  22. @UC So I was talking to Sam last night and I causally asked him if he ever comments on peoples blogs. He looked at me and laughed and said are you talking about Letters to Rob and I laughed and said yes. He said yes that was me. He shook his head, laughed and said “those girls…”

    It is 100% confirmed it was Sam. I went out of my way not to mention the name of the blog or anything and he knew right away what I was talking about. And I never ever ever mentioned anything about Rob at all.

    I have a ton of pics and video and my friend videod one of my 3 convos with him.

    • Oh boy, hehe.

    • That’s made my day. How totally funny!

    • Hey Sam!!!

      We ❀ you too!

    • Wow…THAT is great! I wonder if he’s told Rob about us girls over here….dare we dream that he’s read some of our letters? Ummm….then again, maybe some mystery would be in order since some of our comments, especially after a few glasses of wine might scare him πŸ˜‰

    • He’s totes lurking here, probably every night, reading all this. Wonder if he’s mentioned it to Rob?

      So now he knows about JBell and her evil plan to get with Rob. LMFAO!!

      I am jealous that you got to see Sam, he’s great. And a private session of the new song. I hate you right now and by that I mean I adore you!

      • SHHHHHHH!!! LMFAO I’m so creeped out… I’m completely normal Sam, I promise.

        Seriously, – you know we’re all kidding right? You like the wit & humor, we know you do…:)

    • Okay, the fact that out of 8364 BAGILLION blogs he asks if it was “Letter to Rob” freaks me out. Homeboy is lurkin’ on the DL; maybe not everyday, but definitely on the regular.

      Holy. Crap.

      I feel the need to change my gravi… lmfao


      must share all details, pics, etc!

    • *waves* hi sam!!! i swear to you we are really err…normal!honest!!!! *cross my heart*

      @UC…delete my posts!! LOL

      btw,who is supposed to be engaged to sam?

      • isn’t it Carter? I’m probably mistaken.

        JAG, that is just too crazy! You know he is lurking everyday, and why wouldn’t he tell Rob what we say. I’m sure I would if it was a friend of mine.

  23. so damn hot… that kiss at the end just made me melt a little…

  24. SOOO glad I’ve kept it incognito over here!

    Dear Rob,

    Just in case you do get word of our little comments over here at LTR, I’d like to express my heartfelt words to you. As much as I truly love you(and know that one day you will find me and we will make sweet sweet lurve) I cannot reveal my true identity on this site. WHAAAAT??? (you ask in your crazy Rob voice) Well, you see, there are many “haters” (read: my husband, my real life friends, and anyone that doesn’t think women my age should write letters to celebrities that will never answer them) out there that don’t get what it is we do on here, and well, I can’t bear the ridicule when I know what we have is so real and special.

    I hope you understand, and when you do decide to talk to me (or take me to your apt and do wonderfully dirty things to me), just leave me a message on here, and I will gladly reveal my true identity.

    Give my love to Sam…

  25. This place is so slow today I might have to start a new FF.

  26. Love, love, love TBMH. Daniel Gale may be a nerdy, akward guy, but somehow Rob just makes him…HOT!!! Have to go with the girls on this…love me some nerd!

    • If any nerds in my school looked like him, I would’ve been all over him!

      Rob is sexy even as a nerd, how can anyone deny this? Ah, the ice cream scene, so hot, want to touch the heiny!

  27. @Carrie

    Here’s the pic English Girl is talking about. So very cute with his bowl haircut.*full-image

  28. @UC Nerdy Rob is my fave too. You must see this movie, he is so great in it. You can watch it over at google videos in it’s entirety.

    • Watching it now whilst doing a bit of paperwork … I really like the rapport between him and Holly G. the actress who plays the girl, they are sweet together.

    • When or where can we see your pics and vid from last night? I am salivating over Sam today, he seems so sweet and cuddly.

      Gotta go off-roadin with the hubbs, so I’ll check back in later.

  29. I LOVE geeky Rob! Possibly more than Edward-Rob!
    He’s SO cute with his little glasses and his knowledge about everyting. Love the ugly “hawaii”-shirt, he’s wearing in the scene in his parents’ conservatory, it’s so geek-chic!
    You should watch it!
    Not only for Rob’s performance, but also for the brilliance that is Catherine Tate!
    The entire movie is here:

  30. the bad mothers handbook is really cute!

  31. So I just watched the movie. I freakin loved it! He is so hot. There is so much to do in RL today but I may just watch it again.

    • It’s so funny. Just got to the bit where Charlie is in labour and tells Daniel “If you ever try to have sex with me I’ll kill you … ” and then squeezes a wet flannel all over his crotch. Priceless.

  32. So here’s my random question for the day. I’m 31 (still young, right? Right???), married, no kids…am I still considered a TwiMom or what? lol

    • Negative. lol

      TwiMoms=PattinPants Lady in my book

    • If you plan to have kids then you can be a Pre-Twimom…lol

  33. Rob spotted in Cali last night says “sources” πŸ˜‰

    • @jbell….hey i requested you on twitter and you haven’t approved me yet! Mkenn076 (that’s me)

      And I love how we just posted the same dang thing!

  34. Rob back in LA last night?

  35. now i’ve got the Weird Al song “white and nerdy stuck in my head!! but Rob is kinda in a music video there too! crazy!

  36. He was wearing skinny cut off jeans? I hope there is photographic evidence of that, lol.

    • This is really wierd – I just cannot imagine Rob with his knees on display.

      • Capris? Clam diggers? LMAO

        • LMAO he had on culottes!

          • mmmmmm…. daisy dukes?

  37. Pics of the Bday party outfits..

    • Jasper’s hair= FAIL!

      • Seriously WTF???

        • Isn’t that just bloody awful?? Pardon the pun.

      • MAJOR FAIL. that mad me a sad moon. 😦

  38. OMG I saw just the parts he was in and he did REALLY good…..except now everytime I see him in something I get the giggles….lol

    I LOVE his schmexy accent

  39. Here are ALL the pics the girls got of the party clothes, and new pics of Edward…in costume.

    • Oh God, yes Jackson/Jasper’s wig is awful. What a shame, I mean he has great hair himself if they’d just let him have it (although it’s in a wierd cut presently for a previous role?).

  40. I’m typing up my HTB experience from last night, will post in a little while.

    PS – Rob obviously ISN’T and WASN’T in LA last night at Coachella seeing as how he was on set (PICTURE PROOF) at the Cullen house. ;] This is why I sometimes LOVE the set stalkers because they prove media outlets WRONG who are just throwing his name around for publicity.

    • amen sister… and if you know la hipsters like i do… at least 98% of the dorks out at coachella would look like rob to some dumb girl who doesnt know anything and would get confused cause shes on so much x and booze while the sun baked her brain!

      ps do we really think our rob would wear CUT OFFS??!! clue #1 πŸ™‚

      • AMEN to the CUTOFFS!! I almost died laughing with picturing that in my head. Seriously; almost died.

      • Yeah! The cutoffs thing also “proved” to me that this was made up. I cannot (read: would not) imagine Rob’s pale british legs on display in a pair of cutoffs!

  41. Great post! I JUST watched ‘bad mother’s handbook’ today and i agree ‘Nerdy Rob’ is indeed a fiiiiiiiiiine Rob.

  42. nerds <333333

    nerdy rob <3333333333333333

    i love awkwardness.

  43. I want Rob to give me his *beef stick*. I would take it with much more enthusiam than that girl did.

    *beef stick hand off .53 seconds in.

    And yes, the whore in me, thought that was hot.

    • Alright that was a chocolate bar…damn. I wish it was something else.. and yea he is so adorable in this. Nerds rule.. gotta love em.

  44. r-Patz rulez!!! He’s dorkalicious!! :)) hugs kim

  45. Thanks for posting the link to watch TBMH. Just finished it and absolutely loved it! Just further confirmation of what an awesome actor our Rob is. I had to keep going back and watching his final part when he’s at the bathroom door. Just kept watching it over and over….

    • That’s my favorite part! yummy!

  46. First pix of Sam.

    Did I mention the beer was FREE there last nite, oh my head. I’m a little slow today. Going thru the vids now. I asked Sam to play Pretty Boy, song he wrote about a friend of his will be on the new album. He played about half of it, he wasnt prepared for it. He also played the FULL song that he and Rob wrote together recently. Since there were only about 25 of us he agreed to play it if we all turned our cameras off, so we did. It was amazing!

    • Sigh *swoon* I love my bf.

      lmfao (again Sam, let me reiterate – I am completely normal.)

    • Only 25 there – oh no – were more expected. Where was the gig? Sorry obviously not paying attention at some point in the last few days – probably searching for flying panties or trying not to fall off chair or utter inappropriate noises or something.

      • Venue was size of my living room. Very intimate, he was on raised platform and we sat on floor and stools. It was all ages too. It was like watching a friend play at their house. He did a second set later that night (with FREE beer) and it was jammed with ppl like sardines. I think 2-3 other bands played with him later.

        • Thanks for giving the details JAG. It sounds like an awsome experience–up close and personal.

        • Wow – you lucky thing. Up close and personal eh?

  47. ‘How To Be’ screening at the Athens Theatre in DeLand, FL –

    I’m gonna try to make this as concise as possible because I could lit’rally go on forever. My IRL BFF, her other BFF (she just tagged along and totes doesn’t get the hype; pretty much runined my buzz for the night but I tried my best to ignore it) and I got to the Athens Theatre around 7pm. There was already a line across the front of the building and into the adjacent parking lot. I got our tickets and we got in line and only stood there for about 5 minutes until they started letting us in. The theatre is really beautiful. We got our seats and did some people watching and kept lookout for crazy TwiHards/TwiMoms/fangirls πŸ˜‰ There was an array of people there – ages ranging from 7 to about 65. Mom’s with teens, Dad’s with teens, Florida Old People, guys with girlfriends… but mostly just small groups of women.

    Oliver Irving (director/writer), Johnny White (Ronny), Mike Pearce (Nikki) and Joe Hastings (Composer/in charge of music) came in to the theatre a little late – they got stuck in Friday afternoon 5:00 downtown Orlando traffic – and introduced the film. The movie was really cute and Rob was great as Art, of course. I actually thought that Johnny and Mike did superb as well, maybe even better than Rob? Their performances were a little more memorable I think. *ducks* So as the movie ended the guys came back in and started the Q&A. All of the questions asked were very legitimate, well thought-out questions. I was quite impressed with my fellow movie-goers; very proud. There was one question (just one!), of course, about Rob and what it was like to work with him (from the youngest girl there, 7 years old, so I let her pass). The guys were so laid back and chill it was amazing. They each gave their input/answer to every question asked and fed off of eachother’s nervousness and embarrassment. They also did a raffle – $5/ticket – to win a movie poster signed by all of them PLUS ROB. Yeah, I bought a ticket, no I didn’t get it. 😦

    They finally kicked us out of the theatre and moved us to the lobby where the guys stood behind a counter for pictures and autographs. The lobby was tiny so we stood off to the side waiting for the crowd to thin out. We started up a conversation with Lucinda, the self-appointed PR person/manager for the guys. She was really cool telling us how she got involved with this whole deal and gave us the dates of the soundtrack and DVD releases. (Um, yeah. I was biting my tongue trying not to jump ahead of her on the dates and be like ‘Oh yeah! Dreamboat is mailing the CDs starting tomorrow!’ LOL) She told us about the Austin Film Festival and how that was the only screening Rob was able to go to. I asked her if what I heard was true about Rob’s management being a pain in the ass about letting him come out and she laughed and gave me that look like ‘You have no idea.’ but she said they all understand that he’s a lot bigger than this ‘dinky’ film now, but they know he would love very much to be at the intimate venues with less stress. (DUH! I said that. I need to beat Nick Frenkel about the head with a blunt object.)

    FINALLY they kicked everyone out of the lobby and out onto the sidewalk in front of the theatre under the marquee. That’s when we swooped in and started chatting up Mike and Johnny. I handed Mike two posters along with a Sharpie since he only had a PEN and he commented on how prepared I was. (Uh, yeah!) Johnny was chatting with us and I told him I liked his Mickey Mouse sticker on his jacket and asked if they had actually gone to Disney since I know they give those stickers out when you go. He and Mike were telling us how insane it was to them that they were leaving England at 5:30 that morning (London time) and now here they were in America going to Disney World and now signing autographs at a screening of a film they were in. I didn’t get pictures with them because I got so drawn into the conversation. I likened it to having a casual, normal conversation with friends; you don’t go around having conversations with your friends and randomly ask them if they’ll take a picture with you! lol Oliver was really engrossed in a coversation with a young guy who was a film student and was asking him questions about directing and such. I waited politely until Oliver saw I was standing there and when he noticed me I asked him to sign the posters. He was impressed that I had 8.5×11 pictures/posters for him to sign, seeing as how everyone else was just having the guys sign their admission tickets. I told him I like to be prepared and he laughed. I of course told him how impressed I was with the film and so happy that he’s now getting recognition for it. He said it’s all very surreal to him, but he is extremely grateful for the support it’s getting; he also said that the money from the raffle goes toward their traveling expenses to get everyone from city to city. We did wind up getting a group picture with him, so that was nice. (Won’t be putting it up because I look atrocious in it, plus I don’t know how to do that cool ass Eclipse ribbon indentity concealer for my friends like Moon & UC lol)

    All in all, the guys were AMAZING and just great. They all spoke very softly/quietly, very Rob-esque, and were really funny. The movie was good, though I had to really focus on some parts to understand the lines. (lol Must be a Brit thing with the soft spoken-ness and mumbling. Am I right English Girl?? πŸ˜‰ ) “Two very enthusiatic thumbs up, fine holiday fun.” [Name that movie quote.]

    And my autographed poster/picture here –

    PS – This didn’t turn out to be very concise. LOL

    • PPS – Some chick brought Pocket Edward. She had Mike hold him and got Johnny & Joe in the pic too. I couldn’t get that picture because I was in shock at what was happening, but I got this one for proof. Mike said “You’re insane.” and laughed it off; I think he was scared of her…

    • Great story…you must share pic. Send it to Moon/Uc and have them add the ribbon. ❀

      Florida Old People LMFAO

      • Using the term ‘geriatrics’ makes them sound like fossils, but they weren’t… they were just… older lol

    • PPS – Joe kept staring in our direction while they were doing Q&A. I didn’t take too many pics because I wanted to actually listen and pay attention to what was being asked and answered. He kept doing funny things with him hands and face when I would take a pic. Not him flipping the bird…

      • There all kinda hot! Hmmm JBell you must move to London Stat so I can visit.

    • Aw thanks for that JBell. I absolutely can’t wait to see this.

      Interesting that you liked Johnny and Mike’s performances so much. I think I read that neither of them had acted in anything much before, so I suspect they were simply being themselves with a lot of good direction from Oliver. Which is possibly why they came over so well (I dunno … it’s not as if I have seen anything other than clips from the film so far.

      I do think we often speak a lot quieter over here, with less emphasis, so it is a bit mumbly sometimes. We waffle alot too. At least I do.

    • PPPS – lol Yes, again. I have to post in separate comments to avoid the whole SPAM issue, you know the deal. Anywho, the boys were all dressed VERY James Dean-esque and considering yesterday’s video, I was laughing to myself.

      White TShirts. Dark skinny jeans with the cuffs rolled up. Leather jackets. Black shoes! (lol I thought of you again English Girl, telling us about the shoe difference)

      • This must be a really surreal experience for them all. I can’t believe they had a raffle to fundraise. Poor babes. I feel like I should send them a postal order donation for their troubles …

        • I can’t tell you how much money they made last night alone. I only bought one, but the girl in front of me bought TWELVE tickets (she didn’t win) and someone after me bought TWENTY. (she didn’t get the poster either lol)

    • JBell thanks for sharing all the details with us. I’m so glad you had a good experience. They sound like such a nice bunch of guys. It must have felt surreal for them to go from London to Disney World to autographing everything all in one day. It’s sweet. Good pics! I’m going to keep that in mind to not take anyone who is not really a fan to any of these Rob or Rob related experiences. Who needs a buzz kill? Love you.

    • girl, you do need a blog, want me to help you set one up! lol
      or maybe write a book!

    • Love your recap! I wish it was coming here again. Can’t believe I missed it last year in Austin.

      I totally forgot that they are sending out the CDs soon. Can’t wait!

    • a good fan is always prepared! and so is a good boyscout! YEAAA!! jbell im so glad you saw it and had a great time!!!

      and i will add any eclipse ribbons you would like!

  48. @JBell> thanks for sharing! Love to read about people’s experiences and how much fun they had!

    Can’t wait til the movie screens in canadaland.

    • Judy where are you again…in Canada?

      • @Just a Girl> I’m in vancity. Are u in Canada too?

        • Yep, Toronto

          • oh yeah, I think we talked about that already πŸ˜› sorry got major STML hehe

  49. So my homepage is saying that Rob is sleeping with the extras. My question is whats wrong with that? He can do whatever the fuk he wants to right?
    PS: How do you become an extra? I would happily dress up as a tree should it get me alittle rob time!)

    • LMAO

      • LOL, We gotta research this one, so it can be added to the list of great ideas to get to RP

        1. Start a cab company and flatten the tires of all other local companies in whatever city he is in.
        2. Throw the Wedding Fiesta…then share and share alike.
        3. Become extras in any of his movies.

        What have I missed?

        • one of us should get a job at summit LOL.i nominate jbell,investigative reporter extrordinaire!

          • TRUE. THAT.

    • your homepage = fail lol

    • @PishPosh BWHAHAHAHA! me too me too! LOL

  50. “Two very enthusiastic thumbs up, fine holiday fun.”

    Sorry, normally I just lurk here, but I can’t resist playing movie trivia!!

    You guys are a hoot! OK, I’ll go back to my lurking, now.

    • no !!! stay out of lurkdom! it’s too much fun here!!!

    • STAY!!! and welcome out of the shadows!!!!!!!

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