Posted by: Bekah | April 11, 2009

What we like about Rob on Saturday mornings…

Dear Rob,

Moon & I were just chatting online about our upcoming posts for this week, and I realized just how easy-going we are.  We don’t fight over who gets to post on LTR vs. LTT, and we don’t really have a posting schedule or anything. It has just kinda worked out for us these past few months. This following convo. from 5 minutes ago is a great example of our teamwork:

Moon: so do you wanna do Rob and I hit up LTT? or vice versa?
UC: yes, I wanna do Rob. Thanks for asking

See, it always just works out so nicely between friends.


Without further ado, your Saturday AM Delight:


Click me to experience the full pleasure of the wallpaper

Click me to for complete wallpaper experience

As an added bonus and because I’m feeling generous and sad that I can’t give you all Easter candy tomorrow, here is some new wallpaper made by a friend of Jena’s- a long-time LTR-gal. This fan has been collecting vampires for 30 years and finds Edward/Rob a juicy young addition to her harem!

Also did you see our little banner to your right? The Dazzle award winners were announced, and we can officially say we won for best Rob Fansite! THANKS to EVERYONE who voted so many times to help us win- especially in those last moments! We’ll be doing a special thank-you in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!



  1. Just got up after a hard working night at my new job besides university and no matter how hungover I feel right now, you made me smile…as ALWAYS – Thank you so, so, so much!
    I love Saturday AM Delights 🙂

    • it’s my fav part of the week! you’re welcome xo

  2. 2.21 adds further, err, proof to your recent theories, gals.

    I can’t believe I check this site everyday now. It’s fucking *hilarious* and I don’t even get the Rob thang.

    • @ Natalie “and I don’t even get the Rob thang.”

      *sharp intake of breath* *jaw drops and hits desk*

      You must take yourself off to the doctor or optician right now … there is obviously something very wrong. I am worried for you …..

      (xox just jokin’ of course)

      • Oh my..ummm help me out some one what did Natalie say????? lol

        • I don’t even get the Rob thang

          • I would love to have a go at rob’s “thang”. Just sayin’

          • oh yea I saw that..I mean the letters side by side and that it formed words..I just couldn’t get my brain to comprehend the meaning ..TA

          • Right? It looks like English, and yet I can’t understand what she’s saying.

          • Rabbit is good, Rabbit is wise!… sorry been dying to say that lol I loved Twister!

    • natalie- no WAY! you read us every day and aren’t into Rob? awww! i feel so loved!

      • Yeah… I love your blog.

        You and Moon pretty much right for each other and not the 700 responders a day that you get…and that’s what makes it vairy, vairy funny…

        It’s how fandom should be – completely fun and irritational, no harm intended, keeping it err…real. Or something. Tongue in cheek bril.

        No, I don’t get the Rob thing…maybe that’s what makes it funny…watching it from this side of the fence.

  3. Congrats on the well-deserved Dazzle Award! Personally, I think you should both be rewarded for all your hard work with an Easter celebration in Vancouver with the cast of twilight…you could do a little youth church service with Kellan, dye easter eggs with Ashley and Rachelle, and then discuss Job from the bible with Rob.

    And then ask Rob what he gave up for lent…it obviously wasn’t smoking, alcohol, caffeine…maybe it was ironing? laundry detergent?

    Happy Easter/Passover/whatever you celebrate!!!!

    • “discuss Job from the bible with Rob”

      hahahha! cracking me up! Do you know how tempted i was to go and read the book of Job after hearing him talk about him in an interview!

      • I KNOW! I read alittle about Job and am still kinda flummoxed as to why some young middle class British kid finds him so relatable…

    • he gave me up for lent 😦 it was sad… but don’t worry .. since today is the last day.. i’ve been preparing for our reconnection… waxing, hair’s done, trip to vsecret.. new purfume… etc. etc. etc. he’s gonna be in great, er, need at the end of today..

  4. Now that’s some Saturday morning delight! Thanks for finding that one UC and Moon! Saved that to my faves now!

    I love that face he makes:

    And to all those involved in the Drunken Post Fest last night, sorry I passed out early, woke again on laptop! I gotta quit doing that! Not comfortable!

    Sorry I missed the rest of the fun! Round 2 later tonight anyone? Hair of the dog and all….LOL!

    Well, gotta go figure out the Easter Bunny shiz for the little one for tomorrow…I’ll check in later…

    • @SpunkMe…so did you wake up with a QWERT imprint on your face or what?? lol

  5. OH and YES! Congrats on the Dazzle Awards!!!

    UC and Moon are rockin’ the Rob world like nobody’s business!!!!


    • congrats guys on wining the dazzle awards and the damn great info on my future hubby, rob. . Hugs and kisses. . Kim south africa

      • on you’re welcome.. you’re in SOUTH AFRICA!????? You’re our first from Africa that I know of- YAY!

        • You should stalk people right back. Grab the traffic thingy from my site. It’s fun to see where people are coming from.

          • will grab!

          • traffic thingy haha love it…there is one for flags for diff countries and one for states…you should run both 🙂

        • Hey I’m African American with a little dash of Carribean and French Canadian thrown in…doesn’t that COUNT!!?

  6. Good morning ladies! Sorry I skipped out last night. I was drinkin’ my wine, spilling my guts to you all ready to settle in for the long haul last night, when SpunkMe posted the dirty girl video and I was DONE. I grabbed the hubby, went to the hot tub, and didn’t make it back to the computer last night 😉

    I did, however, go back and read all of you drunken posts…you girls are hysterical.
    Thanks to everyone who posted to me later after I was gone…It’s nice to have people here who understand!
    @Wendy – I completely get how you feel – that’s how I feel too….some days- BLAH! But LTR and LTT always put a smile on my face!

    I have no idea why I decided to share all of that last night, but I’m glad I did. We all have our reasons for being her, but the several glasses of wine and no dinner made me want to share mine! Thanks for indulging my sappy side for a minute in between the drinking game…which by the way, from the rules, looks like we will be drinking A LOT! LOL! 🙂

    Happy Holy Saturday to you all 🙂

    • Hot tub – ooh you lucky thing!

    • as the marketing person for a hot tub co. i feel it’s my duty to remind you to shock that hot tub REAL well today.. and don’t just use oxidizer… use actual chlorine

      maybe rinse out the filter too?

  7. Oh Girls 🙂 We love you so much! I look forward to this every Saturday and once again you did not disappoint! He is just so…..aahh….I don’t even think I can put a label on what he is. Just..Rob!

    I had fun last night, especially after I had to start the hunt and peck method of typing when things started to get all spinny..LOL! You girls are a riot!

    @chinamother – You are so sweet, we are hear for you on the sappy side and the fun side!The girls here have lifted me out of a funk a time or 2 as well! 🙂 (((hugs)))

    Good Morning everyone else! 🙂 I have my mom’s dance class here in about an hour. YIKES. This morning its gonna be hard to keep up, thank goodness I don’t get bad hangovers usually!

    Have a great day and a Wonderful Easter if I don’t talk to you!! ❤ XOXO

  8. WOW! what the heck did you guys do last night? over 1600 posts???? I may have to go read them out of curosity!
    Thanks for the great morning wake up!

    • over 1600 comments!? OMG… i’m just catching up on today.. it’s gonna take me FOREVS to catch up on last night!

  9. Happy Saturday!!!!!

    I love the wallpaper and the video!

  10. Congratulations, ladies! I have to say, this is the first site I check every day to get my Rob-fix. You all are awesome!

    Loved the video – I’d never seen Rob attack Kristin in Biology class before. Hysterical! Had to replay that one a few times. 🙂

    Also, loved, loved, LOVED the Easter treat! So much less fattening than chocolate and it creates a happier buzz, as well!

  11. The Dazzle looks good on the site – Congrats.

    • aww thanks lizzie… and can i be honest? every time i see your name i secretly hope you’re lizzie pattinson.. and then i secretly hope you’re not b/c that’d be weird if you’re on your bro’s sites.

      but i also secretly want you to be b/c i wanna be bffs. and not just so i can steal your phone and grab your bro’s #

      • If my parents are to be believed then alas no phone stealing for you UC. Probably a very good thing, the thoughts I have had about a certain someone would otherwise be just plain disturbing. I am now considering that I will have to change my name by deed poll, after all don’t want to freak the poor boy out at a delicate moment if you know what i mean

  12. hi my lovely LTR besties! * smmochees** omg,you girls who were on the drunken post fest are hilarious! I was just lurkin’ and reading but laughing along with yah,you’ll have to do that again!!! I swear my sides hurt from laughing so much ,what with all that crazy tweeting and reading ur post in here!

  13. The Dazzle Award is (finally) official!! YAY!
    Congrats, LTR!

  14. Congratulations Moon and UC!!!! LTR officially won the Dazzle Awards!!! You both rock !!!!

  15. I really must miss LTR, I keep on looking at that dazzle award banner up there! LOL

  16. Mornin’ Ladies!!
    Watching this video made me fall in love with Rob all over again. He is so adorkable.

    Last night was so much fun. I started to pass out on laptop and to call it a night.

    @FN happy to hear u are all done with the Sub. We must discuss. also must start the Dom.

    *Waves* Hello to all the LTR ladies.

    • I read the Sub….absolutely LOVED it!!! Read part of the Dom….I can’t wait for the finished product!!!

  17. What a great video! What a nice way to wake up 🙂 Congrats on the official Dazzle win!!

    Just found this video that I’ve never seen before – the article is leaning towards anti-Twilight, so I’m not posting for that, but the video of Rob is interesting!

    Hope you all have a great Saturday 🙂

    • I don’t care what Steph Meyer said, I think Rob had it spot on.

      And that is why the series has drawn people in so much.

  18. Just wanted to say hi, it’s the weekend and DH is home finally after a 2 week business trip…time to show him what I learned reading all the smutty FF’s while he was gone!

    See you all later 🙂

  19. @Sherin I was at book store yesterday. Acheron is in paperback now. I totally read the last couple of pages. *Sigh* I love Ash. The wedding was so sweet. Am totally all swooney over Ash.
    I might have to read Ash again. Don’t think I can read 1st half again. It’s too painful. Will just read part 2.

    • *waves* hi carrie!!! I so love that part of the book too! Im so glad he finally got married,although I’m kinds weirded out on d black wedding dress that Tory wore!!! LOL !!!! * sigh* shiz,who cares,I wanna marry Acheron,too

    • Is this another vampire series Carrie? What’s the proper name. I need something to compete with Twilight. I have a whole host of “worthy” reading on my bedside table and haven’t touched it since Xmas when I started Twilight. Seems like too much effort at the moment, much more fun to be on here!

      • @EG….it’s the dark hunter series by sherrilyn’s a really good read,try it!!!!! Acheron is one of the character that carrie n I are errr….. Lusting over LMAO !!!

        • Sounds like my kind of story then. Must go look for it later on Amazon.

          By the way I just realised that I can order How To Be on UK amazon for 5th May 2009. Yoo hooo. Now who was it who was offering to help out those of us who didn’t have the US cable channel showing it (Was it JBell? …. I won’t need one – I’ll be patient and wait until 5th May. Happy happy happy …

          • Yea so check this out.. HTB is coming out here in the states..I think the day after I fly out to London and then is released in the UK the day after I fly back…what the crap lol soooo I won’t get to see it the whole time I am gone…oh wait gonna be with Hubby so I shouldnt be thinking about….yea I need to Rob DETOX before the then…Egad

          • Oh nooooooooooooooo! That is too cruel.

            Still as you say, you will be so busy with hubby you won’t need Rob (especially because HTB isn’t exactly happy happy happy).

            You can look forward to seeing it when you get back to make up for not being on the same continent with your other half again.

            Did you say you were moving to the UK eventually to be with hubbie? (Pardon me if I am being too nosy here)

          • Yes in a year and a half..when son graduates…TERRIFIED I AM lol

          • We’ll have to keep in touch so that you have someone to phone if you are getting all fed up with the culture shock – and there probably will be huge culture shock – doesn’t matter that your other half is British and you’ve obviously spent time here. I had MASSIVE culture shock when I moved BACK to the UK after 8 years away and I am english! Nearly went bananas. Birmingham is only a couple of hours drive away from me when the traffic’s good … if that is where you’ll be. I’ve moved countries 6 times now (done Germany twice at different times). Oh, and I always get to do the actual house move on my own as husband is always too busy working and has already gone ahead to new country … luvverly. I remember they packed all the trash in my bedroom and bathroom wastebins when I moved from the US back to europe – the movers go through the house like locusts. Still at least I was lucky enough not to have to pack everything myself that time.

          • you are AMAZING how you managed all that moving?! Wow..I am impressed…and that usually takes alot lol. Yes Def can use a local friend..even if it is a couple hours away..and yes it will Birmingham..though not in the city HALE no…1 million people?? come on.. I am a small city gal. Some little village on the outskirts please and thank you…I keep telling Hubby I want to live near the Cadbury factory..although he is only a mile or two away hahaha I think it should be closer..the smell is heavenly in the summer and we are walking past…yummmy
            Oh BTW you do chocolate MUCH better than we do….there I said it..haha

  20. Congratulations Moon and UC! The Dazzle Award is well-deserved! This is my now favorite Rob site ever!

    The video you posted….oh WOW! I woke up in a crappy mood but no longer! I could sit here all day and watch that video. I won’t sit here alllll day and watch it, but I will be watching it quite frequently!

  21. Yay UC and Moon! Congrats of the Dazzle Award!
    I love Saturday AM Delight – It’s the perfect way to start the weekend. Just a quick Hi to everyone. Won’t be around much til tomorrow night. Headed to parents in appalachia with dreadfully slow dial up internet. Have a great Easter weekend everyone! Catch ya’ll later!

    • Bye SM!!! Happy Easter to you and Ifonly!!!!

  22. Congratualations to LTR & UC&MOON!!!!
    Love the wallpaper!!! Thanks! ❤

  23. ahh yay..I need to do this more often.. get up earlier, and check this right away becuz it just makes my whoooole day! And today I need it since I’m going shopping with mom for prom dresses! 🙂
    But then again, I may be lost in a dreamy kind of state all day thinking of ..him….. ha!
    Thank you so much, girls!
    And congrats on the Dazzle Award! You totally deserve it!!! xoxo

    • oh prom dress shopping! have fun… you are a bebe!

    • LOVES

  24. AWESOME video!!! I kinda freaked out around to 2:19 of the video when he attacks sourpuss…was that a deleted scene of the movie or him just being wacky on set? Congrats on winning the award girls you TOTALLY deserve it!!! 🙂

    • It was on the Target 3 disk DVD where they had a Vampire kiss montage. It was really cool. The scene in biology where he grabs her is actually a scene from Midnight sun…..

    • yep krazykidd its an outtake that’s in the vampire kiss montage on the 3disc version of the dvd. it’s supposed to be a scene out of “midnight sun”. It was discussed like crazy during dvd release time and everyone was pretty unanimous in the conclusion that rob gets a handful.

      • DAMMIT!!!! I knew I should’ve bought the Target version…now I must own 2 copies of Twilight!! LOL O well I think its a win-win if you ask me…Thanks chinamother and calliope for clearing that up for me! 🙂 *Mental note…get to Target ASAP!!!*

  25. @limeslice
    I’ve seen that video before – somewhere else he says in an interview that while he though Twilight was Stephenie Myers personal fantasty when he first read it, once he met SM, he asked her about it and she assured him that she did not think this was “real” and that it was not her personal fantasy….so he knew it before he started filming…which I was glad to hear!

  26. Good morning LTRers. Looks like I missed all the fun last nite! I’m going to go back & read the posts, if they are half as funny as the tweets, I’ll be in tears.

    UC&Moon congrats again on the Dazzle award! and the video this morning is epic. Looooved it.

    I’ll be working, lurking, cleaning today! ❤

    Did @MJ show up last nite, havent seen her in a while?

  27. UC & MOON – you ladies are phenom. congrats on the dazzle.

    for all those who were waiting yesterday for twilight theater… i did it but super late at night… i’ll repost here so you don’t have to search. yesterday was a crazy day… they had me actually “working” during the day and then i was “forced” to socialize at a dinner party. haha.

    now i have to plan an elaborate easter egg hunt for all the kids in my family. i did not give birth to any of them. i’m just that kind.

  28. Yesterday’s “Twilight Theater: the unscripted script”…

    posting it in two parts so it doesn’t need moderation!

    (the cast and crew stand around in between takes…)
    K: (to the person in front of her) … and finally, I just told him, ‘look when I said you didn’t have to come up for my birthday I was really saying I Don’t want you here.’ I’m just so over the threesome thing with him and Nikki. I mean, how was I supposed to know this stuff wasn’t normal, I was just a kid…”
    R: (whispers to Mike Welch) hey… hey mike. Ten bucks and a bottle of whiskey says I can grab kristen’s ass and she’ll like it.
    M: haha… no way dude. You are totally on. She’s gonna f*ckin’ freak.
    R: (smirks back) not a chance…
    (Rob grabs kstew’s ass)

    (Kstew snaps around)
    K: (questioningly)did you just grab my ass?!?
    R: (innocently & rushed) Hmm… what? What are you talking about?
    K: (annoyed) Did. You. Just. Grab. MY ASS?
    (Mike laughs loudly, middle production dude sighs “shit”, Chris Weitz mumbles “this again”)
    M: (victorious) jameson, pattinson…. I want jameson.
    R: (runs hand through hair sheepishly) ugggghhhhh….. (with a raised eyebrow and a questioning smirk) No?
    K: (louder) Seriously, how OLD are you?!? (starts to turn around ) I mean you’d think you were the one who was 4 years younger and not the other way around…
    R: (sheepishly) Uh .. Sorry. (turns and mumbles) Jesus, someone’s wearing her bitch panties today…

  29. twilight theater part 2

    (Kristen swiftly jerks around and grabs the pattinson jewels forcefully. Rob grunts loudly… it is unclear if it is a grunt of pleasure, pain, fear or a combination of all three.)
    K: (angrily and hushed) DO NOT TEST ME TODAY ROB. I am hungover as shit, this wig is digging into my scalp, i’m cold. I’m hungry. I’m horny as hell. And my sweater keeps riding up. So I repeat… DO NOT TEST ME TODAY.
    R: (interested) Horny?
    (Kstew angrily tightens her grip)
    R: (extremely rushed and a little high pitched even for a Brit) okay, okay, okay! I’m sorry… please just let go! I’m being a dick. A tool. An ass. I just couldn’t help myself. You’re bum is so completely divine in those jeans…
    (Kristen hearing his words, relaxes her grip. She looks up at rob and sighs)
    K: (hushed and with a smirk) and I’m not wearing my bitch panties… bc that would require me actually wearing panties…
    (Robs face lights up…)
    R: (smiling) OH REALLY??
    (Rob runs his hand over Kstew’s bum)
    (Kstew scowls at him in anger and slaps him hard on his side. She walks away to her mark for the next take)

    (Rob with a confused look on face, rubs his side and walks to his mark)
    R: (mumbles) why must women pms… is it not hard enough that they are so difficult to understand on a good day. When they are happy. I need to mark this down so I’m prepared next time… little thing can hit.

    • I love your Twi-theatre. Best line of all this time:

      “little thing can hit”

      Best direction this time:

      R: (extremely rushed and a little high pitched even for a Brit) okay, okay, okay! I’m sorry… please just let go! I’m being a dick. A tool. An ass. I just couldn’t help myself. You’re bum is so completely divine in those jeans…

      • hehe … glad you liked that direction English Girl… i knew you Brit girls could take a joke (i just pictured him squealing in a beckham pitched tone)! ❤ ya!

        • Absolutely we love a joke, we love to take the p*ss out of ourselves, indeed it is an art form. My husband isn’t english and when I first knew him he wasn’t very good at that (the self depreciating thing, and yes we do put an “i” in it – I noticed you guys don’t).

          So after forcing him to watch hours of Fawlty Towers (John Cleese from Monty Python – you probably have no idea who that is but any other Brits on here will know), and generally beating his sense of humour into submission we managed (my brother, sister, friends and I) to reset him into the english sense of humour.

          God David Beckham’s voice … well let’s just say, that for such a good looking guy (apart from the heap of trashy tatoo’s – yuk!) his voice is …. so offputting. He’s actually had vocal coaching to “firm it up” a bit I believe, it used to be even worse. Apparently Posh has a great sense of humour and likes to take the mickey out of herself alot, which is completely at odds with how she looks/dresses, but I can believe it. I just wish someone would feed the poor woman. But I digress ….

          • LOVELOVELOVE Fawlty Towers 🙂

            But I think it is…..

            “self deprecating”

            in the UK


            SG 🙂

          • I stand corrected Summer Girl! I’ve been saying/spelling it wrong then for a long time then. How embarassing! I read too quickly to spell well.

            How do you get the funny faces to appear?

    • hmmm… email me.. thinking of twi-theatre for the forum?
      let’s chat

  30. Dear Moon and UC.. earned deserve it and I hope Robert appreciates your complete and total obsession “ahem” I mean decication to him 😉

    Luv, brummielover

    • no, obsession is right.. or acute fondness 🙂

  31. Congrats on the Dazzle Award although you gals have been dazzling me since the first letter!!!

  32. Morning !

    Loved the Sat am video!! I had no idea there was video footage of him at airport security or packing boxes in his car, lol.

    Congrats on the Dazzle Awards win, yay!

    Had fun last night, now I have to do RL stuff…boo!

    • @Sass I think that is when all the Nikki rumors started when they will buying boxes together…

      • lol when they WERE buying boxes bad

    • I can think of several things to do with Nikki and a box ….

      (slaps self and says “that was mean EG – you are just jealous”)

      • Awwww c’ mmon, I was totes thinking of stuffing nikki in one of those boxes and send her on a one way trip/abosutely-no-way-back-to-LA to Timbuktu . 🙂

        • You two just said what I was thinking.

          Aw, that is really mean. Actually I think Nikki R is probably a really good supportive friend, and possibly “friend with benefits”. And if I was friends with RP I’d namedrop and hang around the set too. I quite like her ….. I can share ….. I can share …..

          *repeats to self: no, I am not jealous …. knuckles are turning white whilst I type*

      • hahaha well did you see the SIZE of the boxes…they were ginormous lol

  33. Congratulations on the Dazzle Award Moon & UC.

    @Carrie, finished reading the sub & u were right the office is good but the sub was sooo much better. Going to start the dom later today.

    • Glad u enjoyed.!!

  34. Good morning everybody! It’s actually past noon here on the east coast and I’m just waking up. ;] Be jealous; it’s okay. lol

    So I have a dare for everyone today; I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU (oh yes, it’s that intense) to watch the video WITHOUT a huge shit eating grin on your face. “Yeah, uh… good luck with that.” as the ever handsome Billy Burke/Charlie would say.

    Congrats again on the Dazzle Award Moon & UC! Well deserved! Bravo, bravo – superb!!

    @Calli – I love TwiTheater! I wasn’t planning on rummaging through all of the comments from last night, so thanks for posting it again! :]

    @Kristin, Carter, Sass & Carrie – You girls are incredible. ‘Nuff said. I heart you all so damn much!

    • Impossible (said with French accent).

      It is totally NOT possible to watch a Rob video without an inane loony grin on your face (and there is usually some seat squirming involved too).

      And tongue lolling on occasion …

      Sometimes strange noises ….. (I do try to keep them in check for fear of being busted on my robsession by teenagers old enough to know what said noises are)

      • When watching hotrob vids,I groan.a lot. That’s acceptable behavior when it comes to rob, right?

        • LOL, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I would say that’s normal. Well at least for me it is.

        • Yes, but not when your nearly 14 year old son is in the next room ….

    • Tsk… You’re evil. hahaha

    • JBell…

      Oregano couldn’t watch that video of Rob and not smile.

      glad you liked TwiTheater!

  35. Congratulations for winning! i voted!

  36. Shut up.
    That was the best video ever…
    Especially delicious for when Ted is out of town…

    • why did you get spammed? and why, since you live on the west coast, are you up before me? I slept until 1230!

    • sometimes when i see your picture i want you to be my real estate agent and sell me a house

  37. Hi all,

    I came across this blog accidentally about two months ago, when my Robsession was in a budding stage and I’ve been following it since.

    Today I learned that you have won the Dazzle Awards, so I HAD to write my first post to say Congratulations!! 🙂 You deserve it.

    I’m also twilighted to report, that Robsession is slowly but surely spreading here in Georgia – the country, not the Peach State 😉 .

    • THANK YOU MayaM…. and i’m GLAD you specified, b/c I would’ve thought you were talking about the Peach state! And I’m glad you’re the Georgian representation of Robsession (that’s your title, k?) Keep up the good work- spread the robsession! XOXO

    • Welcome MayaM!!!
      I can’t believe you waited 2 months before posting! When I found this site, I only held back for 2 days! lol

      Hope to see you around!

  38. Hi Moon and UC,

    Congrats on wining the dazzle award. Been following you awhile!

  39. Good afternoon, ladies!!

    Congratulations UC and Moon for the dazzle awards…totally deserved!

    Last night was fun!! I had a great time! We should do it again.


  40. hey guys, boy have I been missing LTR the last couple of days, seriously thinking of checking out of R/L …(kinda meant to be funny, kinda not)

    Went to my kid’s field day came too so I wasn’t all panicky..totally didn’t do the Mother /Son dance the other week but I made up for it. Soon as we get there my sweet boy anounces to his teacher, “See Mrs B. I told you I had the Twilight hookup for you.” I was embarrassed , but she started talking about Twi/Rob related stuff, and now I’ve have emailed instructions to best Rob sites and things of that nature. Here was the 1st place mentioned OF COURSE!

    I was kinda shocked that she actually told me that Rob was her freebie agreement w/her DH…lmao..never thought I’d hear that come out of a teacher’s mouth..However ,it made me proud!

    Eh, last night had a huge blowout with the O/H (other half, since we aren’t married) I think I mentioned the other day that the BFF”s daughter has MRSA(she is better and ready to go back to school)…well, he insulted her last night and now the BFF will not come to our house anymore and I am sick of this shit..He started drinking again, and he’s not such a nice drunk..very uncouth and very rude. At Xmas this past yr he quit after I threatened to leave, but started again last week..and now I’m losing all over again because he can’t control his fucking hateful mouth…

    @JAG, : eh, that’s the extent of where I’ve been…I missed all ya’ll…sure wish I coulda joined on on the drinking that went on here last night…that woulda been so nice and R/L distracting… I’ll hafta go abck and read comments so I can cheer myself up…

    • MJ – well done for getting to the field day – I can’t even imagine admitting my obsession to my children’s teachers! You are doubly brave.

      Sorry to hear about all the other stuff. Life is not always easy, but the ladies on LTR are always funny and the company here is great.

      Sending a hug …

      • AH thanks EG, lol, I didn’t mention the obsession, the kid sweetly ratted me out one day when he saw his teacher reading Twilight at school…Once she told me about the freebie thing , it was soo on..her D/H’s freebie? Pam Anderson! LMAO!

        The other stuff will be ok I suppose. I swear though that man could drink honey and piss vinegar

    • MJ I missed you. *hugs* Im sorry about all the real life stresses you have to deal with, just remember we are here for you. ❤

      I dont know if you read my message a few days back but the ladies over at the forums really loved your so hott video.

    • M.J!!!!!! Finally!!

      I’m so happy that you went to the field day. The dance…well, that would be step 5, so take one at the time lol

      The teacher’s also mad about Rob??? LOL Fantastic, invite her in!!!

      About your O/H…I’m so sorry about that. I understand you completely. My dad is an alcoholic (he’s not drinking anymore though) and I had a crappy childhood because of that. Fortunately, I kicked my dad out of the house when I was 18 (I had to do it, cuz my mom was like emocionally blocked) and believe it or not, now we have a good relationship, cuz 2 years after I kicked him out, he stopped drinking. Although I just can’t see him as my dad, I learned to live without needing him, not even when it comes to money, I’ve worked since I was 16…he’s like a close uncle.

      It’s a very long story, and I don’t want to make the other girls sleepy, so maybe we’ll talk about it later, or via email 😉 But you have to remember that u’re not alone, and we’ll be here to read your concerns.

      We ❤ you!

  41. OK Ladies!!
    thanks for that….I will now go about my day in a Rob daze….thinking about the way he ummm…moves ;-P
    I ❤ U!
    and I’m soooo happy you won the award…I don’t know out of all those sites who’s actually get the most hits, but this is BY far the Best Site, and the Most Fun and Welcoming….UC and Moon You Dazzle us EVERYDAY–So Congrats, You Deserve IT!!!

    • i know.. we do deserve it, don’t we?



      •… you totes deserve it…no jokes 😀

  42. A few links!
    About Rob being a bad example for teens:

    Edward and Bella articulated! lol It’s a philipine site I think:

  43. Congrats on the award! I love my Robsession enablers. You guys keep me smiling all day with your comments 🙂

  44. @ JAG: Thanks, I just gotta outta this slump..but I will now I should be used to it, been dealing with it for years..I shoulda been gone by now, but with a kid, I don’t know what to do..kinda hard when you have no skills, plus social anxieties…But “I, I will survive” lol….many hugs back atcha! < 3!!!!

    @ Dany: yeah I hear ya, my dad was an alkie mom left him though, he got custody of us kids cause my mom was paranoid schizophrenic , manic depressive(but the best mom we could ever have asked for by all circumstances) and that’s how I ended up with the O/H..I ran from one bad situation to another even though I didn’t know it at the time…

    My dad passed away when I was 21, mom when I was 23..even though she couldn’t live with him? She loved him til the end, despite the beatings and the mental cruelty..he changed thought too before he died, he got cancer…and it made him realize what he’d done and what he’d lost in the process..
    So, thank you too Dany, anytime you want to talk, we can…I promise not to bring you down too much….<3!

    Now, onto the good stuff, I vow to not speak of such crap again….

    • I agree lol

      Hey, do you read fanfics?

      • yeah I do Dany, I’ve been reading I Love L.A. , The Arrangement, and Wide Awake (my favorite!!!)

        • I’m reading WA now, I’m starting ch.30 today (after I finish some R/L stuff lol)

          You know I didn’t like the first chapters but from 3 or 4 it got GOOD!!! I wonder how long the story is going to be, cuz the chapters are long and she’s like in ch. 48…

          • I think probably only like 2-3 more chapters possibly…I was reading back through yesterday’s posts and noticed someone posted the teaser, and I went running over to check it out, only to find I’d read it already when I read the last chapters she posted..BUMMER! I really love AG and honestly wish she would really think about writing books that we could buy..I think she could get published..for real. I’m going to hate it when the story ends..

            BTW, as well as reading back on the posts from yesterday, I gotta say I nearly pissed myself when I got to reading the posts between Carter/Carrie/Kristin..those are some FUNNY drunk gals..

  45. aw crap! @ JAG: tell the Twilighted ladies I said Thanks!

  46. haaa awesome video

    • was that for me? If so , thanks, if not, oops!

  47. Ahahaha! I absolutely loved that video, so hilarious! well done!

  48. MayaM~I just found this site two days ago and have been posting since! Glad you are posting, too! It has been very stressful to have to keep my Robsession to myself, so it’s great to let it out here to others who understand!

  49. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t stay up till 3 reading wide awake last night.

    don’t tell moon.. shhh.. our lil secret

    • Tis GOOD is it not?
      and don’t worry , your secret’s safe with me…

      Congrats on the Dazzle!

    • @UC it is really good..I mean so I hear….and you secret is safe with me tee hee

    • that’s totally what happens…fanfic robs you of sleep!!

  50. Kudos on the teamwork!!! If yall ever get too busy or need a break, I would be wiling to do Rob on a Saturday (or anyday) for you.

    • hahahaha.. we’ll keep you in mind!

    • @dazzled…wow way to step up to the plate and take one for the team..I suppose I could do a stand in now and again..One for all and All for one lol

      • I like the way you think! It is amazing how self-less we all are! 🙂

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