Posted by: Bekah | February 23, 2009

You did not disappoint

To the Academy,



Thank you so much! Thank you!*

UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

*words borrowed from the gorgeous Kate Winslet

Tons of links, thanks to JBell in the comments, after the jump

oscarszomgPHOTOS –

Thumbnails from the night

People Magazine: #1 slide under “Oscars’ Hottest Guys!

Extra with Mario Lopez

Socialite Life
 – Robert Pattinson’s Oscar Night

Rob at the Vanity Fair Party! YUMMY!

Baby boy made ESQUIRE’S Best Dressed Men list! Scroll to slide 8 for Rob



Click on the Red Carpet Cam tab and Rob is 2nd row, 4th over

Rob sitting behind Mickey Rourke – the infamous “I wish I were that finger right now” shot

Short clip of Rob from the ABC coverage that they didn’t air
*this isn’t the original clip JBell sent- but this photobucket site has a few clips

Rob arriving & leaving the Vanity Fair Party
*He was coming home to me.. just so you know



“Teen idols Robert Pattinson (“Twilight”) and Zac Efron (“High School Musical”) asked Ron Howard, who was nominated tonight for directing “Frost/Nixon,” to pose for a photo with them. As soon as they finished, some young ladies asked them for one, too — and they couldn’t have been more gracious.”


Robert Pattinson Brings ‘Twilight’ To The Oscars

Oh- and there is a TON more.. this is just enough to keep you not working for 1/2 the day…




  1. OMG! I woke up, signed on to letterstoRob and spent the last hour drooling over pictures and videos of Rob. I don’t think I’m gonna get anything accomplished today. Thank God it’s Mardi Gras and there’s no school 🙂

    Had an awesome time last night ladies. We should definitely do it again!

  2. Hopefully if that works it is a link to the Sky 1 red carpet interview with Ferne Cotton which we saw in the UK.

  3. @JBell – You are most welcome for the Twitter lessons!! I had so much fun commenting back and forth with you. I couldn’t be on LTR at the same time, which stinks, so I missed out on that part of the convo!!

    All the other ladies that just joined Twitter…you should follow me too!

    Lessons will begin tomorrow!! LMAO!!

  4. @Carrie – LMAO! Thanks for the tip for when I [don’t] make my Rob pillow… hahahah


    It was nice though to not have about 324 actual giddy-adolescent-JoBro-Miley-Efron-loving girls around. I do enjoy some JoBros on occassion because let’s face it, there songs are catchy, but I don’t act like a 14 year old Disney obsessed tween about it… okay, I think I’m digging myself into a hole… lol

    I’m just trying to say that there was a website out there last night who had a forum set up for everyone to discuss and post and it was filled with actual 13/14/15 year old tweens, unlike here where there were actual adults just releasing their inner 13/14/15 year old tween.

  5. I just woke up, LOL, first thing I do is come here.
    WEEEE! “Do you think he practices that I’m-Effing-You-With-My-Eyes look, or do you think it comes quite naturally?” Perfect! I about fainted when he walked out with that look! Oh those eyes!
    Ok, so here’s the thing, now I have time warner coming over to switch my ISP provider to road runner so my internet is shutting down at the moment and if it’s not up by the end of the afternoon I’m going to throw a hissy fit so wish me luck and I’ll chat with you all later.

  6. @Amber – LOL There was A LOT to keep up with last night, even for me, and I didn’t have anyone else to be responsible for/worried about [i.e. Kids, DH, what-have-you] Between Twitter and here it was a full-time job. It was a really good time though and at least you got to partake in something Rob-Oscar-related 🙂

  7. BTW – The 2nd pic is totally my new wallpaper on my iPhone!! (Did I just say “totally”? Get back in there 13 yo me!!)

    Now I wish someone would call so I can stare deep into Rob’s eyes before I answer…

  8. @vogue..ah, i must shamefully admit that i like kstew, LOL..i certainly would not be opposed to hanging out on her porch steps, sans oregano and nikki reed, pounding 40s and glaring at passers-by while texting rob to come over and get lit.

  9. @JBell – I put it out on Twitter, but I had the realization I forgot to feed my family when hubby came in and said “So, I guess you aren’t making dinner tonight.”

    Whoops!! Oh well, he can feed himself…and the kids too!

  10. @Jena – I missed you last night 😦

    OK, WHO THE HELL does Zack Effemanate (sp?) think he is???

    Did you see the way he’s looking at Rob in this pic from the after party? Rob’s smiling and chatting him up, and Zack looks like he just swallowed a fly that was in his drink. Uhhh..yeah, that’s RIGHT, Effron, you’re looking at the NEW BIG DOG in town! Your days are numbered, ya pansy! The names Robert Pattinson, BITCH!!

    Sorry, I’m just a bit protective of our beautiful boy. Nobody puts Rob in the corner, and nobody disses our baby, even if it’s just a look!! I’ll END you, Effron (in the words or JBell, or something like that).

  11. @vouge Effron was just jealous b/c-Rob is way hotter than him.
    @Amber-sign me up for the Twiiter lessons. I just signed up. ME confused!!!

  12. Nielsen just released the preliminary Oscar numbers and viewing was up 6 percent or so over last year. I’m so crediting Rob with that number jump 😉,0,3530830.story

  13. @Vogue. Zac Effron better watch his back…. 😐

  14. Dear God,
    there’s just one little thing I’m demanding…Next lifetime, please let me be the bow tie around Rob’s delicious neck at the Oscars…And even if I only lived this single evening it would be so damn worth it *yes*

  15. I need twitter lessons too! It’s so confusing!

    Just watched that youtube vid with Rob chatting w/ Fern from the U.K. He did seem more natural and at ease talking to someone from home. He even waved and said “hi mom!” SO CUTE!!

    I will enjoy seeing him grow and get rid of his “training wheels” ie; Nick and the other lady (his manager? agent) following him around like stalkers. It’s a bit annoying to constantly see Nick’s face hovering in the shots behind Rob.

    You don’t see they younger starts like Miley or Zack, and certainly not the older stars being shadowed by their “people”. I know he needs to be protected right now, but it’ll be nice when he’s a little more secure and independent.

  16. The Vanity Fair pictures show him arriving with a brunette. I don’t know if I’m happy that she isn’t that pretty or sad that he didn’t bring someone smoking hot. Robbie deserves to be seen with someone of his hotness caliber. Baby, you could’ve called me, I would have been there lickety split!

  17. “Uhhh..yeah, that’s RIGHT, Effron, you’re looking at the NEW BIG DOG in town! Your days are numbered, ya pansy! The names Robert Pattinson, BITCH!” just LOL’ed…haaaaa…

  18. Even Zac can’t resist checking out Rob’s lips.

    Of course, it is not hard to do, Rob’s lips are at Zac’s eye level…


  19. Effron- “I will end you”
    I love you crazy red hair girl.

  20. “Of course, it is not hard to do, Rob’s lips are at Zac’s eye level…”

    ROFL! Bad for little Efron… although I wouldn’t mind having them at my eye level and that close. Yummy!

  21. @ceri i was wondering who that woman was?

  22. Zaquisha does look like a dwarf next to our Robbie and he’s even leaning down towards them. It does look like Efron can’t help but be dazzled by Rob even though you can practically see the smoke coming out of his ears. This is obviously Efron sizing up the competition and really finding out how last year Efron’s become.

  23. @Ceri – Ummmm… are those pictures in my links?? Cause I don’t remember seeing MB (mystery brunette) with Rob in any pics… link me? I’m dying to see! lol

  24. Who knows who that girl was…..probably the sister to some industry person who was like “oh, I LOVE Robert Pattinson, I want my picture taken with him!” Just some insider who had the luck of being able to do that . LUCKY BITCH!

  25. Did he really come with that brunette girl??? I thought he just happened to be next to her when they were taking pictures.

    The video of him arriving and leaving has him with his two “bodyguards”. The brunette wasn’t there.

  26. @JBell: Sorry, had to search for where I saw them. She’s cute but is in no way up to Rob standards.

  27. I think the pic was in your links JBell. It’s here:

    She’s bland looking, but harmless I think.

  28. Good morning Ladies,

    (well, it’s still morning on the West Coast, and I’m sure Rob is sleeping like a baby…)

    Last night was great! Thank you all.

    I’ve been watching E! parties and Jimmy Kimell Live until 1:30 PT, but there was no Rob!

    Jena – Thank you for all those links in the previous post. (I think that was you)

    There are so many great comments this morning, I’m LOL!!!!

  29. @Rhonika: I hope he just took a quick picture with her. Then again, early reports said he was hanging with a brunette at one of the bars either Thursday or Friday night. She might just be a friend *hoping*

  30. She looks little, I think we can take her.

  31. LOL @Sass 🙂

  32. How come nobody posted picture with a brunette last night…

    Than all of the sudden here she is.

  33. lmao Okay, that is in on of my links but this morning – in my half-sleep stupor – I thought it was Kate Beckinsale. (“Come here mid-90’s self!”) NOT.

    I thought I saw that linked with a Tweet that said “Rob made Kate Beckinsale laugh.” or something like that. Oh boy was I wrong! But that’s inside the party, so let’s just say it was some chick who wanted a picture okay? For everyone piece of mind. lol

  34. @Sass & Rhonika – we’ll have to tear her apart and burn the pieces. That should take care of it. 🙂

    @Amber – didn’t want to neglect saying that I missed YOU too, last night!! 😦 *hug*

    Almost pulled out Marauder’s Map and formed a search party to find you!

  35. She looks like she just left her high school prom and showed up at the Vanity Fair party.

    Who let her in? Seriously.

  36. Nice nod to Rob from Entertainment Tonight:

  37. OMG, I’m watching E! re-run and just saw Rob on red carpet. Sooooo happy!

  38. Umm did you see how big his feet are in the red carpet video shots! Mmm must watch RobCrotch again, like NOW!

  39. In an older interview somebody said: dude, your feet are huge!

  40. I didn’t like his shoes last night. Wayyyy too pointy/elfy… especially for such big feet. O:)

  41. @JBell I was thinking the same thing. I was kinda bummed that the shiteous Nikes didn’t make an appearance when I saw the Oz shoes.

  42. @JBell…as much as I love the thought of the relationship between the size of Rob’s feet and his, well, er, you know, I have to agree, his shoes were my least favorite part of his ensemble last night.

  43. Yahoo Movies gave him a B+, I think he was an A+ personally. They also gave Zaquisha a D. HA HA!

  44. Have you guys noticed what he was doing with his right hand on red carpet pictures? he must be freaking out…

  45. I saw the MB in the Vanity Fair photos and I must say, I hope she is the MB from London. She looks like a slightly order woman and I’m cuter than her. In my mind that means I still have a chance. I’ll just have to dye my hair back to it’s natural color. I don’t know if Rob would like the pink.

  46. Um…I need Twitter lessons too Amber.

  47. @Ayden – I hear ya! Or even just the plain black shoes we’ve been seeing recently. I DO however have to give him credit since he head-to-toe in Dolce & Gabbana.

    Dear Clare & Richard,
    I cannot even imagine how elated and proud you are of your beautiful son. Who knew he’d grow up to me this talented, gorgeous and humble? I bet you did.
    Thank you for raising such an amazing boy,

  48. LOL @ Jbell! “Who knew he’s grow up to ME”

  49. oops, I’m missquoted you sorry. HE’D grow up

  50. Dammit! I screwed up my poignant and heartfelt letter to Clare & Richard!

    Dear Clare & Richard,
    Do you see what talking about your son does to me?!
    Thank you!

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