Posted by: Bekah | January 25, 2009

Stuff my guy says about Rob

Dear Rob,

Tonight I was creating the perfect birthday card for my girl Cole’s 30th birthday, and it included my all time favorite picture of you:


As I was printing out the card, Mr. D (my husband) said “Ew, he looks gross.” To which I reponded, “WHAT? This is my favorite picture of Rob.” Then he said, and I quote:

He looks like a “Knight-Rider-era” David Hasselhoff

I about died. And immediately googled the following image for your enjoyment:


I’m not seeing the similarities and no matter what your German fans tell you, that’s a good thing!



  1. There is absolutely zero similarity, but I am surprised that this is your favorite pic. I have to go with the pic that was posted in the Rob vs. Taylor list. Seriously, looking at that particular photo makes me want to do bad, bad things… if only I could get myself off the floor.

    • @Helloitslaura theMoon scrapbooked with that picture- and it’s been my backdrop on my work computer since 11/22 🙂 (which was a saturday- so probably more realistically… 11/24) LOVE LOVE that pic. but YES.. that pic we used on rob vs. taylor is a close 2nd… even the gross young pics that perez posted make me want to do bad things… is that weird?

  2. I’m not seeing the similarities and no matter what your German fans tell you, that’s a good thing! BRILLIANT UC!!!

    I mean AS IF Rob could EVER look ANYTHING like The Hoff!! Husbands and SO’s can be so jealous.

    Tho’ come to think of it…where have I seen that brown jacket before?

  3. I’m not sure I agree with Mr. D about the Hasselhoff comparison, but I must admit, I am getting a bit of an 80’s vibe from his Members Only style jacket! 😉

  4. whoops…the itals were only for your brill quote the rest are ‘aus Versehen’ as the Hoff’s Deutsch fans might say! (it’s late here) off to bed! x

  5. Though it is true that they both enjoy getting drunk and eating hamburgers…


  6. oh, and that pic of Rob makes my bones turn soft.

  7. @UC This was SO funny! That pic happens to be one of my favorites too! I can so relate to Mr.D’s comment, sounds exactly like my hubby, F.

  8. Okay, The Hoff *gags* is a lot – fuzzier. More like a grizzly bear and way less like a mountain lion.

    Sorry, Mr. D, nice try tho’.

  9. Mr. Ginger says the same thing (well, not about him looking like David Hasselhoff, but about him being funny looking.) Guys just don’t get his allure. But that’s a good thing, right?

  10. Here’s what my hubby said about Rob yesterday, as he was peeking over my shoulder at the computer:

    Mr. Amber – “Who’s Rob?”

    Me – “He’s the guy in Twilight.”

    Mr. Amber – Oh, okay…

    Me –

    Mr. Amber – “So, am I married to a 14yo girl or a 22 yo gay man?”

  11. @UC no it is not weird (about the Perez pics) at that moment I/we were channeling Mr. Amber’s 14 year-old wife!

    And seriously, who can get past that Sex Hair to even notice he’s wearing clothes at all?

  12. What I can perceive from Rob in this photo is:

    And I do them very well.”

  13. @ the captain I had the exact same thought about the jacket when I saw the Hoff’s pic!

    I’m not sure that I really like this pic of Rob that much….he looks a little TOO pretty. I think I prefer scruffy Rob.

  14. @vickyb – hahahaha!! That comment deserved the choking hazard warning!

  15. @vickyb ditto
    @marimo he does look too pretty in that pic, I also like the scruffness.

    What is it with the guys always hating on Rob. My hubby does it too. Though maybe because I’ve got a Twilight poster and a poster of Rob on the gameroom walls and also a collection on Rob and Twilight pics as my screen saver. Oh, maybe I have a problem, hehehe

  16. I don’t see the similarity, but who knows…

    It’s not my favorite picture of Rob, I can’t decide which is – How can you pick from perfection?

  17. I don’t really like this pic. Maybe it’s because on some level I always saw the truth of Mr. D’s words. He looks like The Hoff.

    OMB refuses to admit he’d do Rob if he had to have a homosexual affair. He won’t even admit Rob is dead sexy. But the following conversation which took place last night leads me to believe he has a man crush on Rob.

    Me: I’m going to write a Letter To Rob.
    OMB: Oh yeah? What about?
    Me: I’m going to apply to be his Kept Woman now that I am out of work. I hope you don’t mind. I might be away for a while.
    OMB: I wouldn’t blame you.

  18. I think it’s the jacket. And the fact that your hubby is so obviously blinded by jealousy!

  19. Oh dear. Your husband, and my husband could be friends. He said that Rob looked like E.T.! What the?

    Umm, can I be your friend? My birthday is in 2 weeks…and I want a Rob card 🙂

    • @Lauren: seriously.. we gotta hook the hubby’s up and put them in a room together and make them say funny things for us to share with the blog readers:)
      okay.. you can be my friend.. and maybe rob will send you a nice surprise for your bday :):)

  20. I cannot believe this but my husband agreed there was a similarity. I don’t see it. But this is also the man who has nicked named our Rob “Boots” because he has boots older than Rob.

  21. I have to agree with your husband — that picture definitely reminds me of the Hoff. It has an odd 80’s feel to it.

    Funnily enough, doesn’t Rob own a jacket similar to the one the Hoff is wearing? Same color anyway . . .

    • @Meira
      oh MAN!! not another person thinking he looks like the hoff!

  22. @Christa — I think my husband would consider an affair with Rob as well. One night he dreamt he was shooting a zombie movie with Rob (Spouse has done some acting, so him dreaming about acting is not that odd). He happily assured me that Rob is just as nice in person, but spent all his down-time getting into character instead of talking to him.

  23. @Meira – I love that your husband not only dreamt of working with Rob, but told you what the experience was like. LOL

  24. The Hoff:

    – likes cheeseburgers (eats them on the bathroom floor)
    – is the real reason the Berlin Wall fell (
    – hair looks like a dead poodle
    – has been “looking for freedom”

    The Rob:

    – likes cheeseburgers (eats them for breakfast?)
    – hair looks like an enchanted forest
    – “never think”s

    did I forget something?

  25. @ME OMG!! amazing!! that was hilarious:):):)

  26. That is hilarious! My husband would probably say something like that!

  27. My boyfriend told me one day that Rob looks like a monkey. An i was like..what?why? But the other day, he said that he is really good looking (like i didn’t notice earlier). But the best was when he said – I know why you like him so much. He looks kinda like me. I try not to laugh that much, and reply..yeah kinda.

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