Posted by: Bekah | January 14, 2009

To Rob’s ex-girlfriend: I hate you a lot but also want to be your friend…

Actor Robert Pattinson arrives at the Los Angeles Premiere of "Sex Drive" at the Mann Village Theater on October 15, 2008 in Westwood, California.

Dear Rob’s “great love story for 3 years,”

Hi. My name is UnintendedChoice and I run a blog obsessing about your ex-boyf, Rob Pattinson, with my friend theMoonisDown.

I read an interview done with Rob today and in it he mentions being in love two times (he’s also said before he has never been in love, so I’m confused and assume it ended pretty badly with you- but we’ll get to that) He says this about you: 

Yes. I fell in love only two times in my life. I had a great love story for 3 years. (source)

Wow. You were a great love story, huh? I’m really really interested in getting to know you, and I know the LTR (letters to Rob) fanbase will be as well.  Can I ask you a few questions? I think it will help us become better friends (or mortal enemies- we’ll see how it goes)

  1. Explain (in detail please) what it was like to kiss Robert. Please provide pictures, if you can, and crop yourself out. 
  2. Were you the one to take Robert’s flower? Please explain, in detail, what it was like (maybe not the first time, but after a month or so) Please provide pictures, if you can, and crop yourself out.
  3. What does his hair feel like?I want to touch Rob Pattinson's hair
  4. Are you a “girl of character” and did he write you love letters? (I hear that’s what he likes and likes to do) Could I read some of those letters, if you still have them? 
  5. Now, on to your break-up.  What happened? Who dumped who? If you were the culprit, I bet you feel really bad now that he’s the hottest thing around, huh? Or did he break up with you because you screamed at him a lot in your relationship? Do you sleep with a picture of the two of you under your pillow? I do. I would if I were you. 
  6. Do you guys still talk? If so, can you tell him “hey” for me and ask where the freak he’s been since 12/22? Thanks, girl, I feel us connecting already.
  7. What do you look like? Let me guess (I’m pretty sure I know his type) You’re about 5’5″, 115lbs (on a good day) with short brownish/reddish hair that’s cut into a cute 20’s bob. You’re probably in your early-mid 20’s with deep brown eyes. I bet you’re American too, right? Did you guys meet when you studied abroad or something? Or did you randomly meet up when you were traveling in London? Tell me exactly what bar you  met at and where you loved hanging out with him and his mates. (What? No, I don’t have a trip to London planned..yet)
  8. Can you clarify the confusion for us? We’ve heard Rob say he’s never been in love, but then we just read this interview about his ‘great love story for 3 years.’ Did you hurt him so badly that he doesn’t admit to the press that you even existed? And he just slipped up or was caught in a vunerable moment when he mentioned you? Please provide us with some clarity.

Well, I have a ton more questions, but I think these are enough to  get us started.  Let me know about those pics- they would help alot in, um, trying to understand your relationship with Rob better.  

I really feel like we’re gonna connect well. I’m excited about our budding friendship.  Maybe you could fly out to LA and I’ll meet you and theMoonisDown there and we can shop! Oh, one other thing, can I have Rob’s cell #? I, uh, just wanna text him, um, congrats on,  uh, New Moon starting soon and tell him that the rumor about Vanessa Hudgens joining the cast as Leah is not true. I know he’s been worried. Thanks, love!

UnintendedChoice xo


  1. “crop yourself out” yes please do it’ll make photoshopping so much easier!

    now do we really believe he had a great love for 3 yrs after he’s said he’s never had one? i’m all confuzzeled too

  2. well, I guess that’s question #8.. I’ll add it in now… hopefully we can find this girl and convince her to be our friend and she will answer that so-very-important-question for us!

  3. I love the crop yourself out part…and the screaming the pillow part. But yes, he has been very confusing on this matter.

  4. Ummm…obviously one of those “two times” was with his dog Patty, b/c he talks about her more than anyone else! Also regarding the break up it is obvious to me that it had to be this girls fault b/c can you imagine Rpattz saying anything to offend?? Not me, uh uh! Not even if he said he wanted to lick _________all day long!

  5. He did say that he had never been in love.. Now he is saying that he had a great love story for 3 years.. 😀

  6. Who dared take our Rob’s flower?

  7. @bennettaj – welcome to the fray! so glad you jumped in!

    i guess we’ll just have to get rob on here to clarify it himself! THAT will settle it.

    ps love the sexdrive pics mrs p!

  8. All very good questions indeed. Especially the ones about the pictures. Pictures are good.

  9. you girls are AWESOME…I hope “mystery girl” answers all our questions. This is Serious Research, and I hope whe grasps the desper…I mean gravity of the situation 🙂

    PS. Cropped pictures are much appreciated 🙂 LOL

    Now I have to go and finish my letter, because I think I’m gonna have some answers for you ladies

  10. your welcome for the F-Me Pics!

  11. Dear UnintendedChoice: A friend forwarded your letter and urged me to respond since you seem like such a sweet person. I did not have time to go through your blog because I am working quite long hours. However, I did want to answer some of your questions though it will be difficult to explain some of my answers to your satisfaction.
    I met RP while working summer stock. I was learning the craft of make-up and he was doing scenery but later got a good part in the play. He was rather shy for my taste. I had, you see, more experience than him. I am a few years older. Having said that, he was extremely polite and considerate, being that he comes from good schools and a good family.
    I’ve kissed many men so I can’t tell you if RP is any better than someone else. It just wasn’t that memorable, I suppose. But he was quite passionate once he got over his shyness.
    He’s most romantic especially with music and poems. You can use your imagination.
    I must confess that in the end I did a lot of screaming because he wouldn’t let go. It took him about a month to understand that it was over. And, yes, I did break up but I don’t regret it because now he is free and the whole world is his oyster.
    I don’t follow what’s going on in his life the way you might and no, we don’t keep in touch because I think he still feels sad.
    Let me know if I’ve left anything out though you must understand that I cannot divulge everything.

    • @queensgarden:
      it is SO good of you to write me back.

      I do understand you cannot divulge everything, but you left out your response to the most important question(s) (or to borrow Edward’s words, the most BASIC question)
      Can we see pics?

      xo glad we’re friends

  12. LOL!!!!

  13. Oh the photos! well, you must ask him that question because – you see – he took them with him when I left.

    • @queensgarden:

      that makes sense that Robby would take the photos back with him after you broke his heart. Tell me, do you think Rob would mind joining my husband and I in our marriage? Perhaps as my 2nd husband, Big Love style?

    • @queensgarden:
      on second thought… did you check under your floorboards? i have a hunch he may have hidden them there… and that CD he made you…

  14. i hate this website are u really serious do u really think that he reads this?! omg this is so dumb

    • @Jenna (are you from Moose Lake, MN or somewhere near it?)

      Yes, we are serious. What would possibly make you think we’re not? Perhaps the fact that every sentence is laced with sarcasm?
      No, we don’t really think Rob read this (yet), but we do think Peter Facinelli is an avid reader. He leaves his kids with the nanny when he’s not working just to catch up on the blog entries. Plus he’s a good commenter. We’re pretty sure he comments under the false name: DRCULLENROX. He’s even submitted a few letters of his own. In fact, it was from his letter submission that we got the idea for the “Where in the World is the Edward Cullen Pillowcase” series. He bought one from Hot Topic (claims it was for his daughter Fiona, but we all know better)

      Thanks for reading, despite the fact that you hate us so much. We love you anyway! xo

  15. You mean Rob doesn’t read this???


    • @Sass. Oh no, he has us bookmarked. I just want Jenna to know that or else she might not go away

  16. What’s this I hear?? Rob doesn’t read this site daily to plan his every decision, style and otherwise? phssht! I think Jenna is mistaken. Mr. Facinelli would not waste his time on senseless drivel. I for one am grateful to queensgarden for even the smallest insight into the complex mind of rpattz and pictures if she can bring herself to pull them from underneath her pillow.

    I hope that didn’t sound sarcastic.

  17. @ UIC,

    Good Call! That was some pretty quick thinking on your part….way to weed out the WEAK ones

  18. @ vickyb,
    your right, the “Fac” man would not waste his time on reading drivel, He’s so got like important other ….stuff…to do right! We must be doing something right to keep him keen!

    def check under the floorboards. From the sound of it, Rob was quite “Heartbroken” over your break-up. I’m sure he wanted to leave a piece of himself with you.

    If you do find the CD, I’ll take it. I’m sure Solid Sender is on there and I’ve been wanting to geta copy of it, but I just used up my last i-tunes gift card 🙂
    Mrs. P.


    I also love his music… and acting skills are amazing:)
    please dont talk bad about him, he does not deserve it.

    • @Sydney- WELCOME.
      We promise to never talk bad about Robert ever.
      We also never promise to call him Bob (ew)


  20. {APPLAUSE} for the B*b thing!!

  21. maybe it should be restarted somewheres for the newbs- THIS IS ALL (MOSTLY) a JOKE!! i mean we’re serious about the news and liking rob and twilight but you’ve gotta have a sense of humor!

    @queens garden- look under your floorboards i hear thats where he hides them 😉

    • @moon:
      i kinda have this feeling that if people don’t get ‘what we’re about’ from the tone of the site, well, we don’t want them here anyway 🙂
      we can discuss it on the conference call tomorrow night. omg. we’re going ‘corporate’

  22. Believe me, Sydney, if i was Rob’s ex-GF, I would be crying all the time too.

  23. another really funny post! you guys always crack me up. 🙂

    still no sign of rob? dang.

  24. Gosh! she wote you back 😀

  25. I don’t sign on all day and what happens? There’s a brand new post with 31 replies! I will never skip getting online on my day off again. I will also never call Rob Bob. Although I might “slip up” and call Old Man Bobby Rob.

    • @christapie: just remember to write down (or record) Old Man Bobby’s response when you call him “rob” for our “what our husbands/boyfriends/men etc. say about Rob” post:)

  26. Rise and shine! I see that there is some debate about where the CD is – well, there is no CD. And since we broke up, I have moved to another flat.
    But this might interest you: the last I heard of him – through an acquaintance (can’t say it’s a friend) – he was playing “Forget Her” by Jeff Buckley on his, what do you Yanks call it, nano. I would say he should play it on the guitar, as well.
    Unintended Choice: he looked rather sexy playing the guitar. You must try and go to London and see if you can meet up. I see that you are quite smitten.
    Well, I must go off to work. Cheers!

    • @queensgarden: thanks for the update on the CD. I am quite bummed 😦 But Good to know he love Jeff Buckley b/c I hear he’s gonna be playing him in a gladiator-style movie soon
      you’ve given me HOPE- I WILL go to London to meet up.. you’re right, I’m as smitten as a kitten, sigh…


  27. I came across this blog and the letters to Twilight a couple of weeks ago and you gals kill me! LOL The posts are all in good fun and I love both your wicked senses of humor. Nevermind that you’re really just saying what all of us RPattz fans would say to him if we could. I love it! Keep the letters coming.

    • @sidhevicious- i’m glad you ‘get it.” believe it or not, some people don’t! we’re about 97% serious: we love Rob and would DO him right this instant if he were here, and we also know that the ‘healthy’ way for us to share our obsession is in a light-hearted humorous way! also.. did i mention we want to do him? well, we do:)

  28. @unintendedchoice: You got it! 🙂

  29. Hmm.. no CD? dang. I think we may all just have to go to London together.. it’d probably all be good fun until we got to him, and then our claws would come out! 🙂 Soon, ladies… SOON! All of our wishes will be fulfilled… HA.

  30. Road trip!!!

  31. I’m in for a little trans-Atlantic stalking.

  32. sounds like we got ourselves a plan!

  33. It’s not like my husband and kids need me or anything.

  34. I’ll just prop a cardboard cut out up at the computer and join you gals too! No one would be the wiser!

  35. Just though you should know… in the full article he says that for 3 years he mooned over a girl but was too shy to say or doing anything about it. When the girl found out about it she was shocked – she had no clue. Apparently this was when he was at Barnes Theater.

  36. @british kid – ahhh another wrinkle to the letter… and the plot thickens!!! mooohaha. Oh and welcome!! 😀

    @sidhelvious – welcome too!! thanks for hitting LTT too!

    @queensgarden – you are becoming my favorite afternoon laugh break… i think we shall all charter a plane and take a road trip to london and hunt him down! DOG style.

    everyone else- you rule and i’ll be back with something new VERY soon 😀

  37. Sooooo Rob is into the obsessive, love from a distance kind of thing….good to know!

  38. G’d evening, everyone! you must look me up if you are in Londontown. I live in Kensington, near shops and good restaurants.

    Tonight I must turn in early since I was up quite late last night.


    • @queensgarden: I live near Philadelphia and we have Kensington too- it’s one of the poorest sections of the city and much of the reason why it’s the murder capital of the United States. However, your Kensington sounds much nicer! Perhaps I’ll visit. Does Rob’s family still live where they used to when you dated? We could stalk him er- visit with his grandmother?

  39. @ vickyb,
    Not that we would know anything about obsessive, love from a distance, would we?

  40. Well hot damn UC, I am fairly close to you..Harrisburg area. If Rob ever does another stop at the KOP Hot Topic, we should meet up and tell him just how much he means to us!

    • @Sass TOTALLY! i can’t believe i missed that one… CAN”T BELIEVE IT… sometimes, i walk by the hot topic and think… he was there… and then i lick the ground. okay that’s totally not true, but i’d be lying if i said the thought hadn’t crossed my mind.

      but who are we kidding… Rob at KOP ever again? i think that’ll only happen in our dreams 😦

  41. UC, if you can believe it, I was there with my mom…THE DAY BEFORE. I had no idea he was going to be there and quite frankly, it was before my love/lust for him was in full bloom.

    Dare we hope that they will send him out again for some New Moon promotions?

    *crossing fingers*

    • @Sass my fingers are crossed, but we probably have to start camping out NOW!

  42. “Dear Mr. Sass and my little sasslets,

    I just wanted to leave you a note to tell you that mommy has to go away for a little bit to um, just try one thing. You be good and I will see you in the fall!


  43. so i’ll totally come down and be with you guys if he ever graces your mall with his presence again.. maybe during New Moon promotions..
    and you must come up to probably Minneapolis.. becuz thats most likely the closest he’ll get to me. 😦
    i am going to go all over the country (and overseas, obviously, for our ‘road’ trip), for this guy!

  44. Too funny! I’m so glad someone recommended this site, because I don’t already read nearly enough Rob and Twilight-related blogs!

  45. @devilish southern belle- who doesnt? but we’re the best! PICK US! CHOOSE US! LOVE US!!!


  46. Heh, I love you all already!

  47. themoonisdown &unintendedchoice

    I am a huge fan of yours..I read your blog you 🙂

    • @ashely THANKS for reading! We’re a fan of YOU and love you too 🙂

  48. OMG, this is freaking brilliant. Brilliant I tell you.

  49. @Sass – You have a great idea here. I think we need a thread to share our notes we will be leaving for our loved ones when we go a-stalking.

  50. I am TOTALLY up for the trip to London, and KOP.. Lets go noww…

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