Posted by: Bekah | January 6, 2009

Rob, found at last!

Another edition of Fan letters:

Dear UnintendedChoicetheMoonisDown (and Rob),

Rob DollI had a brilliant idea last night, well it wasn’t really my idea as much as it was the Vicodin I had to take for my sore neck (I think it’s from sitting in the front row for Twilight 15 times), but anyways, since it has been a while that we’ve had any Rob sightings I have decided to dress my very own Rob and stick him in my purse like Paris does her dogs (Paris’s purses are definitely nicer but Rob is hotter!) and take him out and about in San Diego today.

We have a big day planned today. We are going to Border’s to buy another copy of Twilight, going to Blockbuster to return HP Goblet of Fire, getting gas in my Volve, (just kidding I drive a lame mini-van YUCK!) and finally to the grocery store. Oh yeah, Rob, don’t let me forget to get Juice Boxes and Goldfish for my kids snack. And yes, I’ll buy you some Hot Pockets! goldfish2

I wonder if I should cut him out a teeny tiny little beanie…It’s a little chilly out today?!

Love, Vickyb

Vickyb- we’re pretty sure Rob WOULD like a teeny tiny beenie. We don’t want anyone getting sick now.



    This is so awesome! I am so sad that you thought of it after we hung out.
    I so want my own Mini-Rob! Ok don’t hate me if I copy you…Didn’t themoonisdown say EVERYBODY gets a Rob for Christmas! Well don’t worry about me ladies, I’m going back to my stardoll log cabin, and I’m gonna pull my Rob doll from the burned wreckage!! Woo Hoo!!

    See what your doing to us ROB…Look what we’re having to resort to in order to see you!! GET OUT for goodness sakes, let us see you if only for a moment 🙂

  2. HAHA… my only question is why didnt you print out the rob doll I made?! mesh shirt and boxer briefs a bit much for running errands??

    yea he defs needs a beanie… a miniature version of THE ONE he always wears… makes him look like an ol timey sailor. my fave.

  3. His definitely needs a beanie!

  4. themoonisdown I didn’t think that outfit would be appropriate for running errands but don’t you worry he will be wearing your outfit this weekend when we go clubbing down in Hillcrest 🙂

    • hahaha.. please really take him clubbing this weekend (moon: we could start a ‘where in the world is the paper rob’ series- btw- where in the world IS the edward cullen pillow?)

  5. All right ladies…Rob is hitting the town, I’ll be meeting up with vickyb and taking some pics tomorrow. I’ll send you the links…let us know what you think!! 🙂

  6. You have to be the funniest person that I have ever read. I just can’t stop laughing. I wish that Rob would find this site. I think he wouldn’t stop laughing either.

    • @Angela
      you are SO sweet! We wish rob would find the site too b/c we’re pretty sure he’d CRACK UP!
      🙂 how did you find us?

  7. You need to market these. I want one. I could hide him in my purse and take him everywhere. My own “Purse Rob.”

    Ummm… does he come with different clothes? Like a tux? Or maybe just a pair of boxer shorts. I’d be good with that option too.

    • hey rob and fans that would be a gret idea who wount buy one rob we should hang out some time???

  8. hey i love twilght and all twlilight fans and thigs related to the books hey rob can we hang out sometime????????

    • Still…crazies make me laugh! Spell check, dammit!

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