Posted by: Bekah | January 6, 2009

Getting lucky in your blue shirt…

Another edition of Fan letters:

Dear Rob,

Rob in "that" blue shirt... sigh

I just got back from watching Twilight for the 15th time (you’re welcome!) and I couldn’t help but notice how well you filled out that blue t-shirt (you know the one!)

Now, I saw a video of you on Mtv when that fangirl/interviewer busted you for wearing a costume you stole from the set.  I know that “stealing” is morally reprehensible, but if you are going to steal something from the set you should definitely go back and get that blue t-shirt. The black t-shirt and black jeans just don’t do you justice.

"That was the first night I dreamt of Edward Cullen"

"That was the first night I dreamt of Edward Cullen"

(You know which blue t-shirt I’m talking about, it was the one you wore when you were stalking, I mean, “watching” Bella sleep, and then again when you came through the window to “try just one thing”.)

"Don't move"

"Don't move"

I mean, obviously, that shirt is pretty lucky for you.

Even Jasper thinks so because he wore it for one of the Twilight poster photo shoots (BTW, you look so much better than him in it!)


Robbie finds a sale

You don’t seem like the type of guy who likes to shop, and if you do, I know you usually go to thrift stores, so wouldn’t it just be easier to raid the Twilight closet? I mean, you already know where it is and you have to admit Edward ALWAYS looked good in the movie.


Cam is a weirdo and wears a kilt

You have had some questionable fashion-moments since the movie, but we won’t get into that right now because I miss seeing you out and about in LA no matter what you are wearing. As long as you don’t take any fashion advice from Cam you should be okay!

Speaking of missing you…Aren’t you sick of your family yet?? I am sure they are nice people and everything, but don’t forget your sisters used to dress you up like a girl and stuff!  At least when I dress you on-line (and undress you in my mind) I make sure you are wearing something nice.

Please come back to LA soon. I miss you!

Love Me. (Vickyb)

P.S. While you’re grabbing the blue t-shirt grab that gray thermal looked hot in that!


Editor’s note: We loved this letter and all the (hot) accompanying pictures.  Today some “new” promo pics popped up on a few fan sites. Check out my fav site’s post here!



  1. Vickyb,
    you took the words right out of my mouth!

  2. I’ve been published! Yay me! I am going to buy 50 copies of this article for my family…oh wait…I am going to forward this site to everyone I know even if they will think I am crazy. Thank you blue tshirt…thank you! And thank you ladies for taking time out of your busy schedules to indulge my craziness. Much like the blue tshirt…you rock!

  3. Yes…the thermal…

    I’ll be ok! I’ll be all right!

  4. Have you seen the GQ photos yet? Get on and read the article and see the pics…oh my oh my…the blue t-shirt may have just come in second. Oh, okay maybe not. Blue t-shirt and gray thermal, definately win….

  5. Urban cowboy pic…THUD! I can die happy now…..

  6. Hey robert can you please reply back to me cause no one will. Ps good movie Twilight. Sorry I used your name for my emil. It would be cool to here from you.

  7. just because he’s in a blue shirt…it made me think of it. i came across this when i was watching twilight, and for some reason i looked at rob’s armpit and it was darker than his shirt. hahahaa. random. 😛

    p.s. i love this site 😀


    • Holy Crap! More way back then crazies! Is ‘his normal self’ supposed to be Rob? Lol

  9. Honestly, I’m only here to get a laugh from all of your responses.

  10. i think you are so cold and sexy i no you are very busy but i would love to take you out for a drink i am 22 years old and live in surrey london please e-mail xxxx

    • 22 and you type like that? You think he’s cold? Wait, are you talking to Edward? Ha-ha! No, no…

  11. hey rob,
    wow im a mega fan,
    yea carnt get enough of twilight i am so really looking forward to newmoon.
    and your not really even in the book lol (awww)
    yea it’ll be great to hear back from you!
    you should see my wall, covered in posters twilight of cause lol, my mums like hopless lol.
    well yea xo

    • I won’t even start…blah!

  12. Love that blue t-shirt, gray thermal, very good choices. Also can’t get enough of seeing the “that was my t-shirt” t-shirt on him. Nice.

  13. wow. this website is full of stalkers.

  14. So this is when all the crazies came to LTR?

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