Fan Letters

Letters to Rob

Have you ever awoken in the middle of the night with a strong desire to tell Robert Pattinson about your dream? Or maybe you were caught doodling his name all over your Biology test and got a 2 week detention (and think it was so worth it).  Perhaps you haven’t been able to work since you first saw him in the movie about the vampires (or the one with the wizards) and you’re on the brink of being fired.

If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. You are in dire need of an outlet for your obsession (although we prefer to call it acute fondness) and we are here to provide it for you.

Look around and see how others cope with their feelings for Rob and maybe consider what you would write in your very own letter.  This community is here so that you don’t feel so alone in your acute fondness of all things Pattinson.

We only have one rule and that’s that we will never ever call Robert “Bob.”  That’s our commitment to you.

Get out your pens! (or stretch out your fingers) and put those feelings down on paper, er, computer screen! We can’t wait to hear from you…

Submit your letters to (oh yeah, we also have an outlet for your other Twilight obsessions at

Now get to writing!

*LTR policy is to respond to everyone within 48 hours. However, sometimes we go against policy and take 2-3 weeks to respond. We find that since we made the policy, we can and do break it quite often. We try to respond to everyone, unless you’re really crazy. Then we just FWD your e-mail to The Quad and laugh our lil’ heads off. Not really.**

**Actually really


  1. how sick is this …. LOL …

    ladies, get a life…. get back to reality….SOON!

    i really like rob and his work. but.. THAT SICK?!? hell, i’m very certain you all need professional help.

    oh…btw… you know the difference between rob and edward? no? well, that’s what i thought.

    i really do feel sorry for you guys. best luck for your future. and remember not to jump off a cliff or something. YOU are not immortal…neither is robert…oh..suuurpiiiise =)
    leave this awesome man alone. or at least: treat him as a human. i think he deserves it.

    and before you start to yell at me: think about this … once..twice….

    have a nice day


    • Have a nice day too, Steph!

    • Do you play online games and go by the name of “EvilSugar”? Just wondering…

    • it’s great that your willing to speak your mind but if some girl wants to make a fool of herself by acting overly obsessed then let her!

    • Steph u absolutly suck!!!!!! And of course we know the difference well at least i do after all i am =number 1 fan with one of my bffls tay tay and he is my husband after all! 😛 🙂 ; 😕 😀 8)

  2. Absolutely luuuuv it! The way the world is now, who cares if people have a little fun and obsess over something so great? Besides, I don’t know Rob personally, but based on his new found stardom, I would almost be willing to bet he doesn’t mind a bunch of women chatting, discussing, obsessing, over him. I doubt he’d say he doesn’t like it…! I mean, did Tom Cruise or George Clooney ever say they didn’t like having women coo over them? I bet not! So let’s have a little fun in our lives! Life is too short to be boring and a stick in the mud! Lighten up and smile, your frown muscles will thank you for it!

  3. I think Steph needs professional help. Anyone who would take anything said here *seriously*, seriously needs to take a chill pill.

    Like Mr. Lu would share me with ANYONE, no matter how rich/gorgeous/utterly delectable he is. Mr. Lu’s not the sharin’ kind, and I’m his. Patti is just my make believe boyfriend/houseboy, which Mr. Lu has no problem with.

    Only the mature and secure can hang. Thanks for playing.


    • That is the truth..This is not serious ;)..(unless you’re reading this Rob, then Call me anytime) LOL

  4. I’d just like to state for the record that the snooty pa-tooty “Steph” of the negative message above is not THIS “Steph.” (But you may have already picked up on that. I’m just so annoyed by her that I had to make sure there was an obvious distinction.) And, if I may quote another AWESOME Twilight/Rob blogger, “kthanxbye”. 🙂

  5. hi, thank god i found this site i seem to be the only one in Rocky, a little town in Australia who is obsessed with Twilight and the gorgeous Robert Pattinson, im 25 and married but thinking about calling it quits and chasing my dream man I would love to go to Vancouver and accidently run into him( and totally sexually assult him,lol) does anyone want to be my over seas friend? so when i get enough money together i can come and hang out and we can all be happy in our madness love for all things Twilight and Rob, he’s soo hot.

    • oh Amanda you’re not alone! And I don’t know of anyone specifically in Rocky, Australia, but I do know there are other girls in Australia like you (and me!)
      thanks for finding us! and for saying hi! XOXO

  6. Hi Amanda. I am from New Zealand. I will come to Vancouver with you and stalk Rob!!!

  7. what a freak! /\ /\

  8. I am really determined to get over this huge crush.
    I wanted this man dreadfully too but as soon as I realized that he will hurt the hell out of me if I meet him., I speak to him or touch him. That I will be madly involved in a f—ed up unreciprocated love that will consume my life I just had to say STOP.
    I am a beautiful woman with a beautiful mind BUT he will never be MINE.

  9. Ladies if you can not give up the Twilight saga read Vampire Diaries(4 volumes) By Lisa J. Smith.
    It will keep you busy for a while. The story line is almost the same.

    It will put you in motion.

    Love and joy to you all.
    To UC : you rock girl 🙂

  10. And one more thing !
    Please tell me how to put my picture in here couse the little monster gives me a rush.
    Thank you!

  11. I love twilight so much! The whole cast did a great job and I think twilight is the best movie ever! This may sound crazy but Twilight made me realize that you can find true love just about anywhere. It would be awesome if I met a guy like Edward Cullen. I’m not some overly obsessed fan but if i had one wish i would wish to meet someone exactly like Edward/Rob because any girl would be lucky!!!!!!





  15. I wish my sister could get the guts to ask Rob out herself

  16. Hi all,

    Rob – As Jackie Wilson said (I’m in heaven when you smile)….

    if you ever read this site, you will see that there are intelligent, funny women of all ages that lurve you. You must choose one of us or all of us(hypnotic suggestion) and get in touch now!! Go on, just a few lines….

    It’s just you’re busy right now filming and the daily snippets of information or supposed comments from you on the net are sooooo bland. Why not join in our little site here and give us a real exclusive.


  17. If i knew how to get in touch with him i would so ask him out….So Rob if your reading this how bout it…..i am a very attractive 26 yr old…..get in touch with me…………

  18. what a cute site this should definitley give all the cast and crew something to enjoy over a drink lol kinda sounds like what happened with new kids on the block itll calm down and he can get back to normal life

    • The NKOTB love did die down because they faded into the background…now that they’re back and on tour my fever for them burns more than it did 20 years ago. I went to their concert in Tulsa, OK in March. It was soooooo great!! AND I just bought tickets for their Dallas, TX show in July….I splurged and bought the 5 Star passes. I get to meet them. I’m so stoked it’s ridic!!! This is a 20 year dream coming to life!!!

      So…with that said…maybe when I’m 48 and Rob’s 42 I’ll actually get to meet him and I’ll still be just as in love with him then as I am now. lol!!! I can dream.



  19. ok well just wanted to send you an invite which im sure you have plenty of but here it is come to ohio ill totally entertain you for a weekend and believe me no one around here will know who ya are you would have a ball!

  20. hey rob i love u so much i think u are so funny and amzing but i fill bad that u always get attacked bye screming girls but i dont blame them one bit hopfely i will meet u some day at a book sighning or if u go to anther comic conand i think u will be great in the next movies comming up

  21. Sam– I feel exactly the same about my behavior. So, I really should not even entertain the thought of writing Rob—but I do. I have these conversations with myself while driving, I think about it before I go to sleep–composing the perfect letter, the letter that Rob could never refuse to read…creative things to write on the envelope to make sure the letter gets to him and is actually read. How pathetic, I mean…how old am I? I’m 30, he is 22. I’m married, he is single. And, if those were the only two deterrents, I’d have a chance, but c’mon! So, he is humble and still human (last time I checked)…and we all heard him say he likes his women a bit crazy, and we like to believe he prefers normal girls like us to Hollywood starlets… That’s us right? NO! This site has been a strong five-fingered slap to the face–SMACK! I feel so stupid for even thinking I may be just a tad bit more creative, clever, or what have you to get his attention over all the other crazy fans. Maybe now I can move on with my life huh? Sad…. something tells me I’ll secretly keep obsessing for a while. Until at least the last movie comes out and Rob gets married and has kids, etc, etc, etc. Yeah…..that’s a good plan– I think.

  22. Rob is soooo hot…talented, gorgeous, handsome,sexy etc.

    It would be a dream come true if
    i were to meet him in person. I know he lives in L.A or london but I dont know exactly. I truly and desperately need to see him personaly.

  23. ROb , my spunk , lol

    Superduper fan of twilight and Robert Pattinson

    Im in love with ROb seriously.

    i would like to meet him, it means SO much to me.

  24. okay, so here it is… body guards of Rob, don’t come after me
    I am a HUGE fan of Twilight and i am in LOVE with Edward but not so much Robert Pattinson.

    You need to stop taking drugs and stop smoking…
    Edward is hot because he doesn’t smoke, but you Robert in real life…ugh, it makes me shudder to think about it!!!
    I feel bad for Kristen Stewart to have to kiss you!!! So stop drinking stop smoking and MAYBE you will be better!!!
    oh and remember, Taylor Launter is better then you!

    • oh no! the Rob fans might come after you! Thanks for writing xoxxo

    • You are right UC…*sharpens pitchfork and searches garage for that d*mn flaming torch*

    • I have a friend that isn’t very fond of Rob as well. She’s totally in love with Edward on screen, but Rob in person not so much. I think she’s crazy.

      @friend of nickell – Kristen Stewart smokes too so I’m sure she doesn’t mind it. I think that about 93% of the main cast smoke actually.

  25. I am so unbelievably down for the Forks trip! There is no one in my life as completely obsessed with Twilight as me. My friends think I’m crazy when I suggest going to Forks. They are all like “You wanna go there just for some books?” JUST FOR SOME BOOKS?! Try THE books.

  26. oh my god he is so cute i would go crazy if i met him he is just so hot! i would love to meet him and he seems like a good kisser to

  27. Great letter. 🙂


  28. Okay…I’ll make this one a little longer.

    I’m so glad to have found this site. After reading some of the comments left here I feel so much better about being as obsessed with Rob/Edward/Twilight as so many others out there are. All of my friends think that I’m crazy and want to form an intervention. I’ve learned to ignore their constant rolling eyes when I start talking about anything Twilight related.

    My husband tolerates my obsession and has actually contributed to my addiction by buying me the April issue of GQ and having it waiting for me on the counter when I got home from work. How awesome is that?! Also, after tolerating my raves about the movie and the books for months he’s finally broke down and he lets me read the Twilight series books to him at night before we go to bed. I feel like such a lucky girl. I get to have my hubby AND Rob/Edward/Twilight.



  29. rob is sooo cute i ♥ him he is the best

    • you’re rite katie..he’s so hot, humble, sexi and wooouuuww……i love him….

  30. hi…im form indonesia and so happy to find this site, good to join with people who carzy in love wit rob…i love rob…

    • WOOOOOOOOOW girl WHO ISNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Rob is SOOO AWeSOmEe!!! in A quiet Yet bold way XD

  31. Ahh… Friends… Comrads… Felllow Obsesors. I am not alone. Yes I know it is an exageration. Or is it!!!
    I have been trying to find a site that is worth going on. Has anyone gone to any of the COMIC-CON’S?

    • twilight IS forever… no.. not going to comic-cons… boo!

  32. I am totally bored myself. *laughs* I’m just readin’ books, watchin’ movies, drawing….doin’ hws…i do that everyday. uhh i don’t see anyone who i can talk and make ’em laugh. 😀 errr where r ya peeps?


    • woow you cant just go on this website and not expect to get yelled at for looking for friends when this is about ROBERT PATTISON!!!!! HENSE THE TITLE ‘letterstoROB!’

  33. Wow! Having an outlet to express yoursef is great!
    I love the books and I think Robert and Kristen had done a great job in their roles in Twilight. They have given their own perspective and that is what has made the movie what it is. So Robert deserves some credit too! Robert is certainly talented and I guess it must be nerve-wrecking when everyone is just watching for his every next move. Hang in there!

  34. Theres lots too say about him, becuase hes amazing ! xx

  35. wow, if Doc Cullen himself reads this then to him I have to ask……… does Rob really smell? ( that series of dots was a pause for dramatic effect for those of you who lean toward the theatrical) I’m not sure I want to know, Sure I’ve always had a weak spot for men who look like they smell from far away but when you get close they don’t, but ROB? I think I need him to smell all clean and manly or the fact that he’s so hot and all might be lost on me. Don’t get me wrong, talent and intelligence and brutal hotness are all way more than most men have to ofeer but stinky is almost got to be a deal breaker. Ah Rob… I suppose for you though I would get past the funk of you and focus on the more sexy bits. As long as you promise to never mention the tuck!!!

  36. Hey Rob,Fans,
    Well i am definitly on of the millons of girl
    Who happen to LOVE twilight ^_^
    Well yesterday i read that poor rob is loosing
    kristen over taylor =[
    is that true? im not sure but they do seem to hang out alot…how old is he like…16?
    Anyway thats not my point
    KRISTEN GO FOR ROB! Hehe And Robert
    Good luck on the fame and crap

    • Omg i no!!!!!!! what is up with that!? is she goin for the kid or the man hehehe jkjk but seriously luv rob!!!! nad i dot think its true. i think its like a cover-up story.

  37. oh and rob… is it true that u have like your perfume line or whatever???

  38. hey rob its me again i love you!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. I have been looking for a site just like this one. Where there are other who are obsessed about Twilight just like I am.

    Can anyone show me how to Change my icon?

  40. I had an opportunity of a lifetime. The beginning of Feb. I was just putting Twilight in my browser bar and I finally came up with something. It was amazing
    I litterally went into shock. It was the TWILIGHT TOUR CONVENTION 2009 in San Francisco. I live in the East Bay. I could not believe the still had tickets.

    To this day it still blows my mind.

  41. The actors are so down to Earth. I can’t wait till next year.
    I am trying to find out how many from the Bay area are going next year.
    If anyone is going email me

  42. You are so so so so hot and that is so so so so true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tyra Valencia Your #1 FAN

  43. I SOOO wish i got the behind the scenes tickets to see the filming of the sequel New Moon but im SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! happy im going to the america premiere

  44. omg!! This is the m0st amazing site ever!! G00d to kn0w im n0t the only one who’s OBSESSED with rob!! I just love him so much! lots and lots of love, kim

  45. hai der rob i dnt really cre wat d wrld says bt all i cn say s m a dam big fan of urs…..! bt c m jus a normal gal n all gals ave feelinz an i really dnt lyk d way u cum out with yoooooooour gals u ave fanz rob an u gotta understand dem as dey understand u . bt m still ur fan rob an will always b an i really luved u in twilight u knw sunthng ur soooooooo dam hot no wounder ur gals cnt keep dey eyes an hands off u hehehe dnt b a bad boy rob coz even i got ma eyes on u bt cnt get ma hands on u DAM!!!!!! c u bye

  46. hey to all! Im kim fr0m south africa, and im totally obsessed with all that is rob pattinson:)! It would be a dream come true if i could meet him, even if its just 4 a second! My mom thinks im totaly weird and that i should rather focus on my studies than on him blah-blah-blah, its imposible! :). . Hugs and kisses kim ps. are all of you galz married, if so more rob 4 me yay!! Haha just joking

  47. Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

    I don’t know if that code is going to work, but if it does than i just had to share that video with you guys.

  48. I come from the small town of East Liverpool, Ohio, so I also, understand the 0% chance of never shagging Rob.
    But, when you say Pounding Spam, I like to think of that as the phrase I would use when we find out he IS shagging Nikki Reed. I’m just saying.
    By the way, you guys are genius!

    • hi jesica! welcome and yes nikki would be SPAM!

  49. Hi!My name is Natasha i’m from Greece and i would like to ask if there is any chance Robert Pattinson come here??

    By the way the film was very good and i like the song”let me sign”.It’s very romantic and touch my heart…

  50. I thought everyone might like these, it they haven’t seen them yet:





    They are from behind the scenes of “How To Be”

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