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Letters to Rob

Have you ever awoken in the middle of the night with a strong desire to tell Robert Pattinson about your dream? Or maybe you were caught doodling his name all over your Biology test and got a 2 week detention (and think it was so worth it).  Perhaps you haven’t been able to work since you first saw him in the movie about the vampires (or the one with the wizards) and you’re on the brink of being fired.

If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. You are in dire need of an outlet for your obsession (although we prefer to call it acute fondness) and we are here to provide it for you.

Look around and see how others cope with their feelings for Rob and maybe consider what you would write in your very own letter.  This community is here so that you don’t feel so alone in your acute fondness of all things Pattinson.

We only have one rule and that’s that we will never ever call Robert “Bob.”  That’s our commitment to you.

Get out your pens! (or stretch out your fingers) and put those feelings down on paper, er, computer screen! We can’t wait to hear from you…

Submit your letters to (oh yeah, we also have an outlet for your other Twilight obsessions at

Now get to writing!

*LTR policy is to respond to everyone within 48 hours. However, sometimes we go against policy and take 2-3 weeks to respond. We find that since we made the policy, we can and do break it quite often. We try to respond to everyone, unless you’re really crazy. Then we just FWD your e-mail to The Quad and laugh our lil’ heads off. Not really.**

**Actually really


  1. Some of these people are just weird, ‘kay. I mean sure I’m a big Twilight fan, and I’ve seen the movie a bunch of times and read the book a bunch of times. But no I am not deluding myself into thinking that we’ll ever meet or have a special moment or anything like that. Yeah I am a TwilightMom, but I would never throw my panties at Rob. I say have fun with it, but don’t take it too seriously. I mean I think being obsessed with celebrities is kind of pathetic. I was wondering though, are you growing dreads? That EW cover sort of looks like it.

  2. Its called fantasizing!!! You know, having fun. Maybe you are taking it too seriously?

  3. I just have to let you wonderful ladies know how hilarious this site is, and ask if anyone else is as freaked out by Paris Hilton crushing on Rob as I am? Reading your letters seriously helps me to feel less obsessive (okay, maybe not) but at least less ALONE in my obsession. My S.O. thinks Rob has a flat face and is not at all attractive (he’s just jealous!) My nephew is disturbed that his girlfriend and I have a crush on the same actor! Oh, well…some things are just inevitable. How could anyone not love this man? Thank you for providing an outlet for this psychosis!

  4. Finding this site was awesome! made me feel slightly better about the strange obsession that i have with all things Rob / Edward. Am proud to say that i have now converted one of my BF – she is totally in love with Rob after seeing Twilight (i told her she would be and she was doubtful – but ive proved her wrong!). At the age of 31 im sure i should know better but they say ‘you’re only as old as the man you feel’……………..just wish i could get the chance to feel him! LOL! xx

  5. Wendy Steele – i totally agree with you about the Paris thing! It MUST NOT be allowed to happen! She will take one of the worlds most beautiful creatures and turn him into something as cheap as nasty as she is…………….

  6. @Mrs P – i agree with you. Paris is a very plastic fake being. I don’t think Rob would find her intresting to talk to. She is not his type. I on the other hand….

  7. I got to meet Rob last fall when he came to Austin, TX for the How To Be screening… this day, I can still hear him saying my name in his lovely British accent. Watching him nervously running his fingers thru his wild hair was absolutely breathtaking…especially when you’re standing right in front of him and trying not to say anything stupid and seem cool even though you just want to……

    ahem….better stop there….still it was the BEST DAY EVAH!! 😉

  8. Shasta – the thought of Rob saying my name makes me go all funny……………………you are a very lucky person! You seem to have better self control then i, probably wouldve been arrested for inappropraite touching. Need i go any further?!! 😉

  9. @ Mrs P…….it’s not like I didn’t think about it. 😉 Believe me, you’re just stunned to be in his presence. RAWR!!

  10. I feel bad for Rob

  11. I see that all of you have an obsession with him, so here is my question would any of you date him?

  12. yes i would date him ofc. 😀 !

  13. omg!!!! i love edward (rob) he is soooo hot i thike i have wached the movie 500 times….lol….. i want to be bella (kristin) sooo bad

  14. i love robert soooo much…im writting him a letter im on page 120 i think…lol.. well i have wached the movie 50 times hes hot

  15. date him? Geez, I would commit my eternal life to him.. yeah!!!!!!!

  16. This is the place for me.

    • @Shannon you’re right. Welcome home. We’re glad you found us xo

  17. gotta say this “letters to Rob” is very therapeutic! Thanks for the chance to discuss everything and nothing in emails! I do appreciate it and i’m sure i’m not the only one!

    • @michelle oh i’m SO glad we can be your therapy!!!! Come join the fun and welcome xo

  18. Thanks… Just wanted to lend this funny bit of info for you guys. My daughter and I (she’s 8) were watching the movie together and when Edward climbs the tree with Bella on his back and then stops and says “do you trust me?”, my daughter said to me “did he say “are you crispy?””. I busted!!! Just had to share with you all!

  19. hiya guys i live in the uk and i would love to vist Forks and its a bit for away 😦 and one day i would love to live in the us 🙂

  20. have u guys post the picks?

  21. i love the twilight books! im on eclipse right now, even though i know what happens in it and breaking dawn.rob is so hot!i have a million pictures in my room of twilight. all my friends think im weird cause im obsessed with twilight, except my one friend rebecca, she is obsessed 2.
    hey Michelle, i think what ur daughter said wuz real funny!r u crispy, hahaha!

  22. This site is truly fun. I don’t feel bad at all that I am 46 yr. twimom of college teen & obsessed w/ Rob & addicted to the novels & movie & have his pic on my desktop. I google him daily to see his eyes/smile. If we could just find a way to get to Canada this spring to see New Moon filming. Loved the Rob doll in the car. Sadly, he seems disgusted w/ the twimoms & is now infatuated w/ Natalie Portman (from Oscars). He looked great. Hope he had fun in Japan. He really does have talent.

  23. I have been out of reach of my computer for a week. A little accident with the lawnmower and my fingers!
    I am back and wondering where the heck is all the news on Rob?
    I have seen the Oscars and he looked damn fine! Wasn’t too sure about the shoes though. Is it true about him spending quality time with Paris Hilton? WTF!!!!

  24. Dear UC & Moon whatever;

    Ya’ll are utterly, f*cking vile.

    I love you. Seriously. You are my newest girl crush.

    A few thoughts:

    “Solid Sender” is THE bone song of all time. Good to know there is yet another thing Patty and I have in common.

    Thank gawd this site has a few married, older women. I’m not old, but damn if I don’t feel ancient around all these tweenies, drooling over my guy.

    Your site is the best, funniest, most honest site I have found for The Object of My Affection, yet. Keep up the filth and lust, girls. It’s what makes life yummy.


    • YAY! you’re newest girl crush!!! we are honored!

      we have another good friend of LTR/LTT who LOVES solid sender- so we know you’re a cool chick!

      we will not stop being honest, that’s for sure. if something needs to be said about how freakin hot robbie is looking- we’re saying it. if he does something disappointing (like date paris hilton) we’ll delete the site! we’re all about keeping it real here! XO welcome!

      • I *refuse* to believe Patti was soiled with the likes of Paris Hilton. However, he did get a little quiet in a recent interview when it was brought up – Oscar night, in a secluded garden, *full body shiver*. (Oh, please, saints and angels and God in Heaven, NOOOOOOOO)

        Ahem. Anyway – thanks for the welcome. I wub you and have told everyone about this site.

  25. Okay Kaitlin! Firstly, if you say he’s your boyfriend well good on ya! Rob’s my casual lay on the side. Aren’t I lucky? But don’t tell my husband! And the reason he was so depressed in LA was cos he was like 18 hours away from me. Now that he’s just over the ocean and only one hour away he got all cheery and excited! Secret get-together happening this weekend but SHHHHHH don’t tell anyone! lol 😉 Shall I post the photos of him after he’s all shagged out?

    Unintendedchoice and themoonisdown, I love your site and how you humour us idiots who have our delusional outbursts to keep ourselves sane!
    Keep up the great work!

  26. O.M.E.C!! I live a few hours away from Forks so me and a few friends in the next couple of weeks we are going up there for a weekend trip! And the other day I was thinking of Rob Pattinson and the I tripped then I got up and ran into a wall! Rob is the only person who has made me THAT clumsy!!!

  27. And unintendedchoice and the moon is down as soon as I read a few things I bookmarked the page! Love the site!!!

    • thanks kariannethefanpire!!!!! We’re glad you’ve joined the fun!

  28. Hey unintendedchoice and themoonisdown I don’t know if u have heard about how Kristen Stewart has been complaining about she hates doing interviews I wanted to know your guys view on this and do u think she should take a lesson from Rob? Since He is so awesome and nice in interviews if u haven’t seen some of the things she has said go to andsearch twilight

  29. Hey Robssesed people!! I was looking on Youtubeand found out how to get his autograph personalized to you!! Okay so this is what the peeps have said to do… Write a letter to jim telling him how much he rox then send him a pic and ask him to autograph it then give him a return envelope withit addressed to you and stamps. Them he autographs them to ____ xx best wishes Rob Pattinson!! I did it a few weeks ago and am still waiting to see if it will work for me! Srry I dnt have the fanmail adress with me but u can google it. He has an American and England! He says he reads all his fanmail so tell him about your website!!! Maybe he’ll check it out!

  30. Hey moon and UC I was reading Letters To Twilight and it said that you wanted pix of Rob no pants well here one us no pants… No shirt either

    And to these I was very angry not at Rob Paris and natalie

  31. Never mind the first one I was gonna send dat one to a friend in an email cuz u guys have that one the one I was gonna send you my friend won’t give me the URL 4 it… 😦

  32. Another older, newish fan who’s spent the last week doing mad little spurts of frenetic activity at work to cover for trawling the internet obsessively for Rob/Edward/Twilight. I read the books in a week and am now on my second go. Have the film coming soon but didn’t want to spoil my enjoyment of the books by seeing it first.

    This is the funniest and most enjoyable website I’ve found and stops me from thinking I’m alone in my madness or about to be carted off for drooling over a man (sorry god) who’s 20 years younger than me.

    I wouldn’t mind but my boyfriend is 13 years younger and gorgeous but sadly not a vampire.

    I live in London and work for a big magazine company. If he ever comes here I won’t be responsible for my actions…….

    Love all your work, every one of you….

    • sue- so glad you found us! how about your encourage your big magazine company that they need to adopt a huge story on your hometown boy- robert pattinson? then maybe you can ask him the all-so-important questions (like when is he coming to philly to love ME!?) XOXO MUCH LOVE!

  33. Hi,
    Will do. But there are so many women in this building I think the outpouring of female hormones when that happens will make for an explosive mix…..

    Oh for the resources to just casually stalk him around LA or Vancouver or London…..we could just keep accidentally bumping into him and eventually he’d have to succumb to one of us…as we might be older but so much more interesting!

  34. oh, God.It is so liberating. knowing you are not crazy and that there are others out there who are married and still have the time and inclination to on-line stalking. I am totally in love with Edward. Loving Rob as the face and body of Edward. Started to search internet to know him better and fell in love with him too. Now I have a double obsession. I think he is perfect just as he is. adorably rumpled, with his greasy hair, funny comments… watched his interviews just to see how he really is thinking the frenzy would pass -big mistake! he is so real, down-to-earth everyday guy and that makes him even more desirable. hm. DH watched Twilight just so he could see what the fuss is all about. LOVED it. Even read midnight sun – which he loved even more. this Robsessivness reaches even this far corner of Europe where I live, so don´t be upset over minor ( major ) grammar errors.
    want to be your friend.
    with greetings, from Forks-like town in SLO, love and xx, liliom

  35. I have today introduced my friend (the monster who wants Rob for herself!) to your site. She was in hysterics and said she was going to join up as soon as she got home.

    She too has to hide her total obsession with RP / EC, her husband gets v.cross and dosent understand anything! What is wrong with these men?? Surely as a male they can appreciate the total beauty of the man…….as a women i see other females as pretty so whats the problem?

    Is it his total lushness that pisses them off? Or the fact that hes so talented and can sing too! Or the fact that hes loaded…………or just the fact that their girlfriends / wives / fiancees would rather be in bed with him than them?? 😉

    • Mrs P.. they’re just JEALOUS!!!!!!! Thanks for writing and for getting another “Robaholic” to join us! XO

  36. Wow. I feel like I’ve just come home.

    Thank you ladies for this website! I know i’m not alone in my fangirlyness, but being able to read about/interact with other rpatts fans with the “acute fondness” helps me feel a little closer to normal.

    I was trying not to categorize myself as a “twimom” since my child is only 18mos (not years!) old. Please tell me my rationalization works!

    @ adda: omg you are from Iceland! Please send pics of Magnus Scheving. He’s my backup in case this Rob thing doesn’t work out 😉

    • spunkette.. i’m going to have to look up magnus scheving … if he’s a close 2nd to rob, he must be pretty hot! welcome!!!!

      • Thanks! As for Magnus, he may or may not be your flavor, he’s the creator/star of the kids’ show LazyTown. If you google “magnus scheving by shinjuchan” you’ll see the pic that got me on his train. Can I get a woot woot?

        He and Rob are apples and oranges. Handsome, well-built apples and sweet, charismatic (and dare I say juicy) oranges.

  37. I have recently read a statement from Ms Paris Hilton stating that she is NOT going out with Rob and she did not canoodle with him at the after Oscars after party. She said he is lovely to talk to and very talented. Thank the Lord for that!!!

    Anywhosel, I have been thinking of ways to get on the set of New Moon. Although I am a million miles away from the actual location< I will cross that bridge when i come to it.
    These are my thoughts. Firstly find out which company is doing the Hair/makeup for the production. Do a bit of homework on them i.e Names etc of staff, anything that you can find out the better. Secondly and this is a biggie, get past security using the hair companies staff ID (previously made with help from step one) and names etc.
    Then just lurk in he shadows and wait until Rob needs his hair touched up and Bang! You get to meet him and touch the God like hair and maybe cop a feel. Slip him your cell phone no and invite him to chillax with you after the scene! What could go wrong ?!?
    Putting my idea into words does sound a bit far fetched but it seemed like the best plan ever in my head.
    Hmm I hear you say….

  38. i love twilight and wish i can be on it

  39. Well I like jenny melton’s plan. I have been having a similar day-dream about becoming part of Rob’s life. I plan to win the Twilight contest to go on the set and be an extra or something and then ingratiate myself with all the cast and especially Rob whose creative muse (ahem) I shall become. In my dreams that bit is a piece of cake.
    The only snag is you have to make a video and send it to them and my grasp on modern technology is tenuous at the best of times. I’ve tried doing one on my phone, but it stops filming after about 30 secs when I’m mid-flow about why I should be picked, also holding it in front of me means they only get from the nose down or up. Finally the video quality is poor and even though I don’t throw on the make-up, I’m so pale it looks like it’s wearing me. I’m not sure they’ll be keen on an extra looking like Bette Davis in Whatever Happened To Baby Jane….damn it why can’t they design a competition for adults who love Rob/Twilight and not just teenage It experts!!! I was late for work after about twenty failed attempts at making my film masterpiece and nothing to send and now my day-dream is crumbling like some giant Jenga game. Noooooo!

    • haha Sue- this is so funny! we’re rooting for you- go make friends with a teen and ask him/her to help!

  40. I am seriously considering signing up to a doctor, I can’t stop re-reading the Twilight saga and cyber stalking anything Rob Pattinson.. I am 36yrs old & and married for peets sake! What is wrong with me! URGH HELP

    • well join the fun here Leesa!! IT helps. we promise!

  41. To Leesa, I am 30, married with three kids. I too stalk Rob every day, I mean how can you not! There is nothing wrong with you! My diagnosis is that you are Robsessed. Its perfectly normal. UC is is definately right. This place does help.

  42. Dear Rob,
    Oh how I have watched my feelings for you grow from hatred to fan, fan to lust, lust to obsession, for which I must say WHY DO I LOVE YOU SO. It’s not just the way you smile when your nervous or your giggle during interviews or the way you play with your hair, or your piercing eyes or lovely lips that I wish to someday kiss(hope my boyfriend never reads this) or your sexy british accent, For me you truly gripped me with your Talent, and I don’t just mean acting because at times in Twilight I found you terrible but truly it is your love and talent for music that has inspired me and my obsession.
    Now when I say terrible in Twilight(please don’t hurt me dedicated letterstorob fans) I just mean, for me, I had a vision of Edward in my head(my Edward, My LOVE) and unfortunately that just could not be portrayed on screen, as I did not have any part in the making of the movie, so unlike so many other I truly did not enjoy the movie as much as I’d hoped.
    That said after watching the movie I tried to refuse this need, this draw to search you on the internet and fin out all I could because I couldn’t picture myself like all the other screaming girls around the world. I however gave in to your draw and found out how much more their is to you and ran out to buy the Twilight CD after hearing you sing. Once that was done, I was hooked, I’ve always had a big soft spot for musicians. Your talent on Piano and with a guitar has inspired me to d something I have been attempting since I was 8. pulled out my old guitar and got it re-stringed and pulled out my tiny keyboard to attempt to learn Bella Lullaby. Your talent has inspired me to finally reach my goals of learning and mastering the instruments that have taunted me my whole life and I thank you.
    But now I hve another brutal obsession that could loose me my job and that is my undieing desire to meet you, from watching your interviews itis my belief that you are very down to earth and your “celebrity status” is something you are hesitant about and that drives my desire to sit down and pick your brain.
    Someday Rob, we will meet and You will tell me all about your life and growing up in London and I will tell you about my days growing up in a small farm town in Canada and we will laugh and joke and maybe play Rock Band so I can hear your beautiful voice.
    Dreaming is the only way to achieve what you want!
    Some day Rob, Someday

    • thanks for the letter cee!

    • I have a life … as do UC and TMID. Rather than feeling sorry for them, perhaps you should feel sorry for yourself. This is nothing but a bit of harmless fun … yet you’re busy spitting vitriol at it (where’s you’re life? you’re obviously reading it too) just to be negative.

      Meanwhile we’ll all be here having fun, poking fun, and appreciating Rob and his work. We tried pitying you for your obvious lack of a sense of humor, we’re just too busy with the rest that it’s not worth it.

      • wow.. everyone REALLY has our back today!!!!! Thanks- I think you’re a New commenter too! kickin’ the ass of the haters! much love!

    • Oki Im Obsessed too but thts a TAD creepy i dont say i blame u but still..

  43. i am in loveee with robert pattinson;
    he is my rainbow, when there is no colour. he is my clothes when i am naked. he is my light on a cloudy day. he is my rose in a garden of weeeds.

  44. im just warning everyone, that robert pattinson is mine ! back off bitches.

  45. NO. i dont think so. he is alll mine. our future will be awesome. 🙂 I LOVE ROBERT!

  46. Me + Robert = ❤ forever.

    and no one else 😉

  47. hey kayla whats up?

  48. heey krista! nothingg u?

  49. howws scott? lmao!

  50. urrr.
    hes the bestest boyfriend ever !

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