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One day in December of 2008, UnintendedChoice (UC) discovered a 1 hour long, homemade video of the Twilight Vanity Fair photoshoot. She ignored it for 5 minutes and then gave in. She watched it while looking over her shoulder every 30 seconds, fearing she’d get caught. She told no one. She was ashamed.

A few days later her shame grew so strong that she confessed it to another Twilight-loving friend, theMoonisDown (Moon). It turns out Moon had also wasted an hour of her life watching the same video. UC felt better. Moon was happy she wasn’t alone. They discussed their feelings. They laughed a lot. The broke it down and decided there had to be at least 1 or 2 others that were so ashamed of their fangirlness that they wanted to exploit it on the internet. Thus, Letters to Rob was born!

We’re two friends on opposite coasts. theMoonisDown lives in the west and UnintendedChoice lives east, but we’re connected by the power of love obsession respect for Robert Thomas Pattinson*

Check out our FAQs (coming soon!) for some important answers to important life questions regarding Letters to Rob (LTR), and don’t forget to check out our Twilight-focused site here at: Letters to Twilight. Think you’re funny/interesting/crazy enough to be featured in a letter on our site? Submit your letter to us via e-mail here or check out our Fan Letter page for more details!

We can’t wait to “meet”

UC & Moon

*did I make up that middle name? or is that right? I’ve never claimed to be the best fan out there…


  1. Hey guys I have love the idea of never calling Rob b*b so I have made a contract at my home and everyone had to sign a contract to promise to never call him b*b and every1 whornters the house must sign the contract and if some1 refuses to sign they must leave straightaway

  2. THANK YOU for this site. It is bloody hilarious and I feel like i’m reading my own thoughts. I will be gregariously stalking your musings from now on (as a supplement of course).


    • catspat- YOU’re WELCOME! thanks for stalking! LOVE YOU!

  3. i loved the site!! congrats!!

    but do you really send the letters? 😛

    • mille,
      thanks for loving our site! we don’t send the letters, but you never know who is reading them!

  4. I loooove this website. Moon and UC – you are awesome! I’ve been having so much fun just checking out people’s comments, I decided to join in too. It’s refreshing to find a website that’s not totally “teen” crazy about Rob. I’m a 41 year old Mom and am not ashamed to admit that I’m in love with my Robward. My 15 year old daughter is embarrassed (sometimes), but I don’t care. I loved him in Harry Potter and now it’s so great to see him taking overnight stardom and all the craziness that goes wiht it so well. I’m looking forward to continuing my Robsession with all of you. Keep it coming – you guys are great!

    – Topaz Intoxication

    PS: I’m a lucky lady – my hubby’s first and middles names are Edward Robert – either way I yell it out (ahem, if you know what I mean) he has noooo clue! Yep, life is gooood!

    • no WAY! your hubby’s name is Edward Robert!? AMAZING!!!!

      keep embarrassing your daughter.. you KNOW she squeals over his beautifulness when you’re not looking! WELCOME XO

  5. I love the site and good to know I’m not the only totes insane person over Robbikins! I have read the first book (Twilight) 376+ times. (((Contest OK, don’t FRICKIN judge me! Sorry, no more meanie))) All the others a lot more. (((Contest….))) And I saw the movie, a bazillion times. I am going to the midnight release party here in Greensboro for the Twilight DVD. SO Excited. I’m going as bella because we share the same name. Yayyerzzzz. Thanks again, you are AWESHUM!

    OMSSMMRPD Positive (((ObsessiveMrSexySexyMuscleManRobertPattinsonDisorder)))

    • isabella marie cullen-
      wow… 376+ times?? are you serious? what contest was that!?
      thanks for writing!!

      • No prob UC. And its a contest here in Australia. 3,000 dollars to the first person to officailly read (cover to cover) the first book 500 times. BY the release date of the movie. On DVD, March 21. I’ll make it, it only took me a month to get this far. Wish me luck. Im gonna use the money if I win to go to the Italy shoots for the second installment of the movie. Then try to get enough to go to Canada for the rest of the movie. Tee hee. Thanks for being aweshum enough to create this booyah site. Muah!

  6. This website is hilarious! I was trying to tell some friends about it, and they just don’t understand my robsession! Thank God there is a group of funny, educated women out there who are completely on the same page as I am. I am going to Durango tomorrow for a screening of How to Be just in case Rob makes an appearance. I know it’s doubtful, and I would probably be unable to speak if I met him (who needs words? we could just stare into each others eyes) but I’m hoping anyway. Wish me luck and that we don’t get the snowstorm they say is coming (it’s a 5 hour drive into the mountains!)

  7. omg you ladies are hysterical!!!..thanks for making me laugh at 3:30am..

    • glad we could be a service that late into the evening/early in the am!!

  8. *please god just let me find just one naked photo of him on the internet and perhaps happen to run into him at the supermarket.. i will never ask for another thing again*

  9. Amen to that too! Did you hear Paris is hounding Rob for a part in the film as a vampire! Apparently she’ll even consider being a victim. I say yes let her be a victim but turn it into a snuff film…..

  10. I love this sight, it is exactly what I have been looking for, for months!

    I’m glad there are others that share the “acute fondness” for Rob too!

  11. Um, I KNOW this is nutz…that I am nutz…I’ve gone on a self-improvment BINGE, exercising, dieting, beauty products, etc. I’ve lost 24 lbs in 6 weeks. I can hardly eat *THERE’S a switch!*, re-read all the Twilight books in endless rotation, buy magazines with pictures of Rob in them (still looking for that GQ special)and posters.

    It’s not like anybody’s going to notice me at the movie theater when the newest Twilight movie comes out. I just want to look my most attractive best when I sit there, drooling over Rob. How neurotic is that?! DON’T ANSWER THAT!

    • I’ve only lost 20 lbs, but I do the same exact thing. It’s normal ’cause it’s Rob….

  12. This site is fabulous! What a healthy way to legitimize my healthy fondness for Mr. Pattinson! This is a lot of fun-nice work ladies!

  13. My heart skipped a few beats when I saw that the card in my mailbox today was from London. ~Rob, you didn’t have to do that! But, Thank You!
    xx to you, too. ~Laura

  14. I just found your website and I love it….aaah a place to feel normal!! I always love when I happen upon anything new involving Rob. He is so talented, unbelievably hot and not to mention extremely down to earth. I am a Mom of two who works full-time and is beyond obsessed. Even my other Twilight friends think I need an intervention!!! Now I know they just lack committment-ha!

    Thanks for hooking a girl up with a much needed outlet!!

  15. how have i never heard of this site? i love all of your crazy shenanigans and i plan to stick around.

    • i don’t know why you hadn’t heard of us. we’re the best ever (sarcasm!) but we’re glad you found us!

  16. As an insomniac, I’ve seen a lot of the internet (thanks for creating it al gore!) and I always find myself coming back to your site for a smile. It’s so great to know that you all are writing exactly what I want to be saying to my future DBH (Dirrty British Husband).

  17. Im so glad I found this site, I feel this relief to see Im not the only married women who is 100% consumed by Robert Pattinson lol
    I swear my husband thinks Im ridiculous lol
    I feel guilty lol well thankfully I found this site where I can spill my guts on how much I have a crush on ROB!! I can’t wait for New Moon!!

  18. hello!
    I live in Perú, Southamerica and let me tell you that I suffer from accute fondness, too!
    I love everything twilight related and of course Rob! He is just the perfect face for the Edward in my imagination! Is really good to know that I am not alone in this..I am 31 years old and most of my friends don’t understand my OCD! This site is great!!!

  19. I love your site. Keep it up !

  20. Hi,
    First time visitor, Glad to find somewhere to talk about Twilight and Rob P. I am really hoping to hear from others who have caught Robitis and Twilight Fever. I haven’t wrote about other actors or Movies before. I can only say Rob’s eyes seem so sad and some of the things they print about make me feel sadden. Not saying he isn’t good looking with a great bod and accent But his eyes just tear me up. I hope things go well for him and that he takes care of himself. I can’t wait for the next movie, I’ve already read all the books over and again. If I thought I could go to
    Van Couver and meet him i would. Meaning I need friends to go with and a lot of gumption, to go a find Rob. Just one of my many thougts caused by Robitis.

  21. Hey UC and moon,

    I really love your site. Funny and also true. Now I started my own blog… I have linked you. I hope it makes no odds! I really love you both! LOL
    Your musing thoughts are hilarious.
    Now I can comment them, too!
    Yeah! 🙂

    • soofine! yay! Thanks for linking us! let us know what your blog is so we can check it out!

  22. I don’t love Rob, I honestly don’t get the fuss, but I love your website! It makes me laugh!

    Letters to Sam Bradley… very funny stuff *indeed*… but highlight was only this week… your write up on Rob’s ‘modelling’ career… gold gold gold…

    • so glad you enjoy our site, even though you don’t love Rob! Keep coming back! Thanks, natalie! (Hey if you love twilight though, check out letterstotwilight.com- our other site!) hugs xoxo

  23. As long as you keep having posts – loved the intern post, too, BTW – I’ll keep checking in.

  24. I am so thrilled to have found this site! It makes me feel all better about my total obsession with all things Robert Pattinson. Keep it up ladies! This is the best! BTW~ I do scribble his name while daydreaming of that HAIR!

    • so glad you found us sarah!!!! keep scribbling that name! XO

  25. does anyone know if rob will be in eclipse for sure and what cities will little ashes be released in?

  26. I am very impressed with his talent. I hate all the stupid rumors about him, I really hope he is in eclipse and breaking dawn.

  27. […] see, I have what we call an acute fondness for Robert Pattinson (not to mention a sorta unhealthy obsession of looking at this picture of […]

  28. I think I’ve got everyone beat in the age department… 48… educated… married with a 9 yo daughter and I soooo resonant with much of what has been said here:

    Trolling the web for all things RP…
    Giggling like a (naughty) school girl over smoldering pics…

    I’m premenopausal… is it a hormone rush or WHAT?

    Frankly, I hope the guy learns how to interview better (hated the GQ splash: pics great! thoughts shared… not the best)

    I say after all the Twilight stuff is over…. head back home to England, stay grounded… choose friends, agents, and projects wisely, and….

    eat some protein bars and hit the gym… and Puleeze don’t go “swimming” in Spain again unless it’s with some impossibly beautiful wench we can all love to hate!

    Don’t let the screaming tweens and teens muck with your head… I believe you have talent. Now believe in yourself and make us proud!!!!

    Sorry gals if this sound too serious… I guess I’m starting to feel “protective”… Ha! too funny.

    Oh… BTW… I too have renewed my committment to getting fit. Who knows? DH may get run over by a bus one day (hope not)… and I need to be “ready for my close-up”… hahaha.

    Great site… alot of fun… “and thanks for playing along”!

  29. ah thanx 4 dat yea i do think rob does c dis site an all i can say is i love u rob no matter wat ppl say FUCK THEM

  30. Just a few more thoughts to add… just in case mr. pattison does patronize this site:

    In truth, Robert you are attractive.. very attractive and as you have said.. you are a visage that many of us can project our fantasies onto quite happily.

    but I suspect that what many of us really LOVE about the character of Edward Cullen (and it is important to make that separation) is that he loves Bella not because of how she looks but because of who she is (Midnight Sun). He learns about her character by listening to the reactions of others around her… but alas he is not privy to her mind… and THAT makes all the difference. Without trying… she is beyond even his supernatural understanding… thus he seeks to know her… to learn about her… to protect her because now there is someone who can be a challenge for him throughout all eternity. And what woman… and I stress Woman… doesn’t yearn to be known and loved for herself alone? The men in our culture would be wise to pay attention and take a page from Edward’s book.

    May I add that one thing I particularly liked about the kiss scene. the anticipation, certainly… but what I caught and absolutely went bonkers for was the slight wimper that emerged when Bella responded and became more aggressive towarad you… and suddenly, Edward is the one feeling weak and overwhelmed. What a turn on! and then, I’m embarrassed to say how many times I replayed that whole scene when you put your hands on her hips and pushed her back against the headboard! I may be making more of it than really exists… but I find it a very satisfying thought.

    About what to do after Twilight. As I said earlier… get back on home turf. So you got fired from a gig… BFD! Grab your stones… go back and get busy learning your craft. Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Kate Winslet, Colin Firth, Kiera Knightly…. if you don’t know these people yet or know them well… GET to know them. You’re only as good as the company you keep. Sounds square and old fashioned… but it’s true. Offer to babysit Emma’s kid… take out her trash… Can i pick-up your dry-cleaning Mr. Rickman, etc. I’m half joking… but you take my meaning, right?

    One last thing. you have other interests, like music, etc… That’s great. explore them, expand on every opportunity to be a well-rounded and well-grounded person. I heard you admit that you were raised Catholic… terrific. God is all about story… story with a purpose that draws people to his beautiful reality… and to the beauty that lies within themselves (which originates with him).

    Everything that is powerful and beautiful in the world… you have a chance to “add to that beauty” thanks to the talents you have been blessed with. Wherever life takes you Mr. pattinson… use your abilities to add to the beauty… make a fool of yourself for those things… and you need never fear being embarrassed about anything.

    You have resurrected my heart…

    Happy Easter.

  31. Good God…I just found your site. How on EARTH could I have lived without it this long? Sigh… Thanks so much for helping me feel better about my RPattz obsession – now I know I’m not the only over 30 female out there whose heart flutters when I see his face.

    • we don’t know how you lived before us, but we’re glad you’re here!! welcome. ps love your website name!

  32. you two made my day. reading the letters i felt like coming home, it´s good to know i´m not the only one who´s “seriously -but not in a seriously creepy way- obsessed with spunk ransom and disguising (or not…) said obsession in real life”.
    i´ve been reading for about 3hours and had to cry because i was laughing so hard, then cried because my tummy hurt, then laughed again because i´ve been laughing so hard it made my tummy hurt, then cried again, and so on. it´s a vicious circle.

    anyway: two enthusiastic thumbs up and loads of love

    • well grab some tissues and welcome!!

      • ah, gosh! i didn´t know what spunk (ew btw) meant, because i´m from germany and once didn´t make the effort to look strange words up on urbandictionary.
        my oh my. i´m taking back the ransom part and keep calling him the robster.

  33. Okay… my first post was okay… but like an idiot, I came back for a heartfelt, (yet WAAAAY over-the-top) second post… Oooops!

    As soon I hit the submit button… I knew it was wrong. Kinda lilke getting locked out of your house?… the minute the door closes is when you realize your keys are inside! YIKES!

    but I’m better now… y’all can stop backing away…. k?

  34. I love the “brink of getting fired” part… Hopefully Im not to that point yet………. Im just way too bored at work and google twilight crap like crazy when Im at the point of feeling overworked and underpaid – which is often.

    • oh girl.. join the club.. glad you found us! make sure you check out letterstotwilight.com too:) that’ll keep you occupied for awhile! HUGS

  35. Twilight fans I just want to let you all know about this project where Twilight fans can get involved and help the band “Secrets in stereo” create a song for New Moon. Search YouTube for SECRETS IN STEREO WRITES A SONG FOR NEW MOON (TWILIGHT SAGA) – EPISODE 1 and see how …:)
    http://www.secretsinstereo.com/blog/?p=214#comment-702 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8zi43msWAg&feature=related
    PLZ Spread the word to as many Twilight fans as possible 🙂

  36. Ha! I stumbled upon you and thought “Hey, did I create this blog in a martini induced lust for this adorable boy…. hehehehe, then I thought… Maybe we are all sisters, separated at birth…either is totally feasible!!! Whichever it is, thank you for always making me giggle and I LOVE IT!!! I will continue to pop in…probably not post because I must control my obsession….!!! Thank you girlies!!!

    When I meet him, I will let you know because I think as all of you do that of course he will fall head over heels in love with my charm, wit and lovely (insert body part) here… hehehehhe

  37. did realy these letters go to rob?i don’t think so but if rob read these email he will propably freak!i can’t understand why those girls want you so much.ok they want but normal as an actor not as a husbund or a bf!i am fan of you and i respect you and your job not be in your life!good luck with your wifes dude !you will need it!

  38. I am sooo delighted to find this blog. I have seriously been wondering about muself and this fantasy bubble I walk around in all day over RTP. I am old enough to be his mother and then some. You guys are hystrical and if i am a sicko, well at least I am not alone. I signed up for Twitter just to find him. But how do you know if who you are following is actually RTP? Oh, and I just moved to Washington, so, ladies, I am currently only 93miles from where he is filming right now in Vancouver! Yummy Yummy Yummy I got luv in my tummy

    • well, welcome! Rob isn’t on twitter- we’re 99.99999% positive. he doesn’t seem the type either…. 🙂

      But join the fun!!! XO

  39. Hey Guys, I just love your site; Letters to Rob and Rob Porn in particular! Can we have MORE Rob Porn?? I feel it’s getting neglected.

    • you’re right.. it HAS been neglected.. we’ll work on something VERY soon!

  40. Can´t believe I´ve missed this hilarious site! After lurking around on other pattinson-sites for months it feels like I have finally found my way home. All I had to do was google Sam Bradleys name once and BAM! there you were! So are you sisters in need of one more robsessed, married, 30-something lady from the land of the vikings (Sweden)?? 😀

    • uh DUH.. of COURSE we are! and i LOVEEEEEE that you found us by googling sam bradley hahaha!

  41. More RobPorn! STAT! We live for that shit!

  42. This is the funniest website I’ve ever come across! Soooo glad to know I’m not the only 30+ mom who’s obsessed…..instead of hiding it like a dirty shameful secret, I AM EMBRACING MY OBSESSION. Even my hubby’s okay w/ it…..he’s grateful ifyouknowwhatimsaying.

  43. This site is great! It’s really nice to know that I’m not the only one who’s over 15 and obessed 😉
    At 29, I was feeling way too old to be thinking this 23 year old was hot.

    Thanks for this wonderful, funny site. Ladies, your doing a fan-tastic job.

  44. I absolutly LOVE this site!! Like others before me I found this *heaven* from other sites (LTT.) You guys are HiLaRoIuS. The birthday posts to Rob made my MONTH!!! It’s nice to know that there are other Robsessers out there. Now I need to go buy a new pillow cuz I just bit mine into!!! ❤

  45. im a huge twilight fan to im actually the bigest fan in my school i wach the movie every othe weekend when im with my dad i drive him crazy. i would wach it al week every week but my dad is the only one with the movie so i cant i try to wach it as much as i can

  46. I heard about this site through fanfiction.net. i can’t remember what story it was, but i have a funny feeling it was one of you! It had JAG in it? Anyway i LOVE this place, it’s so funny and true. I am proud to say i am severly affected by OCD!

  47. muy buena la pagina! =)

  48. I have to say that I’m very glad I accidentally stumbled upon this little piece of dedication heaven. After all, it’s not obsession, it’s dedication. Any time I get a chance I read through some of the blog entries. Highly entertaining and I’m jealous I didn’t think of it myself. If only I would’ve taped the hilarious conversations my friends and I had already shared… next time. I say next time as if I’ll ever be this dedicated over something else. Ha. Anyway, great job. 🙂 I’ll definitely be keeping up with this.

    Do me a favor, though? Try not to be so entertaining and funny when school starts back up. I’m a senior in college and I can’t really afford to flunk out so late due to your wit and good humor. And yes, it will totally be the fault of this blog and not my relentless ability to procrastinate by doing everything imaginable instead of what I must do to get out of here.

    Please and thank you,

    • okay. we promise to become boring
      so glad you found us!

  49. I’m suing you both for stealing my thoughts and my life. Consider yourselves SERVED.

    I don’t know…..

  50. I love you guys. I’m so obsessed with Rob I feel ashamed but coming here makes me feel normal again. I’m old enough to have 23 yr old children (aaahhh boo hoooo) and I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can only have Rob in my fantasies. Like someone said further up it makes me depressed that I’ll never meet him or be friends with him or go out for a beer with him!! ugh I need to find a boyfriend and quickly!

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