Posted by: Bekah | May 29, 2010

Open Post: Saturday AM SUMMER Delight!

Dear LTRers,

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! Since this weekend officially kicks off summer in the US (despite summer still being like 20+ days off) I’m suddenly in the mood for bad music. This morning Snoop’s “Drop it like it’s hot” was on and I was dry humping the air, dancing so hard (in my car). Then Moon sent me “Summertime” By Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff. I knew every word. What IS IT about the warm weather, the excitement of summer in the air that makes it not only acceptable but totally AWESOME to blast bad music that would normally be 2nd-hand embarrassing if it were playing ANY TIME other than summer, while you’re driving around with the sun roof open!?

I don’t know. But I do know that this weekend inspired me to find Rob vids to some awful summer jams

This vid is like you’re at a summer rave. IT’s 4 am and a guy walks in- You think he’s hot, but you’re so hopped up on on E you’re not really sure. (Obviously I’ve never done “E” as I said “hopped up” and that’s not something anyone who’s participated in drugs has ever said)

This is like when your dad convinces you to go out dancing with him at the local VFW

We cannot talk summer music without discussing the queen herself: Lady Gaga

(you know you want to sing along to another one)

And of COURSE there’s a video using a song from the NEW Queen of bad music you just can’t stop singing: Ke$sha

Okay now I’m TOTALLY embarrassed b/c all this music has been blaring from my office & I’m still at work on Friday evening and the new guy working in the office next door thinks I have the worst taste in music!

Those of you who aren’t celebrating Memorial Day- when does your summer kick off!? And what songs make YOU open that sunroof and sing off-key!?


Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter


  1. UC, thanks for the videos! Really some bad good music…

    Love you Rob

    this is my summer, not really bad..only good

    everybody a nice WE!

    • Aaaaaah, don’t get me started again on THe Gossip’s gig, i already spammed everyone on Twitter with my over enthusiasm.

      I think summer kicks off with “la Fête de la Musique” on the 21st of June when in France and in a lot of other countries you have a lot of music in the streets and in some really charming private places. That or my brain is still very blurry after last night. Don’t worry, summer’s very shitty here too, I managed to have the Sacred Graal (aka 2 tix to Rolland Garros) and surprise, it was raining when I got there, so no match.

      Everybody have a great WE!

      • Beth Ditto rules!!!!!! and ..they are great! The end..

        • At one point she joked about Wallmart and I immediatly thought of SB and LTR and the Am. life educational moments. Cause that’s normal. Everything is somehow related to LTR and Rob.

          • Of course it does! One more of the LTR lessons.

  2. UC- thanks for the vids. Even though some are bad good music- any music accompanying pics of Rob automatically becomes great (well, except maybe for the last one!).

    • Hi drsaka, missed you honey!!!

      • Hi Mel, thanks! I missed you, too. It was a bad work week.

        • Hi Drsaka,
          I’m sorry it didn’t go well.

          Next week will be better especially with a 4day work week…….I hope.


          • Hi ML- it will be several more weeks of this. I think I’ll make it through!

  3. “Look great for Rob for when you stalk accidentally stumble onto the WFE set.”

    Just noticed this underneath the ad on the side – it made me laugh

    • that is funny- best marketing strategy ever!

  4. UC….girl
    it’s already 30degrees in Greece
    and you made me…just hotter!!!
    Summer is here for good
    Summer and Rob????OMG…OMG…
    tooo hot to handle…

    have a nice weekend girls
    Love you

  5. Summer? We’re starting our WINTER these days! So yes, we have sunny Christmas and the new years are big parties on the street :). But don’t worry, I’ll bookmark all these videos til the summer comes. This is a priceless collection!

  6. Summer niiiiiights, everybody’s feeling sexaaay

  7. This is the vid that got my memorial weekend off to a great start:

    Enjoy, ladies!

    • i love him more
      that is all

    • Rob sends me to space camp everytime he giggles! Thanks for the link, that was great.

    • plaaaaaayyyer???

  8. when does your summer kick off!? And what songs make YOU open that sunroof and sing off-key!?………
    UC i’m posting from england so the answer to that would be NEVER!!! Last July (which is the height of our summer) it rained every single day. I came back from Egypt where the temps. had reached a staggering 50degrees only to discover that it was pissing it down in England….v. depressing, and I’m not holding out much hope for this year. We’ve just had a week of good weather so I’d say our summer is now over!!!!!

    I suppose it really starts to feel like summer here in England when all the music festivals get underway, lots of people wondering around at the weekend with rucksacks, small tents and wellingtons….note wellingtons because that’s what everyone visiting a festival must take because it’s bound to rain and music festivals are always held in large fields. Also, there is only about three toilets for the use by hundreds of thousands of people, so no doubt by Sunday all the toilets are broken or blocked and you can’t move for stumbling over people just squatting anywhere……I may or may not be make festivals sound worse than they really are 🙂

    • Hey mine! Todays a prime example right? I came back from hols last yr and my garden was the most lush it’s ever been.

      Are you going to any festivals this year?I’m only going to V this yr, but defs NO camping. I’ll leave that to the 14 year olds.

      • @GGGP Same for me re the festivals. Still lurve them and going, just skipping the camping part.

        @mine! Told you, it’s a science, the result of years and years of very professional research, to find the good virgin bushes and avoid public toilets. That or just convincing the guy at the entrance of the VIP/backstage area that your name is on the list and you’re in a hurry.

  9. This summer (in Holland) it will be this music that will make me sing oud loud:Stromae – Alors on danse

    • I love the song!!!!

    • haha I almost posted this myself. Such a crap song but somehow it does the trick. BTW natashadushi 6 points for us yesterday? 6? REALLY? :p

      • 6 points? O M G It was a crappy song anyway 🙂

  10. Summer almost yearround here in Miami….That first video of Rob made my morning! Vampire Weekend- Holiday is my summer song right now!!!

    • Summer almost yearround here in Miami – your killin me lookin out at grey rain clouds and about 11 degrees autumn all year round here in ireland!!

      • But Ireland is beautiful, too!

      • I’ll gladly switch with you for a few weeks….I like the cold and would love Ireland…maybe not the clouds though : )

      • OMG….you are from Ireland unde…?
        Come to Greece to heat up….and I’ll come to Ireland to cool down!!!
        Soooo beautiful in Ireland….from what I know from National Geographic channel…LOL!!!

        • Ok I’ll bring my SPF 100 (they make it trust) you bring your umbrella ella!!

  11. Love how he says ‘dirt’!!!!!
    Very cute facile expressions and what the heck is on the back of his jacket????

    • I love this drsaka…have watched it 10 times since this morning!!
      He’s so hot……gorgeous faceexpressions!!!

      I miss that smile, really!!!

      • I love the part where he gets ready to say ‘dirt’ and then when he says it- love it.

        • drsaka- not sure what’s on the back of his shirt, but it’s the same one he wore on Oprah! did you see the behind the scenes vid?
          The way he says dirt and him trying not to laugh is my fav part too!

          • I thought that the one on Oprah was more like wings, but i wasn’t sure; I’m not sure what this design is either!


          • Here’s the Oprah link, it looks the same to me.


          • Thanks, I wasn’t sure! I wonder where he got it from. Its not his usual type. He had it beofre he went to the John Stamos backyard party for Bob Saget, so we know it isn’t Uncle Jessie’s !!!!

          • “not his usual type” for sure. He must have stolen it from somewhere! I could def see Stamos wearing it, but who was he with before that?

            ps-how do you get your pic to show up? i’m a newbie and not all that computer savvy!

          • Hi, go to or search gravatar and follow the directions- its easy to do.

          • Thanks drsaka! I’ll check it out!

          • You’re welcome!

          • You got it!

          • thank you drsaka! it was easy-peasy!

        • There are a bunch of great gifs of the promo at Robsessed- well worth a watch!!!

    • It’s a bit jersey shore with the glitter!!

      • Robsterical!!!!

    • I love this video, Rob is so cute in it! “Diiirt” – love the way he says that – well, I love the way he says pretty much anything. [sigh]

      Ugh, it’s been summer here in the Twin Cities (MN) for a few weeks now. 90+ degrees this weekend, so it’s off to a good start.

  12. Let’s see if YT still hates me…
    It’s too hot here in Greece…and Rob isn’t even around…

    hope it works….

    • Carlos is still the MAN! Thx for sharing…

  13. Have you noticed you can put Rob’s name in front of almost any word


    • Yes, it makes any word far more meaningful and descriptive!!!!

    • Especially when I am robcited!

      • Robcitation is a special condition for LTR women!

  14. I so love Gaga. And I will blast it in my car all the day long.

  15. only watched 1st vid so far…effing hilar crotch zooming!!!! bhhaa

  16. I’m all for the lazy summer songs:

  17. Hey girls

    Have a wonderful Sunday!!!

    Congrats to all german girls for winning the Eurovision contest……Lena was great…..soooo sweet!!!
    RG…..great job honey……great job…Germany I mean 😀
    and I am really sorry for the Greek BSsong…teribble!!!

    Love you

    • Hi Mel, what is it with the crazy backup dancers on that contest?? I watched some of the vids and was distracted from the singer every time there were dancers (crazy routines). Anybody?

      • Hi drsaka…how are you today honey???
        Ha…..have no idea……what can I say…everytime the singer is a bit shit
        or the song is shit……they try to save it with the dancers! That is the case for the
        greek song anyway…seriously…idiotsong…LOL…

    • OMG the Eurovision is the worst / cheesy / show in the world. Nobody in England has taken that show seriously in years not since the 70s I’d say. I am now probs. offending my european LTR ladies and I do apologies but it’s bad…….hehehehehe. I only ever use to watch it for Terry Wogan who got progressively drunk during the evening and made ever more snarky comments. He’s gone now and it’s Graham Norton who’s not bad but just not a patch on Terry Wogan for snark. I haven’t watched it props. for years, it’s just too cringeworthy, the most I can manage is about 10 mins before I start to lose the will to live.

      • I got a laugh out of it anyway-I don’t mind some cheese every now and then!

        • @drsaka
          me too I can love a cheesy cringeworthy show along with the best of them, but the Eurovision is just too bad. Bad sets, bad backing singers, bad dancers, bad singers, bad songs…’s just bad and sooooooooooooo dated.

          Again apologies to the european ladies who love this (daft) programme. I know it’s taken a lot more seriously over in Europe (well I think it is, it seems to be).

          On another note i have spent the whole of sunday watching Rob and Les Grossman…….Grossman is fantastic. I’m told the character is based on a real live producer in LA…I wonder how true this is.

          and on another, quite random note:
          Am I the only one who misses the god Eric Cantona, been watching youtube vids of him all day inbetween Rob and Les…..i’ve had quite a lovely day!!!!

          @MP – Is Cantona still well thought of in France? I know he left to come to England under a bit of a cloud but this man is my footballing God, in England he is a legend…..I love him. Please tell me you are related to him in someway and can I have his phone number I need to discuss the possibility of him coming back to England and managing Man U once Alex retires……one can but dream.

          • Well, m!x3, I can’t comment too much on Eurovision since we just had the finale of American Idol; some of the ahem ‘talent’ made my ears hurt over the course of the season.

          • Girls, girls, accidents can happen, but when I see so many people have watched Eurovision… that is NOT normal!!! I didn’t even know it was on before everybody started talking about it online. Imma put it on the MTV commercial dazzle-ness or… previous drinking…or I dunno…

            @ mine!
            Eric Cantona is all arty now, I think he went to Cannes with his own (short?) film after last year’s “Looking for Eric”. And btw, you said you liked Ken Loach, he put all his movies on You Tube, though I dunno how you can have quality image w/ that.

            @draska I don’t think it’s the same cheesiness. We have “Nouvelle star” (probl.the Fr. version of Am. Idol???), and here it’s considered quite a cool show with people like that.
            We are not talking watching a shitty movie with a beer, that’s #normal, we are talking a whole different cheesy dimension category of its own (re Eurovision).

          • @MP – I have that film on DVD (Looking for Eric) and also, I demand you return Eric to England 🙂

          • MP- I was confused by the first one (what is she wearing???) and was greatly amused by the camera work on the second.

    • Well, that contest is something very weird, crappy and cheesy and everybody knows that, it was almost forgotten the last 15years….ABBA started their career there and Celine Dion won it back in 1988 or so, I have no clue…since some years it’s back , TV has discovered the casting thing and so the young people are back on train, just for the fun to watch something embarrassing, but sort of funny…26 nations in Europe, silly things, bad music and big retro gala shizz, BUT it’s sort of fun. The point is the crappy system to give points to the nations. Germany won once, dunno when..stone age time or so, usually wins some really bad song, but it’s all fun, nobody takes it serious at all.

      Lena won and this time the thing is a bit different, she went through a very serious casting, she is young , really endearing girl and she can sing! the song is sor of Europop, written by an AMERICAN girl, it was fresh and sweet….and the young people can relate to her (word vomit in every interview…sounds familiar I guess here) and they make Parties, because it’s just fun to have some silly reason for getting drunk!
      so thanks and cheers! lol
      (sorry for long comment, I know some people do not get it…at all, perhaps that are the ones that are thinking too hard when partying.. 🙂 )

      here is her performance..if you like, if NOT…skip it, she is not Rob…. 🙂

      • next try

        if it doesnt work…..somebody is against me……as usual

        • The second one works just great!!!
          and she makes me smile…sweet girl!!!

          nobody is against you RG…trust!!!

        • Lena is so adorable….I love her.

          Thanks for posting, RG…

          p.s. I love that Germany won!!!!!!

          • Eurovision is so tasteless no one is taking it serious.
            I think Lena might be the next success after Abba and Celine. She’s cute, the song is fun.
            But basically I don’t care.
            “Our” song was one before last in the semi finals. It was terrible, the whole nation is embarrassed, they won’t even play it on national radio and TV, it’s so bad. That’s televoting, bad taste wins usually.

      • Hi honey……agree with you totally!!!
        Congrats again to Germany and Lena, she did great…

        When Greece won with Elena Paparizou it was a great song
        just saying….LOL…..

        Love ya!!!

  18. Woo…..Classy!!!!!!

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t she supposed to be promoting Eclipse, therefore, she is supposed to have pictures etc taken whilst polling around Oz. I understand that the papps are a pain in the ass but surely this is not the time to be swearing at them etc. It’s not a good image….well actually it kinda makes me smile but at the same time she’s not really doing herself any favours with the public, who, lets face it ensure the silly girl keeps working. Anyway i suppose all the angst teens will love the ‘so called’ rebelious side of her…maybe it’s the english in me, but rudness isn’t rebeiliousness it’s just rudeness and not attractive at all.

    • oh get me!!!!

      I appear to have turned into my mother!

      God help me.

      • @Mine! You are too funny and I agree … and it pains me to type this as I normally stay out of this type of convo:

        If she was my daughter I’d be doing one of my big “mum is p*ssed off” head shaking sighs right now.

        Luckily the Aussie’s are a pretty relaxed bunch and like a bit of a “spunky” girl.

        Let’s hope they see it as just that and are not quite as old fashioned and British in their sense of what is acceptable and what is not than I am (or maybe any other Brits that K knows). Put it this way, if I was her nearest and dearest would I be giggling down the phone lines about it. Don’t think so.

        If Rob did this I’d be horrified …

    • wowo
      what is wrong with her?
      does she think this is cool?
      at the third pic she looks like old colin farrell.

      • @che
        I am sure everyone will be saying she is just fed up with having her photo taken all the time by the papps, but she is on a promotional tour and therefore there will be lots of press around as Summit will want the most exposure for the stars and the film, not sure this is the kind of exposure they would have wanted. ie. swearing at the papps and refusing to sign autographes. I kinda get her not wanting to do this in everyday life but she is promoting Eclipse so I assume it’s expected. Or maybe it’s all just been made up, but those photos sure aren’t! Can you imagine the whohar if that had been Rob and not kstew flipping the bird (is that the correct term).

        • absolutely agree with every word of u.

        • Yes, classy and so sweet. That’s probably more millions of $$$$$ she is getting for every promotional tour.

        • she probably doesn’t mind having her photo taken – it’s just she didn’t want it taken on the balcony of her hotel room when she popped out for a fag !!!! come on who would want that and before you say she sould smoke in her room to avoid ” drawing attention to herself” it’s probabaly non smoking !!!! I am not a huge fan of Kirsten just of Rob but give her a break.

          • Come on, H2O! She’s already admitted that she doesn’t like to get her pics taken! It makes her cry- boohoo!! We’ve seen pics of other celebs smoking on balconies ignoring the paps. Even some of our own wonderful boy. She needs to get over herself!! I liked her better when she was running away from the papps and just ignoring them. She isn’t the only one to have her privacy disturbed!

            Sorry to rant, but she is just ridiculous!

          • Well we will just have to agree to disagree then – the paps are usually in the bushes if more people could see them maybe more would flip the bird !!! She not killing puppies – oh wait the Daily Mail probably have a story about that ready for tomorrows edition ! God now you all think I am one of those wierdos that want R&K to be together to fulfill all my Edward and Bella fantasies so not true I assure you. I really don’t know why I am sticking up for her ! lets move on 🙂

          • I agree with the “let’s move on” part! We have given this girl way too much attention and now need to address your Edward and Bella fanatasies! LOL Hey, no worries. I usually try to stick up for that girl and give her the benefit of the doubt so no, I’m not worried if your a Robsten girl! Just had to blow off some steam!

    • That girll is a piece of work! This is exactly why we all ignore the Mullephant in the room!!! And MineX3- even in America that is not attractive! How many other celebs do you see flipping off the papps?! And besides, being apart of this “teenage” saga she’s really promoting a great example for girls. I know that’s not what she signed up for, but that all comes with her job. Rob deserves someone better- I’ll volunteer!

      • Hi RFM- good to see your nice avatar!

        • Hi drsaka! It’s all thanks to you baby! I’m a sucker for a man with a guitar! And it’s only been a week, but I’m already feeling at home here! It’s nice to “chat” with people who understand!

          • There are several of us here who are ‘suckers for a man with a guitar’!! 🙂

            This is a nice place to be!

  19. FYI
    I hate summer!

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