Posted by: Bekah | May 28, 2010

Rob: bursting ovaries, being saved from fights, lusting over ties: It must be RobPorn Friday!

Dear Rob,

Since it’s Friday and since there were new Remember Me stills released yesterday (yep- it’s the movie that just won’t stop giving!) and since it’s 1 am and I just started thinking about writing to you, I decided, along with the help of RobPorn extraordinaire Zephyersky, to caption the new pictures. Sometimes your face is just so easy to read. It’s obvious what was going on:

Sigh, Tyler is a good look for you,

HAPPY FRIDAY. I just came across a RobPorn we did last year- and probably my favorite- so go laugh at it again (or for the first time) Hot Pics of Rob, doing nasty things! Are you over the Remember Me Stills? I think I had a long enough break- these came out at a nice time.

Thanks to Zephyersky for helping me out tonight. Big kisses for you! Everyone should get to know her! Jump on over to Rob’s Flat in the forum to meet some of the gals & if you’re around tonight they chat for Friday night Crunk time. PM someone on Rob’s Flat & they’ll send you the address!

We love ROBSESSED! Which is where we got the pics

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter


  1. I did some searching tonight and found out Remember Me releases here on DVD July 14. I’ve even notes it down in my diary. Srsly. I really wanna seeeeeee itttttt!!
    Gah, those pics are delish. I needed them! ❀

    • You haven’t seen it yet! I think you will be glad you did, although it’s not a laugh a minute or anything fluffy. The first time I saw it was on release night in a packed theatre with friends (not Robsessed so not normal haha) and I was so nervous that I couldn’t concentrate. I found so much to appreciate on subsequent viewings and I am desperate to get the DVD and hear Rob’s commentary. Also, the more I watch it the more I see how talented the whole fantastic cast is.

      Great photos, awesome captions, perfect over breakfast! Can’t wait for the time when Rob plays Bond.

  2. Too hot to handle….sweet Tyler,you own my heart!

    • That is so sweet!!!

      • he deserves just the BEST!

  3. Haha! Nice work ladies!

  4. haha.. those are great.. and I think my ovaries DID burst.. love the clean hair one too.. nothing like a laugh to start off my friday on a good foot!

    • Just realized I copied your comment. Oops!
      But how could one’s ovaries NOT burst? haha.

    • Speaking of bursting ovaries… ever since I saw that New Dad Kodak commercial with Tyler’s sidekick (can’t remember his name but he’s funny and has cute hair) everytime I see him my ovaries want to burst. Pictures 4 and 6!!

      • Yeah, Tate Ellington (Aidan) is adorable! And a southern boy…. played football for Ole’ Miss. (University of Mississippi). The Kodak commercial is so sweet…

        • His name is Tate and he’s southern?!?!?? *THUD* *Dies*

  5. The last one was successful.
    I think my ovaries burst.

    • Yep, mine too…

  6. RM Rob is all kinds of awesome..thanks for sharing.

  7. Does anyone else try to look up his shorts in the first shot? I do. Everytime. I have issues. It’s just “fade to black” I can’t see a darn thing…

    But it doesn’t stop me from searching.

    Every time.



    • Hi Michelle,
      Anyone who said they didn’t try to look up his shorts are “in the closet pervs”; because it’s impossible not to.
      I’m proud to admit that I’m an “out of the closet perv”.

      • Yeaaaa for being an out of the closet perv!!! I feel so special now… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, but the real question is how many people went back to look at the picture after your comment to see if they could see too?

      That’s normal too…right?

      • Sue totes normal!

      • I just did it even though I KNOW if there was even an inkling of a chance it would have been discussed already IN FULL already. #normal

        • I did it too! Couldn’t stop myself…

          • I did too!! totally normal.

    • In that first shot, is whatsherface slyly inching up her skirt? Don’t ask me why I’m looking at her-I was trying to look up Rob’s shorts then my eyes just went over to her. H00r. You know he’s thinking “been there, done that. NEXT!”

    • Yup I was telling some friends last month(twi friends) that I was looking up into his shorts! LOL Shameless! My face was so close to the screen I bumped my head on it.

      • Why SouthernBelle, you shameless hussy…


        • LMAO on the “shameless hussy.” I don’t think anyone’s called me that before!

          Btw Melinda, if you’re here, I’m sorry I tried to email you several times but I think the email is wrong, it won’t go thru at all.

  8. I think I will never get over RM and Tyler!!!
    The man is to beautiful to handle….hot…hot…hot Rob!!!

    Great pictures..the first one just makes my heart melt,
    I think it just missed a beat or maybe two…

    My EVERYTHING bursts when I look at this man…

    • That’s the cutest description of Rob I’ve ever heard: he makes our hearts melt. (not just the ovaries explode)
      RM…. good times….

  9. Is this where I recite Romeo & Juliet?

    I died.

    xoxo I love Fridays for this reason only!

    • me too…that pic is ridiculous

  10. “He’s allowed a tie AND a handkerchief” – I died! Robler is the cutest. Can’t wait for the dvd.

    • Bhahag Robler, I forgot about that one!

  11. Hahahaha! I love the Bond one cause Rob looks all pouty and like he’s whining to his little sister who just rolls her eyes.

  12. The Robsten/Nonsten fight one is a total WIN!
    How is it possible that the man still manages to look lickworthy even with his face bruised and messed up?

  13. RobPorn Friday makes me way happier than it should. Fabulous use of your brains, ladies!!

    Is it wrong that I LOVE how he looks all banged (TWSS) up and bloodied? Mmm… Where is puma? It’s Tyler Durden syndrome.

  14. You can never have enough Robler!! I think because he’s the closest (looking) character to Rob. He has skin color, current clothing (oh, the plaid!) and there’s no Mullephant to ignore! Yay for Emilie!

    Can’t wait for the audiocommentary!!!!!!! That accent AND the look- win/win!

    I’m going to try and look up the shorts now, thanks michelle!

    • I ship RobIlie . Emilie ‘s so cute and great actor πŸ˜‰

  15. Gawd, the first pic melts my heart….. Is it just me or does he look a little fluffy?
    Great job ladies!!!!

    • HA! Definitely fluffy in that one. Too much lounging on the beach eating Hot Pockets? No matter. Still hot.

      • Rob in a gray tee is like Bond in a tux. It’s just… THE BEST!

        • Nobody does it bettaaahhhh!

    • After searching his shorts (you know, AGAIN) I noticed his tummy area was ahem fluffy also. Maybe it’s the way he’s sitting…

      Or maybe it’s the beer.

      Go figure… πŸ˜‰

      • No, it’s the Tee, he was model thin when he came to NY for the RM shoot. I doubt he gained so much weight in two months of the shoot.

  16. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen/thought about Remember Me. These stills are making me anxious for the dvd. Nice work.

  17. Part 2 of “has anyone…” wanted to beat her for having her hand on his leg? Gee whiz, I’m feeling a bit territorial today.

    Get a grip, Michelle. You’re almost old enough to be his momma. GAG. Why did I just say that…OUT LOUD.

    Normal. Just calllll me puma…not quite a cougar yet. You know, I’m ONLY 33. LOL.

    • Every time I see a girl or a woman as much as standing next to him, I’m jealous. So: Yes, Michelle, I hate everyone who gets to touch him.

    • Michelle- you are NOT old enough to be his mother!!! You would have to have had him at the age of 11! I say this since I am 2 yrs older than you and am still holding on to my luck!

  18. Thanks, It has been a really hard week, and you just made me laugh a lot. I’ve read both of them and I agree with you, thats like all 23 year old behaves.
    I have two boys, one or 12 and the other of 9, thats how boys are, but they still behave the same until they die.
    This is the reason because prince charm dont exists.

  19. Rob/Tyler in the second jail scene wearing the tattered blue shirt just does something to me.

    I’ve had dreams about doing him in that jail cell….

    • Oh do tell!

  20. I want to send you guys pictures of me & my family just so you can make more hilariousness happen with your witty captions.

    P.S. I will never do this because it will be way too easy for you.

  21. Hmmm Rob as Bond. Yum!

    As always, the Robporn is a hit.

  22. I almost said Rob and Ruby because it just sounds so good. Tyler and Ruby sounds cute too, ah who am I kidding, Rob/Tyler, makes the best big brother.
    And I think Rob does big brother so well because he never got to be one in RL. It’s like a dream come true. He was always the little bro’. Oh yeah Rob, I am channeling Freud here, hahaha. πŸ˜‰

    • I always wanted a big brother, however I can’t imagine Rob as being my brother because that just sounds wrong to me especially because my thought are not pure!!!


      • Haha, SB, certainly NOT a good idea no! You need to pick someone else for big brother! πŸ˜‰

      • Oops typo, I meant to say “my thoughts.”

  23. ALERT!! Rob is saying he is single on set of Water for Elephants and flirting with (much older woman) Reese. They say their chemistry is magic. Yuck.

    • plz dont read that crap and spread it all over the place. avoid tabloids.

  24. u gotta luv Robler!!!

  25. What I want more than anything is a photo of Robler at the beginning when he’s leaning in through the window when the phone rings, bad sweatpants or not, he is to DIE FOR in that shot, and as all my (sort of) Twi friends agree he’s looking a hunky chunk in that scene. Love it. OOH my ovaries are a bursting.

    • Totally agree! My second favorite scene in the movie…

  26. I love the pic of him in college lecture room. I wish I went to school with him, it would be very distracting and I’ll definitely fail the class but it will be all worth it.

    I love Robler, he looked just yummy in that movie. So reachable, if only in my dreams.

    • Oh god, just imagine being at school with him……


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