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Rob’s mailbag: bursting at the seams

Rob’s mailbag has been OVERFLOWING with goodness lately and these letters just must be shared.

The one where Rob follows her everywhere

He'll sing you to sleep...

Dear Rob,

Don’t tell my husband, but you and I go to sleep together every night, wake up together every morning and we spend my entire workday together. I take comfort in knowing that if I am having an especially crap-filled day at work, that all I have to do is right click and ‘Show the Desktop’ and there you will be, looking at me with your smoldering eyes, your body partially reclining with those gorgeous hairy arms crossed so demurely over your RobKnob and THAT JAW. (My desktop used to be a photo of my 5 year old daughter. Now it’s you. Always you.)

I have all of your music that I was able to *ahem* TOTALLY LEGALLY DOWNLOAD. 😀

Five songs. Five amazing songs. Some have crappy sound since they were recorded in pubs, but I don’t care. Anyway…. this is how we wake up together every morning. I set my iPhone up every night to wake me to one of your songs, a different one for each weekday. Your voice fills the early morning darkness and I open my eyes with wicked thoughts. I look over at my husband, sleeping sweetly and feel the slightest hint of guilt. It passes in .025 seconds.

I go to work, I spend about 25% of my day doing the job I get paid to do and 75% on LTR and Robsessed and checking my Google Alerts for the latest on your daily carousing.

I go to the gym, I watch Twilight while on the elliptical and try not to drool on the equipment (TWSS).

I go home, be a loving, devoted and attentive mother and spouse for a few hours then dive into literary porn – I mean “fanfic”. HOOO BOY. It may say “Edward” and “Bella” but those are just words. This is how we go to sleep together. I set my iPhone alarm and start the cycle again the next day.

This is my life now.

I used to be interesting! I had hobbies! I did STUFF. Now I am like a crazy person, hiding my insanity from my husband. I buy your past magazine covers on eBay (at ridiculous prices) and have them sent to work. Your music is on my phone under “Rob Thomas”. Your other films that I have purchased on DVD are buried deep within my daughter’s DVD shelves. LTR and Robsessed are under the “Finances” folder of my Google Bookmarks – since I know my husband would never bother to look at ANYTHING under “Finances”.

I don’t know what it is about you. I’ve had serious actor crushes before but never this obsessive. My sister asked the other day, “Is this as bad as Brad Pitt in 1994?” Me: “So much worse, that was a 10 minute phase compared to this.” Bear in mind, Rob, the Brad Pitt crush lasted FOURTEEN YEARS and then you came along and that was it. I was done for.

You had me at (wait for it…….) “Hello, my name is Edward Cullen.”

The one where she’s disappointed

Reminder that this post is where (and why) the term “mullephant” was coined

Just ADMIT it already! We're on to you

Dear Rob,

We need to talk. I know nobody likes to hear those words, but this is serious. We NEED to talk. Lately, my feelings for you have been a little off. I hate to admit this, but I’m starting to think you’re , well, kind of a dick. Games are for children, Rob. And this PR game you’re playing with your questionable relationship with The Mullephant Who Shall Not Be Named is old, frankly. You claim to want privacy, the mullephant wants to “keep things to to herself.” Right. Okay, so that’s why you go out of your way to avoid speculation about this “relationship”, right? WRONG. You both do everything the opposite of what someone who wanted to keep it on the down low would do. Airport sightings! Shirtgate! Kindlegate! Wrist holding! And the list goes on, provoking both Robstens and Nonstens into a flurry of confirmations/ denials. It’s great PR-who said “the only bad publicity is no publicity?” I don’t know, but you’ve certainly taken it to heart. By “keeping it to yourselves (not)” you’ve got every gossip site known to man wondering “are they/aren’t they?” and the paps are dying to get that money shot of real, undeniable PDA.

Which brings me back to my feelings for you. I’m sorry Rob, but I do think you’re a bit of a dick for playing along. You couldn’t lose any more privacy than you have already, so why not come clean and put all the speculation to rest? Coyness does not suit you. It might even take a little of the heat off you, who knows? Don’t worry about the repercussions of confessing, it will go one of two ways: Robstens will rejoice, Don’tgiveacrapstens won’t give a crap and Nonstens will be waiting for the breakup. Or vice versa. Either way, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn are still going to make bajillions and life will go on.

So why not come clean, Rob? As much as it would pain me to hear you confirm it (ouch) all the gossip and insanity over it is driving me insane and making me lose a tiny bit of respect for you. I know maybe it shouldn’t, but it’s an unfortunate part of being crazy about you.It’s unavoidable.I’m telling you this because I love you, Rob. I’d rather hear the truth from you, even if I don’t like it, but please-no PDA.

Still in love with you, but a little ticked off,


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The one with one continuous night of Rob

Yep just like this! Except without the Dadcase... and the jacket.... and the clothes..

Dear Rob, I hate to bother you when you have so much going on at the moment but I felt that I needed to share this information with you.

While out drinking with the girls last week after 4 or 5 wines I came across something that literally blew me away. Now, as a happily married women this info has somehow been hidden from me for nearly 20years only to surface last week.

It appears to be well know throughout the world that in all relationships there is a ‘get out of jail free card’ that can be used once and only once for partners who are tempted by lust.

There are conditions of course:

  • This person needs to be ‘unobtainable’ in the real world and it is only through acts of karma that you happen to run into them.
  • This card can not be used on any everyday hunk or slapper that you pick up down the local bar
  • The card is valid for 1 f*ck only or 1 night with continuous f*cking, either way when the sun comes up your out of there.
  • When utilizing this card you must advise the ‘Unobtainable Human’ of what is going down, so they know how special they are to you and also it will explain to them why you cleared off so quickly the next day.
  • You cannot in any way shape or form make comparisons after the event has taken place to your partner, only if they are in favour of you current partner
  • The card can be renewed after every 5 years and f*cks can be accumulated, like frequent flyer points

So, there are a couple of questions I have, one is according to my calculations I have around 5 nights of long hard sex with my choice of any ‘unobtainable human’. I would like to allocate one, just one of my nights to you. As I live in Australia the ‘karma’ thing will really need to kick in because I cant see you coming down anytime soon.

By the way just letting you know no threesomes, I know how much you love your buddies but no one is crashing my ‘Get out of Jail free card’ and that means NO ONE, got it. I know you love us Aussies and I do have a ‘Raucous’ accent like Emile D Ravin so I can whisper sweet Aussie nothings into your ear all night.

Well I don’t know about you but I am quiet excited about this potential union and the more I think about it the more realistic it becomes. The only simple request I have is that you wear your beanie during sex, sorry it is a little kinky fetish of mine but I think that I may have to explain that in another letter.

Always Yours,

We love getting your letters to Rob! We aren’t able to post every letter we get, but we really do try! So SEND THEM IN!!!

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Pictures from Robsessed and The Google


  1. Haha!!! Love these!!!!!
    And pumagirlsf I LOVE that you hide Rob’s music under “Rob Thomas”!!! I totally LOL’d which made my cat wake up and glare at me.
    My whole day pretty much revolves around Twi/Rob.
    Something that could have the teensiest link or 6th degree of separation makes me think of it.
    Yes, even Grey’s Anatomy.
    Cos it’s got Patrick Dempsey who worked with the lovely Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama who our Rob is now working with on WFE.
    Everything ALWAYS comes back to Twi/Rob.

    • All Roads Lead to Rob.

    • Haha!!! 6th degrees of separation. At this point, it’s easier than with Kevin Bacon.

    • I hide my pictures of Rob on my computer under a folder called “silly”. I know… silly.

      • My Rob folder just got renamed “pets in sweaters”

  2. Great letters, pumagirlsf, D2D, and DreamingisFree. All excellent points.

    Please forgive this slightly off topic remark-

    A German pharmaceutical company may have a female Viagra.

    No need! We already have it- it is Robert Pattinson.

  3. “I used to be interesting! I had hobbies! I did STUFF. Now I am like a crazy person, hiding my insanity” Love your letter and sincerity puma cause…ahem, I might know exactely what you’re talking about in that quote. Though I like to think I’m getting a lot lot better. Just before I’m back downward.

    P.S. Fu(k, I knew I should pay attention to finances, now I could have my very own Rob stuff in it. Except me having a “finances” file would be more suspicious than a porn file.

    • @MP
      Like you, if I tried to hide things in a folder that was marked with anything that serious, like ‘finances’….. I’d be busted instantly. No one I know would be able to stop themselves from checking it out… disbelieve.

      • we’re too much alike.

        Also I know everybody will desagree w/ me but not only I get why they don’t say it out loud but I’m also thankfull.
        I know they’re together, they’ve outed themselves so many times (yet the media looking for the info were soooo lame they never noticed), but having them “officilize” stuff is too tweed serious for me to keep me on the wagon. It was enough Rob talking about kids in Japan and KStew saying ” we already had this conversation” on Oprah, cause you know she wasn’t joking when she said that. Or them wearing matching handbands (was it a manip?) is already TMI for me. I don’t care if they’re together as long as there’s still hope.

        I don’t think it’s for advertising reasons they don’t say it, they just have to much crappy press on their back. I wouldn’t say anything private if I were famous either. But they also have the crazy puritanical fandom, the one who posts a bazillion judgemental comments at their slightest move (“how could he do that to her?”) so i get it.

        OK I’m off now, I have to finish a huuuge amount of stuff if I want to get to The Gossip’s gig tonight, and I have no idea how Imma manage that. So if you see me around, just kick me.

        • one last thing, KStew showing (off) a pic of Robsten+ the other love of her life, her cat, to a journalist in a not so off conversation, it’s not really coherent with the let’s be private thing. Cause I suppose she got to see the paper before publishing (?).

          • Who cares anymore? Robsten is so 2009. bleh

          • that was one super lame thing………………gahhhhhhhhhhhhh

            wonder if he is nr.1 or nr.2….and thumb me down for that, I don’t care!!!

          • Yes, the pic showing was such a privacy preserving move.

            RG – haha! Are you wondering if Jella is the priority? I love you.

          • well…english fail

            no1 or no 2…and yes! I am wondering, sounds like he has no choice when it comes up to hugging sb over there…and…lame, really lame move to show a private pic in an interview!

          • what is this interview????? please post the link I want to see or read it!!!!

          • @misty…you will not like it girl…trust!!!

            Well….Rob obviously loves the cat!!!

            The cat is the love of her life…and so…he loves the cat!!!

          • @RG……love is blind…!!!

          • I was once again reminded of why I usually ignore articles about Bella. I should have stuck to my guns and ignored it.

            Misty, you’ve got mail.

          • Yes Jella is her priority cuz rob said “cats die”

            but yeah that line was bogus. the interview used it to get readers and create controversy. so obvious.

          • The reporter doesn’t actually name Rob as being in the picture. Hmm..sounds like she knows how to play coy too. Wouldn’t it be a HUGE story if she got actual confirmation of true love? Well she didn’t and that’s why she chooses to avoid naming who’s in the picture. Mullephant, you cause your own problems, so shut up about your privacy.

            That sounds like the stupidest picture-did they go to Sears Family Portrait studio?

          • thanks Jules

          • And somehow Kstew has us right where she wanted us!!!

            Just sayin!!!

            The more important question though is…
            Where is the man…..where is Rob???
            Why isn’t there any pic of him from the set lately???

            I miss him!!!
            (yep…my greektragedydramapersonality speaking)

          • Duuuude, according to the reporter, she is a “child genious”.

            We’re just jealous of all her awesomely fierce (yet cripplingly shy?!?!?!) loveliness.

            AP – I get the feeling Jake may imprint on Jella when he meets her. In wolf form.

          • Hahahahhaaha, Jules Jake imprinting Jella is sofa king perfect. ILY.

          • I’m not sorry at all for saying that I truly hate her with the fire of a thousand suns.

            I hate everything about her, I hate that she fills up so much of my time discussing her, I hate that Rob is blinded by whatever it is he sees in her, I hate that I have to write “her” instead of “it”.

            She is Voldemort. She is Medusa.

            I wish I could be “I don’t give a flying f**ksten. It’d make my life easier…. but I am blatantly a Hatesten and I own it.

          • Pumagirl, I love you. And Jules, Misty, applepie-anyone who doesn’t buy into this crap that she’s fierce, a genius, and Rob’s soulmate, etc.

            And feel free to call her IT-we’ll know who you mean.

          • @pumagirl

            I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I didn’t give a Fu(ksten either.

            I think she does all this for MORE attention, if you asked me…I love how someone pranked called her and she called them a “stalker” but wont change her # because she thinks it was some girl she went to Sweet Valley high with????


            She is sooo Valley Girl it’s not even funny.

          • *slow clap slow clap

            you win puma! I may be a dontgiveaflyingf—sten but I love that you own your hatred!!! you have my full support!

          • someone PLEEEZ get a pic of rosie and rob together quick so we can start shipping robsie!

          • last thought…
            that is exactly what Rob hates…to cheapen emotions…and that was cheap at all! Nice revenge for the joke he made……

          • HAHAHA!!! Puma – I love that she can be Medusa, Voldemort and IT (Cousin It?) at the same time.
            I love your passion. Are you sure you don’t love Bella? ‘Cause there is fine line between love and hate.

            I try to not to pay attention (to Medusa, Voldemort, It?) as much as possible. My disdain is usually at a mild simmer, in recent times it’s been bubbling and now it’s almost at a boil.

            My dislike is not fueled by the thought of her with Rob as much as the double talking and spewing shit from both sides of her mouth. Pick a position, stick whole-heartedly with it, that’s what I say, I can respect consistency. I see none.

            Is disliking Kristen Stewart make your/my/our opinions less valid or true? Evidently, to dislike her, is to be a hyena. So says a haggard old woman.
            PS:I’m not proofreading, I don’t care if there are typos.

          • My Dearest Jules:

            Lest we forget:

            “Rabies does affect the way the brain functions…
            You’re paranoid, delusional and confused.
            The fleas are itching you…
            And you are drowning in your own foam.”

            So, we all are not just hyenas, but rabid hyenas.

            What I find more disturbing than anything else are these twisted older women who get so excitedly worked up at the idea of this “relationship” or whatever it is.

            What are THEY getting out of it? Do they get that turned on by it?

            They’re the real sick tickets, if you ask me.


          • My fault… I just wanted to see a pic of Rob with a cat and instead I got no pic and MEDUSA. I blame Calli.

          • Puma? It’ll all be okay.
            Tonight we’ll watch HTB, LA and Pirate Radio, that’ll restore balance and get you thinking about Robstu.

            Blame that Keishabird for all that ails the robsessed world.

          • LA *and* Robstu?

            Slash love *is* the the great equalizer, isn’t it?

          • Jules- you are riling me up!!!! *fursplodes*
            After reading the ElleUK article I wanted to kick baby turtles. It didn’t even really have anything to do with Robsten… it’s HER. She bothers me to no end in that article. I even held my middle finger up to my comp screen over tweets about how much they love her fierceness. (If that doesn’t buy me a straightjacket nothing will.)
            I hate when I read about Krisbians dissing Rob and now I have stooped to their level. I know this is an I LOVE ROB blog and not an I HATE HER blog.
            I think people that don’t like Rob are nutso and I think I am the Queen of Insanity for loving Rob THIS MUCH. It is consuming as Puma explains but knowing I am not alone and have a safe place here to chat about it makes me feel better.

          • This article sort of did for me too. I don’t care if she falls in a hole and is never seen again, but she really shows what a self-serving moron she is in this article.

            She’s going to kill the author is she looks at the pics on her ipod-then stuttering and lipbiting-she shows the writer The Picture. We don’t know who the mystery man is, but wink, wink, nudge , nudge-it’s Rob, get it? The epic love must be true.

            Then she has the balls to compare getting papped to being raped. No words.

            The writer thinks she’s a child genius?? God help us.

            Truth: She goes out of her way to get attention, loves the whole Robsten nonsense, and really should go back to school. Her lack of education is glaring.

  4. All very good letters, but I think my feelings are more in line with DTD. Lately I’ve lost a little bit of that special Rob love and it’s directly related to the whole ‘are they/ aren’t they bs that’s constantly doing the rounds.
    Quite frankly, I’m sick of it and I’ve said it before I’m just interested in news about Rob, not about Robsten, but that’s all we seem to get at the mo. I’ve got to the point where I really don’t care if they are together or not, I just want them to say so and stop the BS. The whole ‘we want to keep our relationship private’ crap, is driving me insane. If this was the case, they would go out of their way to stop all the stupid, crappy speculation that goes on…and on….and on….and on.

    Still like him, alway will, just sometimes I like him less, and today is just one of those days.
    No doubt two minutes after I post this I will have changed my mind and will like him more than usual. So up and down 🙂

    • The worst part of it is that it overshadows Rob and his career. Like you said, it’s never just Rob-Robsten always comes up-in interviews, on websites, in articles. I would think Rob wants to known as a great actor, and not for a questionable relationship with his costar. That’s not going to get him very far. Does he want people to love him for his work (and other things,ahem) or does he want legions of teenagers who live vicariously through this “epic love” (gagging)?

      • Brad and Angie’s career stop when they’d become Brangelina

        • Real talk. Their careers at least got way overshadowed by the press obsession with their Brangelina-ness.

    • I have this felling that, if was up to him, he would have told everything already. But he also is very respectiful to his lady, so I guess he would never ever tell if she told him so.

      I don’t agree with the PR stunt thing. They don’t need it, twilight saga don’t need it. It is stupid thinking they do. I guess that KS told so many times that she doens’t want to share her personal life, that she will not do a official statement, that it would be silly if she did it now. Like I said, IMHO, they don’t need to say anything anymore, their actions speaks for them.

      I don’t really care if they confirm or not their relationship, Actually I don’t really care if they ARE in a relationship. I love Rob as an actor and I love his public persona (since that’s the only thing I get to see).

      And also I couldn’t care less with he’s dating KStew or TomStu, as long as he keeps being his alluring and charming self in interviews and doing good carrer choices, I’ll be his fan. The obsession may came and go (it has ups and downs for me too). Be once I’m a fan, it’s quite hard to let go (unless of course he gets ‘Tom Cruise’ crazy, then I would have the reconsider some… well, I still enjoy some of Tom’s work anyway)

      Actually, the only PR thing I think is possible is that if he IS actually gay and is triying to deflect the attention… Then maybe it is sorta understandable that tha’t his and his entourage strategy (I don’t really put my money in it though). Like I said, I couldn’t care less, but Rob gets a lot of flames as it is, there’s a LOT of prejudice towards him and considering that strangely enough the prejudice against gay actor is still a issue (well, a proof of that is the Newsweek awful article about it…) I wouldn’t judge him if he was gay and tried to keep it private. Again, don’t get me wrong, I think people should be open about who they are as much as possible, but if we are realistic the world is still a pretty hostile enviroment and there’s lots of intolerance directed to minorities. I applaud and bow to the Brave people that fight it openly, but I don’t condemn those who wants to preserve themselfs and take their time with stuff THAT defyning.

      All this digression and big essay was to state one universal truth (for me anyway): I LOVE YOU ROB! Your are very lovable, and cutem and charming and talented, and seems like a very good person! I support you and your carreer. I know you are not perfect (thank god) and to quote Darcy from Bridget Jones: “I love you just the way you are”

      • I don’t think Rob is gay. Her, on the other hand..

        And we all know how she loves her privacy. That’s why she showed that pic on her ipod of herself, a certain unnamed someone, and her cat.

        • “I don’t think Rob is gay. Her, on the other hand..”

          bhahahahahahahahahh I ❤ u DTD

          BTW what is this pic and cat thing everyone is talking about????

        • “That’s why she showed that pic on her ipod of herself, a certain unnamed someone, and her cat.”

          Hummm I don’t know, but I took this with a grain of salt. It may have happened but something about this whole thing sounds off somehow…

          • Oh and also, I don’t really think that Robs gay either… Maybe bissexual, but still… Nah, I don’t know, I have a very good gaydar (since half of my college friends are gay), and with Rob it REALLY doesn’t goes off.

      • ” Rob gets a lot of flames as it is” –
        in a paragraph about him being gay. Luvs it!

  5. Great letter pumagirl, love it honi!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “My name is Edward Cullen”- that moment ruined (many) women’s sanity……and
    you’re my life now……NO COMMENT 🙂

    beanie or no beanie…who cares!

    • hahah yeah I’m not really looking at the beanie, ’cause it works on or off!!

    • No beanie, thank you very much. Imma be a sexhair puller.
      Bella is in First Kiss and Ally is in WallSex.

  6. Awesome letter, ladies, but I have a question for DreamingisFree-

    Why does Rob only get ONE night with you?!? Who gets the other 4?

    xo obava

    • I also live in Australia.
      I’ll take him… Flying across a small country like ours wouldn’t both him much, I’m sure.

  7. “I’m sorry Rob, but I do think you’re a bit of a dick for playing along.”

    agreed 100%

    I’ve been saying this for months now..

    • but he’s still soooo adorkably do-able.

      • thumbsdown? bhahaha

        p.s. hi haters, welcome! 🙂

  8. I love that D2D call Rob a dick. That made me hork coffee through my nose. In my office. Surrounded by professionals. Sigh.

    Anywhoo, I don’t think he’s being a dick. Hi Rob (b/c you KNOW he reads this)! I just think that for all his hotness and wordly-ness (kinda), in the end, he’s a stupid 24 year old guy who had no idea what he’s doing. Like most other 24 year old guys.

    Let’s face it, if he wasn’t so ridiculously f*ckhawt, I wouldn’t really care anyway. That sounds so bad (sorry Rob) but I think he knows it anyway. I heart him hard and he’s 1-5 on my Freebie 5, but sometimes his actions concerning the Elephant are lame-o.

    • Sorry for the coffee incident. I still love Rob, and Hale yes he’s on my Freebie 5 (all 5) but I might slap him around a little first for being so clueless.

  9. Day 2 of asking questions about Rob’s questionable wardrobe choices.
    Is it just me *gasp* or does that black puffy overcoat with the dadcase actually make a decent outfit for Rob, considering his other wardrobe options we’ve witnessed?
    Only Rob can rock the dadcase like no other.
    Keep the beanie on Rob, during ALL times 😉 It will be much appreciated.

    • Other than that bag, he’s looking pretty damn good in that pic, and def one of his better wardrobe choices.

      God he’s so hot and it’s sooooooo unfair!!!!

  10. Great letters girls!!! I don’t know where to start really.

    Pumagirlf…you leave me speechless…

    Rob…this is so much worse…my Aragornlove was a 10 minutes phase compared to this…and it lasted for years
    and then… came along…

    I have so many little kinky fetish…es what Rob is concerned…Oh my….can’t even think of them…

  11. Can we get a slow clap for D2D?

  12. pumagirl-
    loved your letter-how many children’s faces have been replaced by Rob-many, I’m sure. Including mine. Hey, I see her every day.

    I also have Rob’s music on my Ipod, and it sends my husband into howls of laughter. He thinks he sounds like “a cat in heat.”


  13. I agree with D2D.

    Just admit your love with TomStud and let the world off the hook. We KNOW the truth!!

  14. Hey pumasgirlsf, I totally get it. I wasn’t even going to get involved in the Twilight phenome with all the target audience stuff at the beginning….but a cougar aged girlfriend who had read the series (under the pretense of assuring it was OK for her 15 year old daughter!) said it was worth it. So I got the set on my itouch in January and now just continuously re-read it. I have to lie when hubby asks what I’m reading now, as my itouch is always in my hand – or quickly and subtly turned upside down on the side table when anyone walks in the room so you can’t tell it is still on because it is still lit up. It’s like an alcoholic keeping their booze in a sports bottle and tossing it under the couch when someone comes in the room.
    My itouch has Rob’s songs, Rob’s photos. I am actually considering a 12 step program because as with most of us, it is all clandestine, erotic and love fantasy stuff and does not belong in the life of a middle aged woman!!
    It feels so good to know there are more of us out there who are being so irrational —-or are we??? because is there anyone yummier than Rob?

    • No. There is not. #FACT.

  15. Oh DreamingisFree, if I didn’t know for sure that there was no way I got off my ass to post a note to LTR, I’d suspect you were really one of my multiple personalities (whom may I point out, are not fussy – they’d all like to shag Rob into another century).

    My bestie Staiasha & I have been spending a lot of time discussing ‘free cards’ lately – as like yourself, we’re married Aussie ladies. A certain Mr Pattinson sits in number one position on the list for both of us (no, we’re not prepared to share with one another, let anyone else) but I do think she would be open to bribes from one Charlie Bewley to boot RPattz out of her no.1 slot.

    I do however, think our husbands should be scared as come October/November we’ll be gracing the same continent (*gasp*) as one Mr Pattinson. 😛

    So yes, I adored your letter…now get out of my head!!! 🙂

  16. Pumagirlfs – Great letter. I know where you’re coming from, minus the husband and kid.

    DTD – Your usage of mullephant warms my heart.
    I agree with most of what you said, except the dick part, I’d use whipped instead (love you Rob).

    DreamingisFree – Give him all 5 nights, with or without the beanie.

    • I love you and your LOVE for Rob!!!!<3

      • I love that you love my love for Rob.

        I love your HUGE love for Rob as well.

        • I love whipped…..and whipped cream…

          • #ssbc

          • w/o #ssbc the world would be a much worse place.

          • WORD.

            ssbc is the sun in my sky, the stars in my night..yeah you get it.

          • Pumagirl…love you hard for that letter…it sums up most of my life as well…

            I think I’m still interesting but mostly it has to do with HIM and the many ways he influenced my life, both physically (ahem) and intellectually.

            p.s. D2D, I admire your spunk!

  17. My husband and I had the conversation that if I had been the one whose house Rob showed up at that I would need to show him the bedroom. And my husband was the one that actually suggested it! I told him damn straight, sorry honey, but I wouldn’t let that opportunity pass. He gets a free pass, too. Not like it will ever, EVER come to that.

    I am so sick of Robsten. I mean, keep the dream alive, Summit, but you’re more apt to lose fans if you keep up this BS. They’re stupid for playing along, too. Yes, it’s a franchise, yes, everyone’s in love with the Edward & Bella story. Doesn’t mean the real live actors have to live it out. Even if they are or have been together, they’re so friggin young, in an industry filled with beautiful people. Their “relationship” won’t last. I’m going with KS batting for the other team, possibly Taylor too. But even if RobStu is alive, I’m going to plug my ears and say la-la-la-la because I’m keeping my fantasy man straight.

    I plan on writing a letter to Rob soon (when work lets me, jeez, I have more important things to do than what I’m being paid for) on how Rob’s 24th birthday left a lasting, life-long impression on me.

    If I’ve been married for 11 years, does that mean I have 2 nights accumulated?

  18. Dear Rob,
    Can’t wait for Twilight Saqa to end, so I can see what will happen to you, Stew and Stu.
    I couldn’t wouldn’t quit you even if you’re an asshole, gay , bi or any of those labels.
    Hope you’ll have a long and nice career and please grow old like George Clooney / Pierce Brosnan.

    • “Hope you’ll have a long and nice career and please grow old like George Clooney / Pierce Brosnan.”


      • Srsly, they really are like wine and good cheese.
        …smoother and more mellow with age.

  19. Thanks for the responses everybody!

    That letter is still 95% applicable to my everyday life except that I have added a few (one hundred) additional websites to my daily Rob stalking and sometimes allow NM to make an appearance on my phone while at the gym when I am craving tweed.

    D2D – I loved your letter and agree with much of it, this is making be old beyond my years.

    Dreamingisfree – If I got a night with him and sunrise approached, I’d handcuff him in my basement sex lair and keep him there forever. Kinda like Kathy Bates in ‘Misery’ except I’m thinner, younger and a little less (ok, more) crazy.

    I love you all! I love LTR! I love UC and Moon! But I would still throw you all into a fiery pit if Rob asked me to. (Not really. Ok, really.)


  20. And this is exactly why I’m addicted to LTR. These are genius and make me feel so NORMAL.

    pumasgirl, this is the best “TWSS” I’ve seen in a while – “try not to drool on the equipment (TWSS).”

  21. D2D, you know I love you and I agree with the Robsten saga. . . just confirm or deny already! Humpf!

    I did hear Kstews explanation that answering wouldn’t stop the speculation/questions, that people would then just start asking for details. Yes, that is true. . .however, at least the paps maybe would chill because the PDA money shot confirming the relationship would no longer be an issue.

    Dreamingisfree, loved your letter! Free pass = check. Meeting Rob….hmm, that one is a bit of an obstacle, damn it! Gotta say though, no beanie for me, I must touch/pull the sex hair!

  22. I love you HARD puma! #ssbc!

    I love that u wake up to rob songs. so when you wake up instead of thinking “ugh another day of work” you now think “yay another day of robporn surfing!” ..definitely makes waking up easier!

    and I am officially on #idontgiveaflyingf—sten. I ship ROBSIE.

    • if I may ask, what is ssbc? Did I miss something?

  23. Wait, when did I write that first letter? *scratches head*

    Oh right, I didn’t; it just sounds like me (except my Rob pics are in a folder marked “Random”. As if!).

    As for the other topic, sigh. I hate to be a hater hater, but I will never understand why anyone feels they have a “right” to know what’s up with them. I just don’t. I don’t think he/she/they have or need to tell us anything. Okay, nevermind a verbal confirmation would make me die dead for all kinds of completely pathetic and ridiculous reasons *cough-I-like-my-semi-but-not-really-denial-you’re-effing-with-my-fantasy-mullephant-cough*, but aside from that, let ’em live their lives, be together if in fact they are and say nothing if they want to. My being a fan of those movies, his career and his jawline (hands, long-leanness, overall deliciousness…) does not need to be “rewarded” with a confession of who he’s banging. Not really my business. I’m not real sure why it needs to be, or why I should be mad at him if he won’t tell me.

    And in this world of reality show, paparazzi, tabloid culture where some “celebs'” relationship *is* their talent, I really can’t blame an actor for not wanting to say a flipping syllable about their personal relationships. After all, do Brad and Angie still do movies? I can’t tell, because since they came out, I could swear their profession is to be a couple now. It’s all I ever hear about them anyway. After Ben Affleck went through the Bennifer madness, he shut his hole about him and Jennifer Garner. They went about their business, never said a thing, it became assumed and accepted and that was that. Well done I say.

    Uh, didn’t mean to write that much :-/. I should do work now. Right after I visit LTT and 4 or 5 other Rob sites.

    • I’m married and I meet new people all the time and sometimes (more often than not…) people ask me if I’m married and have kids and I answer them. Nothing weird about that. If I had answered ” I will not cheapen my relationship by talking about it” or “no, I won’t talk about my relationship because then maybe you will ask me more questions” now if I answered like THAT people would think I was a real weirdo!!!!!! So Kristen, talking about your relationship does NOT cheapen it. It would be WHAT you say about your relationship that would cheapen it. If you’re in a wholesome relationship and you love somebody – how, HOW can answering that question make that cheap!!!!!!! Sorry, I don’t get the logic behind her answers. I really don’t!!!!

      • Well there’s a whole lot I don’t get about Mullephant, but that’s another post altogether!

        Regardless of whatever lame-ass terms she couches it in or weak explanation given (e.g., cheapening the relationship, blah blah blah), I think the point is, it’s no one’s God-given right to know or demand info on their private lives. I’m so very married as well, and yes, it would be beyond wtf if I didn’t say so. But I’m not a celebrity and nobody gives a crap. Nor will I sit down for a job interview and have the interviewer say, “So do you run your fingers through your husband’s famously tousled hair?” or some such thing, taking away from the reason I’m there (for my career). Now some will say, but they “go out of their way” to hint or expose themselves. How? By just…being? Looks like living life, while not speaking about it to me. Not hiding, but not talking either.

        I’m just saying (without truly knowing their motivation) a) I get it. And b)


        Genuine, sincere question — I SWEAR I’m not being a snarky bitch by asking, but truly want to understand others’ thinking — WHY should they say anything? What will happen then? What will be the benefit? I honestly want to know the answer to this.

        Will folks shrug and never bring it up again? Nope. Will paps stop chasing (even with the mythical money shot finally public)? Nope. Will tabs stop making up stories? Nope. Will all the focus then soundly be on their (really who gives a shit about her, I mean, um, er…) his career? Nope.

        The truth is, nothing will change. Except some fans will be able to say okay, now I know. And what is their incentive to bring about that result? So we will *feel* better knowing? So we will like him more for doing/saying what we want him to? Really? That’s why they need to confirm? (dude has already said he doesn’t like being told what to do).

        *shrug* I don’t get it.

        I really should do this report. Boss keeps walking by :-/

        • You are absolutely right we have no right to know! But they haven’t been like beyonce and jay z about this where u wouldn’t hear anything about the relationship and they handled questions so well, I think kristen doesn’t hate the speculation as much as she leaves on. But yeh I don’t know why we think we have the right to know cos we don’t. I don’t know maybe we feel rob is insulting our intelligence when he evades the question

          • Stubbornward and Hypocristen? Or something.

            I recall Jay and Bey giving people the stinkeye or shutting them down totally when they were asked. But then if Rob gave a stinkeye I’d just mistake it for sex eyes and swoon. Pathetic.

          • i don’t know aro i just saw this and i forgot what i was ranting on about …!!

          • Get out! I SO right-click saved that earlier this morning! (went right into the ole “Random” picture folder full of other “random” pictures of…someone random).

            I have to go woozily stare I mean to lunch now.

        • I lost my thumbs-down v card today! I feel, I don’t know, grown up or something.

        • I don’t think we have a right to demand any answers either, what I’m saying is that by dodging the question with lame ass answers it’s starting to look really ridiculous. Why not anwer it/treat it as any other question (?) – lot’s of celebs do that. By being evasive and dodgy they have created the very monster they are afraid of. It sure keeps them in the Media. “Yes we’re together but it’s something I don’t feel comfortable talking about” could possibly work as a simple but honest answer??? (….but what do I know I’m just a non- celeb simple girl……).

          Also happy news for Twifans in Sweden – Taytay and Kristen are doing promo for Eclipse in Sweden – yes they are coming in June! but NO Robert Pattinson! Bu-hu!

          • You have a point.

            I do tend to think they will say something eventually. At which point I will promptly kill myself.

          • i think i would just get my life back!!
            no i’d hate it as much as i go on about him not fessing up i prob still prefer not actually having confirmation from them!

  24. Great letters, ladies!

    “I go to work, I spend about 25% of my day doing the job I get paid to do and 75% on LTR” Preach it!

    The “Get Out of Jail free Card” night’s participant can’t be questioned if your untouchables list is laminated.

    “You both do everything the opposite of what someone who wanted to keep it on the down low would do. Airport sightings! Shirtgate! Kindlegate! Wrist holding!”

    Maybe they are just friends. If they were really together, like an old married couple, they’d be yelling at each other in the airport, annoyed with each others shirt choices, and wrist holding would change to giving each other the finger.
    Yes, they are definitely just friends.

    • Thank god I’m not the only one with Rob taking over my life!! I’ve been married 15 yrs,how many does that give me? And I think of Misery in context to Rob all the time! Thank goodness I feel a little more sane about it now! And to snowwhitedrifted I completely agree if they are really together they would be a little more annoyed,so funny!

    • what was kindlegate?!

  25. Puma! Awesome letter! I can relate, except I don’t have a 9-5 job, but everything else you mentioned is so true. No life here, not much social life. I used to read books, now I mostly read fanfic! Sigh, lol. I’m robsessed and it’s been over a year and my feelings have not waned a bit, if anything I’m even in worse shape now than I was. Damn you Rob! Just kidding, love you Rob!

    D2d thanks for speaking up, I feel the same about this whole relationship, sometimes I wish he’d come out and say it. But whatever he’s not shagging me so I dontgiveacrapsten. ❤ u.

    Dreamingisfree, I like your idea! And yeah no question, umm Rob's on my card. Sigh, I want that card badly…sign me up!

  26. Brill letters today. Unfortunately i got D2D’s more. I no longer think about rob the way I used. I wish I was still where u are pumagirl but the excitmemt and novelty have worn off and i must admit it’s since seeing them in Bulgaria together. It’s not that he has a GF it’s because she’s the GF. It has totally changed my perception if him that he has picked her as the one. What is he thinking?! I hate to say it bur I agree with who ever said it already I think if he had his way he wouldn’t hide it and this is all her.AnIs I think she loves the reaction he gets when everyone goes bat shit when they dress the same or are seen together not so discreetly. That I’m so shy I care so much about the book and character and I’m just like u a huge twilight fan that oprah bought Hook line and sinker is bullshit that she thinks will excuse her bad attitude. finally last word to puma girl cos u
    summed up what I’ve been thinking

    ” I’m not sorry at all for saying that I truly hate her with the fire of a thousand suns.”

    sorry for typos ranting from the iPhone is difficult!!!!
    And yes don’t bother pointing our that I need to get a life when u thumbs down

    • *It’s not that he has a GF it’s because she’s the GF. It has totally changed my perception if him that he has picked her as the one. What is he thinking?!*


      (I tend to think that’s the undercurrent here, maybe not often spoken. It’s like really? Her? What are you, mental? What does that say about you? I don’t *want* to know/think that about you. Ugh.).

      But then I don’t want to admit that because it makes me feel smaller than a little person on his knees. Ah well.

    • Don’t get me wrong, I’m still crazy about Rob but I hate that that troll is killing my buzz a little. And I def question his taste in women if he is involved with her. I think she is nothing but bad news.

      • its just the bad attitude like, what has the world ever done to her. i would imagine her as a vacum to be around sucking all fun and happyness out of those around her, it’s like i don’t get it!! it was really cute at the start cos he had a crush on her and he didn’t hide it in interviews but once i acutally read and saw her interviews i wanted to change my name to “no longer undecidedsten i hatehersten” but that might have made me look a bit immature or something!

        • I had just wondered a few minutes back why you were still Undecidedsten since you seem to be very much decided!! 😀

          GO for it! OWN IT.

          • no shamed to admit but i acutally thought it was cute the way he had his crush and i squealed like a fan girl when i saw them holding hands in paris cos i didn’t actually know anything about her (ya handing in my fan card along with my self respect,) but then i actually saw her speak during all the new moon promo and was like seriously wtf.

            in my defence i swear i never ever ever watched a robsten video on you tube ever…ever.

          • U- I ❤ you for ihatehersten!! (Are you on the Twitter? I need you!)

            I really hope that HE won't date HER and every time someone asks her about it she is reminded she is unwanted by HIM. Mean, right? Well, Jules got me all riled up!

            PS- I also read a paragraph yesterday about how Twitter has ruined her life. Anyone who hates Twitter is no friend of mine. That same Twitter gets you all your money so shut it

          • no not on twitter i’m a bit of a techtard
            i read robpattz news on twitter the odd time does that count??!!

            don’t think i’ll be able to read that elle interview without having a stroke, seeing her put and look miserable in all those fab clothes is enough!!!

        • I didn’t like her, then I didn’t care, then she annoyed the living piss out of me, then I felt like a dummy for feeling that about someone I don’t know (because my adoration for Rob is totes normal right?), then I became a Professional Avoidsten. I know nothing of cat pictures and Kindles and shit because unless they put those Clockwork Orange eye holder-opener things on me and I can’t escape it, I refuse to acknowledge her (again, sounds big of me. Drat). Seriously, she could be axe-murdering someone in a picture of them together and I’m like, oh look, Rob got a new hat. Who, Kris what? I know nothing of what you speak.


          • I wish i could do that, but being the masochist that I am, I read it & get pissed off. Maybe I hope it will make me immune if it turns out to be true. Doubtful. I’ll just hate her more and still love Rob.

          • Ooh girl no. Get away from that stuff. Nothing good there lol. I’ve developed the ability to click and scroll off sudden images on the screen with my eyes closed lol.

          • This is a totally brillian tactic Aro!!! From now on I will totally avoid all things Robsten and just pretend she’s not there.

            Sure, I don’t know her. Sure, she could be totally great. Sure, I don’t give a crap about her and never will.

          • I know right? I’ve watched that Oprah like 35 times and I mean, is she on there? Did someone other than Rob and Oprah and I think the wolf boy guy say something? I don’t know, couldn’t tell ya. Got no clue. Fast forward is your friend :-).

  27. Love these letters. It’s nice to be able to compare, and think, maybe I am relatively normal. I especially love the “get out of jail free” card.

    • lynn we’re all very very normal on here its a prerequisite

  28. OMG – my Rob bookmarks are under “Cooking”…because there is NO WAY my husband would ever venture in there!

  29. Random- DH’s laptop bag looks like the dadcase. I find him a little hotter for it.

  30. This may be a ridiculous question after reading all of these posts…but am I the only reader of LTR that actually LIKES Kristen? ‘Cause I do. I think she’s just a shy person, thrust into this, and I ❤ her awkwardness. I think she and rob are completely cute together, but I don't care really WHO they are with. I like Rob, I like Kristen, therefore, I like them together. But I'm not a shipper in the slightest. If Rob's happy and keeps taking happy looking pictures for me to hide on my computer…then I'm fine.
    But seriously, Am I the only one who likes Kristen?

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