Posted by: themoonisdown | May 25, 2010

Uncle Rob and the Rippers? Dating Kimmy Gibbler? Stealing clothes. What’s Rob doing? We’re SO confused

Where's Jesse Katsopolis?!

Dear Rob,

I know you want to reunite Jesse and the Rippers for a special one night only concert where you just happen to join in on a few special songs, but really this is not the way to do it. Showing up at Bob Saget’s birthday party, at John Stamos’ house with your agent in tow, all the while tossing back mai tai’s cause you’re nervous about meeting THE Uncle Jesse is a bit much, dontcha think? I mean, that’d be like me showing up to your house with UC and a flask full of Zima. Or maybe that just sounds like a killer Thursday night… but you get what I’m saying.

So why DID you show up at Bob Saget’s birthday party? Did you LOVE American Funniest Home Videos as much as we did and wanted to show Bob your video of hitting TomStu in the downstairs bonanza with a stick while you guys where in the basement last week when you were um, “younger?”

Or did you want tips on living with men (for example, the BritPack) and saying you’re all in it together “for the children” when in reality it looks more like domestic living partners than 3 straight dudes raising kids in San Francisco?

Who's ready for the latest edition of the Gibbler Gazette?!

But whatever it is I really hope you met Kimmy Gibbler nee, Andrea Barber, the sexiest woman to ever grace our televisions during “TGIF.” In fact I insist you send Stephanie Ritz to track down Andrea Barber so you can confess your love for the Gibbler. She is a real woman Rob, she’s a good neighbor, she makes the best “funny faces,” she had a shoe phone, and she stuck by DJ even when she was going out with Steve. And that’s TRUE friendship. You need this woman in your life. STAT. I would wholeheartedly co-sign your relationship. I’d ship it and buy the shirt! Robbler? Kimert?

Lastly, I’ve gotta go with JodieO’s suggestion as to why you were at John Stamos’s house: @JodieO He was just there 2 borrow clothes from the UncleJesseCollection. MTVAwards are coming up!

Yea, this looks about right for the MTV Movie Awards...

So THAT explains it, you knew the MTV Movie Awards were coming up so you begged Stephanie Ritz to help you crash a party at John Stamos’ house so you could steal this outfit (to the left), no wonder you wore such baggy clothing. Made it easier to hide the tux, tails, western belt, red turtleneck and red hat.

…but really if you want to reunite Jesse and the Rippers we wouldn’t be opposed. In fact, we’d probably be front row center, especially if you sang on “Michelle is Smiling.” *swoon*

Have Mercy!

PS whatever girl took this deserves a ninja pic award, but then a punch to the baby maker because she didn’t take more, or get video. Amateur.

Follow the cut for a special gift from me to you…

Why do I get the feeling this is the soundtrack to Robsten love sessions by the fireplace? Complete with random babies frolicking around them…

This is for my college pal Michele, this is your song girl!!! We used to sing this ALL the time!

So why in the world was Rob at Uncle Jesse’s house? Was it just another shout out to us here at LTR? Does he know how much we love Uncle Jesse and how UC’s Dad worked in a deli with Bob Saget? He must. There’s no other explanation!

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  1. JodieO is right, Rob was there to return the royal blue jacket that he borrowed and to raid JS’ closet for the award show.

    Do I spy a RM shirt on Rob (the tannish one)?????

    • haha, Clothes Detectives Union here. My question is, by any chance is it the same white T he has sported a few times in the last days? Cause we know he never got to wash it that quickly.

      • YES! the same

    • someone else was saying it was the RM shirt/jacket. HAHAHA i love him sometimes.

      • just sometimes??? 🙂

  2. Does he know how much we love Uncle Jesse and how UC’s Dad worked in a deli with Bob Saget? He must.

    Agreed THIS is the reason.
    That or Rob’s been youtubing A LOT of stuff we’ve never heard of in the uk.

  3. Oh my – I am in the dark here I’m English but unlike Rob have NO CLUE who those people are. But the videos are they for real or are they taking “the Piss” as we say around these parts I mean that second one come on !!!

    • Haha, IKR??They’re both Cringetastic. I had to google John Stamos & 4th result is that pic of Rob.

    • It’s pretty cheesy. But it’s SO awesome.

    • How bad is it if, not being American, I actually recognised the Olson sisters and the guy who played in the soap commedy with them, without playing the videos?

      • here the same, that show was rollercoaster for 10 years or so…over an over again on TV

    • wait wait wait you guys didnt have FULL HOUSE?!!! i cant believe it!! maybe he caught reruns on nick at night or bought the dvds while filming twilight.

      full house was this cheesy family comedy that was on every friday on a channel here and they call the line up of family comedys “TGIF” and it was full house, step by step, family matters and then a few other rotating ones like my two dads, boy meets world, etc etc.

      it was AWESOME. if you were in 6th grade.

      • Have mercy…you know the TGIF lineup after all these years?! I couldn’t remember that to save my life, woman. lol!

        • im also a nerd with a steel trap of a memory! useless trivia??!! IM YOUR GIRL!!

      • I was always more partila to Family Matters than Full House, although I watched all three shows. They even did a few crossovers where Urkel (Erkel?) appeared on Full House. I don’t remember why, now as the shows were based in two cities only about 1000 miles apart.

  4. Sorry on reflection I meant the first one – COME ON how can you do that with a straight face !!!

    • This is some prime ‘entertainment’! It is cringtastic and that’s why we love it!

  5. Dude. Rob and Uncle Jesse?!
    Holy hotness explosion!

    • I was thinking the same thing. John Stamos? HOT.

      • With ya Jayde and Michelle…(did I mention he’s greek…LOL)?

  6. I like John Stamos…he is Greek!!! 😀

    Greek men are beautiful… 😀

    (am I out of context/subject???…sorry!!!)

    • totally! lol

      • They are beautiful and they have special…skills!!!

        And I don’t know if you girls see that I’m advartising Greece here…
        some of you have to come visit…..
        somebody has to come…anyway…after all this cancelling…..tourism I mean!!!

        (and I’m out of context again….lol…)

        • Wait! Are you in Greece? That is my DREAM vacation…and second home location. I am determined to get there in the next two years. I’ll come visit and we can have a Twilight marathon!

          • Am waiting for you with open arms…the sooner you come
            the better honey……..
            befor it all falls apart…..

            Ehhh…we will have a ROBMARATHON…trust me…
            I’m good in marathons!!!

          • YAY!! If I make my bonus this year it will be next summer that I would come.

            AH! Glorious Greece. How I have longed to just sit and stare at your beauty.

          • lol……I love you sista!!! really hope you make your bonus…

            Let me know where you are going to…I’ll tell you some
            great places!!!


        • Having a Greek Salad for lunch!

      • Greece is beautiful, place, people….the end!They will come Mel!

        • Thank you honey….you are very sweet!!!
          Love ya 😀

        • Mel, without the greek culture/ we would still sit in a cave, Rob and me, well…thinking better, NOT such a bad idea! 🙂

          • 😀 😀 😀 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • “If you build it, they will come”

    • Greek men are beautiful…amen to that!

      How are you honey?

      • Am fine sweety…thanks!!!
        Yep….you should know…you have greek blood!!!

  7. i freaking love this, what other hot-young-hollywood-actor would show up at BOB SAGET’S birthday party.

    • Who the H is Bob Saget???? Or John Stamos? and is Uncle Jessie,John or Bob or somebody completely different?

      Sorry, English girl fail here 🙂

        Full House was an American sitcom that ended in 1995. Bob Saget (a comedian) and John Stamos (Uncle Jessie) starred in it. Also notable as the Olsen twins played baby Michelle. It was all kinds of cheesy (but in a ridiculous good way).

        • @Drsaka

          thanks for that!

      • Yep … I’m clueless too. Whole post was more or less gibberish for me!!!

        Oh wait, it’s often like that!

        (PS Moon/UC and other contributors … I mean that in the best possible leg-pulling taste. Sometimes your american cultural references are too deep for us non americans to understand. And I’ve lived in the States a while back. I do remember my daughter liking Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen (uggh hideously commercial crap – I can’t believe I bought the videos for her).

      • wow it seams England is the only country that Full House hadn’t show on tv.
        i absolutaly luved uncle Jessy when i was a kid

    • Yes! I mean, how freaking cute is this? He was just kicking around with nothing to do and it’s like I don’t know these people Stephanie, but of course I’ll go with you to this old timey party. Sounds fun!

      I don’t know about y’all, but that’s pretty damn cool to me.

      • Rob exceeds our expectations everything. A backyard birthday party for Bob Saget at John Stamos’ house is way cooler than well, anything. Take that, young, trendy Hollywood!

        • My sentiments exactly. Sigh, is there no end to his perfection?

          • No, no end.

          • No………end…….endless perfection our man…endless!

        • sooo awesome that he turned up there! forget the clubs yall!!

  8. Didn’t know that Stamos sang back in time…horrible, glad to have missed it…

    Come on Rob, you..drinking on a boring LA thing, from a straw…nahhhhh…did you have nothing better to do? Obviously not….and that sounds somehow like good news!

    Highlight? your lips around that straw…….gahhhhh

  9. He was in the neighbourhood, saw there was a party, and got all happy at the thought of the open bar plus fine food (not to mention his favourite store ran out of Hotpockets) so he entered!!!
    Or maybe he and Stephanie got too drunk and mistaken Tarantino’s party for this one.
    Either way, cheers!

    • as Stamos twittered this morning that Mr.P is a clever and cool one( like..I didn’t know him at all before) ..I would say, that would second your Tarantino theory!
      Somehow these days they all seems a lot confused over there….

      • somebody even gave Rob a car………lol

        • Is it safe??? For him to drive??? OMG…

          Rob…drive safely honey…
          No alcohol
          No cellphone
          No driving on the wrong side of the road
          No fast driving…keep your distance…

          just sayin…
          love you

        • Don’t know if it’s safe, it doesn’t look very safe, it looks like Rob driving a car…… a 10hour license! lol on the right side!Makes me think of other things….

          • HAHAaaaaa……what??? 😀

  10. I think Bill Condon needs to put Jessie and the Rippers Forever on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack.

    • Best. Idea. Ever.

    • YYYYEEESSSSS jesse and the rippers will be the wedding band!!! edward & bella’s first dance will be to “Forever”

      • omg I am *crying* with laughter right now, seriously

  11. My old love and new love in one frame. Got me all hot and bothered.
    Sandwich anyone? (twss) 😉

  12. Bob Saget is a sick, sick man…. and I love him for it! I’d have been there to hear his foul mouth and hysterical stories. Happy Birthday Saget!
    Rob was there because Saget is awesome. End of story.

    • Agree!!! Bob and John…both!!! End of story….
      Oh….and Rob……ofcourse……awesome…

    • Bob saget is a total perv. Maybe he was giving Rob some tips on the Leg Hitch.

  13. I just love the fact that Rob does not consider himself too cool for school. That just ups his hotness factor by about eleventy billion. Rob getting down with the cast of Full House – Total Win!

    • Agreed…it’s like he is reaching out to us AHEM older AHEM women. Letting us KNOW he GETS us…and…

      Okay, wow. That was out there. But Rob + Then = Genius.

  14. I saw this last night and just couldn’t figure out why Rob would be celebrating Bob Saget’s B-day in John Stamos’ backyard. Still can’t.

    Just stay away from the Olson Twins Rob. They’re trouble.

    • he is filming
      he is driving
      he is around buying stuff
      he is partying (well..sipping from a straw-party)
      he is buffing up
      he is papped
      he looks all happy with that!
      or not! sigh*

    • Its just the awesome random part of Rob (and I think Rob and John have the same agent, SR??).

      • really?
        same jacket, same agent, same….??? 🙂

    • He heard there was free food and drink!

  15. I like to imagine that Candice Cameron Burce (or whatever her name is now – all I know is she is in that trashtastic gymnastics show Make it or Break it) is just out of that shot above preaching at him.

    In my mind Rob is wishing that drink was about five-billion times larger, was actually a Heine and is praying under his breath that a rogue loose elephant from the WFE set would come trampling through there just for shits’n’giggles.

    Thank god Rob’s mind is not my mind 😛

  16. When I was a young teen I loved John Stamos as Blackie on the soap General Hospital. Does anyone remember that? (Way before Uncle Jesse). I think Rob would have more in common with Blackie plus he had cooler clothes Rob could steal/borrow….

  17. Am I the only person who liked the blue 90s style jacket Rob wore last year at the MTVMAs which he, apparently, stole from Uncle Jesse’s closet? At least, I thought it was better than those baggy jeans he wore at the teen choice awards later.
    I sound like such a teenybopper :S

    • Nope, you’re not the only one. There was an ode to the Colour Me Badd jacket on here recently.

      • Oooh ‘Colour Me Badd’? What’s that? Sounds dirrtttyy…*snicker*

        • Never mind. I find out it was the name of Bryan Adams’ band. One of the many inconveniences of not living in the United States. *facepalm*

          • You mention Bryan Adams…win win win!!!
            My……..second love….
            great music……..great…….



          • Oooooookkkkkaaaaaayyyyy……

          • Does this one work???cause I think YT hates me lately!!!

          • It’s alright @strut, Color Me Badd were uniquely early 90’s r&b. Biggest hit, I wanna sex you up! Bryan Abrahms was in said band.x.x.

          • Ah Mel, the vid doesn’t work. Love that song too, 80’s flashback, but Slane Castle with U2 is better hon!!! 😉

          • Haha…I’ll tell you all about U2 in Athens Cath…after Sep 3rd!!!
            U2 in Athens…..will be the best!!! 😀

        • WAIT!!!!!!!!!! Bryan ABRAMS was in Colour Me Badd (goofy R&B group). Bryan ADAMS is the classic rock *legend* (Summer of ’69, Run to You, Everything I do, Run to Me, When You Love a Woman)

    • NO, I liked the “blue fun jacket” as well, he looked gorgeous that day!

    • I liked it because who else could pull that off? No one – only Rob.

    • I love THAT jacket. It’s what started this madness for me.

  18. UC…your dad worked in a sandwich shop with BOB SAGET??? How did that go down? Did they take smoke breaks out back together? I need stories of this.

  19. John Stamos! gasps Is he still alive? I loved him in Full House, I was obsessed with him and wrote him a letter (I know! I was 14y old) I asked him what brand of shampoo he uses. He NEVER answered my letter. BAD UNCLE!! I stopped being his fan after waiting for 10 years.
    I was so in love that my friends and family called me Mrs Stamos (facepalm). So please Rob, don’t be like uncle Jesse and answer my (many) letters. I HAVE to know how you go to bed to sleep. Naked, only with a boxershort, PJ’s, Kstew fake lesbian t-shirt? Thnx xxxx me

    • I heard him saying something about a “birthday suit”…

  20. Ladies, ladies, ladies….

    You got it all wrong. Rob didn’t beg Setphanie Ritz to take him to Stamos’s house. It was the other way around.

    Early in his career, he slept on her couch under the promise that when he finally makes it big, he pull some strings and introduce her to her teen idol.

    But wait…. isn’t she’s too old for loving the “Full House” Uncle Jesse?

    But not too old for loving
    Blackie Parrish on “General Hospital”

    That’s why *I* love that Greek God!

    • WHAT!!! Steph and I are about the same age (I’m guessing) and I loved some Uncle Jesse.

      I’m 35 and yes, while all my friends were out drinking wine coolers and cruising the streets on Fridays in High School I was home watching TGIF TV. Have Mercy!!

      • I agree sassysmart! You and I are the same age and I loved Full House just for Uncle Jesse!!

        I’ve been told that I look like Kimmy Gibbler and have always taken it as an insult until now.

        Rob, if the real Gibbler is not available for your dating pleasure I will quickly step in and help your fantasy out! I know you watched the TGIF reruns when you were a kid! 😉

    • Hey Cupcake, now you’re making me feel old! I loved Blackie Parrish on General Hospital! That was 1983-84 (I just googled it). I was 11. And even then I knew John Stamos was hot… lol.

  21. I think he went to the party to return the Uncle Jesse jacket from MTV Awards last year and like JodieO said, get another one. Even though I loved that jacket like crazy! I hope he wears a different colored one this time around! Like red! 😉 If he wears a purple one I will pass out!

    • I hope he wears jorts


    • I hope he wears jorts…..


    • Duplicate comment FAIL!

  22. I also enjoyed that Stamos tweeted about meeting Rob and tried to start a competition of who had better hair, Uncle Jesse or Rob?

    I mean that is kind of a toss up. Rob has great hair, but Uncle Jesse rocked an early 90s rocker mullet, and that is hard to beat.

    • Ha ha when do we get to see Rob with a mullet?
      Oh wait… I answered my own question.

      • *gasps
        Dirty girl.
        I love you so much right now, SWD

  23. Rob and John Stamos together at Bob Saget’s house is probably one of the best things I’ve seen in a while. #Idon’tgetoutmuch

    I am SO glad Uncle Joey wasn’t there… Hate that guy. And who cheats on Alanis Morrisette?! You’re UNCLE JOEY!

    And this — and wanted to show Bob your video of hitting TomStu in the downstairs bonanza with a stick while you guys where in the basement last week when you were um, “younger?”


    p.s. – I missed you girls.

    • OMG. Uncle Joey and Alanis was together once. I just knew that

  24. God I love Full House. And I love Rob. So, pretty much, I have a lot of love for this post.

  25. As I stated yesterday, Entourage episode, duh.

  26. Ok so this is my first comment on this half of the UC/Moon kingdom, and, being that I have the name on here that I do, I figured today is an appropriate day to post my first comment!

    AND to tell you all that I has my first full-fledged “adult” dream about Rob. Seriously – this has never happened before, usually my dreams of this nature involve a certain young wolf. Anyway, in this dream, after the deed was done, Rob had this pre-made typed card that he would issue to girls after sex – it read something along the lines of “Thank you___________ for a lovely evening. Please don’t tell anyone of the events we shared, because the world needs to believe that I am going to make a baby with someone else for that wolf over there to love. Sincerely, Robward.” Really.

    • I had a Rob dream lasst night too. It wasn’t adult, though.
      I *litrally* bumped into him while I was picking up my Roomba (vacuum) that stoppped by some bunk beds in a haunted house.

  27. So, I have been a lurker FOREVER, but this morning during my “quick” check on Robsessed to make sure all is well in Rob-land…I am always afraid something bad will happen to Rob if I don’t check the interwebs AT LEAST once a day (that’s normal, right?)…anyway, checking interwebs…before burying myself in a 2000-page Brit Lit book/brick for the holy-motha of crazy finals tonight, when what did I spy? You guessed it – the tweet from John Stamos. After a quick lurk to see that nothing else happened last night, I FLEW over here to make sure that you had heard THE NEWS! And you didn’t dissapoint!
    I, too, am *young* enough to have loved me some Blackie, but just barely. But Uncle Jessie…grrrrr and yumm-o! He’s still one damn good looking man!
    Please Rob, take the advice from your girls above! Stay away from the Olsen Twins. Grab a cool, velvet jacket from JS’s collection (at least we will know where he got it!). And, drive safe!
    Oh, and thanks for fulfilling some of your fans dreams by hanging with Uncle Jesse!
    Love your show, Lurker lrb

  28. Dear Rob,

    So you finally returned the jacket to John?
    Was he mad at you for taking it and as so at the same time stealing some special hot uncle Jesse powers to add to your already dazzling Rob powers?

    Have mercy on Mr. Stamos, he already has to share his agent with you, who seems to love you so much more. So much that she even introduced you to the original owner of the blue jacket!



    P.S. Say hello to the Olsen twins for me!

    P.S.S. John, if you’re listening, loved you on ER!


  29. Have Mercy! I get back from vacay and Rob is hanging out with Uncle Jessie and Kimmy Gibbler. The world really does go a bit off when I vacation! I told my husband this, but he does not believe me. Anywhoo, great letter Moon! I missed you ladies!

    • Missed you, lady! They posted your gyno letter on LTT- awsome!

      • Missed you too! I did actually think of you while I was on vacation. We were in San Diego and I thought, hey Snowwhitedrifted lives in the OC and we are so close we should have gotten together for drinks.

        • Next time, def!
          I hope you had a good time. SD is a great place for Chillaxing. Too bad we had such weird weather last week.

  30. TOMSTU!! (did someone mention my little cupcake? — le sigh) –On american’s funniest home vids no less! Did they finally put that vid of Robbie getting canned by TomStu? (heh heh) British school boys are into getting spanked. Anywhooo…

    So Robbie went to a partay? must be desperate for that one.. (fyi- Stamos is a bit of a sparklepeen unicorn himself).
    Robbie probably went hoping to find the Olsen twins for a score. (ahem) Won’t mention what.

  31. LOL!OL what a random way to spend the weekend.

    Imagine doing the old office style small talk on a Monday by the water fountain and asking Rob how his weekend was.

    Rob: Oh, you know nothing crazy. Just went to Bob Saget’s Birthday party over at Stamo’s house. *nods-shrugs*

    Me: *stares* oh, that’s nice.

    *takes sip of water from cone shaped paper cup*

    • ps. Am I getting fatter or is Rob really thin these days? Gosh. *looks down at muffin top*

      • pps. *stares with tongue out at Rob sucking straw* Suck that mothafuka goooood, bb. *pants slightly*

  32. […] Uncle Rob and the Rippers? Dating Kimmy Gibbler? Stealing clothes. What’s Rob doing? We&#8217… Dear Rob, I know you want to reunite Jesse and the Rippers for a special one night only concert where you just happen […] […]

  33. Does anyone else find it weird that Rob is the only one drinking?

  34. So who wishes to discuss tonight’s episode of GLEE? (The Gaga one.) No spoilers but if you are somewhere it has yet to air then you really want to catch the start!

  35. Saget said in his last TV comedy special that he and John Stamos like to “cross swords” in the bathroom 😛 Maybe Rob joined and they went all musketters?

  36. Rob just wants some home cooking meals, he is tired of all the take aways……

  37. I’m thinking Rob’s a fan of The Aristocrats and has a man crush on Saget. If you haven’t seen it, you must rent it asap. You’ll never view Saget the same way again.

  38. OFF TOPIC !

    Pls vote for Rob at MTV Movie Awards!

    I heard that Rob and Kristen losing best kiss to Taylor/Taylor, come one guys that kissing scene in Valentine Day sucks big time compare to Rob/Kris.

    And vote for Rob for Best Male and Global Superstar!

  39. Kimmy Gibbler always felt trapped in a woman’s body. She has been hiding out for a while but reemerged as a new *ahem* man at Bob Sagat’s birthday party. She calls herself Robert Pattinson these days.

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