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From the Desk of Mr. Choice

This weekend Rob & Twilight seemed to be everywhere. It started out with my 16 year old sister’s choir concert ending in a EPIC rendition of “We are the World” sung by all 4 choirs. Of course I videotaped and of course I sang along and of course I changed the word “world” to “Rob” every time. And sang the line about how we’ll “keep tweeting” because it’s the only one I have memorized. Did you forget the brilliant lyrics Moon wrote to unite the fandom oh so long ago? Read a refresher here. Then on Sunday my husband, Mr. Choice, approached ME about watching New Moon. Yes, pigs flew & Kristen stopped bitch facing. I thought the world had ended. I have pages upon pages of notes from our viewing that I’ll share soon on LTT, but what shocked me even more is that I received an email from Mr. Choice with some thoughts.. So… from the desk of Mr. Choice:

Dear people who like the story about the unenthusiastic teenage girl who has a crush on the 138 year old shiny vampire and his 16yo werewolf enemy and read this blog because of it,

We are the Rob” makes no damn sense. I feel this was an important truth to communicate in case any of you thought otherwise. I have nothing more to say on the subject as my logic is infutable.

However, in the previous paragraph I intentionally mixed my tenses and added a word that while sounding semi-lofty doesn’t actually exist…Take a break from work and make a game out of it. Gather your friends and correct my paragraph and then follow it up with comments of how cool my game is and how generally tremendous I am. The winner gets a signed pair of jorts from me.

Good luck…and a final reminder…”We are the Rob” makes no damn sense. ..Oh yeah, and “They’re not bears” makes no damn sense out of context and isn’t funny in context even when being recited ad nauseum.

Moving on…

I'm pretty sure I'll get Mr. Choice this for his next birthday (click)

Dear Pattleston,

I just wanted you to know that I’m soooooo Team Jacob. I will explain why in shocking detail the next time my chick cons me in to writing you a letter. Until then, congratulations on surviving Remember Me, your first of what I can only assume will be numerous flop movies that will line your career. The silver lining though is that currently Rotten Tomatoes has rated it higher than Tooth Fairy starring former professional wrestler The Rock. Well done chap.

– From the desk of Mr. Choice

Like a good wife, after I received his email I complained that there wasn’t enough stuff to ‘discuss’ in the comments. So he suggested you all suggest his tremendousness, yell at him for saying Remember Me was a flop, talk about how you anticipate his New Moon review or discuss your love for jorts.

THEN he IM’d me (we’re are sitting in 2 different rooms (that are ajoined) and are really really lazy) and said:

I’m told I have to give you something to discuss…ok…Who do you think would win a wrestling match between The Rock and Mike “The Marshmellow” Newton…Discuss

I thought about explaining how that would be a perfect discussion for LTT and not LTR, but then I realized that’s just pushing it. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the first “From the Desk of Mr. Choice.” I know I did. And I can honestly say I have no idea what he’ll be saying next….

It’s Business Time:

Two fun things to tell you about today. First, the gals over at the forum, headed up by JodieO & Lindelle, have started a HARRY POTTER BOOK CLUB. If you haven’t read the books, get over there now. I’m serious. You’ll love them. They’re better than Twilight. And if you have read them, get over there now to re-read and make some new friends. Harry Potter LTT Book Club

Bite Me Edward Notepads

You know how we love those Bite Me Edward Notepads you always see on our sidebar? Well, Jenny, the designer, emailed to tell us they are on SALE! WHOO HOO! You can stock up for gifts & for yourself & for Moon & I because I seriously use mine every day (I lost mine & Jenny sent me a new one because she’s the best!) The sale is: 15% off your entire purchase or as many Bite ME pads as one could ever want….. code:  eclipse good from today – July 15th, 2010. Stock up today!

Alright, now get chatting about your love for JORTS! XOXO

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter


  1. Dear Mr. Choice, I’ll be happy to start a campaign to the OED to include ‘infutable’ in their next printing.

    • Dear Mr. Choice,

      You were so loved last time you made an appearance around here. Your Sunni/Shite reference to the fandom’s most epic battle was very endearing. This time, you’re pushing it, mister.


      • DEFINETELY!!!!!!

      • JUles, thanks for bringing up the “Sunni/Shite” reference…it was one of my favs from Mr. Choice.


    • And Mr. Choice? Thanks for throwing down the gauntlet on the battle royale concerning a Pattleston movie and the Tooth Fairy movie. This battle should rage on and on, especially here, on a blog devoted to Pattlestion.

      • I don’t know about Marshmallow Newton, if it were but Rob vs. The Rock, Rob wins every time (I’m talking movies here)- what a travesty, comparing Rob’s acting skills to the Rock’s. Psssh.

        • I have no clue as usual, BUT
          “Marshmellow” and …………Rob in one sentence ….NO! WAY!

          • It depends RG…….it depends…..melting like a marshmellowRob….
            it’s not such a bad vision…..if ya know what I mean!!!
            One must look at the big picture…. 😀

          • How about sweet, sticky Rob?

  2. Dear Mr Choice,

    Your choice of thinking logics when talking about Rob/ We are the Rob makes no sense. My logics is on the other hand great. That’s why I don’t use it concerning Rob (except for stalking reasons doh!), otherwise I’d do something more constructive and …ahem…doable with my time. This is all about (crazyness) passion and other #normal things like that, you know.

    I already like you for your sense of humour and for sitting through all NM at home, even I couldn’t do it, so that’s sweet of you. UC is one lucky girl.


    • It’s all about a beautiful man. The end.
      (that could make more sense if we would know him, so I try…)

      Hi Rob
      we want to KNOW you
      does that make sense?

      • I’d like to “know” him as well, especially in the biblical sense…or not…I’m open.

    • MP,
      Love that you said you are doing something “doable” with your time….so, so doable.

      Moi, aussi.


  3. Dear Mr.Choice

    I hate when they call him Ron, Patterson, the Vampire, The Edward-guy, like really, I cannot stand that,

    BUT I love “Pattleston” , I really do..

    and singing

    “We are the Rob”

    Doesn’t make sense at all, that’s why we are WOMEN! We are not supposed to make sense all the time”

    accept a kiss from me, pls!(sorry UC, your man is just too hot…I hope I’ve your permission!)


    love u Rob!

    • sure. why not

      • Thank you! and as that would be a cyber kiss, and he surely prefers the real thing!.. give your man a kiss from me!!! ❤

    • RG, Don’t you have enough to handle…and now you want to kiss UC’s DH, too.


      • I wish I’d have enough to handle with Rob…sigh*

  4. Mr. Choice,

    Seriously!!! nothing about this crazy obsession mades sense, you should know that by now.

    But I’m with Jules on this – you are pushing it mister 🙂 Leave RM alone it was a million times better acted than (dare I say it) twilight and NM.

    Welcome back!

  5. Dear Mr.Choice,

    I love you….I really do…and nothing can change that!!!
    UC……is a lucky girl!!!

    But…….I have to say…would you maybe concider
    having a little counceling?…because I can read a bit of
    jealoussy there between the lines for Mr.Pattleston… being a flop..etc!!! Mr.Choice believe me…sir…watching
    NM is just another try…to chace away the Robghost!!!

    And being Team Jacob…..nah doesn’t really work!!!

    Forgive my spellingmistakes!!!

    Yours always

    • PS…please go watch RM again!!!
      I’m sure, you will change your mind!!!

      • Spoken like a true robophile, Mel….”go watch RM again…you will change your mind”.

        ❤ you hard, Mel!

        • Love you too honey…trust!!!

          When I first saw RM I thought…”well…it’s good…it’s ok…Rob did good”

          Now thinking of it from a distance and not being an american I appreciate it even more.
          It feels to me as if Rob made a gift to NY…wanting to make this movie so much. And it was done with great care and sensitivity…very humble and with the sense of great responsability….honouring the memory of all the people who lost their lives or lost their loved once.

          And I really hope you understand what I mean!

          • That’s lovely, Mel!!! I do understand…

    • RM was great!
      Rob was great!
      The film was special!
      and not at all NO success! It was a HUGE success for such a little production
      from 16 Mill…to more than 50Mill without even DVD sells

      who cares about Rotten Tomatoes?
      that’s why they are rotten………..

      and ….I have male friends who liked the film very much!

      • RG…..I believe ya honey!!! 😀

      • RG – I love that you put huge in caps. Love that.

        • HUGE ROB! great guy…..

  6. Dear Mr. Choice,

    I have to take issue with your statement re: Mr. Paddleston’s future in films. Remember Me was a tough movie, yet it actually ended up doing quite well financially (and who pays any attention to Rotten Tomatoes anyway?).

    His next two films are taken from a classic novel (in which he is probably going to be at least semi-naked) and a beloved book (in which he works with an elephant, NOT a mullephant). They are going to be huge.

    • Dear Mr. Choice, please refer to box office mojo- RM was not a financial flop and as DTD said, its a tough movie.

    • @DTD
      You are right about it doing financially quite well (not a flop Mr. Choice..tut, tut)considering the amount of effort but into promoting said film, especially in England. It’s surprising it made more than 50quid as the only outlay on promotion was sticking a few posters on the sides of the occasional double-decker bus!!

      • is quid like squid?

        i’m serious. it’s cute.

        no really- how much money in dollars is a quid?

        • Thank goodness I’ve seen Life or Something Like It so I know what the H “quid” is. Now that I play WwF I think of that scene often.

        • ‘Quid’ is to ‘buck’ as pound is to dollar.
          It’s slang.

          • I totally wrote that wrong. It should be: quid is to pound as buck is to dollar.

    • Def. not a financial flop, I’d say all the contrary, it did remarkably well for a film played in a few cinemas (in Paris and I suppose around the world).

      Am I the only one thinking it wasn’t a tough movie at all? I mean I understand it dealt with a very sensitive subject, and it was not a classic stupid romantic comedy, but srsly, if that’s tough, what are what they call “auteur” films, what is Lars Von Trier, Ken Loach or Godard?

      • Hi MP- we talked a lot about this when RM came out here. Its a tough movie for a lot of us who were involved in and had friends and loved ones killed that day. I think that we understand what the film makers were trying to do, but its still a very recent event that is so terrible and personal, that its difficult to see it. The ending really offended a lot of people.

        The consensus though was that Rob was very good in it and he certainly looked amazing.

      • @MP, I agree I don’t think it was tough, but other than the subject matter…I simply have to agree with you my lovely french gal.

        @dtd – not quite sure what you mean by ‘tough movie’?

        God I love Ken Loach films.

        • @DTD
          Ignore my question. Drsaka just explained. 🙂

        • I mean tough in relation to the Sept. 11 attacks. Even though the movie didn’t show it explicitly, just the memory of that day is terrible for most Americans. I didn’t lose anyone, but I remember watching the coverage-it was horrifying. I remember waiting for something to happen on the west coast, certain there would be more attacks. It was a time of such uncertainty and fear-I guess if you didn’t live through it, the impact isn’t the same.

          Anyway, that’s what I meant-that scene was enough to trigger memories of that day. And many found it manipulative and offensive.

          • agreed

          • I don’t see how it could be manipulative. It was a tragedy that hurt so many people and one of them happened to be Hawkins family (the fact that it didn’t happened in RL but in a movie makes no difference)

      • I don’t think we can compare mp…..
        Von Trier, Loach or Godard!!!
        He did good, Rob, it is a special movie with a great meaning,
        but even Rob would not compare RM with Godard…
        But he did great…he did!!!

        • Oh how i loathe Von Trier. He hates people and it shows too much in his films.

          • Honey……still…..he is great… what he does!!!
            It’s art…..great moviemaker…

          • I agree with you, Rob’ Beanie.
            I couldn’t even watch a 2 minute clip of The Human Centipede. Von Trier’s mind is a very scary place, indeed.

          • Jules, did you have to bring up ‘The Human Centipede’??? I think I’m scarred for life by that one. That’s on par with bringing up Ghastly Astley!!!!

            Did Von Trier have anything to do with THC??

            But I agree with Von Trier’s mind being a scary place and that he doesn’t like people much.

          • Sorry I traumatised you yet again, Drsaka. Von Trier has everything to do with that mindf*ck called THC.

          • I’m still not getting the connection between Von Trier and THC. But after looking on imdb, I saw that the effects for THC were done by Rob’s Prop Shop!

          • Drsaka – you’re right, he did anti-christ

        • i know, there is NO comparaison, I didn’t want to compare either, I just wante to say tht’s what I call tough, RM was just entertainement IMO (tough I for one will never complain about hawt looking Rob and almost sex scens, btw thay could have made an effort on the sex scenes). But I did laugh at myself after submitting the comment with in the same phrase said directors and RM.
          I’m sorry I don’t make anysense but I may or may not have h toooooo many drinks fr the nigh, also sorry I couldn’t answer earlier.
          I understood that for many of you it is very persobal, that’s why you think it was tough.

      • well…”tough” is not the right word, but it was definetely a good film with a beautiful message (to me) and it’s for sure a good beginning in direction of “tough” films, and if Rob didn’t put his money into it, who knows if they would have even make it!
        From Twilight to RM..was sure the right choice…for now
        and a good start to make look the right directors at him..
        and WFE is the right direction again….
        C.Waltz doesn’t make films without checking the cast, trust!

      • >Am I the only one thinking it wasn’t a tough movie at all?

        No, you are not the only one. I was thinking about how to explain it and I could only think of this story to illustrate what I mean. — Once a friend of mine whom I knew for a while, but not for a really long time, came over to my place for girlie evening – dinner, wine, chatting about guys, some movie. It was all quite cheerful and then somehow in the middle of the conversation it sort of came up that her fiance died in the motorbike accident 4 years ago. I was shocked cuz i didnt know about that, but the mood and the general flow of the conversation didnt change. After a while we started to chat how people actually cope with pain and loss and what do they do when really bad stuff happens. And she said, that actually it’s amazing that people who went through a real hell in their lives, are actually the ones who are not dramatic about it all. “They can tell you that story how someone died or got killed, or they can tell you how they got drunk at that rock festival, or how once they hitchhiked from Rome to Milano – and it would not make much difference to them which story they tell”. It doesnt mean that they dont care though.

        So RM is a bit like that to me. Sure there is a loss and grief and everything, but there are also random drunken parties downstairs, romantic dinners with lame macaronis, the summer in the city, the seaside and parks. And it’s all equal. RM is no ‘Requiem for a dream”, where after the credits you just wanna go and kill yourself and all you remember from the movie is that she ended up fucking for drugs and he had his arm chopped off. When i walked out of RM I only had this overwhelming desire to REALLY live.

        sorry for a such long comment.

        • Thanks for that, Rob’s beanie. When it comes to a movie being tough, there is no comparison between RM and something like Requiem. I also wanted to kill myself after “Requiem.”

          • No no no no no no no… @ the Requim for a Dream reference. It took a while to put that one out of my consciousness. It was up there with the film, “Kids” in the mind f**k department.

      • Sorry guys…….maybe I have an englishfail…but I don’t think mp meant “tough” film
        because of the 9/11 reference!!! It was emotional because of this event…for many people

        but I think mp……means…..the material….she means the script…
        “tough” movie in termes of acting, directing….etc…

        that’s how I understood it anyway…
        MP…maybe you can tell me…..if I understood you wrong!!!

        • I totally agree with you, Mel. Only after I already posted my comment I’ve realized that most people (especially in States) by ‘tough’ would mean the ending – how it brought up the subject of 9/11 – and NOT the movie in general.
          I was talking about the movie in general of course.

          • We all love Rob….and support him…so we all want him to do
            “tougher” movies……more artistic…on bigger scale bigger level
            you know what I mean (I wish I had your vocabulary)…
            but RM was a good start…it really was!!!

      • Rob’s beanie@
        I can’t tell you HOW much I love you for what you said above, I had exactly the same feeling when I went out of the theatre, I couldn’t talk about it for a while and without going in details here, I have good reasons for it!
        Thank you so much for what you said, I’m not able to explain it in english like you did!<3

      • RM is still playing here, almost 2 months. I went to see it with a friend who’s not particular a Robfan and she even went to see it with her mom for a second time! So it’s not a flop. *sticks tongue out to Mr Choice* 😉

        • Cath, I think you just neener, neener (ed) Mr. Choice.

        • I agree! I think Rob made a lot of converts with this movie! 🙂

          • southernbelle
            Rob and I both made a lot of converts! I helped convert 3 from Team Edward to Team Rob!

            And yes, this movie was emotional. Not only because of 9/11 (i’m from the States) but just for living in the moment. A week prior to RM my dad survived his 2nd heart attack and my lil sis was going thru a hard pregnancy. I didn’t think RM would have an affect on me (i knew the ending) but it did. For days! I think it’s a great reminder to all- LIVE EACH DAY TO IT’S FULLEST!

  7. Mr. Choice,

    Nothing about our obsession with Twi-related stuff and “Pattleston” makes sense. Not. One. Thing. He’s just too pretty not cyber stalk.

    That being said, We Are the Rob” is a fantastic truth and I love it waaaaayyyyyy too much!

    • WE ARE THE ROB….and we are not giving him up any time soon…..
      sorry for disappointing you Mr.Choice…..
      I suggest……you relax…..sit back…..and enjoy the ride!!!

      Thumbs up kat!!!

    • My thoughts exactly…thank you. 😉

    • He’s just too pretty not cyber stalk.


  8. Hey, nice to see you again, Mr. Choice…

    And I quote: “I shook my head sadly. Love is irrational, I reminded myself. The more you loved someone, the less sense anything made.” (Bella about Edward/New Moon/pg.340)

    Come back again soon,

    P.S.- just found out Sat that there’s a theater in town STILL showing Remember Me…and only for $3!!! Saw it yesterday…made me remember how much I love that movie & TylerKeatsHawkins… ❤

    • TylerKeatsHawkins…wet the shower..well..GOOD SCENE I would say

  9. On a sidenote
    when I look at Rob as Cedric, seems like that was
    century ago………….and I’m happy about it!

  10. one last thought to Mr.Choice..

    Rob is unique, beautiful and very very intelligent…
    and he is doing the RIGHT choices! 100% sure!
    And that’s NOT easy in the crazy film industry!

    • 😀 😀 😀 !!!

  11. *prepares for thumbs down*

    I have to say, I’m finding the blog kind of a downer lately. Entries seem to vary between losing the Rob-love, others who don’t have the Rob-love, or maybe gaining the Rob-love back for 5 minutes after having lost it for months.

    • well, i wouldn’t judge it based on a post from a guy, but i’d say the posts that are UP for Rob and DOWN for Rob might just mirror reality. Feelings change from day to day. But at the END of the day, we love Rob. It’s weird and irrational sometimes but we just do.

      (Ps I gave you a thumbs up. I love honesty.)

      • I have, too. For being honest. Because while I don’t agree with it, I can see your point. (so Mr. Choice: you’re wrong. We Are The Rob makes total sense.)

    • Oh common, don’t be like that!
      We’re not some infatuated teenage girls who worship very the air he farts in. He’s beautiful and talented and bla bla, we all know why we love him. But this isn’t “10 Reasons Rob Is So Great Daily”.

      We fell in love, we swooned and now we are taking “our relationship” to the next level. We’re beginning to see that he has flaws too (news flash, everyone!) and we still love him (if not even more).

      I love this blog because we can go from worshiping him (like when the WFE pics came out) to totally trashing him and nobody takes offense.


        I love you sista!!!
        Second every word you said!!!

    • We all love Rob, that’s why we are here! Nobody (sane) would spend time to blog for a stupid guy, we claim to be sane as well, but sometimes (lol) we are not! and….we have to “deal” with our uni-lateral relationsship!!!!

  12. Mr. Choice,
    The RDS (Robsessed Death Squad)has now marked you for termination…
    I did what I could… I tried to explain that you just didn’t get it and that was not your fault but they would have none of it.. “flop” is not a word they take kindly too.

    It’s a shame really… I believe UC will miss you when you are gone… but will comfort herself with Robler… because what you see as a flop.. well… we see it as wall sex…. And that is all kinds of win for us.

    It was nice knowing you.

    • LMAO. Love it! And the RDS don’t give second chances, yo.

      • Word.

        *sigh* “Felix…”

        (so says the chick named Aro)

        • LMFAO…Aro… killed me!!!
          Love your avi btw!!!

    • The RDS sounds fascinating. I want to tweet them repeatedly, while drunk. Are they imaginary or real?

  13. Dear Mr C,

    Um, ‘We are the Rob’ makes no sense? Whut? Did you just blaspheme in here? Hmph. Well, I’ll leave you with this gem:

    Clair de Lune is great.

    Said unenthusiastically,

    PS You are tremendous.

    • that’s awesome!


    What will he wear (read borrow)? And waht odd thing will he say?? Can’t wait!

    • gah-what

    • I want him drunk and naked…

      • I also want him to wiggle those hips and give us a little dance. While drunk and naked.

        • with only the hips ribbons around him!!!!! you know , the sexpenders without the pants! lol…and dancing to “all the single ladies…”
          Ohhhh gawddddd

          • You sure know how to give a visual, RG. That’s talent right there.

          • RG’s fav! The hip sexribbons!

    • I think tipsy might happen!

    • Wait, when is it? This Sunday or June 6th?

  15. Oh snap! I gotta hand it to you Mr Choice, you got some balls on you. You just waded into a coven of righteous bitches willing to take up arms in defence of the Rob. Oh it’s on!

  16. Dear UC,

    This line:

    “THEN he IM’d me (we’re are sitting in 2 different rooms (that are adjoined) and are really really lazy).”

    Could have been written by me. We do the exact same thing. Sometimes even when we are SITTING NEXT TO EACH OTHER. Although, to be honest that is usually when there is someone over at the house that we want to have leave and we’re discussing our exit strategy to make them go home. #fabuloushosts

    • ahhahahahaha, Puma…I heart that so much.

      You plan exit strategy for visitors with IM?


  17. Dear Mr Choice,

    We are the Rob comes from the heart.
    No logic needed there.
    And women logic, esp. here on LTR and related to Mr. Pattleston (I prefer PattyPat myself) is superior.
    There I said it. It just is. *insert maniacal laugh*


    P.S. If RM has even better ratings than the cinematical masterpiece that is ‘The Toothfairy’, which is comparable to Casablanca, Gone With The Wind and Citizen Kane, than just imagine how many Oscars Bel Ami will win, let alone WFE.
    Rob, make room in your storage facilty aka your parent’s place for all the little statues!



    don’t know what is this t-shirt about?

    • I’ve never seen that t-shirt before, but there are some wonky leg pics there!!!

      • yeah deffinetly wonky legs luv them 🙂

  19. Mr. choice,
    Wait a minute, you suggested watching New Moon? You didn’t have to be plyed with beer and bribed with boobs? Hmm, husband WIN! Team Jacob is just fine, I’m just impressed you watched the whole thing to make a conscious choice. I think I’m thankful Mr.Snow fell asleep in the beginning. I kind of regretted letting him in on my little Twi-world of crazy.

    *and it’s late in the comments so not as many people will see*
    Even if there wasn’t a 9/11 sub plot, I’m still not liking Remember Me.

    ..and before the thumbsdown come, I’m off to go put flowers on my dad’s grave because it’s his birthday.

  20. Dear Mr. Choice,

    you had me at Dear Pattleston. And you are the only guy who can call him that. (and future Mr. Moon if he’s not Pattleston himself)
    Love, Me

  21. Dear Mr. Choice(wow this has become letterstoMrChoice),

    Thank you for your observations, however my Roblove is deep and strong as ever :-). Although the ending of RM bothered me(and made me cry for days), I still loved it and I thought he did a great job. Mr. Belle promised me he would watch it but it’s not even out anymore, he never watched it! I think you and Mr. Belle would be great BFFs , don’t you think lol.

    That’s so great though that you tolerate UC and even seem to accept her robsession! We all need a man like you! Am I right?


  22. Dear Mr. Choice,

    Who’s Rob?


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