Posted by: themoonisdown | May 22, 2010

Open Weekend Post: Hosted by the many faces of Edward

Dear Rob,

I was just combing through some screencaps from the very smexy clip of you and Jacob coming to blows in Eclipse and I wanted to commend you on the all out facial expressions. You are really going for it… you were so into it almost seems like you were talking about something else altogether…

R: DUDE tell me the truth, do these contacts make me look like a praying mantis?! You HAVE to tell me the truth. Little children keep pointing and crying and I swear I saw YOU laughing it up with Lutz and Slade
T: *laughter* you missed the lighting guys laughing at your jacket too. Sorry, man

R: MY JACKET!!!!!!!! WHAT THE BLEEEEEEPPPP do you mean by that?! I finally got rid of the tweed and found some more age-appropriate clothing for my character and now you’re making fun of me?

R: I should kick you off that box you’re standing on right now that’s supposed to make you look near my height but is still about 5 inches too short. What would you do then?! Call for Daddy and Mommy.

R: You tell Slade and Lutz I’ll meet them behind the catering tent and we can see who dazzles all over their aaass-
T: Bro, I was talking about the “kick me” sign they put on the back of your jacket during the dinner break. Get a grip.

E: What? You know Taylor, that really hurts my feelings. You might think about the emotional impact and potential long term effects your actions have on others. Oh and tell Slade I’ll still dazzle his ass if he wants.

I sure hope the whole movie is half this entertaining and full of crazy facial expressions.

Happy Saturday!

Can we all give a collective round of applause for the wardrobe folks putting Edward back in younger clothing? And how tall do you think the box Taylor is standing on is?

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter

Thanks Robsessed


  1. Can we all give a collective round of applause for the wardrobe folks for putting him in a HOODIE?!
    That one in Twi in the hospital scene was so hot.
    Thank you, wardrobe people.
    Um. These are effing hilarious, Moon!
    When you, I mean Rob, started going on about the long term effects of hurt feelings I started to think about all the stuff I’ve learned at uni this term . . . I guess everytime I learn sh*t like that now I’ll think about Rob. Not that I mind . . .

  2. Good one.
    Still not pining for Eclipse though 😉
    The best scene was Rob toppling tree

    • I think he looked like an elf in that pic.

      • Did somebody just mention ELFs???

        Hi drsaka..missed you!!!

        Pissed off Edwardelf….omg…….too sexy……too sexy!!!

        • Elfward could be rather attractive….

    • my hope for Eclipse is that Slade turned back to the icy blue colours, I loved them so much better in Twilight than the warm colours in NM…and the scene you’re talking about is all white, blue, COLD (well, minus Rob, he is always HOT)

      • Agreed! But I think we are in the minority.

        • Agree also twilight was so much better to watch visually (cos ron looked better!)

          • Who’s ron I meant rob stupid I phone

          • Janetrigs until very recently hated Ron, but now I think she likes him.

      • Loved blueish colours too in the first film. Much more stylish and atmospheric.

        Sadly enough the make up department from NM didnt get fired for their ‘awesome’ work. I do think that they are the ones who actually making fun of The Pretty (and getting paid for that, bloody bastards!), trying to make him look less like The Pretty and more like a mummy.

        • Does anyone remember Marcel Marceau? French guy, lots of white makeup and red lipstick, didn’t talk very much? That’s what Rob’s makeup looks like to me. Fortunately some of the other stills I’ve seen don’t look that bad, like in the meadow with Bella. Maybe Slade was able to fix some of this in the final edit? I liked the contacts better in Twilight, too. The Cullens are supposed to “fit in” pretty well and not be that noticeable to people. If you saw someone with eyes like Edward’s in these pics you would definitely run in the other direction. “Praying Mantis man, eeek!!”

          • I think that we’ve been treated to some bad (tone down the Revlon Red #4163 Red lipstick, please) and wildly inconsistent make-up in both movies so far- can’t wait to see the full effect in Eclipse. Maybe it will never be as good as our imaginations.

            And yes, I remember Marceau-

          • yes, le mime Marceau.

            I seriously don’t know what eye problems the make-up “artist” has. It is impossible to put that much powder on smb’s face, if the set was a bit windy, everyone would be full of white.

      • I don’t remember well Twi but the only thing I liked in NM was the images at the beginning, like going from the painting to the Volturi’s castle, or Bella drowning, suffering in her room with the camera going round. That and of course Rob looking hawt with red eyes in Italy.

        • my twin…lol

          Twilight had great cold colours and a special mood…

  3. Pissed off Robward is a sight to behold.

    • so true, Pissed off is SEXY!

      missed u here!!!!!<3

      • Thanks, RG- RL gets in the way.

  4. There is nothing I love more than boys discussing their feelings.

    I bet Rob & TomStu have talked out a lot of issues, with their eyebrows providing punctuation, & possibly shelter for hovering hearts & flowers.

    • Thank you so much for this.
      ❤ !!

  5. some random saturday thoughts..

    I love Edward and his dimple, Rob has the same 🙂

    Jacob without box….can only kiss Edward’s belly, not very convincing

    when Jacob says “I kissed Bella”, I was touched for the very first time for Taylor’s performance, that was a painful face!


    hooray for the DIMPLE!

    nice WE to all girls!

    • Since Jacob is supposed to be getting taller and bigger than Edward, lets see in BD if they make Jacob taller- more boxes and possibly telephone books might be involved.

      • I am really curious how they are going to manage that, I mean CGI Jacob?
        It’s not his fault to be short(I like shorties…lol), but can’t be real credible concorrence to Edward ….

      • Or we could cut Rob off at the ankles. Just a thought.

        • Or he has to kneel…..Rob……has to kneel infront of Jacob!!!
          I want to see that one………lol…….

        • omg, I can see the no-desire girl…..<3

          • Yeah well…..we would have to change the whole saga…for that one
            I think!!! LOL……edward/jacob…lovestory….LMFAO!!!

            What were we talking about??? 😀

          • Mel- I’m sure that there is a fanfic somewhere concerned with that.

          • drsaka, there is..Rob “told” me, he read part of it…they are all in bed later….lol..I have no clue, I don’t read FF

          • Please don’t tell me which one it is- that wouldn’t be for me!!!

          • I think there are about a million fanfics or slash (is that the right term) on this very topic. Couldn’t stomach it myself as it is so obvious that rampant heterosexuality is the only possible interpretation of Twilight.

          • LOL…..girls??? There is??? Fanfic….with this???
            Omg….sorry….I don’t read fanfic……neva!!!

          • @drska

            I have now read one fanfic (in a moment of boredom). Daniel Gale one called Resident Geek……it actually wasn’t that bad. Have you read this one? I love geekward and the edward in this is quite a good Daniel Gale type character.

          • Hi M!x3- yes, I’ve read Resident Geek- it was cute; I liked it. Some of the ff is quite good. There’s a lot to chose from. there are a couple of other Daniel Gale type ff out there.

      • I was thinking about that recently (because it’s normal to think about this right?). Since he was about 8 years old when they cast him in Twilight, were they hoping/assuming he’d grow as normal folk do by the time they shot later movies? Sucks to be them.

    • I can’t believe hardly anyone over here reads fanfics. *gasp*

      Since it’s a FFA Weekend post, I’m going to shamelessly suggest my own:
      BLINDING (I write as xlavendermoonx)

      Here is what Twi-Fic Promotions wrote about it:
      ‘Blinding’ by: xlavendermoonx

      This fic is entirely unique and captured me right from the first chapter. Bella Swan is sent to Forks by “The Project” to do some investigating. She happens to be a new transfer to Hale College and it’s here where she meets Edward Cullen. The minute Edwards lays eyes on Bella he is intrigued by her beauty and finds her very mysterious. This Bella is hot and happens to carry a Glock in her purse. Lots of questions arise from the very beginning. Why is Bella really in Forks? Is Edward Cullen in danger? From the start you see the immediate connection between Bella and Edward. There are a lot of tangy lemons in this fic, even though it is not the main focus. There is plenty of substance to this story and a lot of secrets to be revealed. The real question is will Edward still love Bella once he knows the truth? The author does a great job setting the tone for each chapter by including a playlist for each one. If you are looking for a story that’s totally different from what you have been reading then you must read the Blinding. It has action, mystery, love and sex. What more could you want? (written by Marissa)

      It’s all-human, and (ultimately) a love story. 🙂

      Thanks – Susie

  6. I wonder how Rob manages to get so much emotion in his eyes with the yellow contacts (oops, sorry SM-topaz) in- see the last pic above.

    I realize that its his whole facial expression, but the eyes alone say it for me.

    • I guess there is….real pain involved!!! Sure looks like it!!!

  7. i like to think that taylor is not standing on a box, he’s just wearing high-heeled sneakers.

    your welcome.

    • Totally completes the shirtless and jorts look.

  8. Ok girls…advice needed..I LOVE the LTR GIRL tee on Cafe Press, but there would be massive crazy stares if I told what LTR stands for…this site is my secret what fun thing can I say for me out!

    • These are from
      Letterkenny airport (code) [Ireland]
      Load Task Register
      Long Term Relationship

      None of these are particularly good (especially ‘load task register’- what?), but I kinda like Letterkenny airport- really random!

      • lol…thanks…I like the Long Term Roblationship..or maybe Live the Roblosophy…Love The Robsessed…

      • but I kinda like Letterkenny airport- really random

        It’s actually just a shed with a run way but totally worth it’s own t shirt!

        • OMG….ok, I looked up LetterKenney Airport..I love’s in Ireland? Its a winner….but the issue is the shirt has a big old Union Jack on it, but hey..who cares!!!! Grazie!!!

          • I kinda like it too. Just the right amount of randomness.

          • Ya Donegal in ireland hmmm I think we might have to scrap the union jack for it to sell over here!! Not going to get tweed about it!!

      • I think I will go for ltr. which is short for liter here. Like a liter is 0.264172052 gallons, in Robspeak translated would be, a pint of beer is 0.576 ltr. Kind of perfect. So I will be a fan of liters, um, well…thst should work, although I’m kinda willing to stand up for my Roblove, haha.
        Love the Irish airport thing, but Irish and Union Jack is not a healthy combination in general! 😉

        • I am willing to stand up for him but some think me a little robsessed, which is true, I have about 5 shirts that are Twi-related without actually saying it..only the fans would know..and in my busy as hell existence, LTR is my secret getaway from Miami madness and work, I do understand about Ireland and Union Jack—baaaadddd LTR = liter…going with that!!

        • “Love the Irish airport thing, but Irish and Union Jack is not a healthy combination in general”

          no it’s not but we do thank ye sincerely for giving us Rob!!

        • Good one, Cath!

    • there’s a t-shirt! I want one 🙂

    • Logical Trunked Radio
      long terminal repeat
      light tactical raft
      laser tank rangefinder
      Loop Transfer Recovery

      • I should have known- long terminal repeat! thanks-

  9. I liked Edward’s style in Twilight. He was kinda preppy (button-down shirts, pea coat, layering), with a bit of high-school hottie thrown in (tight thermal shirts, snug jeans).

    He looked way better in that stuff than he does in a hoodie, IMHO.

    • Agreed. i would totally steal half of his wardrobe from Twi set.

      • Rob did!!!

        • Think he’s gonna steal the wardrobe for WFE’s?

        • Rob and his beanie think alike 😉

  10. R: I thought I told Slade to pick on someone his own size!!!
    T: Like who?!
    *Poor Taytay, he’s short, but not angry hobbit man short!

  11. off topic,

    Just wanted to say a big thanks to the LA gals of LTR for the frog information.

    It’s good to know that I would be safe from the frogs in LA.

    I have a very bad, and I do mean very bad, frog phobia.

    • I guess I missed the frog conversation.

      • you didn’t miss much, I was just wondering if there were lots of frogs in LA. The amount of frogs (plus time of year) affects where I visit.

        The last time I was in India a frog got into my room and I had to lock myself in the bedroom and call for help from the window. I managed to get some bloke to come up and get rid of it but I think he actually thought that I was being attacked at the time. I spent the rest of my time there with towels stuffed under the doors so the little bastards couldn’t get in whilst I slept.

        • I wouldn’t imagine that there are many attack frogs in LA.
          (I’m just teasing you.)

          • they aren’t ! and..I just like you, did I say that today? the last week without your “little innocuos teasing” was not the same!<3

        • Mine, have you tried any treatment for this? I know from my own life that it’s effing miserable whan fear starts to make your decisions for you.

          I’m not going to tease you (though I want to) because I have regularly been crushed with humiliation when people have teased me for not flying or whatever.

          • I agree, it’s not good to tease people who have severe fears, especially for not flying and frogs!

          • @Drsaka, @RG, @eatmyjorts

            I have been teased regarding this phobia for many years, I’m used to it so don’t worry, I can stand it. Also, I’m kind of aware that my dislike of frogs (dislike is putting it mildly) is slightly unbalanced.

            I’m too scared to get treatment, cos I’m assuming it may involve having to face the little blighters. I cannot picture one in my head, if I allowed myself to do so I would have a screaming fit, I cannot look at pictures of frogs without having a screaming fit and god forbid I should come across a live one *shudder* . if i find myself in a place where there is a possiblity of a frog sighting I feel sick and suffer anxiety attacks, until I am safely away from the possibility of seeing frogs.

            @susie…..I believe you may be bat shit crazy! 🙂 (jk) Love frogs!!!!! that’s just not normal girl!

          • It will involve helping you realise that frogs are not actually dangerous in themselves, but for some reason in you, they set off a totally out of proportion fight or flight reflex. This should only happen to protect you from something actually dangerous, to help you get away, or deal with it.

            So therapy will be about 2 things: frogs are not dangerous, fact, so you will be helped to actually see that in a way that makes sense to you. And to see that your anxiety response is just a harmless mistake your mind & body learned to do for some reason, & not to transfer the mistaken feelings of ‘great danger’ onto something harmless, here the frog. The fact that you can type ‘frog’ gives away that there’s hope for you! The fact that I can type flying & underground does the same for me. Once I could…& I hope to again.

            I also love frogs…I scared one in my garden only yesterday & it was too frightened to let me pick it up to admire it so it hopped away double quick. They’re endangered here, a bit.

            DO IT! XXX

          • @eatmyjorts

            Thanks for the advise.

            The problem is I can’t see how anyone could help. I know why I’m so freaked out by frogs, and I’m aware that it’s a form of transfer. So how could anyone help me with the phobia? it wouldn’t be a case of working out where the initial problem stems from. it all seems kind of hopless and I will just have to live with it and stay away from anywhere they are….which is quite difficult because they are bloody everywhere 🙂

    • omg – I LOVE frogs.

      Send them all my way. lol

    • OMG, when I was a child I swam in a lake we had in a week-end country house, lake with frogs!!! Until mum and dad found out horrified! I dunno how I managed not to get any desease or be scared considering how they explained me the situation.

      • Hi MP- how are you?

        • Hey draska! I’m good, enjoying the summer weather!!! Won’t be around today, so I’m sending you lots of sun and holyday spirit (along with some holiday drinks). Have a great week-end!

          • You, too!

          • or maybe you meant how I am now after the experience, like am I sane? Well, I do hang on a blog about Rob when I usually don’t have the time to and I have a major crush on said guy that I never met. I’ll let you do your own opinion about my mental state.

          • I was just wishing you a good Sunday.

  12. Loved “the box”! Was totally thinking that, especially when Taylor gets even shorter 2 secs later!

    And yay for the hoodie! I mean the peacoat was great and all…but looking at him strutting around in a tailored peacoat. Who WOULD be friends with this guy!? Oh, and sculpted eyebrows, who could forget that!

    • Aw I loved twiwards pea coat and the hair!! Seeing the new hair on ellen I’m not so sure about it now Can’t believe I missed clooneyward yesterday RL fail

      • Undecidedsten-
        Please tell me you watch Twilight with audiocommentary!! Those are the man’s own words!!! I love the peacoat too! 😉

        • Oh I get it now!!!
          I only watch it with the commentary!!

          • Oh good! I was beginning to think that I was too crazy for this site! The commentary is the only way to go!!

          • No ones crazy were all normal! That was a twifail on my part!

          • Remember Me commentary? Anybody know the details? Rob’s on it, right? But, if it’s only on Blu Ray I just can’t afford to update.

            And they haven’t even started shooting Breaking Dawn yet but I am dying to hear the self-deprecating commentary from Rob as Edward performs the chomp-section!

          • Remember Me commentary- according to an MTV post both DVD and blueray will have commentary with Rob. Yay! Can’t wait, that’s what I missed the most with NM. It just wasn’t the same, although there was a british accent it wasn’t the one we love!

  13. Moon,
    Did R turn into E at the end cause he was channeling his character? LOL He probably would!

  14. Hey ya’ll. It’s been a while since I commented but I’ve lurked. (well, not much in the last week). I want to first say thanks to Bleriana, Southern Belle & everyone else for the condolences on the death of my husbands grandmother (who raised him when his “mom” walked out & never looked back 34 yrs ago.) It really made me feel a bit better.
    Now on to Rob. The contacts for Eclipse…really? The ones from Twilight were so much better. Whoever said they were suppose to fit in is right, these new contacts would make me freak out if I saw someone with those eyes. Jacob on a box…made me laugh (which I desparately needed). How the heck are they gonna make Jake taller than Edward?? More boxes maybe telephone books. Yep, got a good laugh out of that too. But my favourite was make Rob kneel. I nearly spit tea all over the computer with that one! I don’t want to think about Rob kneeling in front of Taylor, but I wouldn’t mind thinking about kneeling in front of Rob!! Sorry. NEXT…THere is NOTHING sexier than angry Rob. (Ok, I’m sure there is…like NAKED angry Rob or just naked Rob but anyway). The colours in Twilight…YES they were so much better than NM. Also MUCH better in Twilight was the wardrobe & make-up itself. I prefer Rob without the bright red lipstick. Tone it down a bit make-up dept. All in all, Rob is one extremely fuckhawt, sexy piece of eye candy!!:) Thanks for the post ya’ll. Have a great weekend. I’m off to the river to spend some time chilling with my son, stepson & my husband’s family:) Thanks again for the thoughts & prayers & thanks for the wonderful sexy pics of The Rob:):):)

    Dear Rob, Moon, UC, & all the LTR ladies,
    ALL of you have made this very difficult time much easier for me. Thanks. I love you all.
    Lots & Lots of Love,
    Melinda M

    • Love you honey!!!
      Have a good time!!!
      Greetings from sunny Greece (at leats we are not out of sun :D)

    • Melinda! How are you? I hope you’re well.


    • hey btw when I emailed you it kept gving me an error. It won’t go through, I hope you see this message!

  15. *R: I should kick you off that box you’re standing on right now that’s supposed to make you look near my height but is still about 5 inches too short. What would you do then?!*




  16. What do you think guys?

    • blimey!

      lucky, lucky, Lucky girl.

      Was little ashes filmed before twilight or after twilight?

      Lucky, Lucky, Lucky, girl!

      • Before.
        Rob’s counting plumes on his beanie in that pic 😉

      • MMM – Litlle Ashes was made before Twilight!

      • Seriously, Seriously, who down thumbed me for that innocuous comment….seriously!!!!!!!!!

        If the stories is true and I don’t see why not, what’s wrong with saying she’s a lucky lucky lucky girl……if it happened to anyone of us we’d be saying lucky, lucky, lucky girl and good on ye!

        • Robsteners in the house

    • Yeah right, dancing! Maybe drunk Rob does sway a little and I’m not sure I’m buying the whole ballet til I was 10 thing! Although he did say it pretty seriously…

    • Stoli shirt!! Win

      • I noticed the Stoli T-shirt too.

        • and the bubble jacket 🙂

          • Vintage hobo chic miss that rob!

    • what I think?
      BS 🙂

    • Good god, so now he’s a ladies man, a good dancer (another girl from Hungary commented he went clubbing while there too and was dancing and a very GOOD dancer at that)…….so now I’m beginning to think he’s good in bed as well……..Will he ever give me peace?

      • so now I’m beginning to think he’s good in bed as well……..Will he ever give me peace?

        @Susie did u c the gif on robsessed from the muse video of him kissing mullephant eh I mean bella looks like he’s a good kisser too!!

        • Undecidedsten – hi – yes I saw that gif! Absolutly loved it! Gave me butterflies…..I’m sure he’s a good kisser!!!!!

  17. Kick that box…


  18. Ohhh I’m sooo glad he’s back to sweatshirts!
    It’s sooo Rob and not Ed, which is way better! I mean fighting Victoria in tweed wouldn’t be comfortable. Don’t rip the nice tweed. You know?

    Did you notice about that scene the hilarious awkward silence after Charlie cuts in? It’s like this dramatic moment of them arguing and then Charlie walks in and hes all ok, this is teenage bullshit, like, Stop…now…cuz its stupid. LMAO! It’s like you can see how ridiculous Charlie sees it in his perspective and you’re like yeah IT IS STUPID! Why am I watching teenagers fight over a flat chested girl?! You know?!

    Kick that box, indeed. BWAH!

    • Whats wrong with flat chests?? :’-(

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