Posted by: themoonisdown | May 11, 2010

Rob, did you break up with someone?

Who could break up with this guy?

Dear Rob,

This isn’t going to be one of my normal letters to you where I make a few dirty jokes, drop a “that’s what she said” and then photoshop you with a mullet  and it may not really fall under Roblosophy but…

My roommate just broke up with her boyfriend. Have you ever been there? I won’t mention the big ginormous elephant in the room, since we’ve gotten pretty good at just ignoring it but have you ever been the one to realize it was time to call off something that in the end just wasn’t good for you? Even when you loved the person and cared for them with a love much deeper than that just boyfriend/girlfriend love it was a truly meaningful friendship above all else. But in the end you knew you weren’t meant for each other and no matter how much it hurt it was better to be apart? If you have, than you know how rough that can be. How do you put an end to a very deep friendship, that’s beyond the physical attraction and general good times? It’s not easy, is it? And how do you suggest we cope? Can we take a few hints from your life?

Take out a good friend who will listen for a drink – I’m sure you’ve sat with TomStu for hours after he (or you) have broken up with someone, downed a ton of few beers and just talk about life and google “heartbreak quotes” on your phone? Cause that’s what life is really all about.  It’s the “only true currency in this bankrupt world . . . is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.” (thank you Lester Bangs)

Sing it!

Get creative – Maybe it’s time to write a song. You can’t listen to a song like Never Think and wonder if you’ve ever had this experience.

Binge on wildly unhealthy food for a night (or two weeks) – I’m not gonna lie, my family is from the south so we want to feed people and when the tears started flowing I pulled out the Sprinkles Cupcakes (and then the hummas and then…). Because sometimes you just need a Hot Pocket to make it all better. I’m bet that’s actually your life quote.

Watch ridiculous amounts of TV, Movies and listen to music till you fall asleep when you stand up*. If the Sex and the City gals, the Golden Girls and Jimmy Fallon can’t make it better than we better pull out the big guns:  Sex and the City THE MOVIE, Joni Mitchell Blue album and High Fidelity. Forget the real world for a few minutes and escape… sounds like a little movie we know something about, right?

A lobsert and beer with the pals sounds like a GREAT plan!

And mostly know that no matter how much it hurts you did the best thing for yourself. It’s a sign of maturity and wisdom when you can be true to yourself through difficult decisions and situations. And as cliche as this say is it’s #truefax, time really does heal all wounds.

Rob, I hope you understand that I needed to get more serious tonight. Sometimes life knocks on your door, crying and you answer it.

“Some people think it’s holding on that makes one strong- sometimes it’s letting go.”

Have you ever been in this situation? How did it go? Can we really get life lessons from Robert Pattinson?

Special Note:
THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all your readers, the contributors, and UC for the birthday wishes, kind words, tweets, cards and everything else. I love yours faces and wish everyone could be as lucky to have people write you such nice things about them. This has been one of my best birthdays ever. I got to spend it with people I adore and listened to all the music I could stand, ate tons of crap/good food and reflected on how this year will be my year. xo moon


  1. the best thing I did for my flatmate when he split with his girlfriend was steal his sim card from his phone so he couldn’t text or call her (number wasn’t saved to the phone and like all of us he hadn’t bothered to commit it to memory – unfortunatly he couldn’t contact anyone else for the same reason), he was slightly annoyed that I had appropriated said SC and I refused to give it back until normal service resumed….i.e. he stopped trashing his room and started washing again!

    • You are a wise & merciful friend. I’ve been on the other end of *those* phonecalls!

      Do you think TomStu pulls his tshirt off Jacob style to dab Rob’s tears when things like this happen to him? If they ever have…& I have my doubts.

      • Oh My. The graphic image made me go hmmmmmm

      • @eatmyjorts

        That is exactly why I stole the sim….also been on the other end of *those* phonecalls, and it was getting ridiculous…I was getting no sleep due to raging in the early hours of the morning.

        All turned out ok, and I did eventually give him his SC back 🙂

        I’m sure tomstu is removing t-shirt in Jacob manner and mopping up Rob’s tears right now, cos haven’t you heard him and Kstew have broken up!!!!!!!! Bloody gossip columns strike again!!! The whole Robsten thing is becoming a bit of a snoozefest… soooooooooo over it!

      • I also have some doubts about break-ups dramas on the Rob front based on what he said on (fake) feelings and not really having been in love. I thought that was sad. Then he talked about how now he knows what being in love is, and this is waay more sad for me. BUt I trust him for having compensated on the drinking with shirt on and shirtless Tom.

    • yes pulling the plug on communication at least for a little bit is essential! good call on the sim card!

  2. oh..that was emotional Moon, sorry for your friend…
    and breaking up is awful…

    What to learn from Rob?

    He’s always just himself, he smiles and he loves life, my impression = best lesson ever!

    • And he makes millions of dollars and has millions of women (and men) wanting to do him in all kinds of ways behind any dumpster. 😉

      • yeah, it’s crowded there….

      • ok katie. good call. that would be a good way to get over it. jump back in the saddle

  3. “And mostly know that no matter how much it hurts you did the best thing for yourself. It’s a sign of maturity and wisdom when you can be true to yourself through difficult decisions and situations. And as cliche as this say is it’s #truefax, time really does heal all wounds.”

    love that Moon! thanks ❤

    • no problem. it made me think a lot about my roomie. she is strong and wise for making that kind of difficult decision.

  4. Moon,
    having a difficult break up is a bridge everyone must cross. For whatever reason we have to feel the pain or it’s like we never lived. Tell your friend time heals all wounds and late night booty calls too. lol

    p.s. why is every radio station here saying that Rob announced to oprah in private that he and Mullsten are engaged….what a bunch of b.s. Can someone please tell me wtf is going on?

    • oops…..”was this the big ginormous elephant in the room”?? I’m not awake yet…

    • hahahah….well, here the same, but I know that’s just crap, cause he’s going to marry Tom soon!

      • They’re just waiting for the Pope’s response to their petition for a 3-way life commitment between Rob & his 2 loves, Stew & Stu.

        • 🙂

        • hilar!

        • Did someone mention my LITTLE CUPCAKE!! TomStu!!! (le sigh)

      • have you seen the GIF’s on Robsessed……I think I’ve fallen for him all over again. Loving the ‘OMG Help’ face on the first when the four girls go rugby tackle on him……brillz!

        He’s looking seriously hot in the one where he’s stepping out of the car….*dribble*

        • that’s not hard to do when he looks to freakin perfect!

    • That rumor’s been busted so I don’t know why idiot radio stations and websites can’t get it right. They like the lie better than the truth. Gossip Cop and a Harpo rep both said it didn’t happen.

      • Oh the Robstens strike again, huh? I’m that 5.13 will be filled with all sorts of delicious nonsense involving birthday proposals, male engagement rings, candlelight hot pocket dinners on the beach and sharing a ciggie romantically outside of a gas station.

        • Don’t forget fur rugs, red wine and candied salmon (yuck).And a moonlit serenade..

          Someone should make a R’sten board game-like Candyland, let’s call it R’stenland. Land on the Oregano Forest, go back five squares. Land on a HotPocket and pick a card to see where Rob and Kristen were allegedly spotted last night. Winner is the first person to reach the last square, where there’s a badly done manip of Rob, the mullephant and Renesmee.

          • DTD- do it.

          • Another brilliant Rob product brought to you by the LTR team! Add it to the list.

          • But can we add some sort of puss filled pit that she falls into after the first spin of the wheel??

            Then it’d just be Rob skipping his way merrily down the board toward all of us LTR ladies, waiting at the end of the path, under a big rainbow… holding Heinekens, lobsters and corn. How does that sound?

          • pumagirlsf-

            yes, I thnk it will deviate from the original board and branch off towards the end. One branch will be the R’sten fantasy, the other will be the LTR ladies, corn, Heinies and all.

            and the pit is a done deal.Papparrazzi pit maybe?

          • DTD brilliant!!!
            robstenland – also known as hell!!

      • when? where? link?

        • DTD that boardgame was BRILLZ!!!!

          btw when? where? link? was to you rgd. the Oprah/Harpo denile and Gossip Cop…all thouse sights are blocked for me at work and I may be able to link to them through here…thanks


          • thanks it worked!!!
            ❤ u

    • ive had EVERYONE tell me this and im like PEOPLE it was a SOURCE not from the horses mouth so first of all calm down, second of all seriously?!

      that is my two cents.

  5. dear moon, are u really talking about ur friend or urself?

    • for a second I was convinced Moon had a boyfriend I didn’t know about.

      but as far as I know.. it is really her roommate:)

    • i said my roommate in the opening sentence ladies!

  6. That was beautiful moon!!
    Hugs and kisses to ur friend!
    She’ll be ok with such a great friend as u!

  7. I read in wiki (yeah I wiki Rob, every two weeks. Don’t judge cause that’s normal) that he once used to be in a band with a guy who was his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend. Now that I know about the BritPack, I wonder who’s that guy? Is it Sam, Marcus or Bobby? (TomStu’s name has been omitted for obvious reasons.)

    So there you go Moon. I think Rob does know a lil’ something about breaking up. But then, which girl in her right mind would break up with this guy?

    • I heard Rob say a girlfriend cheated on him. CHEATED.ON.ROB. #nowords

      • no shit. how is that possible? what an IDOIT!!!!

      • I hate hearing about ANYONE being cheated on, but… REALLY?!

        • whoever it is clearly regrets it now. STUPID GIRL!!!

  8. Sorry for your friend, but glad you had a top birthday.

    Hope you find RP in L.A. soon


  9. Rob and Kristen are broken up?! STFU!!

    • i know thats what i was thinking(read hoping)when i read the title!!

      really good post moon, when you break up with someone you feel like your starting off from scratch and that you’ll never be happy again, but u are eventually. you friend needs to watch the part in new moon where the months go by, listen to lykke li and cry … a lot!!

      • Sigh, me too. But I was joking. not really. maybe.

        • i think we sould do as moon says and continue to ignore the ginormous elephant in the room.

  10. How could anyone break up with thar face. I feel I would tolerate A LOT of shizzle just to see that everyday.

    • so true!

    • I would tolerate cheating so long as it was with other LTR ladies 🙂 I could so live with that…..quite happy to share but only with you gals.

      • Your generosity knows no bounds-you are the Mother Theresa of LTR.

        • Yaaay for LTR commune! (Or he could turn into mormon and have 5683 wives.)

  11. It’s probably no consolation to your friend Moon?but there’ll be a day when she’ll be glad this happened. I’m not that old ( is 30 too old?) but I have been married to glorious Mr Plaid for nearly a decade(!) and a lot of our mutual married friends are older than us and my heart sinks everytime I see some of them because they honestly can’t stand each other. For whatever reason they’re still together, and that takes a HEAVY toll on things. It’s terrible to realise half your life is gone and your not in a situation you wanted to be in.
    Someone take this tweed away from me!!

    On the Plus side your flatmate just got YOU back fulltime BB!! Break out the Bieber….

    • Why would people stay together if they’re not well is beyond my effort of understanding. And ‘it’s for the kids’ is srsly a stupid excuse in today’s society. I kinda have the diff. example: not married friends who have kids (very few of them, we’re really not ready to give up the college spirit :-)) no strings attached and everyone seems happy. I think it’s because they didn’t change a thing from their previous social life. But I recently visited a friend who sinked herself far in the countryside with her 2 babies and bf and I couldn’t help crying in front of her. In 2 years she went from brillz journalist to tired mum with only baby issues outside the office, no social or cultural life whatsoever. So shocked because she was one of the most effervescent girls I knew and I’m not sure I should…ahem…point out the difference. Not sure she wants to hear it either. But pretty sure she can’t be happy.

      And after the depression, I just wanted to say congrats to you and MrPlaid because a happy decade together is rare and beautiful!!!

      • MP – perhaps she is happy and it’s just your own feels projecting on to her. You can’t see yourself being happy in that situation so you don’t think she is ……people change, their priorities change. I don’t know her, obviously, and you do, but it’s probably a better idea not to let on how you feel, it could upset her lots….unless she instigates that kind of conversation and then you’re free to let her know what you think…..Just a thought, my lovely!

        • I think we all project, constantly, all the time, it’s just how we humans are wired. Like I am projecting right now because I can relate to MP’s story. I don’t know MP’s friend either ofcourse, but for all I know MP is right, it’s her friend after all. People make the wrong decisions sometimes. It’s not always someone else projecting.
          MP’s friend may have thought that having a family was the wright thing to do and may have had a romantic notion of it, living in the country, being a mom. But children grow up, lead their own lives. And if you’re then stuck in the French countryside (and let me tell you, French countryside is COUNTRY)
          So maybe MP’s friend isn’t happy, maybe she is. If she isn’t she can change it later or will find a compromise. Being a mom doesn’t automatically mean that you should completely give your own dreams and aspirations up…

          • ah, I never see recent comments before posting, why?
            DITTO: Being a mom shouldn’t make you give up your dreams, that’s soo sad.It’s just major potential to becoming the typical overweighted Twimum dreaming of PG-13 Edward. I’m degressing, def. not my friend’s case. She’s not that much in the countryside either, but far enough to cut herself from the city/friends/social life.

          • @MP

            The whole country thing I understand (I had a brief affair with the idea of the country), I moved back to London about 2 years ago after leaving to live in the ‘Country’ which consisted of me living in a (essentially a field) lovely house built back in the 1600s and for the first two / three weeks it was great, but lets face it there are only so many trees to look at before it all starts getting a little dull. I lasted about 18 mths then left my partner and moved back to London. I am very glad I did and I haven’t spoken to him since nor been happier.

            I was just saying that maybe she’s not so unhappy and it just seems like that to you because of all things she’s given up. I wasn’t trying to be patronizing or anything like that. 🙂

          • @mine!
            didn’t think you were patronising at all!!! And I’m sure I have a subjective view on her life but it’s difficult not to.

        • I know but it’s so not what she dreamed of when she carried herself through expensive prestigious schools.
          Sorry for the tweed discussion, I blame Summit for it.

          • Ah, no don’t be sorry (but let’s blame Summit anyway, haha).
            I know what you mean, and it’s such a loss too for society losing such a well educated woman. Ah well, guess, I’m too much of a feminist here… 😉 But I hope your friend will be happy and maybe one day do her job again, it’s even possible in la belle campagne.

            Maybe a blog or something. Or write a book about being stuck in said campagne! 😉

      • MP, do you have kids?

        • NO, but the day it will happen (in a faaar faaaaaaar future) I want to be like the parents I see around me: happy people who do not make big sacrifices and still have a life, love, passions…

          • I’ve been reading this string all afternoon and MP after your most recent comment I want to reply to it.

            I’m a parent of a nearly 6 year old girl that I love desperately. I’m also happily married. A lot of my contemporaries have just given in to marriage and parenthood and have given up their lives as a result. To me, that is not LIVING. I won’t, can’t live that way.

            Does that make me a bad parent? No way. I think that in order to be the best parent you can be you also have to be the best person you can be. In order to be the best person, you also have to have your own happiness. To me, that is spending time out with friends, my husband and still being an adult that can go out and enjoy life! I devote my life to my child, but I refuse to lose myself in the process.

          • There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be like that. Good luck with motherhood in the future!
            One thing is for sure; you dont know how much love your heart can hold until you become a mother. (sorry Rob)
            And a lot of your children’s happiness and well being is in your hands.

            Oh! and…blame LTR and Rob for my Not having a life, love and passions…hahah..

          • MP, I’m sorry but I can’t relate, because to me I see being a parent as making a lot of sacrifices, if that means I have to give up my career for my child to have a better life, then so be it.

            Once you have a child, trust me, things will change. I was not this way before and I never thought I would make huge sacrifices(job, moving to another state). But I have no regrets and my child is my priority(and family). I see it my job to make everything good and comfortable for her because I was the one who brought her into this world, she never asked me to give birth to her. I am honored to be a mom and it’s ok for me not to be able to live like how I used to. It’s fine with me that I don’t get to travel anymore, not have the active social life I had and everything else.

            I’m not unhappy, I am very, very happy and fulfilled :-). I would not change a thing.

            That’s just my 2 cents. I’m so glad we can all share our ideas here.

          • @SB
            Yes love that we can share ideas! #educationalmomentsFTW
            I know you’re such a great girl&mom and admire you for that! I don’t get the sacrifices thing (a part from giving birth OMG that’s already a LOT!) because people I know don’t seem to have changed their lives at all. BUt what’s imp is to be happy, the rest is detail.

      • ‘it’s for the kids’ is srsly a stupid excuse in today’s society.

        IN MY OPINION…..

        Thats exacly what’s wrong with the world.

        In this society? Since when did kids stop needing their parents? That’s nature isn’t it? I mean, do lions not care for their children anymore, and yet, you dont see the lioness madly in love with the lion…that’s beisde the fact…
        Kids need a mom and a dad, and mom and dad have a moral obligation with their children.
        Bullshit aside…I sacrifice myself for my kids, and it doesn’t mean I’m unhappy. And yes, motherhood is stressful, exhausting and so much more. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I’ll put up with this man anyday and twice on sundays…What doesn’t kill me WILL make me stronger!
        I’m in it to win it!

        • @whiteflower

          “you dont see the lioness madly in love with the lion”

          That’s because she’s in love with the LAMB!!!


          • ahahahahhahahahaah

          • Totally forgot about that! Hahahah..

        • I think MP has some valid points there and you have some too.


          Just to stay in a relationship/marriage sacrificing yourself for your kids sake doesn’t sound good to me. Ofcourse, everyone is free to choose to do it, when you do it out of your own free will that is.
          But not everyone is strong enough to endure such sacrifice, might fall into a depression or likewise. Which would not really be benificial in any way for your children OR partner. (let alone yourself)

          Loving your children unconditionally and making sacrifices is wonderful. It’s the way it should be, although sadly, not all children grow up that way. As do not all children grow up with both parents, be this caused due death, irresponsible people or divorce. I know people who grew up with only parent and find your view on this a bit black and white. Most of them are great people, maybe even more so because of the way they grew up.

          Believe it or not, but there are children out there who’d wish for their parents to break up. Situations can sometimes get better, it’s not always bad. I don’t think MP means that everybody should just break up the moment things get rough, but if you’d really be stuck in a unhappy relationship for a long time, I think that’s different.
          Kids or not. I agree. Because how can your kids be happy if you really aren’t, I don’t mean some rough spots, I mean fundamental unhappiness.

          I think your talking about a ‘normal’ marriage with average up and downs and not immediately throwing the towel in the ring the moment when things go wrong. I however just wanted to put it all a bit in perspective. There are, IMHO, situations in which MP is right, never mind the fact if she has children or not. I don’t have kids, but I was one, know some and all kinds of families too. So even if MP hasnt got kids, she wasn’t completely off base.

          It’s all so much more complicated. Let’s not judge too much. And live and let live.

          • Zomg Cath!! Your brillz. Gagillion upthumbs.

        • You know the capacity to think makes a huge diff. between lions/nature and humans? 🙂
          I think I live in a more egocentric society where self accomplishement & happiness prevail over family values. Mum and dad still happily together but I don’t think I could ever provide such a perfect innocent ideal(istic) environment for my future kids as my parents did for me. Because there’s a generational gap. Also I suppose kids see it differently than ages ago because statistically there are a lot more kids in school with divorced parents than kids with parents living together. After all as a kid I think it’s better to see happy parents than fights and sadness. I just live in a diff. society where for instance people rarely get married i.e. political peeps who have kids in their 20s but are still not married. Not sure you can have a political career in the US in these conditions (?). It’s just a different culture and a different way of seeing life and I’m happy we have a choice without society telling us what’s right and wrong.

          • Choices! That’s the key.

            “I live in a more egocentric society where self accomplishement & happiness prevail over family values.”

            I still think your priorities might be in a different order, when and if you ever, become a mom.

            Have a nice day!

          • I think the way I put it kinda sounds bad but it’s true when talking about ancient traditional values, any socio recent book would say quite the same.

            Have a great day yourself. it’s a bit midnight here.

          • @MP
            I dont’ think it sounds bad, it’s just a different point of view. You’re right that one should try to hold onto ones dream/wants in life. Afterall we have been taught to believe that we can have it all…, marriage (if that’s what you want from relationships) children and there is nothing wrong with that.

            However, I have a feeling that once children come along our dreams/wants change and those dreams/wants are probably centered more on them than on ourselves. That doesn’t mean to say you have to revert to a more traditional role of mother, wife… etc.

        • Well I just typed a reply and it didn’t show up so I guess I’ll do it again

          To me parenting is that, it involves a lot of monumental sacrifices, that’s just part of it. I do it day in and day out and that doesn’t mean I’m unhappy, I am very happy and fulfilled. I want the best for my child and it’s my job to provide that to her. If that means I have to give up my dreams then so be it, it’s ok. I chose to be a mother, she didn’t choose to be my child. I gladly/willingly sacrifice what I can to ensure my child is well and provided and in a safe and secure environment. If that means giving up my career, my very expensive social life(which i did have), traveling around the world(yup I did that too) and etc, then so be it. I realize not everyone can do this, it’s not easy, but for me, it’s part of being a parent, part of being a mother. And I am more than honored to do this to my child. 🙂

          And once you have a child, trust me, a lot of times you will see things in a whole new different light! I was not like this before. I told my mom the other day, “mom now I know why you and dad tried to stick it out through all those years. I understand now what you meant what you said about sacrifices.” So you know my mom and I are very close friends.

          My 2 cents.

          Thanks girls, I hope you all had a great day!

      • @MP – thanks! I know it’s total cliche but time FLIES!!

        • I know!!! Seems like yesterday TayTay was doing flipflops on TV. And HHH was Zygote Rob!

  12. High Fidelity FTW! John Cusack made the best break up movies ever. Better Off Dead will make even the saddest panda smile.

    • Raven,
      thanks for mentioning High Fidelity and J. Cusack. I used to love him…but that love was nothing like what I’m doing now.

      • And Nick Hornby FTW too! Did you know the DILF directed “About a Boy”?

  13. Just thought I’d share,

    Reading through comments on LTR sat on sofa in my front room, thinking i could smell smoke….so went to investigate and discovered I’d set fire to my balcony!!!! Out now…disaster averted…..pheew!!!

    • how did you do that?

      • Well I popped out for a cig – don’t smoke in the flat. didn’t stub it out prop. and it fell off the ashtray into some leaves that I hadn’t sweept up……hence small fire and smoke. Have now removed ashtray and leaves from balcony. Think it’s time to stop smoking!

        • NO!!! I miss smoking sooooo much, said the devil on my shoulder.

  14. Ugh. Ok, waaaaaay to go, Moon! I totes cried at work! Boo! Just kidding, not your fault. I just had a horrible break up a few months ago, so I pretty much cry when I read a bad weather report.

    The worst part about it was losing that deep friendship. Good friends, venting, and (as absolutely silly as it sounds) coming here and chatting back and forth with you girls has really made a world of difference. I’m so grateful to have found my my five-days-a-week distractions. ❤ you crazy bitches.. I mean.. lovely young women.

    • HUGS!!!

    • I take deep offense at being called a “lovely young women.”

      • Thanks, Lundelle!! xoxo

        @snowwhitedrifted I meant that in the worst way possible. 😉

  15. Good that you had a great birthday Moon!
    I feel for your friend, and letting go can def. be much harder than holding on, esp. when it comes to love.

    This one always cheered me up:

  16. I recently went through a horrible break up awith guy I dated for 3 and half years. I’d known him since I was fourteen (I’m 21 now) and he was definitely my best friend, we no longer speak which sucks but seems like the best thing at the moment.

    Anyway, the best thing my close knit of girlfriends did was, we went camping at an outdoor music festival, so for 3 days I could not call him and all we did was dance, eat, drink, laugh and meet fab new people. By the time I got home, I was on such a high (on life) that the following few days were so much easier.

    The break ups still fresh but my girlfriends and LTT/LTR at least brings gives me a bright smile everyday. Hope you had a great birthday Moon! 🙂

    • The ex and I had almost made it to four. It’s pretty brutal, but you can’t underestimate your other relationships (RL or “Normal”).

      That’s so great you got to spend 3 days at a music festival! What a stress-reliever.

  17. “Sometimes giving up [smb/smth you love] makes you stronger.” So true! Even if you’re not sure it’s the right decision but you just need some air. I might know smth about it. That and a bit of binge drinking with friends to help pass the critical point.
    XO to you and your friend

  18. Dear Moon,
    Tell your friend to come on ova. LTR is therapy!

    Really! I mean it. If you only knew the many times I’ve come here with a shit load of…pain. Only to feel refreshed after reading the daily letter to Rob…And the comments! They’re the icing on the cake! Ok, now I wanna lick Rob…oops! Normal?

    • totes normal. You don’t wanna know what I want to do to Rob..normal?!?

  19. I have seen almost all of my friends shed many many tears over breakups. In the past, I have been flushed down the toilet of love more than my share as well. But the girl fun (and usually a road trip) that comes after a breakup is always a memorable good time.
    I have since helped bustle a wedding gown for each of these friends, as they did for me, so all of those old heartaches were worth it.

    …Okay some of them are now divorced…. but they did find real lhappiness (although fleeting) after their bad breakups.

  20. I just recently listened to an old radioshow with Rob (from the time pre-release Twilight) where they ask if he’s ever had his heart broken and he talkes about a relationship with a girl that lasted about two years. He described the relationship as “romantic” but adds “but it’s kind of hard to talk about now” and you can actually hear in his voice that he felt sad it was over (Nina I wonder?) In other interviews he has said that he has been dumped…….so he’s not beyond mortal feelings I don’t think….he’s just like the rest of us….been through the “wringer” a few times!

  21. Someone REALLY dumped this??

    Hold on, Rob. I just wanna try one thing.

    • *sigh* that is all

  22. Moon, you are brilliant! Beautiful post..and really SO timely!! Hmmmm.

    Total heartbreak is what lead me to find you & UC and this site (ok, so all things Rob was the initial draw, but….). It is exactly moments like this that help to remind me that I am not alone and that even total strangers can warm my (broken) heart.

    Thank you ❤

  23. Ok another share…

    this is completely unrelated to HHH or breaking up, unless you consider the break up of the british voting public with the Labour party…does that count?

    The Tory Government is now in residence….and yes, I started to cry when GB left NO. 10….I have now printed off Perm residency forms for Canada and will be filling them in promptly and sending off…..I refuse to live in a country run by a Tory Government…coalition or not. I am, quite frankly, devastaed…..OMG Cameron is on the bloody TV again 😦

    • you could come live w/ us in the states! 😉

      i heard about this and cant wait to read more about it. i hope even though it’s not what you want that is will work the best for the people. or maybe there will be a speedy impeachment or whatever the brit equivalent is!

      rob a labor or tory?!

  24. althought i’m not british (neighbour across the irish sea) i’m v sad to to see labour leaving downing street. but eletorates tend to favour conservative governments in economic crises.

    • meant to reply to mine!

    • But we didn’t really…..they got more seats (due to weird way we vote over here) but not the majority…nobody did. The Lib Dems have alighned themselves with the Tory Gov…that’s unheard of, they are so far apart politically, but now the Lib dems have got into bed with the Cons….I don’t thing the voting Lib Dem public are really going to like this. Polls taken in England showed that this was the least fav combination of government. Well we will see….it’s a terrible thing to say, but I’m really hoping it doesn’t work and we get another General Election before the end of the year, but that’s looking unlikely the Cons – Lib Dems appear to have done a deal on a fixed term of government i.e. 4 years…..4 YEARS of a Tory government, it’s a nightmare….there’s even talk of getting Clarke back in the Treasury…now correct me but didn’t we all loath that man 10 years ago, wasn’t this man kicked out of every post he held due to being completely bloody crap……..we are doomed, doomed I say.

      I hope Rob voted, I will be very upset if I find out he didn’t!!!!

      • M!M!M!

        The Richmond Park constituency (covering North Barnes) went from Lib Dem to Conservative…..their MP is now Zac Goldsmith!

        Is it normal to know this?

  25. TomStu!!! (my little cupcake). Ok, now that I’m over that. (sigh).

    Moon/UC I heard Rob did a double take on Lady O. Did you see Rob checking out Opera’s
    GI-NORMOUS boobies?? or did he even care?

  26. oops. I miss spelled Oprah!!!
    how could I!!! (sob)

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