Posted by: themoonisdown | May 8, 2010

Open Weekend Post: Hosted by Drunk Rob and the luckiest girls in Naperville, Illinois

Dear LTR-ers,

This weekends open post is hosted by a couple people because I can’t decide and because it’s my birthday on Sunday and what I say goes, right Rob? Tell the girls. I like what I like and I want it when I want it. And that is definitely a “that’s what she said” sentence for you. I’m going all out after all.

So let’s get to it… for my birthday open post I bring you…

DrunkRob. Omg this picture kills me. This freaking lucky girl got to pose it up with a totally toasted Rob in Vancouver sometime last year. Whoever you are lady we are jealous and hoping you’ve made this your profile picture, your christmas card, your AA member support picture, your graduation announcement, baby announcement, wedding invitation, change of address card, and had it spray painted it onto the hood of your Datsun. THAT’S how much I love it. And besides this is the exact face I will be sporting sometime around 11ish PM Saturday night. Thanks unidentified lucky biznatch and Rob for making my weekend.

Next we have the luckiest girls in Naperville, Illinois

I can’t imagine being a sophomore in Chandler, Arizona loving NSYNC and hoping to see them on some TV show only to open my front door and Justin Timberlake (or JC Chasez, depended on the day) was standing there looking all hot and wanting to come inside my parents house to talk to me about whatever it is you talk to a celeb you’ve never met for 15 minutes and all while wearing an REO Speedwagon shirt. I haven’t even seen the Oprah episode yet but I gotta hand it to you gals for holding it together and ALL of you looking super cute in what is sure to be your Facebook profile picture for eternity or at least until you run into DrunkRob and get your own version of the previous picture.

Don’t let me down girls!

And with that I will bid you farewell and hope you will celebrate with me as I turn Forever 21! (Stop laughing!)

I wanna be forever young… I wanna be forever young…

Seriously, what would you do if Rob showed up at your front door? What would you do with him? G rated! Or maybe PG rated…

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  1. I love totally toasted Rob!<3
    The end!

    Have a nice birthday tomorrow Moon!
    F(orever)INALLY 21!

  2. happy brithday moon!
    i thought we all were frozen 23 but it seems you’re younger than us

    • she is younger than us , but older than Kristen…that’s tricky!

    • Nah……we just age with Rob……we’re almost 24!!!

      Happy Birthday for tomorrow Moon!!! All love and happyness……..


      • u’re right we just age with ROB and i’m waitin’ to be 24 with him 6 months later after my’s nice to share same age with him eventhough he likes (used to) teenagers

        • Who is a teenager here che??? LOL……

          • mullephant was a teenager but not anymore @mel

    • I want to be frozen in time as well….:-).

      Either that or I want to stay my age til Rob catches up with me.

      Wishful thinking, eh. LOL

      • Frozen in time? Why didn’t I think of that. Thanks for the brill idea, SB.


  3. Drunk Rob is my ultimate fantasy! He seems like sooo much fun. I love that he’s wearing an REO Speedwagon tee. Take it on the run Rob!
    Happy Birthday Moon, you don’t know me but you and UC always make me laugh and feel better about my being so damn old but still loving all things Rob!

    • I’ll die happy if Rob would sing cover version of Can’t fight this feeling anymore
      ( acoustic). I love those 80’s ballads

      • *holds up lighter and sings along*

  4. Ha! I wake up (2PM) go for a run and what do I see? DrunkRooob! Always a WIN! I don’t want him to come at my place (OMG the embarassement on national TV) unless he knows me and it’s private (hmmm). What I want is DrunkRob in a pub!!!

    So Moon for your birthday I wish you DrunkRob!!! and lots of fun!!!

  5. Dear Moon, have an extraordinary birthday!

    • Drsaka………I found an excellent greek Robname……thought very hard of it…..will tell on Monday…….LOL……Cath needs to know…also…… 😀

      But………google the muses…….since you have ancient greek education….you may find me around…….hahaha….you will!!!

      And the name you gave him yesterday…..(since we are all alone today)…it means something like……”very good f*cker” in modern greek….lol….just saying!!!!!

      • but Mel….that might be a good meaning ….or no?

        • OK………it is…….a good word for him……am sure he is…a good….!!! You couldn’t resist….could you??? 😀
          But the word……omg……………..still laughing!!!!

      • I’m all ears to hear your name.

      • Your name isn’t really Melpomene is it? The Muse of Tragedy–tragic because of unrequited Roblove?
        Just musing here — could it be Clio or Calliope? Thalia? Do Greeks name their daughters after the Muses?

        • I really do think Rob is a muse. Why else would we be thinking about, looking at, writing about him if he wasn’t inspirational?

        • TOO………my name could not be Clio or Calliope……..because then I would be called Clronin………or something……so tragedy it is girls….what can I say….lol….but you could have figured THAT out about me by now….right…..pure TRAGEDY… yeah yeah, because of unrequited Roblove….that’s right…..

          drsaka…….Rob is NOT a muse…tststs….honey….there are no male muses around in ancient Greece………they would be a bit……nah….does not work……so Rob is something HIGHER……much higher………..

          You knew the double meaning of the name……really???? Yep….you diid 😀

          • 9 female muses- Rob is the first of his kind, a completely new type of muse.

            Or you choose the description-

          • If he’s not a muse, then he must be a god. Yeah, I guess we already knew that.

          • Of course he’s not a muse. He’s on the level of an ancient Greek God.

        • btw…….you really googled……..the muses??? Ahhhh….love you girls….really…!!!

    • SERIOUSLY……drsaka……… died me with your gamerokalos word… still laughing girl since yesterday………….thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muuuuaaaaahhhhh…..

      And really hope Rob is lurking he will LHFAO………………….

      • I knew the double meaning of the name 😉

      • Gamerokalos is like music to my ears Mel. But I’m waiting for the Greek Goddess in residence her to come up with her own one!
        Can’t wait!

        Did you already hear about Gamerokalos’s dog friend?
        His name is Kanellos (what does that mean Mel?):

        • Poor Kanellos………poor Greece for that matter….anyway…….it comes from the word kanella=cinamon……it refers obviously to his colour…poor dog…anarchist dog or something………….

          Well since you are here Cath…and you know I can’t resist YOU 😀 here comes my version/word for Rob…………


          pan=all, allmighty, highest
          eros=love, sex


          choose what ever translation you like……..BUT ROB IS A GOD…not just a muse!!!

          That’s it………..

          • I like it! Can he have 2 names???

          • ok……….two names

            gamerokalos-panerotheos=Robert Pattinson

            I LIKE IT….drsaka!!!!

          • Like your name too Mel!

            Rob deserves two names. But don’t think that I don’t get why you want Rob to be a God, that way you can play God/Goddess together with him, haha. Well, he can be both, Rob’s unique anyway. Two names and both God ánd muse!!!


          • Thanks for explaining the name to me Mel. Aw Cinnamon. Poor Greek indeed. Hope everything will get better. Soon!



          • Ahhhh you just discovered my little secret scenario Cath…lol…Rob god… me goddess………works great……..but lets face it….I’m tragedymuse…it’s in my DNA……..but god and muse……can work….yep…can work 😀

            Thanks for carring…..about Greece I mean…….would help if ya all come visit… we need tourists….just sayin…….

          • I see I should read more comments before posting. I see you already established he’s a god after all.

  6. he is extremely sexy in the first pic

  7. ZOMG! Your birthday is three days before Rob’s. You guys are so meant to be together. Squeee!!!

    Happy birthday. hope you have a fabulous time.

  8. Come on Moon…G rated? even PG??? who are you kidding…..NO ONE!

    If Rob showed up at my house I would ask him in of corse….then….we’d have to leave so that my hubby doesn’t catch wind….we’d most likey go to some bar/pub (I’d take him to an Irish pub that’s totes fun here and low key) and wait for drunkRob to “visit” me too….I’d order him a roofiecolada (thanks Family Guy lol) and then I’d let things get past R rated….just kidding Rob

    Dear Rob,
    Come on over, we won’t watch G rated Oprah, but we will see a different kind of big O….maybe even multiple.


    p.s. drunkrob is always welcome…mi casa es su casa!

  9. Happy Birthday Moon!!!!

    I turned 30something 29 21 (again) last week.

    Enjoy being DrunkMoon. (hey, isn’t that a beer?)

    • Happy belated BDay, SWD!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Moon!
    It’s weird that you, Gozde, Rob were all born on May 😀
    Me iz September baby.

  11. Happy Birthday, Moon. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll at least get to see DrunkRon for your birthday present! He’s in LA now, probably wanting to go out and do a little drinking in the evening. Who do you know who can tell you where he might be, and why not celebrate your birthday evening there? You deserve at least a photo next to him for all you do every day for us here! How awesome would that be!

    • I’m with TOO. Moon, do stalk him and get your own DrunkRon shot 😉

    • Something missing in this post, a subtely squeezed in information about where Moon is going out. You never know the coincidences and encounters that can happen.
      Rob I dare you to go out there and stalk Moon!

  12. Drunk Rob, oh how I missed thee!

    If I ever got to meet DrunkRob, I would so take advantage of him.

    Happy bursday, Moon!

  13. Have a very happy b’day tomorrow Moon!!!

  14. Maybe its just me, but “Drunk Rob” … is suddenly not “the best Rob” anymore… .. he’s beginning to look…. pathetic.

    In a few years when he hits his 30’s I can see him with a beer belly wearing a stained white T-shirt and lookin’ like a drunk Homer Simpson…
    (oops) .

    ok bring on the thumbs down and the hate.

    • Hermes… greeknamedfriend……you’re a god……you know that….BUT…tell me you are kidding….right!!!!

    • Oh well, it really depends. Some of my friends are pretty heavy drinkers, but they dont have any problems with it. Somehow they managed to incorporate alcohol in their lives so successfully that it doesnt alter their lifestyle, behavior, appearance etc. Granted, they are still in their mid-twenties, but taking into consideration that they have started 10 years ago, that’s quite impressive. I guess, in some culture/countries alcohol is just more successfully integrated as a part of everyday life.
      Suddenly I remember Rob complaining in one of his early interviews that drinking has such a ‘social stigma’ in States.

      • Well, ok.. let me clarify. Not a judgement on Robbie but an observation here:

        When every other photo of Robbie is “drunk rob”.. and he’s seen staggering around, eyes rolling around in his head, drooling and stumbling… ..(from Red carpet events to a casual date nite) I can understand the impression he is giving here.

        Hey, I love the 5pm cocktail hour too… and I do indulge..but I don’t get totally falling down wasted… so wasted that I have to have my mates or body guard carry me to the car. It seems to be a regular thing with Lord Sparklepeen…. correct me if i’m wrong.

        Do I find that attractive.. no.

        I mean, I thought initially drunk dumpster Rob was “cute”..and funny.. but then after a while, I realized it wasnt just a one off thing. Robbie is like that most of the time he drinks.. its sending a signal especially to an industry that has a lot invested in him. eek for his career if he give a bad impression.

        Ah well… perhaps it is a cultural thing like Beanie said. But I have friends from the UK who are not like that when they drink a few pints.

        cheers, H

        • I was just about to write what ‘Robjunkie’ said. Rob may or may not be drunk on all these pictures we classify under a tag “DrunkRob”. He might be just tired or it could be just a bad photo/angle/light – whatever. And of course he might be plastered as well – we will never know for sure. Out of all pics of ‘drunken’ Rob only one looked authentic to me – I think it was after “RM” premiere in London when he was exciting Ivy Club. But then again, I didnt examined ALL of Rob’s pics.

          • *”exiting” of course, not ‘exciting’. typo, but grandpa Freud would be delighted.

          • right…and that can happen if somebody is sick and working and drinking!

          • grandpa Freud loved beer!

          • I just had a conversation like that with my RL friend yesterday.
            I had two semi-celebrity crushes in my life. First was the most beautiful boy you could imagine, musician, and only 8 years later he is kind of bald, kind of fat and definitely not hot anymore. He drinks and parties a lot. And he’s only 30. Second was a musician as well (see the pattern?), not so pretty, but a charismatic, hot, interesting guy. Yesterday we went out to some music gig and they were the main act. Before that they were in the audience and he was just…awful. He looked dirty and ugly and old. He drinks, I guess there are other substances involved as well. And he’s not even 30 yet. In his “stage outfit” he was still looking great, but not so much.
            So my friend was ridiculing me a little, making fun of me and then she asked if I can imagine Rob in 7 or 8 years. And I was like shut up, because the example and the pattern I saw, wasn’t pretty to see.

            So I can understand what Hermes is worried about, because Rob could easily turn into Kiefer Sutherland or Mickey Rourke, but I hope he will choose Brad Pitt or George Clooney way of life: old-er and still bangable. No, I didn’t want to write bankable.

        • Gah! I’m late today. Considering we see a “drunkRob” pic once every 6 weeks or so, that’s not a bad average for a 23/24yr old Brit. Also, some of those pics are old fan pics.
          If I had a few and bright cameras were flashing in my face, I would look a little haggard myself, I would probably stumble too. Blinded by the light and whatnot.
          As for being out of shape with a belly at 30? That’s what overpaid Hollywood personal trainers and nutritionist are for.
          I didn’t thumb you down, Hermes. My wrath is under control.

          • what is under control? lol

          • My wrath, honey. No angry Jules, it’s all loves all the time for (almost) everyone. But definitely for Hermes. I like opinionated people, I just disagree with this opinion.

        • Hermes-
          I sort of agree with you on this. Normally I hate to see someone stumbling drunk-but I have to admit, I love the “drunk Rob” pics. He might not be drunk in all of them, but it’s a pretty good bet that he’s drunk in the ones where he’s A) got his mouth hanging open and eyes rolling or half-closed and B) practically being carried by bodyguards (see RM premiere photos). If my husband did that, he might get locked out of the house. But when Rob does it it makes me want to be there with him-I bet he’s a very jovial drunk.I have a double standard when it comes to Rob.

          Someone who drinks enough to have to be carried out often isn’t going to end up pretty. But Rob seems very professional so hopefully it won’t become a problem.

          • Happy Mother’s Day LTR moms!

        • @hermes

          I’m not quite sure where you’re coming from with this….but as far as I can see he’s not really mad drunk, driving around drunk, falling down in the gutter after a night out drunk. In fact compared to most british males (and females) his age he’s fairly tame on the drunk front.

          I’ve always liked ‘drunkrob’ because he doesn’t come across like an ass, he doesn’t appear to cause trouble (fights), he’s just happy drunk Rob and i for one would get drunk with this boy-man any time any where…….

          I LOVE DRUNK ROB and if anything he’s a good example of how to get drunk and behave well when out and about and there are a lot of hollywood peeps who could learn somthing from him on how to conduct oneself when drunk (actually I could learn somthing from him I’m a terrible drunk….I’m a (bad)singer….I sing in the street and I sing when I’m home after a night out (often, whilst playing the saucepans – well I pretend the saucepans are musical instruments) and I believe my neighbours must really hate me – espcially at the weekends 🙂

          • hahahaha, we need to have a few drinks together.

    • Nah, you should cross the pond, I think in Europe we master the art of smoking and drinking since 15 and looking fab in the not so early 20s. It’s like in the genes, you know nature had to adapt to rough conditions 🙂 . And judging by 30&a lot yo colleagues’ look, I say we have good days ahead of us. On this “wise” words, I’m getting ready to hit the city. Cheers!
      p.s. no downthumbs from me, your “little cupcake’ stories are hilar.

      • “How to stop worrying and start drinking”.

      • ha! I think the best of the night has even to come! cheers and attention, dont eat too much maracons, you might get a fat ass and then you will sit on the couch with your cat…… know the end!

        • <3!!!!!

        • I think i was much skinnier when i was just going out and getting wasted with friends on week-ends than I am now – staying in, spending endless hours on LTR and google-stalking Rob.

          • ahhahhahhahhhah, I think I love you!

          • *opens her arms for a hug*

            *then opens a bottle of heineken and offers it to Robgirl*

          • +1 Rob’s beanie

            RG the drama is that I don’t even have a cat :-(. Rob and tomStu will have to make an effort and be my coach buddies.

            I’m late you guys and I still needed to see what you’re saying, i just wish i could get wasted with you!!!

            Re the drunken state, I think it has mots to do with lack of sleep.

            So basically Rob, I’m saying that it doesn’t take much to get you drunk. Now I think you have to prove us wrong, call anytime.


          • >i just wish i could get wasted with you!!!

            + 1 minuit passé

            meanwhile, I’d like to dedicate the following song to Rob:

          • well girls … a bit of cyber booze…its not sooo bad…I might have read these “omg-he-is-an-alcoholic” on a another blog, but I can’t remember, i am too drunk already!
            Ahhh, I do remember that that was the same blog where the girls wondered that he was too young for the detail shoot! and then they went to church or so……yes, now it’s totes clear!

          • Rob’s beanie, I am soooo in love with your name, I might change my name in Robgirlsbeanie or so…..thanks for the Heineken! and open arms to you as well…..what about a little dance????

          • @ Robgirl

          • minuit@ have fun ……<3

          • robgirl86 – and then they formed a prayer circle to rid Robward of all his sinning ways and to keep him on the path of righteousness so that he stays locked into their vanilla fantasies of him.

          • @ Robgirl

            i’m pretty sure i’ve just posted this comment, but somehow it disappeared, so here we go again:

            mmm… dancing?))

          • RB- you slay me. Hahahaha
            I’m packing, I can’t really play with you guys. Damnit!
            RG- if you’re drunk I’ll look for #drunktweets, Min didn’t come through last night.

          • hahahhhahahhhhah, dancing!!!!!!!!! you go first!

          • and that was supposed to be a slow saturday…’s not! Prost!

          • Duuude, I’ll be drinking later, date with Puma and AP, remember? You need to try to stay up real late tonight or, go to bed now and come back at 7am your time :p

          • pfff, bragging, it’s 4 PM my time and there’s nothing going on on twitter.

          • 4am that is #uselesscommentno2

          • @ MP so i see night out was a success! 😉

        • Robjunkie-

          Who has vanilla fantasies? What do someone with vanilla fantasies fantasize about, getting an ice-cream with Rob? The only fantasies to have about Rob s/b NC-17.

    • Hermes, really? I’m not hating on you, but REALLY? He’s not exactly Lindsay Lohan, now is he? And besides, we shouldn’t just blithely assume that he is in fact drunk in all the pics that show him to be bleary-eyed. Could be:
      a) tiredness
      b) the effect of being blinded by camera flashes
      c) totally wasted after getting your drink on with your besties (which is totes normal)

      The guy has been working his ass off for the past three years. He’s not falling out of clubs at 3am in the morning. So really, who are we to judge him for cutting loose now and then?

      Imagining him as a pathetic drunk is, just, wow.

      Drunk Rob for the mothereffing WIN!

      • I thumbed down my mistake i phone fail

        Drunk Rob for the mothereffing WIN

        I love drunk rob again it’s all part of the appeal that he’s not squeaky cleen. It’s not like he’s falling out of clubs every nite and flashing his britney!!

        • i think “not flashing his Britney” is my new fav.line!!! great!

      • Not to nitpick, but doesn’t getting wasted basically=getting drunk? Don’t see the difference there.

    • hermes, I wonder…what are u talking about? Never heard such comment from you! You shouldn’t care too much of an upcoming beerbelly, it’s all ok, he is young, he drinks , he works, he looks (too) good…so where is the problem?
      And why are you talking about “hate” and “thumb down”, you are expressing only your ideas, or no?
      Well, I have other ideas, I think that he is working like a mad, that he is young, that our culture is different from your culture, and that in the end…you are worried, but I don’t think you should….he is just a posterboy, isn’t he?
      And …Rob and Tom sitting with a beerbelly both on a couch watching Homer Simpson?……………….nahhhhhhhh…not really!

      • Not really…….!!! And what beerbelly?……would love to see that anyway…also….if that ever happens!!!!

      • Oh no please I don’t want images of a beerbelly when it comes to Rob!

  15. I’d love DrunkenRob to show up at my front door!!! NOW that would be something.

    2 in 1

    • Drunk or no drunk… front of my door…..that’s the word Rob’s beanie!!!!

      • considering the fact that sometimes Rob cannot even remember where he parked his own car, I wouldnt be surprised if he also sometimes forgets where he lives (especially when drunk!) and knocks on some random doors by mistake.

        • and that’s not a bad thing if the door is open….

          • and I just cancelled “random” in my brain.

          • …and if it’s not, we are all well aware of his window climbing abilities!

        • I wish i could be able to read effortlessly all those comments, I can feel they’re fuill of win! (as Im’ full of wine)
          That’s teh bestest revelation: Rob seems like the kind of guy who completely ends up in wierd places while drunk. Those peeps who were holding him knew what thay were doing. They didn’t want to loose hiM

          • hahahha! RIGHT! sent you mail…<3

  16. Happy Birthday Moon! There’s a ton of us w/ May birthdays! Mine’s a day before Rob, so maybe it’s fate, Rob and I are meant to be together? LOL

    To answer your question, well if Rob showed up at my place, I think I will go crazy. I need a 24 hour notice of some sort! I wouldn’t want him to see my house looking like a daycare! And also I want to wash my hair, makeup, nice clothes, smell fresh and clean, etc. lol.

    I don’t know what we’ll do, I have an agenda but whatever he wants to do is fine w/ me 🙂

    All kidding aside I think I will just be so stunned and might need help to breathe and talk again if he ever came to my house. And my heart needs help to restart!


  17. “and he’s seen staggering around, eyes rolling around in his head, drooling and stumbling… ..(from Red carpet events to a casual date nite)”

    “but I don’t get totally falling down wasted… so wasted that I have to have my mates or body guard carry me to the car. It seems to be a regular thing with Lord Sparklepeen….”

    The hell? Um, is there video footage of all this debauchery? Cause that shizz would have been all over the internets, and you know there would be a gazillion tabloid bullshit stories: “RPatzz spirals out of control!” “Family begs Rob to go to rehab” “RPatzz’ father seeks conservatorship, mother at wits end”

    • if it;s not on tmz it doesn;t exist

  18. OOh this is my second post ever! I love you guys, and I sit giggling away like a school girl reading all your comments!

    Anyway, I have just seen a photo of Rob on RPLife, taken today at a studio or something and guess what… he has the REO Speedwagon T-shirt on! Seems its his current fave and can’t bear to part with it (like when I was little and had new shoes I’d wear them home from the shop and then argue with my mom that I wanted to wear them to bed!)

    Love me some DrunkRob too, but can I just say lets not be sending him to Rehab just yet, he’s a young british lad, he enjoys a beer or 2 with his mates – this I’m afraid does not an alcoholic make! (I’m from UK and trust me I know!)

  19. Happy birthday Moonie!!!
    I’ll send some RobPorn along your way k?

    So many people are born in May it’s unbelievable… So far I’ve been the only one I knew (not even kidding) that was born in May!

  20. Minut Passe just said the best thing:

    It doesn’t take much to get Rob drunk.

    I knew this and I love that she said it. I love that he is not so tough and just kind of easy.

    Rob is easy…

    • and with easy you might mean “HOT” ?
      YES! very HOT!

      • he does have one thing Hermes said- stained shirts!!!!

        • ahahahahaha!

          Stained shirts never bothered me…just all part of the package.

          Hmmmmm, package…..


  21. RG,
    I mean, he:

    1. doesn’t put up a fight
    2. is easy going

    just easy….

    • ahahahahahahahahahahaahhhahaha

      I love….and didn’t mean anything bad.

      Was that too much objectifying?

      Didn’t mean to offend…really…sometimes I just go crazy.

      • if that was objectifying…… name is always “Queen of England”!
        And thumbs down for being objectified can only give the Pretty himselve!

        Hello Rob
        I want to bang you…
        I mean, I’m drunk (or not)

        P.S. I am easy! 🙂

        • You are easy, Robgirl…that’s another thing I ❤ about you.

    • When you said “easy” did you mean…… 🙂

      • SB,
        I have no idea what I meant. I just like the word “easy” and “Rob” together.


  22. I think that if I was always under the watchful (read: fangirl) eyes of a very devoted fan base, I’d drink too. But also? He’s a young guy in his early 20’s who doesn’t get the opportunity to just go out with his mates to open mike nights without it being documented and tweeted about 3 minutes later. Other guys can. Leave him be and let him have the little bit of fun that’s allowed him.

    • Yes, let’s just let him be Rob….without any judgement, whatsoever

      Barack Obama

      • ha ha multiplied by a million!

        • Undecidedsten, Jules, Pumagirl, SB, RG, MP

          you are the coolest people.


          • that would be übercool, ask draska 😀

      • Hahahahaha!!! Lion, that what I call an edict. ILY

      • Lion you are all about the WIN.

      • win!

    • i think he handles the attention really well, and in fairness for a lad this side of the world in his 20s he seems angelic when it comes to drink!

  23. Happy Birfday, Moon!!!! Dontcha love sharing it with (me and) all the Mothers?!

    Rob was photographed AGAIN today in the REO Speedwagon shirt in LA. I mean I love a good new shirt too and I’m rockin’ my Goonies shirt again but I really hope you didn’t wear it Thurs & Fri too.

    • LOL I saw him in pics in that shirt again.. and I was like.. wait? Rob was wearing that here, then here.. I’m confused.. I need a REO speedwagon timeline… hehe I love Rob and his shirt recycling lol

  24. u know he did!

  25. does Rob ever look bad in a pic? thank GOD he didn’t show up at my house.. I’d ruin the pic.. hahaha..

    although the oprah scenario gives me a new “this could almost really happen” opener for my R rated (or X actually) daydreams.. knock knock.. Robs at the door.. and he can sneak back later sans camera crew and body guard and we can errrrr hang out

  26. Happy Birthday! Here’s wishing Rob or JT shows up on your door step!

  27. Ten years ago I was totally hoping Justin Timberlake would show up at my door like that, too. NSYNC love! ❤

    These days, if Rob showed up, I definitely wouldn't let him leave. Ever.


  28. Drunk Rob, Darcy Rob … Hot Rob. The things we would do…NC-17. Not for the faint of heart!!

    Happy Birthday!! LTT&LTR are great!! Thanks to your parents for having you and to Robs parents for having him and Stephenies parents for having her…what a combo but without all of you I wonder if I would laugh,er lust, every day!!??

  29. HI GIRLS…….

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOON…it’s Sunday….

    HAPPY MOTHERSDAY… all mamas…….

    @RG……@ Jules…@ML….@Puma…@SB…@ MP….I second every word you said…..(sorry if I forgot someone… but you know who you are 😀


    If Rob is an alcoholic……then I guess I am too….drink a beer……..or wine……..or ouzo every day…….


    If ya don’t want Rob with a beerbelly…….just say so… I’ll take him anytime……..anytime………at 30-40-50-60…90

    love you

  30. happy mothersday to all twimoms 🙂

  31. I’d just like to drink beer w/ him and see/hear him playing his guitar and talking about whatever he wanted to talk about! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TWI FANS!

  32. Happy Birthday Moon!

  33. where are u @mine,Bler or any ManU fans

    Poor Rob
    i always call u to change your team babe
    CHAMPİON CHE-LSEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  34. Happy Birthday, Moon!

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