Posted by: Bekah | May 7, 2010

Rob bringing sexy back… Finally

"and then, we'll drink prune juice, take a walk around the mall and go to bed by 7:45"

Dear Rob,

I’m not gonna lie, your hotness had been waning for me recently. There was a reason I barely talked about your Bel Ami pictures the past couple months- Mr. Darcy Rob doesn’t do it for me. However, that being said, the tides have turned. Suddenly it’s like it’s November 21, 2008 at 10:30 pm. I’m sitting at PF Changs with people who for some reason don’t want to talk about the MASTERPIECE of a movie we just got out of and would rather talk lettuce wraps. Um, no! I just wanted to go home and stay up till 3 am googling that GUY I saw on the SCREEN in those SUNGLASSES and in that PEACOAT. It’s like that… all over again… well, it’s a little different, because by now I know you’ve never owned a jacket resembling anything as nice as that peacoat in your entire life. But still.

I know I’m not alone in how I felt recently either. In convo with EastFriend and Too_Far_Gone yesterday, two friends I met through a shared love of Rob, the following statement was made about new pictures that Lainey posted of Ed Westwick (aka ChuckBass)

omg he would be such a dirty f*ck. but not in the way that rob would be a dirty f*ck – as in he hasn’t showered – i mean, a dirty f*ck as in positions, as in you wouldn’t be able to speak or move afterwards, as in cigarette immediately after dirty f*ck… is it hot in here?

When did your kind of dirty f*ck become the kind that can be fixed with a shower and not the kind that makes us want to run out to our local convenience store and pick up a pack of cigarettes? Oh I know, when you looked like the ancestral pictures of my family on the coffee table at my Grandpa’s house. That’s when. I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit. EastFriend even admitted today that lately you’ve only been in Freebie TEN status on her list- no longer in Freebie 5.

Sorry- that was a lot of negativity at once. I’m about to make it better because…… I think you’ve been looking smokin’ hot lately!!!!! YAY! It’s like Christmas, your birthday and $0.50 day at the Goodwill all at once! But what is it? What changed besides you no longer reminding me of my relatives from the old country?

A. Do you suddenly seem badass for standing up for your principals, i.e. telling David Slade to Hobbit-off?

"Hoodies aren't Serious"

B. Is it because a image from Eclipse was released and you’re in a HOODIE like a normal boy and not wearing clothes from another era?

C. Are you suddenly getting some regularly and it brings out a special Pattinson glow?

D. Is it because you’re freshly shaved? While I love the scruff from time to time, the last vestiges of your 23 year old baby face are killer.

E. How about because you’ve been seen with a GUITAR which means you’re writing new tunes and we can renew our dream of hearing a Rob Pattinson album some day!

F. And you’ve been seen in sunglasses!! Sigh.. you look so adorable in Ray-Bans…

G. Plus “airport Rob” is just an effable Rob. It must be something about you high up in the air, sipping on champy & using those hot towels in first class that just looks GOOD on you!

H. Does the idea of you playing Jacob from Water for Elephants soon and having your ‘thing’ pulled out of your pants by two slutty circus freaks SUCH a turn me on!? (of course)

I. Do you just stand out next to this freakin’ lucky family because they’re in PJs and for once you’re the best dressed in the room? (Sidenote: I know Oprah’s people TOLD them to wear pajamas, but I would’ve rocked a negligee, just in case!)

Is there really nothing different at all, but I’ve just really missed you!? I dunno, but it’s good to have hot Rob back!


What do YOU think? I know there’s a ton who never thought the hottness waned, but I also know I’m not alone. What are you feeling and if you do think Rob’s bringing sexy back, WHY do you think it is!? What has changed!?

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  1. Fisrt?! Really?!

  2. I don’t find Mr Darcy Rob hot either.
    In fact, I’ve never even read any of those Jane Austen novels. I’ve only seen Keira Knightley P&P once because I was forced and I was so bored I can’t remember what happened.
    But I do love these airport pics. And the Raybans pics. And the smiley Rob pics. I do NOT however like the pic of Rob with thatr family. Because I am seething with jealousy and hate them.
    And also if Rob turned up to my house just as I was waking up I would die. Not of hotness overload but of embarrassment! Who wants Rob to remember them with bedhair, eye crispies (Stephany Tanner, holla!) or sicknast morning breath? I probs wouldn’t thank O, I would be cursing her to hell.
    Have a lovely Friday, m’ladies 🙂

    • I am currently reading them because the girls made me. But srsly: fanfic is keeping me from reading normal speed. That why I’m still on like page 50 or smth *hides in corner and shames*
      I’ve seen the movie though and didn’t find it boring at all. I rather liked it actually!

    • Jayde-

      when I saw the pics of that family I was jealous at first-but then I realized that I would never want Rob to surprise me at my house (esp. in pj’s) because a) I would go into shock and stand there drooling b) my house would most likely be a mess b/c of all the time I devote to Rob and not cleaning. Not the impression I’d like to make.

      • DTD- agreed,

      • DTD – I still hate them for getting to meet Rob.
        But I would defs be cursing Ms O if she sent him early morn.

      • I feel the same way.
        I would have been afraid my house would be a mess, but if I knew the camera crew was coming over all of the clutter would have been shoved in the attic and the floors at least vacuumed. So as long as no one opened any closets everyone would be safe and I would look like such a good housewife.
        Still don’t know if I would want Rob showing up at my house though. I would hate to hurt my husbands feelings and scare the children when mommy just turned into a puddle on the floor after Rob walked in.
        Good thing this family didn’t listen to the people from the show. I would be cursing Ms O too if someone showed up at my house and I was in my PJ’s. I am embarassed enough when it happens with someone I know. The only good thing about it would be that Rob and I could both laugh about the fact neither one of us had combed our hair yet.

      • what if he came in and saw my robporn stash?!?!?!? how embarassing would THAT be!!!

        • or my six foot cardboard Edward? I’d wish for the ground to open up and swallow me.

          • That would make up for an amusing encounter, n’est-ce pas?

            -Rob, this is Edward. Edward, this is Rob!

          • You could also take a pocket Edward from under your Edward pillow and then pose with all that and real Rob for a photo.

    • *cough*

      excuse me, but Guy de Maupassant is no Jane Austen! there is way more banging going on (or at least implied) – you can trust French on that.

      • Jesus F**king Christ on a Cracker With Cheese!!!! I’ve gotta get my ass reading WaterForElephants like right NOW!!! Is there really such a scene in it where two circus slut/freaks play catch the trouser snake with Jacob? Phew, dear god, PLEASE, please let that scene be in this movie!!! Sheesh!

        • Yes, but he passes out during a BJ and ends up waking up naked in a trunk?

  3. all of them but

  4. p.s. why did you make a list with letters instead of numbers? Just wondering…
    And yes I’ve been missing my mojo lately too. Until of course Rob brought sexey back and made me want to jump him all over again… But in comparison to UC I have no clue why that is or was. I just want to again…
    Maybe it’s the anticipation of the hotness BelAmi will bring, or the anticipation of the leghitch BUT it is nonetheless there.

    And Rob told David Slade to hobbit-off? When? What the heck did I miss yesterday huh?

    Btw girls it’s Gozdes (from Robsessed) and RoseArcadias (she made the MotU and TCS banner) birthday today! I’d really appreciate it if you’d take the time to congratulate them on the post I dedicated to them:

    p.p.s. Is it only me or is everyone mentioning a cold shower these days? 😉

  5. ……..well, it’s a little different, because by now I know you’ve never owned a jacket resembling anything as nice as that peacoat in your entire life. But still…….. this made me LMAO

    I love “vintageRob” vintage as in circ1890 not vintage as in clothes from the charity shop that 6 people have owned before. The stills are hot hot hot when oh when will this film be out !!!

  6. Do we have the same brain?!

    I’ve been harping on about how since I saw BAFTARob, Rob’s not really been doing it for me, then in the last week the Robsession has come back full force! Why is this??! He’s just been looking hotter much recently. DarcyRob doesn’t work for me either – too clean shaven, too floppy haired.

    Is it just the camera or does Rob look a bit blonder in the pic with the Oprah family? I think Rob could rock some lighter locks.

    Smoking Hot Rob – it’s so good to have you back!

  7. He’s bringin’ sexy back. YEAH! Those motha-effaz watch how he attacks… YEAH!
    *rocks out to JT*

    • *moves like Stephen Hawking*

      • Not an Addikts rock, yeah!

  8. Ok…confessiontime……although Mr Darcy does it very much for me and I find him very hot…Georges sitting on that sofa/whatever…..come on…….so hot….I have to confess that after the finish of the shoot in Budapest… I felt a bit of…..low…down…..lowdown…lol….

    So I tried to “cheet” a bit on The Pretty…yeah…seriously, honestly……I cheeted with Henry…Cavill that is…he’s kinda hot…….well…… Did not work………did not work AT ALL!!! Nada feelings, emotions…desires…at all!!!

    So Rob….sorry honey……will never happen again!!!
    There is really nothing different at all…about you….I just missed you!!!

    Love you

    • Mel,
      I can’t believe you “cheeted” on him? What were you thinking?

      • It was a very lonely night mp…….what can I say….guilty as charged!!! Will neva do it again!!! 😀 trust me!!!

        • Sorry sorry sorry…….that ml…….not mp…..sorry honey!!!!

          • Mel.

          • Lion? You’re on here earlier than usual. Hiiiiii.
            Mel- I have a Viggo story (or two) but I’m afraid you may combust if I tell you.

          • Jules???? Don’t you trust me at aaalll??? 😦 try me!!! 🙂

            ML……..muah……….love you!!!

          • Ask RG to give you a hint in email and then tell me if you *really* want to know.

          • Jules~~~~

            *waves and blows kisses your way*


          • Jules……… are f*ing kidding me right???? OMG…can’t believe this!!!!
            How great is that!!!!! YES……I really want to know!!!!!

          • Viggo? Perks up….I need these stories elftwin! Please get them for me!

    • Agree Mel, although Henry is very hot too, he just doesnt captivate me. No intrigue there. He may be very deep in RL. But I’m just not feeling it. Rob however, feeling all the way…;-)

      • HC is very attractive, but doesn’t have the same type of charisma that Rob does.

      • Rob does something to me.


        • Something…SB??? Something??? Ok…lol…if that’s the word…thumbs up!!!!

          • Mel, something….well a lot of things that I have no words for. 🙂 You get my point haha.

          • A LOT OF THINGS……..I get your point…trust!!!!

          • there are words: Rob does EVERYTHING to me

      • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE is as hot as Rob……..checked it out…seriously… 😀

        • Rob…well he is the epitome of Hotness….

          Enough said.

          • YAP………..

  9. Forget the store and go straight to your finest dealer, I think you’ll need a very special smoke for sex with Ed W, just to ignore the belly and the loafers.

    But I was too off Rob and so happy about it. Not because he looked less hot but because I waaaaaanted to!!!! And now he’s back again. Fuck!!!!

    • I totally second the words “he” and “fuck”! Merci cherie!

      • Tell it, RG!!!!

        ❤ you.

      • Haha robgirl our undying roblove will never stop…we look for the positive in everything rob

        Example: he and fuck in the same sentence


        • misty…NEVER!!!! 🙂

    • You thought you would escape so easilly mp……non…..non…cherie!!! C’est ne pas possible!!!!

    • A special smoke for sex with Ed to ignore the belly and loafers?


      Well said, MP.


      • he’s too soft. And his eyes look “special”.

  10. The first pic of Bel Ami is the hottest still I ever saw of him, just my opinion.

    Of the rest I’ve zero preferences, I love him in all his films and from what we “know” and “see” of him as a “private” persona he’s just the HOTTEST guy I know with an endearing personality and a brilliant brain (read.. body)!
    I KNOW why I’m addicted and that doesn’t make things easier at all……

    all biased again today, pathetic and boring I know

    • I love him in all his films and from what we “know” and “see” of him as a “private” persona he’s just the HOTTEST guy I know with an endearing personality and a brilliant brain (read.. body)!


      • AMEN……..che……… you sista!!!!

        • back to u girl

    • Preach our Rob bible perfectly girl!

  11. Almost any picture of Rob gets my juices flowing but…….four words about Mr Darcy Rob: TOO MANY DAMN CLOTHES! He was swimming in those costumes and I think they overwhelmed him. And the floppy hair? BAD. But I am very interested in seeing Georges in action, ifyouknowhati’msaying!

    Speaking of WFE, I’m sooooo hoping the scene w/ the 2 circus sluts (and what they do to him after) makes it into the movie!

    • There was something ‘swimming around’ especially in the trouser area.

      • WHAT????? 🙂

        • You saw the gif of him running in his BA costume……

          • well….”saw” is not the right word…I inhaled it…

        • that gif had me leaning so close to my computer, I bumped my nose on the screen.

          • ROFL Jules!

          • @Jules ~ Bwahahahaha visual thumbs up waiting for you on Twitter!!

          • Cath – I needed a closer look, all that bouncing from side to side, well, I didn’t want to miss a thing.

            OMFG! Puma, thanks for the visual, nice pic. ILY

          • Totally normal Jules, just shield your nose the next time. 😉

          • There was absolutely ‘something’ to see there.

          • Cath- nose shields could be one of Drsaka’s inventions.

          • Add it to the list of outstanding Robprojects-

          • OMG where, where, where? I am so missing out, post it please!!!!!

          • What??? what did I miss while trying to make my dayly greek bred???

          • Mel, here you go, enjoy and don’t get a heart attack now!



          • Oh…….geeeezzzz…SB……I knew that…I thought I missed something…bigger!!!
            Uffff……….thank goodness………nothing bigger… 😀

          • that gif …
            swish swish
            side to side
            leeeft to riiight

            You are getting very sleepy, very sleepy…

          • Yep. Thats correct – Rob is trying to hypnotize us with his secret weapon(s).

          • Rob has weapons of Mass Seduction.

          • I may be hypnotized my Rob’s secret weapon, but I’m not sure that my response would be sleepiness, Jules. Sleepiness is later……..

          • Oh wow……..drsaka…….wow……..sleepiness is later…….. love it juuuust love it!!!

          • Drsaka – Yes, but we know that Rob give good half-asleep-just-woke-up loving cf Remember Me. 🙂

          • That’s true, too!

          • There is absolutely no chance of me sleeping tonight….like really zero chance!!!

          • Mel- see my question for under below your 12 Greek Gods comment!

    • You mean to say that in WFE there is a scene with the Jacob character and two circus sluts and they get…they get… (can’t breath) down and dirty and I have had the freakin’ book for over two weeks and have been reading “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” instead?

      • Read it! I don’t want to give it away. It’s definitely dirty but not in the “hot, dirty sex” kind of dirty, more like “it’s the 30s and they have no concept of hand washing” kind of dirty! That’s what went thru my mind the whole time I was reading it…”ewww, do they brush their teeth?” and “ewww, did he wash his hands after mucking out horse stalls?”

  12. I totally dug the Bel Ami pics. It brought to fruition so lovely Mr. Darcy/Captain Wentworth fantasies.

    That being said, the hotness has worn off for me (a smidge–I still wink at my NM Edward poster hanging in my closet every morning) and I think it’s because he’s probably off the market. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I thought the man was ever even going to know I existed, but if he HAS to be with someone why couldn’t it be with someone deserving of the jaw? Stewie just doesn’t do it for me.

    To me it is sort of cliche that they are together and it makes me roll my eyes a bit. Fall in love in a movie—-fall in love in real life. Gag.

    That folks, is how I turn a post about Rob’s hotness into Robsten dislike!!!!

  13. The sexy never left as far as I’m concerned. I thought Rob looked hot Bel Ami-I love seeing him outside of Twilight, and especially in a different era. Remember Me was good,but it was depressing and Rob looked-like Edward. I can’t wait for Bel Ami-Rob in real sex scenes! Possiibly naked (at least let us see his ass, please god)! Gah.And I’m especially looking forward to WFE-another totally different role, and a book I love. Rob hasn’t had a “look” that I haven’t found sexy.

    Bonus-no mullephant in either film.

    • ++++++++

    • I love me some DarcyRob too. I also have a fake lesbian crush on Uma ever since Kill Bill (and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, guilty pleasures). I don’t think anything could go wrong with this movie.

    • Yes, DTD, it would be very nice indeed if they would let us see his ass, even just for a moment. Hoping and praying.

    • “Rob hasn’t had a look that I haven’t found sexy”…..zillion thumbs up dtd!!!!

  14. Dear Rob, my acute fondness for you has waned slightly in the recent past, but the good news is, is that its back full force!

    Your mojo is working again and I can feel it!

    Yours in renewed fondness,

    PS- please show up at my house, but please do not show up unannounced. I’d need time to clean up and primp for you.

    PSS- anyone noticed how tall Rob is in comparison to everyone in that family? And he’s stooping!

    • Don’t bother for the cleaning, he’ll never notice.

      Funny thing is that he’s normal tall, not tall for a guy of his age, yet he’s by far the tallest in all the pics. Is the world shrinking and they forgot to put it in the news?

      • But I would notice!! And be embarrassed!

        He’s always the tallest! And he’s usually slouching- stand up straight Rob!

        Maybe we are shrinking.

        • Uma is supposed to be six ft tall, he looks just as tall as her in the pics.
          So in heels I’d be as tall(er) as Rob too, hmmm, yeah, think I like that! 🙂

          • Me too, me too. Although with KStew’s/Emilie’s really high heels I’d probl be taller than him 🙂

          • Ha! MP, let’s wear platform stiletto’s then when we meet him then. Well, let’s keep them in a bag, while wearing flats before he shows himself. I have a feeling Rob keeps the girls waiting instead of the other way around! 😉


            These should do the trick for being taller. Six inchers! (I feel my feet already)

          • @Cath ~ OMG I would def fall over trying those on and then have to buy them, too. (Saving face is expensive!!)

          • Cath- its a good thing that those are no longer available and $$$$, I might add, but I’d cripple myself if I tried to even stand in those.

            I’m tall enough for good contact with Rob anyhow.

          • well, I’m 5’10…just perfect for him!lol

          • What girls? You mean you don’t live your life in six inch heels?
            Who cost a 1000 dollars? Well, I think I’ll stick to wearing some ballerina’s when meeting Rob, don’t feel like being six ft5 ish and in severe pain even the Rob couldn’t cure. 😉

          • Rob keeping the girls waiting. hahaha! Remember when KStew said he spends more time getting ready (to go out)? But that would be without counting on my time management issues.

        • @Cath omg shoeporn… I need those. ASAP! Someone loan me $1000!

        • He is so tall and I would love to just look up at him! Me being shortie of course!

      • hahahahaha, that’s sooo true… minuit!
        Perhaps he had become taller, we know something about 6’1 from his set card, but that is years ago, so he might be a bit taller now, you know guys grow until 23y….., but even some centimeters more are not making of him a really tall guy…..weird that thing!

        • and…a tall guy here is supposed to be around 1,90m

      • Hahaha MP, he’d never noticed indeed. I think messed up for the average person means primp and proper in Rob’s eyes!

      • Well, he’s quite tall for an average Brit, let me tell you, I’ve been at gigs there where I felt like some giant, haha.

        • You know what they say about short girls though………right????

          • Yeah spill it Mel…

            Are you short too? Ok now I want to know what you are saying!

            Cath, those boots look painful! I can never wear those! I would fall on my face! I think I’ll stay short, ala-Emilie.

            You know my mother once told me, “it doesn’t matter in bed anyway.” And at that time I was mortified of course, her saying that to me in public with a bunch of her sisters there! Now I totally agree!

          • LOL…SB…I think I’m normal…….what can I say……1.68…is that short??? Dunno….ehhhhhhh…….but……you know…….I’m the right size/hight…I think…for the right things/stuff….whatever… you get my point…don’t make me say things. 😀

          • Mel

            Yes you’re the right size/height for the right things/stuff…uhmmmm, yeah honey, I see where this conversation is going.

            Just like my mama said.

          • Mel,
            Don’t “make you say things?” ahahahhahahahaha

            It’s a bit late for that right?

            “Things” have already been said.



          • IT IS ML…….it is……..toooo late………


      • WHO is thumbing down my girl??? school’s out?

        • Yep……school’s out!!!!

        • There are a bunch of thumb downs now-

        • It’s the latest thing at school. “Wanna come to my place after school and downthumb on LTR?”

          • WIN

    • He really is stooping down in almost every pic I’ve seen of him with fans. I’d want him to stand up tall with me… so I could climb him.

      How tall is everyone?

      • Katie S~
        You want to climb him? I like the sound of tree Rob.

        • Doesn’t it sound fun?? Although “tree Rob” makes me think of him doing yoga and that would be a disaster… a hilarious disaster though.

          • yoga rob?!?! in all those different positions????? here rob, let me help you get into that position.

          • Oh God. Yoga Rob.

            Downward (DOWNWARD! New name!!) facing dog.

            I have to go home now.

      • Yeah, hold on tight, spidermonkey!

      • How tall are you? Or how short?

        I like the idea of me staring up at him….:-)

        • Very good point…..staring up at him is good…….beautiful view from down…there!!!!

    • Drsaka – but do you “care”?

      • Ha! Your’e trying to get me to say my daily affirmation!

        I’ll strike when the time is right.

        • *patiently waiting
          pumagirl and I had fun with the whole thing last night.

          • I’ll be glad to contribute my two cents-

          • you don’t tweet. we are at our best late at night.
            late night tweet snark. yup.

          • @jules ~ time to bring drsaka into the SSBC.

          • OHHH shoot yes our SSBC is very awesome w/ our late night snark. wanna join?

          • Jules, I hope I can join the late night tweet tonight!

            For a while last night I couldn’t even log in, it was it was over capacity! HAHA

          • OMG, I’ll never have the time to catch up with all the feed but I did come across a certain “tasteful” “cheap&nature” jk and the adventurous driving. hahahahahaha!

          • Min- it is a lot. They kept me up until 2:30am

  15. I look at it this way, when the the whole world has gone crazy with volcanoes, earthquakes, a bloody catastrophic oil spill, attempted bombings etc., you need something to cheer you up…..

    1. Bring out Rob looking relatively happy with life;

    2. The next Sookie Stackhouse book.

    And we all feel better.


    • The mullephant never being seen again near Rob would make me very happy.

      • That was me! But would it make Rob happy? Probably not. That’s the ultimate goal, right?

  16. Love the prune juice reference. Uma looks like she’s in transitional labor in that picture. And while Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy still gives me night sweats, Rob in period clothing just doesn’t do it for me. There. I said it.

    • ‘Uma looks like she’s in transitional labor in that picture.’

      That’s really funny.

    • Hahah I love your transitional labor comment! I knew that position looked oddly familiar! Except it wasn’t Rob holding me during that time! Darn!

    • yes, I snorted at the trans labor reference


  17. I don’t mind the Darcy-esque costumes(and the “swing” down below is definitely ok), but I do not like his hair in Bel-Ami at all. For me, much of what I love about Rob has to do with that beautiful head of grabbable, hot, sexy hair. I adore airport Rob, he always looks hot after a hop across the pond.

    • the flat , greasy-looking hair (yes, I know its historically accurate with the hair products used then, but its icky) is not …. great.

      How how how does he look so good after long flights?? So not fair!!!

    • I agree. But Rob rocks the sex hair like no other so I wouldn’t worry to much! It WILL be back.

      • Thank heavens for that!!!

  18. I’m pretty sure that “having” Rob would mean not being able to speak or move afterwards whether he’s tweed Rob or hoodie Rob.

    • 😀 😀 😀

    • You won’t be able to move after “having”Rob? That sounds intense.

      • Intense is what we’re hoping for, isn’t it????

        • That’s why I like him. He seems intense during s*x.

          • WOW!!!!
            question …..for what exactly you needed the “*” in sex ?


          • Dirty girls.

          • RG,
            This “*” is always for you.


          • you made my day!!!! ❤

          • Ah who’s the prude now, using an asterisk to hide something, hmmmmm? LOL

        • It can only be iinntense with him!

          • We need intenseRob.

          • Very intense…..indeed!!!

          • draska haha after DrunkRob and the others, now we have intenseRob. rather we have to have him but that was not the point.

          • We still need intenseRob!!!!!! Just imagine-

  19. Rob in Bel Ami is no DrunkRob. That’s for damn sure.

    • Um. Your avi just killed me. thx.

      • And I too

      • these are PERFECT lips!

  20. Rob:-





    xox *sigh* EG

    • Agreed.

      As Darcy, Edward, drunk bum or interview rob:: it’s all good!

    • Yup, I agree with EG….

      HOT HOT HOT!

      And yummy!

      Misty: I saw your response to flavour/flavor…..I am not Canadian, I am And British……..but I did not know that Canadians included the U….

      At LTR you learn something new every day…….


      • I am British, not And British

        Silly typo!

        • Hey Barnes Girl! Am in Wandsworth…will do a Barnes drive through tomorrow, just for the laugh.

  21. Hi, girls:) I read you’all every day—and you are absolutely hilarious!! If you knew what my day job was, or rather, if the people at my day job knew I read this blog—well, it would all be over:). I just wanted to say thanks for being such a fun group of girls, finding the absurd (and the beautiful;) in evrything..and Cazza, I totes agree…the world is in some sorry shape, but when I come here every day, I can smile and be OK with it all for at least a few minutes. So, THANKS!!! xox

    • you are so sweet!

    • Hi DreamItDoIt!
      Come back soon.

    • Why, do you work for Summit? OMG, are you Stephanie Ritz or even better Steam the bodyguard?
      Just kidding, step by soon!

  22. DarcyRob is not my favorite, but it’s still Rob. He can still be DrunkRob… only on fine scotch or sherry.

    And HoodieWard made my belly to flip flops. I could look at him all day. Well, ok, I’d wipe off the pancake make up first, but still…

  23. Thank God Bel Ami Rob doesn’t do much for me either. There is no way I’d leave the theater with an ounce of dignity if he looked like Drunk Rob, Dirty Rob, or heaven forbid Oscar Rob. I’m nervous enough as it is!

  24. Holy Hotness Batman!! That first pic is enough to rival what I hope to be hot in Eclipse – leg hitch and the tent and the meadow after the fight… Wish I was that actress… Can’t remember her name cause of her co-star…

    • Your name is made of win, LegHitch!

  25. I too would rock the lacy pj’s. Have a great wknd all.xo.

  26. Dear Rob,

    Sometimes you’re a tiny bit less hot. (I know, blasphemy)
    Sometimes my eye wanders…
    But just for a little while.
    Rob. You’re hot. And now even hotter.
    Thank the Gods for Rob.



    • Maybe sometimes he has to just dial it back a bit. You know, restock the hotness supply.

      If he didn’t he would go around just incinerating everyone (read: us) and then where would he be? He needs us!

      • True words indeed Drsaka, he does it so we can survive!

    • 12 Greek gods…….and some other scandinavian too…..Cath!!! Thank you God!!! for Rob!!!

      • Mel- Cath and I decided that Rob is a muse. Why else would we spend so much time reading and writing things about him and he is certainly inspirational in may ways.

        We decided that he needs a proper Greek muse name. We came up with:


        Sorry about my highjacking of the (ancient) Greek language, but I wanted it to mean something like ‘beautiful union’.

        What do you think?

        And naturally, he’s the only male muse- no one is even close to Rob in the inspiration department.

        • LMFAO…………DRSAKA……… died me………..fell of my chair……..


          OMG……….I’m dead………………..

          gamerokalos=beautiful union……..

          I’m going to tell them to put this in the greek dictionairy…seriously………hahahaha…

          I’ll find you a better Robmuse name girls….trust me…gimme some time……..


          • Its based on my one year of ancient Greek in college, years and years and years ago.
            I gave it a try-

            gam- union or conjugation
            ero- erotic
            kalos- beautiful

          • Honey…….trust me…….you don’t want to hear how that word is translated into new greek though…………lol…………not that it wouldn’t fit him like a glove… just saying…………..

            I loooove your try though….really……….

            just this…….gam……is the root of the greek word for……f*ing….ok??? LOL….

          • Mel, you still there girl? Does it mean something dirty in new Greek??? Inquiring minds want to know now!

            Bring it on with the new Robmuse name then, you’re a Greek Goddess after all!!! I put my faith in you oh great Mel, hahaha.

          • I was going for the blatant double entendre, but give us another suggestion!

          • 12.09am………you are killing me girls…….and Cath…..i can’t think right now… but I will give you a gooood Robmuse name………..soon……..

            And means something dirty……..not bad at all….dirty Rob….. 😀

          • ROFL! See!!!! I just knew! As you were typing here, I was typing!
            I just KNEW. Nothing would make you laugh that much otherwise, oh resident Greek Goddess of LTR!

            Makes me like the name even more though!!! 😉

            Win, Drsaka, win!!!

          • That’s what I wanted it to mean!!! hehehe

          • Best convo ever, hahaha! Mel, I let you rest now, even Goddesses need their sleep!

            (meanwhile somewhere in London TomStu is laughing his ass off, as is Rob in LA, yeah I mean you, you lurking Gamerokalos, you)


          • You have great instincts!!!!!! that’s hilar!

  27. First pic: I imagine he’s taking her from behind.

    Oh I’m sorry, was there a question I’m supposed to answer?

    *stares some more. For the eleventybillionth time*

    • I’m guessing that its an overload of FF for you?? hahaha

      • if his hand moved up to her neck it could be a role playing chappie in MoTU or any of Tarasueme’s stuff.

        • I knew it!!!!

        • oh my…

      • No, that’s all my pervertedbrain I mean I can think of when I see that picture. I really haven’t been right since it was released (twss).

        So Rob Darcyson (Mr. Pattzcy?)’s sexy factor has gone way up in my book.

        I don’t necessarily adore the costume factor and overall look, but I mean, he’s supposed to be DOING things in this movie. A LOT. With a (oh dear God) WEDDING ring on in some scenes. I need this in my life!

        *stares more until eyes bleed*

        • The wedding ring KILLS me!!!! I don’t even know why.

          • *dies*

          • Meh, post fail. Try again:

          • somebody’s into foreshadowing?

          • We’ll be crying when it’s a real one.

    • @Aro ~ my first (and only) thought too. I mean, are other interpretations even necessary?

      • Other interpretations fail!

    • That’s what I thought… Red face shame!!

      • There is NO shame in that game Ms. “LegHitch” lol.

  28. Ron, meh….but I enjoyed this letter.

    EddieS looks vary vary nice in those pics…but not #HotAlex nice, but NICE

    • THUMBS Down, for my RON diss….I will also thumbs down myself. Now, if DrunkRon was around more, not just “newly found” old photos….the we could be a talking.

      • The “old/new” photos of DrunkRob from twitter last night? Yum.

        p.s. – I’m giving you a thumbs down because it seems like the thing to do.

  29. hoodieward + smileyairportrob = WIN.

    that is all.

    welcome back to LA rob. I’ve missed you!!

  30. Sexhairrob = follicle foreplay

  31. UC well now that you said that 2 girls are gonna take out his “thingy” out of his pants, well now I just HAVE TO read Water For Elephants nowwwwwwww!!!!

  32. Where is Keisha,
    I have a bone (hahahahaha, that’s so old, but funny here at ltr) to pick with her?

    lion (aka sap)

    • If you’re going to pick OUT a bone(r) for me I think you know which one I want.

      • ahahahahahaha.

        Just, HI!!!

        1. Thanks for making me laugh yesterday.

        2. I am such a sap.

        3. Boner you say? I wish I could help you out.


        • Hey Girl!
          The sap and maple syrup go hand in (sticky) hand, right? It was (meant to be) punny. #Fail

  33. I love me a Rob of all seasons, but I have to admit, I really like it better when he’s just wearing regular clothes, looking like an average man. Except there is absolutely nothing average about Rob!

    The hoodie pic is so awesome! I felt like we are connected now and I’m glad he was wearing that and not oldie looking clothes.

    Rob is hot in anything, anytime of the day or night!

  34. oooo pitting Airport Ed and Airport Rob is some tough stuff!

  35. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. thank god hes back!!!

    ILY UC

  36. You are so right. I mean, I’ll probably go see Bel Ami (who am I kidding, probably) but the pics from it are dull. When I saw the new Eclipse pic of Hoodie Edward, I was like, “YES!”

    • yeh very meh towards bel ami even with all the sexing!!

      brill post UC,
      answers have to be B hoddieward and E freshly shaven!! (basically twilight rob!!)

  37. *contemplating*

    yeah, Rob, let’s just get you out of these godawful period clothing [which just – let us be honest – doest do it for me] and into a bottle of heineken/my bed.

    but the truth is that i’d do you anyway, no matter how you look – and i know what i’m talking about, i’ve just watched “Ring of the Nibelungs” where you are not with a mullet, but actually wearing one! Now, Rob, you dont have any secrets from me left.

  38. Will be rereading WFE shortly…
    Thanks gals for all the visual brain candy!

  39. Yes, please.
    Rob and Ed Westwick. In the Freebie 5. Amen.

  40. I’m so glad that someone else noticed the hooded sweatshirt. I emailed my sister immediately about it with a ‘be still my heart’.

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