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Rob visits Vermont… sorta…

*Now that Rob is back in the states, it’s time to let him in on some of the fantastic places he’s missing out on. JennB wants him to come to Vermont and we kinda want to too! Rob, if you don’t we will!*

Oh these cities... give me Vermont

Dear Rob:

Sick of the city life? Tired of not being able to dine al fresco because of the fumes and the paparazzi? Weary of having your underwear selections so closely scrutinized? (Let’s face it, we all squealed when you chose the LARGE pair).

Then come to Vermont!

You’ll arrive at our first-class International Airport located in Burlington, our state’s largest city (maybe 50,000-60,000 people total) overlooking Lake Champlain, our state’s largest body of water. Several years ago there was an attempt to have it classified as a Great Lake, much to the chagrin and anger of the states who actually DO have a Great Lake. I know you’re an airport maven, and the 6 gates that construe the Burlington International Airport won’t confuse you. By the way, it’s an International Airport because Vermont borders Canada, and there are frequent flights to Toronto and Montreal. I’m happy to meet your plane and help you collect your guitar and dadcase (or are you schlepping a murse lately? What about the yellow bag?) and drive you in my M-van to your hotel (we have to stay in a hotel, or else my husband will get suspicious). We could stay at The Mid Town Motel, or the Bel-Aire Motel. How about the Hilton?

Whacky, wild, bustling Vermont!

I’ll take you to Burlington for a night on the town, where we can stroll up and down Church Street, the well-known pedestrian walkway lined with shops and restaurants. There are plenty of places to grab some good beers, so we’ll check those out as well. The Vermont Pub & Brewery is one of my favorite places to enjoy a beer, and we’ll be sure to get the pint-sized version of the beer sampler. Then on to American Flatbread, for some feel-good flatbreads (also known as pizza, but healthier and organic thus the “feel-good” sell). There’s an Army & Navy Store and a bunch of second-hand clothing stores, like Old Gold, to stock up on skinny jeans and old flannels since you packed so lightly. We’ll hit Nectars for some after-beers fries & gravy, then retire to the Hilton for our own dance party. The best thing is, there won’t be any photographers in your face! With a couple of days of facial-hair growth, your dirty jeans, and flannels, you’ll fit right in with the Woodchucks around these parts (we call the natives woodchucks). Just be sure to get yourself a Boston Red Sox baseball hat – people don’t take kindly to the Yankees in Vermont. They have a small-ish following, but I would say that Vermont overall is a part of Red Sox Nation.

Hmmm need more Vermont beer

The next morning, you express a desire for more beer and a rural tour of Vermont. Can do! We head south of Burlington and hit up a couple of local breweries, Magic Hat and then Otter Creek in Middlebury. If you want to head further south (!!!) we can go to Killington and to Long Trail brewery. There’s not a lot to look at after you leave the big city, but it’s a beautiful, quiet part of the world. Bring your camera, we’ll take some snapshots of you next to a cow, I’ll take you to a purveyor of maple syrup (you can only get maple syrup in the Northeastern part of New England) for some samples, then we’ll go look at some livestock. If you’re really drunk, you can attempt to tip a cow, but be careful because those bovines can move FAST.

If you’re interested, I could drive us across a covered bridge and I wouldn’t mind if you put your arm around me like the courtin’ people used to do. The bridges were usually a place where a kiss was stolen, so maybe we can consider them old fashioned dumpsters and steal some other stuff. Like I said, there’s not much to see around here. I’m perfectly content to just stare at you, personally. I think the best part for you is that you won’t be hounded by photographers and rabid fans. I think that the Twidom does have some constituents up in the Green Mountains, but we’re pretty laid back.

Perfect on your Eggo Waffle!

We can go hiking on part of the Long Trail, but watch your wonky legs. We can visit our state’s capital, Montpelier, with the largest gold dome in New England (I think). There are some other breweries to hit, then we can drive WAY up into the sticks and see the Northeast Kingdom. This is a part of the state that really hasn’t changed much in recent history. I think they’re now getting dial-up for their computers that are run off a generator, but I could be wrong. Now you’ll get some stares, as will I, not because of your fame but because you’re from “away”. Remember those woodchucks I was telling you about? This is their den and they truly don’t take kindly to strangers. We should back away sllooooowwwwwwly and head back to the city, where I’ll put you on your plane. No need for disguises or shielding your face, there won’t be any pictures taken. No need to get to the airport at least 2 hours in advance due to “ORANGE ALERT”, the longest I’ve ever waited in security is about 20 minutes. Besides, with your new sweatshirt from UVM and your Red Sox hat, you can enjoy some long-awaited anonymity.

Believe it or not, these guys make the best ice cream!

It might be boring up here in Vermont, but those who live here appreciate a slower pace, good local food, beer & wine, and the beauty that surrounds us every day. Not everyone’s a hippie, but overall, we love our state. Who cares that our ancestors probably fought one another in the War of 1812 and the Revolutionary War. For the Robward in you, there is a tribe of First People here – the Abenaki.  I think you’d love to unhurried, unpestered side of it all (unless it’s mosquito season, then you’ll be hurrying away from those pests). There are a lot of celebrities who live in Vermont – Ben & Jerry, Luiz Guzman, and Sandra Bullock’s sister. Mia Farrow’s brother lived here until just recently. There are celebrities who come here because they like the feeling of getting away from it all. Granted, you can’t find a decent place to have dinner if it’s past 8:00 (9:00 on weekends if you’re lucky), and we don’t get new releases in the movie theatres as frequently as the cities do, but we have electricity and running water for the most part, and it would be a great chance for you to get away from the flashbulbs and fangirls. Come to Vermont. I’ll show you all around….

Maple syrupingly yours,


Hmm maple syrup… Ben & Jerry’s… covered bridges…. let’s go to Vermont everyone!!!!!! Thanks JennB! Anyone else from Vermont, whats the best thing for Rob to do there? Where else should be go in the US (besides my house?)

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  1. LTT Party in Vermont!

    You should work for the tourist board 🙂

    This: “good local food, beer & wine” sounds fab….and endless B&J ice cream……

    Booking my flight NOW……


    • P.S. Caramel Chew Chew is my favourite (not favorite) flavour (not flavor).

      Goodness, we have alot of extra u’s!


      • Are you a Canadian, eh? like me, eh?

        well, I’m dual citizen of The States and Canada….first generation North American..I digress…

    • You’re welcome ANY TIME!!! I have a huuuugge tv, we could have a Twiweekend and totally geek out.

      • Phish food for me (it’s like a drug – I daren’t buy it because I have no self control when it’s in the freezer). And pancakes and maple syrup anytime. My absolute favourite (note the additional “u”) brekkie, though I must say all breakfast buffets in the US are verrrrrrrry good. I love American brunch parties – all my favouritest foods ever. Oh, I’m getting all hungry now.

        And I’ve been to Killington … it was cold and snowy … which was kind of the point of going there. I’d like to see Vermont in the sunny (hopefully) summer or the autumn.

        • Phish food FTW. I am so in tune with this icecream that I can echo locate the fish using a spoon….

  2. Great letter! Can I have a bottle of THAT maple syrup?! I think Vermont has it all water and electricity and Rob’s a happy camper me thinks.

    Favourite Flavour- Fairly Nuts. The clue is in the title.

    • hahaha
      Why couldn’t I see the comments before posting? OK, I take back everything I said about B&J. My favourite flavour is Fairly Nuts. Doh!!!

  3. I’m on my way for the hiking and drinking, sounds great, just promise you won’t insist on the Ben&Jerry, probably the worst ice cream I ever had. Wait, what? What do you mean I wasn’t invited? 😀

    • Not if you disparage Ben and Jerry’s!!!!

      • I sincerly adress my appologies to all who might have felt hurt by my outrageous Ben&Jerry’s remark. 🙂

    • Bad MP, hahaha, I even ate some B&J’s at the cinema while watching RM!
      No bashing the B&J now! 😉

      • Well, in all fairness MP is in Paris…where I have tasted some of most deliciuos icecream on EARTH (even better than Italy)! mmm….I miss Paris… was a tasty adventure….

        • I forgot to mention I’m not trustworthy because I have cheap taste in deserts and prefer industrial chocolate over great chocolatiers with the only exception of macarons and sometimes icecream. But I still think B&J is below even my very low standards.
          And now I crave icecream.

  4. Dear jennB,

    As your neighbor, I have to say that I love Vermont, very beautiful!

    Rob, you’d love it too.

    Did you ever do this? We made maple snow cones with fresh, clean (emphasis on fresh and clean) snow. Rob, I know this sounds icky, but its fun!

    My favorite B&J ice cream flavor (extra u omitted here, sorry PG11-BG11)- a tester flavor from years ago- Mandarin Chocolate. Loved it! But sadly it didn’t catch on-

    Yours in maple goodness-

    • Ha… you said “BJ”…. 🙂
      My favorite flavor WAS Cool Britannia, but it’s been discontinued. Give me their heath bar crunch or just plain old vanilla any time!

      • Ha! i just went to their website and they’ve discontinued a lot of classic flavors!

      • I remember Cool Britannia, it was my favo(u)rite, too. I bet Rob would have liked it, if only because the name would make him giggle.

        • It was the best flavour ever!!

    • We made maple snow cones, too! Aww, memorrrrriiiiieeees…

  5. ” I’m perfectly content to just stare at you, personally.”


  6. Now I want to go to Vermont.
    And I’ll skio the maple syrup.

  7. ‘we can consider them old fashioned dumpsters’

    Really, any structure will do, Rob. Just FYI.

  8. Great letter, JennB. Vermont is indeed a beautiful state (esp. in the fall when the leaves turn) . Perhaps after you’re done in Vermont, you’d like to visit another New England state-Connecticut. We have lots of celebrities who live here unmolested (Keith Richards, Christopher Walken, Joanne Woodward (RIP Paul Newman). I live in southern CT, which is just an hour from NYC. There’s plenty of culture and nightlife, if you want to go out (I’m happy to stay in, ahem) Think about it Rob-I’d be happy to show you around.

    • Rob needs a comprehensive tour around New England.

      • Absolutely!

      • We’ll start with my bedroom.

        • right to the point

          • Or my bathroom. Garage? Kitchen? Oooo…. I can see some 9-1/2 weeks action starting. Perhaps they’ll remake that with Rob. HOT.

          • I want Rob in 9 1/2 weeks, as well.

          • *Must see 9 1/2 Weeks and imagine Rob is in it*

          • u just died me keisha!

  9. Yay! THANK YOU, JennB!

    Dear Rob,

    Listen to my friend, Jenn. Come to New England. I’ll show you the BEST way to eat Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.

    Wicked Awesome-ly Yours,
    Katie S

    • p.s. – Rob, please wear this hooded sweatshirt when you visit. kthx

      • @Katie ~ LOL I have been tweeting about that pic and my hard love for Hoodieward this morning, too 🙂

        • Haha, I haven’t been on Twitter this morning. Oh, Hoodieward… nomnomnom!

          I know Bella wore hoodies in “Wide Awake”, but did Edward? #ihavenolife

          • @Katie S – I haven’t read WA *gasp – shock – it’s on my list* but Hoodieward does appear in CW&IA.

          • @Keisha I AM gasping about you not reading WA! i think it’s a requirement of some sort. I can’t believe I forgot about Hoodieward in CWIA. I think I need to reread.

          • oh my god do it -do it now!!!


            and it finding this link i think i’ve found myself reading this for the third time…..

          • Good thing I have tomorrow off for my birthday weekend. I’m gonna be busy reading I can see. JSYK if Just Wait updates that trumps all.

          • happy birthday! i literally spent (some could say wasted) two weekends on this… worth it

          • YES!!!
            he did
            that’s normal!
            if you’re not ok we’re not ok

    • Awesome, Katie! Maybe we should plan a NE Twilight meet-up….

      • That would be amazing. There is the convention in June at the convention center in Boston!

        • can you PM me the details? That could be do-able…. jennb33 at gmail dot com

  10. I have the feeling that the sentence…

    “we have to stay in a hotel, or else my husband will get suspicious”

    is valid in more states than just in Vermont! 🙂

    Love the first pic!<3

    and…the sis of S.Bullock is considered a vip in the states? ohhh

    • hahahha

      Yup….or province……lol

      ❤ u!

      • p.s. I like the pic of him in that sweater/blanket things with the bib on it….oh yeah nice jawporn there!!!

        Dear Rob,
        You’re killin’ me.

  11. The best thing is, there won’t be any photographers in your face! With a couple of days of facial-hair growth, your dirty jeans, and flannels, you’ll fit right in with the Woodchucks around these parts (we call the natives woodchucks)
    don’t know what we should think about Vermont boys
    good or bad?

    • Depends on how badly they smell. Sometimes they’re good and clean, sometimes not so much.

  12. Screw Rob (twss)! Sign me up for the Vermont tour. Sounds beautiful.

  13. Woot! Vermont!
    Come on, Rob, stop by the “Strolling of the Heiffers” this June (A clever-notreally- play on the Running of the Bulls, but your clumzy ass wouldn’t get tramped.). Why? Because its Cows. Walking down the street. And lots of drag queens. And Bread & Puppet. And lots of food. Uh, Awesome! There more cool VT stuff, but I’m tired. I’ll try to pop on later.

  14. Unfortunately I have never visited Vermont (sure…I want to…especially if Rob comes with me…) and unfortunately he will never come to my little city…so it is pointless to try and convince him otherwise!!!


    Because you girls are my therapy…seriously…you are my shrink……….I discovered two things today…

    1.People…obviously hate me….yeah…

    2.People …are a lot on twitter (had no idea!!!)

    Today I may have heard the sentence “hey Mel…your bf has a gf…you know that???”

    WTF……what bf??? (I wish)….what gf??? and why do my “friends” hate me so much???

    Thank you for listening to my problem!!!


    • oh, mean!!! Mel, you come to VT any time. We can pretend the supposed “GF” doesn’t exist.

      • Thank you JennB33…… you!!!

    • Melronin I was worried about you yesterday after I saw the news from Greece, I am glad you’re ok, but sad about your gossip mongerers.

      • It’s crazy in Greece these days….shitty situation!!!
        Thanks for the support….XOXO!!!!

    • Hello my ever avi changing Greek friend! People hate you? How can they???
      Just use your Greek Goddess powers to overpower them, haha.
      You hanging in there in your lovely country. Hope everything will get better soon there. Sad news yesterday with the 3 deaths…Be well there!



      • Hi honey…missed you!!! Yes sad things happen in Greece these days…we start killing each other now….we’re that desperate obviously!!!

        Oh what can I say….people say bad things about The Pretty to me….lol…but as long as I have you all…I’m good!!!

        Love you…Mel

        PS…my Greek Goddess powers???? Wow….I really have to use them…. 😀

    • oh mel we luv u here
      come here anytime u feel sad our greek sis.
      and i feel sorry for your lost yesterday 😦 but i support all the people who figth four their rights in greece
      i like anarchi

  15. Mmmmm… maple syrup + Rob = Enough Said

    • Maple syrup + Rob = diabetic coma

      • Snapped, that is the most special avi…i think it’s a bat with horns and lots of teeth.


        • That is the coolest avi! Is it a..vampire bat??

  16. would love to visit vermont – especially if Rob was there! Actually would love to be in Vermont or just about anywhere today – it’s election day and I’m in a foul mood. I cannot believe some people in this country and quite frankly after reading some of the election blogs I’m ashamed to be British. I could cry I really could, and I think I will.
    I’ve voted and now in complete disgust and sadness I’m off to look at pictures of Rob to cheer myself up.

    • Agreed. It’s a weird day today. Rob can hopefully lift us out of this. Ron for Prez!

      I realise we don’t have a president, but a monarchy instead. I don’t care. I’d vote for The United Nations of #IWBR.

      • I’d live there in UN of IWBR.

        • Me too. *sticks out bottom lip*

    • @mine i feel your pain,belive me had lived same situation 3 years ago

  17. Great letter jennB! Vermont sounds like someplace I would love to visit. Any place with that much beer is a great place! Sadly we don’t have a lot of beer in AZ, just cactus and tequila.

    • @3hboys ~ cactus and tequila sounds like a potentially dangerous combo!!

  18. Dear Rob, Vermont sounds like a good place for some down time for the two of us. I have some relatives there I haven’t seen in about five years or so. Maybe we could go stay with them. It’s always good to catch up and make new friends. Or if you prefer we could rent a cabin in the woods. You could hunt deer and I could make a nice venison stew while you play your guitar by the fire. Just think of the memories to be had. Horse back riding would so suffice as well. We could stop for a picnic and a quick make out session. Let me know what works for. I’m open to any suggestions you have.

    • I’m picturing Rob cleaning a deer and I am laughing like crazy.

      • Dying…. that is a hysterical visual….

      • eww-I think he’d pass out.

  19. Yeah! Rob all blooded up. Yuck!!! Oh well guess I’ll have to bath him.

  20. Vermont will now be known as Vermount in Rob’s hono(u)r.

    • Louves it.
      Wait, did you say MOUNT? I think you did! Hurrah!

  21. Oh how I love some Woodchuck (that’s what she said) cider and now I know how the name came to be too! Hell after reading that @JennB I now want to move to vermont! You guys have great BEER and ICE CREAM Whats not to love! Of course I will have to wear my CUBS hat…sorry I wouldn’t be able to trade in my cubbies for the Red Sox.

  22. From #ZodiacFacts# To be able to keep a Taurus man you must be stable lmfao… And affectionate. Well one out two isn’t bad.

  23. “The bridges were usually a place where a kiss was stolen, so maybe we can consider them old fashioned dumpsters”-LMAO!!!!!

    I’d love to visit VT-the home of B&J is my home too! My favourite (ooooh, that’s weird to type w/ a “u”) flavor is Oatmeal Cookie Chunk and my stupid grocery store stopped carrying it. My ass is thanking me for that, though. It said it couldn’t possibly get any bigger.

  24. Dear Rob,
    In my dreams you smell like maple syrup…don’t know why…you just do.


    • WIN!

    • That mountainlion is such a sap. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!) *ducks*

      • I am totally a sap, Keisha! hahahahaahah


    • Maple syrup……and a lot of other sweeeeet things too!!! 😀

    • Hahahaha, wow that’s new ML. 🙂

      In my dream he smells like Skittles. Taste the rainbow.

      • “Taste the rainbow.” Hahhaha, love it SB!!

  25. Ahhh, Vermont is for Lovers

    “like the courtin’ people used to do” Love it! Kept singing the song, “Goin Courtin’ from the musical “Oklahoma”.

    JennB33’s beer and bridges tour sounds fabulous!

  26. Great letter! I grew up in Vermont and went to UVM but now live in the Boston burbs. There really is so much to love about Vermont not the least is the awesome scenery, great outdoor recreation, and all-around laid-back vibe. Phish came out of UVM the same year as me (yep, I’m old) and I’ll never forget Nectar’s fries-and gravy! I remember both Ben AND Jerry scooping ice cream out of the converted gas station on St. Paul Street back in the late 70’s, it was great then too. I think Rob would like it there — no masses of people running after him and frankly, I don’t think too many people in Vermont would care who he was…lots of famous people have second homes there.

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