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Rob on Oprah… what WILL she ask?

Dear Rob,

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY. It is the day when Chicago FINALLY becomes interesting* and you show up to grace the stage of the Oprah Winfrey show for the big Eclipse- Twilight saga taping between you, Kristen, Taylor & Dakota that will air next week on your birthday!

Will she ask you and Kristen “THE” question.. and will you answer it? Remember- this is the woman famous for causing a really normal guy- Tom Cruise- to become really weird and jump on her couch, declaring his love for a girl that once had a schoolgirl crush on him and wore a lot of American Eagle clothing. Seriously. Don’t let Tom Cruise happen to you. This morning you’re just Rob- really normal British guy- and tomorrow you’ll be jumping on couches, talking about how Christ was a scientist or how medicine is bad or how Brooke Shields is the devil or something….

Leave the jumping to Taylor (And the photoshopping to people with photoshop installed on their computer)

Leave the Tom Cruise-isms to Taylor. It’ll be cute if he jumps up, jokingly declaring that Swiftner IS, in fact, real, and in the middle Oprah throws out a curve-ball to HIM- “Taylor, when did you realize you were gay?” How will you react if Taylor admits it? Are you prepared to offer up Tom Stu as a potential mate? Do you think they might make a good match? What if Kristen & Dakota reenact a scene from the Runaways and start feeling each other up on the Oprah couch? Imagine it now Rob- You’ve turned into Tom Cruise, Taylor has a melt down because he realizes HE is actually the one allergic to vaginas and he’s about to see some from the girls who are making out right in front of him. Is this really Oprah? Sounds more like Jerry Springer to me! Next thing you know Oprah will bring Nikki Reed in from backstage to add to the drama while Ashley Greene comes down through the audience wearing the latest product she’s sponsoring- nothing.

I threw out a question to the twitterers about what you might show up wearing today to the taping. There were some great suggestions:

The ever classy Armisette said:

I’m hoping for a casual suit w/white button down, no tie, a la CBS morn show

The one who knows you all too well, katytx77, told us:

the today show jacket with the torn cuff on the arm. U know his mom had that in the goodwill bag and he nabbed it.

And libbyrenee, the one who clearly thought about it long before I asked the question, added:

if he dresses himself: the new jeans, tshirt, plaid on top, sambas or nikes. if he doesnt: nice gray or black suit with a button down shirt

"Have Mercy" if he pairs a flannel with this

But it was after JGroismyEdward tweeted me that I figured out what I know will be happening today! Oprah will let you dress yourself. Maybe you’ll try to go classy to please armisette & throw the Uncle Jesse Blue blazer over a flannel over your conan shirt. And depending on how much Malort you drank the night before, you may or may not come wearing pants at all that match. But about halfway through the segment, after Oprah makes Taylor & Dakota answer honestly whether or not your lack of fashion skills ever embarrass them (they do), she will bring out the up and coming stylist who was lucky enough to sit next to her at an Obama fundraiser and became her pet project to MAKE YOU OVER! Good-bye mom jeans and Conan T-shirt (Can you hear Moon screaming NOO!!!?), Marks & spencer underdrawers & Uncle Jesse’s date night jacket circa 1989. Hello hip, hot, fashionable Robbie-pie! And while you’re in the back getting poked and prodded by a VERY lucky stylist, RACHEL RAY will treat the audience to her homemade GORMET HOT POCKETS! You will even get to keep the recipe, Rob, so that in your rented LA home this spring, you too can make your very own gormet hot pockets, in 30 minutes or less, of course, looking very hot & fashionable while doing it!

But…. at press time (12:18 am Wednesday morning) there has been no sign of you in Chicago, so what if, after all is said and done, you’re just there via a satellite FEED or something. How will we know if the spark between you and Kristen is true love or not when Oprah asks the inevitable question? Will we be able to feel the chemistry with you on camera & Kristen live in the studio ?

By humping this dead bear, you will see how much I care for you...

Maybe you should see if Kristen can pick up a bear-skin rug before she goes on stage. That way, when Oprah asks and you gaze at her lovingly through an HD video projector, Kristen can whip out the bear-skin rug, lay down on it and give you the sexy-eyes, so that we can have a visual & truly understand the depth of your feelings for one another.

At the end of the day though, Rob… my advice to you is to just use this Oprah time as cheap therapy … Talk about your Kristen woes- does she get the toothpaste cap all messy? Rag on David Slade- is he just jealous of your great height? Lament about Patty or Hell, even throw Summit under the bus… Because we all know there is one reason and one reason only as to why you are all taping this show an entire WEEK before it airs. That’s right… your tendency towards verbal diarrhea and staring at Kristen’s legs. The great powers of editing will no doubt be inflicted on this show. And, after having studied your interviews at length, i have to wonder if we will even end up hearing you speak during this Oprah show. Suddenly, the need for Dakota and Taylor becomes, oh so much clearer…….

Can’t wait to see how it all turns out,

*I think there’s this Philly-girl thing in me that means I have to hate Chicago because it’s a city of a similar size but with worse pizza. Plus I went there once and the crazy-ass wind blew my skirt up and a boy I liked saw my panties. They weren’t cute. True story. Seriously Deep Dish= Grossgusting

So what do we think might happen today!? Will Oprah ask THE question? Do you think the audience will have to sign something not to spill the secrets. Do you think it’s possible we REALLY won’t hear!?

Rob/Couch .gif found on the internet. (seriously I don’t know where- from lissashoff on twitter!)

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter


  1. I never considered the possibility of just a live video feed. I would be tres disappointed if that were the case.

    That said, Oprah + Rob = guaranteed greatness. I’m sure of it.

    PS. I’m disappointed that you and Moon are not making an appearance, UC. Someone needs to rep the normal folks out there.

  2. Do you think Oprah will wish Rob a happy birthday, maybe even bring him out a cake, since it’s actually airing on his bday then Rob will get all confuzzled and tell Oprah to get her facts straight thus ruining the moment.

    • Rob + cake = EPIC WIN!


      P.S. Did he once say he didn’t like cake? Or did I dream that?

      • We know he likes cupcakes, maybe she could go with those.

      • Unless Robbie is smeared in his birthday cake, (I’d lick it off) other wise, I’ll settle for seeing him in his birthday suit.

  3. Dear Oprah

    Please ask RP why he stayed an extra night in London….was it to be with me?


    • do you know smth we don’t? :-b

    • You are soooo naughty BG!

      • True story! xx

  4. Oh. My. God.
    That gif is f*cking WIN!!!
    I seriously LOLd.

  5. I just watched the gif for like 5 minutes.. I soooo want to send it all my friends, but I don’t think my RL friends would be nearly as amused as I am..

    • It’s hypnotizing, right?

    • What an awesome .gif! I couldn’t stop staring either. Then I remembered how much I hate Tom Cruise and became irrationally annoyed with Tom Cruise.

      And now that the reason behind searching for Rob on a bear skin rug has been explained, I can replace the visual Twitter assault that was Burt Reynolds on a bear skin rug.

      Bee Tee Dubbs: My Grandma used to have that EXACT Cosmo centerfold of him up in her bathroom when I was a kid. TRUE STORY. It still haunts my dreams.

      • THIS –> My Grandma used to have that EXACT Cosmo centerfold of him up in her bathroom when I was a kid.

        Hahahahah! I kind of love your Grandma. I might be the Grandma with that photo of Rob in my bathroom.

        • My grandma was a total pervy cougar. She looked like Katharine Hepburn when she was young, loved younger men and she read Playgirl.

          This HAS to be where I get it from.

      • I saw that Burt Reynolds pic last night too!!!!! Ewwww, that’s funny that your grandma had that poster!

        • I know that pic was SICK NAST.
          I’m glad we have an answer to that assault.

          • He had so much hair, I mean I thought he was the bear!

            *cringes. Brain bleach please.

          • A bear as in GAY man bear, or a bear as in THEY’RE NOT BEARS, bear?
            This ickiness can go up a whole ‘nother notch. Which bear? Which?

          • Jules…haha ok I think a Bear like “they’re not bears!” LOL

            But it’s just gross…all that hair, I dunno, sorry, Rob has lots of hair too but this was just odd and disgusting hahahha, please no offense to Burt Reynolds fans! Sorry

            How come I love all of Rob’s hairiness(chest, arms, legs) but not Burt’s?

          • @Jules bwahahahahhaa BEARS FOR BEARS. You are the best. ILY.

          • Puma – ILY too, bb.
            SB – Maybe you should think of Burt as pooh, paddington or yogi bear. Suitable bleach material. non?

          • @Jules— The “Bear” gay dude comment would have been perfect in the Robbie sleeps with teddy bear blog the other day.. –awww.. how sweet is that?
            Do you think TomStu would qualify as a TeddyBear?
            A slightly …. delicate …but sweet little cupcake bear?

  6. Have m e r c y, TRUTH!
    Seeing Rob at the mtv awards with that Color me bad jacket is what started my downward spiral into this.
    Here’s hoping for #Mediatrainingfail.

    • I am so concerned about the whole media approach, like Tweens who are anxious about the leghitch. 🙂

    • Oh I have nothing but love for that colour me badd jacket.

      Ooh ooh ooh, I wanna sex you up, tick tock you don’t stop, to the heart, tick tock you don’t stop…

      Just outed my age there.

    • LOLOLOL Color Me Badd jacket!!! ROTFL. Bwahahaha.

      I used to love them. *hangs head in shame*


      • #pumaisNOTlame

        Anytime someone sings about wanting to sex you up, you listen!
        I adore, mi amor!

        • hahaha thanks, Keisha 😀 Whenever I think back to the early 90’s I want to pour acid into my memory bank. Color Me Badd, Vanilla Ice. HAMMER PANTS. Oh the tragedy.

          • Dont go forgetting NKOTB!

  7. Dakota and TayTay are going? zzzzzzzzzzz
    They should have brought Kellan, that would insure some God wierd talk, Tom Cruise style.

    Are you telling your foreign readers that Oprah’s viewers can’t handle the word vomit and prefer clean Dakota&TayTay? So we’ll have a you can look but cannot (touch) hear moment?Noooooooooooo
    Because if it’s only Summit, might as well skip the whole promo (oh the tragedy) and go directly to Bel-Ami.

    • ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ LOL my thoughts exactly….snoozeville

    • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz is right.

    • Yes, I’m with you, MP, skip the Eclipse crap and go directly to BEL AMI. I cannot wait!

      • Good one TOO……….directly to BEL AMI and the pic of yesterday….please!!!!

  8. Tay Tay and Dakota are too dang professional and careful with their words for my taste. That’s what make Rob so great to watch in interviews—you never know what asshattery will spew from those luscious lips.

    Kstew…whateve. She won’t be able to speak anyway. We’ll get broken thoughts and sentences. Even the Great Oprah will give up and move on.

    I’m terrified that they will use Oprah as their platform to “come out” of the dating closet. I’ll have to bleach my brain out afterwards and try to imagine a world before Robsten. {Shudder.}

    He’ll do something stupid like profess his undying love to her and I’ll have to reapolster the furniture because there is no way all that vomit will come out.

    • Reading this I realize that I need to get a life. Seriously.

      • No! Because then I will need to get a life, too. And I don’t want to admit that.

        • Seriously.

      • no kat i absolutely agree with u you’re totes normal

      • Yeah no. This would put me too in the no-life category with you. So stop it. You’re normal. Dammit.

        *convinces self. Again.*

    • Yours won’t be the only vomit-covered couch if that happens (please god no). That would really kill my Rob buzz (at least until Bel Ami opens-they’d better hurry up & move that date up). Blech.

      • ….kill it dead

    • If they come out as couple, i’m sure Eclipse will fail at box office. Let’s be honest, the speculation of their romance is the main attraction for twilight saga. No one will think they are serious actors. My two cents.

    • THIS *spreads arms*circles them around* has become my life.

      Even the hubs has accepted and bought me my own laptop so he doesn’t have to even deal with this stuff.

      No more “target” folder for me!

  9. I hope Rob wears the outfit he wore in the MexiRob pic with him sitting in the chair…that will do it for me…who am I kidding he could wear a potato sack and I really wouldn’t be looking at his “clothes”…..mmm

    • I know-who cares what he wears? He’s still going to look better than anyone else there. But it would be nice to see the suit he wore to the View.

      • oh yeah that was hot too….nice call dtd

        But I do hope Oprah asks if Robsten is realsten b/c noone tells Oprah what to ask and say. Noone. She is the boss.

        • Oprah is intimidating. She’ll call you out for being a liar, just like she did w/ James Frey. Don’t let her make you cry, Rob.

          • RE: James Frey… That episode made me SOOOOOoooooo uncomfortable.

            I had read A Million Little Pieces and was pissed when I found out it was all BS, but man oh man!! She treated him the way my father treated me when I was caught lying about spending the weekend at a girlfriends when I was really in Mexico drinking.

        • I’m also hoping for a proper answer to the question that has plagued mankind throughout the ages. Frankly, at this point it will just be a relief if they come out. Enough with the hedging already, and stop boring us to tears with your fake coyness.

          • Despite the obvious I still want to remain firmly in denial for like ….ever

          • 🙂

    • Or the gray suit he wore at the View…with the very, very tight pants. *gulp

  10. It will be …. boring. Like almost all group interviews are on Oprah. They are edited to death, she talks over everyone, and no one says anything of consequence, so you wonder why you bothered to dvr it.

    Will she ask about Kristen and Rob’s relationship? Yea, and their answer will be boring, and then she will cut to commercial or ask Taylor to do backflips.

    • or push ups or take of his shirt all while the crowd is screaming and Oprah too in here monotone yell…and I SNORE.

      • 🙂

    • Comment win. Hilar.x.

  11. Dear Rob,
    Do: wear nice, tight pants for Oprah.
    Do: word vomit all over the place.
    Do: make all those weird expressions I love.
    Do: talk about TomStu, the Britpack, Bel Ami, your modesty patch

    Don’t: wear the M & S jeans with the weird wash.
    Don’t: Look at, sit near or talk about the mullephant.

    Looking forward to seeing YOU on Oprah,
    xo, me

    • D2D – I love you.
      Rob should wear the leather pants and crushed velvet jacket.
      Holy hell, that would be WIN.

      • Any of his old clothes would be highly amusing, but I’d love to see the gray suit again.

        • I’ll start praying for the grey suit…..this minute drsaka!!!


          should I pray for him taking of his shirt…like misty said!!!!


          some old jeans with looooots of holes in them and the black v-shirt….sigh???

          can’t decide……….. 😀

    • Ha ha win!!

    • He’s gonna do the DON’Ts, i’m sure .
      I think the show will be word snoozing..zzzzzzzz

    • +11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

  12. I hate Oprah and her retarded audience. I hope Kristen bitchfaces oprah till she cries.

    • I think Oprah means well, but is “slightly” out-of-touch with middle America. I don’t think I will be purchasing the $500 wrinkle cream because it’s one of her favorite things. I have always wondered if the audience receives make-overs before airing. Or does Oprah’s peeps pick and choose the beautiful, chosen ones?

      • haha-I’ve noticed that too-her audience always looks perfectly made up. I agree that she’s not in touch with middle America-on her show once she said she likes her sheets changed every other day. Yeah, maybe if I had a house full of servants I would too. Or if I didn’t spend hours reading fanfic.

        • A friend of mine actually got to be in the audience and she said no makeover was given. She’s really cute though. . . Maybe sometime I will have to bring out the “hobo” look, courtesy of Rob, and try to get on the big “O.” Hmmm. . . This would be a wonderful study in social psychology.

    • I think it could be the other way round!!
      No way they could have done this live rib wouldn’t be able ti handle oprah!

      • Is Rib the new Ron? I loves it!

        • I phone fail!!

    • Oprah could out-bitchface the bitchface.

  13. For once I am within driving distance to Rob. . . I am suddenly feeling tingly all over, like I know he’s getting close (that’s normal?). I wonder if my husband and children would notice my absence, if I took a robtrip. . . Hmmm. I just may have to lay the smack down on all those BIOTCHes standing in line for Oprah.

    UC – Chi-Town ROCKS and so does the pizza. Plus, it is #3 (behind LA & NY) in size. Sorry, but the only thing that rings a bell (no pun intended) when I think of PA are the Gosselins. Plus, fancy panties are required in CHI, just incase of wind mishaps.

    • I wonder if Rob asked to ride Lucy, the dinosaur at O’Hare.

      • Only if Lucy were an elephant. . .

      • Since I’m a dinosaur already, if I changed my name to Lucy, would he ride me?

  14. Do I take any vacation time off when my parents are visiting at the end of the month? No. But I am seriously considering taking the afternoon of the 13th off. Let’s see what the crazy biatches on Twitter have to say today and see if this is a good idea.

    • Rob on oprah is an extremely valid reason to take a day off work! Not like ull be very productive thinking your missing all the cringe answers he’s goin to give to oprahs emotionally deep questions!!

  15. You just know Oprah is going to have Rob, Kristen & the rest of the cast sign the “No Phone Zone” Pledge.

    • Rob can’t drive, or use his phone, so I don’t think we have to worry about him!

  16. Oprah is a big deal in the states, right?
    So she might make him finally SPARKLE……..

    clothes? Or nothing or the grey suit, as it’s almost the same…

    • yes grey suit was VERY nice

      • haha, I might say…the tight pants were nice!!!

        • you win. x

          • the pants???lol

            so he didn’t wear them and …….she asked about them
            and he did great jokes

            he will have a baby


  17. Any thing rob wears works for me. Just hope his pants are crotch enhancing. Surly there will be lots of leg shaking and hair fussing excitement to be had by all!!! I will be hanging on his every nonsensical word. I might pull a Tom Cruise myself and jump on my couch in tribute to Rob!!!

    • crotch enhancing-I love it! Not that I think Rob’s crotch needs to be enhanced.

      • Imagine Rob’s BI as part of the plans to BD to be 3D! (jk)

        • bahahahahahahahaha
          MAJOR WIN!!!
          The sparklepeen in 3D!!!

  18. OMFG! Hahahaha, that gif is priceless. I am DIED.

  19. What day is this show on so I can DVR? Also I heard that Rob is also appearing on Ellen. Is this true. Does anyone know when that will be on as well. Again DVR.

    • Why yes, let me consult my work calendar. #thatsnormal
      Oprah airs May 13th (next Thursday)
      Ellen airs May 19th (2 weeks from today)

      • Spanks, and yes that is normal! Now transferring said dated to my work calendar.

  20. “By humping this dead bear, you will see how much I care for you..”


    We’ve already established…. They’re not bears.

    That “thing” he is humping is actually poor little Seth.

    • LOL! New meaning to edward & seth’s ‘friendship?’ Bella might’ve ben breakable but not Seth?

      • “Sit, Boo Boo, Sit. Good dog.”

  21. Oh My Rob! Thanx 4 th mention! U guys r some of the funniest peeps out there on the WWW so its an honor. Glad I could help in watever way possible, tho I was probably brain-dead from lack of sleep… luv ya lots & keep it up…(um…that’s wat she said? Stil brain dead)

  22. So….. it’s time for filming to start. I wonder if Rob is already regretting agreeing to do this. I’m sure when Nick asked him if he wanted to do the big O on Cinco de Mayo and then again on his birthday he thought it was something else.

    *Educational moment: Is Cinco de Mayo celebrated (read: used as a reason to drink) in other parts of the world?

    • Not inthe uk but we just had our mayday bank holiday wknd. Pagan invented drinking holiday #Fact.

      • Thanks, GGGP! I’ve been educated and my brain is getting another wrinkle.
        Love a good made-up drinking holiday!

  23. Is it just me… Rob gave better interview with Emilie De Ravin for RM than he ever has when paired with KStew…?

    • Please don’t offer a platform for kstew bashing it’s just to difficult to resist ha ha!! Costume institute Chanel=further dislike.


        LUV U

      • @undecidedsten Thumbs WAY up. I *LURVE* Chanel something fierce, but that was less than zero.

        • it takes a special person to make chanel look less that zero.
          acutally that was just mean, wasn’t karls finest creation in fairness.

      • its like they get into an awkward downward spiral…

        speaking of downward spirals–the chanel dress, loved the top half but wtf happened to the lower half?

        but alas this is LTR, so I am off to look at some JawPorn and return to my happy place!

        • *died*

          • oh my God
            *mouth wide open and drolling..where the eff did he come from???

  24. OK, I’m from Chicago and even I have to admit that deep dish pizza is nasty. Too much dough (and often not thoroughly cooked), not enough toppings.

    Rob, if you want GOOD Chicago food try Al’s Beef or Greektown. Opaaa!

    I so wanted to go to the Oprah taping, but I couldn’t figure out how to sign up. The lottery system for tix is way confusing, and there was no way to indicate you wanted to attend this show.

    I guess this means the audience will be hand-picked to include only the wildest of Twi-nut-cases. Yay, more exposure for the looniest Twi fans who make us second-hand embarrassed.

    I hope there are at least some “That’s Norma!” fans like us there.

  25. By the way, Chicago aint all bad. We all just need to remember to wear our sexiest panties if we go with a skirt.

    • WIN!!!

    • If we all wear our long khaki Bella skirts this won’t happen.

      • stephanie was all about the practicality!

    • Yes and try to do it ala-Marilyn Monroe, you know when her skirt is lifted up!

  26. OKay, so maybe I’m out of the loop here, but as I am a HUGE Twilight fan, I am wondering when the twilight cast is going to be on Oprah? Everyone is talking about it in this thread, but I dont know when! I can’t find it, but Im excited! Please help!

  27. So…according to twitter…he wore shirt and pants…and he looked great as always..

    Oprah asked THE question
    he said she is pregnant
    she said he will have the baby


    well, can’t wait to watch it !!!

    love u Rob!

    • Thank you God!!!!

    • This explains the Bel Ami fluffy tummy.

      • LMAO!!!

      • +1

  28. So, the tweets coming from the taping of the Oprah show say that Oprah asked them the QUESTION, and Rob deflected with a joke about Kristen being pregnant. Gah! *shakes fist in the air*

    • i think this is the interview i won’t be able to watch!!

      • I already know that, based on how I feel reading all the twitter crap, the interview will make me want to vom.

        • projectile

          • The least he could have done was come up with a better joke. The whole pregnancy thing is so last year.

            Sorry Rob, I adore you, but shit is getting old dude.

          • @Robjunkie

            hear hear!!!

          • it’s the only time he annoys me is when he plays along with that cover up, u know who wears the pants in that relationship….

          • still couldn’t handle him actually admitting it either!!!

          • I mean, what are they guarding, state secrets or something? Or are they worried they might trigger the apocalypse?

            Oh Rob, we promise not to cutabitch *cough Kristen cough* if your love is realz. Oh the shank I’m holding? Er, that’s just something I made in craft class. Definitely not for Kristen, nope…hahaha, I’m not crazy, hahahaha. I really don’t need the meds anymore, cause I’m not insane.

          • none of us are!

            if they had come clean earlier it could have been racheal mc adams ryan gosling good…. no actually rachael mc adams smiles.
            (i know i know jealously isn’t becoming!)

          • I don’t know if it’s necessarily about fans being upset (or overjoyed or anything else they might be). I think, from a business standpoint, when you have two leads in a real relationship, it takes the focus off the characters and the story; their coupledom becomes the “third character” on the screen. Then all of a sudden it’s, “Oh, this is a real couple kissing; oh when she said, ‘I love you’ is that the way she really says it; oh I read they’re fighting, were they mad at each other when they filmed this?” (not that that’s not already happening, given all the speculation). And what if they broke up before BD is released? That’d be a whole other shit sammich to deal with (guess what, they HATED each other by the time they filmed this!). Blah blah blah.

            It’s just a lot of weirdness with a huge franchise like this. Not that I know that’s why they’re doing this, I’m just sayin.

            Plus, I like my blissfulignoranceImeandenialImean…oh whatever.

        • Awww… now I want to watch The Notebook. My fave!

    • Rob, your pathetic attempt at dodging THE question is old, so old. Find your balls and answer it like a man. Even if I don’t like what you say, I’d rather hear it and wait for you to dump the mullephant than lose respect for you. I’m not entirely convinced it is true but I hate coyness. You’re starting to look like an ass.

      Thumbs down me, I don’t care. I hate this stupid game.

      • 1,000 Thumbs up, DTD.

        • I agree. Just get it over with once and for all. It’s not like we won’t still be fans. Despite reality we can still have our fantasies.

          • Ya’ll, we should put this to science. Those of us that are out of the Twi-closet should all ask one non-Twi-friend if they would or wouldn’t go see Eclipse because R & K are or aren’t dating.
            Odds are if they aren’t a Twi fan they aren’t going to see it anyway, right?

      • And of course this doesn’t mean I don’t love Rob-I do! More than I should. But please grow a pair Rob (and say it ain’t so-bleh).

        • it’s like they think we couldn’t handle it (well i couldn’t) but ya it his worming out of it does detract ever so slightly from his perfectness.

  29. “By humping this dead bear, you will see how much I care for you?’

    Dear G*d,
    Please don’t let Rob visit ltr. today.


    • Lately we have to pray for that here quite often…

  30. Let’s all wear our sexy panties in hopes that Rob might want to see them!!! Meow

    • I say let’s declare 5/13 as Sexy Panties Day on LTR – whaddaya say, ladies???

      It’s the perfect way to celebrate Rob’s b-day, dontcha think?

      And maybe Eclipse opening day can be no-panties day?

      • Best idea yet!!! Let’s declare 13th of May Sexy Panties Day!!!!
        (………now, that’s normal !!!)

      • I just happen to have a Free Pant*** card from Victoria’s Secret that needs using.
        (Sorry, I hate the P word. I know it’s necessary because my ‘underoos’ isn’t catching on but….)

        • Keisha, haha, underoos sounds like something you wear everyday, panties (sexy)for special occations, like for instance 13th of May!?

          • Sexyroos for Sexy Time???

      • Maybe we could all post pics of our sexy panties (NOT with us in them) on 5/13?

        I’m thinkin’ maybe the red lace thong. It hasn’t failed me yet.

  31. WHAT A WEEK!..
    You guys went to OPRAH!! HURRAY! cAN’T WAIT to hear your bloggin on it. read some already.
    Robbie dodged the Robsten question (as usual, cuz their is only RobStu)
    fyi – read about the David Slade vs Rob Pattinson throw down in Vancouver.. Oye Veh the DRAMA!!
    (Lanie covered it here) :

    TomStu and Tay Tay!! (NEVER) My little cupcake does not go for “brawn”.. muscles don’t matter to him. (I hope).

  32. Rob was only 5 hours north of me and I couldn’t even be tehre!!!! 😦

    I can’t wait to see it on May 13th, I’m sure Rob charmed Oprah, you know he’s got magic when it comes to women :-).

    • I meant to say “there”, typo and proofreading fail again.

    • Does she fall into the “the more age the better” category?

      • Keisha, I think so, I think Oprah has high hopes especially after Rob professed his love for Betty White! lol

        • Didn’t you hear? Betty White passed over Rob for Morgan Freeman.

          • LOL, hah oh no!

            I do like Mr. Freeman though, good actor! But Rob, ok well I guess the list just got shorter! Yeah!

          • Poor Rob. I don’t think he handles rejection well. He might run into the arms of the first pair of shoulder pads he sees.

  33. A sexy pantie birthday party for Rob @ LTR sounds epic!!!

  34. Hello ladies,

    I’ve been so busy…no time for posting comments although I do read the blog everyday after-hours =(

    Just wanted to share something, totally off-topic..

    Imagine the look on my face when Mr. Flower walks through the door wearing Rob’s signature Ray Bans. The original Wayfarers, in the classic black of course!!!!!
    OMG!! Needless to say…I was speechless.
    I’m starting to feel very lucky, the things this man will do for me…

    I won’t discuss how he’ll never measure up to The Pretty but it certainly doesn’t hurt to try. =)

    Also..moving onto the REAL reason I’m here. I came accross this by pure luck, about 3 days ago. I’m losing sleep knowing that I haven’t shared it with the lovelies here on LTR.

    If, for any reason, you can’t stick around to listen to the whole thing…just please, please listen to the last 15 seconds of it.


    Me =)

    • Rob doesn’t like it moist-he likes it wet, really wet.

      Whore bath-ha! I love it.

      • I died when he says, “I WANT YOU”

        • oh to hear those words…

          • Women throwing their panties at Lord Sparklepeen? .
            (Robbie your a dirty slut!)

  35. Brills

  36. […] I’ll be setting my Tivo for next Friday! Especially if anything like this happens: {gif courtesy of LTR} […]

  37. UC IS A PHILLY GIRL!!!!????!?!? how did i never know this????? yaaaay!!! anyway, philly beats chicago’s ass in food (agreed). the only upside of chicago is that *WARNING: nerd moment* it was Edward’s birthplace/hometown. as well as the home of ferris bueller. hopefully if rob freaks out tom cruise style, Sgt. Peterson, Chicago Police will show up to get everything under control. (brat pack/john hughes nerd as well, sorry… lol)

    but enough about that damn windy city… i have always had it in my mind to make sure rob has a proper philly cheesesteak next time he comes around good ol’ 215. and orders all by himself CORRECTLY like a big boy. (proper cheesesteak = geno’s, wiz wit, & a side of wiz fries, he will abandon hot pockets forever. end of story.)

  38. I feel like such a lame-o fane. I was 30 mins away from Rob and I didn’t bother to stalk him (seriously). Of course I thought about it. Even texted my Twi BFF from the bar at 12 am and asked her if she wanted to ditch work the next morning. I didn’t even ask another of my BFF’s to stalk him (which HE totally would have, ifyaknowwhatimsayin) since he lives downtown. The whole morning I pouted and kinda sulked knowing that he was SO close but SO far away but did I do anything about it. No. Partly because I was afraid for my life (we all know what goes down when there are that many tweens around) and secondly I totally played the scenario out in my head of myself around a billion screaming and crying girls for what? To MAYBE see him. (I would have had to tell some girl to ‘get it together.’)That’s where I feel totally poopy. Should I have been there regardless? I don’t know. And onto the Oprah show. I may be pulling an Elizabeth Hasselback here and being REALLY insesitive but if I see one more story of how some 13 year old girl made it on the show after crying about how her boyfriend left her and her best friends and her were fighting and this story saved her life, I’m going to…do….something. Don’t get me wrong, i’m all for life saving and music and books are a personal savior of mine but I would just like to see one time someone gets to meet these guys because they just really like this crap and don’t know why they find Rob and his disgusting wardrobe hypnotizing. Ok, that’s my comment for the month AND it’s only two days after the fact.

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