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Robert Pattinson sleeps with a teddy bear… we think… just kidding, we don’t!

Dear Rob,

It all makes sense now… I finally get it. We’ve spent years… ok we’ve spent year (almost yearS) talking about how you only wear like 4 things. How you have two pairs of pants, a jacket, some tshirts you stole, etc. And we wondered and wondered why would a guy like you only travel with a couple pieces of clothing when you’ve got more money than some 3rd world countries, and probably get more free stuff sent to you than we’d like to think about. THEN I saw this picture and it all made sense…

There’s just NO room in the duffle bag for Mr. Bear AND more than one and a half outfits. As a gal who still has a blanket from childhood, I TOTES understand. Who needs changes of underwear when there’s childhood nostalgia involved? So now we know… it’s not vanity or wanting to be cool or some kind of hipster. It’s because there’s simply no more room in the bag for anything other than Mr. Bear.

*needle scratch*

Upon dying and swooning over this image with Calli in the dead of night we just couldn’t leave well enough alone and debated back in forth whether it could be real or a fake.

Soooo maybe things aren’t exactly what they seem. Calli sent me this picture of “Rob” and this was our ensuing conversation… REAL OR NOT REAL… that is the question…

Follow the cut to see whether it’s the real deal or not… and whether we need to be hired by the government.

The one where we are died
: here’s sleeping rob!
Moon: WHHHAAATTT is that?! i need that in my life.
Calli: OMG i’m dying
Moon: wtf?! love. dude.
Calli: hahah i LOVE IT i need that image on a pillow case NOW
Moon: ps what are those sheets?! NIKKI REED SHEETS?!
Calli: nah nikki reed would have silk to tempt
Calli: i hope thats not a manip. OMG
Moon: HARDI. but its WAY too good to be a manip, right?!
Calli: DIE
Moon: like thats REAL good if it is a manipulation
Moon: those are NOT purple sheets from Twilight
Calli: someone’s trailer? his trailer?someone snuck in and snapped it
Moon: had to be. whoever woke him up to go back to set? I AM DIED
Moon: dude me too i was feeling pissy towards him like an hr ago. now im like awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Calli: someone just tweeted me it was a manip for a fanfic… i choose to believee that its sleeping rowward
Moon: its a really great one if it is the edge of the bear is intact theres fuzz coming off it his head against the sheet the shadow. if this is fake this person is like a scary crazy pro

Tell us oh wise Oprah!

The one where Calli calls in Oprah

maybe its not a manip… gah i’m writing Oprah and asking her to ask rob
Moon: IT IS REAL i swear
Calli: i believe you. there is NO WAY its a manip there are no manip lines unless its not rob
: haha omg this is like GOLD
Moon:   you know thats that snowman black shirt
Calli: which shirt? oh the one with the little graphic in the corner?
Moon: its the black one and theres what looks like a snowman over his boob on the left side. cause thats like a black hefty tee
Calli: yep dude WHOSE BED IS THAT ON
Moon:DUDE whats what im saying
Calli: wiat does rob have freckles there around his eyes
Moon: the only people who would take that and then it somehow gets out is someone like nreed
Calli: or are those spots on the photo
Moon: shiz on the photo i think
Calli: dude he’s prob had that bear since he was a kid
Moon: or this is from stephanie ritz’s personal collection
Calli: hahah i’m emailing that shiz to oprah you know she’d pull it up you know she’d be like “now see robert… look how cute and innocent”

The one where we make a Pros list
Moon: See what everyone misses when they go to bed early? My tweets, this picture, David Slade Tweets.  suck it early sleepers! they missed all this gold
Calli: haahha dude you are so right… its the beefy t maybe do a post on how this is definitely possibly not a manip
1. no manip lines
2. rob’s english… of course he loves teddy bears… ehllo paddington bears
3. the hefty t
4. he’s spooning the teddy bear… and we all know rob’s a spooner.
5. the tufts of hair around the ears.
Moon: the curls… OH the curls. whose are those damn sheets!
Calli: did they stay in houses or hotels during Twi
Moon: i thought it was hotels remember theyd talk about being in each others rooms for jam sessions??
Calli: its a trailer then
Moon: the thing about trailer though, is WHY would be take MR BEAR to set??
Calli: does he have those curls though? unless he’s in someone else trailer fell asleep they stuffed the bear in there and snapped a pic
Moon: right he’s really got a chock hold on it though

nope, not this guy

The CIA & The FBI ain’t got nothin’ on us!

Moon: could it be that hillywood dude??
Calli: it looks like this rob
Moon: look at the highlights in the bangs
Calli: maybe
Moon: we need a good ear pic to compare
Calli:  now i’m watching the hillywood thing
2:21 not the same ear
Moon: god this shit is good we are also like the FBI up in here
Calli: i know seriously if the CIA needed new recruits… they’d best be coming to us
Moon: 137: NOT him. The nose is too big the hair the burns the ear NOT hillywood dude
Calli: thoughts
Calli: its NOT from shooting if its rob it’d have to be post
Moon: its def twi edward hair though the way its puffed UP in the front
Calli:  maybe its a post photoshoot rob
the ear that sideburn is confusing me
Moon: theres like a dent there right i see an ear dent on both ears
Moon: i feel like thats twi makeup
Calli:  how about the eyebrows
Moon: the ear is WEIRD
Calli: which ear… sleeperRob or RealRob
i miss playful rob.
Moon: I LOVE FUN ROB so sad. miss him and that outfit. MEOW. twilight rob was defs the best

The one where we flip the script

Moon: if someone walked in on me right now…i have my laptop flipped sideways
: hahaha dude… if i had a dollar for every time i turned mylaptop
CRAZI HARDI  yep twi was definitely the best
Moon: god, she looks like gargamel in that picture
Moon: the ear looks diffs like whats at the bottom???
Calli: ohhhhhhhh dude you are right when you turn the pic it almost doesn’t even look like him
Moon: right i thought that too
Calli: BOOOOOOo tears
Moon: maybe we’ve also been staring at this for too long? the highlights are also disconcerting
Calli: agreed those are serious skunk streaks.  whereas edward was sunkissed locks and upon turning my computer on its side once again (thank heaven for laptops) i’ve determined that i do believe those are freckles on the eye and not actual marks on the pic i think this is just a manmade to look like our robward

Oh hello there manchild Edward look alike

The one where after wasting 30 minutes we flip it
: i turned it so we didn’t have to turn our comps. not rob. it’s amazing what 90 degrees will do
: OMG!!!!!!!!!! so crazy! So not him! it looks so much like him on the side…
: we just spent a good 30mins rotating our laptops instead of just rotating the damned picture the dudes not even cute anymore when you rotate he’s just a big ManChild holding a teddy as he sleeps
: HAHAHAHAAH its so true we spent that long turning sideways and moving the comp
: i bet that shirt has something gay written on it like “WELCOME TO THE GUNS SHOW” and then he’s sleeping with a teddy bear
: it says “team edward” on it
: don’t be rediculous… it says “Team Mike Newtown” he made it himself. he’s THAT kinda fan
: OMG its UC’s friend LARRY!
: larry wishes. larry looks more like that cathi hardi/gargamel picture. on a GOOD day

Cross your eyes, you can see Robsten by the fire!

Calli: dude i can’t stop going back and forth between the two pics its AMAZING it’s like Edward ManChild Edward Manchild Edward Manchild. it’s like those trick pictures you see

Moon: you have to cross your eyes to see a dinosaur in a pirate ship
Moon: i guess i should cancel that order i made for a 64×48 oil painting version of this i just placed on kodak easyshare
Calli: probably. i just put a rush stop on the screen printed bed sheets i just ordered
Moon: i hope i get that 300 bucks back…along with my dignity
Calli: i’m just asking them to switch out the photo for one of big daddy lautner…
: maybe i can do that but switch out the bear for a filet o fish..

Yes Rob and friends, we actually spent REAL time having this conversation, researching, flipping our computers and ultimately debunking what we hoped against hope was real. THANKS common sense! UGH.

So Rob, you DON’T have an excuse for wearing the same shiz 10 days in a row. There is no Mr. Bear and no need to limit the clothing you pack so you can squeeze him in your suitcase… Good luck trying to fool us again!

IN THE FUTURE, we will all sleep with teddy bears,

PS Rob, is David Slade ok? I’m worried.
PPS we KNOW there’s a lot to talk about like 23842938049 things happened at 11PM last night. We’ll get there we promise.

So were you fooled too? Did you think this was him? Would we have all died together at the sweetness of this? Is anyone in the market for an oil painting of a Rob look alike sleeping with a teddy bear? Lemme know, I know someone selling one… 😉

THANKS Calli! Follow her on twitter!

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  1. I just about died when I saw this picture.
    I probably should have flipped my laptop sideways to look at it. Boo.
    Oh well. Guess it was just there to tease me!

  2. Dear Moon and Calli- thank you so much for your investigational prowess.

    It does look like Rob except after the rotation, it doesn’t. Awesome job, whoever set this up.

    ‘and we all know rob’s a spooner’- can I wish for this now????

    Yours in T-bears-

    • Now you said spooning…how am I supposed to get work done now? 🙂

      Spooning with Rob…sigh. Well that makes for a lovely robdream!

      • yes, it does, spooning with Rob would be a-okay with me!!!

  3. Most of the time I love you guys.
    But today, I’m pissed at you.

    You’ve ruined my fantasy of Rob taking a nap with his teddy bear during breaks in Twilight shooting.

    Thanks. A. Lot. 😦

    • i KNOW! we ruined out own fantasies. seriously. SOOO sad. sometimes its better not to know, right?!

      • Ignorance is bliss!!!!!!

      • wrong! i’d rather live in a world where robward hugging a teddy doesn’t exists than to fawn over a ManBoy being whimpy. haha.

  4. All I thought when I saw this was that’s Edward and Lancelot from The Unaccompanied Soul. Then I got depressed thinking about them……… seriously you should be reading that fanfic if you aren’t, it’s amazing

  5. Calli: we just spent a good 30mins rotating our laptops instead of just rotating the damned picture the dudes not even cute anymore when you rotate he’s just a big ManChild holding a teddy as he sleeps
    the ear and curls
    no chance to be Robward

  6. Great post, but I just have to comment on the whole Eclipse drama. I’m dying here! Paging Dr Moon, Drama Button needed in Exam Room 1, STAT!

    Firstly, props to Lainey for her epic post about all the dramz on the Eclipse set.

    And secondly, David Slade, WTF!? After losing your shit all over Twitter last night, are you now back in the present? Or, er, still IN THE FUTURE?

    Man, that was an epic f*ckfest. I’m all twitchy and jonesing for a cigarette.

    Methinks Slade has some serious dick-envy issues. I kinda feel sorry for the guy, cause I’m sure the twifans are about to unleash a shit storm of epic proportions.

    I may have overused the word epic just a tad. But no other word will do – It’s mothereffing EPIC y’all!

    • what happened on Twitter last night??

      • David Slade posted like a gazillion mildly insane tweets – all starting with IN THE FUTURE. An example:

        DAVID_A-SLADE IN THE FUTURE actors will have tiny GPS trackers positioned all over their skin so they can act in performance capture anywhere they want.

        Go check his twitter feed – it is, say it with me, EPIC

        • Do you think that one was because Rob didn’t turn up on time?

          OH THE DRAMZ!

          It’s like an episode of the Hills on that set! 😉

          • It sounds to me as if there was a major personality clash between Rob and Slade. IMO, those tweets make Slade sound like a total douche-canoe. I feel very protective of Rob.

          • I just have to say…
            My new favorite word 🙂

          • Robjunkie, I am very protective of him too, I think most of us here are! 🙂

            Anyone tries to rip into him, our claws and fangs will come out…

            Am I right Melronin? LOL Where are you????

        • omg, just read it , sounds like an apocalipyse, did I miss something? was HE the director of Armageddon? I’m totes confused….jkjk

          • that guy has more than ONE problem…

          • ahahahahahaahahah, “sounds like an Apocalypse?” That’s brill.

        • ROFL I read his tweets…I think he was pushed over the edge!

          • I think he was “eclipsed” by Rob’s star power. Yeah, it’s lame, I know.

          • Ha ha robjunkie
            major win!

      • Yesterday after reading the Lainey post I was and still am very worried about this Eclipsegate. What the hell is going on Summit?

    • DS tweets last night were like Happyfeets! So much rambling on and on made me think he needs to turn up the notch on his daily meds intake. All that was missing was the visually assaulting CAPS LOCK.

      • arrrr I miss happyfeet!

        • I missed the whole happyfeet dramz. PRAY DO TELL.

          • @Robjunkie

            Her page is now gone 😦 She must have been hammered (for about three days) she just tweeted endlessly (in CAPS) her disgust and loathing for Rpatzz due to all his shagging around with various girls. According to her he had slept with all the cast (female) of Bel Ami and various others from around the globe…blah, blah, blah. it was an ‘epic’ rant and highly amusing and there was a bit of me that really wanted it to be true ! 🙂 *snigger*

      • hahaha, Puma – Maybe David Slade IS Happyfeet. The account mysteriously disappeared. right? haha

        • hmmmmm. that doesn’t bode well for DS’ state of mind considering what happyfeet was supposedly angry about.

        • @ Jules – yeah, what happened to Happyfeet? I looked for the drunk tweets on Saturday night and couldn’t find them. I blamed not being able to find them on my own drunk tweeting 😀 *ahem*

          • @pumagirlsf

            Her page no longer exists.

            maybe she woke up realised what she’d done and the embarassment meant she had to close down happyfeet and open new account as David A Slade! 🙂

          • Puma, I don’t know what happened. There were some tweets early Sunday morning but they were hard to read (as I was intoxicated and the caps and spelling were killing me). She/He/They were crazier than usual. I was going to re-read them when I woke up on Sunday, but then the account disappeared.

          • That’s why I saved her feed just in case it disappears.

          • JBR, you did? I love you hard right now.

    • i got the drama button right here

      but seriously. WOW. last night was awesome and crazy. i was starting to write about it but then we got the teddy bear. writing ADD. it will be addressed though!

      • Hahaha! That felt good. Thanks Moon.

      • A letter to David?? Please oh please!

      • Moon – So what you’re saying is that you will address this IN THE FUTURE.

  7. Yes, those are my sheets-available at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Don’t be mad, Rob.

    The Unaccompanied Soul (fic for which this was made) is a great story-see the rec in the ff section of the forum.

  8. initially I thought ‘omg that man/boy is soooooooo beautiful when he’s asleep’ but when the picture was turned it didn’t look like him at all, now I’m sad.

    What’s with the DS tweets! I don’t get it?

    • Have you read his tweets? If you haven’t, go now, run. But first read Laineygossip’s post about the Eclipse drama on set. It will make sense to you then. Don’t know if this link will work:

      • @robjunkie
        Perhaps he’s really having a go at the gossip news….that seems to make more sense considering what he tweeted earlier. He does send quite a few tweets having ago at the them (maybe he’s having a round about go at laineygossip – she was a little OTT and not really very nice about Rob.

        • Yes, he does sound like he’s having a go at Laineygossip in some of the tweets, and yes, she wasn’t very nice about Rob (she never is, and I just ignore that, cause pfftt). But if Lainey is correct about the drama, it certainly does put a different spin on all his other tweets. Reading between the lines, it sounds like he’s super-pissed at what happened on set. I just get a weird angry short man vibe from David Slade. And I have a hard time believing that Rob is a diva.

          • @Robjunkie
            Agreed – at no time during the last two years, by anyone who knows him and/or worked with him has there been any suggestion that Rob is anything other than a lovely guy. David Slade seems odd to say the least and I do not for one moment think/believe that Rob is a Diva. Actors and directors of all the projects that Rob’s been involved with testify to his lovelyness and think he’s a great guy. If there’s been a problem I supect it lies with Mr. Slade and not with Rob.

          • AGREE with all you said!!!!

          • And IF Rob…..would be a DIVA…..even for a second….I f*ing love it…and he can be one if he wants……..he is making all their money…and they are all afraid of loosing him………..

            and I’m a little pissed of greek girl………..sorry…….. 😀

          • Couldn’t agree more. Rob and diva are two words I’d never put together.

          • Bwahahaha!

            “I just get a weird angry short man vibe from David Slade.”

            That just needed to be repeated.

          • I just learned a “NEW” english word
            “meltdown”…he had something like that.. 🙂

          • Love Lainey! She makes me giggle everyday! Lainey is indifferent to Rob, she has no opinion of him except for his constantly open mouth in pictures, his “mothering hips”, his lack of acting skills…..yeah, okay, maybe a little rough on him, BUT even she acknowledges that he is a lovely guy. Terrific manners and approachable.

  9. “I hope i get that 300 bucks back along with my dignity.”
    I’m looking for an arty thing for a wall in my living-room. Why didn’t I think of the oil painting version Rob? Duh! Bwhahahahaha. Brillz.

    And don’t you tell me I suck in because FYI I went to sleep later then you and I’m on a +9h time zone as compared to you, k? 🙂 Yes, I totally went to sleep from 10 am to 2 PM. Boo early morning presentations at the office.

    • thats a disco nap. nice work.

      you european gals are usually up with me when im late night tweeting because of the time diff. you missed out girl! next time!

      • ha! moon. *waves*
        I think you underestimate my incapability to wake up early but I’ll try to be a better stalkerish twitter.

  10. You know, flipped over he kinda looks like PFach.
    Investigation: round 2. Go!

  11. I’m just gonna pretend it’s him for a few more mins cause I have hardcore PMS and I need some awwwww today.

    this post made me laugh so hard it hurt.. THEY’RE NOT (TEDDY) BEARS!


    • LOL, hardcore PMS? Oh dear, I know the feeling :-).

      • seriously… last night i was like.. “why do I suddenly want to kill EVERYONE??” and then I was like ohhhhhhh.. homicidal rage, ben and jerrys cravings and crying at commercials…. BINGO!

  12. This is all I needed to know:

    “4. he’s spooning the teddy bear… and we all know rob’s a spooner.”


  13. Great post! the LTR-FBI= brillz 🙂

    the pic – not him…like at all! The end.

    about Rob – he has a teddy in his bed, sure, there’s just no pic!

    might be a challenge for some paps ( I really hope NOT)


  14. Moon, I’m sure you have an EPIC post planned for the Eclipse drama, and I don’t mean to steal your thunder, but I just couldn’t help mentioning it today. It is just too goo. I may or may not have a lil bit coming out of my pants right now.

    • i think a lot of people have stuff coming out of their pants… some of which include the summit PR team. DAYUM i feel for them.

  15. As cute as it is I knew it was a manip because the almost widows peak tuft of hair was missing. Dead give away.
    I so wanted it to be real.

  16. I was fooled. I even put that pic up in the forum yesterday not knowing it was ff related. I feel dirty.

  17. I love you girls.. I mean I really truly love you girls.. but….

    You just took me for a ride with this post and now I’m sitting here at work feeling kinda like.. I got the cuddle.. I got the foreplay…. we got busy…I was almost there…. just another minute …..don’t stop…..and BAM.. he’s done!

    Yep… you are my lost “O” today…

    But I love you girls.. I truly love ya!

    • speaking of lost “o”s … I need a wallbanger update. That would cheer me up

      • Majorly overdue!

      • AMEN! For your fingers on the keys to the authors eyes! I need my some WALLBANGER!

  18. If they would have straightened out those curls I would have believed it! In Eclipse, Robward does look like he has weird ears.

    • The curls were the give away. No mistaking the sex hair!

  19. Initially, I had never been more jealous of an inantimate object. It used to be every cigarette Rob smoked or bottle of water he guzzled. Then I saw “him” and Mr. Bear. But with that being declared a manip, I’m keeping my normal (read: insane) jealousies limited to his ciggies and assorted beverage bottles.

    Oh and the arm piece of his sunglasses that he sucked on in the airport a few days ago.

    And his guitar.

    • and any pieces of clothing adorning him.

      • and the air he breathes.

        • I forgot microphones.

          • Ohhhhh. Yessssss.

          • And pens.

          • And piano keys.

          • And books.

          • Lobster bibs.


          • and lobster.

          • Corn cobs.

          • You are right- pumagirlsf!

            And how could I forget the corn-on-the-cob? One of my favorite sets of pics, EVER??? And lobster!
            Thank you ML and Aro!

          • @Aro

            Corn cobs. Oh boy. ❤

    • pumagirlsf……just read all this…commenterruption you created….loved it…hahaha…

      Beautiful………just beautiful……….and I second every word of you and drsaka and lion…said

      So thumbs up….lots of them……………

  20. I SO should not be reading anything that involves Calli when I’m at university. I was so close to breaking out into laughter^^ Plus I totally flipped my laptop as well. And damn you’re right! Turned around it doesn’t look like Rob AT ALL!
    I saw the pic for the first time two days ago and decided I loved it. But to be honest, can you imagine someone dressing up her husband / brother / whoever as Edward, then giving him a teddy bear and taking pics? Apart from AmanDUH I can’t think of anyone crazy enough to do that. And we all know AmanDUH’s hubby aka special Edward is NOT the one on that pic (thank god!!!)

    • I was looking at it on the iPhone but every time I tried to flip it, the phone flipped the picture!!!

      • haha, awesome! so much for the “iPhone flips pics all by itself” feature 😉

  21. I love that I felt like I was on this journey with you ladies. I’m sorry that I was ultra lame and went to bed at 9:30 last night because I truly would have enjoyed this laugh.

    From now on people will be flipping their laptops when looking at manips.


    • @brookelockart
      This is soo off topic, but I was just looking at your blog and noticed a pic of the temble bar, and I am so sad that I just had a moment and got very very excited cos I had a rather drunken night out in that pub a while back (arrr the memories)…… lame is that!

      • that should have read ‘temple’ not ‘temble’….doh

  22. When I saw this yesterday I was like….Awwwwww, isn’t that the sweetest thing? But then I looked at it for a really long time, from different angles, just like you both did. And then I thought, nah it’s not him. 😦

    But I loved how you girls broke it down though! lol

  23. Dear Moon,

    Any kind of Gargamel reference is total win. Thanks so much!


    • LOL, is that bad that I forgot who Gargamel was? So odd especially because I have a big picture of Smurfette in my kitchen that says “Girls Rule!” You thought I would remembered Gargamel! Haha.

      And yes men if you are reading this…GIRLS rule!!!!

      • Typing fail…*remember Gargamel.* I really need to proofread before and not after.

  24. Dear Rob:

    I wonder if you still have your teddy bear from childhood? ‘Cause you know that’s fine and dandy with me, “three’s company” but that’s alright!

    I still have mine anyway, all ratty and literally hanging by the shreds but there is no way in the world I will get rid of “Mr. Bunny.”

    I know all of us would love to see you clutching a bunny while napping, so won’t you please indulge us just once? Maybe a scene in Breaking Dawn? I could think of a few scenes where you can use your teddy. 🙂


    ps. LOL, I missed the curly hair in the back of the head on that man(who is not you).

    • SB- mine was named T-bear.

      • Awww, where is T-bear now?

        • I still have him! He’s a bit worn, but still T-bear.

          Ladies- any other slightly embarrassing names for your teddy bears?

          • I’d love to hear other people’s bear names…or their security blankets’ names!

          • mine was called Sootbags, but I don’t have it anymore because my dog ate it 😦

            My dog is now dead though the eating of the bear didn’t have anything to do with his death!

          • M!x3- that’s an original name! I’m sorry about your dog.

  25. that is so weird the first thing i did was turn the laptop side ways and i thought aw no way thats him!
    david slade = pyshco! just read his tweets, it’ll be very interesting to see how they get all get along during the promo famewhoring cos chris w was nothing but complimentary to rob and the coug, well she just wanted to do him. sorry if this is another days discussion!

    • ………. you are my new hero! lol

    • During the NM promo Rob was so gaga over Chris Weitz, he wanted to have his babies. When the Eclipse promo campaign starts it will be interesting to see how Rob squirms during questions about working with Slade as a director.

      • I don’t think slade takes the whole saga thing seriously. Rob in fairness although I’m sure he gets major second hand embarrassed about the fangirls he’s always gracious and positive in interviews. he’ll prob toe the summit line and say it was interesting to work with a new director blah blah!

    • That’s what I thought of when I saw it : the promo. I don’t care about how Eclipse will turn out (I know, thumbs down) all I want to know is the gossip.

      I’m predicting some major PR lame-ness consisting of yelling at people not to ask theee question about the reshoots drama because “let’s speak about the film” like it’s a masterpiece.

      Re Rob and fans I think he’s still embarassed by the fangirls but hey, he’s been through worse when he wasn’t famous and was promoting Twi in malls, so what’s happening now is nothing. Not everybody could have done it. Didn’t they first consider TomStu for the part and he said no?

      • they asked tom stu first and he refused u serious!!
        twi nerd fail i did not know that!!
        Dear Tom, who’s that weird stalker guy who is always hanging around and wears you clothes, was he in harry potter…

        • Aww man, I think about that scenario ALL THE TIME! Like, what if?!

  26. Awww, I saw this yesterday, too. That photo is so effing cute I almost cried. I’m kind of glad it’s not really Rob though… I could never picture myself banging a guy with a teddy bear. (ok, I’d still do him)

    Good work breakin’ it DOWN!

    • LOL, I loved your comment about you can’t bang a guy with a teddy bear!

      I’m glad you had a change of heart!!!

    • Hi Katie S., did you go to the concert in Providence?

      • SB, yeah, I’d never turn down Rob. 😉

        drsaka, I did go! Why didn’t you go, fellow New Englander?? HIGHLIGHTS!!:

        -Jacksper is all kinds of adorable and sexy on stage.
        -Rum and coke will get you drunk
        -When drunk, you have no problem asking the singer of The Kissing Club (opening band/one guy that travels with them) for a hug. I may or may not have let go for about 5 min.
        -Twilight fans are out of there goddamn minds (see: sparkle peen in public venue)
        -Police on horses dispersed the crowd afterward.
        -Boys get excited when a couple hundred, mostly tipsy and probably hormone-driven girls pour out of a club.

        You better go to the next one! 🙂

        • It sounds like you had a pretty good time!!!

    • If that was what he’d be into, I would bang hime while holding the teddy bear, like it was my job.

      • @robjunkie – YOU ARE AWESOME. That is all.

        • Snigger. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say we would all totes do that.

          • yes

      • HA! Love it.

      • hahahahahhahhhahhahahh!!!!!!

      • “Like it was my job”……ooooohhhhhhh yeah baby!!!!! Love it…just love it…

      • That’s normal right? Cause I don’t see a problem *shrug*

  27. Ears was not right, hair too curly and theres something about the forhead and the nose that also don’t seem right. Cute picture though!
    When it comes to Rob making a stink over in Vancouver, I have a hard time picturing him doing that. I think he would be more of a negotiator (don’t think I spelt that right) than throwing a fit and getting in a fight with Slade. No, don’t belive he would do that…..

    • I’d believe he really is allergic to vaginas quicker than him being a diva!!

  28. *grabs pillow and sleeps by bear*

    *she be snorin’*

  29. Am I the only one who stared at that last picture for 2 full minutes and got pissed off that she can’t see any effing dinosaurs?

    I might have strained my left eye…

  30. So, there used to be this show on British late night TV called Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush. Tthe public were invited to send in photos of their friends sleeping. My heart leapt thinking TomStu and RPattz had participated – until I remembered that I am old and they are not. *sobs*

    • awwwww, that sounds like a cute/embarrassing show. I’m sure that R and T would have liked it!

    • Ah I remember that! Back when chris Evans was cool

  31. Dear Rob,

    Please be my teddy bear.
    (You’re hairy enough…)




    • he is! squee
      snuggle up to dat pit or chest or arms of his… and you got yo self an auto-robear!

    • he is so hairy and I love that about him, so masculine.

  32. Damn. This was so omg!!!-groan-awww-deliciously-hot-how-pathetic-am-i-that-im-freaking-out-over-a-picture-of-Rob-sleeping-with-a-bear-but-it’s-so-cute-i-can’t-STAND-it. Until the pic got flipped. Oh well. I can pretend.

    (as if there’s no “pretending” about Rob in my world already. Shuh.)

    • no, everything is as real as real can be (HA!).

      • I know right? Who says it’s not him? Who says we’re not having a torrid love affair? Go ahead, just try and prove it’s not all true.

        *rocks back and forth*

        • You have plenty of company in ‘Rob’s Land of Deluded Women’.

  33. that’s what Rob sleeps with!

    • best 2 mins 58 seconds of my life

  34. Rob seems like more of a Snoopy guy to me. Maybe because Snoopy wears Ray Bans(i.e. he’s “Joe Cool”)

    • well, Rob and Snoopy, that’s just too adorable!

      • One of my favs-

      • and an alternate version-

      • Awe, and I was even eating Peanuts for lunch!

        …and Rob would totally wear that shirt.

    • ahahahhahahahha nice one SNW. snoopy does wear raybans.

  35. don’t know how he dare to sit like that.
    don’t tease me ROB

    • He loves to tease and that pose is just…..

      • Oh my God, I’m about ready to explode!!!!! He looks so …….. tempting……do NOT think I would be able to behave myself in his close proxemity!!! Bel Ami is going to be the death of me…..

    • DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • THIS JUST WAS TO MUCH…….CHE……..tooooo much………..came across my screan ina gigasize……………….I DIED……….SERIOUSLY………fell on……my knees…..

      he will kill me in Bel Ami……….I know…….

      • Fell on your knees….oh no, no, no please don’t put these images to tempt me!

  36. i was so sad when we figured out that this was all a lie.

  37. […] Robert Pattinson sleeps with a teddy bear… we think… just kidding, we don’t! Dear Rob, It all makes sense now… I finally get it. We’ve spent years… ok we’ve spent year […] […]

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