Posted by: Bekah | May 3, 2010

Rob & UC back together (in the US) again…

Dear Rob

I’m BACCCCKKKKKKK and by the looks of it, so are you!!! We came back to the country within a DAY of each other. I have no idea the significance of that or what that means for US but I do have to say that the hubby & I met a couple from Vancouver who stayed at the same resort in Mexico that we did. She was in her early 50s, smoking hot (proven by the fact that my husband removed Penelope Cruise from his “list” and added Barbie to it- YES her name was Barbie). She was from VANCOUVER- where you just were. You probably passed her walking through the airport- did any cougars catch your eye? So add our new Vancouver hot older friends plus the fact that we returned to the US within 24 hours of each other, well….. I’m just gonna go with the feeling that this means big things for us.

But seriously, I come back from vacation and it’s like you’re an all new person!

Who ARE you? Is this a NEW shirt!? Are those NEW pants? Are those FLAT-FRONTED jeans? I’m so confused. I didn’t know they made that wash-color denim anymore. Were they on clearance at Marks & Spencers? Did you steal them from a terrified TwiMom who wore them to a meet & greet & believed you were serious when you asked her to “strip naked” to show her devotion?

And have we seen that jacket before? It’s been so long… I was only gone for 7 days. And WHAT is ON your jacket. I just did a quick browse of LTR over the past week and realize Moon was wondering the same thing (Bird shit on a picnic with Sam for the mother-effing WIN)

And Rob- are you carrying a DIAPER bag? What? Are you helping out the woman who sat next to you on the plane because during the awful, boring 2nd hour she whipped out the boob to feed her baby and you caught a peek? And you felt you owed her (because let’s be honest, you’re not getting much boob action in the bedroom these days) so to show your gratitude you helped carry her baby crap?

Well, this picture proves some things I know you are NOT doing with your money (besides spending more than $7 on new clothing) buying a new guitar case. That thing is BEATTTTTT. Seriously.. you must be rolling in money these days…. I hope you have a good financial advisor. Got a Roth IRA set up? Let’s back it up and start even more simply- have you heard of a savings account? Don’t tell me you roll up hundred dollar bills (or the £ equivalent) and hide them in your LB hat or beanies….. Or is it money that you actually have in that beat up guitar case?

And I’m not entirely sure, but …. are you holding an Eclipse “Bella” poster? Are you going to ask Kristen to sign it for you? Wanna auction it off to maybe raise some cash to get your jacket dry-cleaned? Or did she already sign it & you’re hand delivering it to the poor TwiMom who is walking around pants-less through Vancouver? If so, how rude that you’re wearing your TwiMomJeans for the drop off! That’s just mean! (Let’s pretend that that annoying dude in the sparkly white Nikes isn’t the one actually trying to get Rob to sign the poster. My idea is WAY better…)

Those two dudes behind you are either gay and trying to work up the nerve to ask you out, discussing the fact that their ladies just yelled out your name in a heat of passion the night before OR you’ve developed Edward’s mind reading ability and are laughing along at the dirty joke they just told. Oh wait- did I just call it “mind” reading? *Throw back to 2008 alert* I meant “ming” reading….

Dang…. I was all ready to do a big exposé of my thoughts on all the news/photos/gossip I’ve caught up on that I missed while I was gone.. and well, it seemed kinda quiet on the Rob-front. Sure, I heard the rumor about you and Slade fighting (seriously hope that one is true b/c that’s just good programming right there), I know Oprah is coming up this week and Ellen is in a few weeks. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice to see some airport shots of you, rocking that Long Beach hat once again, but I just expected there to be more. Well, now that you’re back in the US, let’s get this party started! Are the “guys” playing out in LA anytime soon? If so, let Moon know which show you plan on going to- I know you’ve missed seeing her in the audience! And save some In-N-Out for me! I’ll be out there in a few months and that’s #1 on my list!

Glad to back, both of us,


I MISSED YOU ALL!!!!! I had a long chat with Moon Saturday to catch me up with the non-drama-drama that occurred while I was gone (oh nothing to do with the sites, just crazy stuff that happens in the life of running a blog- people emailing us shizz that may or may not be true- figuring out he said she saids, etc. etc. all MAJOR eye-rolls (and also SO MUCH DAMN FUN- otherwise we’d be outta here 🙂 ) ) So it sounds like I missed a little, but not a ton. You missed an AMAZING time on a beautiful Mexican beach. I ate too much, drank too much- don’t remember TWO of the evenings I spent in paradise (remind me that straight gin martinis shouldn’t be my thing) and I’ll admit…. I thought of you all.. and of Twilight… and of Rob… around every corner (I even kept a list- look for that on LTT sometime this week!) Glad to be back (kinda), I don’t think my body could have taken one more day of vacation eating/drinking/relaxing schedule! Now on to salads, water, blogging & a week of hell at work! WELCOME BACK, UC! xoxoxo

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter

Thanks to, who else, Robsessed, for the pics & keeping me up to date! (where ELSE would I go!?)


I completely forgot about the most important picture of all…

It’s Big-Mother-Effing DADDY! He heard I was back in the states and decided to make a cameo! Thanks to the many of you who sent this picture to us! I love that seeing Big Daddy makes you squee just as much as it does us!


  1. “(because let’s be honest, you’re not getting much boob action in the bedroom these days)”
    ha ha aha brilliant welcome back UC

    • And we all know that Rob is a boobman

  2. Love the 3th picture with the Belgian beer Hoegaarden in giant letters in the back. I hate that Rob isn’t in our timezone (Europe) anymore.

    • ya but we’re bound to see so much more of him in the US!

    • I love hoegaarden …….it’s the best!

      • yes!

        • MP *waves* you are a girl after my own heart 🙂

          • Yes again. I mean you too and you know it. Please stop writing what I’m thinking. 🙂

          • Great minds my dear 🙂

    • I hate that as well! seriously….. 😦

    • Hoegaarden for the win!

  3. Welcome back!

  4. welcome back UC.
    You are correct there really isn’t much happening on the Rob front nor has there been for a while….the only thing that caught my interest was his night out in camden eyeing up the burlesque girls last week!!!…..and still nothing new from happyfeet90…’s been quite on that front since the 16th….I’m missing her rants.

    • ooo dam it…..her page is now gone! 😦

      • she was one of my favorite crazy people. she will be missed.

        • @DTD
          I concur….very sadly missed.

          I do hope she pops up under another name and continues her crazy rants. There was a very large part of me that wanted/hoped it was all true! 🙂

          • yup, the idea that I could just wander onto a movie set and be bedded by Rob was pretty appealing. It gave me hope.

  5. Wow UC! It’s good to have you back.

    TBH, the moment I saw that last pic, I instantly thought of you, Moon and the rest of the LTR/LTT girls..I mean how long could Big Daddy hide from us anyway!

    As usual, this post is full of win. I can’t just pick out one part that was funny…I was cracking up the entire time I was reading this!

    Oh Rob, that guitar case…one of my friends on twitter says it can be used as a weapon. Seriously, Rob. THink of all the paparazzis you could fight off with that monster!

  6. Rob with new clothes for the new LA LA land adventures is a hilarious sight. Reminds me of the start of the school year in September, when we were kids and got all sorts of new staff. The prepared schoolboy FTW.
    *waves to UC, welcome back, one day you’ll regret it, but until then enjoy the “week of hell at work”*

  7. Welcome back, UC. Yeah, Rob’s back, big’s that pic of Big Daddy that’s really exciting. I saw that pic yesterday and didn’t even notice him-shame on me.

    • me too.

      I only just noiced Rob in the background now! How sad is that!?

      He’s not looking very happy is he.

      • I wondered if he was practising a bitch face…

    • Big Daddy and Rob in the same frame. I yelled BIG DADDY and didn’t notice Rob at first. 🙂 You’ve brainwashed me,UC

  8. welcomeback UC
    twimomjeans LOL

    • That color denim is going to make a comeback b/c of Rob. He’s a trendsetter. M & S won’t be able to keep them in stock.

      • well they look so new means not good
        need some holes and tenacious stains 🙂

      • i don’t think even rob could bring back those denims!!

      • @DTD
        Please don’t say that – somebody should have rugby tackled HHH to the ground before he arrived at Heathrow and removed them pronot!
        though they could look ok once they’ve been lived in somewhat, perhaps he should give them to TomStu for a while then once they start looking ok he could get them back.

        • ‘pronto’ not ‘pronot’………..god my spelling!

        • I would be happy to tackle Rob any time he needs his pants removed.

          • Yes, just what I was going to say.

          • Especially if he was wearing PattinsonPants Lady’s pants…those would need to be ripped off in a HURRY!!! lol

    • My theory–looking at those frumpy jeans and Lion’s comment the other day about his “meaty thighs”–he’s wearing his “Fat Pants”. You know, you gain a little weight and nothing fits except that one pair in the back of the closet that you didn’t throw out, just in case. I think Rob ate a little too much goulash and potatoes whilst in Budapest, and he didn’t notice because he was always wearing those 19th century high-waisted baggy costume pants, but when he got back to London none of TomStu’s or his jeans fit any more, so these old pants, maybe belonging to Clare at one time, were all he had to put on while he rushed to get ready to go to Vancouver.
      Oh, and LB hat = Lady Boner.

      • TOO…….he lost weight………just saying!!!! 😀

        • really I don’t think he gained any weight ever, he looks so damn skinny…I have seen pics were he looks like he has gained a bit, but they may be his fat pants or it was a bad angle of him but he skinny. Always….

          Dear Rob,
          If you want to gain a little bit of weight…call me…remember I’m Italian and I can make a mean plate of pasta for you!
          te amo,

          • you are italian???

            Non lo sapevo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • –he’s wearing his “Fat Pants”. You know, you gain a little weight and nothing fits except that one pair in the back of the closet that you didn’t throw out, just in case.”

        ha ha WIN laughin my ass off!

      • i luved your theory
        “meaty thighs”–LOL
        i agree and also he said it before, he gained weight look how tight looks famous buttonflys

        • Mmmm, they do look tight, don’t they?

      • Well in that case, I’ll take Rob’s “meaty tighs” over any man’s thighs! LOL

        Bring it Rob!!! Bring it! Come on now!

        • oh and I totally mispelled Rob’s thighs…pfft. Sorry!

          • This is very normal SB…..mispelling…when looking at Rob’s thighs… don’t worry!!!

  9. Welcome back UC!<3

    and with your
    "Waaah" you gave me a slightly HEART ATTACK, for one moment I saw a "young DAD"….

    Dear Rob
    you gave THE LOOK to some paps
    and you bit the raybans
    HOT! Really HOT!

    P.S. without the stubble you look like 20y or so, I want stubble!
    Thank you!


    • RG – you’re right, I don’t like it when he starts to look like a wee young whippersnapper….. I feel like a big perv……bring back the stubble.

      • RG I just replied but my comment is awaiting moderation – typed in the wrong user name ….DOH! Comment re. stubble will pop up later and make no sense….sorry!

        He’s looking mighty fine though without that stubble.

        • This should be reply to RG.

          • this should have been a reply to my reply which should have been a reply to RG…….I give up!!!!!

          • hahahahahahahhahahah!!!!!!

      • I agree with you there, although he is gorgeous without the stubble he looks too young then. Definitely prefer the stubble.

    • RG,
      You always NAIL IT with your comments…

      Love rayban-biting Rob or anything that has to do with his mouth, teeth or tongue.


      • I’m such a happy greek girl right now ML………”mouth, teeth or tongue…”

        Love you….

      • well, I would to to nail……….hahahahhaha

        • I just stuttered……omg………hahahahhha

    • mmmmm stubble…..


  10. Welcome back UC 🙂

  11. Welcome back UC!

    Your observations are hilarious but I can’t see the diaper bag? I love the comment about the twimom jeans! Rob please bring in some dark jeans again!

    Taylor’s wearing a Michigan cap btw.

    Rob looks great, look at that flawless skin. How does he do that? Drink, smoke and still have beautiful skin? He’s dazzling me again.

    • I totally fan-girled at Tay-Tay wearing the Michigan hat! GO BLUE!

      I mean, the proximity of a Michigan hat to HHH…well, it’s almost like ME standing next to him. You know, cause I’m a Michigan fan. And live in Michigan. And have been to a Michigan football game. You know, because I’m THAT pathetic.

      • LOL, yeah! I may live in KY but I went to college in Michigan. We have a ton of Michigan caps and paraphernalia here. Did you know Taylor’s from Grand Rapids, MI?

        Perhaps we should send Rob a Michigan hat? How about a hoodie?

        • SB,
          Michelle says that Tay wearing an M hat is like her being in close proximity of Rob (because she likes Michigan and attends fball) and you say “your’re not pathetic…you’ve been to lots of football games…”

          That’s just funny….

          Do you see what I mean?

          • I said I’ve been to one Michigan football game, not lots :-). I still don’t get it. But that’s ok ML, we can chit chat about this later haha.

      • Oh you’re not pathetic! I’ve been to a Michigan football game too! Great football team!

        • ahahahahahahahahahahahaha

          • hahaha, what did I say ML? Don’t you like football?

      • I totally fangirled because how deliciously muscled do his arms look in that shirt? That was after I got over the swoon brought on by Big Daddy.

      • I knew I didn’t like Taylor for a reason…….and that reason would be:

        GO BUCKS!!!!! 😉

    • honi…flawless skin might be the result of drinking much water (check) or really much sex ! (ouch)

      • RG, lalalalalala I don’t want to hear it! haha.

        Ok fine, his face is glowing.

        • you asked, I answered…lol

          • Don’t be so honest RG….it hurts 😀

            Welcome back UC!!!
            Missed you!!!
            Happy you had a good time!!!

            Me not so happy…Rob is on the other side of the world…….toooo many km and hours between him and me….. sigh…

            Well…just keep him goooood company……

          • love the new avi mel, have it as desk top backround!

        • Word!! Beautiful Beautiful!!!
          Great to see u back UC! Hope your vacay was wonderful! Rob missed u!

      • RG – WTF are you talking about? Rob does NOT have sex! It’s all in the water. W-A-T-E-R, you hear me?

        • B-R-A-V-O……..Jules!!!! all in the water!!!

        • YEAH! More water for Rob!

          Jules and Mel, I think we have having wishful thinking!

          • There is always hope SB honey…..always hope 😀

          • Mel I am really, really hoping!

            Well wait what am I hoping for? Lol

        • Hello? Did u read properly? I said “or”…we all know that he drinks a lot!

          • Don’t say “or”……..why did you say “or”……we all know that he drinks!!!!

          • I would call this today a german-greece-english-failure!!!!! hahahah

            or= entweder……..oder!!!!

          • HAHAHAHA!!! RG – No “or”, around here we live by “only”. His skin is flawless ONLY because of the water.
            ❤ u

          • RG……..don’t make me mad…..then you will have a german-greek-failure!!!

            entweder…oder…..yeah right!!!!

          • Well I am glad I started a lively discussion today about his flawless skin, water and sex life!

        • Jules,
          Is it ok if Rob has sex with Rob? Just thought I’d ask.


          • 😀 😀 😀

          • great solution!!!! lol

          • Dunno Lion, I’m not sure how I’d feel about a hairy-palmed blind Rob.

          • OMG Rob with Rob. ❤ you so hard, Lion.

      • RG – suggesting that Rob is having sex with anyone but me (or anyone else from LTR) is very distressing! It’s obvioulsy the water, and only the water. ❤

        • MINE! Know what is stressing me out as well? Everyone seemed to know wtf is your avi….I still have no clue and that might cause me a stress pimple….just saying

          • Look harder RG……….you will find out………think of RM!!!! (I think…)

          • It looks like Rob’s pants…am I right mine?

          • RG
            it is a fangirl photo of rob BINY – however the avi just doens’t do it justice and you really need to see the BIG version to get a sense of BINY.

            Mel and SB
            You are both correct, full points for spotting RM fangirl photo of Rob BINY

          • I can spot the Rob BINY anywhere mmm!!! And this is him leaning against that police car……..right??? 😀

          • Mine! Do not call her a fangirl, she will be offended as she is not. AND she reads LTR. haha

          • @jules

            Anyone blowing up that part of his body is a fangirl after my own heart!…and a fangirl in the best sense of the word. She is providing a worthy service which, I for one appreciate 🙂

          • Look harder, it’s a profile of something. 🙂

          • Mine! It wasn’t blown up, she was snapping pics and inadvertently snapped that angle, hence no face in the original pic.
            In anycase, by your definition, we are ALL fangirls 😛

        • Mine can you post the actual size photo? Please, please, please sweetie pie?????

          *flutters eyelashes*

          • My friend Cyn_TR took it and I was standing next to her:

            here’s the exposed part

          • Oooohhh…that’s what it is……..thanks JellybeanRainbow…I just had the wrong pic in my mind 😀

            mmm…your avi just drives us nuts!!!

          • Thanks Jellybean, you were there? Squeee! You saw him! I’m so jealous :-(. Good for you though. Sigh.

          • Sorry SB I was looking for the pic but I don’t have the full size on my home comp. Glad someone had the pic for you I wasn’t ignoring you just couldn’t find it.

            Didn’t realise you were there…….lucky you!!

          • Yes, I was there and so were Cyn_TR and other LTR/LTT girls and we weren’t fangirling (ok, maybe just a little). Unfortunatelly Rob didn’t come any closer to us, so we didn’t talk to him or get autographs, but *squeeeee* anyway. I was in NYC and I saw Rob, what else do you want from life, right?
            Cyn-_TR was on Twitter when you were talking about the photo and she was kind enough to send me the link. She’s one of the nicest people I met.

          • Crap! Jellybean – I didn’t get down to your response. Thanks 🙂
            I follow Cyn on twitter and saw the original post 🙂

      • Do you mean Tom Stu facials?

        • @DTD ~ love the facial reference 🙂 Dirty Lady.

    • oh gosh haha got to LTR late today but just had the best lol of the day reading this conversation about Robs flawless skin!! haha you girls are the best!


      and yea..its the WATER!!!

  12. Welcome back U to the C!

    Rob holding the Eclipse posters? I died. And I love that Big Daddy was there with both Taylor and Rob. I don’t know why, but it would make me so happy to know they all sat together on the plane (while reading LTR and giggling).

    • Haha that would be funny but rather embarrassing for Rob! lol

      Maybe there’s a letterstotaylor blog somewhere? Haha.

      • Written in text speak so no-one over the age of 14 can understand it. Darn them!

  13. Welcome back UC!

    Great post as always!

    Dear Rob,

    I would gladly volunteer to show you some more ‘boob action in the bedroom’.


    • ROFL! Boob action in the bedroom!

      Sadly I am not blessed in that department, but I am good at other things! 🙂

  14. Is that a bad thing that I did NOT noticed Taylor at all?
    All I saw was Rob……..sigh*

    • normal!

      • wait, Taylar was in those pics too????

    • Haha that’s ok, he is not the “apple of your eye” after all. I was oggling that photo for lime 45 mins before I noticed Taytay. I saw the Michigan hat first and then duh, yeah it’s Taylor! That’s when I realized it.

      I was really busy looking at the way Rob had his sunglasses in his mouth…sigh. Anything in his mouth looks so erotic.

  15. EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is not a Long Beach hat, that is a mother-effing LAPUSH BABY hat! I gave it to him, and he wears it around as a secret ‘I love you’ message to me.

    Just thought I would clear that up.

    • I already mentioned this before, but for me, it will always be the Lady Boner hat, sorry, lapushbaby.

      • Oh fine. You have your delusions, I’ll have mine.


    • Mwahahaahhaahahahahaha OMG

  16. Welcome back UC!!! I missed ya bunches!
    And I hate to tell ya this, but you missed the revelation of The Remember me sex scene and me loosing my Little Ashes virginity… (Rob stroking his salami? So wrong but yet so right…)

    now on to more Fun!

    • “revelation of The Remember me sex scene”

      what when where???!!!!!

      • uuuppppssss… Sorrey!
        Will my fav h00rs please forgive moi? I totes forgot…
        Here ya go:

    • Bleriana…..please…honi……don’t call “it” salami…….I hate salami!!!

      • bwahahaha. I can’t help it. Someone started calling it that and since that point its kind of burned into my head…

        p.s. Salami is good. As is Würstchen and Robs fav german word: Schnitzel (I still don’t get how he can make a word like that sound sexey)

  17. Welcome back UC!

    Just read Lainey Gossip and she is totally implying that Rob arrived too late in Vancouver last week and that they had to wait for him. Was he pissed he had to re-shoot? Didn´t he want to leave London? Which is kind of remarkable as the ‘apple of his eye’ was already in Vancouver. I think Lainey is way overreacting here, she loves to stir trouble when it comes to Rob. But I think something could have been off, and Rob always said that he doesn’t like to be bossed around. He’s a good little Taurus. 😉

    Well, good for you Rob, you don’t always have to be Mr. Perfect either. Sure you had your reasons IF something’s off. Glad you can still think for yourself baby.

    Dear Rob,

    Please stay a little stubborn. You’re perfect enough as it is.



    P.S. You totally are carrying a machine gun in that ancient guitarcase, wink wink!

    • That was my thought too, good for you Rob! It seems like he’s got a pretty tight schedule so he probably wasn’t thrilled to revisit this. So what if he was late, it’s not like he’s really replaceable.

    • Yeah for the Tauruses! I am a Taurus myself, he and I almost had the same birthday!

      As far as Lainey is concerned, I just take everything she said with a grain of salt. But I do hope Rob’s growing some horns by now, learning to fend more and be a little stubborn. I don’t want no one bossing him around.

    • didn’t kristen and taylor do reshoots the day before rob arrived they obviously didn’t need him there that day, i love how the shit gets stirred so easily when it comes to anything to do with him

    • dont care what happened. the movie will be made. all I care about is imagining Rob standing up for himself, being angry and rebellious…totally turns me on. #thatsnormal

      • Totally normal!

  18. Even though I can’t spot the diaperbag, I have a different explanation for it:

    I think Rob has adopted a little baby friend in secret. Just like Sandra Bullock. He could mumble the sweetest lullaby’s to him/her. Awwwww.


    • “He adopted a little baby friend….he could mumble the sweetest lullaby’s to him/her” Awwww
      Cath…….why did this……..make me feel……….like this…….????

      • ok……didn’t work……let’s try again……..

    • Yeah where’s the diaper bag? Is it a phantom one? Haha.

      I love the idea of adoption, I really do, but honey Rob is just too darn gorgeous and he really, really needs to procreate and spread his genes!

      🙂 Well I know girls will line up for that.

      • The baby & the diapers are IN the guitar case. So obvious when you think about it. Tom Stu is also in there – he’s the Manny.

  19. Welcome Back UC, we didn’t miss you that much! ( Rob did) Your letters from the past sent to the future were great.

  20. What does the t-shirt say? Conan? Couldn’t figure it out. That jacket is heinous but glad to see the BBJ survives!

    Can’t wait to see how you guys break down the Oprah show.


  21. Big Daddy is BAAACKKK.. whooo hooo.!!.
    So, why don’t the fan-girls ever try to linkup/hook up Tay Tay with Robbie? I mean, hey they’re in a picture TOGETHER, (that’s together girls)….
    Whatever happen to RobTay?? hmm?

    I’ve been noticing how Robbie gives 17 yr old Tay Tay the “look”…. (legal in Georgia ya’all).

    • He’s 18! Legal everywhere! (I think)

      • ohhh.. really? legal already? hmmm..
        Tay Tay is young and tender COUGAR meat !..

  22. Oh God, UC, that post was hysterical.

  23. Man, spend the day outside and miss a great day of comments! I have to sit at my computer more often, I guess!

  24. I just wanted to let you know that in your last pic with Rob and Taylor.. the man behind Taylor (not the guy with grey hair but he guy next to him) is his Dad! I don’t know if you knew this already but I saw his dad at the Oprah taping. He was in the audience but they didnt ask him questions on camera nor pan to him when Tay says he had really great parents when growing up, that is the reason for him not drinking or smoking.

    Just passing this along but ignore me if you already knew this 🙂

    • Thanks Kassie… and we KNOW!!!!!!! We love him. Big Daddy Lautner….

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