Posted by: themoonisdown | May 1, 2010

Open Weekend Post: Hosted by BFF’s, Robert Pattinson & David Slade

Dear Rob and David,

Rumors are swirling down from Vancouver that you two may have had a little tiff. Sure Rob showed up a day after the other kiddos and sure he was wearing that paint splattered jacket and you look sorta snappy usually. But why would you boys be fighting? You’re both Brits, you’re both… interesting… why wouldn’t you be BFF’S?

  • Is Rob a Tottenham fan and David is an Arsenal fan and it came to blows when debating who was the better team?
  • Did Rob misplace his favorite lobster  hat and David grabbed it by accident thinking it was his? You know baldies get cold!

The only picture of you two in the same frame!

  • Now that Rob’s been off for a week you guys fought over who had the better beard. Taylor thought Rob did but KStew liked David’s and it just went to hell from there
  • They’re both awkward talkers slash mumblers. Was it all just a big misunderstanding at the coffee machine over cream and stir sticks being confused for “you dream of their dicks.”
  • Who ate the last hot pocket at craft services? Clearly David Slade is a big fan as well, obviously it shows a little more on him than Rob. Sadly, the production will be without a microwave for the rest of the shoot because it lost it’s life in a battle till the death.

We got enough shiz to worry about with Eclipse, we don’t need you guys fighting over the last Capri Sun in the cooler. So boys it’s time to declare a truce or at least save the fighting for behind closed doors, you know Fight Club Style. And you know what the first rule of Fight Club is, right?! YOU DON’T TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB!

Can’t we just all get along?

HAPPY WEEKEND everyone!! What other reasons could Rob and David possible be fighting? What are things Brit boys fight about? EDUCATIONAL MOMENT! Share!

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  1. Why did they fight?

    Totes obvious…David saw his meaty thighs (thanks lion) and wanted Rob back on the hamster wheel, running, fighting and stuff…., Rob prefered hanging around with pal and beer, watching Arsenal…sooo


    • You know the “code”…lol….yes……that’s what I’m talking about!!!!(jkjkjkjk)

      • hahahaha, Mel, did u change your avi for the today post? That’s HOT, angry Rob is soooo hot! 🙂

        • Angry Rob is sooooo hot RG….yep…for todays post!!! We needed some angry Rob!!!

          • Mel & Robgirl,

            For EVERY post, I need some angry Rob.

            When I heard that he and David Slade fought, my mind instantly went to Rob without a shirt (low cut black jeans) getting his ass kicked all over the set by David…complete with very expressive grunting sounds…

            3> u both!


    • “meaty thighs” is the best word. and angry rob. the combo is unbeatable

  2. Dunno what they are fighting about…britboys I mean… can tell you about greekboys fighting though, if ya like!!!
    Well……girls mostly……and politics….and football…but nahhhh….Rob is not fighting over that….dunno….

    Btw…Rob is Arsenal Moon honey…check his Cannesinterview…he sais so!!!

    Have a good weekend….love you!!!!

    • Btw…Rob is Arsenal Moon honey…check his Cannesinterview…he sais so!!!

      good detective work!!

      • That’s what I do for a living honey…….it’s my job!!! LOL…..

    • it’s all part of the master plan girls. get him pissed i said he’s a fan of the OTHER team and not arsenal so he’ll come out of lurkdom and correct me.

      yes, PLEASE correct me.

      • mmm, I’d like to be corrected by Rob too. I’ve been very, very bad.

        • Oh…….now THAT is a statement….dtd……I second that…a zillion times…like a ZILLION………

      • Love how your mind works Moonie!!!! Really do….

  3. Capri Sun & Spurs FTW!!!

  4. Dear Rob and David,

    No fighting you two. You have a serious job to do, making sure that the infamous ‘leg hitch’ scene is of the quality that we are demanding.

    Get back to work, now.

    Don’t make me come over there.

    Wait, I AM coming over there-

    I’ve got my eye on you-

    • Take me with you drsaka…you need back up honey 😀 …a greek crazy girl always comes handy!!!

      • We’ll have to be very strict with them-
        They have serious work to do, no messing around.

        • hahaha, Hi drsaka, missed you…

          are you worrying about the “leg hitch”? As far as I know, Rob has to film that with Bella, not with David… 🙂

          • I just want the quality of the leg hitch to be exceptional- that way I have more to ‘mull over’.

          • to “mull over” hahahahhahah WIN!!!

          • The leg hitch will never be as good as we want it to be drsaka…you know that!!!
            So you will have plenty to “mull over” anyway!!! 😀

          • Drsaka – I have one question only: which eye do you have on them, the left or right?

          • I have perfect vision in my left eye- so that one1!!

          • I’ll leave it up to you to make sure they do a good job!
            Don’t let that left eye stray then. 😉

            Dear Rob (and Dave),

            Be good little boys you two. Otherwise I’ll take away the Heine!



          • ahahahahahaahhahahahahahaha

            I’d rather see Rob do the leg hitch with David Slade or Taylor…or Jasper…

            Little Ashes and Rob and ff did this to me…

        • Serious as in tweed-serious or serious as in cashmere-serious? =P

  5. Dear Rob,

    Did you know I live in Canada? I do! I have that pic of you drinking the Timmies saved on my iPod….it’s one of my personal faves. You may not know this but we Canadians pride ourselves on good, cheap coffee…that’s why you see a Tim Horton’s on every street corner. We do have Starbucks but why go there and break the bank when for $1.52 you can have a large coffee/tea. Which brings me to my point….how do you take your coffee? I want to be prepared for when you stop.
    p.s. I take mine double-double with milk

    • hey “double double milk coffee girl”…seriously $1.52, wish my car would run by coffee now…..1 lit. gas = $ 2,03…….sigh*

      • somebody prefers the bicycle here…..hahahah

    • @misty

      Why does it cost so much for nescafe in Canada? Last time I was over there I was looking to buy some coffee and I noticed the mad price of nescafe? Why is this the case? In England this is the cheapest, nastiest coffee ever. Only one one up from the really cheap own branded supermarket coffee…..I just don’t understand???????

      Back on topic……I haven’t read anywhere that Rob & David have had a tiff, where is this information? Enquiring minds etc.

      • I just read on Gossip Cop that it’s all just made up. But you know most rumors, even if they’re all blown out of proportion, start with a tiny bit of truth! If you were Rob, would you want to have to re-film scenes you thought were all over and done with months and months ago, on a film you were not so excited about in the first place, when you have precious little time to relax between filming one real movie and the next?

        • Cheers TOO What you say is very true!

          • Mine – isn’t nescafe instant coffee? I’ve live here (Canada) all my life and have never seen anyone buy that crap. Maybe it’s pricey because it’s rare?
            Who drinks nescafe when there’s timmies?

          • @ Mine @Jules
            There is no such thing as “instant” coffee. Only poison could be instant, as my doctor friend once said.

            As for Rob falling out with David, well, i’m not convinced. Where’s the evidence?

        • Robsbeanie~

          You sound like a right food snob to me…and I love food snobs…and instant coffee is not even food.

          Now back to thinking about Rob. I love seeing him flip off the papps in photo above.

          Even flipping someone off he’s all graceful…


          • *steps out of the snobbish lurkedom*

            every time people call anything that comes out of Starbucks ‘coffee’ – it just makes me cringe inside. after true French/Italian coffee it’s just an unthinkable atrocity to call “that” coffee! [and in the Middle East they put ‘nescafe’ in the menu as if it is a special type of coffee or something, oh horror!]

            but Rob, he does things to me *le sigh* after seeing him drinikin’ Dunkin’ Donuts coffee i’m even willing to give it a try.

            after all, thanx to Rob, I even started to drink Heineken which is considered to be the shittiest beer in the Netherlands, the motherland of Heineken. I call it my “Rob’s moments” (that are normally accompanied by re-watching ‘Little ashes’ and/or ‘BMH” and “HA”).

            *hides back into hoity-toity lurkedom*

          • Agreed Robsbeanie, I cannot understand Starbucks- tastes so acrid or heineken… And don’t get me started on Carlsberg.

  6. “Listen guysssss…let’s be ssssimple about this.”

    Whatever the reason, if you’re in need of a mediator, I’m here for you.

    (I can be THERE for you pretty darn quickly ’cause I’m on the same side of the same continent and Mr. Lucky is a real understanding guy so just let me know if I need to get on a plane and please have a car waiting at the airport.) Waiting for your call.

    My number is 1-800-ROB-LOVR

    (I said I’d mediate…I didn’t say I’d be unbiased!)

    • bwahahhaah….

      I listened to that one again last night. Watched the Twi-commentary just for fun…

    • “Listen guysssss…let’s be ssssimple about this.”

      YOU WIN!!! hahaha i love that part of the commentary. AMAZING.

      • I WIN??!!! Woo hoo! High praise Moon…Thanks! I love it too. ❤

  7. Was I the only one imagining an angry Rob right there? And angry Rob is h.o.t.!

    Dear UC and Moon,
    I luvs you. When I saw that little icon on the Special-friends list I died a little… Js
    I can’t believe TCS is a special friend of LTR/LTT!!
    Thanks sooo much for that!

    btw the whole name issue is funny while I thought about renaming the blog more and more people tell me they actually love it. Glad it made you crack up a bit 😉

    TheColdShower – Your source for RobPorn has 3 very very hot videos for ya chicas!
    Go and check ’em out!

    • Bleriana……is it Monday today??? Girl……that was some hot stuff…lol…

      “Reach out and touch me”….yeah….wish……..

      • It’s not Monday… Yet. But what’s to come on Monday will def be hotter believe me 😉
        “I love it when you.. Lick” was my personal fav btw

        Maybe Biel agrees to make me a very hot hot vid for Hillary Duffs “Reach out” cause damn… Thousand ideas -that should be illegal- flood my pervy mind whenever I listen to this song… *makes puppy eyes at biel*

        It’s Robs bday in 13 days and 20 until mine… YAY!

    • Thanks, Bleriana. I was so happy to see you featured one of my Rob-vids. *blush*

      I’ll add a link to TCS on my YT channel … the x999susie one, since that’s where the HotRob vids are located. 😉

      sidenote: totally agree angry-Rob is HAWT!

      • Rob is hot when he’s anfry and drunk and… (tbc)
        I am sooo glad I have that angry Robler wall-sex gif…

    • Bleriana, I’ve tried to look at your site, but my computer crashes every time, it just can’t take all the blinking and giffing and opening of videos at the same time. Sorry!

  8. Well we have got an election next week – pehaps they were arguing about politics. I don’t know who Rob would vote for but if I had to guess I would say left of centre. David Slade however is a prime candidate for the Monster Raving Loony Party !!!

    Please read the manifesto Hilar !!!

    • Rob left of centre? I love that expression for so many reasons…

      *removes head from gutter

      • I know !! I wasn’t really thinking of politics when I wrote it ha ha ha ha

    • Could be. Definitely. Maybe Rob wanted to stay in London and write a speech for one of the candidates.

      • in mumblish?

  9. isn’t rob arsenal? he was at a match of them

    • yes he is an Arsenal fan too bad cuz he should know and accept taht BLUE İS THE COLOR!!!!! c’mon Rob join us.

      by the way he’s back in LA and he looked cleanshaved but the hair looked same i don’t get it, how they managed to look-like it same with ED’s hair from couple months ago?

  10. I’ve always wondered what it would take for Rob to get all confrontational. Well besides all of the above – duh!
    Maybe Slade made a move on TomStu while he was in London? And Thomas Sidney Jerome Sturridge came clean at the last minute and begged Rob to stay behind another day to get a grip. But once he saw Slade, he had to react.

  11. Normally fighting is almost always about football and the drink of course. Always arguing in pubs, one wanted Lager, one wanted Cider. Arguing over which is better.
    David could have beaten Rob at those fun game machines they have in pubs, people get very competitive about them, dont you know.

  12. Slade is obviously jealous that he is a little bald man and a not a statuesque god with sex hair a ala Rob. Rob got sick of Slade whispering “pretty boy” and spitting every time he walked by, so to piss off Slade Rob cut out of the first day of reshoots and made sure to be photographed having a leisurely lunch in Vancouver.

    • think this is the most plausable theory!!

  13. You know, I bet Rob overheard Slady mumbling things like “Didn’t have to re-shoot Josh Hartnett” and “Bloody sparkly vampires, nothing like the real thing” or “Josh was much better prepared than this” etc. It’s all a fit of jealousy. Rob is piqued.

  14. If they have a problem then they should just do the sensible thing & let the beanie & the flat cap fight it out…

    • haha- can we watch???

    • huh?

  15. […] I missed while I was gone.. and well, it seemed kinda quiet on the Rob-front. Sure, I heard the rumor about you and Slade fighting (seriously hope that one is true b/c that’s just good programming right there), I know Oprah […]

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