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How I fell for Robert Pattinson: A Swedish story

In continuing with “UC goes away for the week so that she can hopefully be a more sane person when she returns from vacation,” we go back to an old LTR theme we used to run on Sundays but have stopped doing since we don’t post on Sundays anymore! We miss hearing your stories about “How you fell for Rob!” Enjoy this one today… all the way from Sweden:

Someday I'll look less like someone Chris Hansen is protecting and more like someone you'll want to bang

Dear Rob

I think the first time I ever saw you was in Harry Potter, since it premiered in 2005 I probably didn’t see it until 2006, I’m not the biggest HP fan, I just see the films because there is such a hype around it and I haven’t had the urge to read the books, yet. Well, I was about 17 years old, about to be 18 and I was a little to old to have crushes on actors, so I secretly kept it to myself that I thought “that nice boy looked really, well…hmm… nice. But I didn’t take it any further- you were really good looking- that’s all.

Two years later a friend introduced me to a book written by Stephenie Meyer (the name is all too cheesy in Swedish, but if you translate it directly it would be “if I could dream”). She told me that it was a real romantic young adult novel. She had borrowed the book from a 15 year old friend, (by that time I was 19 and she was 22) Since I’ve always had a soft spot for romantic young adult novels, I promised her I would read the book sometime. Then she told me that they were about to make movies based on the books (yes, she also told me there were several books, but at that time only two were translated into Swedish). I wasn’t all that enthusiastic- my love for romantic books isn’t my biggest pride. By this time I was reading KAFKA! A youth novel would just seem as a step backwards in my literary education. But then she dropped the big bomb: the lead would be played by Robert Pattinson. To be honest, that name didn’t resonate with me at first, I must have looked dumbfounded. She had to describe who he was, so she just told me that it was the one from Harry Potter- Cedric, you know, the good looking guy. I immediately understood, and she had peaked my interest again!

Something bad happened after this. I didn’t read the books, I didn’t see Twilight. I didn’t even think about you, Rob.

But this autumn New Moon came to the cinemas here in Sweden. I heard debates on the radio about how people thought it was wrong to scream and shout every time the vampires were on the screen. “It’s just fourteen year old crazy girls” they said. But I understood them- I knew that the vampires were good looking. Now I started to think about you again, and I decided that it was time to read the books. I went to my library and borrowed Twilight. I thought that I should read it slowly- I had a lot of other things to do and I usually get all to caught up in books (you know, the usual reading while walking, eating, watching TV, studying, sleeping, etc) but I couldn’t resist, I started reading a week before Christmas, and the week after Christmas I had read all four books! I was in a desperate mode. I even ordered Breaking Dawn in english, since the queue in the library was too long and the Swedish version was too expensive for my empty wallet.

And I saw the movies, wanting to scream every time you were on the screen!

But to be honest, the Twilight books aren’t the best books in the word, (PLEASE DON’T KILL ME FOR SAYING THIS) but because I visualized you every time Edward was mentioned, I loved reading them. The books are addictive and sometimes they are really funny too. But the feminist inside of me isn’t completely fond of Edward, he is too overprotective and he is all too driven by his jealousy. I would not take Bella’s place in the book, but I SO would in the movies (all because of you, Rob).

I started to google you on a daily basis- it became an obsessive behaviour. I watched a lot of YouTube videos, I acted in a way I never had before. Suddenly I realized, I had fallen for you. Everything I read about you, every video I saw made me fall even deeper.

"I got my first real six-string... In the summer of '99"

And you made music, good music! I’m a little bit of a snob when it comes to music, so I first didn’t believe those who said you were an excellent musician. But then I listened and liked it. I’m the one who falls for the guy with the guitar- yes I am, but not if he plays bad songs and sings like Bryan Adams when everyone clearly can hear that the guy doesn’t have a raspy voice at all.

I think we’re a perfect match, we have at least some things in common. We both think showers and shampoo are overrated, the hair cleans itself after a while and if you shower too often you ruin your body’s own natural defense. I will not be one of those girls who think you should shower more often or buy more clothes, or wash them more often. I love your style, and by loving your style I do not only mean your photo shoot or red carpet style. I love your street style- I’m a sucker for flannel shirts. And I definitely love your stubble. A clean shaven Robert does actually lose some of the sex appeal (but not my love!). I also have a thing against new technology- when my two year old cell phone stops working I’m considering taking my old cell phone back (It still works, though it’s five or six years old) and when that phone breaks I ‘ll borrow my sisters old nokia with SNAKE and no color screen. Recycling 4-evvahh!

Finally, I really want to thank you Rob for making Robert a sexy name. Let me illustrate why it’s not sexy to me. This is a collage I made of Sweden’s most famous Roberts:

Except the animated guy, none of them are young, fresh and sexy at all. The animated guy, well, he’s not a big turn on either. When my mother said that if my sister would have been a boy instead of a girl her name probably would be Robert I laughed for days. I still laugh when I think about it, Robert is for me a name that belongs to people over 50. But you proved to me that things can change. Now I can think about you instead.

A little greeting in Swedish, feel free to google translate it.

Om du någonsin kommer till Sverige så kan du alltid kontakta mig. Min säng dörr står öppen för dig. Jag kan bjuda på kakor och sen kan vi jamma tillsammans.

Yours truly,

AWWWW! All across the world people fall for Rob in similar ways! My favorite part of emailing with Gabriella was the conversation we had back & forth:

Gabriella: I am a non blonde, not named Inga, am short, and am not in possession of the swedish sin.
: But were you writing this while sitting in an Ikea chair & eating meatballs!? AND wearing clothes from H&M? What is the swedish sin?
: I was definitely sitting on an IKEA chair, wearing H&M clothes and eating meatballs. What else could I be doing? The swedish sin is an old myth (from the late sixties) that said that swedes were more sexually outspoken, I think it has to do with naked females in old movies. Thanks for the answer, now I’ll party to some old ABBA music.

I love making friends around the world!!!

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  1. HAHA! Your collage is awesome! But don’t feel like you’re too down on your luck in Sweden, you brought us the hunk of man mountain that is Alexander Skarsgård!

    • Alexander.

      • Mmmmmmm…..

    • Alexander Skarsgård!!!!! * faints*

    • Ugh. HotAlex kills me dead. season3gethereNOW!

      • Right!?! Did you see the ‘minisode’? “Give me everything you got…” ARGH ERIC DOES THINGS TO ME.

        • You mean this????


          • IT WON’T LET ME WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

            I would step on (not just step over) Rob to get to Alex. It’s ok, one of you could comfort him….

          • eatmyjorts……..first it was Aragorn…then it was Rob…now it’s Alex??? Oh my little gready elf!!!

          • It’s only Rob’s eyebrows, Bert & Ernie that I have feelings for. Aragorn & Alex, well Eric really…the whole package (twss).

          • oooh I found it on youtube!

    • And Abba!

      I ❤ Abba!


      • Oooh ooh, and Dime (Daim) bars



      • Abba! 🙂

    • And the choir sang out in a resounding chorus of “HALLELUJAH!!!”

      I got it bad for #hotalex.

    • OMG the first however many comments on Letters To ROB fangirling about SKARSGARD?!! Shame, shame, what is the world coming to? (Well, I guess it’s Alexander Skarsgard, isn’t it?) Rob, pay no attention, it’s OK, I will never leave you for another.

      • “I will never leave you for another”…second that one TOO!!!

      • *shakes head in shame

        TOO – I too am baffled by this treachery. Baffled, I say!

        PS: Alex is a hunk of manmeat, but Rob, oh Rob…

        • Pshhhttttt Jules, I’m making a confession here:

          Alex: Meeeeeeeeeeeeeh…

          Rob: Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


          • Cath – Alex may be a hunk of manmeat but Rob, there are no words.
            Rob is beyond hunk!

          • Cath,
            I thought was the only one who doesn’t think Skarsgard is that great. He’s sort of your basic hunky guy, but Rob..Rob is Rob. Skarsgard doesn’t have the bone structure, the hair, the accent, the fingers…

          • the eyes…….the smile…….the tongue…….the wonky legs…..the teeth… the voice……….

          • Alex = Lust.
            Rob = Love.

          • LOL, me too Cath! Where are you?

          • Hahaha, girls, seems like Alex is losing ground here, well, we’re on LTR here nevertheless. His fans should start a LTA. Doesn’t sound so good! 😉

            SB, I’m here! 🙂

          • Shleeeigh –
            Rob = love lust

          • I lost my “and” there. iPhone fail.

            I meant Rob = love AND lust.

      • Hear, Hear TOO!

      • I’m also appalled by this blasphemy! the only other man deserving mentioning in LTR comments is TomStu. Cuz he is Rob-approved.

      • Rob knows I’d never leave him for HotAlex. He’s just my “free pass”.

        Dear Rob,

        I like it when you’re jealous.

        me and Alex

  2. Gabriella! Cakes, bed, jam and Rob in one saying!

  3. Glad that Rob finally looks less like someone Chris Hansen would want to protect… I always felt a little guilty lusting over Cedric …

    Yeah, he definitely looks like someone I wanna bang now……….

    • Tupelo………you lusted over Cedric???? Really??? That’s so funny!!! 😀

      • Yeah, I admit it. My daughter was obsessed with HP and I couldn’t help noticing how pretty Cedric was…….

        • No you didn’t? hahaha, you are so funny!

          Well I think if I knew him back then I would have noticed his prettiness too. But sadly I was not aware of him that time.

  4. Great letter Inga! err… Gabriella. 😉 I too have wasted what amounts to days of my life playing Snake on a no-color-screen Nokia. Now I’ve got some fancypants poker game on my phone. I don’t want this. Hey Obama — bring back Snake!
    I love Cedric. Everyone’s first on-screen entrance should involve falling out of a tree in a very studly fashion.

    • “Everyone’s first on-screen entrance should involve falling out of a tree in a very studly fashion.”

      Yes yes thank you for mentioning that! The first time I laid my eyes on him was the moment he jumped out of that tree, right before going to the Quidditch World Cup via the Portkey (HP nerd alert!)….oh Cedric you bring back 2005 memories…

  5. Haha. I’ve been studying Swedish for a year and even passed my exam in it. But it was loooong time ago, and now all I can remember is only one sentence –

    Jag vill ha dig nu.

    (and no, that’s not how i passed my exam even that a teacher was male).

    • lol

  6. Nice letter Gabriella.
    ” But were you writing this while sitting in an Ikea chair & eating meatballs!? ” …now I have a craving for meatballs and I am sitting on a Ikea chair as well hahahahahaha

    • I’m on an Ikea chair too in the uk – they’re taking over the world !!

      • I’m OK with this! Just wish there was one closer to me.

  7. It never ceases to amaze me how alike our stories our, no matter where we’re from or how we found Rob. Especially the part where “I started Googling him…” -That’s when you know you’re done for-once you come across GQ Rob or Details Rob it’s all over.

    What is this strange power you have over us Rob?? Are there subliminal messages in your movies that say”Google Me”? Do your eyes have hypnotic powers?
    One by one, you reel us in.

    Welcome to the club, Gabriella.

    • When “I started googling him…”….it was over with my sanity!!! Came across Comic Con 08 Rob…..and Rome Rob……finito….was dead!!!

      DtD…his eyes DO have hypnotic powers……and his smile…. sigh….

    • Googling Rob is the ultimate Pandora’s Box but in a totally hot, sexy, life altering way.

      • Aaahhh….pumagirl…PAN-DORA….and aaaallll her gifts!!! Deadly….leathal Rob!!!

      • @ Mel – I knew that you’d reply to the Pandora’s Box comment! You are our Greek Goddess!

        • OMG…pumagirl…lol….that was the best compliment I had for ages!!! You’re so sweet!!! Thanks….muaaaahhhh!!!

  8. Great letter, Gabriella! Is it wrong that I picture you like Inga from “Young Frankenstein” (even though you’re not blond)?

    Does Rob dazzle everyone everywhere?! It’s like a United Nations of “I want to bang Rob”. It always amazes me. I love it.

    • Rob is the glue that holds us all together!

    • Yes. Drafting a proosal for world peace to the UN as we speak.

      • I’ll sign up for remedial spelling lessons just as soon as I finish up that *proposal.

        • Don’t worry about it. Not important. Ask Ron.

          • I think Rob made it a goal to work on his spelling Not sure if Ron made the same statement.

    • Good Young Frankenstein ref, Katie S. Frau Blucher!

      • I heard a horse neigh when I read that! 🙂

        • As you were supposed to!!

  9. Promised myself to stay away from this part (LTR) of this blog, but saw the twitter post and just had to read it…

    I almost chocked on my meatball sandwitch, cause, I AM sitting in a chair from IKEA, wearing clothes from H&M and listening to ABBA right now…

    I’m such a swede…

  10. “Someday I’ll look less like someone Chris Hansen is protecting and more like someone you’ll want to bang” – so perfect!

    • Yes!
      Uhm, Moon & UC- You should have a poll where we can vote on our favorite picture captions. This one is one of my faves and there are SO MANY! Your brilliance needs to be reshowcased!

  11. Great letter – it’s true the googling watch a couple of his interviews and you’re a gonner – then you find the pictures – game over

  12. “I was a little to old to have crushes on actors.”… oh my at 18???? Oh honey believe me….you are never to old to have a crush on that particular actor!!!

    Loved your fallinginlovewithrobstory….

    About Abba….gimme…gimme…gimme…Rob after midnight

    • Or before midnight. Not fussy.

      • Now that I think of it………you’re absolutely right….EVERY TIME OF THE DAY…. GIMME….GIMME…ROB!!!

  13. So for all the future Kafka(or whatever-classy-literature)-reading-girls just one advice (valid for every country)

    NEVER google “ROBERT PATTINSON” …like



    • LOL…….oh my…poor Kafka!!!”A man of action forced into a state of thought is unhappy untill he can get out of it!”……

      RG…Rob would love that quote though 😀

    • Absolutely right- you’ll be ruined.

      • if you google him and pics like this come out, I’m ruined again…sigh*

        what has this man ???

        • I love that sign at the background “Private property – no loitering” haha.

        • and…ruined again

          THE M.A.N. is back!!!!

          • RG… know you just ruined me…right??? You know it!!!

            No offense to all the USgirls…I love you sistas…but him leaving Europe just makes me cry…die…both!!!

          • PS…were did he hide this leather-peace-of-gold for so long???

          • ITS the BBJ!!!!!! It lives!!!!!

          • new jeans—check
            guitar case–check
            vintage raybans—check
            Bubble Jacket—check

            out of Europe…..I am crying now 😦

          • @ Mel – it also makes me feel a lit bit widowed – every time Rob leaves Europe *sigh*

          • @Rob’sbeanie…well said honey…well said!!! Widowed we are… sigh!!!

            @RG…you want a cleenex Schatz…have plenty!!!

          • Long live the BBJ!

            Btw, no need to thank me, me, cleaning lady extraordinaire of the Britpack. I found it under TomStu’s bed, hahaha. (see LTR yesterday for reference. And yes, I’m crazy.)

            Rob’s been bugging about the BBJ since girls been mentioning that they’ve missed it.

            See, he READS LTR! 😉

          • Drsaka – I saw the BBJ and immediately thought of your request last week!

            Long live the BBJ

          • Mel…cleenax..I need tons now plus some vodka or so, seeing Rob leaving his hometown is so sa a a a a d d………., BUT I love the stubble…..did we talked about “being ruined” here today???

          • RG…does this song answer you’re question about me being ruined???Because of him………leaving???

          • RG, don’t forget the LB hat. I’ve decided LB stands for “Lady Boner”, not Long Beach or Lost Boys or LaPushBaby, because that’s what happens every time I see him.

          • TOO…know what? I’m feeling like your avi now….. and of
            LB…you are sooo right!!!

          • yay some new pics.i’m not in US but i fell always happy when he’s there maybe b/c we get more news and pics from him.
            i’m glad he’ll be at oprah and ellen next month

            missed u so much ROB!

          • OMFG!
            Just did the sharpest intake of breath ever!!
            The BBJ! The stubble.
            Ohh Ron, you give me the vapours.
            *crying tears made of Gin*

          • The BBJ soo glad he’s dug that out again – the drought is over for the time being

          • Someone didn’t like the fact that I found the jacket under Tom’s bed…hahaha! Well, deal with it. The BBJ was under Tom’s BED, not under K’s…

            P.S. Some ‘people’ CoughRobstensCough take things too seriously. Or maybe it was the Mullephant herself… 😉

        • Rob has had the BBJ the WHOLE FREAKIN time!!
          Thought #34 keeping me awake at night.

  14. Great letter, Gabriella!!
    So I’ll admit… the second time I watched Twilight immediately following the first time was for Charlie. I KNEW that actor from somewhere but I couldn’t place him. Drove me nuts til I figured out he was Jack from My Boys. After the second viewing when I was able to look more closely at characters rather than plot and how true to the book it was is when I started YouTube’ing Twilight. While watching cast YouTube videos (mostly “Like A Virgin” videos, poor Edward) is when my acute fondness began. Then came the interviews and I was a goner.
    I must have watched Twilight 5 times during the 24 hours I had it On Demand.

  15. Great letter Gabriella! Thank goodness Rob has come into your life. Those other Swedish Robs are not so hot!

  16. How nice with some fellow rob-loving swedes here on LTR!
    How many others are lurking around here?

    Det är dags att krypa fram nu! 😉

    • Haha yes! Har läst denna blogg länge nu och bara väntat på någons svensk 🙂

  17. It’s awesome to read a letter from a fellow swede!
    The ridiculous thing is that I’m actually wearing H&M clothes, sitting on an Ikea chair. So much for “stereotypes”…

    • You dont have to be a Swede to sit on an Ikea chair/couch whilst wearing H&M clothes – the same here! I actually think Sweden secretly took over the world (or at least Europe) and rules it now.
      P.S. While typing this I noticed what was playing in my iTunes at the moment – The Knife. Hehe.

      • Yes! We secretly take over the world with low-priced clothes and furniture.

        • and quite decent indie music (The Knife, El Perro Del Mar, The Radio Dept.) which I consider sort of moral compensation for the fact that my childhood – okay, very early teens – was poisoned with such bands as Ace of Base, Army of Lovers and Yaki Da!

          • Oh no, this will give Jules the opportunity to insert some bad music again.

            Oh no……..

          • Jules..NO Ace of base!!!! please….

          • hey RG, Ace of Base werent nearly as evil as that:

            I remember asking my dad after I heard on TV that they were gays, what does that word mean “gay”. I wasnt allowed to watch tv for another two weeks, haha. Oh, childhood traumas!

          • Okay! I’ll be good today. Promise.

          • Rob’s beanie beat you to it, Jules.

          • Rob’s beanie….listen… I really love your name and such…but that was totally unneccessary in these saaaaaaaaaddd HOURS
            …IT HURTS!!!!


          • RG, my bad! I was just trying to distract myself (and you) from all these gloomy thoughts and heavy feelings about Rob leaving ole Europe :((

          • Okay, this needs an antidote with some good Swedish popmusic, and the lyrics fit now Rob has left us… 😉

          • Not sure that really helps, Cath.

          • Now that Rob has left…the building 😦 Is there an antidote for missing him like crazy Cath???

          • Well, it’s not an upbeat song no…hahaha

            So here’s Bobo the Bichon puppy! (He’s named BOBO!)

          • See- all Bobo’s are cute!!!

          • Nop…..not even Bobo helped!!! Am still sad!!!

          • 🙂 Best thing is that Bobo just random came up in my YT. Meant to cheer all those up who miss Rob!

          • @Cath……honey……this is my current mood….impossible to cheer me up!

          • This obviously does not work…sorry…

          • Mel, how about this:

            That – and some red wine – just lightened up my evening/night. Nothing cheers me up more than Robart talking to himself in the mirror and then singing “I’m doin’ fine”. Just sing along with Rob, Mel 😉

          • That’s more like it!!!

          • LOL Mel, so your mood is a black screen that won’t do anything.
            Now, that makes ME sad too! Existential crisis.

            P.S. Drsaka you need no cheering up, Rob’s on your continent again. So Art can only make you extra HAPPY! *sticks tongue out* 😉

          • On the other side of the continent! Not much help there, Cath! But a visit from Art would be fine, too. I kinda like the ‘Choking on dust’ song-

          • OK, I agree, other side is too far! Maybe Rob can fly over to you and then dress up as Art! He has to play the harmonica too then though! 😉

        • I’m at work, but I just realized my desk and pencil drawers are from Ikea, as well as my file-holder boxes. They ARE taking over the world!

      • Well, I’m not sitting on anything from Ikea, nor wearing any H&M clothes at the moment. But I do have blonde hair to make up for it.

  18. Good letter, Gabriella! The vids are the turning point….

  19. I LOVE THE SWEDES!! Thanks Gabs!

    PS and you know I don’t have to tell you who my #1 Swede is (Sorry Gabs).

  20. […] LettersToRob […]

  21. OK, this post rules, because I love Sweden due to many reasons.

    I grew up with a great love for everything Astrid Lindgren, and with that I don’t only mean Pippi Longstocking, but also Ronja, Michel, Karlsson and so on! Sigh, love it!

    Not so into Ikea, but I love old Swedish antique, like those old kitchen benches, the wooden houses, the little islands, Stockholm and ofcourse H&M!

    I also have a favorite Swedish meatballs sandwich at some great little place owned by a Swedish couple. They also make the greatest cakes.

    And then the muppet of my life is The Swedish Chef, which NEVER fails to make me laugh!

    So great to hear the falling in Robstory from a Swedish gal. Thanks Gabriella!

    P.S. Swedish fail on my part. Don’t really like ABBA. Only Meryl Streep made it bearable for me in the movie. Oh yeah, Skarsgard also does nothing for me! Sorry Alex! 😉

    • @ Cath – I thought I was the only one who felt nothing when I looked at Alex Skarsgard… glad to know that I’m in a club of two with you!

      • Three!!!

        • Three it is, Mrs Greek Godess!

          • You make me blush dear!!!

        • Four.

        • Five

        • Four!

          • Six 😉

      • And I’m glad too Pumagirlsf!

        • Cath, do you want to start a “Not Letters to Alex” blog? It could be called “Letters to Rob”. Oh wait. Moon and UC already did that. 😀

          • Hahaha, they beat us to it!

    • Didn’t Rob say in an interview that he wanted to be Pippi Longstocking?
      Oh, and I avoid all other vampire-related movies and TV shows, because one is quite enough, and I can’t allow any other sexy actors to invade my brain, not that there is any room for them, what with Rob occupying most areas of my consciousness at any given moment.

      • Haha TOO, Rob said that??? Well, now, that’s it. Now I really have to marry him!!! Sigh. *shakes fist at Rob for appearing to darn perfect*

        Dear Rob,

        You can be my Pippi anyday! Just don’t wear the stocking…



        P.S. I think growing up with two sisters might has had it’s effects on you!

        • Well perfect, he can braid his hair and make them stick out on the sides…. 🙂

          I’d still do him no matter what.

          • I want to see the braids!

    • The Swedish chef rules!!!

      • Oh, that takes me back. I love the Swedish chef.

    • You are unique Cath…..just LMAO!!! Swedish meatballs!!! long live the Muppet Show!!!

    • I knew there had to be a reason why I liked the two of you! 😉

      • Besides our avis…obviously… 😀

    • Cath…know what? the Muppets were awesome and I think………….

      I love HIS meatballz…
      Can’t believe I wrote that!

      • @ RG – “I love HIS meatballz…” made me spew coffee on my keyboard! LOLOLOL


      • I JUST FELL OF MY CHAIR……RG………..HIS (MEAT)BALLZ??? Can’t believe you wrote that…and then send it….LOL….

      • Hahaha, bad RG. Win!

  22. O/T but, from the files of “as if we didn’t already know this”:

    Robert Pattinson on People Magazine’s ‘World’s Most Beautiful 2010’ list,,20360857_20364406,00.html#20776540

    • I love Rob, but I truly hate these idiot lists….sorry……and always these old pics, but glad that they didn’t flip him there.

      • I’m with you, rg. Meaningless lists-we don’t need People to confirm that Rob’s beautiful.

      • I laugh when he’s on the Best-Dressed lists, because, really, have they SEEN his clothes?

  23. Just testing my twitter website link update! Carry on!

  24. I just cannot get used to seeing Rob in a pair of so obviously brand new clean jeans … I do hope he spills something on them in the aircraft or jumps in a puddle running from the paps in Vancouver so that the ageing process can commence.

    Rob … if you need some help with that I’ll fly over to test out a few grubby horizontal surfaces with your new jeans (and you in them initially …)

    • ahh seriously. Rob in new jeans seems like somethings wrong.

      • and normally I’d hate these jeans, I mean…the colour,the fitting….urghhh…BUT as they are covering HOT HIPS AND THIGHS AND LEGS AND SO……I LOVE them!
        Totally RUINED today….

  25. Do you think he got them from Marks and Spencers ? I hope not thats where your parents get jeans from !!

    • Oh I do hope not. That’s just as wrong as the fact that they are clean!

    • these “jeans” are totally NO brand at all, these “jeans” are “Dad-jeans”, hahahahahahah…oh Rob

      • and now these “jeans” are flying away………..

        so I will dream of an EAGLE!!!! lol

      • And he is afraid of flying…and this does not help at all RG!!! I have a thing for eagles!!!

  26. Miss you regulars over on LTT 😥

  27. Dear Rob,

    Your gorgeous, intelligent, senstive self brought about a blog where we discuss Kafka (did you love Metamorphosis…let break it down, Baby?) meatballs, and your balls.

    I love the friends I’ve made here, from all over the world….so much!!!!

    Thanks, Rob.

    p.s. loved your letter, Gabriella.

    • That’s really sweet……girlfriend from far away ❤

    • Can I cry a bit more now…ml??? You know I’m a dramaqueen…love…friends…Rob…all in one sentence…too much for me…tooo much!!!

      I should maybe analyze Metamorphosis for a while…to get my mind of of him flying away right now!!!

      • Mel, there’s a bunch of us drama queens here so I think we need to start a “thespian club!”

    • I meant to say: you are, not “your”

  28. Gabriella, thanks for your post, I can sort of relate! 🙂

    I’m late today!

    “I started to google you on a daily basis- it became an obsessive behaviour. I watched a lot of YouTube videos, I acted in a way I never had before. Suddenly I realized, I had fallen for you. Everything I read about you, every video I saw made me fall even deeper.”

    Amen to that! That and to accumulating a ton of robporn! I sometimes wonder if I was living in some other universe during HP…what the heck was I doing that I didn’t know him? Haha.

    Well now I do know him and I’m making up for lost time.

    • I never knew him before Twilight either, SB! What was my life like before Robert? Who knows. It’s a blur. 😉

  29. Ola Girls!!

    I missed so much didn’t I? To my defense I was kind of gone because

    A) I needed to crop out the Remember Me sex scene which was hard since I am a techtard
    B) You won’t believe this but I got a letter from TammyO’s sister… Or what I imagine her sister to be like…

    But seems like nobody missed me anyway so it’s no big deal 😀

    • No one missed you??? Stop it!!

      Now please give details on this crazy letter. 🙂

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