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Rob save us from our boredom, Please DO something!

*Rob I sat down to write about you and nothing came (twss) cause, surprised you’re MIA! Maybe you got sucked into the volcano when it erupted or maybe you’re in your parents basement with TomStu on another 3 day game and drinking bender but whatever the reason, there’s NOTHING going on and TooOldForThis wrote you a letter about it*

This was fun but what are you really up to??

Dear Rob,

Can I be honest with you for a minute?  The last couple of weeks have been, well . .  . rather boring.  I know you’re busy working.  And believe me, we all appreciate those wonderful pictures we’ve been getting from the Bel Ami set.  It’s fueled our Mr. Darcy fantasies, and for that we’re very grateful.  But something’s been missing and I’m trying to put my finger on it.
Despite these set photos we’ve been inundated with, there isn’t any other news on you.  Nothing.  What are you doing when you’re not filming?  Now don’t get me wrong.  I don’t want to hear bad things.  Please don’t start tearing up hotel rooms or getting into fist fights at the local bars.  I don’t want you to turn into Charlie Sheen and start beating up women or visiting whorehouses.  But can you throw us a bone and give us something to talk about?
I know it’s not just me that’s feeling this way.  When I surf around to other Rob sites, I find that most of them are posting old interviews or old photographs or even the Eclipse poster from different countries (FYI – it’s the exact same poster, just in a different language.)  It’s like the entire fandom is struggling for things to discuss.  So what do we want?  That’s a great question.  I had to think long and hard about what I really want from you, Rob. (Besides the obvious!)  When I wake up in the morning and check for the latest Rob news, what would make me happy?  Well, I’ve put together a short list of things that you might think about doing in order to make your fans happy – because I know how much you love and appreciate us.

Can the sex tape be about a drunken night with RonStu?

1.)  Make out with KStew in public so we can finally put the controversy to rest. Now, this has nothing to do with being a Robsten/Nonsten/or I-don’t-give-a-crapsten.  I don’t care who your sleeping with (unless it’s me, which, unfortunately it’s not) it would just be interesting to discuss.  I’m sure it would keep the fandom buzzing for 2 or 3 days.  Plus, we could discuss your non-movie kissing style.

2.)  Make out with TomStu in public so we can finally put the controversy to rest. This one would be really fun.  You know those gay rumors have been flying around for a while.  What better way to “come out” than to be caught planting a big wet one on your BFF?  Plus, we could discuss your non-movie kissing style.
3.)  “Accidentally” release a sex tape. Everyone’s doing it.  I don’t even care who it’s with.  Let’s face it, no one would be looking at the girl (or the guy).  We would totally be focused on you (while pretending we’re starring with you).  Plus, we could discuss your non-movie kissing AND sex style.
4.)  Talk with David Slade about releasing ANYTHING Eclipse related. Seriously, what’s with this guy?  Why are we 2 months away from this epic movie and all we have are a few “leaked” photographs and a pretty lame trailer?  It’s like we went from Chris Weitz, the NM whore, to David Slade, the Eclipse cock-blocker.  Most of us would probably like to see a little clip from the infamous “Tent Scene” or (dare to dream) the “Leg Hitch” scene.  So if you could arrange that, we would be most grateful.

This is pretty much what he's been up to: chain smoking

So there you have it, Rob.  Just a few suggestions as to how to get your fandom jump-started.  I know you’ve probably been too busy to notice, but it’s been really dull around here.  My house is clean, my laundry is caught up and my family has been enjoying nice, hot home-cooked meals.  Something is definitely wrong.  Please save us all from the tedious boredom of everyday life.

Thanks in advance,

So let’s start taking bets on what Rob’s been up to since leaving Budapest. And speaking of WHILE in Budapest where was he? You KNOW he went out and night, does Hungary just not have paparazzi or locals you give a crap about Rob? DISCUSS…

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  1. Rob, babe do something.
    (Preferably me.)
    I do not like you being M.I.A.
    I need to see fuckhawt pics of you to distract me from my mountain of uni work.
    We clear? Good.

  2. Well, beside working….what does he do?

    Rob smokes a lot………
    Rob drinks a lot………
    Rob meets friends a lot………..hello Tom! 🙂
    Rob goes out alot………
    Rob searches for clothes (No, that’s cancelled, he just grabs the beanie)
    Rob hears music…
    Rob sleeps a lot……
    all in all …
    Rob is such a boring guy…….and with boring I mean frickin f*cking HOT!!!!!


    • Rob, but..honi…do me a favor, it’s time now to come out and to do a little dance for us!!!!!

      • Agree…absolutely!!!

        • YES!! Please Rob dance.
          Dear Rob,
          We are all begging you to PLEASE COME OUT & PLAY. We miss you. I need some new RobPorn, JawPorn, FingerPorn, anythingRobPorn to clutter up my computer. So, please for the love of all that is good & holy…COME OUT COME OUT WHERE YOU ARE…calling Rob Pattinson, Mr Robert Pattinson…please come out & play! Thanks


          • Melinda…you said it girl!!! Please Rob…come out and play!!!

    • Rob’s in his special hiding place…his safe haven.

      But come on Rob, please? Anything?

  3. “It’s like we went from Chris Weitz, the NM whore, to David Slade, the Eclipse cock-blocker.”

    TOFT you summed it up perfectly in this quote. If we had the same promo as we did for nm we wouldn’t be in this predicament! We would be fussing over soujndtracks and mulitple trailors and breaking them all donw VF style!
    **sadface** summit you suck!

    • I have not mucho clue about the Saga, and I love C.W.(so cute), BUT to me it seems that they gave soo many good scenes a way before NM came out , that when I saw finally the film, I thought that the best I already saw…..and so this time they decided perhaps to handle the promo differently…just my 2 cent.

      • Word. I felt like I had already seen the film.

        • I know what you guys mean, but I can’t help it. I’m a spoiler whore!

          What I didn’t like about NM was that I saw some still photos of scenes that didn’t make it into the movie. That always pisses me off, especially when they are Rob scenes.

          • Word.
            David Slade tweeted on February 6th during editing and that they were adding MORE EDWARD. Be still my heart!

          • @Keisha, that’s awesome!!!! Squeee. I can always have more Edward!

    • I remember during New Moon promotions, when CW was asked “why all the released scenes and spoilers?” He said “he believes less is more…” Meaning – Summit or hired marketing company is in charge of all promotion. The director just does what he is told. So don’t blame Slade for the absence of material. Summit probably heard our complaints of too many spoilers for NM.

      • I am happy about this.

  4. Dear TOFT,

    You are so right.

    We need the devastatingly hot pictures from photo shoots and the word vomit interviews. We need to discuss your hobo style and most of all ‘we need to discuss your NON-MOVIE AND SEX SYTLE’. This is of the utmost importance.

    Thank you for crystallizing the essence of what we need from Rob: ‘please save us all from the tedious boredom of everyday life.’

    Yours in anticipation of more Rob excitement,

    • Rob excitement….Drsaka…girl…you’re so right , we might need some adds for the coffee table, some pics look already “rusty”!!!

      • Yes! Maybe Rob needs more ‘excitement’ that will result in more BI pics for us thus causing more excitement for us.

        Now, if we could just figure out a way to provide Rob with more ‘excitement’……..

        • i think we have to meet him for that, TomStu doesn’t seem to do (it for) him anymore.

          • 3 girls and one man…more excitement than that is not possible!
            We’ll help him to get over “it” (it…might stand for a lot of people)

          • RG…what to you mean 3 girls??? 3 girls??? Nononono…much more girls in that scenario my dear!!!

          • Mel, more than 3 is already a crowd, he will just run away…lol

          • Oh nooooo…he will not RG…we’ll make him stay 😀

          • TomStu probably still does it, but only inside a white french style closet somebody mentioned in the comments to the post about Robdreams, thus no photos for us. *sigh*

        • Does he need more “excitement” or should we just pretend that we don’t care anymore…an absolute cyber/twitter/FB/net silence…so that he just had to stick his head out to see what’s going on??? Just saying…he’s a courious guy right??

          • Good luck with that.

          • Mel,
            I love you for suggesting that we give Rob “the silent treatment.” That’s awesome!!!!


          • lion, are u sure that Mel and u mean the same treatment?

          • I was wondering the same thing, RG. I don’t trust those two.

          • Jules..hahahhahahahaha!!!!!

        • Hey you said you would send those to me…where did it go? 🙂

          • ooops, sorry, will do later!

      • Robgirl,
        I dunno. I mean…I dunno..


        • Pearl Harbor? If not, disregard! *whistles and looks away*

  5. Fantastic letter, TOFT!

    Some news I’d love to wake up to is that Rob has been MIA because he’s recording an album full of delightful mumbles. We could discuss his non-Twilightsoundtrack mumbles and enjoy some guiterfingerporn. Ooh yes.

    • How sad is it that I would buy an album of Rob mumbling? (walking away and hanging my head in shame).

    • @ Bella_NaA ~

      “and enjoy some guiterfingerporn. Ooh yes.”

      I read that as “guiltyfingerporn”. Heheehe 😀

  6. “even the Eclipse poster from different countries (FYI – it’s the exact same poster, just in a different language.)”

    OMG. THANK YOU for addressing this. Has Twi-news become THAT pathetic?! Who runs those sites? Fourteen year old girls?!

  7. Show us your beautiful face, Rob. I really don’t want to start doing housework again and it’s hard to justify NOT doing it when you’re MIA. It’s a sad day when I go to Robsessed and all I find are yet more interviews from the Remember press junket (which I’m sick of).

    C,mon, Rob, do something to shock your fans out of our Rob-drought induced stupor-go streaking, cut off your hair again, or as Toooldforthis suggests, make out with Tom in public. I miss your face (well, all of you).

    • whoops, that’s Remember Me press junket. But you knew that.

      • RM did meanwhile 50millions worldwide…congrats Rob!

  8. “4.) Talk with David Slade about releasing ANYTHING Eclipse related.” <– Solved. Eclipse trailer #2 on Friday!!

    • I’ve got Oprah programmed on my DVR for tomorrow!

    • Yeah for new Eclipse trailer! May it not be as lame as the first one.
      Can I request a 30 second trailer that consists of Edward and Bella making out in her bed, making out in his bed, making out in the back of the Volvo and making out in the meadow? 🙂

      But seriously, I can’t take another lame-ass trailer. Things I DON’T want to see:
      1. Lots of scenery. I love scenery, but not in a 30 second trailer
      2. Supporting characters I don’t care that much about.
      3. Jacob shirtless….again. Sorry TayTay fans, you can thumbs down me all day, I’m sick of seeing this kid shirtless. I know he’s a wolf, blah, blah, blah. But at this point it’s becoming a joke even to non-Twilight fans.

      • Hee hee.

        • Did you thumbs down me you Team Jacob fan, you! 🙂

    • So what is Oprah’s show about tomorrow?
      Is this the thing about Oprah looking for Twi-hards?
      Is the whole thing going to be about Twilight? Are they going to show/interview screaming Twi-hards and make us all out to be 13 year olds again?
      Are there going to be psychologists to explain the effect it has on all of us?
      Are there going to be religious organizations that insist Twilight leads to devil worshipping?
      I haven’t actually heard any of the cast/crew are going to be on the show so I’m wondering what the H it’s going to be about.
      I just know she’s going to say something inappropriate about Taylor Lautner.

      • My local TV listings only says that Jordan’s Queen Rania and Melissa Etheridge will be on, nothing about the trailer or any cast members.

        • Thanks!
          Agh, I saw Melissa and thought they were having the Rosenberg on. I was ready to drive to Chicago for hot Breaking Dawn lobbying!

      • I believe @Twilight tweeted that it will be Dakota Fanning presenting it and there’s some live chat with some minor cast members after. check robsessed for the details.

  9. Hey Rob,

    Please, please , please get drunk and play air guitar on a street corner again. It would be even funnier now, for some reason.
    Make out with Tom and do it proudly while the paps stroke out taking pics, it would be an epic WIN! I would love you forever for doing it.

    Just walk down the street. I would even take that.

    Love ya sweet cheeks!

  10. A drunken night with TomStu sex tape….


    Hyperventilating just thinkin’ about it…

  11. Rob,
    I like the idea of a sex tape…. And I also promise to only watch you (not the young skinny as, skeleton next to you!!)

  12. I expect he had been making alterations to his hot pocket fort …. that or stiching up some holey clothes.

    Great letter – especially items 1,2 & 3 🙂

    • sorry that should of course be stitching – I am not even sure I have spelt “holey” correctly

  13. Yes, I would like further analysis to be done on the way Rob kisses.

    Have you ever noticed how he squashes, especially in the Saga, the top lip, of yes, Kristen. I mean he goes in for the kill and leaves the bottom lip alone and smacks his two lips on the top lip alone – yes, I could probably right a thesis on this but it scares me, I think he might be a bad sloppy kisser.


    • I was kind of bummed when I saw a still photo of that kiss. I think we concluded, after much analysis (on this site, of course), that the sloppiness of that kiss was due to the fact that he was anticipating being jerked back against the wall by that harness.

      If you look at his other kisses (and I have, trust me), he does seem to kiss just the upper lip a lot, but he appears to be almost sucking the other person’s top lip. That seems really hot to me.

      But the only way to be sure is to actually kiss him. I will volunteer for that job. (Oh, the sacrifices I make for LTR)

      • LOL I don’t know but the sucking of only the top lip might get a tad frustrating after a while. I mean when he sucks the top lip, the other person is left in a goldfish pout wondering where the hell to kiss back 🙂

        I can’t believe I’m seriously talking about this! HA!

        • I never cease to be amazed at the things we can discuss here!

          As far as the kiss, if Rob is sucking on your top lip (excuse me…I need a moment……okay, I can go on), then I would be using my bottom lip to suck on his bottom lip. It’s much easier to demonstrate (with Rob) than to explain, but it is actually pretty hot!

          • TOFT- girl you are getting me all hot and bothered here at work talking about kissing Rob! Yummy!! I think u r right the only way to really know how his style is, is to try it out for ourselves!:). Please Rob come out to play!

          • Srsly Rob you need to have a kissing booth! We’ll all line up to get a kiss from you! With the money you make you can end world hunger! You can use the money to fund cancer research!

            I picture the line will be extremely long(twss).

          • @ TOFT ~ Oh yay! I love when posts turn into discussions about Rob’s possible kissing and/or bedroom techniques. The possibilities and visuals are endless.

            Maybe until he resurfaces, we can all just keep theorizing about his “abilities”…

          • This is an important and informative discussion- please keep going-

          • When does the tongue come in to play (TWSS)

          • Oh boy.

          • My ex boyfriend used to kiss me like that (more than 7y ago). It was weird at the beginning because I didn’t know how to kiss him back hahahahahaha. Jut grab the underlip and play with it with your tongue and suck. OMG I have a feeling that I am writing a fanfiction rated M here LOL. It’s hot kissing that way! Downside? it gave me chapped lips.

        • Hi,
          When he’s kissing the top lip, she (read: I) is suppose to kiss his bottom lip. It’s in the kama sutra and it’s called oddly enough, “kiss of the upper lip.”


          • Preach!

          • Rob knows his stuff!!! Squee!

          • kama sutra = win

            I wasn’t aware there was kama sutra for kissing 😉

      • Oh I noticed that too, well I’ve watched rewound and watched again. I think that’s hot too when he sucks on the upper lip.

        I’d do anything with Rob, he can practice on me if he needs to improve his kissing style. 😉

        • Word!

          • You hear me Pammy….I would do anything with that man.

            Anything! 🙂

          • I so hear ya sb! That kissing booth thing sounds like a great idea!! There better be some hot kissing in eclipse! Looks like we’ll get to see Bella try and take his shirt off yay! Mr slade better not b teasing us with those pics! Btw what part of south r u from?

          • Pammy, I’m from Louisville, KY. How about you?

          • I’m from Nashville, Tn. We southern girls know a hot guy when we see one! Rob is the hottest guy ever!!!!

    • I’ve been doing extensive research myself and Rob seems to be a go to the left kisser. This is good news as it is not always done. Now this is just on camera so it could be the way the shots are blocked and all that technical movie jargon but I’m also willing to do what it takes to prove my observation.

      • Oooh, I noticed that too. (Is that pathetic). I assumed he would go to the right, as he is right handed.

        • Maybe Rob is ambidextrous. I try to teach myself to write left handed sometimes and it looks like a 1st grader’s writing but I keep at it.
          This would work well for Rob for when his right hand is dying from signing all the autographs…. Or what have you.

          • Wouldn’t it be more like “ambi-lips-trous”? As a guitar and piano player, we already know he’s good with both hands (!)

      • Seriously! I hope they have better angles in eclipse cause in New Moon I really didn’t want to just see bella’s big ol head and rob’s shoulder(well I did like seeing that, but his lips would have been better!)

  14. Get in line …..:-)

    • blimey I am all over the place today that was a reply to TOFT – if she wants to test Rob’s kissing ability she’ll need to get in line !!! I don’t mind us brits are good at queing

  15. LOVE the letter!!!

    “My house is clean, my laundry is caught up and my family has been enjoying nice, hot home-cooked meals.”
    I thought I was the only one!

    DH and the kids gained some weight because I am cooking again! Not fish sticks, can of soup with crackers or Mac and cheese like last summer. But since you left Budapest it’s homemade Dutch pancakes, hash browns and bacon for breakfast, club sandwich with fries for lunch and 4 course dinner! Rob what are you doing to me (and my family)? Are you doing beer pong with the Brit pack in the basement? Plse come out!

    • after reading your comment I feel hungry now, sounds delicious! 🙂

      • Me too! Can you come cook at my house, natashadushi! 😉

        • I can make a LTR themed buffet for us all to eat. Dessert is Tiffany’s sparklepeen cake!

          • 🙂 !!!!

  16. Dear Rob

    I know you are human…I know you need your privacy… I know you need a rest…I know we are asking too much of you…I know we are drowning you with our love… but please you have to understand…we need to see you… you need to stop hiding…I ask this, simply because we all love you and just can’t…can’t live without you. Maybe one day (in 10 years or so) when you have a wife and 10 kids, it will be enough for us just to think of you with a love… less suffering…but NOW…you have to think about some things TOFT wrote to you…and show yourself!!!

    I leave it up to you honey, but I’m kinda feeling like I’m in a desert dying from thurst…if ya know what I mean!!!

    Love you

    • Mel, so true. Rob we thirst for you….

      OK that sounds all wrong…LOL.

  17. I blame Robs management for the drought. They have got his balls in a jar on a shelf somewhere. Poor Rob can’t do anything stupid or goofy anymore. They need to hop off Robs dong and let him say whatever the hell he wants.

    • Some of my favorite interviews are from the very early Twilight days. Before the media handlers got to him. He made some fantastic comments about how ridiculous Edward was (I LOVE Edward, don’t get me wrong, but could be very ridiculous at times.) He said Edward was supposed to be so good looking that woman “creamed” themselves just being near him. (Rob’s words, not mine 🙂 )

      He also made some wonderful comment that he felt like a voyeur into Stephenie Meyer’s fantasies because she wrote these books based on a dream (and it kind of freaked him out)

      He was so fabulous right at first, and then Summit shut him down. I want the old, untrained and uncensored Rob!

      • Jeez Louise – “He said Edward was supposed to be so good looking that woman “creamed” themselves just being near him.” I adore his raunchy sense of humor. My husband says ridiculous stuff like this, just not in an interview, which will ultimately be watched/heard by millions.

        BTW – great letter TOFT. Chosen and published by UC & Moon. You are a superstar!

        • Thanks!

          And yes, Rob can be very blunt (at least he used to be 😦 )

        • Okay, I found the interview. Here’s the paragraph where Rob talks about Edward:

          “When you read the book,” says Pattinson, “it’s like, ‘Edward Cullen was so beautiful I creamed myself.’ I mean, every line is like that. He’s the most ridiculous person who’s so amazing at everything. I think a lot of actors tried to play that aspect. I just couldn’t do that. And the more I read the script, the more I hated this guy, so that’s how I played him, as a manic-depressive who hates himself. Plus, he’s a 108 year-old virgin, so he’s obviously got some issues there.”

          That was the moment the Twi-moms exploded about how wrong Rob was for the part.
          I think it’s hilarious and I miss this Rob.

          • This, right there, is why I will always love Robert Thomas Pattinson! Thank you TOFT, for reminding us.

          • Le Sigh… Swoon… *chin in hand daydreams of THAT Rob*

          • Umm, thumbs down, why? I just quoted a famous Rob interview. Perhaps you are on the wrong site?

  18. Well…some girls have to go to work…damn…I hate leaving you…but I read something today and I loved it.

    “Call it clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one. -Jane Howard

    …call it LTR…

    Love ya…

  19. “1.) Make out with KStew in public so we can finally put the controversy to rest. ”
    Do NOT do this Rob, my gag reflex is overly functional.
    Find another way to end the controversy.

    • I’m with you there, sister!


    • I think whenever there is a Rob drought, Jane Trigs, that wherever he’s hiding out, there is a lot of drinking going on. Unfortunately it’s not happening anywhere we can enjoy it, too.

      • Yes, TOO is right, drunk Ron is really active right now, but we can’t see it 😦

        • Drunk Ron is the best Ron.

      • 😦

        • Someone thumbs downed your sad face.

          That makes me lose faith in humanity.

          Why the thumbs down, why?

  21. Hmmm, Rob…what could you do?

    Get out of a car while wearing no panties? We’ve all, unfortunately, seen waaaay too much of Paris Hilton’s and LiLo’s cooters than anyone in their right mind needs to see. It’s time for a guy now. May I suggest very very loose basketball shorts, commando of course, and a very strategic exiting of car?

  22. “Throw us a bone?” can’t stop laughing.

    • OMG! Can you believe that I wasn’t even thinking about that until you just brought it up.

      Another example of how the Rob Drought of 2010 is affecting me.

      My mind is no longer in the gutter. Help Rob!! This is an emergency. I need you to resurface so my dirty mind will return.

  23. Summit bites the big weenie!!! They know we’re all hooked on the twi-saga. So there is no need for them to throw us much bait. These boring drips and drabs of info suck big time!!!Gives us something to hold our interest Summit. A nice behind the scenes interview with Rob would be nice. Hope they don’t give us another sucky ass trailer on friday.

  24. Great post TOFT!

    Most of us would probably like to see a little clip from the infamous “Tent Scene” or (dare to dream) the “Leg Hitch” scene. So if you could arrange that, we would be most grateful.

    Why yes I would love to see those clips!!! Especially the leg hitch! I’m sure Rob can pull a few strings to get them out! 🙂

    I just want to see him, I’m subsiding on watching NM, Twilight, and his old interviews on youtube…gosh I can’t believe I’m doing this.

    Rob please just show yourself, anything. Come out and let me see you. I miss your beautiful face, the stubble, your glorious jaw(porn), wonky legs, sex hair, hobolicious clothing, shiteous Nikes(or Adidas, whatever u have on), your long “feminine” hands(as you called them). I don’t think they look that feminine Rob! They look beautiful and capable of doing maximum damage!

    • SB- I was thinking (I know, that’s a scary thing) that there’s a major problem with both of the ‘leg hitch’ and ‘tent’ scenes- there are other people in the scenes that I don’t really want to see there!!!

      How do we fix this??

      • Drsaka, well I don’t recall anyone else being in the “room” during the leg-hitch scene, it’s just the two of them in the dark remember? In Edward’s room and he just came back from hunting. Squeeeeeee. I think that’s so hot, kissing in the dark, just feeling for the other person. Sorry I’m getting carried away now. Now I want to read that part again and thinking of that “bed” in his room.

        The tent scene well yeah, hmm, that will be a problem. I think maybe we can cover Jacob with a blanket, that oughta do it! LOL, what do you think?

        • ah, yes there is- Can we cover Bella with a blanket too, and some how insert me or you???

          • Why drsaka that’s a wonderful idea!

            *sips my mint julep*

  25. Thanks for a lovely, thought-provoking letter TOFT! Does anyone know if in fact Bel Ami is finished shooting, or are they still doing scenes in London somewhere? When does Water for Elephants start shooting? Rob, at least you could issue your schedule for us to sync up with our calendars so we can keep tabs on you, young man.

    • Best.Idea.Ever.

      Can you imagine syncing Rob’s schedule into your iphone?

      Phone call to client: “Yeah, we’re going to have to reschedule that meeting. Rob’s flying into L.A. today and I need to be online for any new pictures that might surface.”

    • TOO & TOFT- LMAO!!! I just got an iPhone so I can play along too. Whew, just in time!
      I believe Water for Elephants starts shooting May 22nd. If this is when Rob starts shooting I dunno….
      If I were him I would stay in London for his birthday as there are less papps and attention and then fly back May 18-19. Give us a couple days of airport pictures and adjust to time difference. Wait… don’t they have to do table reads or rehearsals and costumes or something? Rob- my birthday is just 4 little days before yours. If you could make an appearance then it would be much appreciated. But it’s Mum’s Day so I will concede to Clare. See Clare- I would be the best girlfriend ever for your son.

  26. He’s probably returned to the set in Budapest (flights are now moving out of Heathrow)..

    Where was Robbie all this time?
    Betcha he was on a pub crawl //bender with TomStu and some of his old buddies.

    Hey!! how did you all know he had a sex tape with TomStu? Thought his PR people buried it well. –hahah. (kidding). dont wanna start that rumor. ahem.
    TomStu.. (my little cupcake) le sigh.

    • Hermes- I just watched Pirate Radio and I loved your little cupcake in it. I was a little intoxicated and that could have only helped but still Tom was great!
      What a great role just kind of sitting around and watching. Ah-mazing!

      • For your viewing pleasure a clip of PIRATE RADIO. Its for rent now.
        Seriously, even if I didnt have such a .. passion for TomStu (my little cupcake). I’d see it.. just for Rhys Isfan, Bill Nighy and Phillip Seymore Hoffman (that little chubby elf). Great 60’s sound track. The Kinks! rock on!

        • Woot!
          Ok, a little on the off topic, I recently starting watching The IT Crowd. It’s a British comedy show. Has anyone else seen it? (Educational Moment: Is BBC like the only British TV Channel? I don’t know if it’s on BBC or not.) Anyways, it’s freaking hilarious! The third episode 50/50 had me laughing so hard I definitely got my ab workout from watching (PS- where the H has Oliver Chris been all of my life?! Smokin’ tall hottie!) and 2 of the actors are in Pirate Radio!

          • ZOMG I love The IT Crowd. It is so so so awesome. You will love every episode.

          • @pumagirlsf Ok, sweet! I was reading on-line that they are going to make an American version with Joel McHale and Morris. I love me some Talk Soup Joel McHale but I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’m not sure he can capture Roy’s essence.

          • @ Keisha ~ they actually did a pilot but it was never picked up and then Joel McHale went on to do Community. It seems that very few BritComs can survive US adaptations (like Coupling – great UK show, sucked here in the States) w/the exception of The Office. … Oooh, The Office… Beautiful Bastard… SEE IT ALWAYS COMES BACK TO ROB. 😀

          • @pumagirlsf – Ahhhh, I should read more in depth. Thanks!
            The Office *le sigh*
            @tby789 – I know you read this sometimes. Thinking of you today {Hugs}

      • I saw Pirate Radio and was entertained!

  27. I am newish around here. I commented once before, but this is much more important. I just watched Pirate Radio and it was my first exposure to TomStu. If Rob is gay for him, I totally get it! He is nearly as captivating as Rob was when I first saw Twilight.

    • YES!! FOR TOMSTU! :))
      HE IS very charming in Pirate Radio…

      • Is he not very charming full stop?

        I think so!

        Not just in TBTR/Pirate Radio.

    • Uhhh, TomStu led me to Rob actually!
      I used to have a light crush on Eddie Redmayne and watched “Like Minds” cuz of him (totes awesome boarding school thriller + as a bonus – the sexiest hoity-toity british accent all the way) and TomStu was in it. I completely fell for him and started to dig internet for his bio and there was something like “best friends with Robert Pattinson”. So i checked out who TomStu’s best friend was. And though my love for Rob is unquestionable, unconditional and irrevocable, TomStu has a special place in my heart.
      Oh TomStu, “light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul…” wait, these lines were supposedly addressed to a girl. Ah, nevermind! Got carried away.

      • That’s so interesting, I’ve never heard of someone liking TomStu first, and finding Rob through stalking TomStu!

        • serendipity at its best!

    • The beginning of this song should be Rob and Tom’s theme song (“we’re best friends, we hold hands, we’re in love, you’re my man!)

  28. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by MichaelaBiggane: RT @letter2twilight: Dude, Rob.. you’re boring the CRAP out of us… DO SOMETHING. Cause a Scandal, get really drunk. write a new song!:

  29. I know what he’s been up to.

    He took me out on some dates and behaved so sweetly, ever the perfect yet slightly rumpled gentleman. He was incredibly charming and the sexual tension was off the chain. Then when I had to go to the doctor to get in the stirrups (???), he insisted on coming into the exam room with me to hold my hand.

    Then I woke up. :/

  30. IKR?

    My laundry is done too, and I have been cooking….what a great post 🙂

    Dear Rob

    are you still in London? I came back today, are you going to a gig tonight, can you let me know which one?



  31. There’s something really, really amiss when women are cleaning, laundering and cooking meals. Revolt, I say!

    • There obviously isn’t enough RobP0rn For Women circulating

    • It’s completely ridiculous!

      When my closets are organized and the basement is clean, that means it’s about damn time Rob showed his face.

  32. BTW it is 69 days until Eclipse.

    • I can’t believe it took until 2:30 in the afternoon for someone to say that. This is LTR, right?

      *shakes head* I’m so disappointed.

      • I know! The 60 day range makes it just 2 months away! 😉

  33. Great letter Too Old For This! I love all the suggestions to “just kiss someone in public”.

    • Preferably me 😉

  34. OMFG you guys are killing me, clicked on the link to the 3 day bender and could not stop laughing. I honestly think he hid in hotel rooms, and is still doing so. I’m all about some PDA action!!!!! I mean seriously, how could he have teased us by going commando in his Bel Ami pants ( hello package) , and then nothing?

  35. Kiddos! I’m from Hungary and let me assure you that we got tons of stuff on Rob while he was …hm… with us:
    Feel free to search the archives. (I know you guys don’t speak Hungarian, but you can ask me stuff, if you wanna know)

  36. Cigg dangling from Rob’s lip = win.

    Thanks for all of this, TOFT.

  37. what is this, The Rob Pattinson reality show, he says his life is boring anyway…………

  38. He’s with me. We play Scrabble.

  39. Saucy scrabble?

    • Yes. We are only allowed to make dirty words. And then whoever comes up with the dirtiest word each round, removes a piece of clothing. Rob gets naked slower because of all his damn layers.

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