Posted by: Bekah | April 17, 2010

Open Weekend Post: Rob in Details

Dear Rob,

Last week I brunched with ItalianGirl (yes, this was THE Brunch after THE DREAM) and she shared a story from her recent trip to the salon. I thought this was going to be a story about the small, unattractive, guido Italian man who shampoos hair at the salon- he’s known to basically give orgasms in the hair wash seat with his skilled massaging fingers in your hair. Suddenly he goes from short & greasy to short, dark, handsome and sua-ve– or so I hear. I’ve never been lucky enough to have his fingers touch my hair.

But ItalianGirl’s story was not about the guido with the magical fingers- it was about a magazine she picked up while waiting for her stylist. She said, “UC- you MUST see this magazine…. It has ROB looking SO HOT on the cover… and he’s in between a girl’s LEGS! I didn’t even get a chance to open it up and look at the rest of the pictures before my stylist grabbed me- I was lost in a Rob-trance.” I know. Old news. But I never promised my real-life friends were on top of the Rob game. In fact, I promised I rarely talk about this life in that life, so at least you know I’m not lying.

Anyway, we spent the rest of brunch, must to her husband’s dismay, with her laptop, my phone & pages upon pages of Details pics & outtakes. And then…. VIDEOS. Where the H have I been!? Why did I miss Details videos? So this weekend’s Open Post is brought to you by: Videos of Rob in Details Magazine

I’ve learned that videos don’t need to be great- it’s all about the SONG… I have no idea what THAT song was- Moon swears she sang it as a child- all I know is that it worked….

The OFFICIAL Details vid

And of course.. it wouldn’t be Saturday without our minds being blown by Biel. I don’t care if you’ve already seen this. Watch it again. And thank the Lord above he gave Biel the talents he did. Rob, as hot as he is, is THAT MUCH HOTTER when she gets her hands on him (which I’m sure she’d be VERY willing to do if he’s interested!)

Happy weekending! Love,

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter


  1. Details will never get old…..thank you UC!<3

    Biel did an amazing job, it's even better than the original one…thank you Biel<3

    I got lost again in a beautiful face, chest hair and frickin long legs…….
    Love u R. ❤

    P.S. Now , after months, I swear, I didn't "see" any girl in the shoot, they are like vanished or so, weird… 🙂

    • <3…<3…<3… 😀

    • Mmmm long legs my fav

    • Agree with you Robgirl about Biel’s video being much better than the original and I’ll add the close up of his stubble to the list of favorite things….

      what models?

      • STUBBLE!!!! 🙂

    • I love the long legs and the stubble….*sigh*

    • I’m missing the Stubble.

    • what models???

  2. I love you, Biel! One of your early vids is what fueled my addiction to Rob!
    Like Robgirl – I will NEVER tire of watching Robs long and lean body especially those legs!!

  3. I loved the Details pics the moment I saw them…Rob is pure art…and the girls…what girls??? There is nothing else there BUT him!!!The look in his eyes…his expression…to hot to handle…

    Biel is to good to be true, she’s like a Robangel who came from heaven just to please us…unearthly devoted to an unearthly man…love her vids…they are the best, but I love her even more, because of her, I got to know you!

    And now…how am I supposed to get any work done?

  4. Love that vid by Biel too – it’s the biz also love the music by The Xx get thier album it is amazing !


  5. I’m not so strong, UC, I’m starting to talk about “this” life in “that” life… you can’t not share videos like this with your besties.. and my RL friend is now a LTR fan as well

    • yeah, talking not about “it” in “that” life is a real challenge sometimes….

      • …and yet you want to guard “it” with your life!

      • I have tried to show pic. of him at work to the ladies there and the reactions are sooo different. “Nooooo, he’s too pretty”. “Oh no, he looks dangerous”, “I don’t like his eyes” (quite a few have that reaction), “He’s too messy”, “He is too beautiful, I like really messy boys”. One girl said “Google him and watch him in interviews. He is NOT nice” (Yeah, can you believe it!- I didn’t tell her I watch hours and hours of him every day, no not brave enough!) Most have absolutly NO clue who he is, some recognise him if I mention Twilight.

        • Don’t really want to talk about him because I don’t like listening to stupid comments about him from people who don’t even know him…I prefer to keep him for myself…and share him only with you guys…I feel very protective of him…if you know what I mean!

          • Agree with you. If they don’t like him, it makes me happy, because then I feel I’ve got a private secret they’re missing out on, too bad for them, but good for me and LTR!

          • But if they don’t like them it makes me angry…cause they judge him without knowing shit…and then I have to protect him even more… just running in circles here TOO!!!

          • Ahhhh…don’t like HIM…meant HIM!!!

          • Don’t listen to those people, melronin. It’s natural to feel protective, but remember Rob needs no explanations or defenses on his behalf–his assets are obvious to anyone with any sense at all! And if they don’t get it, they are to be pitied!

        • hahaha, so true…I heard often…”he looks messy”, “he looks drugged”, “he is ugly” and ” he does not shower”………lol…………okayyy….better for us if the line isn’t getting longer 🙂

          • SHORTER LINE is gooooood…very good for us…and him! 😀

        • I have gotten similar responses from friends, they are totally missing out is all I can say!

          More Rob for me then….bring it on.

    • You’re lucky to have friends like that.
      Mine had different (bad) reactions and are all (as I was pre-Rob) about living their RL dreams:
      – They fu(king think I’m joking about some guy who is clearly not worthy/cool enough for them, pffft!!!
      – Best friend who thinks TomStu is kinda effable, but def. not worthy for cutting into precious real life time for cyber stalking (well, she’s right, but I don’t have a choice right now)
      – Others asking whether I had anorexic/drugs problems for not doing as much restaurants/going out every night as before
      – Others asking me everyday why I’m not changing jobs as I used to before, and thinking I’m kind of depressed/blasée and forgot where I wanted to get (new jobs are too intense to allow any Rob time)
      – Boss asking why I closed my “influential” professional blog and refuse to go to most social events (duh!!! now there’s LTR and Rob doesn’t attend social events in Paris, duh!!! again)
      End of drunk rambling about 0 understanding in RL, cheers to you all!

      Soon to be fake admitting to having a coke addiction problem, at least I’ll have more support and less of the every day ‘What the fu(k are you doing?”

      • MP loving the idea of fake coke addiction…..lmao!

        I haven’t been to bed yet so am feeling a little knackered. 🙂

        I’m looking for another job, I think I’ve been rumbled by my boss….. Bloody hell….I’ve done zero work since sometime around mid Feb.

        Was hoping the whole three weeks away from the internet would cure me of my robsession, but no such luck. Though I am making progress, since going back on line I am only allowing one google search a day, one visit to Robsessed and no youtube vids. I am hoping by Christmas i will have my RL back to where it used to be pre this obsession….*coughs…sigh* Blimey……who am I kidding!

        I’ve found a new obsession in the form of (ranty pants) happyfeet90 🙂 Very amusing. Someone there with an axe to grind, wonder what HHH’s done to upset them?! Enquiring minds and all that.

        • I’m wondering what’s behind that ranty pants, too. Who is that person, and how are they connected to Rob and these people? Or perhaps it’s someone who is completely delusional and making it all up? Enquiring minds indeed. I’m not on Twitter, and I don’t know if you have an account if you see all the replies of other people that this person is tweeting with? I just see Happyfeet’s tweets. Fascinating.

          • TOO
            I have just resurfaced and am quite disgusted with self for sleeping the whole day, but what the hell it’s the weekend!

            I’m not think this person is delusional or making it up, it’s too specific (perhaps a litte too over the top on some points) me thinks a woman scorned to produce that kind of vitriol…..all very interesting though and like I said the other the day, I always though there was some truth to that FB page!

          • I can’t believe all the fuss around those twits, I wouldn’t even have bothered reading if mine! didn’t mentioned it.
            To me seems more like a loop who can’t even make up good lies (the reason she –a friend of KStew- is innocently twitting is to help KStew open her eyes, no matter the media exposure for someone who seems to be quite private; of course I’m sure KStew has loads of friends who she talks to about intimate details, that’s why she hangs out with boring 14 yo Dakota). Plus that twitter never said anything new, she just repeated tabloids “papers” and added the Bel-Ami crew. Then L Meister is mentioned in the taboid and shee agrees.
            Add to that a huge dose of judgemental puritanical hateful twits, I dunno, this seems just scary and crazy.
            I’m pretty sure Rob won’t bother to suit but if anyone else does, she’s in trouble.

            BUt mine! what I can believe is that Rob may have done smth to upstet the crazy in that happyfeet.

          • I guess time will tell. Either the whole thing is forgotten, or the truth will come out somewhere else. By the way, what Facebook page are you referring to?

          • Just read my post above, not sure I could have done more embarassing spelling&grammar&name (hello L. Meester) mistakes even if I wanted to. I blame Summit for it.

      • Your experience sounds sadly similar to mine, MP, and I’m blaming the downturn in work on the recession, but I know in reality I could be doing much more to counteract that in my business. But I don’t, because I spend my time in Rob-world instead of the real world, because it’s such a prettier and sexier place! I used to be so involved in projects and hobbies at home, not to mention just general cleaning and cooking, but that has pretty much stopped too. But somehow I can’t bring myself to care. What is this, Sunday confessions?

        • Yeah, it’s Sunday frustrations time. Well, it’s been ages since I don’t like myself for Robspending/waistingtime, I might end up as upset as Tyler.
          TOO, I’m curious about your business ever since we talked linguistics on LTR :), but I suppose you won’t say it on a public blog, as I wouldn’t, too much information already.

          • Minuit, if you want to chat more personally I don’t mind if you email me

  6. About the song Moon “swears she sang as a child”…Well, the tune was the same but the words I heard (and NEVER sang around a parent ’cause it would have sparked a “wash your mouth out with soap” episode) were: “There’s a place in France where the women wear no pants, and the men go ’round with their ding dongs hanging down”. Yep, honest, that’s what the words were! I may just have to go wash my OWN mouth out with soap now I’ve said it!! lol

    • Omg that’s so funny, where I grew up in the states we used to sing ” there’s a place in France, where the naked lady stands. There’s a hole in the wall so the men can see, but they don’t care cause they’re in their underwear”
      Now I live in Canada and everyone here sings it totes different lol

      • where’s that place Misty, it’s holyday time anyway?

        • Funny, yet another thing that reminds me of Rob–a children’s naughty song that makes me think of the scene in Little Ashes with the half-naked dancing ladies in Paris, and Rob and Javier in their underwear!

    • Lol – me too but the words must have varied slightly from area to area. The words I learned are really close to misty’s “There’s a place in France where the naked ladies dance, there’s a hole in the wall where the men can see it all, but the men don’t care cause they don’t wear underwear.”

      How is it that like every kid I knew (and apparently asl the kids I didn’t know through the country) knew a version of that song, when it was so not a kid appropriate song? lol

  7. Yeah that cover pic alone was so effing hot… Oh happy
    lustful thoughts… 🙂

  8. Forgive my ignorance, but do you ladies know Biel? Either way, she truly is talented as that video of hers is definitely better than the original Details video.

    Oh, and this photoshoot. What can I say? I sooo agree with robgirl and mountainlion. I didn’t even notice the girls….Rob…oh Rob..The stubble, the hair, the long legs…Oh how you tease us Rob with your hotness and you pretend to not even be aware of it…

    I might go as far as saying that after GQ and Vanity Fair (the 2009 issue with Rob), Details may be my 3rd most favourite photoshoot.

    (I just realized how sad my last comment sounded. I sound like I need a new hobby other that listing favourite Rob photoshoots. Too bad cyber stalking Rob isn’t considered as a ‘real’ hobby…)

    • We only know her from chatting/emailing via you tube- she’s young, I think & better be making movies someday! So talented!

    • Biel has has left a comment or two on LTR I’ve noticed…….so she obviously lurks every now and then!

    • This is Biel and once more, I’m late to the party!

      Dear UC, I’m young (at heart), but I’m in my thirties. So I’m afraid it’s a little late for dealing with this professionally. Hmmm but if Robert asked me… I’m willing to quit my full time job and do it for free (like now), but only stuff on him… always! Indeed, UC dear, you are right about where I’d like to get my hands on…

      More… I drop by here every week, usually Monday to Friday and also some weekends, but I usually arrive late to parties (today??), so no one reads my comments *tears*

      And I have left more than two or three comments; even more than 12, I think! But they are perfectly dispensable, because my English is horrible and I communicate better through images.

      Btw, this is one of my 3 absolute favourite sites for feeding my Rob-thing. UC and Moon know it, because this is not new, I am a one year LTR fan!

      And eventually, thank YOU so much to everyone for giving me one of the most beautiful nights ever!!! I’m completely overwhelmed and absolutely happy. You all made my night… seriously, you all made me very very HAPPY!

      THANK YOU VERY MUCH for such a wonderful words! Love you all!


      • YOU ARE IN YOUR THIRTIES? I have no idea why I thought you were younger.. your avatar looks young!? I guess that makes me feel better that there isn’t some 18 year old out there making brilliant vids while I can barely photoshop rob’s face onto a fat man

  9. Ola chicas!!!

    Oh the details shoot… HOT! Just hot! You all know my opinion on it I guess…

    BTW I want to announce 2 things:

    1. SQIcedragon (the author of MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE) agreed to do an interview with me for my blog. If you girls have a question for her you can either send me an e-mail or comment on the blog. The questions will be asked anonymously so don’t be afraid of that. PLEASE ASK ANY QUESTION FOR HER TONIGHT. It will be too late tomorrow!!!

    2. I made a group called the #AnonymousRobcoholics on Twitter. If anyone of you wants to join then start following me and tell me to add you to that list!

    PattinPerv of the worst kind, The cold shower – Your source for RobPorn
    mail to:

  10. The Details mag resides on a bench in my kitchen on top of the last Vanity Fair. (I need a freaking coffee table!) It’s good because I see them every time I enter or leave the kitchen but it’s bad because I have to remind my sister that Rob’s face is NOT a coaster *sigh* Can you laminate a magazine without removing the cover?

    • Keisha…you have Details mag lying around in your kitchen?…lol…I thought Rob is a guy for more…ehhh…privat chambers!!! Not for sisterstouseascoasters…

    • LOL, Keisha you’re funny. I would never put a drink on Rob’s face! Girl go get some coasters and put Rob somewhere safe :-). I learned my lesson, my DD got a hold of one of my magazines(well 2 of them) and ripped Rob’s face to pieces :-(.

  11. Details ROB *sigh*
    luv the einterview and Rob (not the models at all)
    wait.. they were UC&Moon right,sorry gals

  12. I’m sitting here drinking Izze and just watched that Biel video. It made me thirsty! I never get tired of watching that!

    I like the Details photoshoot, I don’t mind the nude models, it’s very tastefully done. It’s great. 🙂

    • SB…thank god…it made you only thirsty! It did a lot of other things to me!

      • Mel well you know, it got hot in here so I got thirsty. Rob makes the room 30 degrees hotter! Woot!

        Crazy ain’t it? Well it does other things to me, Rob has totally corrupted an innocent southern girl! I’m not complaing ;-).

        I was trying to find something to equate for my feelings for Rob…could it be like your first kiss? Your first love? Sadly it’s not mutual.

        How about you Mel?

        • OMG…my feelings for Rob…honey I think this site is not ready to hear the description of my feelings for Rob…lol…they could shut us down… BUT it’s much more then the first kiss or the first love…it’s all together…

          And corrupted…seduced…an innocent greek girl…yep…he did that…sure!

  13. Details: best to be enjoyed without the actual interview, haha. Well, except for the elephant reference.

    Btw, hello lovely LTR girls, hope you’re having a great weekend! 🙂

    • Hi Cath! I love how Rob’s staring at me(your avatar).

    • …and except the vagina comment…I loved how he drow everybody nuts…just loved it!

      Have a great weekend too Rob…Cath…love 😀

    • I loooooooooooved all Details, photoshoot (minus waiter cheesy Rob with the sea in the background)+storytelling interview!!! priceless!
      still amazed of all your French fashion detail knowledge,

  14. Hey girls! It finally happened! I had my first RobDream too!! That’s how it went down (twss):
    Somehow I was in London with my dad and we walked around the street all clueless and whatever and then we ended up in front of a castle. And there was a huge railing in front of it and I remained there trying to see what was on the inside. And then BAAAM! Rob shows up and walks around said railing and walks beside me. My dad starts yelling that I should ask him for a picture but I am all like: “Nope because that makes me a fangirl.” so I let him go. When he’s probably like 5 meters away from me I regret it deeply and run to him. I ask him for a picture get as close to him as I can and get it done. The weirdest part was that it felt so damn real… If felt like I could feel the heat coming from his body, how his body felt next to mine… the whole package… tbh it kind of creeped me out. Anyway that’s when the worst wake-up call in the history of wake-up calls wakes me up!!! I was soo angry!

    • Congratulations on your first Robdream!

      Sounds like heat’s emanating from him, I have dreamed about him this way too. 🙂

      • I wasn’t creeped out by the dream (srsly that sounds more like a normal fan-encounter in my case… besides the daddy part. My dad would NEVER EVER tell me that) was the fact that it FELT so real!!!
        When I woke up I literally craved his touch… fangirl much?

  15. Hi ladies..I was feeling a bit emo and down today so I was like “hmm what should I do..oh I know, I’ll go to LTR and maybe that will make me smile some” and BAM! details videos!!! =] ..suffice to say that my day has gotten lots better now!

  16. hey girls, pls keep voting for Rob at Time 100 poll at :,28804,1972075_1976159,00.html

    he is dropping at No. 11, we have to keep voting daily/hourly because the others below him are gaining on him……vote till april 29

  17. O!M!G! He dropped to no. 11!!! How will I ever survive this?!!!
    *running to the doctor’s at midnight to get a anti-depressors prescription”

    • You are a funny, snarky person MP. I like that.

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