Posted by: themoonisdown | April 16, 2010

It’s Midnight, Your Taxes Are DUE! And Rob’s here to make you pay up!

Dear Rob,

I have NO clue what the British equivalent of the American Income Taxes is but here in the states it’s a BIG BIG deal. For those not *looks around for the IRS* lucky enough to know what these are I’ll tell ya… In the states every year on April 15th we are required by law to make an accounting for all of our income throughout the year and then through a serious of calculations I’ll never understand, we’re told by the Government if we have to pay money back or if we get what’s called a “refund.” So what better way to celebrate another year of tax season being over and to hug our CPA’s and local H&B Block representatives for HOPEFULLY getting us a refund, we’re gonna attempt to make tax jargon sexy with a little Rob Porn!

That’s right, this should be interesting…

follow the cut to see if Rob can figure out our 1040EZ form

See Rob, we can try to make anything sexy! Even tax season!

Happy Day After Taxes! I hope you all got huge refunds!

PS I have about exactly zero tax experience so forgive any misuses of the lingo but seriously who knows what this crap means?
PPS Big ups to the Turbo Tax, Tax Terms Glossary!

So did this turn any CPA’s and accountants on out there? Are you getting hot under your spreadsheets? Who got a refund? Will you guys look at your H&R Block guy a little differently now? Educational Moment – everyone outside the US do you have taxes? What do you do for them?

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  1. Ahh ha ha ha ha ha! Moon you win this tax season!

    I had my done a while ago, but never mailed them out. SO I had to rush & do that today. But I felt bad for the tax people, so I decorated the envelope with stickers.

    And I will take his charitable contribution any time, any place.

    • OMG!!!!! Love it! Here in Holland you have to do your taxes online. They don’t want paperwork

    • hahahha chels!!! you know theyre gonna love that!!

      natasha- us folks can do it both ways, paperwork/mail or online.

    • Chels RULES!!

    • Ohhh stickers! Sparkly taxes dazzle the IRS.
      Too funny, chelsea!

  2. I am sorry I don’t understand the whole US taxsytem.DH is charge to the our tax here in Holland.
    But what a surprise! A new LTR at 10.14 am!
    Anyhows I will crawl back on the sofa and continue reading MOTU…yes I am a bad bad girl and taxRob can come and punish me (ehm)

    • yes its early!! thought id celebrate midnight coming and going here in the states and give the folks still up/already in tomorrow a head start

      and giiiiirrrrlll i barely know anything about taxes. thats why i have a tax person. thanks dad moon!!

      enjoy the FF!

  3. In England the tax year ends and starts on the 5th April. Most people have tax deducted by their empolyers we don’t bother with no forms man unless you have your own business or are self employed. Mostly it’s a breeze – I bet Rob has to pay a SHEDLOAD of tax this year any guesses ?? although he hasn’t spent much time in England this year therefore he should be able to claim he is not a resident and therefore not eligable to pay tax in the UK !!!! ha ha I am soooooooooo f******* boring

    P.S I love I’ve got a contribution for you ….in my pants !!! ace

    • OMG I love that you know about our tax! I have no idea! Although I do know they were charging me too much a few years ago for a few months because they couldn’t understand I had two jobs and I eventually got a £1000 rebate. It was amazing!

      I bet Rob does have to pay a lot of tax – but I get he gets some good tax breaks being out of the country so long?

      Erm, too much tax talk, I must end of a more familiar note…

      Rob, I’ll take your ‘charitable contribution’ anytime! You can make a ‘donation’ whenever you like.

    • that pic came without any WARNING! lol

      • Yeah thank God we don’t have to pay tax to look at Rob porn…I’d be broke.

    • I’m sure Rob is still considered a resident of the UK. If he made 18 million dollars last year, apparently he will have to pay 9 million — 50% — in taxes. Now, I think it’s great you guys have universal health care and the welfare net and all that, but really, give him a break. I know he doesn’t spend any money except on a few rounds of Heinekens for his mates once in a while, and he lives in hotels and all of his expenses are paid by the production company and he doesn’t actually NEED all that money, but still. I hope he’s got a good accountant.

      • I’m sure he wont have to pay 50%! I pay 22% of my wages (I remembered earlier) so it might be slightly higher than that but I doubt it’s half what he earns.

        I’m actually really interested to find out!!

        • There’s a plan in motion to tax those who earn over 100k 50%. BUT it hasn’t happened yet what with looming elections etc!

          However if Rob does what a lot of people do and make himself a company, then he’d pay considerably less around 19%. Or if he became a corporation then it would be even less! I personally would want to be the majority stakeholder(twss) & clearly I know too much about this topic than is “normal”.

          • If Rob started a company, he would immediately have millions of stockholders! All I want is a glossy newsletter featuring Robporn, I don’t understand the financial reports anyway, so it’s all WIN!

          • @ GG Plaid…– Robbies already is a company.. He started his own production company early last year..

            19% taxes vs 50% taxes…

      • @ Old-one..
        Robbie earned way more than 22 million … estimates his earnings were at 55 million (you forgot to include the DVD and ancillary sales ie. dolls, Tshirts etc) other investmetns and earnings including the Remember Me salary and he was exec. producer on it.. Anyway he gets a piece of all that Twi action as well.
        Boy’s rolling in it..

        • Thanks!
          #nerdfail! It IS 50% for those earning over 150k. Just consulted the hubs and he now thinks I am all interested in our finances. He’s really pleased. He has no idea.

        • Where do you find this information, Hermes?

    • Wow I was shocked but in a very good way at that “contribution in your pants” photo! 🙂

      Ok I’m cool with that Rob, bring it on!

  4. Dear UC and Moon,
    you make me feel like a a lousy blogger. I thought I was supposed to deliver the RobPorn that makes your cheeks flush?
    i love LTR RobPorn… It’s what I look forward to. Can we have such a RoPorn day on a weekly basis?!

    I’m a PattinPerv,

    • PattinPerv…lol

    • Card carrying member of the PattinPerv Club, too. The card I am carrying at the moment is of Tattward – my latest visual obsession.

      Those manips are yummier than cupcakes 😉

      • I am totes obsessed with Fifty right now. Like really really obsessed.
        Maybe I like him even more than the actual Edward… *hides*

        But Tattward isn’t bad either. He made cupcakes sexy!

  5. We had to make our own tax accounting and send it by the end of March every year, and it was a big deal too. I became experienced accountant just by doing my taxes.
    Now the government does it for us and we just have to complain if we don’t agree with the outcome. I got my “results” a month ago and will get a refund.

    As long as taxes are concerned, this might be interesting (educational moment) for non US people: in Europe, in the stores or restaurants or everywhere, you pay the price that is published – taxes are already incorporated in the price and you always know exactly how much it is.
    The US system is confusing to me, I never know when I’ll pay the tax and when not.

    • …the government does it for us…

      soooo jealous of that, and ready to relocate to England….
      let’s say…for SEVERAL reasons 🙂

      • …if you’re talking about England……hahahaha, if NOT..I just have to cancel one reason!

        • No, I’m not in England, sorry to disappoint you.. I wouldn’t relocate there, no way, I’d prefer to be Rob’s neighbour in sunny L.A.

          • L.A. is surely great, London the SUN is shining a lot as well 🙂

          • RG -Not now, it’s not. They’ve got volcanic ash :p

            OT – Does anyone know how to pronounce the name of the volcano? —->Eyjafjallajokull

          • Where’s our friend from Iceland?

          • I was hoping she’d be on here today.
            I checked wiki but it was in gaelic (?).
            I checked but there was nothing.
            The news reporters haven’t said it (out loud) either.

          • [audio src="" /]

            I Know. Doesn’t help either. Try it if you understand smth.

          • Wow, MP- I’m going to have to practice that one!

          • The sun IS shining today!!!
            The ash is apparently 1-2km above in the atmosphere, so that’s why all air traffic is grounded.
            That’s right Rob Can’t leave!

          • Yes that is me i can pronounce the name 😀
            there have bin alot of jokes about us sending ash not cash 😛
            but Eyjafjallajökull is not the hardest word to pronouns:) there are word like rabbabarasulta and my brothers name Hjálmar Gauti (: my last name is Klara in Icelandic but would be like Clare (like Robs mom)hehe

            Elín Klara

          • Rob CANNOT leave, cause all airports here closed, that’s NOT bad at all…..minus the ash cloud itself 😦

          • Help us, Elín!!!!

          • wow that is hard (: but like you say E is like we say í. It is harder than i thought to explain i would have to call u or something 😀 but the man says it in mp post:D

          • Elín, I listened to it several times- yikes! Are there any easy (for a monolingual American) Icelandic words to pronounce???

          • Elín, you’re heeeeeere!

            From Min’s link, it doesn’t sound difficult.
            I’ll have to play it on loop to practice.

          • yes i think we have some easy ones like skór- Shoes, ost- cheese:D I’ve heard that it is really difficult learning Icelandic but i know you can pronounce it soon 😀 So Rob and mullet are still in London (:

          • Eg ast pu…does that mean I love you in Icelandyc Elin?

          • i just found this on youtube it is the same man but there is more 😀

          • That’s funny! I bet I could contribute several new (mis) pronounciations as well.

  6. Except in New England, tax already included in the price.

    Got caught out in Boston when perchasing goods, forgot that the price shown isn’t the price paid. why do you do that? It makes no sense and is very weird and confusing.

    I’ve never had to do a tax return (thank god) because only self employed, some pensioners with private incomes plus ex pats who want to keep the benefits offered by the welfare state over here need to fill in tax returns. The rest of us have our tax and NI sorted out by our employers, each month, those working only fill in tax returns on expenses related to the job they are doing. Tax Returns are way too confusing and I for one am thankful I can ignore the whole end of tax year madness.

    • Hi M!x3, glad that you’re back.
      We try to be as wicked weird and confusing here; that’s just our strange ways.

      • HI Drsaka….*waves*
        good to be back. Went on holiday and banned myself from the internet and I couldn’t post using my phone (not quite sure why), so thought that it would be a great time to ween self off Rob. Was doing really well until I give in and went to see RM yesterday! Now I’m surfing and cyber stalking with the best of them!
        I have no idea what’s been going on in the world of HHH and am trying to catch up.

        I take it he’s back in London? With the Kstew? BOO! and apparently engaged? Interesting news!

        I didn’t even know that london had stopped planes from taking off! Have not been reading the papers, watching the news or surfing the web – this is due to the whole general election crap that’s going on right now – I will of course cast my vote when the time comes (6th May) people fought for my right to vote and I seriously can’t bare to think of the conservatives getting in but it’s looking more and more likely that they will…..I will have to relocate to another country should this happen. *frantically searches for passport*

    • US sales tax is different from income tax, which is what everyone was paying by April 15.

      Sales tax is on individual goods & it’s set by each community. In our county, it’s 8.7%, the next one over is 8.5% & the one on the other side is 10%. Needless to say, I don’t shop much in the 10% county!

      That said, Rob’s assets just keep accumulating MY interest & I’d LOVE to see just how much his contribution would increase once I’ve adjusted it. I bet it’s a long form, too. *sigh* It would be taxing, I’m sure, but oh, the DIVIDENDS!

      • You funny.

      • @KittTatt I need to see a larger version of your avi. NEED to! 🙂

        • @Katie S ~ totally on the same wavelength as you right now!!

      • I am drooling and peering oh so closely at your avi right now. Can you send a larger version?

        • Oh! You have a Tattward, too! I was so busy squinting to see KittTatt’s. I just went to a tattoo festival. I saw NO Tattwards there. I cried.

          Ok, I didn’t cry, but I was still a little disappointed.

          • @ Katie S ~ Oh how I wish Tattward existed. I think he’s just about my favorite version of Edward ever and I would leave RL with hardly a backwards glance if he was real.


      • Ok, I’ll try this..

        No idea where I found this…

        • ZOMG a million thumbs up KittTatt!

          Searching for “Tattward” brings up some great images… you can Google it.

        • Squee!!! Saved!

      • That was a phenomenal display of double entendres especially considering the use of tax terms! Well done!!

  7. Wow UK and US tax is so different to Australia. I actually learnt something from todays LTR – YAY!

  8. Here in Sweden it’s the commune you belong to/live in that set the amount of tax you pay so it can be 1 or 2 % difference depending on where you live. (I pay 33% tax on my salary) Your employee deducts taxes from your monthly paycheck and once a year the government taxoffice sends out a form with all your numbers already prefilled. All you have to do is check that it’s correct and sign it. It’s different ofcourse if you’re selfemloyed, have stacks and stacks of money in savings, own propery, have loans etc. then you have to do your own taxspapers.
    I already know I get taxreturns this year – enough to go travelling for my holiday, so I’m happy!
    And yes I’d still like a sharitable contribution, please!

  9. That sould be a charitable contribution…..sorry!

    • That’s one contribution we’d all like to “share”!

  10. Today is going to be very educational I can tell – trust Rob to have fans who are happy to discuss the ins and outs of the worlds tax systems would he be proud or horrified ha ha

    • I think v proud!
      I don’t know if Rob is the type to do the whole Non-Dom status thingy, and NO I havn’t been reading to much ff.

      On a sidenote I sorta had my first Robdream thd other night(yay!) but in it he was just being interviewed and was talking about the US healthcare bill?!??
      No shots, no dancing and not even a sniff of smexytimes. Even my bloody dreams are nerdy AS!

      • Congrats on your first Robdream. In whatever form he comes (twss) to us, just accept!

        • In my latest Robdream, which I only vaguely remember, Rob and I were sharing a rather passionate kiss and he suddenly says “Wanna go for a swim?” Huh, what? WTF? And then I woke up… so don’t know if we went swimmin’ or not…

          You’re right drsaka, we should just be thankful for any Robdream that comes our way, ’cause some girls apparently don’t have them at all…

          • Does stayingawakeallnightandthinkingofhim count? It’s dreaming too, right? And I dream of you LTRgirls a lot…seriously…ehhh mostly of your avis though (but with your names)… 🙂

          • Passionate kiss????Honey be grateful you got one! LOL Maybe he got too hot and had to cool off so that’s why he wanted to go swimming.

      • First taxes are sexy, now the Healthcare Bill?!

      • Yeah if he “moves” to monaco I will disown him !!!

        • Lmao!
          By hubs has stated that if the tax here goes up to 50% from 40% for the top bracket then he’s “shipping me off to Monaco”!

      • HAHA, that’s a very controversial topic! Rob talking about the healthcare reform!

        Congrats, what did he say? 🙂

        • He was pro (obvs!) and was being asked about the british system to which valiantly defended.
          I think it’s imp. to state that he was wearing the blue jumper/ brown bubble jacket / shortish hair combo. Alas no dadcase but then it all faded away in a flash and Lauren from the Hills appeared and asked me if I wanted some Rebecca Minkhoff swimwear. WTF?!

          • Good details on the clothes! BBJ in a dream!!

          • Perhaps Rob’s aspiring to be a politician someday! 🙂

            I once had a dream about him as a car salesman at my father’s car dealership! In my dream he was really selling a lot of cars and he had a nice office.

          • I can only guess that he’s had masterclasses from Dick.
            Have a lovely wknd! X.

          • GGGG – oh that’s right, I forgot his dad was(retired now right?) car salesman too.

          • hahaha. love the details.
            So you’re no longer a Robdream virgin. You have to celebrate this.
            I’d actually like to hear Rob talk politics but I’m not sure about his salesman potential.
            “This car, nah, the inside fabrics are crap, I still can’t take out those HotPocket stains. Dunno about the other one either, I had an accident after only 1 minute driving it, has to be because of the car”

          • GGGG, I had to read your comment again because I can’t believe I missed the “bubble jacket.” HOT!

  11. Again we are learning about each others culture 🙂

    In the UK we panic on 31 January.

    Our tax year ended on 5 April and I have to do my tax return for 6 April 2009-5 April 2010 (we write our dates differently too!)

    I could do it now, but you know I won’t start collating the info until mid-December. Good job I have a great accountant!!


    • I’m self employed and I always like to turn up at my accountants in the last couple of weeks or so of January with my rough business accounts for him to turn into something official and then be able to do my personal tax return. I put my biggest smile on but I am sure he loves me so much for that – after all I leave him so much free time to do everyone else’s accounts and tax returns during the rest of the year, letting them all be done before me and waiting til the very very very last minute.

      My other half and I also have the dubious pleasure of filing tax returns in 2, sometimes 3 other countries depending on where he was working and when we still had US investments (you have to file a return in the US for income earned there even if you don’t live there). Doing 1 tax return is bloody awful. Doing 3 or 4 is beyond belief. it’s like a never ending nightmare. Every year I say I will keep on top of my accounts as I go along. Every year I don’t. What can I say, I obviously thrive under presure …

  12. Hey Moon…Love the pics. Who knew tax stuff could be so sexy?? Yet one more thing to be thankful to Rob for! Love that your tax man is Dad Moon. Mine is Mr. Lucky and he does good! Got our refunds (Federal and State) awhile back ’cause he does the e-filing thing hey, if the gov’t owes you money…why wait?

  13. Can’t believe that one day I’d think of taxes and Rob in one context…..

    Love the library-RM-pic……sigh*

    Rob should pay a DAILY HUGE TAX for HOTNESS, and I would offer myself to encash it personally! 🙂

    • Robgirl,
      The library (bookstore) is my fav pic, too for so many reasons.

      • Me, too.

  14. I was quite certain I didn’t want any more children.

    But Imma be honest, if Rob was laying next to me and said, “If we start now, we can get that child credit next year”, my two boys might be gettin’ a baby sister!

    • lol! I thought the same thing! I was like “hmm, I WAS thinking I was done having kids, but…” 😉

  15. We got a refund *happy dance*…..unfortunately, spent already on house taxes *not so happy dance*……what comes in always comes straight back out again 😦


    • SO TRUE!!!

    • @Cazza

      yay! for a refund 🙂

  16. Well if you’re lucky enough to live in a few counties in Massachusetts then you have until May 11 this year for your taxes due to the recent flooding.

    However since I get money back the minute the W2 hits my mailbox it’s off to the taxman (well actually it’s mailed off to my mom who goes to the taxman LOL) no matter how old I get I’ll still be sending it to her even though I now live in a different state, am fully employed and completely self sufficient (other than taxes 😉 )

  17. Wonder if HIS people (doing the tax thing for him, because it’s their job and he has no clue as always) have to look into his microwave or under Tom’s bed to find bills, checks and other stuff they need…..

    • Rob would have to have people doing this- way too complicated with work related expenses (Heineken, Hot Pockets, travel, hotels, dadcase, clothes- oh wait, few clothing expenses as Goodwill is low cost) and being a resident of one country while working in others.

      RG- you’re right though, the hunt for receipts would be amusing to watch!!!

    • no, the hunt for receipts (and salary papers!!!) is at my house.
      Rob hired people who understood the importance of not letting papers run by him, that’s why they’re genius. Otherwise he’ll probably be left with a HotPocket in one hand and a Heine in the other. No money for the cigarettes. Just the jitterbug in the Hotpocket forth.

      • Exactly right, MP. Since you are part of his (future) team, you can be in charge of going everywhere with him and collecting all the receipts that he might misplace.

        BTW- misplacing is highly related to mis-buttoning.

        • I’m afraid not even Rob could do smth about the mess that I am, but the good news is he will never notice. Wanna join us to help?

          • I’ll join as I am a highly organized and efficient person (hahahahaha). But for Rob, I’d try.

      • MP..I actually found a receipt UNDER my microwave, all a mess here with the papers, most annoying 2 days every year….sigh*
        Drsaka…, the misbuttoning, I never saw that again 😦

        • yes, I hope we will see mis-buttoning again sometime soon- it was so ….Rob.

          • he might need help…for the mis-buttoning.

            I was wondering whether that girl who asked the mis-buttoning question was a LTR reader.

          • @MP also wondered that myself, she should declare herself if she’s on here! Awesome question…& did you see his reaction?! Totally scared shitless.

          • His was a priceless reaction, but I’d still like to see more shirt mis-buttoning- loved it.

          • Has there been any misbuttoning since that program came out? Maybe he was so embarrassed he actually tries to notice things like that now.

          • I haven’t seen any; he may have been clued into it. I hope he forgets and we’ll see it again.

  18. I’m feeling a bit smug since I filed a while ago and have already received my refunds. The IRS even caught something that I didn’t see and increased the federal refund (shocking, I know).

    I’d feel even more smug if Rob and I could discuss and act on his ‘donation’.

  19. Wow, this has been educational! In Belgium it’s pretty much the same, though we have to file our tax forms by June 30th. I do mine online, and basically everything is already filled out.
    And VAT is indeed already included in all prices. I was way confused when I visited NY two years ago and none of the prices listed were the prices you actually paid. They told me it had something to do with reminding everyone of the tax constantly, so Americans would keep disliking them?

    • “They told me it had something to do with reminding everyone of the tax constantly, so Americans would keep disliking them?’

      Hahaha- interesting explanation! I think it might be more so that the tax can be increased and items for sale don’t have to be re-tagged. But I’m not sure. Our sales tax increases very now and again here.

    • Ikr??
      Confuzzd or what?
      So unfair, I saved every effin receipt to hand in at the airport, here all non eu visitors can do this, and low & behold NO VAT back!?!?

    • Hmm that’s interesting. Well for example if the tag said $9.99, that’s the price but that doesn’t include the tax. So when you pay, the register calculates it, depending on what state. I think NY is at at %6 tax bracket, like in Kentucky. So it could like $10.59 total you pay.

  20. I hate talking about taxes so I’ll just say this……Rob’s hot. That’s all. Thanks.

    • You’re welcome, but ..please… he deserves capital letters, soooo H.O.T.


  21. Can I please just ruuuuuun away with Rob???!!!

    Here in Greece May is our taxmonth…such a beautiful month in the service of beloved mother Greece…

    If my taxman or accountant would be half as hot as Rob I would gladly do taxes all year long… but 😦

  22. Rob’s pic on the pre-printed taxform could help a bit as well…

    …and NO, you canNOT run away with him, he’s sort of a “public (sensual) enjoyment”!

    • that was a (failed) reply to Melronin……

      • Can I steal him??? Here in Greece sometimes couples steal each other and get married in secret (english fail…but you know what I mean)…and he wouldn’t have to marry me of course…we just would enjoy each others company…so to speak!!!

        • NO! We are NOT in Greece! 🙂

          • Ahhhh RG…you are mean to me…what other chance have I to meet him then? A little kidnapping maybe…nah…a romantic elopement would be the best!

  23. Whahaha. Tybert and dadnan are such a great source of Robporn inspiration. They do it for me every time.

  24. Moon, I’m so impressed! Sexy tax talk is tricky – allryans and I tried it on twitter the other day.
    All I’ve got is “Baby … the 1040 isn’t the only thing that’s EZ!”

  25. I love #educationalmoments!

    In France you pay taxes proportionally to your income and people are quite attached to the idea of the rich paying more to help social protection.

    A part of your taxes are already deducted by your employer on your salary (difference between the gross and net salary is about 25-30% on a decent salary) then you pay once a year the equivalent of 1-2 months of salary in my case, and then there are the other small local taxes.

    Never heard about people getting refunds, but you can donate 60% of your taxes to charity instead of giving it to the State.

    I don’t even think Rob knows it’s tax day, it’s more Clare and Dick talking to Nick. But I do hope they’ll act responsible and don’t think of tricks not to pay it. Last time it happened in France the singer in question was mocked for maybe a year on national TV.

    • I also don’t do the taxes thing myself but I’ll def. be thrilled to do it with Rob!!!
      You should come so we can do it together. Ahem, no that’s not the right order. Whatever, just come.

      • I’m next in line after mp 😀 …I mean for doing the taxthing!

        • Min – you didn’t need to say anything after:

          You should come so we can do it together.”

          • what was I thinking? too confuzzeled about the idea and the 10 yo joke.

        • Melronin………..YOUR AVI!!!!!!! ❤

          • Yeah…I know…looking sexy as hell and the lips and the hand… no words!
            Ahhh…I know…he does it just for the me…right???

    • If you make gazzillion euros or $, suck it up, be a proper man or a woman and pay your taxes!
      @MP What’s (shipping TLG) ??

      • exactely!!!!!

        TLG was shipping me+Rob so I am shipping her, depending from where I post, I didn’t change my name everywhere.

  26. These are hysterical and super hot. On the charitable contribution one, I was expecting another thinly veiled reference, instead I literally LOL’d when it simply said, “in my pants…” ah, brilliant.

    In Canada we have all of our tax payments due on the 30th of April. I had to pay a ridiculous load of taxes this year so I’d rather not dwell on that too much…

    But since I’m an American, I actually have to file U.S. taxes too! Um, yeah, that really sucks. Thankfully my dad back home still does the paperwork for the U.S. taxes for me!

    I love Starbucks because yesterday they were giving free coffee to “celebrate” tax day and they extended the deal in stores in Canada, too. I think I was the only one who took advantage though, as the date for the promo didn’t make much sense around here!

  27. SIGH! RobPorn Friday is like a breathe of fresh air after a shirt storm week! I heart you girls forever.

  28. BWAHH!!!! .<

    • ^oops tag brackets funked that up.

      BWAHH!!!! :heart: oh you bitches never cease to amuse me! hahahaa *claps*

      If only online counted time reading Fanfiction was tax deductible….I’d make thousands! (then spend it on twilight merch and/or travel expenses to stalk Rob).

      *twinkly eyed* >.<

  29. Moon! You’re cute! That was great! So glad Rob is willing to give till it hurts! [twss]

  30. I need to go off topic for a minute: How does this Twitter follow thing work?? Who do you have to sleep with to get someone to follow you on Twitter? Do you just ask someone to follow you or do you have to do special favors? I am confused.

    • While sexual favors are always appreciated they are not necessary for Twitter following. Thank goodness cuz most people I follow are Twilight ladies. You just have to post things that people would enjoy reading. Let me know your @ and I’ll follow you!

      • Oh no, I have to be interesting? That may be a problem.

        I’m @KatieShh Original, non? 🙂 Thanks!

        • I follow you now, like Keisha I mostly follow LTR/LTT or Twi-related and famous people. They don’t have to be interesting.. I’m not.

      • Did anyone work out who that loon was on Twitter yesterday going all mass destruction on Rob’s reputation? I’d love to know what that was about!

        • What??? Rob has a reputation?

        • @eatmyjorts
          NO but I have to say it was a great read 🙂
          God I really really hope it’s true….heehee. 🙂

    • haha hmm..I’ve been wondering the same thing. It seems like there’s this huge community of LTT/LTR twitterers and was wondering how on earth to become friends with these said ladies…

  31. Rob…”Hey baby, let’s reanact the Boston Tea Party and do some tea bagging”. DOH!!!! (I guess I’m in a dirty mood today…No Taxation Without Representation!!!!! )

    • FTW!

  32. I nearly spit coke on my screen when I saw the “…in my pants.” Thanks for a much-needed batch of Rob porn. There can never be too much Rob porn in my life!!

    • I know right? As if my robporn collection is not exploding….I need a new hardrive just for all the photos!

      • Robporn

        Pronunciation: /ˈrobpɔrn/

        noun –
        1. the reason you need a new hard drive.

  33. I love the 2nd one! Yeah I totally thought about that when I got pregnant. Woot, another tax deduction!

    I’m in love with that picture of Rob in the library. Kama Sutra? Excellent choice Rob! Now you have to put that into practice!

  34. Re: Robbie’s Taxes.. he earned way more than 22 million … estimates his earnings were at 55 million (you forgot to include the DVD and ancillary sales ie. dolls, Tshirts etc) he gets a piece of all that Twi action as well.

    That’s why he has a manager Stephanie Ritz.
    Nick gets him the gigs and I believe Stephanie handles his business. (well you know what I mean). He puts everything on his Amex Black Card (yes the black card he’s got one.) see below: so that he has an automatic record of expenses

    The Black Card is reserved for the wealthiest and most privileged. Spending at least 25,000 a year. Members of this mysterious group pursue unique access to extraordinary experiences.

    I’d like to see what his deductions are like…

    • Hmm, I don’t have a mind for numbers, nevertheless I want to apply for the job of handling his business . . . .

    • Good thing he’s not doing his own taxes, if he did, I totally picture him looking like that pic up there, of him looking frustrated and pulling on his hair!

      So funny you mentioned the black card, a friend and I were just talking yesterday about Rob having one! How we would love to get a hold of that black card…well you know for flying Rob over. 🙂

  35. Learning about other Countries and their Taxes is FUN!! Says the boring contracts lawyer. Thanks Comment ladies for your insight!

    IRS = “It’s Rob Sucka” = marvelousness!

  36. Rob,
    You have the “Kama Sutra?”


    • Lion, he’s so bendy, I’m sure he would be a natural!

      • He is very bendy- I saw two RM pics where he was bending his fingers backward at the joint joining fingers to hand and one where he was bending the tip of his finger back at the first finger joint. I’ve never seen anyone do the second one EVER.

        He must be double jointed all over- imagine the possibilities.

        • Don’t need to imagine. They’re illlustrated in the Kama Sutra.

          • Yes, they are, but now imagine Rob…….

        • I love that about him….like a pretzel! Squee!

    • died as well!!!………feel thumbed up cause obviously the ash cloud has already arrived in wordpress!!

  37. This I.R.S. can get all up in my taxable income anytime (love that pic!).

    Thanks for the LOLz!

  38. Don’t forget’
    PIRATE RADIO – Starring Tom Sturridge is released. Funny film. on Netflix.

    TayTay has been busy. He’ll be filming a new movie (Abduction) in Pittsburg, PA. in 12 wks.
    Its about: young man who discovers the parents that raised him aren’t his. When he reaches out to the real ones, he and his girlfriend are forced to run for their lives…

    hoohawww. Tay Tay and his abs. —-
    He also went to this party recently, given by a gay director (this is just one of the sites) and now their calling Taytay “dorothy”.. But they forgot to mention that the director IS DIRECTINGone of his movies..
    Tay-tays gettin the shizz too. I wonder how poppa Tay is handling that bit.

  39. I always get taxes done early, we got the refunds last month and most of it is now gone! They are like sand, just falling thru my fingers! I spent a lot of it on buying things for the house.

    So til next year!

  40. “Hey Doll Face- What’s YOUR filing status” is going to be the next huge pick up line.

  41. “What does IRS mean?
    It’s Rob sucka!”


    That’s really funny. 😀

  42. […] It’s Midnight, Your Taxes Are DUE! And Rob’s here to make you pay up! Dear Rob, I have NO clue what the British equivalent of the American Income Taxes is but here in the states it’s […] […]

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