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Rob & a 90210 resemblance

Rob- today is a big day for me. I got a REAL LIFE FRIEND (yes, I have those) to write to you! Seriously- and it’s not a “What you done with UC- we haven’t seen her in a year and 1/2” kind of letter either!

Dear Rob,

Hope you are doing well, at least better than me this week!
 You see,  I came down with shingles on Friday- you would think I’m 68 yrs old or something!!! Did you have the chicken pox as a kid? I bet you looked so cute with all your red spots!  If you did have them, then you are susceptible to Shingles as well.  I would be happy to inform you more about the disease and how to treat it if you are interested.  I’ll even volunteer myself to come take care of you during this aliment.  I’m a great nurse, and I’ll take great care of you!

Anyway, while waiting for my shingles to go away, I was channel surfing and happened upon the soap network where they are showing back to back episodes of 90210. Yes, I admit it, I’ve fell victim to the 90’s phenomenon of Beverly Hills 90210 (the original, not the new one with the super skinny anorexic chicks)

But with this tragedy, comes a unique observation. There is a striking resemblance between Dylan McKay a.k.a Luke Perry and you.

Now look, don’t say “ew” or “no way” too fast! It’s not an exact match. In this particular episode, Dylan is brought into an intervention at the Walsh household to convince him to check into rehab for his drug and alcohol problems. Maybe it’s the jeans, the unbuttoned Henley shirt, or maybe just the messy hair and sultry eyes that is making me swoon. But either way, there is a hint of Rob there in those eyes. I see it! I would recognize that anywhere!! I’m not saying we should start a “Ruke” or a “Lob” phenomenon. It simply wouldn’t stand a chance to Brangelina [UC note: I told you- this was written by a real life friend. Real life friends don’t know “Robsten” is the new “Bragelina”]. But I think your swooners should take some time to seriously look into this.  Plus, if they agree, then maybe they will leave you alone and go seek after Luke Perry, leaving more “me and you” time!

Maybe Luke Perry should be cast as Edward’s biological older brother who was turned into a vampire without Edward’s knowledge in a Stephanie Myers sequel to the Twilight saga. Then, you could be cast in the next 90210 reunion show as Luke’s brother. I think I’m onto something here…

Well, I could use a little TLC right now in dealing with these Shingles.  Please contact me through “Letters to Rob” if you can come visit and nurse me back to health!



So what do you think? Is there a Pattinson/Perry resemblance? Is Rob the “Dylan McKay” of the 2010s?  Does it make sense now why I spend time in my “virtual” world since my real-life friends have weird illnesses like Shingles? (JK ItalianGirl you know I love you and all your weird sicknesses xoxoxo)

Since today is April 15th- a tough day for those of us in the United States- I made something special for us today, after the jump!

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Rob Vs Luke picture from this site


  1. I have a (real-life) friend who used to work at a fancy hotel, and during an event that they were allowed to go to Luke was chatting her up. He tried to get her to go back to his room with her (she didn’t go). She has a pic that was taken when he whispered it in her ear – it’s hysterical.
    That was kind of irrelevant. But my point is, I wonder if Rob is like that.

    • I would be very scared if Rob asked me to go back to his room, I know in my heart of hearts that I would want to clean it 🙂


      • Best Reply Ever!!!!! Thank you!

      • If “clean” is a euphemism for s*x, then yes, there will be cleaning.

    • The rumour on twitter today is that he is like that… not that I mind..
      but I’d never go to his room ( unless he checked-in that day, Cazza ) I’d invite him to mine.

      I liked Jason Priestley at the time, I don’t think Luke Perry was half the phenomenon Rob is now.

      • Details,please. Is Rob inviting random women to his room?

        • He is indeed inviting random women to his room, they are called hotel maids (and I feel for them)

          • I was hoping for something a little juicier. I mean, it’s not exactly a rumor that he’s a slob (to be blunt).

          • @cazzz- heh 🙂
            Hotel Maids = WIN.

            They’re going to need something a hell of a lot stronger than tidy bowl to clean up his messes.. — Hear that Lord Sparklepeen does not like his room to be cleaned for days or even weeks on end..ewww.
            haha.. Maids.. !!

      • Hey JBR

        can you link me to the story on twitter please?


        • It’s happyfeet90s account and apparently he sleeps with everyone and the person calls him lying cheating whore and a wanker…Not that I believe anything I read, but it was “fun”

        • oh, you want the link:

          • Whoa.
            I did not expect to be bombarded with a series of 140-character rants in all caps.
            Enter at your own risk.

          • Yeah, what is the DEAL with this twitter? Any insight on who this loony toon is?

          • wow! that was one disturbed girl!!!

          • @MP
            Is she disturbed or just drunk and ranting. Who’s to say it’s not the truth, I always thought that hacked facebook page seemed kinda real………

            hello ladies…*waves*…..just playing devils advocate.

            Actually I kinda like the idea that Rob’s no saint. 🙂

          • hey there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought you were somewhere in a lost place away from civilisation and internet connection.What’s up with you?

            I only read a couple of tweets but just sounded like someone with some issues, soo bitter and soooo involved in the whole thing.

            I’d love him to be no saint (that could only be good news for us 🙂 ) but I somehow have the feeling he’s tweed serious into KStew and alas, that if they break up it won’t exactely be his idea. Just my thoughts.

            And what FB page?

          • I think its Robbie himself doing it..
            His self hatred, knows no bounds..

  2. OMG!

    Luke Perry!!!



    • Robbie on the cover of Italian Vanity Fair…. yummm. –delish.

      • H,
        Well, that was fun.

        Tom has pretty lips.


        • WTF crap!!!! .. that linky was orginally a picture of his lordship sparklepeen from the cover of Vanity Fair .. Italian version ..and now poof its gone.. wTF!! its been replaced with some old group pic of him with his britsh badboy buds..

          If anyone finds that Italian cover post the linky for the girlies.. they’ll swoon.

        • tomstu is just too girly for my taste, but i do love his jumpers 🙂

  3. Not no, but HELL NO! There is NO comparison! That wormy little varmint in no way resembles the yummyliciousness that is Rob! YEESH!

    • Varmint? Snort!

      Tink, are you Yosemite Sam?

  4. Holy crap I was NOT expecting hot skinny tie GQ Rob after that jump! SWOOOOON! Rob, our financial year runs April to April too, perhaps you can come help me ‘organise my finances’ wearing that exact some outfit/hair/length of facial hair?! KTHANXBAI!

    • That picture…well, it does things to me. (Skinny tie clean Rob…def not cowboy hat Luke. I was a BRANDON WALSH fan). I was wondering if I could get it on one of those lovely cardboard cutouts.

      My husband works late nights.

      Enough said.

  5. I recently harassed a fashion blogger to sell me a waay too expensive vintage T-shirt which said “I slept with Dylan first”. Not a fan of the guy, but I am the biggest fan of that T.
    I am now heading to the shop to buy some Rob/Edward T-shirts, in 20 years these things will sell 20 times their actual price.

    • Did you get the Dylan T ??

      • Yess, and wore it h00rish style, with jorts and stockings, hoodie and veja sneakers. Never been prouder. Then a moron spilled red wine on me and ruined said T.

    • Cool that’s a great idea! I bet you can find stuff on ebay too.

      • safer than investing in stock exchange.

    • Breaking news (kinda): airports are closed in England (and other European countries) for a couple of days, seems like everything is against KStew going back to the States. I think Mother Nature is a Robsten shipper.

  6. Totally. I saw a pic of Rob the other day that absolutely yelled Dylan to me.

  7. Loved the tax man pic. If that guy comes to collect my taxes in person, I will happily hand over every dollar.

    Feel better Italian Girl – I’ve never even had chicken pox (which is weird). I hope that you don’t have the rash anywhere too too bad.

    And I had a small thing for Dylan in 1994, so . . . I can see it. I like your casting idea. Maybe they can make Rob talk Valley Guy in the 90210 show!

  8. Where’s the link to Dear Rob and James Dean letter, UC??

    • I see more of James Dean in Rob (that’s NOT what she said…).

      • I think that all the time. Hopefully not the “dabbling in bisexuality” part though. 😉

    • I was reading this and my mind immediately went to the James Dean connection… unknowingly, he was kind of the catalyst behind my initial reaction to Rob; I’ve loved JD forever and see a lot of similarities between him and HHH. I didn’t realize it at first, but then when I read that Rob tried to kind of channel him in his portrayal of Edward, the light bulb over my head finally lit up in my “OH DUH” moment.

      I would love to see Rob in a remake of “East of Eden” — my favorite Dean movie — Cal Trask is heartbreaking and I think Rob could pull it off better than most actors out there.

      He is just quite simply the best.

      • Agreed! I never thought of Rob in an “East of Eden” remake, but that would be beautiful to watch (if done right, of course). He could most certainly pull it off.

        • I think I will have to re-watch East of Eden tonight and mentally picture Rob instead. Sorry, JD I love you, but — Rob trumps all.

          • Thumbs up for the East of Eden reference puma! Great book…great movie…great JD!!!

          • @ Mel – IKR? It seems like James Dean is permanently associated to Rebel w/o a Cause that Giant & East of Eden are often overlooked – quite a shame in my opinion.

  9. That last shot is, well, taxing!

    There are 3 kind of friends. Those who revel in your obsession. Those who don’t get it and never will. And those converts who hold out as long as they can but end up in the first group. Nice job, UC. You wore her down and brought her to the dark side. May the force be with you…

  10. Ummmm…I’m thinking NOT! I think Jason Priestly was WAY better looking than Luke Perry (or maybe I liked the character better too though I wasn’t actually a fan of 90210), but NO ONE can compare with Rob…ever. Oh…and thanks for the tax man. If I hadn’t already filed and gotten my refunds, I’d go to Tax Man Rob to file for an extension!!

    • Okay..what?? Are the thumbs down ’cause of the Luke Perry/Jason Priestly thing or…wait…’cause I got a refund on my taxes??!!! lol

  11. I watched 90210 too, and was in love with Dylan-what a bad boy! Always scowling, storming out of rooms, battling mobsters and sleeping his way through through the cast. Edward in Twilight looks a bit like him, with the poufy buffant hair, but not Rob.
    Although Rob did play a bad boy, with similar scowling and storming.

    I’m glad you’re not a bad boy Rob.I love your smile and your laugh.

    • The similarity between the two are unsettling.. Perry drifted away after 90210 in and out of rehab, never finding his place in the sun. Pattinson is trying hard to break out of his Twilight mold. James Dean was their muse.
      Perhaps these guys should get another muse? Dean seems to cause career death.

  12. I had SUCH a crush on Luke Perry!! *swooooooon*

    But then he went and effed up the world in The Fifth Element… did not like him after that :))

  13. Luke Perry kissed Jennie Garth. Jennie Garth kissed Peter Facinelli, who then bit Robert Pattinson’s neck. Therefore, Luke and Rob are practically the same person.

    • LOL!

    • Well played, Mrs. P! Well played!

    • LOL, wow I never thought of that!

  14. Actually, I thought that atrocious wax figure they did of Rob looked a LOT like Luke Perry…

    • thank you. i thought i was the only one…

      • lol!
        And did you see that revolting lump of chocolate that was supposed to be Rob’s head, that some woman made?? Ugh…

        • yes – it didn’t look anything like him!!

    • LOL. I thought that too. They got the eyes all wrong. Looked nothing like Rob’s eyes…

      • And mouth…they were unable to catch the sweetness of his mouth…I saw this waxthing today in a greek magazin…what idiots…instead of posting a real life pic of him, they posted the wax…am so pissed!!!

    • Ah, that’s it….I couldn’t put my finger on it, but you’re darn right!!!!

  15. UC…a little word…can you send this particular tax man to Greece…I would gladely pay whatever he wants! Thanks!

    I watched the series in my younger years and Dylan was a really cool guy (kind of a rebel…I like that) BUT…No way he looks like Rob or has his charisma!!! Rob has the whole package guys…there are beautiful men all around us, but they just don’t have it ALL…Rob is one in a zillion, nothing compares…

    If he had to play someones brother he looks more like a younger brother to wolverin (Hugh Jackman)…remember the Dossier photoshoot??? Just saying…IF he had to…

    • Btw…I hate the word teenheartthrob…especially in relation to Rob…Zac Efron is a teenheartthrob…ROB IS NOT…he’s much much more!!!

      • So true Mel, so true!

  16. No way UC! Luke Perry looks nothing like Rob. NO ONE looks like Rob except Rob himself. I don’t know if that makes sense…
    I kinda have to admit that I’ve never watched the original Beverly Hills 90210, but I’ve been catching up on the spin-off. Yeah, the one with those anorexic chicks. Kellan used to be there, right?

    “Real life friends don’t know ‘Robsten’ is the new ‘Bragelina'”
    That’s so true! I too thought who the eff now compares celebrity couples with Brangelina anymore?
    “ a Stephanie Myers sequel to the Twilight saga.” Um, UC, has your friend been living under the rock? Isn’t she aware of the ‘sequels’ that have been already shot?

    • I watched the original 90210 (I’m surprised that they let me, because I was like 9 years old!) Loved Lyke Perry’s character, becuase he was always so dark. But let’s be serious. This is Rob we’re talking about. No one holds a candle to Rob! And it could be April 15th for me every day if it meant Rob would do me… I mean my taxes.

      • I was born a year after the original 90210 started, so that’s why I didn’t get to see it. I was like around 10 when it ended in 2000.

        “..And it could be April 15th for me every day if it meant Rob would do me… I mean my taxes.”
        Bahahahaa…Oh Madeline, we all wish that…well the first part at!

        • You just made me feel old…and I didn’t think I was old.

          You know you’re getting old when…you have to scroll down less and less to find the year you were born on an online form (and those things start in like 1920 or something!).

          • Oh no! Don’t feel bad…that was never my intention. After all, as Jake would say, “Age is nothing but just a number, baby!”

          • No worries, I don’t really feel old, ‘Rob’s slow mo’ strut’ (phew, that’s a mouthfull – TWSS!)

        • I just want to admit that I’m the person who thumbed down you – I did it b/c you are so freakin young. I’m sorry. Senior moment. Loss of thumb control.

          • That’s alright. I wouldn’t have noticed the thumbs down if you hadn’t mentioned it. I was slightly scared about revealing my age because I was afraid I’d be categorized as one of the ‘teenybopper’ fans.

          • the thumbs down thumb is back..
            I checked yesterday’s post.. and there are quite a few….
            Whenever we don’t go along with the status quo .. we get it.
            anyway.. Milfy your posts yesterday got it as well..
            heh. me too.. —
            we live for the thumbs down. ok hit me!

    • Maybe she means a sequel to the sequels, like a spin-off… like “Twilight 90210”

  17. Team Dylan all the way. . . Loved his “bad-boy” ways. That is until slutty Kelly slept with him while Brenda was in Europe. Damn him. I can still feel the pain. . . rejection, betrayal, loneliness. Ahhh, Dylan. . .

    Oh wait, Slutty Kelly is married to Carlise. It’s like the 6 degrees of separation with Twilight. Okay, I am happy now.

    I do see the similarities, but Rob is much more decadent. It’s probably because I am older and wiser now.

    • I like Jenny Garth (I was gonna write McCarthy!) She and PFach make the cutest couple ever!

    • I also team dylan

  18. Great letter, ItalianGirl! I’ve been seeing so much of Luke Perry’s likeness in Rob’s face lately I thought I was crazy. Oh how I love me some 8 Seconds LP!

    UC- Tax Day is going to be my new favorite holiday with RobPorn like that! *Fans self*
    Another LTRer asked me why I wasn’t doing my taxes online and I told her I like to do it by hand (TWSS). I never knew taxes could be so dirty….

    • “Never knew taxes could be so dirty” & “I like to do it by hand” Oh Gawd…

      Keisha, girl I like the way you think!!!

    • LOL, you crack me up! Doing it by hand, good old-fashioned way! 😉

  19. While I don’t see a physical resemblance, I think I understand. I thought the exact same thing when I first started crushing on Rob. It’s the scruffy hotness, chiseled features and bad boy look/attitude. Apparently it totally did it for me in the ’90’s and still does it for me now!

  20. Ok, ok, MAYBE in the eyebrows…. but that’s it!

    Can we just talk about how that bottom photo may be the best photo on EARTH?! ugh.

    Unrelated news: Are there any Type O Negative fans here? Mr. Peter Steele passed away. He was probably one of my first biggest crushes (aside from David Bowie in Labyrinth). I might cry at work. 😦 Someone hold me. 😦

    • OMG I thought I was the only one in the universe who crushed on David Bowie in Labryinth!!!! (In fact, I’ve never even admitted it…you know, “OUT LOUD”) Wow. Thank you for validating my crush. I’m NORMAL.

      • You are Normal, indeed, my friend. He was the sexiest. Those pants? That codpiece? Come ON!

      • Indeed you are not the only one. I have several other RL friends who were in love with him too. Plus the movie is just hella-cool.

        “You remind me of the babe!”

        • What babe? The babe with the power. What power? The power of voodoo, whodoo, YOU-do! Do what? Remind me of the babe!

          LOL. I’m sick.

          • Love it!!

            I’ve had the songs from the movie in my head all day!

      • Oh, how about Bowie in the “Afraid of Americans” video- being stalked by Trent Reznor. Mama likey.

        • Oh god, yes. I LOVE him in that. And Trent. purrrr.

    • Rob pls go and hold Katie S!

      I agree that photo of Rob…..whew….getting hot in here. I love how he has his fingers in his pants. Squee.

      • Thank you, SB. You are always supportive. 🙂 And the fingers? The eyes? The jaw? Oh my.

    • Oh my god, David Bowie in Labyrinth totally HOT! I seriously thought I was a freak for thinking it…it’s like this raw sexual appeal he has going on there.

  21. I don’t see the resemblance of Rob and Luke.
    I was 13 y.o when I watched BH 90210. My fave was Jason Priestly. Could never understand till now what’s all the fuss was with Luke Perry.

  22. UC – have I met said sick friend with shingles? Poor ItalianGirl (and wait, this is Calli?)

    I was a huge 90210 fan back in the 90s and I’m not sure that I see it.

    Brenda and Dylan 4eva!

    • Brenda and Dylan?? No, no. It was all about Dylan and Kelly. Brenda was not good enough for him 😉

      • I hated that stupid Brenda. I was always pro-Kelly! Even through her “I choose me” crap. A line I have stolen and used, by the way. Several times.

      • what? my favourite girl was brenda but best couple was kelly and dylan

      • I hated Steve. That’s all I can remember.

        • and Andrea.

          • Andrea was hella old, too! It never made any sense to me.

  23. Poor Shingly friend. Sad Face. 😦

    I am with Brookie, Brenda & Dylan 4eva.

  24. Oh Rob…please be my tax man.

    And yes you can audit me anytime…I mean anytime. 😉

    • SB- You sound desperate. =)

      • Ha, I do sound desperate don’t I? LOL

        I’ll blunder my own taxes if that would mean Rob would come over because he’s the tax man! 🙂

  25. Great post, but I wouldn’t say they look alike :-). I watched 90210 but I honestly couldn’t remember much of the episodes, I was young. I do remember that Jason Priestley was very HOT. That’s the only one person I really remember.

    Luke was the bad guy right?

  26. Is it pathetic that I know exactly which episode ItalianGirl is referring to? And that my sister and I may or may not have watched a homemade videotape of that episode over and over again? Yeah, we were definitely Team Dylan in our house.

  27. i liked jason priestley at 90210 and i don’t remember it so much cuz i watched just once when i was a kid so i don’t know if Dylan was like Rob or why Brendan was my favourite

  28. Really girls? Rob and 90210? No offense but I don’t really like that… I haven’t seen the old 90210 but the new one sucks a bit. Only watched it because of kellan…

    Btw I have the first Remember me video up! And also a video goodie by biel! Go and see it!

    • New 90210 is oh sooo lame, but you have to know the context. I for instance was not even a teen when it started and back in the days (history lesson :)) the series were Dallas and Saved by the Bell. Which made Beverly Hills and Melrose Place the coolest series in town. Add to that a mixture of teeny hormones and romance dreams, and we were all in extasy in front of Brandon and Dylan.

      I would never speak with an “actor” from Twilight but I’d def. stop Peter Facinelli in the street to do a 90210 joke and probably tell Jenny Garth about my “I slept with Dylan first” T-shirt acquisition. Because it is now like a funny but cult series.

      • bahahahha. MP you would totes do that! I have faith in you!

        GO MP! GO MP!

  29. Team Brandon! And now I have to think of a Dylan-Rob resemblance…Am confuzzled now…
    Does that make me Shannen Doherty???

  30. I defs see the resemblance but Luke never caused the reaction I have to Rob! Rob just doesn’t look as breakable as Luke, besides being a gazillion times hotter!!

  31. I don’t think there is any resemblance.

    I’ll take the Tax Man any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

    Dear Rob,
    If you were the Tax Man, I wouldn’t mind paying taxes and I would find other means of paying my dues. IfyouknowwhatImean…

    Me =)

  32. The tax man cometh!!!

    Feel better Italiangirl!

    I see the resemblence a little, too. I remember the 90210/Luke Perry mania, it was similar to the Robmania, but the women’s ages were more concentrated. Ages 14-22 liked Luke, not the 4-84 that like Rob.
    I didn’t really find much hotness inthe 90210 guys originally, but in retrospect, they were kind of cute. I was crushing on Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder at the time, though.

    • Kurt all the way. Sometimes I look at pictures of him and see Jasper – is that strange?

  33. Interesting that you should bring up Luke Perry. ..
    (good blog by the way) ——-

    I recall the phenomen that used to surround Perry too. — very similar to Rob. Although I agree, the Perry fangirls have nothing on the Pattinson fangirls who’s numbers are legion..
    But to my point. .. (using present tense here)

    There are some unsettling similarities between Perry and Pattinson. —

    Both were male models with some minimal acting experience that shot to fame very quickly.
    Both had a James Dean vibe going on. Both aspire to be better actors taking on more challenging rolls. Both drink alcoholic beverages heavily, (Perry into rehab numerous times failing to get straight) .. Both have had rumored numerous hookups (both gay and straight) etc. Both were/are over exposed at some point.

    Although a promising actor, Perry failed to break out. Some say it was due to drinking and drugs. — Pattinson, another promising actor is trying very hard for that one big breakout role to distinguish him from Twilight.

    Will Robbie be just another has-been actor like Luke Perry in another 5 years? I remember what a big fuss the critics made over Perry, however that fell flat as time went on and he dissipeared back into the Canadian wilderness where he came from.

    I guess only time will tell.

    Ok, hit me with the thumbs down! I’m ready.

    • Hermes, I very much hope Rob manages to rise above all that and respect himself enough to get the respect from others that he deserves. The media-hungry mobs seem to WANT actors to fail so they can read about the gory details of the slide into the mud. I would rather he move gracefully out of the limelight into a respectable career. We’ll just have to wait and see.

      • yep I hear you Oldie (but goodie I’m sure) … Only time will tell if Robbie passes or fails. The media loves to report the fail shizz because it sells.

        Re: Perry and the Canadian wilderness.. (oye.. got him mixed up with the other 90210 dude). I mean.. the guys were so interchangeable, even in my mind now after all these years. Nothing really to differentiate them..

        ahh.. someone gave me a thumbs down.. bless ye..

    • Hermes – Luke Perry is not from the Canadian Wilderness, Jason Priestly is.

    • You are right in some of the similarities
      only time will tell
      in 20 years we’ll see if Rob is a promising actor
      anyway I prefer Luke

  34. Dear Rob,
    I find your beauty very taxing at times.


  35. Does anyone watch the current 90210? They mentioned Rob in this week’s episode.

    Ivy’s mom hired Dixon to D.J. her posh party because Ivy told her that he just DJ’d for Rob Pattinson’s birthday party…

  36. I was never a fan of 90210 but my entire sophomore dorm was HOOKED, which frankly made me hate it even more. 90210 and Melrose Place were a deadly tv cocktail in my dorm that seemed to poison everyone. As for Luke Perry, I was never wild about him but did really enjoy his cameo on Will and Grace.

    Tax Day sucks. Not only is it a pain in the ass financially, but it’s also the anniversary of the day my first dog died (which, if my maths are correct, was 10 years ago…will have to check with my mom, who was having a terrible time recovering from back surgery at the same time).

    Suffice to say, Tax Man Rob puts a totally new, and MUCH happier spin on the day, so thanks! He can audit me anytime, preferably on this desk right here. Gaaaah!

  37. At least tax day is only once a year…
    Unless you count everyday sales tax.. in Cali that amounts to 9% of purchases..
    I’m poor before I hit the store..
    The only bright side is seeing Lord Sparklepen’s face smiling out at me from the LTR weblog.
    and the funzies commentaries that sometime accompany them..

    • Dude I hate our sales tax here in CA. I spent a few years in Massachusetts and always enjoyed never being taxed on clothing purchases. At some point when I am cashed up again, I am totally going to Boston for shopping.

      • Please come to Boston to shop!!!

  38. Rob has acknowledged that he is a Luke Perry fan! He said he based his entire performance in Twilight on Luke Perry, and that a cross between Luke Perry and Fonz is his ideal man…sorry

    (PS TomStu, I saw you in Pirate Radio last night and…wow. First, I wish you got more credit because you were like the main character in the film. And whereas I don’t think Rob comes across AS charming onscreen as he is in real life, you certainly do. And I love when you mumble, which is basically all the time. Also, I was cracking myself up imagining I was watching @faketomstu onscreen. That is all.)

    • Thanks for the shout out/reminder Macy—

      YES!!! everyone reminder PIRATE RADIO IS OUT !!! You can rent it on Netflix.. or even buy it. A comedy about how Rock & roll was not played in the UK (this takes place in 1966). No Stones, No Beatles, No nada …
      True Story..

      TomStu is in it. He plays Carl.. The youngest guy on board Pirate Radio.. He’s very charming indeed..He even has a brief l nudie scene.. his little white butt and legs show …

      An all star cast (Bill Nighy, Rhys Isfan, Phillip Seymour Hoffman).

  39. Did I hear correctly that citizens of Great Britain with large incomes will be paying a 50 percent tax on it? Any UK’ers care to give us an Educational Moment? If true, I feel sorry for Rob if he didn’t get good advice on how to avoid that problem.

    • How much is it in the US?
      In France it’s been 50% but will soon be in discussion to be higher, always was a very controversial point. And celebrities who choose to be financial residents of other countries just to pay less have a really bad image, but it’s cultural, social values are really important here.
      I hope he pays what he has to, someone’s got to finance social rights for the poor (you know Bobby, Marcus and other TomStus).

      • @ minuit
        There is a Federal Tax.. and then theirs the individual State Tax (depending where you live)….. And a 9% (california) sales tax for stuff like… groceries. OH.. and then theirs a property tax if you own your own condo/townhouse/house…

        So some of us are paying like 35% + of income off taxes.. if we have job.. and if not, we still pay taxes regardless.

        This is not counting.. soc. security, unemployment, yadda. that we also pay into. Minuit at least you guys got a decent public transporation system we get butkiss.

        Baby we are broke…. send us some of that fine french cheese if you can.
        Maybe some white wine to go with it..
        Or forget that and just send over the brandy.

  40. this post was hilarious!! i was just talking to a friend whose from London and said her and her friend talk about rob and dylan just the other day! (FREAKY)

    speaking of, i need info about london bc im going there for a job for a couple months… any Londoners on LTT/LTR who can give me pop culture knowledge?

    • Hello, this is a delayed reply, but you can email me & I’ll be happy to answer any questions cos I’m a geek like that.x.

  41. […] week I brunched with ItalianGirl (yes, this was THE Brunch after THE DREAM) and she shared a story from her recent trip to the […]

  42. ItalianGirl, I think your illness is making you delusional. No frickin’ way is Luke Perry even in the same league as Rob. Even back in the original 90210 days. Other than the bouffant hair – and Luke’s doesn’t even say ‘sex hair’ the way Rob’s does by the way – there is no resemblance at all. P.S. Get well soon!!

  43. maybe they are similar in that they are a heartbreaker and a teenage idols
    but physically I do not think good appearance.
    the first time I saw Rob was in harry potter and I did a handsome boy but not what caused my as Luke when I saw him as the badboy Dylan in bh90210 love him

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