Posted by: themoonisdown | April 12, 2010

Robert Pattinson leaves Budapest, let’s ignore the obvious

Dear Rob,

I’ve got ONE THING to say about this weekend and the pictures that came out from Budapest…

What was John McCain doing in Budapest with you??? Did he just happen to be visiting because the ex presidential candidate just happens to love the eastern European country during the spring? (who can blame him?) Has he had enough of representing the American people as a Senator and decided to quit and become a private security guard and you are his first big client? Or can it be that United States senator John McCain is just a HUGE HUGE Twi/Rob fan and he jumped in the first flight out of DC to be there for your last few days in his favorite country that is home to the largest synagogue in Europe that just happens to be where you were filming?? C, all of the above?

So do you like that I’m totally ignoring the HUGE MONSTROUS MAMMOTH GINORMOUS elephant in the room, Rob? Yea, me too. Let’s continue doing that shall we?

Rob, I also noticed that you brought back some of your MIA clothing items that I wrote about last week! I know you’re reading this because we have the return of… the baseball hat, the blue jeans with the hole, the plaid shirt circa Remember Me, AAAANNNNDDDDD (drum roll please)…

Wait, is that THE dadcase?! Or just any ol dadcase? Either way I’m glad to see you around some sensible carry-alls again.

Ok, ok I’ve ignored it long enough the elephant in the room can no longer be danced around. It’s no People cover or a Barbara Walters special but it doesn’t really take a sky writer spelling it out to know what this all means. You’ve missed us and wanted to show us you were thinking about us and the LTR girls! That is the ONLY thing these pictures could possibly mean, right?! I mean come on, the obvious usage of a dadcase, the plaid shirt reappearing with the torn up blue jeans and you being seen with John McCain which is such an obvious shout out to me, ya know him being the senator from my home state and all. We thank you for this silent nod to us and we look forward to the day when you and Dick wear some jorts together and get Dragon/Snail tattoos (I’m not even going to link it). Thank you for making this Monday AWESOME!

We love you too! Hurry back to LA!

PS So are you trying to tell us you’re NOT gay? Cause I get the feeling you and your PR team read LTR… ya know… just sayin’

follow the cut for an extra special note and then to have at it in the comments
In light of these pictures I think my true feelings can only be expressed through song. Take it away…

Oh Robbie, Robbie Robbie OHHHH like Robbie Robbie Robbie NOOO, thought you’d always be mine!

It’s all I have left people… Bieber will fill that Rob-shaped hole in my heart, buy me panini’s and spanx to make me teeny. Now if I can just resist using wine in my cereal today to drown my deeeeeep deeeep sorrows…

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  1. I LOVE what you did here Moon. Thank you for making today a little bit easier. As an Arizona girl too, we all have to stick together in times like these.
    So Frosted Flakes and Vodka…or at least some Bailey’s in my coffee.

  2. Nice coincidence. The Elephant in the airport (flying) and I am working on a shirt order for team called “The Flying Mullets”. Kristen is this your softball team?

    • Can someone create a manip of an elephant with a mullet, Ray Bans and iPhone ear buds?

      That photo would be a total win.

      • don’t forget the knotted t-shirt. And some pot.

      • @ Snow– heh!!.. the flying mullet softball team.. I like..

        Hey.. fyi TomStu (my little cupcake) was in that pic as well….
        Robbie’s traveling with his two bookends..

        The two Stu’s/Stews.. so don’t dispair..
        I guess if he gets tired of one he switches to the other..
        How convienent to be a swtich hitter as they say in baseball no?


        • I think RobStuSten is my fav of all the Robs.

      • Alright.

        • !!!!!!!!!!!

          You are Queen for today.

        • wow LOL

        • Magnificent!

          • Like the song??? U2 ref! Even if you didn’t mean to… 🙂

          • I did mean to! I forgot in my post on the first page to say that Rob’s pulling out his old clothes for us is ‘Crumbs from your Table’, but I forgot!

        • I effing LOVE you guys. I love the actual elephant too, but the way everyone’s handling this is comedic gold. Did I mention I love you all?

          • I for once…LOVE YOU back…my elf!

      • A mullephant?

        • 🙂

        • thank you Jules!

        • hahaha-Jules you cracked me up. Water for the Mullephant-to wash her hair of course.

          • Does anyone else think it looks a little like Roy Orbison?

          • EMJ- you are very observant!

          • Oh Jortsie – Ray Orbison!!!!! ❤ U!

          • Typo- Sorry Roy, RIP. I misstakingly typed a name of another rockin’ blind singer. No offense Mr. Charles.

  3. I do not appreciate you spreading the Bieber fever.

    Live on ginormous elephant!

  4. Oh my god, make the Justin Bieber madness stop. I don’t want to hear any more about him until him and Ashley’s wedding on 12/12/12 that will be officiated by Chris Hansen.

    • hahahahahahah

    • i cant wait for him to wear high tops at the wedding and for the bieber army to kill ashley the minute she steps into public

  5. It’s just been pointed out to me and I had to share it with all of you that this is all an “acting” thing. He is “acting” that he loves her and he is “acting” better than she does.
    *Puts more Bailey’s in her coffee*

    • LMFAO!!!

  6. Oh TomStu (my little cupcake)… I see that your at the Airport with HIM again and that annoying little piece of baggage that tagged along. –see if you and Robbie can ditch the mullett at your lay over in Prague

    P.S. loved the silver ROB suit you wore at the NYC premier of Remember me.– but it was a bit too long in the legs..but fitted very nicely in the crotch.

    • C’mon Tom take back your man! Whisper a little sense into his ear-get the Britpack to stage an intervention.

      RobStu 4ever!

  7. I just started reading Water for Elephants yesterday. No elephants yet.

    Rob- Great coat. I almost bought one just like it although I’m sure you didn’t get yours at Target. I’m not sure what’s on the back though as my eyes keep drifting down for some reason. I’m tired, yeah that’s it. (Thank goodness you don’t have a girlfriend or my back ogling would be way inappropriate.) Yes, I love to buy guys’ clothes. Way more comfy and well.. gray. We could totally share and I promise not to take your beanie like TomStu. Think about it.

    • hey keisha i’ve stared to read it too,friday
      i’m team elephant Rosie

  8. I think John McCain would make an excellent bodyguard…

    40 years ago.

    But I have THE explanation for him being there:

    Rob will play him in:

    John McCain: the Vietnam years

    (Don’t see any resemblance though…)

    P.S. I also think that KStew is Rob’s little bodyguard, fronting as his co-star, fronting as his not so secret gf! Genius!

    • Cath, lol. Genius indeed!

    • There may not be any resemblance between John McCain and Rob, but have you seen any pictures of JMcC when he was younger?! The man was HOTT.

      • I agree! He was really handsome!

  9. i’m not in depression cuz i’d been before when the whole isle of wight thing got started ugggggg-i decided to stop,accept and ignore it at the last appeirence at JFK.but i’m afraid since -they started to go very fast and publicly -we can see even a kissin’ pic with elephant before the release of WTF(Eclipse)
    since i’m a big (football) fan, i’m givin’ u a big BOOOOOOOOO and a red card-don’t do this again cuz even the dadcase can’t save u

    • Che…silence is gold (mine…I mean) 😀 and your avis are driving me nuts!

    • Those lips are so luscious!!!! sigh

  10. Dad case!!! Laugh riot!!! Yeah it’s treat holder for the elephant.

  11. That’s not John McCain. That’s my grampa. ::cries::


    PS – I’m lying.

    • Your Grampa has betrayed you!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Wow, I wonder when press for Eclipse starts. Anyone know?

    Anyway, I totally love the way they keep hidden. It’s so romantic…all clandestined! They clearly want no part of the media circus(HAHA see what I did there?!?! Elephant? Circus?!) that surrounds them. ALL. THE. TIME.
    I hope they get married. At barely 20 and 23. And have like 17 babies! Like the DUGGARS! Could you even IMAGINE? They could move to the UK and BE THE ENGLISH DUGGARS!

    P.S- Wouldn’t it be HILARIOUS if the said elephant was really a BEARDED lady? Yeah? I thought so, too!!!!

    • HAHAHAHAH BEARDED LADY… long live Tombert!


      • When I meet him….in my baby tee that says “My boyfriend SPARKLES!” and ask him for his autograph and he signs the slash smut-take I bring I really, REALLY, REALLY hope he puts a heart with R + T inside…just for me. Right next to “I meant what I said in that text….”

    • “I wonder when press for Eclipse starts. Anyone know?”

      I thought this was press for Eclipse…

      • OMG! SHUT UP!!!! You mean to tell me that Hollywood is a BUSINESS? Damnit, way to break my little shipping HEART into PIECES. Next you’re going to tell me that Summit does this ON PURPOSE.

        >sigh< And to think I was singing 'Don't need these other pretty faces like I need you and when you're mine in this world
        There's gonna be one less lonely girl…..
        One less lonely girl'

        • Waaaaaaaiiiiit, I think you’re being sarcastic…


          • Maybe 😉

      • Ladies, what we have here is a Reply Win.

      • WIN

      • ding ding ding! We have a winner!

        • gaaaaawd… you are ALL berthas!

          I’m just kidding. I ❤ you all. I have no idea what a "Bertha" is…

    • or Lucinda

    • Bahaha!! Can you just imagine 17 little nuggets runnin around in plaid and mullets of verying lengths? With that scowl and minnie dad cases! (Ok, don’t dwell on this but in passing I think it’s quite funny!) Stu could be their Manny! Someone should design a plaid wedding dress with a knot in front. Wow, I’m having more fun with this than I should be…

      • I couldn’t help myself. I think this is a bit classier than we could expect her in but it is call the Bella wedding dress.,2050,cid,71,product.html

        • I want one NOW.

          • I want one of those to wear to RIBFEST, in Boston with drsaka.

          • There’s a Ribfest in Boston? I’m there. Even though I don’t eat ribs… I just want a reason to wear that.

          • Jules, we have a ribfest? What’s that?

          • haha- Katie, I don’t eat ribs (meat) either, I just want to go!
            Drsaka, it’s the festival of ribs! It’s usually in conjunction with some kind of Celtic celebration. I think restaurants compete to see who makes the best ribs (sauce) or something.

          • Jules, you’re in Boston, too? wtf. I was so lonely! Boston bffs!

          • Ribfest? As in barbeque? Honey come down here to Kentucky for that!

          • A ribfest sounds really macabre!
            I think its the phantom gourmet BBQ competition on Landsdowne near FenwAY.

          • Ooooh, I’ve always wanted to go to the Phantom Gourmet thing at Fenway.

            SB, do they make vegetarian bbq? 🙂 I’m so there, if they do.

          • Katie- I’m in T.O. Canada

            SB – You know what I’m talking about!!!
            I went to one in Muscatine, Iowa (I don’t think that’s near Kentucky, is it?). It was a fun atmosphere even if I didn’t eat the ribs. I had bbq corn and other stuff, I can’t remember what it was called.

          • Drsaka – that would be the one.

          • Jules, Muscatine, Iowa (what were you doing there??) and Kentucky are both near Detroit. Didn’t you pay attention to Rob’s weather report???>????

          • Katie S – sorry hon, no vegetarian BBQ here, we here are meateaters. Sorry :-(.

            Jules, we love BBQ! They’re very popular here and we make them good.

          • Drsaka, I don’t know American geography at all.
            HAHA!!! Rob sucked as a weatherman.

            I’ll email you the deets on Muscatine.

          • @drsaka & katie s.-
            I’m in CT, mere hours away. Nice to know there are LTR ladies fairly nearby-I’ve never seen anyone else here say they were from CT.

            katie s.-I too am vegetarian so don’t eat barbecue. There are vegetarian riblets, but they are actually kind of gross.

          • Muscatine??? Holy jeez, my friend is from there and won’t even go back to visit!

        • I love that it is made of wool.

          • It’s to go with the tweed groom’s outfit, no doubt.

          • because a wedding is tweed serious.

        • Everyone, make sure you scroll down on the link provided by Natalie above- anyone one for the plaid corset?????

          • OMG, you’re right, there is. I WANT!
            Dunno where I would wear it to, but I want.

            SB – I just googled a map of the US and I have been to Chicago and Cleveland, since Illinois and Ohio seem to border Kentucky, I can say I’ve been close. But it’s not even NEAR Iowa.

    • I think it started on Saturday.

      • That’s just perfect, drsaka.

  13. Ah Moon, I love you SO HARD for this. I am virtually hugging you and breaking your ribs (sorry, it’s just how I love).

    I am not pathetic, no siree. I can wholly accept this. I can accept that John McCain may not be the man I thought him to be. *sniff, sniff*

  14. LOL see I knew it, everytime Kristen is in the topic, tons and tons of comments!!!! 🙂

    Well I love this post!!!! LOL. John McCain, wow I thought the same too.

    Glad to see the plaid shirt again from Remember Me, he wore that last yr too at the Comic Con. The dadcase, is it new? Rob where’s the backpack? Wish I could see the shoes!

    One other thing, Kristen’s wearing a headband! Like Bella! I don’t think I’ve ever seen her wear one(unless she’s in character).

    I am totally rambling and not making sense today. Have a nice day everyone!

    • SB – I heart you.

      • Aww Jules, thanks, ❤ u back!

    • HI SB!!!!


      • Hi ML, miss you!

    • Hi SB! Welcome to the thumbs down festival. I had the first thumbs down ever today! Woot!

      • It is a thumbsdown festival.

      • Oh noooo, no Cath. You had one on Friday, I was baffled. I commented on it too.

        • LOL Jules. I had??? Hahaha, have to go investigate now…
          Thanks for the tip!

          • I just saw it Jules! Thanks for defending my honor, hahaha!
            ❤ you!

      • Oh yeah, well it happens. Especially on days when Kristen is mentioned.

        • SB, you should be napping now! Hahaha. (she said while reading, ahem)

          • Cath, I slept for 10 mins!!! Grrr. I’m so tired.

  15. See? This is why I love this blog.

  16. Team I’m-glad-someone-is-hitting-Thatsten (Otherwise-it-would-be-a-colossal-waste-of-earth’s-finest-natural-Resourcesten!) And btw, go dadcase!

    Meanwhile, I have been living this blissfully clueless life as to who the EFF this Justin Bieber kid is. And I wish I had stayed that way since apparently he is capable of inflicting earworms so powerful that I have to resort to this to kill them (proceed with extreme caution):

  17. *sigh*

    right now I don’t even know what to say. I am lost for words (which doesnt happen that often)…
    All I could say was OMR all the time after seeing this pictures today morning… This was way to heavy for a monday morning!!! Aaaarrrrggggghhhhh

    *grabs paperbag*
    Can I have some RobPorn please?
    Everyone wanting some (twss) follow me to TCS..

    Btw I have ‘it was just here to tease me’ as a ringtone now… Even though I want to crop out the “tease me” part and hear it on replay…

    • Bleriana…is there anybody on this planet who likes bloody Mondays???

      • I do!
        After all we got the hot Remember Me stuff on a monday and the leaked Eclipse pictures. I actually love mondays (when I dont have to work)…

        And it became easier to deal with after I decared Mondays to RobPornMondays… That is the only thing making me get up on a monday morning…

  18. Love the Justin Bieber song! 🙂 I have to hear about him all the time, my dd like him.

    • Arghggh typos, I meant to say my DD likes him. So does my niece!

  19. Dad case is such a great metro sexual statement! Go Rob with your bad self!!!

  20. Dear che,

    you are one bad RobPornAvi-girl.
    You know what I want you to do now right?

    Send it to moi! Please?

  21. Moon and UC,
    The second I saw Tina Fey as teacher lusting after Justin in the classroom, I thought, “I wonder when this will show up on ltr?”

    You’ve exceeded all expectations (as usual) and I love you guys mucho.

    That skit was brillz!


  22. I made the mistake of clicking of the Bieber video and it froze up my computer but *the horror* THE AUDIO KEPT GOING!!! It’s like he was taunting me with his 8 yr old boy voice and controlling my computer by keeping me from getting back to Rob. Pre-pubescent = BAD. Rob’s manliness = GOOD

    Oh and about the pictures: “It’s not denial. I’m just selective about the reality I accept.” -the guy who wrote Calvin & Hobbes

    • Yeah, I’m with the guy on Mythbusters: “I reject your reality and substitute my own!”

  23. Moon I love u
    I wish I was in your head
    I’d get m’self a large popcorn
    stretch my legs and brace m’self for a tommy ache from all the laughing.

    This is hilarious
    I hope John Mc.. is reading this (and while he is at it, hope he realizes your other nick name is not Obama)

    Anyway now to the elephant
    I saw some video in the interweb last night with some ratty legs running to some check up point. I thought to myself what is Rob doing there with….? cause am always behind news – how I’ love to snap some ratty legs – animal cruelty! ya I know, I come in here today and find out THEY ARE NOT RATS THEY ARE ELEPHANTS (in the voice of ‘they are not bears’)

    This is ridiculous!
    What was McCain doing there – Testing whether an elephant could fit his backyard?
    Am totally not animal friendly –
    Even Rob and his hotness can’t make ME!

    * goes to wear my GAY Rob glasses*

    Now thats better!

  24. Yeah.. someone’s been givin us the thumbs down.. just wanna say I’m lovin it…

    re: If Robbie or his PR people or his little buddies read LTR—-
    I kinda think they might….speculating here:
    We all had commented on the Stoli shirt (its gone), the Rob case (it went away but now its back).
    We make all so many freakin comments about him, and then somethings seem to miraculously change.. .. like our gayrob observations…and what do they do about that? —
    They bring in our favorite Mullet girl back.
    Conspiracy theories not withstanding..
    ah well.

  25. Moon..

    I owe you an apology.

    After I got the news last night.. (the scream heard round the world woke me last night alerting me to check my trustee blackberry for tweets) …after that, I was…. well…. devistated.. truly. I thought there was nothing… not one thing.. that could pull me back from the box-o-wine I was set to dive into…

    I was wrong… I should have trusted that you… oh knowledgable one.. you would be able to put the entire situation into perspective. Had I just come here first thing this morning.. I could have avoided ,…. drinking at breakfast…. lunch… and snack time…..

    If only I had known that I wasn’t seeing what I thought I was.. I was in fact seeing a “HUGE MONSTROUS MAMMOTH GINORMOUS elephant” with John McCain I would have had no need to call my local speedy-mart and ask if they had re-stocked the shelves….

    If only…

    But I can’t go back.. I can only move ahead and know that sometimes… it is true that, that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger… and often enough it really is a HUGE MONSTROUS MAMMOTH GINORMOUS elephant with John McCain and nothing more.

    I adore you..bless you…

    Anyone up for some box-o-wine?

    • Bring that ish on baby girl. *grabs one o them red cups*

      I’ll be stayin’ here in the comfort of laughs and swigs maself.

    • trust me of padawan learner kelly i will show you the ways. and we will share that box of wine while we make rob manipulations whilest listening to justin bieber

  26. Well, I for one love elephants.. esp ones that don black duds and Ray Bans.

    Robsten is not a myth!
    … give a crapsten!

    Moon, love your tactful elephant neglect post 😉

  27. The dad case is now a must have accessory for me. The metro sexual look totally rocks!!! Thanks Rob you are such a fashion guru.

  28. Wow, Rob and McCain!? Well, somebody oughta be hittin’ that (by that, I mean Rob). If it’s not gonna be me, then at least it’s an American hero. Rob’s sexy should not be wasted.

    • And a whole new totally weird fanfic genre has just been created.

      • McCainson? Pattincain?

    • This comment = WIN.

  29. This elephant really only disturbs me when it appears in my dreams… I’ll never have him, so let him be happy. But stay out of my head, elephant! My dream beds are not big enough for the three of us.

  30. Rob i adore u at one of last fan pics from Budapest and hope everyone thought this girl was elephant and were wrong,right? she ‘s not elephant-elephant wasn’t there they just mixed
    she was just an innocent fan 🙂

    • She has matching shoes. Good lord.


    • Matching shoes and a hoodie.. OMG… do you think they are ……. dating? and does the HUGE MONSTROUS MAMMOTH GINORMOUS elephant with John McCain know about this?…..Oh the horror!

    • I bet she gives good bitchface too.

    • Hi. I’ve crazy theory that this girl was the redhead who trolled around bars and Notting Hill with ROB, then dyed her hair so from a far looks like KStew. She’s the one spotted going into Rob’s trailer and made Rob late 2-3 hours to the set.
      Summit can’t let this happen before the series over, so they send KStew to be the beard, that’s why she is so bitter. Tom just there to cheer her up. What if they were holding hands on that picture behind Rob’s ass, or she grabbed his ass.

      I like this girl’s eyes, like a cat

  31. Ok jokes aside
    I know everyone is dying to know the circumstances by which Kristen went to Budapest in the eve of her birthday ( yes I said it! Kristen). I have the inside details and am only going to reveal them at LTR

    Here is how it went because I taped it – if you want some more contact my Agent

    Rob: Bel Ami will be shot in Budapest , am so excited! I understand there are available beauties there .

    Kristen : Ha ! fan girls ? I dare you

    Rob: Dean can arrange stuff…

    Kristen: Ya lets bet

    Rob: By the way what do you plan for your birthday?

    Kristen: As usual, big party with my dad and mum eee my brothers and my mum, did I mention my dad and brothers? Ya they all gonna come in this epic party at the family table.

    Rob: Ya they should come, it’s a very important day “ you’re aging my spider monkey”

    Kristen: Oh ya? Then bite me * sarcasm *
    Rob: Anyway enjoy

    Kristen: Will do
    (Rob in Budapest calls Kristen)

    Rob: Hi you are so quiet, birthday plans must be keeping you busy..

    Kristen: You are enjoying this * taking a dig * ya plans are keeping me busy just as your blue balls are keeping you awake…

    (Rob laughs)
    Rob: you know? I only have to imagine them on my bed the rest is history

    Kristen: is that why you called ?

    Rob: No really – Uma Thurma was here

    Kristen: are you fan boying?, really she could easily be your mother

    Rob: Aaaaaaand am getting married

    Kristen: Ya ….. its in the script * rolls eyes *

    Rob: guess who with?

    Kristen: I donno with some effing Ricci or something. Sooo

    Rob: so much for your interest in my film. Anyway gotta go

    Kristen: OK whom are you marrying?
    Rob: Holly Grainger – that girl in my previous film BMHB , have you seen it at all?

    (Kristen genuinely shocked)

    Kristen: Rob how much is a ticket to Budapest? You are not touching those rosy lips before me! Birthday plans be damned!

    Rob: And here I am thinking you’d be jealous that Tomstu is here…..* disappointed *

  32. Dear elephant,


  33. Moon, *clappps*…

    I love how todays LTR has been filled with so many different topics of discussion: McCain, Bieber, dadcase, elephants (real & metaphorical), shippers, a ribfest, plaid corsets…

    what an EPIC WIN day.

  34. wow LTR hit the 400 mark..
    congrats.. havent seen these numbers since ..well.. the TomStu hothobo luv outing/thing from last week or Robbies allergy to vayjay jay..

  35. Okay girls, As a PR, when I invite the press, I brief them to what the interview/subject will be about and its the PR job that the interviewer doesn’t run out of context….When journalist are invited to interview Rob, its because of work related and they shd obey the rules, he is not there to speak about his private life and thats what the PR person is there for, to protect him from questions about his personal life ……

    and re Rob private life, as long as he is happy, I am happy, be good to him Kristen…..

  36. Why oh why am I happy to see dear Rob with other girls like Emilie, Emma, Hayley or even Camilla? But when it’s Kstew? my heart stops beating… It’s not right… oh boy it’s not right… She’s not right… it’s not right…(effin’ elephant pffffttttt)

  37. At this point if I was KStew, I think I’d stay with Rob just cause it’s fun to piss sooo many women off. I mean, the POWER! Lol! I’m a mean betch, I know.

  38. I don´t know why….but there is a song I can´t get out of my head right now….

    Trapt – Wherever she goes

    “Wherever she goes, wherever she goes I´ll be….”


    Wherever Rob goes….she´ll be

  39. […] married Kristen in my dream (yes this was before the engagement rumors on Twitter Sunday before the elephant pictures in Budapest surfaced- I’m clearly physic.) Yes there were tigers in the backyard of my aunt’s […]

  40. […] Robert Pattinson leaves Budapest, let’s ignore the obvious Dear Rob, I’ve got ONE THING to say about this weekend and the pictures that came out from Budapest… […]

  41. […] and I have yet to see you in flesh. Even if I did, let’s face it, you’re too distracted by the mullephant nowadays to care about the rest of us girls who’d graciously undo those button-flys for you. So […]

  42. […] I can ask before I let you get back to painting the hotel bathroom, can we please not have any big ginourmous mammoth elephants? […]

  43. […] that this post is where (and why) the term “mullephant” was coined Just ADMIT it already! We're […]

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