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PSA: These things are NOT Normal to do around Rob

Moon & I were chatting with our friend Ashley about the recent pictures & videos of Rob in Budapest & we were STRUCK with the realization that there seem to be more than 1 picture of American gals with Rob. Now, don’t get me wrong- I bet Budapest is REALLY GREAT and all (I just had to google it to verify it was in Hungary #geographyfail), but it’s not the first place you think of when you think of an American & a get-away. So do you know what that means? That means that people are GOING to Budapest specifically for Rob. So we thought it might be time to educate the masses, once again, on what is normal & what is NOT normal regarding Rob. Ashley brings us this PSA today!

She came all the way from NEW JERSEY!?

Dear Rob,

Sometimes I feel sorry for you. Other times I don’t. You’re ridiculously famous and every 13 year old in the country (and 25 year old. and 45 year old etc. etc.) knows who you are. Being that famous I’m sure you run into ridiculous situations. Paparazzi are in your face. People are sending you love letters, gifts, and making a number of giant body pillows and blow-up dolls in your likeness (or semi-likeness). These are all tame “normal” things, but how far is too far with fandom? I’ll let you be the judge.

What is considered “Normal?” and “How far is too far?”

Things that are ok to think:
1. Rob is hot.
2. Rob as Edward, the fictional vampire, is unbelievably hot.
3. You can create a blog or website about Rob for other fans to vent and discuss Rob’s hotness.
4. You can post tons of pictures with “Rob porn” all over them to make Rob seem hotter.
5. You can go to Forks to visit the spot where Twilight first started. It’s so magical to go to the place where the series was created, right? Visit the Hoh rainforest. Eat at Bella Italia. Take a picture next to Bella’s truck. Visit the Cullen house.

Things that are not ok to think:
1. Think you can go to Budapest spur ‘o the moment to find Rob.
2. Think you’re going to find Rob in all of Budapest.
3. Buy your plane ticket that literally says “Budapest flight 788” on it.
4. Your ticket actually says “Budapest flight 788 leaving from normalcy to CRAZYTOWN aka Budapest”
5. Get to Budapest and realize…”OH CRAP. I just flew to Budapest to find Robert Pattinson.”
6. At this point, if you don’t realize you’re clinically insane…then someone needs to intervene.
7. Look for Rob in Budapest. “Robbbbb…where are you? Behind the elephant? I know it needs water…where could you be?”
8. FIND Rob in the MIDDLE of a field dressed in his period piece clothing and ASK in your AMERICAN accent for a photo.

If you left normalcy and went to crazytown, here’s the scenario that happened to you as played out in my head:

Crazy people make me want to grab my cane & run away

Rob: Hi, wow…you’re from America? What brought you to Budapest?
Girl1: *stutter* *trip* *blink* Uhmmmm….well….we came here to see y…<GIRL2 elbows GIRL1>
Girl2: We’re sisters and our dad is on a business trip.
Rob: Funny, you don’t look anything alike.
Girl1: *stutter* I…I…look like my mom.
Rob: What’s your dad doing here for business?
(Girl2 and Girl1 at the same time)
Girl1:Vampire historical research/Girl2: Curating the crown jewels..
(Girl2 elbows Girl1) OWW…*mumbles* DO your research.
Girls: CAN we please take a picture with you?
Rob: Sure…(Rob stands up straight and tall and as stuffy-looking as possible)
Girls: THANKS!
Rob: Hmm……………..alright then. Nice…to meet you both?
Girls: *WAVE* BYE Rob…bye! Bye! Good luck…thanks! Bye again!
Girl1: Yeah. It was totally worth it.
Girl2: What do we do now?

You might think I’m on my high-horse again because I’m talking down about the fandom, and Rob, I’m sorry. You didn’t sign up for this, but at least you have a remarkable story to tell your plaid-clothed shaggy-haired grandchildren someday about the time you were filming a movie in Budapest and some young American girls flew all that way across the entire Atlantic Ocean just to see your face for 5 minutes out of their day. You made their entire lifetime, and a killer story.

With love, (don’t hate me),

Um, thanks Ash for reminding us what is creepy vs. not as creepy. Anyone notice anything lately that is NOT NORMAL when it comes to Rob!?

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  1. Going to Robs parents house and standing outside. Not normal. A lot of the fans seem to be lacking boundaries. Searching for his parents phone number, his sisters phone numbers, or his phone number (You’ll NEVER find it) by going to google and typing in their names, and just calling these random numbers asking for Rob. Not normal.

    Haven’t heard of someone doing this yet, but I’m sure its happened. A friend of mine did it during the Hanson craze. She accidently called people in Tuscan AZ, instead of Tulsa, OK.

    • I read in one of the RM interviews that when Rob is in London he can’t stay at his parents’ house, b/c fans know where it is. Definitely out of bounds to stake out the family home.

      Although a walk-by would probably be ok.

      • I have a confession to make about that:

        Because of “The Robert Pattinson birthday project” I had going on for a while I wanted to bring a present for Rob’s birthday directly to his parents house. I wouldn’t have rang on the door and introduced myself or whatever I’d just thrown it into their post box…. Which is still kinda creepy and made me feel like a horrible stalker (yupp even worse than others)….

        But I also have to admit, that even though Budapest is just around the corner (7 hours are just around the corner right?) I never even considered going there to find him. It just seems wrong and makes me feel like a stalkerish fangirl. Not to mention that I don’t have the balls to pull that…

        • Um yeah, that is defs stalkerish. And I mean that in the kindest way. Keep it together girl! (no offense intended)

          • No offense taken hun!

            I KNOW it was stalkerish!

            The funniest thing is that this idea is from a girl that freaked out about going to the NM fan-thingy because “I don’t want to be one of those crazy fangirl camping outside just to get a glimpse of him!”

      • I recently read in an interview that Robbie mentioned that he has an apt. in London… –In anycase.. bet Robbie stays with TomStu probably up in Naughty Hill.. as I call it.

        ps. This is totally unrelated.. but whatever happen to ‘PINK DOLPHIN” she used to post here all the time.. ..
        I miss her “Oinks”..

    • Normal for Hansen fans though

  2. Dear Rob,

    First of all I hope you had a great Easter!!! I missed you a lot!

    Now…I think I am a relatively normal girl…I don’t do extreme sports like comming to Budapest to see you or any other crazy acts which would make you feel bad.
    I’ll be honest with you…I’m a bit pissed with you…I had time to think and this is never a good thing! Why??? Let’s see…

    The centre of my universe (in this and the next life) is YOU! normal
    The only thing I really care about is YOU! normal
    I spend hours looking at pictures…vids…of YOU! normal
    I neglect my house, my work, my friends, myself, my family because I just want to spend time with YOU!normal
    I get in truble with my man because of YOU! normal

    I could go on forever because that list is really long but I don’t want to bother you with my…well…shit!
    BUT…you could at least give me a bit of attention…you could at least take notice of me…this love can’t just prosper if it is like a onewayroad…if you know what I mean!

    So I dedicate this song to you…because this is the truth.

    I love you (yes…yes…in this life and the next)

    • OH…PS…wanted to say that writing a letter to you with the knowledge that you will neva eva read it…is NOT NORMAL…not normal at all…yep…I’m ready for the nuthouse!

      • OH…PS2…writing a letter which you will neva eva read and do all the above stuff for you and…ENJOY IT WITH MASOCHISTIC OBSESSION…is normal…right???

        • Mel, you crack me up!! All that is TOTALLY normal. But then again, what is ‘normal’?? By whose standard of normal are we being judged?!? What’s normal to all of us here, may not be normal to others, but I think those who think we’re nuts are really crazy themselves!! I think that all those people out there who say it isn’t normal to be so ROBsessed are really just hiding the ROBsessed closet!!!! WE are normal!!! 😀 It is NORMAL to be completely obsessed with Rob & RobPorn & all things Rob!!! 😀

          Ok, I kinda scared myself!!! Sorry! It’s been a long week. Hubby took my laptop & my stupid piece of SH*T phone wouldn’t open LTR, so I haven’t seen anything Rob related for almost 7 days.
          ***I’m going back to my little corner hiding place now to dream of Rob!!!!!!***

          • Melinda I so feel you…no laptop is like…death!!! Ahhhh sista…telling to ourselfs…no convince ourselfs that what we are doing is NORMAL is the most normal thing right??? Or…the most ehhh NOT normal??? Believing that we are normal is so unnorma/normal…

            Ashley…you opened Pandoras Box honey….oh that’s not normal!

          • but Mel, we ARE normal!!!! I tell myself this daily…it helps me function!! 😀 WE ARE NORMAL…everyone else are the abnormal crazy ones!!

            Yes, Ashley, you def opened Pandora’s Little Box!!!!!

          • Ahhh Melinda…my hub is kind of not talking to me cause I spend to much time with my computer…we have a lack of communication he sais, well I know that’s not true…he’s jealous of Rob…yeah…is that normal? Or the fact that I decided to ignore his little embargo/war/blackmail… whatever…is that normal??? Ahhh forget it this is to serious stuff…lets get back to Robporn 😀

  3. I think NYC is as far away as I’d be willing to fly to try to stalk.. err.. I mean.. possibly meet Rob. I’d only go as far as Budapest to meet TomStu. But *ONLY* if he was wearing the ducky sweater.

    • JodieO- good choice! Do you thing TomStu ware the duckies and tulips sweater for Easter??

      • great start to the week- wore the duckies and tulips sweater

        • If he’s wearing that sweater, he should totally come to De Keukenhof!!!
          Lot’s of tulips and duckies there, he’d blend right in!

          • Ah, look at the pretty flower…(also the song is totally appropiate: Closest Thing To Crazy from Katie Melua. Like custom made for Rob and TomStu, imagine them frolicking trough the fields…)


          • Ahhhhh Cath…you’re here…you heard me calling…you know I can’t live without you…YOU’RE LIKE A DRUG TO ME…MY OWN PERSONAL BRAND OF HEROIN… 😀 (this is normal right?)

          • Hahaha, you crack me up Mel! Better not let Rob hear it, he might get jealous… I see you as my own personal ray of Greek sunshine! Very warm and welcoming! 🙂

          • You made me cry…that’s so sweet!!! Oh and Rob has just to learn to share!!! Well a menage a trois…does this sound good to you??? I bet Rob would enjoy it…OMG…I have become one of the pervs!!!

          • Ohhhh and I waited to tell you… I GOT MY U2TICKETS on Friday! yep, on September 3rd they’ll have a concert in Athens!!! I never thought I would live to see them live…dreams come true afterall…I’LL SEE BONO LIVE!!! Come over to Athens with me!!!

            Maybe I should pray really hard for Rob to take notice of my existence!

          • Thanks for the beautiful flowers, Cath!

          • Congrats on seeing U2 live for the first time Mel! It would be totally tempting to come over, haha.

      • It would have been the perfect thing to wear for Easter, for sure!

    • I’d be willing to go to London-there’s lots to do and see there, and I’d be able to disguise my true reason for going. But not Hungary-totally obvious and not cool.

      Although I’m sure it is lovely at this time of year..

    • Ducky sweater or no duckysweater…that’s THE idea JodieO!!! We must get close to TomStu and theeeeeeeeeen we can get closer to Rob…TomStu is our ticket to happyness girls!!! Must find more infos about TomStu right now…btw…do you know if he’s single???

      • The more you get to know about TomStu, mel, the more you realize he’s a sweet, attractive (not as attractive as Rob, but who is?), and really nice guy. Someone to respect for himself, and not just as a ticket to Rob. Listen to some of his interviews. Regarding girlfriend status, don’t know, except when Rob and he were out in London last month there was some talk of a girl who was identified as Tom’s girlfriend in a picture.

        • TOO…I guess I have to go stand in the corner for a while!!! I do really like TomStu…I have the highest respect for best friends…rare thing to find…and I do believe he loves Rob very much (from what I read)…I would never use someone as a ticket to anything…not my style at all!

        • I just realized I’ve never actually heard TomStu talk.

          • He has a nice accent too!

        • DID SOMEONE SAY TOMSTU!! (my little cupcake). —
          re his voice: Check out the TomStu interviews on UTube.
          Yes.. he seems like a sweetie.

          The girl in the pic that they mentioned is an old “buddy” from child hood of his —her name is Steffie.. or something of the sort. There are a number of pics with her and TomStu’s little red headed brother floating around. –A nice girl.. but you can see no chemistry between her and TomStu.. –Just good buddies.. but not romantically linked.

          • I knew someone would know exactly what I was referring to. That’s my girl!

    • uhmmm what sweater are we talking about?
      Picture please?

      P.s. Maybe you mean the one I refer to as “FingerPorn-Hoodie” ??

  4. I’m an early responder?? gosh it must be a quiet morning…
    Anyway- Ashley loved the scenerio you wrote…I would wonder what would be said to the parents (if they were young or unemployed??) of Girl 1 and Girl 2 asking to pay for the ticket to go on the trip to Budapest? It’s not like it’s a spring break vacation spot.. or a special on a cheaptickets website.

    I know it’s ROB!! But still… I would wait until he’s at least on this side of the ocean…
    would I travel great distances?? I don’t know- I’m guessing not. unless there was some guarantee I guess…

    Would you be booking a ticket to some far off place??

    • I completely agree with you…
      Going to Budapest to probably meet Rob is a bit… Uhmmm… Weird?
      Mainly because it is not a place you would visit just for it’s beautiful landscape. I’m there twice every year so I gotta know.

      I thought I was crazy for going to the fan-event in munich just to see him (at least I def KNEW I would get to see him) but going to Budapest without being guaranteed that you’ll meet him!

      • Bleriana YOU WERE THERE!!!??? Have no words…no words…need details asap!

        • I was there and damn was it worth it!
          First I was all like: damn. I shouldn’t be here I am such a fangirl…
          I mean there were like 15000 people!
          It was bizarre!

          I guess I will have to make a blogpost now huh? Because it is too much to explain on here. What I lived through in those 12 hours was just… Woah. I have no words…

          • Buhuhuhu…I’m soooo jealous 😦

          • If you are jealous I will tell you this aswell:
            We got a dazzling smile and a wave from Rob! #fangirlMoment

          • F*ingfangirlmoment/hour/day/week/year/life…I’m so happy for you!

          • We should go together next time!!

  5. ill stalk from afar, but never go to a place that far away. toronto or london, ontario is the farthest ill travel!
    its these types of fans that give all twilight fans a bad stigma. :S

    WIN none-the-less!!

    • london, ontario… woohoo.. i’m with ya! imagine if…

  6. Is it crazy that I am going to London in May and that I am nearly heartbroken because I found out that Rob will be back in the states filming his elephant movie? I’m hoping it’s not totally crazy because my trip was not planned specifically to meet Rob(although let’s be honest, that would be a total win). I will admit I have had little fantasies(ok great big fantasies)that involve running into Rob in a pub, sharing a few pints and ending the evening in my hotel room(or his flat) and waking up to the smell of hot pockets and heineken(gag, but I’d gladly cope). Soooo not crazy, right?

    • Not crazy. Any trip to London should involve an attempt to see Rob.

    • We havwe one thing in common: A trip to London in May!

      I got it as a pre-19th-birthday present… Which is exactly one week after Rob’s…

      • Bleriana, where did you say you lived? I know I’ve ask this prob a million times but everytime I think it’s been late & not sure if you responded. Sorry. You can email me…
        (I know that has NOTHING to do with Rob, so sorry to take up the space. I’m just curious & thought maybe I’d catch you on here this morning (or afternoon for you, I suppose)

        • omg I’m so sorry Mel! I’ve been caught up on the blog so much lately that I completely forgot. I am sorry to death!! 😦
          I promise I will write you an e-mail tonight.

      • Bler 19? a teenager? really?

        • Yep…che…she’s 19 (not yet)…makes me feel sooooo f*ing old and soooo not normal!!!

          Bleriana honey that explains a lot… :E

          • OOOpppssss that should have been 😀

          • now this made me feel old too 😦
            how about u? early 20s or? 🙂

          • I have convinced myself that I froze at 23…I age with Rob!!! End of subject 😀

        • Not even 19 yet! Bahahahhaha. I turn 19 on the 20 of May just a week after Rob turns 24!

          And now I feel so young and definitly not normal! But lots of people tell me I look older. Like I’m 24 (which is fine since Rob likes older, more experienced women anyway)

          Yepp I am young and still a perv…

          P.s. I couldn’t even go out and drink with my girls in the US right?

          • Your…SINCE ROB LIKES OLDER, MORE EXPERIENCED WOMEN ANYWAY comment has saved your ass missy… 😀

          • I know. That’s why I included it 😉

            Somehow I always fall for older guys, even though it is getting better.
            Cristiano 1985
            Rob 1986
            one year less in between! wooo!

          • You are kidding right??? 1985/86 are older guys…LMFAO!

          • It’s like 6/7 years older than me!

            I give up I should have said I am a lot older… Bahahah.
            Now you girls are seperating me 😦

          • You bet we are/will/have…

          • I am sending Robroy with his cane after you then…
            Just look at the picture before the last of today’s blogpost and you’ll know why…

            You can thank me later…

    • i like that you called it “his elephant movie”

  7. Rob is in the U.S enough that any American should be able to stalk him right here, instead of flying to places you’d normally never set foot in.

    It’s one thing to be a stalker;it’s altogether different to be transcontinental stalker. That’s when you really need help (except for London-it is perfectly ok and reasonable to stalk London).

    • LMFAO…dtd…you think we not yet…REALLY NEED HELP!!! Oh I feel so f*ing normal right now!

    • Thank you dazzledtodeath, I do feel like I need permission to go to London even though it is a perfectly touristy place to go. I swear I will NOT go to Dick and Claire’s(unless invited).

  8. So I have only done the things mentioned in the “That’s normal”-list… But how normal is it to think UC and Moon or Ashley are talking directly to you when they say that “You can post ton of pictures that have ‘RobPorn’ all over it…” ??
    Bahahahah. I totes felt like that one was especially for me… 😉

    • BTW Bler, I showed the Rob Burberry pic of yours to my (male and gay) BFF here at work and totally brought him around to TeamRob. He used to tell me I was nuts (he likes ’em big burley and Australian) and that Rob was not worth my time… OH HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED.

      • bahahahah.
        We converted someone to Team Rob…!! Whooo!

        And you said he’s gay? Ask him if he wants to be bff with me! I am desperately searching for one.

  9. Dear Ashley,

    I have to admit…I’m a stalker…and I guess I’m clinically insane. Reading your post for the 4th time (I have to with my poor english) made me realize that I AM capable of all the things you list under “not ok”…This may not have anything to do with Rob, but when I was younger I had a huge crush on a basketballplayer (yeah…believe it or not)
    he played at that time in a team of a bigcity near my hometown…I found out where he went for dinner every day and waited for him to show up there several days…yes I saw him…had not the guts to talk to him…ganed several pounds and was alot poorer spending my money in that restaurant!!!
    So I did it once…I could do it again…right…I mean this is Rob we’re talking about…


    PS. I must had serious withdrawalsymptoms over Easter otherwise there is no explanation for me talking soooo much 😀

    • Oh Mel. This story sounds funny as shizz…
      I have never been that kind of girl tbh. I actually freak out just at the thought of meeting him up-close! Maybe I already said this but I am a closet fan. This includes just daydreaming about meeting him somewhere and well you figure out the rest… But never ever ever track him down in hopes to meet him and make him fall in love with me madly (admit it. Thats what most stalkers dream of)

      • And we nonstalkers don’t??? dream of him meeting us and fall madly in love with us??? yeah…right honey!!!

        Btw…you can really not immagine WHAT sorts of things this crazygreekgirl did when she was 19!…The story I told ya…pffff… was nothing… lol…I could never be just a closet fan…I mean geeez…I’m an open book… you can read it all over my face!!!

        • oh and I thought we non-stalkers had other kind of dreams. (you know the one’s that are more explicit and inspired by fanfic. Or maybe it’s just me?)

          Can we have a “Mel reveals what she did we she was younger” tale telling session around the camp fire?

          I am an open book aswell but I just have the constant “you shouldn’t be doing this” and “you are a crazy-ass stalker” voices in my head. I feel like a stalker all the time…

          • Maybe I have to write a biography!!! Naughty Mel…the title I mean!

          • that sounds more like a fanfic title to me!

            Let us write one together(biography I mean) but you’ll have to wait for me to catch up!

    • p.s. I’m a “stalker” too…I think we’re all in too deep! hah! I STILL wouldn’t go to Budapest, though.

  10. What’s the farthest I would travel to see Rob? Probably Minneapolis but then I could go to Ikea and Mall of America.

    • I’d go that far too… wait I live in MN so that would be more than Normal since it’s not uncommon that I go to MoA anyway. 🙂

      • It’s about 3.5 hours of the most boring… I mean beautiful corn/soy bean fields for me.
        Did I mention there’s Ikea and MoA?… and there’s a Hooters INSIDE the MoA!!! #bliss

  11. I don’t think I’d ever go to a place where I know Rob was going to be. ‘Cause if I know, then thousands of the not-normals know. I can’t compete with that level of crazy.

    (I’m excluding things like premieres, conventions, and signings-places he’s expecting that. Normal.)

    • Good point!

  12. Is this story true? You are joking right?

  13. The only thing worse than stalking the biggest celebrity in the world across continents and oceans is GOING TO HIS PARENTS’ HOUSE!!! People DO this???? W.T.F.

    At first I was horrified at the thought of crazies jet-setting their middle class way to Hungary, but that was quickly eclipsed by the thought of his poor parents dealing with crazies on their own front porch. Please, Pattinsons, MOVE. Move and leave a note of caveat about the nutjobs for the poor saps who purchase your home – and a quick note of apology because you couldn’t get the plaid wallpaper down in Rob’s room.

  14. Can I add one more thing that should be considered NOT NORMAL…

    Although the idea of eating him should be appealing.. I’m a little disturbed by this.. plus he looks like he has a tooth ache… maybe it’s because he’s so sweet… bbwwahaha… sorry.. couldn’t resist!

    • LOL…this is totally creepy…it doesn’t really look like him…but…somehow can’t take a bite of that…thing…love to bite the reall…thing though!

      • It was looking like Will Farrell for a long time and I was worried!

    • this is more disturbing than the wax figure.
      it would be more delicious to cover real him with chocolate though

      • thumbs up deffinitly…thumbs up…I got the picture che…I’m there sista…I’m there!

      • now that’s something I’d be in for too!

        real Rob covered in chocolate? =EPIC WIN

      • That’s not just normal, it’s a necessity.

      • Great idea!

    • Yuck! It looks like Alfred E. Newman.

      • good one!

  15. From an artistic point, it’s very good. It looks NOTHING like him, but still to be able just to do that takes talent. I think it’s more than a bit creepy but I’d for sure lick it!! 😉 Although I’d much rather lick/bite the REAL thing!!! IfYouKnowWhatIMean!!! 😀

    • Melinda you perv…. Bahahahah
      Ily girl! We are just too alike!

  16. Who are you KIDDING???! How can going to Budapest in the vain hope of seeing Rob NOT be normal? I for one am on my way right now to order my plane ticket online.. 🙂 I may even take up residence there, if it would help any…

    • I’m not really sure whether you wrote this in sarcastic font or not, so in the doubt, I have to assure you this is normal. Go and have fun and keep us posted !

  17. Btw…where is everybody today…Cath…Mp…Rg…MMM… EMJ…TOO…(only to mention a few) HEY PEOPLE WERE ARE YOU??? IT’S MONDAY!

    A) stayed up late yesterday and still sleeping!
    B) are still on holidays (here it is a holiday today)
    C) are still in London
    D) are at work and can’t deal with LTR right now
    C) are in Budapest…lurking/stalking/licking/harvesting
    on Rob
    E) have to play loving wife/mommy

    whatever it is…girls…we miss you!!!

    • Mel, I choose C! I am in Crazytown and I love it here! (Not really, just caught a little virus…boo!)

      Hope you had a great Easter, it’s still a holiday here as well!

      • Sweety…hope you will feel better soon!!! For a split second I thought you were seriously in Budapest…hihihi!

        @Keisha…don’t really know…they call it SECOND DAY OF EASTER here in Greece, it’s fine by me have no work!

    • What holiday is it today?

      • Keisha, we have two Easter days in Europe, it’s still a Sunday here.

    • bahahahahha LMAO at both C) ‘s…
      i am pretty sure they are doing just that! Bahahhahaha

      Stalkers ftw…!

    • Ohhhh now I get it…learned that the English alphabet has two C’s… 😀

  18. There isn’t enough money in the world for me to ever FLY somewhere to see Rob.

    What? Premiere’s don’t count!!!

  19. when you say “traveling to another country” we aren’t counting Canada, right? I did fly to Washington last fall. Met up with my friend who lives in Seattle, we drove to Vancouver and then I went crazy. My poor friend is a “fan” of twilight (but only a level 2) so she was shocked (even though she was warned, when I had her driving around vancouver looking for sets (Eclipse was filming at the time). We did find one (Gastown, Victoria/Riley) and I was thrilled!!! The next day we had to settle for abandoned sets (bella and jacob houses). But that’s normal, right?

    • Traveling to meet up with awesome Twilight fans should not count as abnormal. I myself have never done this *sniff* but I hear it’s a rick-rolling good time!

    • Ehhhhh….question…how many levels are there? Would like to know what level I’m right now.

      • maybe we should let UC and Moon give us detailed levels. I assume I am in level 11 out of 10, but because I am NOT willing to head to Budapest, I might get to lower my level.

  20. I’d never go to a fan event, premier, TV show and stuff. I’d never ask him for a photo or an autograph nor would I tell him smth of the fangirling type.
    But I’d totes go to London or Budapest, first because I’ve always done week-end city breaks outside the winter skiing time, I know I would have fun Rob or not Rob, and second because it’s a 3 h trip. So Imma have to disagree with what’s been said in the comments about Budapest, it’s def. a place to visit, I’ve already been there way before Rob and so did a lot of people I know. But I wouldn’t go there in the desperate scope of meeting Rob, there’s so much to do in both cities a part for a lil’ bit of innocent stalking :). Of course stalking his parents’ house is a NO NO, not because I respect Rob and his parents but because I respect myself first of all.
    So Ashely don’t worry for being critical with the fandom, a whole lot of them seem to be some ignorant no life people, what I love most about them it’s their profile : music –the Britpack, book & film -Twilight. I wonder if they know anything else. Well now they can add a trip to Budapest, at least they learned smth.
    P.S. Where are those reports of Rob encounter? Jeez, I’m a lousy cyber stalker.

    • Agree with your “normality”.

    • As far as I know Budapest is called the Paris of the Balkans…and from friends I know that it is an absolutely beautiful city…so it’s def worth visiting!

    • I kind of agree with you minuit but there is a certain level of travelling after him.
      The right amount is very important. If you travel say up to 5 hours ok fine. But if you come from a different continent altogether it’s not.

      About budapest… Well I am a balkan girl so maybe that’s why I am not to mesmerized with it, because I am used to that…

    • @ TOO Thanks for the encouragement. Muah! Do you think it would also be normal to go to the ‘avant-premiere’ of RM and expose myself as batshit crazy?

      @melronin I think Bucarest was the “little Paris” but who cares since they didn’t go for the real thing and considered it was OK to pay fortunes a whole lot of famous people but didn’t want to pay a bit more for filming in Paris. Boooooooooo!!!!!! Still feel like cockblocking this film!
      Also seen pics from the set in Budapest and those buildings do NOT look like Paris, but like Eastern Europe architecture and colours.
      OK, that was one bitter comment, but it’s true.

      • We have to google it :D… I visited Paris 5 times (I think)…I am in love with your city, everytime I’m there it feels like I’m travelling through time…no other city compares to Paris (sorry guys…it’s just me) and I am really sorry that they are not filming there, we would feel the difference in the air…I’m sure you know what I mean minuit!

      • MP…for the fun of it I googled it…you’re right…Bucarest is called “little Paris of the Balcans…but I also found it related to Budapest because of the many bridges… well I learned something today!

        • Maybe they mistake Budapest for BUcarest when they chose the city and then it was too late when they realised it 🙂

      • MP, for me, the premieres and red carpet events would be too crazy, and I would prefer sitting in a pub and having a drink with him, like you. Although I can see how a crowd would make you feel safe and anonymous, and being in a small pub would make you feel exposed and embarrassed!

        I saw one of those news clips on Robsessed regarding the cost of closing a street in Paris for filming versus closing a street in Budapest, and it was like 100th of the cost or something! We’ll have to see when the movie comes out if they chose buildings that look like Paris. You can’t tell what angles and corners and things they built on site, like that news-sellers kiosk, are going to look like through the camera lens. I lived in Paris for almost two years (il y a une fois), and it certainly is uniquely beautiful.

        • I’m with you on the pub drinking vs premieres and stuff (also noted your wise advice on the laminated BIJ 🙂 ) though I’m thinking of going to a RM screening before the release date, that’s what I was talking about. No actors, but who can show up at a pre-screening except for the (hardcore) very dedicated “fans”. BUt I had to wait too much!

          I suppose BA set will look well on screen, they know what they’re doing, but I just won’t be cool with them about it for the reasons you know. I mean films with budgets a bazillion times lower than BA are being shot all the time down my street and here they go counting every penny after hiring a pack of huge stars who are not working for charity I believe. Of course I wouldn’t have the same POV if I were living in Budapest or London. 🙂

    • @ MP ~ I share your POV, also… I obsessively admire him from afar but could never see myself standing in a group of thousands of screaming fans to try and catch a glimpse of him, trying to touch him or get a photo or autograph — it’d be overwhelming and I’d feel the need to apologize or something.

      I think I read another post on here not too long ago that said most Brits are so self-effacing that they’d rather cross the street when they saw a celebrity walking toward them than possibly have to acknowledge them. I’m the same way; I don’t think that I could be so imposing on another person, regardless of who they were.

      When I see that kind of Rob-mania, it makes me feel bad for him and the insane life he lives now.

      I may get a thumbs down for that, but it’s OK — I still love Rob no matter what! Just from a distance 🙂

      • puma I could not agree with you more.
        You exactly said what I was not able to!

        • Thanks Bler!

      • No thumbs down…”they’d rather cross the street when they see a celebrity…” must be a European thing! When I saw the vids of the screaming girls in the malls in the US he seemed so scared to me…I just wanted to somehow save him…it’s not a joke I think when he sais he’s afraid of being shot or something…he looks like he’s having a panickattak at that moment!!!

        • And I think you didn’t read it here…the cross the street comment…Rob said it in an interview!!!

          • @ Mel ~ YES that’s right! He did say it, didn’t he? More proof that his words are constantly swimming around in my head all day long.

      • Hi pumagirl, thing is I wouldn’t do all the fangirl stuff because of the first hand embarassement. But I’d def. love to meet him somewhere away from the crazies like bumping into drunk friendly word vomitting Rob in a pub. Why can’t he do some arty stuff so the crazies can move to the next Zack Efron?

        • @ MP ~ Oh hell yeah – bumping into DrunkRob outside of a pub is another story altogether! Liquid courage (a.k.a. Vodka) can work wonders to ease first hand embarrassment.

          • Here’s to hoping the Liquid won’t lead to any inappropriate BI jokes.

          • Yupp and you girls already explained to me whether a guy can get it up if he’s drunk…

          • @bleriana, in that case it would be appropriate BI happenings.

          • Min- Did someone say BI?
            *pupils dilated
            Bleriana, I love that you hash tagged educationalmoment!

          • Ok jules, now I know what to do to bring you out of lurkdom.

          • You know it, Min.
            I’m actually quite swamped with work. Been in/out of meetings all day. Blah. I’ll email you.

    • @MP I’m with you, any trip for any reason is a good thing. You meet new people and you see new places. You go to galleries and museums, try new food and expand your horizons. In-between you set stalk for an hour or two.
      Yes, I’m probably going to Budapest tomorrow, it’s 4 hours away and it’s a beautiful city. If I find a set I’ll stay there some time to see HHH. IF not, it will be just a city break. One of many.

      • Okay, you’re my kind of girl. Now gooo, have fun and watch out for those pubs. I don’t know his schedule, hope they’re not shooting like crazy, because if he has some time I suspect him to go out see what the city is about. You can’t miss the sets, it’s in the center. And lemme know if you’re thinking of some other European trips 🙂

        P.S. Does anybody know anything about his schedule? Not asking for precise hours, just to know if he has some time off. Where are those girls he met? Has he been filming yesterday and today? OK, I’ve been a bit of a fangirl fail lately.

        • I know everything (I think, maybe there’s just a jealous hungarian guy making fun of us and sending around wrong info)
          They didn’t shoot on 4th and 5th (and there were rumours Rob went home),
          tomorrow they are shooting are wedding scenes in Isztvan Bazilika and on
          7th and 8th in Egyetemi templom
          then they are supposed to move out of Budapest to some park or castle..
          but I don’t know the hours.
          I found out in which hotel he is staying, (2 hours after I booked mine) and that was on one of the official city tourist sites.

          And no, I don’t think that “you should never ever tweet the location”, because I don’t think it’s for Twilight-elite-fandom only (whoever that is), it’s for everybody. If there’s 400 local fans already, so what if 10 or 15 more out of town people come as well.

          I’m not planning any trips apart from Kasabian gig in Vienna in the summer, but it’s usually last minute decision and I’ll definitely go where one of my fav bands will be playing. You?

          • LMAO at the jealous guy and the fandom elite.
            Ok, so I had to look for his hotel and it’s not even expensive. Argh!
            I was considering of going to B. on Friday but it seems kinda useless if he’s not in B. Do you know if they wrap up at the end of the week or are they still in B next week? Was also talking with some LTR friends about a London trip, so if you’re in the mood for some British…ahem beer…just tell me.
            *going totally excited here for you, someone had to take one for the team*

          • I think they wrap in two weeks from 27th March. Follow hungarian people I follow on twitter (JelyBeanRainbow), alexandra, anmrsomething…, they are the last added, you’ll find out everything

            Yes, it’ s always yes for London-….
            and I’m leaving my house in 10-9-8-….. sec

  21. Before my two partners in crime (Mel I am looking at you. Both of you) I want to make an announcement real quick just in case someone forgot.
    Today’s Monday right? What is so special about mondays? Well it’s RobPorn monday over at TCS!! Today with Robroy and his stick! -pun completely intended-

    Biel has already visited. Have you?

    • You’re looking at me…really…why??? I’m NOT a perv… 😀 ok I am a Robperv but are you sure you gave the right http….. I can’t get in!

    • ooooppppssss… Major linkfail.
      I blame it on the Robporn…

      Of course it’s


      And Mel I am looking at you because I was supposed to clean the kitchen like 2 hours ago and here I am still lurking….

      • Yep…you want to put a gravestone on me…died…beauuuuutiful pics Bler…he sure ruined me.

        Now get clean the kitchen girl!

  22. I would only go to a fan event if it meant I got to see and hang out with Moon and UC (and the rest of the LTT and LRT girls, of course). Because let’s face it, I probably won’t get to go out drinking with Rob afterwards, but at least I’m guaranteed a good time with MOUC-sten!

    • HAHA MOUC-sten.. love it!

      • I will ship it to the death!

  23. I’d never chase a man anywhere – If Rob wants me he’ll have to come and get me. Please Rob for the love of god come and get me !!!!! (Altho I won’t chase I have no qualms re begging) 🙂

    • I think no LTR girl would chase a man anywhere…lol…no I’m serious this time…we just pray for him to chase us!

      @mariemarie…it would be so great if we LTR girls could meet somewhere…I offer my house, have plenty of room (have to convince hub though) for a LTRnight or day…with Rob…we would just sit down with him and talk…no screaming…no touching…no nothing…we would just enjoy listening to his voice…and we would meet UC and Moon…what a beautiful dream!

  24. I LOVE ASH! Please enjoy your high horse, and if not the horse, then come along atop my Coloassal Camel!

    • Jane, are you drinking already today? I may have chocolate inebriation/poisoning…but it was so goo!

  25. Robert Pattinson named best dressed by Glamour magazine!!!

    Congrats…Rob…you really deserve it…I’m proud of you!

  26. Crap! *cancels trip to Budapest*


    No I don’t think I would take a trip for the sole purpose to try to see Rob, unless it was within a short car ride away or something… lol

    Or if I was already on a trip or something and found out he was where I was, I would probably take a little detour to see if I could catch a glimpse of him 😉
    (and if I did I would be sure to share any photos with you gals)

  27. I’d stalk TomStu! (my little cupcake) —
    le sigh. Besides, everyone knows Robbie lives with TomStu in Notting Hill.. (oops).

    A FASHION WIN ladies!!!(that’s a “fashion win for ladies”.. meaning only a girl should wear that tulip/ducky sweater)…

    Oh TomStu what is wrong with you?? Have you NO shame whatso ever??!! (sob). –(I feel big second hand embarrassement for you). Why can’t you dress like a guy instead of a 12 yr old girl…!! -ps. nobody knows I’ve got a thing for . TomStu.. (sob) I’m so ashmed.. (hangs head)

    Ok..back to Rob.. ah.. would NOT stalk him.

    Whats DIFFERENT ABOUT ROB that I’ve noticed lately? The Boy’s CLEAN.. looks like the older ladies he’s coming out with–
    ie.: Uma Thurman, Kristen Scott Thomas and Reese are making him BATHE ..(“scrub down Robbie, we don’t want to smell your hot hobo-ness musky man smell”).

    • Team TomStu? I’m in! (twhs)

      Can we stalk him together hermes?

      • @Bler.. SURE! .. the more the merrier I say.. I bet if we follow TomStu around with a 6 pack of brew he’d let us skip down the street with him on a pub crawl of London… (but I insist on him removing that god-awful ducky/tulip sweater).

        • I insist on him removing everything!!

        • I love the ducky sweater! How could you love TomStu and not love the sweater–it expresses his soulfulness! No really, it says he couldn’t care less about fashion and celebrity. He’s coo, as Jane Trigs would say. Way coo.

  28. The following closing argument may make me the worst fangirl ever (I prepare myself for some thumbsdown) but seriously I don’t see the point of going anywhere in the world to JUST see him! I mean I would never go on a setlocation or a mall or a signing or a premiere JUST to take a glimpse of him! I really don’t see the point in that! It’s maybe because I’m older and just a handshake and an autograph of him doesn’t make my day/life!

    I want to talk to the man…really talk…sit down for a couple of hours like normal people do…get to know him (ok I’ll be doing most of the talking I guess…nah I would just stare at him) exchange emails or something and stay in touch (yeah I know I’m crazy)…THAT would have a point, some sense in all this Robsession of ours…to make some sort of connection with this man…call it friendship or whatever…JUST one little moment of his life is JUST not enough for me…sorry!

    Otherwise I’m ok with the relationship through that screen I’m staring at all afternoon, at least I can look at him for hours and I deffinitly have a better view from here!

    That’s all I had to say…good night and good luck…see ya tomorrow!

  29. How are you all today? I’ve been gone all weekened, what did I miss? I haven’t read the post above entirely, I was trying but so tired from entertaining people.

    I’ll be back.

    Never been to Hungary(and as much as I love Rob, i don’t think I’ll plan my vacay around him) but I wouldn’t be caught delivering anything to Rob’s parents’ house, sorry. I don’t meant to sound rude. More power to those who can. I don’t want to scare him, I want him to like me.

    • you missed lot’s of Robporn!
      And rob using his cane on someone!


      Yep I know I am a freak. Even if I am not drunk…
      But at that time the plan made perfect sense in my mind.
      I just wanted to play delivery guy and run away as fast as Rob’s dog would come out to bite me! (R.I.P.)

  30. Seriously.. did 2 americano’s stalk his Robness all the way to Hungry.. (or Hungary).
    Theirs a parody in there somewhere. Hungry for Rob.. ahem. anyway. Guys..if its true.. this is way. too creepy travel so far.. –even for a diehard LTR fangurl.
    Budapest is a way cool city.. trivia- (and TomStu did film their a number of years ago as well.)

    So where do you think they will be filming the next Rob film? the western? Anyone find out yet?
    If its in the states, like Wyoming a bunch of fan girls will go their too for sure.

    • Unbound Captives is a Western? Like wearing chaps and cowboy boots and cowboy hats? Oh Gawd. If Bel Ami doesn’t kill me that surely will.

  31. Totally OT but thought I’d share:

    I am at work reading porn *ahem* fanfic while on hold with the Disneyland Resort. There is nothing more strange than reading about super hot sex acts in EPOV while listening to songs from The Jungle Book movie in my ear.

    • Sounds like some of the moments I’ve had!

  32. Hey, there! I read this blog daily and I love it! You guys are HILARIOUS!

    Yeah, that WOULD be really crazy. I mean, I love Rob a lot, but I don’t think I would fly across the world just to see him and then go back home, lol. (Although I really would like to see him in person…)

  33. So this is nothing related to the post, but I just had to share that this guy is going to be playing Edward in a Twilight parody film that they are currently filming. I’ve been on set, he is nothing compared to Robward but he’s pulling it off well. What do you guys think?

  34. I honestly had to ask (on Twitter) if Rob’s character was a magician in Bel Ami. Based on these pictures alone it’s quite possible. I really didn’t know what the plot was of the movie/book. You could call that a #fanfail, but I really don’t care. lol


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