Posted by: themoonisdown | April 3, 2010

Open Weekend Post – Hosted by: Running Rob

Dear Rob,

It’s the weekend of a major holiday we’re here in the states trying to figure out our new blog looks and you’re off in Budapest wearing Mr Darcy-style costumes running around streets in what looks like you may have lost your underwear and decided to ‘ef it and do the scene anyway. I mean, why waste the crew’s time with you having to find a Marks & Spencer in Budapest, seeing if they have the right size in your preferred striped tightie-whities and then there’s the inevitable VPL (visible panty line, duh!) you have to worry about in pants like those.

So we just end up with footage of you hoofing it down the street with a little extra bounce in your step… and your downstairs area. And of course it was turned into a gif that just loops over… and over… and over…

Oh Rob,

What does Rob’s running style say about him? Should he be confined to skipping and leisurely strolls? Do you have been weekend plans? Do they involve Budapest? Mine do. (not)
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  1. Kudos to the maker of this gif… I watched it over and over like I was studying for a big test… and for the whole of 5 or so minutes, I was fascinated. The running and um bouncing around? MAJOR WIN!

    • oh I’m sorry for keeping you away from studying.. That was def not my intention when I made it… 😉

      • I guess I deserved that downthumb for miss-translating it…

        Let’s try again:
        My intention was definitly to make you girls study it. I know I did…like a lot. Especially after threatmill-rob I have a very weird obsession with him running…
        seems like I have to add RunPorn to the collection

        • OmGosh! I didnt thumbsdown you, I swear! TY for making it though, your uber awesome!

  2. Did men wear tightie-whities during the time period that Bel Ami takes place? Maybe the director just wants everything to be authentic to the “smallest” (not our Rob!?) detail. Anyhoo… it’s a “boneus”
    (twss) for us! Run Rob run!

    fade to black to the tune of the Tom Petty song “Free Falling” with a minor lyric change to “Free balling”

    • Yes, the director is female and she told Rob in order to be authentic, he needed to free-ball it! (At least that’s what I’d do if I was the director 😉 )

    • YESSS, Rob needs to Bone Us 😉

  3. I wish I were going to Budapest..instead, I am going to New Jersey. Oh well.

    Have a lovely Saturday, everyone! And a wonderful holiday too.

  4. Moon, thank you for the Easter/Passover present. I’ll be watching the gif over and over and over………

    Happy holidays, everyone.

  5. Dear Rob

    Congratulations for your best foreign actor win in Russian awards…I’m so very proud of you baby!

    I unfortunately can’t come to Budapest to spent Easter with you…I hope you will have a good time and a bit of relax!
    Take care of yourself

    Love you more and more

    • PS. I just loooooooooooove it when you run…it feels like if you’re running to me… 😀

  6. That gif right there is like “Baywatch” for women. The bouncing of sparklep** n Jedi

    • I thought about the same… I wanted to make it slower but it would have been too obvious. I guess you still found out though…

  7. hahahaha!
    Thanks for the very inspired post Moon and thank you Rob for making it possible.
    What’s up with the M&S boxer briefs? Was it because I said I only like boxers? Did TomStu tricked you into exchanging them for a pint? Did you just forget to take some luggage and went to the airport after 2 hours of drunk sleep with your clothes on?
    Whatever it is Rob, please don’t change a thing.

    • MP, you’re right, please Rob, don’t change a thing!! Have a nice weekend!

      • Thanks draska, hope you and everybody here have a great week-end.

  8. The cat is out of the house and the mouse has a bit of free time, if you know what I mean…so I rushed over here just to tell you that…if you haven’t seen it yet, go over to Biel’s chanel and watch her new vid “Master of the Universe”…it’s unbelievable hot…it will haunt you all over Easter…oh yes…Father forgive me cause I have sinned!!!

    • Or better…here it is…

      • GAH. That is all.

        No wait, once more, with feeling: gaaah. And ungh, for my fellow fan fiction aficianados.

      • UNF UNF! that is all too.

    • mel we are too alike for our own good. I featured the same video today!

      PattinPervs for the mf win!!

      • Bleriana…dearest…we have the same good…deangerous taste…couldn’t resist Biel’s new vid…even on such a day!!!Will pay for it I’m sure…can’t get it/him out of my mind, if ya know what I mean!!!

        Happy Easter!!!

        • Yeah. He makes you have sinful thoughts even on a day lik this!
          Bahahaha. I am so glad I am not catholic…

          happy easter to everyone celebrating it!

        • …and Mel have you already seen the other hot video on TCS by Dukkesa? srsly it’s hot as hell!!

    • Okay…I now have super hard-boiled eggs because of Rob…no, no not that kind of eggs….the making Easter egg kind of eggs. Put eggs on to boil for coloring and then came in to check responses to “Running Rob” and watched that HOT new video you posted and forgot all about Easter eggs! But it was sooooo worth it! (The kids don’t usually eat them anyway they just like to color and decorate them)
      I feel so dirty…so…so hot…so…so invigorated (srsly) I don’t know if I can concentrate on getting the rest of the stuff ready for Easter! Now all I can think of is that damn video and how I can sneak back and watch it at least 50-60 more times!

      Thanks for the diversion and tonight’s dreams! Happy Easter (if you celebrate it)


      • I just have to post this…
        Since you mentioned balls…

      • No offense btw. I just thought the picture was hilarious. And you mentioned eggs so…

        • No offense taken… love the sign…but don’t think I could post it in my classroom!

  9. Lovely Mel! Have nice weekend!

  10. Thanks for running Rob UC and Moon!

    Happy Easter everyone!

    • Happy Easter …my love 😀 take care…talk to you on Monday!!!

  11. The RobPorn weekend continues on TCS btw. Today with 2 awesome videos, because Rob is the best in motion! (thats what I said)
    and also: woooooo!

  12. Just a quick shout-out to UC and Moon:

    I love you girls so hard and seeing my gif featured in one of your posts makes my heart stop. I am fangirling like Rob asked me on a date!
    The frenzy this little piece of my RobPorn collection caused is unbelievable! When I send it to BelAmiMovie I didn’t think people would be all over it…
    I wonder what will happen when I reveal some of the VoicePorn…?

    Btw Robgirl and Southernbelle I miss you… Call me… 😉

    • That gif is priceless, Bleriana!

      And thanks to UC & Moon for posting it. 🙂

      Happy Easter to all who celebrate it. Personally, I’m hoping to find Rob in my imaginary Easter basket. 😉

    • I tried this comment before, but I guess it didn’t work … so, here goes again:

      Bleriana – amazing GIF — thank you for making such awesomeness! ❤

      UC & Moon – thank you for posting it! 🙂

  13. don’t know why(yes i know the period costume.oh the pants)
    but this looks so funny to me
    but on the other hand the running at the hamster wheel with beanie and back socks was hot

    happy holiday girls wherever u are ,
    or whatever u’r celebrating

    i’m sick like for a week but i would love to be at Budapest(noo i’d be lying in the bed either way:(

  14. Ladies- I lingered next to the HobNobs in the supermarket just for you today. There are not only original HobNobs, but milk OR plain chocolate, plus some kind of HobNob creams (twss)….

    Pick your favourites before we move on to M&S’s Men’s Underwear for some slow strolling past the jersey boxer briefs. Form an orderly queue, & no pushing….

    • I do appreciate your loitering for our benefit, EMJ. Thanks!

      • It was you I was thinking of! Don’t be leaving any crumbs in the crotch of those boxers now…

  15. OT:hey @mine where are u ?
    did u forget yourself at the theatre watchin’ RM over and over agian or are u too afraid to face up with the TRUE BLUE here 😀
    hope u’r doing fine

  16. I found two very hot MotU inspired videos.

    CAUTION this might be too hot on easter (it causes sinful thoughts and you can see sinful things…)

  17. simply mesmerizing…

    ::watches over and over again::

    but his stride also seems a bit wonky… do you think it is like running without a sports bra?

  18. Does anyone else hate any of the pics of Rob with the Tophat?
    I think he looks rediculous. I don’t think I’ll be able to take him seriously in this movie whenever he wears it. That makes me sad 😦

    • The orgy scenes will make up for the top hat debacle. I have to believe this.

    • yeh i don’t the mr darcy look at all, prob cos i’ve just seen remember me and plaid rob is hhhhooooooooooootttttttt!!
      i’m very meh over BA.

  19. I could not for the life of me figure out why everyone was so obsessed with this gif. I am so ashamed that I didn’t notice the boingyness in the trouser area. I sentence myself to reading fan fiction in bed for three days or until the perving sensation returns.

    • I’m actually shocked by this Tiffanized…are you quite well?

  20. ohhhh man, Rob…You sorta run Ritztarded. :-/
    Emmett waz rite, you runz likes I be cuz i’mma girl. It says ju prob haz to weewee… a lot. *frown*

    s’ok dough, eye still luff ju! nom nom nom *eats him wif handz on face*

  21. ” big ben c(l)ock” that’s all…..

  22. Hello world! I am having a great weekend because I had a Rob dream. Actually it was Tybert in the happy summer part of Remember Me. I would never kiss and tell so I will just say “Wow!”

    Can’t wait for Bel Ami and future Georges DuRob dreams!

    PS in the spirit of inquiry I have learned there are 4 Marks & Spencers in Hungary. If you’re in the area there must be a good chance you will spot Rob popping in for a snack sooner or later.

  23. just one quick non rob related question whats with not being able to thumbs up anymore. i got a wordpress account thinkin that would solve it but didn’t

  24. did not notice the “bouncing” ball…
    ahem.. –seriously.. maybe I need glasses.
    waahh.I’m getting old.

    Where’S TOM STU?
    happy easter.

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