Posted by: Bekah | March 27, 2010

Open Weekend Post: Brought to you by RobPorn

Dear Rob,

After yesterday when I so insensitively hijacked LTR and only mentioned you once (when I said “Dear ROB“) and used Friday as a day for a PSA on Cyber Bullying COMPLETELY FORGETTING ABOUT ROBPORN FRIDAY, I think we could all use a nice open post this weekend with some beautiful never-before-seen RobPorn!

(I use the term RobPorn loosely here as you might qualify some of these images as RobCaptions and I also can’t promise I haven’t posted these before because I’m writing this after a few REALLY STRONG margaritas)

SCRATCH THAT last one, Rob. We know you’d NEVER think that!

Happy Weekend!

Thanks to JodieO for having a flickr account I can steal from and an incredible imagination, even if it sometimes paints Rob as a molester πŸ™‚ !! And to Keisha who made at least one of the RobPorn- and to the others who submitted the others for the forum contest long ago! I’ve lost the list of who did what, so make your claims in the comments!

And speaking of the comments, remember the weekends are now for us to rest, recuperate from all the cyber bulling we take (!), plan our next attack on the fandom (!!) and drink a lot of margaritas, so chat it up, post more RobPorn to share with everyone or relax until Monday! XO

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter


  1. ……….and harmony is restored in my universe. Nice captions Rob.

    • I owe you a thank you. It’s warm here and I’m sporting my cut off’s (summer jorts, if you will). After my husband made a comment about their length I retorted with “EAT MY JORTS” in my best John Bender voice.
      Thanks EMJ for having a great screen name!

      • It is so my pleasure!

  2. Yum.
    Well my weekend is almost half over. Boo. On the upside, I *should* have a good week.
    Fingers crossed!
    Hope all you lovelies have a good one.
    And that people do NOT put on their bitch knickers πŸ˜‰ xo

  3. I was out yesterday dealing with RL drama, so just skimmed the events now. I feel compelled to say that you both are beautiful and run a fantastically funny website (that I think a lot of normal, nice, mostly un-dramatic and generally rational people enjoy regularly), so thank you. Enjoy a few more margaritas (and hot pockets and robp0rn) this weekend, seems like you girls deserve it.

  4. UPS picture is officially my new favorite pic of Rob.


    • Mine, too! Can anyone tell me where this photo came from and where I might find the jpg? I make journals and I just have to have this pic.


      • That pic was taken during the Remember Me filming. I have the jpg but I don’t know how to get it to you.

        • My email is I also have another pic of him in that same outfit. Happy to share!

    • Me Too! πŸ™‚

    • Dear Rob- I don’t work for UPS but don’t worry, you can trust me with your package anytime.

    • What Cam said. Yum

      • Best. Picture. Ever.

  5. Thank you, UC and ladies for our weekly dose. Great captions! Thank you for the Seinfeld ref.

    • oops- I meant Friends ref! I’m not awake.
      see Shleeeigh and Cupcake Donna below.

  6. Has anyone else seen the commercials for the new Hot Pockets products (small little sandwich-type things) that air once an hour?

    Every time I see it, I think, ‘I wonder if Rob will like these?’

    I think I need help!

    • All roads lead to Rob

      That’s normal

  7. It’s nudie magazine day! It’s nudie magazine day!

    • I love you.

    • Drunk Chicks? Or Women Over 80?

  8. Add a new RobPorn category to the last pic: forehead vein porn (hey, Keisha!).

    This may be TMI (if such a thing exists on LTR), but I’d let Rob molest me. Gladly! Willingly (although I’d pretend real good to fight a little)! Passionately! Must check out this JodieO person’s flickr account.

  9. OMG my kids are looking at me like I’ve lost my mind because I’m laughing so hard I’m in tears!! Especially at the last one!!! Todays RobPorn was just what I needed for the weekend!!! It’s taking forever for me to type since I thought it would be fun to try to cut my finger off last night, & spent a good part of the evening in the ER. So, with stitches in my finger & anticipating a rough weekend I came to the trusted LTR for some good times with my friends here & some Great RobPorn & guess what…You UC, Moon, & everyone else didn’t disappoint!! Thanks ya’ll!!

    Dear Rob,
    Please come kiss my boo-boo. It really hurts today. 😦 I know you could make it feel better…or at least make me forget all about my finger. Thanks a bunch!!


    • Kiss your boo-boo? He’s only 15 isn’t he? There must be better ways of taking your mind off your owie than that!

      • Um, kissing my ‘boo-boo’ is only the start!! The ways to take my mind off my owie are unending!!! ;-D And he’s about 9 years older than 15 so it’s all good!!!
        *sexrety smiles at the idea of exactly what would be all good!! Oh the possiblilities!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

        • SECRETLY*** damn these stitches making it impossible to use my index finger . It’s messing up my typing abilities!

  10. And all is right in the world.

    I love his facial expression, so comical but so incredibly hot.

  11. thanks for the dose of Robporn.. cause my weekend definately needed a bit of it

    boooo RL..

  12. I love the dumpster t-shirt! I might want one…(with Rob in it, thank you very much!)

    And LOL at his impression in the second to last pic! Did he see Pattinson Pants lady there???


  13. Wonderful way to start out the weekend…totally needed it

  14. *sighs happily* thank you

  15. Seven!…. seven!…. seven!!….*silently mouths* SEVEN.


    • Truly a classic! God love Monica Geller!

  16. Aaaaah, now that’s what I’m talkin’ about. Something everyone can agree on: Robporn. Thanks for that, ladies!

  17. So happy we’re back to normal…..and yes I work for UPS and those TWO will probably be better than any I’ve ever had!!!!!

  18. did y’all know that rob got “waxed?” πŸ™‚

  19. Some say:
    Money makes the world go round.
    In my case it is:
    Rob makes the world go round.

    Thanks for the Robporn UC!!

  20. Me and RP!

    That is all πŸ™‚

    P.S. Yummy RobPorn!

    • lucky, lucky!!!!

    • Congrats!

      Tell us more! How did he smell? Was he very drunk? Were his lashes as glorious in RL?


      • Yes, we want to know!!!! πŸ™‚

      • The lashes?


        I sat 4 feet away from him at the performance for OVER an HOUR!


    • Lucky, lucky you, meeting drunk Rob after a particularly “wet” and long night! Everybodys dream! Please spill……

    • Happy for you @BarnesGirl11.
      Of course, if you want to share, we’re all ears…or eyes.
      Otherwise, have you finally been to see LM on Tuesday? And if so, was he there? Just need to know it because we wanted to go, before realising the Eurostar was sold out that evening.

    • Thanks for lovely comments πŸ™‚

      Did not see Laura M in London, sorry!

      Writing a “Letter to Rob” and writing an account if the night (how he looked, smelt, acted etc), but RL has been busy and my prose needs polishing.

      And might post the account on my friend’s blog and also in the LTT forum πŸ™‚


    • lucky girl! πŸ˜€ congrats !!!!

  21. This is unpossibly hilar…. LOL

    *off to go buy the NM DVD because I’m late and a horrible fan*

  22. Ahhh…I feel like an addict who just had his shot…what a feast for the eyes!!! Yesterday was a hard day…but now we are rewarded with Robeyeporn-Robfingerporn-Robhairporn…thanks UC…you are a sweetheart!!!

  23. Thanks UC & Ladies for my daily dose…always a pleasure! Now, I can go get some work done!

  24. Dear UC,

    Thank you for listening. Girls, thank you for being both pervy AND creative. ❀

    Have a great weekend, all!!

    Love, me

  25. Hobbies? Rob *is* our hobby, er, obsession. Where else can you find so many kinds of porn on one beautiful man?!

  26. LOVE the dumpster pic!! Hil-arious!

  27. thank you UC for giving us our crack LOL

  28. Oh come on girls…where is our spirit today??? Are ya all exhausted from yesterday? We have to bring this blog to life today!!! Don’t know where you all are from but here in Greece it’s 8.55pm…and I have absolutely nothing else to do today (done everything…now I just want to have some fun)!

    Did you check the ladies from robert-patinson ca today? they have a great topic: What do you adore about Rob…
    what are your top 5.

    So maybe we could talk a bit about our Rob5adorations!
    I go first…
    1. His eyes…that look makes me melt
    2. His lips…the way he smiles and bites them…no words
    3. His hands/fingers…I dream about them every night
    4. His hair…well…no comment
    5. His voice…his laugh…he just kills me

    well don’t know if these are only 5…

    P.S. Dear Rob

    I don’t think I can just come down to 5…I adore everything about you…just Everything!!!
    And I really hope I’m not talking to myself here!

    Love you as always (nah…everyday a bit more)

    • Mel, hey girl I was out and about today, you know, hanging out with girlfriends and eating gourmet chocolate :-). It was some event we attended with my DD. Weekends are always busier but I’m here! Yeah and it’s close to midnight.

      About Rob, well a topic I love and never tire of. I love everything about him, end of story. Everything as in everything. πŸ™‚ I wouldn’t change a thing about him. He’s perfect(he is to me).

      When his face comes to mind, I am reminded of songs I want to sing.

      As you can see, I got it bad. I hope I don’t scare Rob away. I’m really very normal in real life! I compose myself!

      I just thought I’d say, I feel like a have a double life. One’s my normal life and the other life is here, Roblife, I guess you could call it. No one knows about this except y’all!

    • Don’t forget the music!!! And the dress sense hobo chic! And the awkward word vomit he’s prone to!
      Can’t wait goin to get to see RM next fri, I know everyone else is over it big time!!

  29. Yay my RobPorn was featured! Thank you, UC and Moon, for introducing me to Picnik… I’ve had lots of fun there!
    Thanks for getting the Friends “seven” thing… if you don’t here’s a link to a YouTube video.. Monica is teaching Chandler about the 7 erogenous zones

    I also did WallRob… oh gawd I wish…. have to go see if Edward Wallbanger fan fic has updated….

    • Yep…maybe we should change the topic instead of what are the top 5 things you adore in Rob…to…WHICH ARE THE 7 EROGENOUS ZONES OF ROB THAT MAKE YOU ACT LIKE MONICA!!!

      Yeah…like that a lot better…you gave me something to think about Keisha!

      • Is it bad that my only hobby is Rob??? Robmovies-Robpictures-Robvids-Robporn… I feel a bit bad about that…can’t just go and say to my friends if they ask…my hobby is Rob! Can I?

        • Nope. Nothing wrong with that!
          Is there a version of Little Ashes online anywhere? I want to see it so bad but I’m cheap and I don’t wanna pay more than a movie rental for it.

          • Keisha, Netflix has it on streaming video to your ocmputer, if you get netflix where you are?

          • ahhh dammit; doubt you have a “ocmputer” LOL. make that laptop…easier to type, evidently.

          • Yay!!! Thank you, emclairel!!!!
            I don’t have a Netflix account but I know people that do. Off to beg for 2 hours of streaming. πŸ˜‰

          • Well, if you want to watch in private, you can always sign up for the 15 day free trial and then cancel πŸ™‚

          • I might do the free trial but crap I know I’m going to love Netflix and have to buy a subscription. I guess $9/month isn’t that bad.

        • That’s not bad. In fact I thought that was “normal”

    • btw.. I made Edward Wallbanger into an mp3 so I can listen to it on my ipod (thank you text reading software!) and your rob wall pic is now the album art.. hehehe

  30. Dear Rob

    Obviously it’s just you and me tonight (I really don’y want to believe that I’m talking to myself)…so let’s just have a good time together!
    From what I’ve seen in todays pictures of you it must be freazing cold in London…why don’t you just come over here to me and I promise I will light your fire!!!

    Love you

    PS.To get you in the mood…

    • Thanks Mel for Jim, I like your new avi! Hope you had a good Saturday!

      • Ahhhh…Cath hunny…I knew I would bring ya out with some good music! I’m fine… trying to relax after a hard days work…needed some Rob desperately!!!

  31. I have something rather funny for ya girls here:

    The Britpack – The Runaways style..

    • Bleriana…lol…how are you?

      But since it’s Robporn-Saturday I think I have something better for you…you will enjoy this it’s old but still…gooooood

      • Old doesn’t have to be bad right?

        btw thanks to the video maker. The Warning at the beginning definitly was necessary.
        “Watch at your own risk” –how true…

        Thanks mel for showing that to us.

        Btw how many more days to go until YOU get to see Remember Me?

        • Ohhhhh…you weren’t around when I acted like crazy because they showed RM in our little shitty town!!! WELL…YEAH I SAW IT…I LOVED IT…HE MADE ME CRY FOR A WEEK…HE IS A GOD…can’t say more because of spoilers…

          • OMG! You cried? My sister did too even though she is not a Robfan!! And you know what she said to me then? “If you were a real Robfan you’d cried aswell!” bahahhahaha
            Yes I may not have cried but the knot in my throat was waaaay worse believe me…

          • I believe you…what can I say, this man makes me cry…laugh…dream and many other things I just can’t say here…let’s just say I’m burning up in flames cause…he knows damn well how to light my fire!

          • Oh the effect Rob has on us…
            I’m just happy, I’m not a man because I would have to walk around with a boner 24/7! Thats the effect he has on me!
            And especially after Remember Me I can’t think about anything else when I see him! ‘Good morning sunshine’-sex has never been this hot…
            God I sound like such a fangirly perv…

      • Oh Mel, I heart you for this vid! Since I am newer to this *fondness*, what is old to some is brand new to me! I love this song…my best friend danced on a chair to this song at a bar on the night before her wedding for her then-fiance 18 years ago; I had never heard it before then, but fell in love with it immediately; very smexy.

        Nicely done vid…hell, Rob could leave his black sox on and I wouldn’t care πŸ™‚

        • Some songs never age…f…ing hot song for a hot man! I’m still in the
          IHEARSONGSANDDREAMABOUTROB-phase…don’t know if that’s good or bad and if I should move on…

          • good? bad? neither… how about NORMAL! that’s my vote.

      • Old most definitely can still be good! Love that video…I’d actually never seen it before so it was new to me (NEW can be good too!). Thanks..I need to save this one.

  32. UC ~

    Sending you love today.

    Thanks for the porn!

    love you guys,
    p.s. Loved “that’s unpossible.”

  33. Hey girls!!! How are you all!? Sorry I’m late, I was in chocolate heaven this afternoon. Haha! Now I’m feeling sick and jittery.

    Love all the robporn today!

    Dear Rob,

    I don’t work for UPS but you’re right, I’m so busted. I did check out your “package.” Ooops. Sorry honeypie, I can’t help it!


    • yeah, wish there was a UPS tracking # for that package!!! (couldn’t help myself πŸ™‚ )

      • It looked at me first (couldn’t help myself either πŸ™‚ )

  34. Don’t know if this will work as have never tried to put a youtube video in, but it’s a personal fave!

    • Yay!!! I’m not as techno-tarded as I thought I was!

      • Great job, emclairel! Yes, I’m asking my computer, phone, and brain to do things I’ve never asked them to do before because of Rob. I’m trying to use technology to its full potential!

        • Oh, me too! I’m like, I should dump this crappy laptop and cellphone & just buy me an iPhone so I can learn to follow robstuff on twitter,read ff on smoke breaks, comment on LTR while in line at the grocery , look at RobPorn on my lunch break…well you get the picture.
          Guess that’s another reason to love Rob: teaching this old pony some new tricks!

      • woo hoo!! This was most excellent Rob porn. I gived it a 110%!

        thank u for makin my day!

      • And I should mention that was fabulously made by twilightsHorizons

    • Mmmmmmmmmm

    • Good job!!! I loved it!

      Oh my, Rob is absolutely beautiful! I’m in a daze, srsly. I feel like this everytime I watch a video about him.

  35. delish rob porn for the girlies. enjoy!

    • Oh shoooot, another one. Sigh, I can’t take this anymore! I’m so bothered!

      • Bothered!

      • AH I just watched it again!

        I can’t get enough of Rob. *sigh* More, more, more please.

        • I watched them all about 3 times the whole afternoon…really can’t get enough of him!

  36. The above was by Biel.. (of course) the best producer of Rob porn IN THE WORLD!
    give it up ladies!

    • That is so true about Biel!
      I actually debated about posting that vid instead, but I am partial to the other b/c it was the first one I ever came across…lost my Robvidvirginity as it were πŸ™‚
      Glad you included it, Hermes.

  37. I swear I just fell in love with Rob all over again!(:

  38. Goooooooooood Morning girls…rise and shine! I guess I’m the only one up and you’re all still in your Robsleep…

    @emclairel…great vid…great song…and YES he makes me… you know…shhhh…it’s a secret…(touch myself :D).

    @Hermes…Bielvids are like drugs…you get back to them again and again and again…she absolutely is the Robporndealer of us all…

    Have a good Sunday girls…maybe we’ll see each other later!!!

    • Btw…is he already in Budapest??? Shiiiiit (sorry my language it’s Sunday today)…but he is sooooooooooooooooooo close to me and I can’t go see him 😦 😦 :(…life sucks!

      Oh at SB…sweety…I think we all live double lives…our goodgirlnormaleverydaylife and our badgirldoinganythingforroblife…and I JUST LOVE IT!!!

      • Mel, yes he’s in Budapest. Saw the fan pics.

        Be back later! XOXO

        • SB…how are you hunny…you left me all alone :(… Yeah he is in Budapest and I feel a bit sorry for RG…she wanted to meet him so badly…now she missed him? But I believe in miracles and so…ya never know!!!

          • I’ll bet RG is having a wonderful time in UK, no matter what.

            BTW, melronin, I love that you asked about hotpockets. It’s a good thing that you don’t know what these are…

            p.s I love lamb souvlaki, ouzo and a guy named Rob

          • ML…I love a girl who loves lamb souvlaki, ouzo and a guy named Rob…lol
            I KNOW RG is having a gooood time only by walking on the ground Rob has probably walked on and breath the air he breaths…

            I should have become a german teacher afterall…I would have vacatios now, instead I will work my ass of the whole week… 😦

          • Hi, I’m back, went to church.

            I wouldn’t worry about RG, I’m sure she can find things to do while she’s there.

            So what did I miss while I was gone?

  39. great way to add to my bithday weekend… thank you!!!!

    • Happy Birthday

      • thank you!

    • Happy birthday!

    • Happy birthday!

    • Oooooh!! Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

  40. Well I spend the whole weekend looking at Robpictures and seriously it was impossible for me to choose one as my avi…I guess I have to change my avi every two days or so…in order to do this man justice…I guess the new one will show up eventually (I just wanted to see a bit more face of him).

    Now I feel absolutely exhausted from looking at him so much…I’m on overload…have to calm down my heartbeat, this man is going to kill me…and ya all are still sleeping!


    • Mel- please don’t expire! Chillax and enjoy the Rob!

      • drsaka…sweety, you are up??? Thank God…I started to feel like stranded on an island all alone. I think toooo much Rob isn’t good for my health…right/

        • Good afternoon, Mel. What’s the day like there?

          • It’s very windy…little sun…some clouds…well a bit of everything today here in Greece! Wonder how it is in Budapest today!!!

          • Btw…can I ask you something…now that we are all alone…lol…don’t laugh at me…WHAT THE F… ARE HOT POCKETS??? You mentioned it yesterday and I heard it alot of times on the block…what is that…never heard of it here.

          • on the block…that’s german…on the blogggggg.

          • haha- Hot pockets are a ‘food’ item that Rob said in an interview that he liked. Bot only the meat filled ones google hot pockets.
            We’re just making gentle fun of his preference.

          • Ok…i googled hot pockets…lol…he likes them? Well…then he MUST come over…he will absolutely love our GYROS (have you heard of it? It’s a pita stuffed with meat and whatever you like…tzatziki maybe).
            Thanks for educating me drsaka…i truely am still in Kindergarden what Rob is concerned!

          • There are all sorts of jokes that have been made here about Hot Pockets including Rob building hot pocket forts with the packaging and ‘hiding’ with him in the forts. I think someone even made a fort for Pocket Edward (the action figure- there’s a link to Pocket Edward’s adventure’s-very funny!)

            Gyros are good and I love tzatziki sauce.

          • YOU ARE MY KIND OF GIRL…could eat that stuff every day (if it wasn’t for the pounds…ya…kinda look like Ghandi because of Rob these days…
            you know…the can’teatcan’tdrinkphase)!

    • PS. Dear Rob

      Befor I met you…the only thing I could do on a computer was typing a little mail and send it.
      Since I met you I discovered how many things I can do with this piece of technology…I feel like a genious…I can now download pics of you and make them avis!!! You have to give me an award for being thelastpersononearthtohavelearnedhowtodownload… πŸ˜€

    • Calm down Mel! That’s one I don’t make him my avi anymore, there’s so many great pics of Rob, I can’t keep up. So I just usually use my own picture, no one gonna look. LOL

      • But I just looooooooooooooooove looking at him…can’t stop staring at him and that way I’ll see him all the time…lol…this man will be the end of me…exactly as darkbook108 said!

        • I love looking at him too, trust me my robporn is really huge(twss)!

  41. Rob,
    You will be the death of me. Enough said.

    • Oh but I can think of no better way to go…

  42. Je cherche un Rob. MP can correct my grammar if it’s wrong :-).lol

    • Nous cherchons tous LE Rob (excuse the spelling)…cause there is only ONE Rob!
      Welcome back SB…you didn’t miss the words ending that’s for sure…lol…just my avichanging!

      • The worlds ending…worlds!

      • Sorry my French is very bad. I speak much better in Spanish though :-). But French just sounds so romantic, wish I can speak French fluently.

        When it comes to Rob, c’est si bon!

        You have a new avi? I still see Rob wearing black and sitting, not that I’m complaining or anything.

  43. Ok ladies, I am sure many have seen it before, but it took me all damn day to find this as I saw clips of it in people’s vids and Rob looked so *sigh* adorable I just had to hunt it down. Sad to say I had to google “Robert Pattinson I am a dick” as that 10second audio clip was all that I could find on YouTube. Even then had to do alot of precise clickin around the google results as what came up on it were a bit scary as you can imagine.
    Anyhow, it’s not exactly RobPorn, but it is 15 minutes of HHH in a 1-on-1 interview from Nov 2008 w/Variety. The interviewer, I think, did a wonderful job of asking original and thoughtful questions that really drew him out. This interview is why I think he’s the complete package…

  44. OME…that last one was too funny!

  45. Greetings! I know this is kind of off topic but
    I was wondering if you knew where I could find
    a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having problems finding
    one? Thanks a lot!

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