Posted by: Bekah | March 26, 2010

PSA: I have been Cyber Bullied

Dear Rob,

Today I want to share a story with you and ask for your help to get word out via a PSA about a problem growing rampant in our communities: Cyber Bullying.

Have you ever been cyber bullied? After Victoria & Lizzie dressed you up and called you Claudia did they post the pictures online to their xanga pages? Does TomStu post in Perez Hilton’s comments and tell everyone that you’re a ‘playa’ when you haven’t returned his calls in awhile? Has Justin Bieber made a Bubble Tweet calling his young fans to hand in their Rob Pattinson fancards because of that one day you almost trended higher than him on twitter? If so, you will feel for the main character in this story:

Many, many moons ago (about 3 weeks to be exact), a young, slim, 26 year old married girl with two cats went to New York City to spend time with her college roommate & see some friends she met through the Star Trek blog she ran.  Some of the girls posed for a picture together outside of the studios of Timmy Gallon, where they were waiting to see the hot young star of the Star Trek series, Bob Paddleston.

Imagine this girl’s surprise when 3 weeks later within 5 minutes of each other on a random, non-important Thursday, she receives a text & an email from two separate friends alerting her to “Mean things” and “photoshopped images” from that very group picture that she & her new friends took together. And imagine the SHOCK and HORROR when she read the slanderous things being said about her on twitter and in the comments of a blog:

Rob, I am going to say something now that might be shocking to you. I am that girl. You are Bob Paddleston. And… I was called a….


Oh there were other things said too- stuff about my weight, my face, my love of fried foods & greasy chips (they are my weakness- how did they know?) and how I need botox at age 26 but none of that bothered me. What I have the biggest problem with, and why I am asking for your help to SPREAD the WORD about the DANGERS of CYBER BULLING is the SLANDER and LIBEL and DEFAMATION of my character by labeling me a…..


Here is an example of some of the slanderous words said towards me in the biggest case of cyber bulling the world has ever seen:

@probably fans Too late, NONSTEN, the gig is up. Don’t try to pretend it’s a fake pic. We know what you look like now, and so does Summit. Now they have monikers, copies of the death threats against Kristen, AND faces to put behind the names.

Wait… Summit cares that me & some friends went to see Jimmy Fallon & took a picture?

gretel Well, I’m taking the pic of Taytay down off my dartboard and replacing it with the pic of the nonstens. Wish I knew who was who so I could determine my bullseye. Right now, it’s Tay’s abs. LOL!

I am the one in the black & white coat close to the middle. You can label me “BOTOX NEEDER.” Also, Tay’s abs? Are you 12?

@probablyfans The NONSTEN idiots posted the pic on their (private) site as a get-together picture. Too bad for them there are plenty of us who are nonsten members and only there to record info in case it needs to be sent to Summit or to Kristen’s management.

After the jump, I’ve included a few other pictures of myself to send along to Summit & Kristen’s management so they know which one I am when they come after me for absolutely nothing:

Nonsten Devil Gets Hitched to probably someone she had to drug so he'd marry her

Nonsten Devil goes to the hospital probably b/c she faked some illness & blamed it on Kristen

to 26 Lux Too late darling. Throwing those hags under the bus? Are you friggin´kiddin´me? You´ve called Kristen w hore or equivalent or even worse, posted pics to ridicule her, so you nonstens should be treated as what you are: mentally unstable old ignorant whales. What´s so wrong about that? You invented hate in the Twilight then healthy (and young) fandom, now you´re getting it back. KARMA is the name of it. the world is not guilty of your unhappiness.

I have no words for you, instead I will provide you with another picture of myself looking devilish:

Nonsten Devil playing the part of Mary, mother of Jesus, in her kindergarten play, just like the hag we all know she is

But it’s not just me- I am not the only one being Cyber-Bullied

Yes, you are right. But this people on the photo call Kristen fat, ugly and WTF. I thought they were goodlooking, young fashionpeople and now? They are looking like a lot of american people and they bashing a 19 year old girl..making death threats. That is WTF!


Instead of boycotting Eclipse lets make a an effort to not respond to any of the haters on this board. You can tell it is them by the atrocious use of the English language and the horrible spelling.


I honestly wish those grown women psychological help. They mustve been bullied so prob why they do it to Kristen

YES! YES!! I was bullied!!! By you and your friends!

Rob- you can see this is unacceptable. You know I have nothing to do with that nonsten-craziness. You know I don’t need Botox, (yet). And YOU of all people would NEVER judge someone for her love of fried deliciousness and processed cheese! Help me Spread the Word about Cyber Bullying, Rob! Get the word out that it is NOT okay to EVER call someone a NONSTEN (Unless, of course, they are a nonsten) What’s next? Is someone going to call me a ROBSTEN-shipper next week!? Oh the horror!!!!


Now it’s time to get serious:

I know there is a big group of you who read LTT & LTR and don’t really get involved with the fandom much outside of the occasional trip over to Twilight moms to discuss the newest style in twilight diapers, so for today’s post & this Tweed-serious section to make sense, let me catch you up real quick:

  • Stephanie Meyer wrote some books and people bonded over their love for them
  • A subpar movie version was made & half the fandom fell in love with the may be or may not be love of the lead actors while the other half did not
  • Some of those who did not fall in love began to hate those who loved them & resent their very existence
  • Both sides played on LTT’s forum for awhile until drama ensued, big blow ups happened on both ends and & were formed. [UC EDIT: I mean obvviousssly] Moon & UC breathed a sigh of relief that the crazy was no longer our responsibility
  • A girl named Delaney is ‘shipped by the Robsten-shippers. Nonsteners hate her. Delaney is sued by Summit for leaking Eclipse photos. Nonsteners rejoice. Robsteners lash out in attacks, resulting in mistaking a group photo of a sweet group of girls who met up in NYC as Nonsteners and saying some really awful things about them, most of which I didn’t include here

Got it?

Robsteners (and I don’t mean the ones who like Rob & Kristen together and end it there) & Nonsteners (and I don’t mean the ones who don’t like the idea of R&K and end it there)? I’m talking about the people whose lives depend on the proving the validity of Robsten or the pursuit of showing its falseness. You are crazy. BOTH of you are. EQUALLY as crazy. You’ve made each other CRAZIER. And I have every right to say that because I’ve seen it first-hand. I’ve been dragged into your crazy on BOTH ends. And I have never been more embarrassed to see/read about/ hear about grown-up women acting WORSE than children. You’ve divided the fandom & dragged others down with you.

Rob & Kristen would not want to be ANY of our friends. We are ALL crazy in our own way because we care WAY TOO MUCH about their lives. We know WAY TOO MUCH about their lives. That goes for Moon & I as well. We acknowledge that. We don’t pretend that Rob would read what we say and want to become our lover. Or that Kristen would see through our sarcasm & say “Wow, they really love me and want to be my bff for life”

But to Nonstens: Rob would NOT like you because the reality is, he and Kristen are at the VERY LEAST good friends and you are so incredibly mean to her. And the fact that you spend so much of your time trying to prove they’re not together is ridiculous. And to Robstens: You think you are “protecting Rob & Kristen” by openly and publicly discussing VERY PRIVATE DETAILS of their lives. Yet they would NOT like you if they met you because you’ve speculated, spilled private details & invaded their right to have private lives outside of the limelight.

Both Moon & I have good friends that love the idea of Rob & Kristen together as well as friends who would rather see Justin Bieber make out with Miley Cyrus than hear about Robsten. And the fact that I’m writing this today, the fact that somehow I got brought into this mess, is just ridiculous. Moon & I started LTT & LTR because we didn’t want to get our news from somewhere that seemed vanilla & existed to please the masses. So we started a place where we could be honest. And I’m aware that being honest today is going to piss some people off. But how about instead of getting mad at ME or at Moon for being honest & finally saying what we and the majority of the fandom are really thinking, we remember back to why we started with this fandom. Let’s remember the books that Stephanie Meyers wrote and what brought us together in the first place.

I’ve seen friendships divided over this issue- real life friends that fight about a celebrity- may be or may not be- couple. That is sad. Stephanie wouldn’t want this. People have gone on WITCHHUNTS to out people and label them as something they are not. This isn’t what this fandom is about. This fandom is about people coming together to have fun, to laugh, to have a shared experience over a beloved story.

Let’s get back to that. Let’s not forget why we all logged onto our computers today to read our favorite Twilight sites.
And if you are going to continue to hate (and not admit it IS hate)….just leave me the f*ck out of your drama….and stop posting pictures you don’t know the context of.

Love always,

PS: To the beautiful girls in that picture with me that I have the pleasure of knowing, hearts to you all xoxo

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter

Today’s crazy taken from the comments on Ted Casablanca’s blog post which had very little to do with Robsten. Beautifully done- Devil horns picture made by @Alice_InTwiLand (who will lovingly agree to pay my therapy bills after we have a little chat today)

Afternoon Update:

Last night I  captured Mr. Choice talking about Robsten vs. Nonsten on video:



    btw there is no such thing as Robsten b/c Kristen is a lesbian..have you heard Stewnning??
    (Kristen + Dakota)

    bhahahah <–me laughing at my own joke

    • I don’t get it, what’s going on?
      Is this a joke?
      Who is this directed at, exactly?
      I don’t hate Kstew – might not like her acting and she’s a bit of a sulky knickers but…….
      think I will go and re-read post maybe I’ve read it too quickly and missed the point.
      Or, which is more likely, I’m just being dumb.

      • @Mine! it’s a joke so ppl. will leave UC and MOON alone rdg. Nonstens….that’s all lol

        • So it’s a jk…the sad thing is it all seems so plausible….the fandom is seriously crackers.
          This is the only site I post on, the only site I read (occasionally I’ll read comments on Robsessed, but some of them seem crazy) and the only site I have any time for because everyone on here seems quite normal to me (ok a little insane but not crazy).

          Moon & UC

          Sorry, I’m dumb!!!


          • Actually, it’s not a joke. This really did happen to us yesterday. We were everywhere from to twitter to The Awful Truth. It’s sad, really.

          • @JodieO
            I now realise this post wasn’t (really) a jk after reading the later posts.

            Words fail me.

            and yes VERY sad.

          • @JodieO – You were on Ted C.’s Awful Truth? For real? How pathetic (not you guys, of course!) But why would Ted C. talk about it. Oh wait, never mind 😉

          • I’ve been following this on twitter since Wednesday night. Has the world gone mad?

          • also ftr: what happened to the pics in this post is REAL…amazaballs how CRAZY the world is….

          • Misty, no kidding!

        • FOr the record I was just joking about the lesbian thing..I made that up AS A JOKE and I agree this is the only site I visit regrading Rob too..oh and I watch youtube videos too…but as for all this cybey-bullying I feel bad for the people that are making fun of LTR/LTT becuase we are totes NORMAL and they need some help..for reals…

    • Duuuudes and Dudettes. One more thought..

      All the “shipper” stuff between the two Twilight leads (bella/Kstew & edward/Robward-Robstene etc.) was created by Summit Ent. themselves to ramp up excitement and PR for the Twilight Franchise..
      I’m sure friendships between all the actors were made.. who doesnt on a job right?

      But the business created the “monster ” , now they don’t know how to control it… and its resulted in some bizzare behavior. from stalking to well, whatever of the actors in this franchise.

      I feel its Summit Ent. their agencies and PR folk’s own fault for promoting the movie that way and keeping the flames burning about robwardstene.
      Some folks get out of control and take this shizz seriously.
      They forget its just a movie, a fantasy its not real…

      On another note:
      Hey I miss the Pattinson Pantz lady.. Where did she go?

  2. *Stands up and applauds*

    I love this site and the fact we, like Billy Black, are just “keepin’ it real” about Rob.

    And I also love how your devil ears started out as cute little kitten ears before they developed into full blown horns. 🙂

    • i know- i meant to remark how much i look like a cat. I LOVE IT!

      • You looked gorgeous in your wedding picture, I need to see a full picture of the dress!

        • I LOVE my dress. it’s been almost 4 years. perhaps i’ll put it on this weekend

          • UC you are so pretty! and espcially in that dress! I’m sorry this had to happen to u and moon, you two are nice and rational people and shouldn’t be treated like this! ..the crazies need to stay away.

          • What designer was it? I’m thinking about selling me, finally – after 7 years. But I think it’s sooooooooooooooo pretty, sniff.

      • Actually If I hadn’t seen it myself in LA I wouldn’t have believed you ever ate any cheesy salty snacks (that’s what this is really about right?) You are so incredibly adorable in person and on line. Just sayin.

        • Well thank you lovely lady! And yes- it’s always about the snacks!

  3. *standing ovation*

    • *standing ovation*

      Dear UC and Moon

      Crazy people are crazy. Don’t mind them. At least now Rob will notice you girls. Perhaps he’ll be kind enough to cheer you up and let you sit on his lap. 😀

      Love you guys

  4. I feel your pain but feel sad YOU felt the need to bully others to make your point. I post at Nonsten to discuss shippers behavior. That is it. By assuming everyone on a board feels the same way on all subjects, you are as guilty of throwing accusations around as everyone else.

    Defend yourself by all means. The crazy people who stole and posted this pic deserve to be attacked, but leave the people who had nothing to do with this alone.

    Sure, a few people say hateful things about Kristen but others say hateful things about Rob. Not all of us feel the same way but please don’t pretend Nonsten is the source of all of it. Have you visited Rob’s Imdb board recently. There is a constant fight raging there. Many of our opinions would remain private if people didn’t lurk and run around bitching to each other about it.

    You seem intelligent so why make sweeping statements about people you don’t know. After all, isn’t that what you just criticized everyone else for?

    • Don’t feel sad for me. I am not bullying robsten or nonsten. I said both are the problem so if u feel I just called out nonsten you need to re-read. I also qualified WHO I am talking about – so if you are one I wasn’t talking about then great. But if you are one of those who does take it to the negative extreme- on either side- well this was for you today.

      To recap: re-read what I said- you missed the point. The divided fandom over what? Other people’s behaviour?
      Sad and I’m tired of being dragged into the middle

      • Hey, who thumbs downed you, seriously, who?

        • The same one that thumbed you down… Seems like today will be full of drama!!

          Bring it haters…. j/k 😀

        • I have been staring at your avatar for a while, but I still can’t figure out what it is. Enlighten me please!

          • @Alice – Not an Addikt, if you are talking to me then…..
            it’s Rob BINY fan picture. It’s HHH’s bottom half from the side. it doens’t work in miniture but when you see the original, I promise you, it will make you giggle like a 14 year old. 🙂 ok maybe not, maybe just me giggles like a 14 year old over all the BI picture.

          • I was talking to you! Ow trust me, it does work in miniature. 🙂

      • I love this blog and I love that you BOTH put in it so much effort and fun!
        I truly have NO words for what you are describing today.
        People needs to get a life and as you said, it’s not even behaving like in the kindergarten, that would a BIG offense for the kindergarten.
        I ❤ you both!

        • What robgirl, said!

      • I don’t even know what a ‘shipper’ or a ‘nonsten’ board is.

        but I think UC in her wedding dress is lovely 🙂

        PS. i don’t miss high school at all 🙂

        • Yes, UC FTW. Sooooo pretty in her wedding dress and in general.

          And I am happy not to know what a robsten/nonsten board is.

          But I loved highschool.

    • UC wrote, and I quote:

      “Robsteners … & Nonsteners…? I’m talking about the people whose lives depend on the proving the validity of Robsten or the pursuit of showing its falseness. You are crazy. BOTH of you are. EQUALLY as crazy. You’ve made each other CRAZIER.”

      I guess you missed the part in CAPS – BOTH and EQUALLLY. People usually use caps to indicate the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF A SENTENCE.

    • Dear MsT,
      You post at a board called “Nonsten”. Puh-lease.

      That is all.

      • Sorry – i should give more background to this comment. I have just seen soooo many crazies posting on nonsten and soo much hate allowed over on those boards that it’s hard for me to associate any good with that site.

  5. Word to your Robsten-Nonsten-Ever-lovin’-Mama-sten.


    p.s. I forgot how cute you looked in the hospital that one day. Or that I saved that pic on my phone. Don’t judge.

    • I wish I looked that good when I’m well!

    • i will never be on your bad side. cuz if I thought THIS slander was bad, i shudder thinking about THAT picture getting out 🙂
      *note to self stop texting pics to Lula when drinking*

      • You forget the pictures you’ve texted to me. That I’ve saved. That I’ve shared with NO ONE.

        They’re sacred to me. Regardless of which side you’re on. I’ll never reveal to anyone. Promise.

        p.s. Unless Rob begs. Or Kristen. And then all bets are off.

  6. Whoa.
    I had no idea it got so intense between the Robstens and the Nonstens!
    Maybe this is a bit rich coming from someone who logs onto a “Letters to Rob” site daily, but aren’t there much more important things to worry about? I’m thinking yes.

    • That’s Normal 🙂

      • I always feel ridiculously special when I get a reply from UC or Moon. Is that also normal? Haha.

        • Normal.

        • No that’s weird

          • 🙂 jk

          • Whoa, I’m coming really late to the party!

            There’s just one thing I’d like to say for now:
            I feel really sorry for this sad person who consistently thumbs-downs almost everything UC says just because it’s her.

            I mean, seriously?!… “No that’s weird” was friggin HILARIOUS!

        • Thank god I am not the only one that giggles like a school girl when one of them comments on my comment. I feel so normal now 😉 LOL

          • I do, too… I almost fangirled a little when I “talked” to UC on facebook. I’m pretending UC can’t read this.

          • The writer of The Office (creator of all that is “Beautiful Bastard”) called me a Dirty Bird! I almost died of excitement!

          • @Keisha, now THAT is something! I would’ve framed it.

          • I would put that on my resume, in purple.

          • Purple’s cool.

  7. Your right it is crazy – I’ve got Gozdes motto “if he ain’t shagging me I don’t care who he’s shagging” – I really find it 2nd hand embarressing when people have to analyse to the nth degree are they or aren’t they should they or shouldn’t they who cares who cares why does it matter. People need to get a grip and I hope this hasn’t put you off running the blog cause I LOVE COMING HERE for funny, random, sensible opinions !!!

  8. I just want to thank UC for your post this morning and giving those of us
    who were in the photo a chance to stand up for ourselves.

    I’m in this photo that got tossed around yesterday and first I’ll start out by saying I’m a Robstener, not of the crazy kind, so whoever manipulated this photo needs to get their shit
    straight! But I am not the kind that belittles others and forms a cult who
    has to have revenge on anyone else who disagrees w/ me. I’m a fan of
    Rob, I’m a fan of Kristen, and I like them as a couple, if that’s what they
    are. I have very close friends who are Nonstens and who are
    Don’tgiveacrapstens. Yes, it is possible that we can get along! I don’t get
    into jr. high debates about it. I don’t make snide remarks to Nonstens. I have my
    own beliefs and share them with a few friends who share the same, but that’s
    it. I don’t participate in bullshit.

    I found out about this photo yesterday. I had no clue wtf was going on.
    I know of who started it all and just want to say, this person defamed us. You do not know us, we do not know
    you. You took innocent people and placed us into a situation that we had
    nothing to do with. You used us to get back at someone we don’t even know
    for something that we aren’t even participants in. Whatever side any of us
    are on in this photo, regarding nonsten/robsten, doesn’t matter to any of us
    b/c we aren’t part of the hate and debate that’s going around on twitter and
    forums. We are friends. We allow differing opinions. We were just meeting up
    in NYC to spend time together and to see Rob.

    What is upsetting is that this person did this w/out knowing any of us, calling
    us hateful people, and then they slapped on this assumption that we’re all
    then proceded, along w/ others, to belittle us in the photo by our
    appearances, clothing, hair, weight, etc. all over Twitter and on forums.
    Really? Really?!

    I’m not gonna call you, the person that did this, bad names or go off on how
    pathetic I think you are, b/c if I do that, I’ll be stooping to your
    level and that’s not a level I want to be on. All I will say is that the
    people in this picture are some of the most supportive, kind,
    uplifting people I have ever met and would do whatever they could to help
    each other out and they don’t care whether we’re of
    the Robsten fandom or the Nonsten fandom or the Don’tcaresten fandom. They,
    together, carry more class and more compassion than you ever will in your
    entire life.

    You call yourself a fan of Rob? A fan of Kristen? You think they would be
    proud to have a fan that does such a selfish, sick act?
    Think about it. Maybe someday you can actually come to terms w/ who you are
    as a person right now and figure out how to change that and maybe graduate
    from jr. high and find a heart.

    You owe a hell of a lot of people a huge
    apology, but I know we’ll never get one and I’m not sure it’s possible to
    accept one from someone who’s so low. The only thing I can say to this is
    GROW UP!

    • Hear, hear Jena!

    • HUGS! Very well said.

    • ❤ you Jena!!

    • Really well put, Jena.

    • Wel said Jena!!!!!! Hugs I miss your tweets in teh morning bb (my morning and your late night)

    • Amen!!!!!

    • btw, Jena, I love your coat in that picture! Purple’s cool. 😉

    • standing ovations Jenna standing ovations.
      You wrote exactly what I think aswell! I completely (and utterly) agree with you!

    • xoxox, Jena!

    • I love you babe and I’m glad I got to spend the week with you in NYC! You are Robsten and I’m don’t give a crapsten and we get along juuuust fine.

      • XO ♥ you, TRR! And yes, we didn’t have any drama!

    • Well said Jena!

    • heart your face Jena 🙂

    • Jena FTW!

    • ❤ your face, Jena!

    • You write a lot. I think that’s coo. You’re coo.

    • KUDOS!<3

    • Jena … you have put it so well.

      UC … you too.

      You all had such a great weekend away, you all made such huge efforts to get there. You shared your experiences for those of us who were not there, and they were adorable experiences, full of life and love, not hate. By god there are some very sad people out there in the world. But you are not amongst them.
      xxx EG

    • your cute Jenna

    • I just started reading through the comments and I’m wondering why this discussion didn’t stop right here?

      Jena said everything else that needed to be said.

    • Having not had anything even remotely to do with this (read the name on the label, folks—->) I’m almost afraid to stick my head in, even in the aftermath, but I gotta give Jena {{{{HUGS}}}}. (And everyone else in that picture, most of you whom I know) Not a one of you deserve to be singled out and vilified in such fashion, even less over something so tedious, disconnected and MEANINGLESS as who Rob and Kristen are banging. It’s things like this that make me hesitant to join ‘fandoms’…as always, the extremes take something simple and positive and warp it until it can be wielded like a weapon, then take shots at anyone who gets in the way in the name of justification. It just makes me sad.

      Well put, UC and Jena! For what it’s worth, I wish I’d been in that picture. Even all this drama withstanding.

  9. i love ‘Twilight’, the 1st book, the 1st movie and everything else about it. and sometimes (or maybe most of the times), i hoped everything had just stopped at ‘Twilight’.

  10. That is the level of crazy that makes so many people afraid to admit their Twi-love. Sadness.

    • BTW-your wedding photo is gorgeous (horns and all!)!

    • I know I sure as hell have one foot back in the Twi-closet. And I was only peeking out of it to begin with.

      • I think the only slightly good thing about this whole mess is that most of the non-Twi world doesn’t know about it. It’s just inter-twi fighting.

    • Yes, I had a bit of my big toe looking around, checking the Twilight fandom room that the closet is in, and yesterday, that toe – shriveled up and died. Of course, now that I am horribly disfigured and no man will ever love me (don’t tell my husband!) I should just pull an Edward in Volterra and let the TwiLight hit me.

      Metaphors RULE!

  11. Wait… I’M FAT?!? Thank goodness for an internet full of faceless people to point that out to me.

    Anyways, Beautifully put UC. I’m kind of sorry I ever laid eyes on the photo in the first place. And that really bums me out because I was totally stoked when I first saw it.

    I’m still trying to keep my humor about it, but today it’s just irking me. Let’s hope the crazy has died down and we are yesterday’s news on

    • Hugs!!!

      • ((((JodieO)))) Karma’s a bitch, I have strong faith it’ll come back to bite them in the ass.

        • It will. Karma takes no prisoners. The people who did this will get rectal cancer (no offense to rectal cancer). I am so sorry this happened to you guys. Nice to know that high school pettiness never leaves some “women”. Ugh.

          • I want that on a t-shirt
            “You will get rectal cancer if you’re mean to me”

          • (no offense to rectal cancer)

            That’s the funniest part of that whole statement.

          • Rectal cancer takes no offense, only asses.

          • omg….. haha

          • Oh Alice, I heart you!

          • Here you go UC,

          • omg…….! omg!!!!!

    • That’s what I hate the most. I was very close to meeting in NYC with you lovely ladies, and I would have been stoked to have been at Fallon with you. I hate that the people who started this whole mess took that memory from you and made it something negative. I’m sorry.

      • Know what’s making me sad? That because of this fiasco I’m *glad* you and the others couldn’t join us because it leaves you out of this mess. I don’t like that. I want to go back to missing you guys for not being there!

  12. Since I’m a don’t-give-a-crapsten, does that make me NOT crazy?!? Thanks UC & Moon for making my day!!

  13. *clapping hands*

    This is why i love your blogs, UC & Moon!

    • Thank you 🙂 we’re aware of who is going to start hating us today.. And that’s a bridge we’re ready to burn 🙂

      • Well, Moon and I like to sing that ol’ standard, “The playas gon’ play…them haters gonna hate…”

        Leave to 3LW to sum up it up perfectly when words often fail me.

        Is all I’m saying.

  14. Wonderfully put, UC!

    On one hand its freakin’ hilarious that people have gone this crazy as to put so much time into spewing such hate for people they don’t know.

    On the other hand, it really pisses me off.

    But the important thing is that those beautiful wonderful women in that picture are friends regardless of any differing opinions and I love each of your faces! Muah!

    • Mwah. ❤ you right back.

      • I ♥ you to, Lori! Big time, long time!

  15. WTF??!!!!!! OMG what a drama. I am speachless. UC, Moon and all the girls on LTT forum I love you!

  16. you have got to be kidding me
    i mean
    the only reason my friends haven’t locked me up in an asylum is because they know i don’t really mean to marry rob and make kristen my slave. they know i’m joking.
    who takes this seriously, really?
    Twilight is suppossed to bring people together. I’m from Chile and some girls from Twilight forums and stuff were really worried about me when the earthquake hit. and i really appreciatted. that’s what this is about for me.
    like the kid from the new guy would say, don’t be hating LOL

    best wishes. and seriously…i don’t grive a crapsten.

    • Awww do you know our friend Danyspike? She’s an old commenter on here from Chile, who I have had the pleasure of meeting in real life. You 2 should be friends. Find me on Twitter, Hint my name on Twitter is the same as the one here! @Janetrigs

      PS So glad you were ok after the earthquake

      • THIS!

        …s what the fandom should be about.
        ❤ Janetrigs

    • Janet stole what I was going to say. Yes, be friends with @danyspike on twitter (she’s a Chilean Spitfire!)

      Glad you are ok!

      • never met her, will add her to twitter right away

        • i’m @jartung ,btw

  17. Wow. I guess I live in a bubble. Didn’t realize the debate was THIS crazy. I’ve seen the touch of it with the Nonsten thread in the forum but like you said they went and made their own site.

    I guess when I think of a Robsten I think of @robsten4life & @Jena. And they are CLEARLY not whacko.

    Yeah this bubble is nice. Y’all wanna join me? I have champagne and cookies.

    • champagne? cookies? Hell yeah!

    • I stepped out of the bubble and visited a “site that shall not be named”. I was like the groundhog that saw his shadow and raced back inside his hole. It’s a scary world out there. I love the Nonsten/Robsten shippers in this forum. They’re very normal, they get along and they can joke with each other about it.

      • I had no idea this was going on. I like the bubble, too. I got creeped out on other sites before I came here. This is the ONLY blog that’s normal. 😉

    • do you have Heineken too? I need to be drunk….

      • Well I have an awesome importer of the stuff (re: you) so bring your heinie on over!

        • LOL

    • I’m on my way!

    • What kind of cookies? Because if they have nuts in them I will let the whole world know via Twitter what a crackpot you are.

      • Don’t forget to draw a copstache and a pointy beard on her photo!

      • It is a variety of Christie Cookies. Only the best for my girls!

    • We must have been living in the same drama-free twi-bubble, where we just laugh over snarky posts and hilar captions.
      It’s crazy that people create so much drama over people they don’t know. I don’t care what it is they do on the internets, but this stuff shouldn’t infiltrate in people’s real lives.

      P.S. UC, your last picture has Regan MacNeil written all over it. Don’t try do deny it.

      • CREEEPY!!

      • I think it’s the LTT/R bubble. Where we (mostly) all get along, laugh, and respect each other.
        I had no idea this shit existed.

    • I’m in the bubble too. I had no idea this was going on. Like seriously, people. Seriously. Is any of this necessary?

    • While your bubble sounds nice, I am staying atop my high horse and my new colossal camel. I have beer and cookies. Perhaps we should use your bubble to encircle my two mammels.

      • The bubble is like Bella’s shield.

        • You are a genius! (sadly I always spell this word incorrectly, which seems quite funny to me).

          Bubble = always like Bella’s shield!

    • Sadly, there’s haterade that happens on LTT/LTR as well, but I’m hoping that me opening my big mouth last week put a stop to it, for at least a little while. And some of the people who were catalysts in this Robsten-nonsten holy war, no longer comment on here but are quite active on the boards and on twitter.

      • “Robsten/Nonsten Holy War!” OH MY JEEBUS. We may have a topic for that other letters site that we know of. Not the drunk one either.

  18. I rarely comment (I’m the kind of person who doesn’t get involved with the fandom, but I always read you guys and stalk you on twitter ha ha) but wow!

    I just want to say that I support you guys and that is really sad that there’s people doing that kind of stuff, is totally creepy.

    • I agree. I rarely comment although I read faithfully everyday. I’m sorry that something so negative and mean happened to you. Just know that there are many of us who really don’t care about Robsten. We just visit LTR and LTT to laugh.

      • To borrow from a friend sometimes called, LA – You are my kind of people. Laughing is FUN!

  19. Wow. So sad that people would do this.
    Um, seriously. It’s just mind-boggling.
    Thank you UC for being honest and telling it like it is 🙂
    Plus, I saw the original pic on JodieO’s Twitter and y’all look ahmayzing!

    • Thanks!

      And if anyone else wants to deface my photo, could you please make lasers coming out of our eyes? We’ve had that request. Thanks.

      • Yes, I want to shoot lasers out of my eyes!!!

      • You guys should do this to the haters!!:

        (keep watching…good part starts around 1:50)

    • Yes, you girls all look amazing! The thing is, we have Bobbygee on our side. And for that, they’re just crazy jealous.

      • Omg. That’s so true! Where is he on his white horse to defend their honor??? Not that they need it, but come on. That’d be amazing.

  20. Phew – Good job UC, – this was all a bit too crazy yesterday..Rob would not approve! – that is all x

    & to the models in the shot, u are all hot, you horny little minxes! i ❤ you all

    • I am not horny!!!

      • Oh wait…:)

        • I’m always horny

          • For Rob!!!

  21. Wow, that was really really hard core!
    I always ignored the craziness, the real one of people with no life or brain, and I’m really shocked!
    See, I’ve always been paranoid about taking pics, even when people ask you nicely in the street for their blogs about photos, looks or whatever.
    And I’m so happy you & moon started this place with really normal people, so happy to see there are smart funny people in the same mess with me, which is the Rob world.

    • MP – also glad this place exists. Glad people like you and the rest of the dedicated bloggers on here exist. I don’t know what I’d have done without this site. It’s my secret pleasure.

      Still slightly freaked out by fandom craziness.
      Why,Why, Why???
      I just don’t get it…..maybe I’m lazy or maybe I’m just not fucking nuts, but I seriously couldn’t be bothered to get that worked up about the pair of them. I love Rob and (I am a secret nonsten but I think I probably boarder on the side of don’t give a crapsten, it varies depending on my mood) I don’t like Kstew that much (I’m talking about her acting ability now, ok, also I’m not keen on the idea that Rob is shagging her, but only because she looks so miserable all the time, I’m sure if she was all happy-go-lucky I’d think differently).

      Again words just fail me today. I am seriously shocked! I obviously live in a basket in regard to the fandom, so I’m not really aware of how crazy the crazies really are.

      I bloody well am now!

      • Uhmm, I totally love that you have a pic of Rob I took as your avi! LOL!

    • M!M!M! – I think you’re worked up and passionate. Own it! 🙂

      • @Jules
        What are you implying? ! 🙂 heehee.

    • I wonder what people are doing in RL if they are busy all day long waisting their time to throw their whatever silly convintions and hate over other people?
      Obviously nothing meaningful….

  22. Ok not a joke…really confused now.
    So you lot in the photo ended up be called names etc,
    Well that just proves what I’ve always thought……. the world it a f**King crazy place, full of crazy f**king people.
    This is why I’m staying in the closet about my ‘extreme fondness’ for Rob. I don’t want to get labelled a crazy..because people that don’t have the fondness only see the crazies (fandom)..I admit I’m quietly crazy, but not downright, out of my tree, off my f**king rocker crazy.

  23. My life is way to complicated to fret about whether there is a Robsten or a Nonsten and find a general feeling of disgrace towards what members of the human race will sometimes do to promote their views – whether it is something trivial like Robsten/Nonsten or important like HCR. Sorry UC and her friends in the picture were put through this this cyber bullying – ahh…the internet, a lovey tool used for almost instant gratification to enjoy our Twilight/Rob fetish, but yet abused by so many to spread hate and lies. I am going to shut off the world and go to my happy place now.

  24. BRAVO! Srsly– good for you for standing up for yourself and the rest of the ladies in that pic (some of whom I have met in RL and are in fact supa sweet ladies!).

    When did it all become such and mess? And so freaking VITAL to people’s lives whether or not two complete STRANGERS to us all were “together or not”? Geez. The whole ‘Sten thing is exactly why I keep my love of these books/movies in the closet.

    I mean, it was all fun and games in the beginning of “ooo, are they or aren’t they” but somewhere along the lines of simple banter about the silly possibilites of whether or not these two are a couple got WAY out of hand. Name calling, threats, twitter fights, RL fights. Give me a freaking break!!

    It was easy to ignore for awhile, just letting each “side” have their private fun but as it got more and more public it became something that made me ashamed to be a Twilight Fan. Then when people that I have met in RL get dragged into it? People who were nothing but kind and sweet and made this little fangirl’s trip to LA back in November one that she will never forget….yeah….that’s when it can’t be ignored.

    Please, for the LOVE OF GAWD, end all this ridiculousness. We are GROWN PEOPLE here. We need to step back and realize that this whole argument is over two people WE DON’T KNOW. WHO CARES what they are doing– period!!

    Annnnddd….end rant.

    Damn. Just read over that whole thing. I am awfully tweed-serious for this early on a Friday. Now….for coffee.

    • Lili, I ❤ you for this. You said exactly what i wanted to say but better.

      • Why thank you! I ❤ you back. 😉

        I feel like I could possibly lose some friends (on both sides of the "debate") but in the end, this whole this is just so crazy and blown outta proportion.

    • I like you! I think we should sleep together in the near future.

      PS My comments are all intended to make lil sense.

    • You said it. We don’t these two public figures, we will never know them, they don’t know or care about us, and it’s just juvenile and embarrassing to be so prurient about their private lives.

      • We don’t KNOW these two . . ., I mean.

  25. What the ferk?!

    PS Do you realise how much purple is in that photo-gorgeous.

    • I know, right?! That’s what I thought 🙂

    • That’s ’cause “Purple’s Cool”

    • I’m in love with that purple coat on the right. It’s super cool and beautiful.

  26. I didn’t know things got so intense around here either (aside from the occasional “Thumbs Down” and mini-insults). Boooooo. I thought some of us were too old for that kind of NONsense (but not too old for Rob).

    Speaking of Rob and on a much happier note… I had THE best Rob dream last night. I almost called in to work so I could finish (twss). Stupid work and reality messing up Twi-Land…

  27. “In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher.” Dalai Lama

    Hugs and Kisses to UC and Moon for taking all the abuse from crazy people!

    All the girls in the picture are beautiful (wish I was there). Wear those horns proudly for all of us who are “horny” for Rob!

    • HAHA! I’d actually planned to photoshop you, BrooklynBabe, and the Southern girls in since you were all missing. Boy am I glad I was too effing lazy for that now!

  28. Dear UC-
    This whole shit storm is way too serious for me, but I do have a couple of things to say:
    1. UC, you go girl! Throw those haters over the couch for REAL. You have a 7 (or more) nation army of girls like us (and maybe BobbyGee) backing you.
    2. Bat-shit crazy. Nuff said.
    3. “Bob Paddleston” Bwahahahahahahaa!!!

    Love you.
    xoxoxo Obava

  29. I heard about this yesterday. Yes I am nonsten, I don’t like Kristen, and I sometimes laugh at the antics of the extreme Robstens. But I would never stoop to such appalling and ridiculous tactics. The zeal with which these people spew hate all over the internet only shows their insecurity and that they are far too invested. Time to step back.

    I feel for anyone in the picture who was upset by it, but really it only shows the level of stupidity of the person who made it.

    I never expected Rob to become my friend, and I’m entitled to my opinion. If we ever do become friends, I’ll have to work at hiding it.

    And I love the idea of the nonsten witch hunt so Summit can have us all thrown in jail. Hilarious.

    Sorry you were caught in the middle of all the crazy, UC.

    • Thanks for being one of the good ones girl !!

      • WOW – so does this mean I HAVE to like Kristen now……..or else……..??(or I might go to prison…????)

  30. I’m on the same page as Estrella.
    Sorry for that.
    I like you guys.


  31. Ok. Seriously I can’t believe that people actually do things like this. Srsly. What are they? 12-year olds?
    I absolutely don’t like people that feel somewhat superior to others. Thats not necessary.
    Plus I don’t get them being able to have so much pure hate/dislike/whatever towards people THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW!
    But UC no worries. I got your back (said in the most honest Eric Voice). And I am sure the others do too.
    Damn this kinda ruined my “I’m going to see Rob again tonight mood” but that’s definitly not LTR’s fault but the one of those ignorant people.

    p.s. I can’t get over how pretty you look in that black and white picture. You look beautiful and fabulous!!!

    • p.p.s. Yes you look pretty but just because I ignored the horns.


      • I thought the horns added a little je ne sais quois to the wedding photo. If I ever get married again [perish the thought!] I’m walking down the aisle with a devil horn headband on. My Baptist church will love that.

        • bahahahha.
          If I ever get married in my entire life at all I will definitly do that!
          My muslim priest will definitly love that!

          p.s. Wedding photos get me all emotional for some reason. When I saw Laurens wedding picture (Lauren from LaurensBite) I got all… Awwww I want to get married right about now… 😛

          Anyway: LTR girls FTMFW!!!

          • You’re a muslim?

          • Yes I am. Why do you sound surprised?

          • Me too. Glad to find fellow muslim here. Hi there 🙂

        • I though we were getting married in DC! Can’t we both wear the devil horn headbands? We will be the most beautiful non-lesbian married ladies ever.

          • I keep forgetting about our lesbian wedding, Trigs. I’ll be sure to order two devil headbands. My Baptist friends won’t even notice them since they’ll be too worried about me marrying another woman.

          • Ladies don’t forget to order the special devil horns: sequined ones or light up ones!

        • Horns totally enhance a wedding photo.

          On the morning of my wedding, I stepped out of the shower and ACDC’s “Highway to Hell” was on the radio. I took that as a good sign.

  32. What?????
    I take one day off Twi-world and spend it on my couch reading books and watching movies and miss all this…
    …so I’m giving Jena thumbs up and not even commenting the crazies out there…

  33. Dear UC,
    Thank you for the lovely devil horned laugh this morning. I only have one complaint; the red clashes with my tights. (yes haters, I’m the blonde on the left in pink tights).
    I admit that I was angry last night when I saw this. Only because I’ve never been mean to anyone online. I’m a nice person who really doesn’t give a rat’s patooty if Rob is with Kristen. Everyone in that picture is a friend and I don’t like my friends to be called names and treated poorly.
    Then I got over it when I saw a picture of this cyber bully. Seriously, I think she’s about 12 years old. I had to laugh and have my Fried Green Tomato moment thinking “I may be older but I have the money to hunt you down and kill you if I really wanted to.” LOL! Then I went back to my normal, mature and adjusted place. Life is good. God is good.
    I would say this is libel but it’s really not. Seeing as I’m fat (135lbs) and do need another round of Botox for my old self (32 yrs) to PREVENT wrinkles. So I guess I haven’t been bullied at all since it’s gospel truth.
    I just want all the world to know (because you know the whole world reads this blog ;-)) that this picture is full of a wonderful bunch of women of all ages, walks of life, and regions of the world who used Rob as an excuse to get away and visit with each other. It’s called friendship people and I SHIP FRIENDSHIP!

    • Beautiful

      • “I SHIP FRIENDSHIP!” Brilliant & true and I ♥ you for it!

    • I don’t think the horns make you all look any less cute. In fact, you look naughty! Rob would love it.

      • Rob approves!

        • “Rob would marry this”

    • Where’s that slow clap when you need it?

      • HAHA! I posted the slow 80s movie clap on the next page too. I didn’t see Jodie’s request. oops

    • I Ship a number of things:

      -FRIENDSHIP (cause of your awesome comment)
      -TEAMVixBANGS (cause they are adorable) and
      -TEAM BEER (nuff said)

      • i cant’ wait to see you. DRAG SHOW ATTENDEES UNITE

        oh wait… 😦 frownsmile

        • I’m so *sad clown* 😦 over you having to work and not go to the drag show. Good news is that it happens every Thursday so we can go another time. We’ll make Calliope go back too.

  34. WHAT THE HELL? I will never understand why people will care that much if two people are in a relationship or not and go to the lengths as demonstrated above.

    I don’t care enough for that. Sorry.

    • Word. I just want to look at Rob Porn and discuss the social and political impact on this pre-teen book series. Is that so wrong?!

      • AMAZING

      • *of, not on. Snarky comment fail.

        • Nope. Still snarky comment win. Total win.

      • No, that’s not wrong, THAT’S NORMAL!

  35. I’m frightened. The anonymity of the internet just seems to increase people’s rudeness, craziness, and sometimes downright cruelty. I don’t think I can even think of a more insignificant argument to have with someone than whether or not Rob and Kristen are together and/or madly in love. Get over it, ‘shippers on both sides, because the only people who this actually matters to are Rob and Kristen.

    *Backs away from computer slowly*

    • yup, the anonymity is the problem. These are insecure, bitter little people who’d never have the balls to do this stuff to your face.

      • …and they have bad bad bad photoshop skills. When you eff with someone’s photos, at least put a little artistry in your defamation. Stick pitchforks, oh please.

  36. Wow Moon. It’s too bad that you had to spend your time “dealing with this shit”. Your humor and talent should be spent, working on RobPorn. Isn’t that what is usually on here on Fridays?

    As a daily visitor, I was pleased as punch when you and Moon decided to post real photos of you. Lovely wedding picture btw. I sorry that this happened.

    Like most fans, I say that because I want Rob and Kristen to realize this, I really don’t think about their love life that much. I hope that Rob is happy, and that someone is “tapping that hard” on a regular basis.

    Kisses and Hugs to UC and Moon.

    • poor Moon 😦


      • You should photoshop Moon on that picture. That’ll teach those haters for discriminating against the West Coast.

    • Squeeing like a fan girl!!! It’s so cool that UC commented.

  37. I am saddened by the fact that I am not standing next to you adorned with horns and a pitchfork in that photo.

    Since when was this fandom healthy? Is someone intimating that prior to LTT and LTR a bunch of strangers mooning over a fake vampire and the actor who plays him was a mentally stable thing to do? Or that spending any amount of time running to the defense of an actress you don’t even know was normal? UC & Moon invented normal around here.

    Please let them show up here. Please, please, please. I love playing with haters.

    • slow clap for you

    • I did this.. just for you

      • Could you put some horns on a blank video chat screen for me, please?

      • You are awesome. You could be wallowing in self pity, but instead you’re drawing devil horns on me. I’m speechless. I’m without speech.

    • Hale Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about. Come out, come out wherever you are haters.

      But seriously, what flavour of batshit crazy is this? God, I’m so glad I never got around to finishing my nonsten quilt. After seeing the unspeakably hateful things said on forums I sobered the hell up and bought a ticket on the whogivesafucksten bus.

      • “After seeing the unspeakably hateful things said on forums I sobered the hell up and bought a ticket on the whogivesafucksten bus.”

        Ditto. Thumbs up to you. This whole thing has totally erased ANY desire to lean in the nonsten direction.

    • I would not even breathe of my interest in Twilight or Rob until I found LTT/LTR, UC and Moon.

      Then I breathed a sigh of relief. They may take our lives, but they will never take OUR NORMAL!!!!! /Mel Gibson

  38. I am very new at all this…was never a computer/internet person…I just comment on this blog because I love you guys and because of Rob of course…

    So I really had no idea that it could get so ugly in this internetworld and that there could be people who could do stuff like that and hate so much!!! I’m very naive, I guess.

    I’m really sorry UC&Moon…mainly sorry for these people…cause they are obviously desperate for attention.

    We have a saying in Greece and I will try to translate it as good as possible: People will never really love you…so it’s good that they fear you!!!

    I guess the point of my little speach is…all of us who are on this blog really love you and admire you…for the rest just don’t give a shit…they say stupid stuff like that because they fear you…because they would like to be like you…because they are jealous of you…they are stalkers and nothing more…not worthy of a second look!!!

    And as a final word:
    “I’m just a soul whose intentions are good,
    Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.”

    There is no misunderstanding on this blog!

    Love you

    • Oh honey it gets ugly in here constantly but I never knew they would drag LTR into this whole thing!

      I already feel like getting on those girls level for saying what I said above…

      Now that my first shock is over I can proudly say that I wouldn’t have cared about this at all. I wouldn’t. But IF somebody gets my “friends” (yes online-friends qualify as friends in my books. Plus theres still the slight chance of meeting them in RL) into this whole thing I just gotta say something.

      In the ends just one albanian saying everyone should thing about:
      “Think if you’d like something like that to be done to you and then do it to the other person.”

      My mum raised me better than that,

    • ohhhh I love that song. Love Nina Symone.

    • I like you!

  39. WORD.


  40. Hi UC.

    I saw the pic and the remarks some people made. What happened is really horrible and just shows that some people are overly fanatic when it comes to their love for a celebrity.

    It’s not the first time something like that happened. If Robsten and fans of Kristen Stewart see someone who probably doesn’t like their queen then they start all this bullshit. They treat Kristen as a godess and Robsten as their religion. One time they even used the word witchhunt to show how they’re gonna behave around people who don’t have their opinion.

    But it’s worst if the named person doesn’t have something to do with that. I hope that after some days the witchhunt will end.

  41. And I have a question…since when is botox a bad thing?
    Since when is having a couple of more pounds a bad thing?
    Since when do we NOT live in a free world where one can have his own opinion and saying it is a bad thing?

    Why do I feel suddenly that I’m watched by the BIG BROTHER?

    • @melronin people are more than free to say what they wish about me. BUT, when a picture is posted and taken from an account of which I had no knowledge, and the person who lifted it posts it online with the erroneous judgement that I am a Nonstenner (at a convention no less) and people proceed to attack said photo with no verification of the veracity of the claim, I have a major problem with it.

      In other words, 1. I could give a flying crap who anyone dates. 2. That picture was in no way related to 3. Someone said it was and a large group of people took their word as gospel 4. Instead of spewing hate, maybe they should have asked where the picture actually came from.

      Perhaps if people spent less time on conspiracy theories regarding Summit, Rob, Kristen, and Twilight, they’d hate on innocent people a little less.

      The fact the someone could take a photo of a group of women that in no way indicated any affiliation to the Nonsten/Robsten debate (or Rob or Twilight for that matter) and defame that picture all over the internet makes me sick. I don’t really care if they think I’m fat or ugly or stupid. What bothers me is that they accuse me of making death threats against Kristen. Why the eff would I do that?!!? Why would any of us?

      Yesterday made me realize that this is a fandom I no longer want to be part of. I will treasure the friendships I’ve made, but will no longer participate in any Twilight sites. It’s sad to say, but I don’t have the time to protect myself from the crazy and weed out the nice people any longer.

      Thank you UC, Jena, Jodie and anyone who defended us or helped us get the picture taken down. I appreciate it.

      PS. I’m in the purple coat on the end if anyone wants to judge.

      • Hunny I hope that you know that I agree with every word you say…I also hope you know, when I say…we all can say our opinion and it’s a free world, I meant…all of us here…I meant that I believe that I can say I love that person and I don’t love another without being hated so much! As I said, I’m new in cyberspace…I’ve a lot to learn!

        • I do understand that. My point is that free speech doesn’t cover slander. My argument isn’t that these people can’t say what they want, it is that they should maybe think about what they say before they say it. If they had thought first, they’d maybe see that there is nothing in this picture that ties us to the Nonsten board.

          I just wanted to clear that up.

          And I mean no offense to anyone, but having read tweets and forums for both sides, I think they are both barking mad.

          • I understand your point perfectly! Immagine that I was in major shock… seriously…when I first commented here and got a lot of thumbs down! I didn’t even understand why??? Btw…I got over it…I’m fine now…really 😀

      • D_E, wonderfully put, you are a dear heart who I am glad I got to meet and spend time with in NYC. I love you to bits, girl! And thank you for your help last night!

      • “Yesterday made me realize that this is a fandom I no longer want to be part of. I will treasure the friendships I’ve made, but will no longer participate in any Twilight sites.”

        It’s sad that a bunch of crazies have made you feel this way, but I can so understand why.

      • D_E, please don’t leave the fandom. We need all the normals we to out number the crazies. Stay, stay and fight the freaks, Cullen style.

        Hey, at least you got the best pitchfork.

    • You may pee at 5pm tonight. Not one minute before

      • Ok…hunny…I’ll set the alarmclock!!! Love ya 😀

  42. Wow, all the stuff going back and forth on Twitter over the past few days finally makes sense. But I use “makes sense” loosely because WHAT THE MOTHERFUCK IS GOING ON? Seriously? People are hating? What happened to the fandom that raised all that money for Haiti? And the fandom that had the spontaneous day of love on Twitter? Jesus Christ people, get your shit together. They’re just two grubby actors – who cares what they’re doing.

    I love you, UC (& Moon). This post was both hilarious and well done.

    • I totally dragged Carl Weathers into our fandom that day by proclaiming my love for him.

      • Yeah, and then he returned the favor. Carl Weathers said it sounds like you’ve got a stew goin’ TO YOU. Do you realize what sort of pedestal I have you on solely for that? Christ lady, as if I didn’t already worship you enough as it was.

    • @Hevvybrother


      my thoughts exactly!

      I really don’t understand any of it.

      There is about 10% of me that wants to go and find out, but 90% of me doesn’t want to give any of these fuckwit sites the hit.

      • HB, I have no idea what is going on either, but it sounds ridiculous. Remember when you created ‘Team Calm-the-Fuck-Downsten’?? Remember those days? Ahh, the innocence. I am still on that team, btw. This shit is bananas.

        PS, you all look lovely even with devil horns, which means you must all be extra extra beautiful beneath them.

        • Team Calm-The-Fuck-Downsten!

          I’ll be merging this with my new initiative of Team Get-A-Lifesten. Now accepting applications. #Normal people only. Haters need not apply.

    • I ❤ you because you called them two grubby actors, which they both are. Amen.

  43. Dear Rob,
    I’ll pretend not to know any of your deep personal bio if we ever meet if you’ll pretend that I’m not married with kids.

    I’m an avid reader of all things Moon & UC. They’ve brought laughter back to my life; they are hilarity & cleverness embodied.

    You, well, you’re my dreamboat embodied.

  44. Didn’t we all have enough drama in high school?Why on earth relive it now? Women attacking women makes me sad and angry–we should be celebrating the fact we’ve all been united by a YA series about sparkly vampires. Instead there are vicious attacks on one another. Channel all the hate & anger and do something good, like feed kittens or hug a baby. The only thing we need to worry about in this fandom is what’s going on w/Eclipse & the fact that if Breaking Dawn is made, how they’re gonna make CGI
    Renessme look cool.

    • I agree Kendall!

      P.S. I have zero expectations for Renewhateverthefuckhernameis looking cool in Breaking Dawn. It ain’t gonna happen. We should just start discussing how embarrassed we are going to be to admit we read a book with said character in it once the movie hits. LOL

      • I don’t know what y’all are talking about. The book series ends with Eclipse.


        I mean … if you like Breaking Dawn, that’s cool. I guess.


          ROFL – exactly. I’ll be there with you, Allryans. That book sucked. Sucked!

        • Yay! I didn’t know Die In A Fire was a coined term! We’ve upgraded it to Die In A Fiery Fire.

          Can I like the idea of Isle Esme without having you cut a bitch?

        • Crap! *groans and braces self for cutting and burning*

          What can I say? Despite is flaws, I’m a huge sucker for a happy ending (twss).

          • sorry, …I rooted for the Volturi.

          • You should do the adult thing and track allryans down on facebook, photoshop her picture and inform Stephenie Meyer so she can sue her.

          • Alice – I like the way you think.

          • Alice – I’m actually kind of scared now.


  45. Really? There are really people out there like this, I always just figured you guys referred to them for entertainment purposes only. Wow, thats really sad-and this is why I’m glad im techno-tarded. I didn’t know such places existed until yesterday when my friend forwarded me a website and I saw the lawsuit. I read some of the comments but I still didnt/dont really get it. I mean they’re pictures from a movie right, and in the movie their characters are in love with each other-so SHOCK, they’re in bed together and there are pictures??.. Am I missing something, WHAT THE HELL IS THE BIG DEAL?? Its a movie, its called ACTING, and even if they are together who cares? I think you said it perfectly UC, some people just need to get a life. Cyber-bullying is pathetic, and if someone has nothing better to do with their time then so are they..
    Robsten, Nonsten, Denysten, whatever you wanna call it, cause aintnobodygettinnun-sten..
    And I don’t care what anyone else says cause you guys entertain the hell out of me, so thank you!

    • I was going to type my own response, but I’m lazy and you captured my thoughts exactly ; )

      Love your sites UC and Moon!

      ps. I’m a Rob-ianne (which is Rob and me…LOL).
      pps. just kidding.
      ppps. kind-of.

    • lilbit,

      I was going to type my own response, but I’m lazy and you captured my thoughts exactly ; )

      Love your sites UC and Moon!

      ps. I’m a Rob-ianne (which is Rob and me…LOL).
      pps. just kidding.
      ppps. kind-of.

      • ha ha, totally know the feeling..
        ps. i like to refer to them as asexualsten, they just bump like barbies till i can meet him.. although thats not entirely fair, seeing as how I never actively search him out, but it is my delusion..
        pps. im kidding, i dont really care, i just wanted to type “bump like barbies”

  46. UC, I saw that pic yesterday and I saw the nasty comments. I thought it was totally wrong for some Robsten supporters to stoop to that level. Especially since they had NO idea who the ladies were. I knew it was you in there and it made me sick to hear what some people were saying.

    This post was so NEEDED! I like the idea of Rob and Kristen as a couple. I don’t spend time trying to prove it. If they were to completely deny tomorrow or confirm or shock us with other news, I would still be a fan of both.

    I’m sorry this happened to you. For some reason when I saw on Twitter there would be an Epic post today, I knew you were going to set people straight. I so appreciate that.

    There are extremes on both sides of the fence. It’s gotten so ugly, its not fun anymore. People take it way to seriously. Seriously.

    You guys rock and I think all the ladies in the pic are fabulous, Robsten, Nonsten, don’t give an eff’sten!

    It’s hard to ignore the hate, sometimes we have to address it and you said today, exactly what I’ve been thinking!

    • Where are those comments anyway??

      • i will be asking some ppl on twitter for money for my therapy bill soon- look at their timelines- it was 2 nights ago

        • From the @letter2twilight account? Because I just checked that one and there was nothing unusual going on… ?!

          p.s. Can I ask them for money for my therapy after being damaged from reading what I expect to read, too?

          • check the girl who made the photo, it’s that Alice chick. find her timeline….

        • What I thought was funny about the comments were the mis-spelt words. I mean, if you’re gonna insult, at the very least, spell correctly.

          • Spelling correctly is not GOO. But only some can misspell as Coo as I

          • Okay, you seriously just made me laugh out loud, snort included.
            THUMBS UP!

    • e, well put! This is getting so out of hand w/ the sides and it needs to stop. If people want them together fine, if they don’t want them together, fine, have your opinion and keep it that and move on. We don’t need forums against forums and people actually believing they know their lives and hate on anyone who disagrees with opinions, it’s all a bunch of bullshit. People need to step back and see what it really means to be a fan. They’re just digging holes they’re never gonna get out of.

      • Amen!!! I’m making a vow to myself to not digress or even peek at the drama anymore! I like happy, funny, sarcastic, drama free people. I like to laugh and smile about twilight, not shudder and feel saddened by the ugliness of it all! UC, made my day with this post. I have been wanting someone to say something for so long! 🙂

  47. Oh, you poor things. I feel so sorry for you….Drink some Kool Aid, Kill some bears, start “getting it”, and realize that hate breeds more hate. Karma is a bitch isn’t it? *Sarcasm*

    • jersey girl- i assumed we’d be seeing you today.
      Although maybe you need to re-read the post. You can hate me all you want- that’s fine, I can take it, but the rest of the girls? They did nothing but take a picture before Jimmy Fallon. This has nothing to do with anyone’s hate. They were maliciously attacked for NO REASON at all. And you were involved…..I saw your tweets. (and I know you didn’t know I was in the picture)

      Also I’d never kill bears. Cuz THEY’RE NOT BEARS

        • omg. marry me



        • We need one of Rob and Kristen with horns. Because, obviously, they’re the root of the whole problem.

        • ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Bahahahahah!

        • omg Tiff you are brillz~~~

          I heart you today!!!

        • Bearsten!

        • OMG I totally laughed out loud. FOR REALZ.

    • I dare you to prove that I’ve hated on anyone. If you can find an instance of it, I’d be happy to say that I deserved to be defamed all over the internet for taking a picture. So, feel free to go looking. You won’t find much.

    • well you my friend need to lay off the Pee-flavored Kool-Aid, remember just because its yellow doesnt mean it will help that sunny disposition you got workin for ya, just a thought..

    • Kool Aid? When did we get Kool Aid? Have you bitches been hiding the Kool Aid from me?

      • Well, the only Kool-Aid I drink is the kind that has been sitting for a couple of days with some grain alcohol and fruit. It’s yummy.

    • I’m confused. Who am I hating? Kool-aid or bears?

      • Didn’t you see Tiffany’s pic above? Bears are the devil!!!

      • Kool Aid for sure. Bears are cool.

        • Green and purple bears are good and cool.

      • im gonna go with Kool-Aid drinking bears?? or maybe bears riding unicycles while drinking Kool-Aid, thats talent.. or bears that wear bowties are kinda freaky too.. as you can tell i have no idea, im just bored at work and noones in the cubicles surrounding me..

        • Wait.. the bears drank my kool-aid?

          DAMN THEM! *runs off to start a blog*

          • @Letters2KoolAidDrinkingBears YOU ROCK

      • Today is a day of hate. Hate anything at all, just get it all out.

        • I blame Summit for all of this. Or NReed. Either one.

        • so much to hate, so little time, I should start a list.. and at the top of it would be the fact that I hate to make lists, so there goes that idea..

          what I don’t get about the whole thing is um, where do people get off thinking its any of their business? so say, they move in together and get matching mini coopers, are they going to send me an invitation for afternoon tea and crumpets? or tell me where they are registered in hopes that I pick up that random fourth matching fork (yeah im cheap like that) No??? So why in the holy mother of fukdom do I care? Oh, thats right I don’t-I just like to torment my nonsten friend in hopes she’ll pay me in robporn to stop..hey, ive stated before im tech-tarded and gotta get the pictures downloaded on my computer somehow.. dont judge me..

          • you don’t need a fork to eat hot pockets-get a plate.

          • Do they make tea and crumpet flavored Hot Pockets? Because if they don’t I’m so copyrighting that idea!

          • ahh, you’re right.. forgot who I was talking about.. I’m thumbing through a registry of gifts I have to go get later, think they’d appreciate paper plates?? maybe the fork could double as a back scratcher? is it wrong to give bad gifts in hopes it discourages invitations to later uptight social gatherings?

      • What’s kool-aid!

        • Mine x3

          It’s a (kids) drink made from colored powder, sugar and water with flavors like grape and strawberry and apparently it’s good with grain alcohol and fruit.

  48. Dearest UC,

    I actually laughed at the group photo because I spotted you in the crowd, without needing you to say I’m wearing the black and white coat etc. You’re just like a good friend (not needing Botox) that I have never met but one who I recognise nonetheless 🙂

    Keep up the good work, there are some of us who can actually laugh at ourselves and take a joke……


    • awwww!!! I’m totally not creeped out (seriously.. i’m not being sarcastic. I love that you recognized me!)

      • and I am also glad that you can spell the word *recognize* and I can’t. FAIL.

        • I automatically assumed you were using the British spelling of recogniSe to honoUr Rob!

  49. I must say, I have become quite attached to my devil horns. They look good, no? I’m looking into getting them permanently attached to my head. However, I AM disappointed that I was not given a pitchfork! Also, how can I be the devil without a tail? Draw me a tail, you crazy!

    In all seriousness, I have always tried to have thick skin. But yesterday was a challenge that I’m still attempting to laugh off. I don’t give two shakes about those stupid R/N fights (can’t even bring myself to say those words anymore!). My only “crime” was showing up in NYC to meet some of my besties and taking a group picture to remember how much fun we had that weekend. But apparently, you are only guilty until proven innocent in internet world – and since no one bothers to verify anything, you’re just guilty. As an adult, I can handle this. I just hope cyber bullying of any sort is not directed toward impressionable kids and that sites take the appropriate measures towards responding to this type of viciousness.

    To everyone with me in that picture, you are all beautiful women. And you all look damn good with horns. Hugs!

    • Dude, I want cloven hooves too! And lasers from my eyes! Damn their poor photoshopping skillz.

      • (((((lindelle))))) You are one of my most favorite people ever! And that’s a true story!

  50. GAH – I read this earlier but no time to comment. So much to say, so little time. Must get back to work.

    UC, as someone who’s been bullied by haters (not sure if they are nonsten or robsten, or just stupid), I feel you girl… lol

    • just stupid, I’d say!

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