Posted by: themoonisdown | March 25, 2010

Don’t want to be Facebook friends with us or Rob Pattinson? We understand

Come on, you know you wanna!

Dear Rob,

Did you know we have a Facebook fanpage for Letters to Twilight and Letters to Rob which is run by a profile with the name “WeluvaRob” (recently renamed to UC & Moon). Yea, we do. Ya know, since we’re big social media nerds and like to connect to your awesome fans any way we can. So from time to time after we send out some friend requests we’ll get an email like this back…

Hi UC & Moon,

I received an invitation from you two on Facebook.  Thanks for that.  I haven’t accepted yet, because I’m in the closet with him (I wish) and figure if I accept the invitation there will be all kinds Rob stuff that my friends will see and I’ll be seriously outed.

I’d love to be your Facebook friends, but the reason above is why I’ve hesitated.


Wait, you don't wanna be "poked" by this guy?

Dear Me,

So you’re saying you don’t want Rob to post on your facebook wall, or “poke you” or send you naughty pictures of him in his trailer? Because like this blog where he writes letters to himself he ALSO runs our Facebook fanpage. Boy, are you missing out. Ok, so maybe he doesn’t run our Facebook fanpage and I can’t say I blame you. Actually, I’m not a fan of us on Facebook either because I’m already TOO connected to these blogs as it is. I don’t need some potential employer finding my blog about Rob via Facebook and wondering what the heck I’m doing at work (editing videos of Rob and Tom Stu, DUH!).

However, by accepting us as your friend, or becoming a fan of the blogs doesn’t mean the floodgates open. We wont immediately start photobombing your profile with pictures of Edward or weird Rob manipulations or leave comments on your wall referencing o your “rob porn collection” for all your high school buddies to see. Though we may go through all your friends and send them a “courtesy message” outting you as a HUGE Rob fan just so you don’t have to. I mean they need to know about your affinity for Drunk Rob or the Candy Heart with a dirty message about Rob’s goodies you submitted for the Valentine’s Day contest.

Ctrl plus!!!

We may also alert your husband/boyfriend/crush/boy next door that he’ll never never compare to Rob in your book and that they should just be ready to accept they’ll always be second best. We’ll also provide them with the address of the nearest bookstore and instruct them that they should be well versed in all 4 books of the Twilight Saga as well as Bel Ami, Water For Elephants and the Remember Me script that we’ll email him. Ya know so you can have DEEP discussions about while you’re on your dream date with him, which is obviously waiting in line for the midnight screening of Bel Ami where you will point out how Rob will always be the most romantic, handsomest man ever.

Also anytime you post a status update or a link we will immediately “like it” and then comment “Rob would approve.” Did you just enjoy Easter dinner with the fam and ate all of Grandma’s mashed potatoes. SO GOOD! ZOMG? Rob approves! Did you just buy the black boots instead of the brown? Rob approves! Did your High School Class just post a reminder about the 10 year reunion on your wall? Rob approves!

Ok, maybe you shouldn’t accept our request…


So are you a friend of our profile, a fan of the fanpage? Have you outed yourself yet on Facebook or are you seriously in the closet still? What other status messages would Rob approve of?

Our internet game is ridiculous: LTT, The Forum, Twitter


  1. Yup, I’m both.
    At first I was like “OMG! They found me! How?!”
    But now I’m chillaxed about it.
    Although sometimes on my profile when it says that “Jayde ______ liked UC& Moon’s status” I delete it in case people look at my profile too closesly …

    • I totes just went to my profile and checked if it said “Jessica is now friends with UC and Moon.”
      It did.
      I deleted it. Just in case.

      • Oooh this post so nearly got me…I clickied on the link to FB & went to join the group, when POW, the truth hit me…UC & Moon etc would know who I really was, what I looked like, what I dressed my dog in at Christmas…

        So, thank Jorts, I clickied them all away….

        • lemme guess, you dressed Rex in ….wait for it….JORTS????

          • Nope! Antlers…they both wriggle too much for Jorts.

          • I guess the dog ate your jorts (waka waka waakkaaaa!) 🙂

      • I do that, too. Sorry, ladies. 🙂

    • Yeah. I denied the friend request the first time (Sorry ladies!) but this time I just thought eff it. I like Twilight and if you can’t handle that, it’s your prob. Besides, it was listed in my fave books anyway if you looked closely. Plus, I just delete it from my profile whenever I like/comment on anything UC& Moon do. You can know if you stalk me but I’m not letting FB announce it.

  2. I accepted you guys hoping that none of my friends will bother to check who “UCand MOON” is.

    I’m curious as to how you found us all though. Who took the time to go through and search for everyone? Or is there some kind of “find on facebook” button I don’t know about, lol.

    • I figured since we put in our emails to comment they used them to search for us.
      Tricky tricky!
      I think Rob would approve that I picked Raybans frames for my new glasses.

  3. UC & Moon I think it’s all kinds of wonderful that LTR and LTT have a facebook page, but (and I’m very sorry about this) there is no way on God’s Green Earth would I send a friend request, thus opening up self to epic ragging from family and friends. The thought of them finding out my (secret) interest *shudder* makes me break out in a cold sweat.

    But I ❤ both of you, Rob and this site.

    • UC & Moon

      Maybe once I’ve gotten over myself, I will become a fan – if you’ll still have me 🙂

      • “there is no way on God’s Green Earth would I send a friend request, thus opening up sel to epic ragging from family and friends.” SECOND EVERY WORD OF MINE!

        UC&Moon…as tempting as this offer sounds and even the thought of Rob comming across my name somehow…someday…in my case the ragging would be really really serious stuff…I have to repeat…greek man=jealous man=killing me….if ya know what I mean!!!

    • You should come out – it’s great here! No more hiding, no more pretending you are something that you are not, you can finally hold your head up high and say “Yes, I’m in love with Robet Pattinson, and it’s SO MUCH WORSE than you think.”

      • Robet, eh? Robet is hotter than Robert. But not as hot as Ron.

      • Good God Shleeeigh…THIS completely made my morning: “you can finally hold your head up high and say “Yes, I’m in love with Robet Pattinson, and it’s SO MUCH WORSE than you think.”

        …Because it’s so effing true. 😉

        And question…is “Robet” Roberts french brother? Because if it is, I can totally handle that….

      • “and it’s SO MUCH WORSE than you think” hahahaha…now that’s what I call a girl who stands up her herself.
        Shleeeigh, Shleeeigh, have you been to any gigs let’s say this week? 🙂 I need to live vicariously through you.

    • I know the feeling, my mom and dad puts embarassing comments on my FB and they are complaining about what I post on there(which are really harmless).

      Mom and Dad are ruining my FB experience!!!!! It’s no longer a safe haven. 😦

      • I feel your pain SB. I love it when I talk to my mom and she’s like, “So did you already talk to so and so?” All because that person mentioned something on my wall. I think FB just refined her detective abilities. And it’s kind of annoying. 🙂

      • So with you, SB.

        During the Presidential elections, FB almost killed all family connections…how sad is that?


      • SB – have only allowed a few people on my FB page, so look like billy no mates, but it’s just close family and friends….though I am considering blocking family memebers (one in particular) for same reason you state. Seem to think it’s funny to post ridiculous stuff on my page….it’s usually my very Northern Uncle! This is way I’m starting my own ‘super secret FB page’ for all things Rob.

        • I have a GERAT idea! Let’s all start super secret FB pages for the sole purpose of sharing our RobLove together! Imma go start mine now! Go search for Obava AnoniLi on FB!

          • Ummm that was supposed to be “GREAT”. typefail 😦

          • I will start mine tonight!

          • I’ll look for u.

          • Ummm OK guys- that’s NOT such a great idea. My Super Secret Facebook Profile is NOT Super Secret, or even Secret. FB has been suggesting my SSFBP to everyone in my e-mail address book 😦 (and suggesting ex-boyfriends, ex-husband, etc to my SSFBP!!!)

            I will now have to open a Super Secret E-mail Account. And hope noone I know has noticed the suggestion.

          • uh, uh! May I join?

          • Moan- come on over!

        • this is where I’m glad that my parents don’t even know what a right click is 😀

      • Sharpie, ML and MMM –

        Glad I’m not the only one.

        I want to block my parents but you know that will raise a lot of hell for me. Gosh 2 weeks ago she even posted pics of me when I was little (ulgy ones)and tagged me. I told her and dad to stop, please!!! And she always asks me why I did this and did that and all because she saw it on my wall.

        Srsly they see something on the wall and they call immediately to see what the heck is going on. Arggghhhhh. I have some friends who let’s just say are a little more “perverted” than me, LOL. They send me stuff and of course it shows on my wall, to the horror of my mom.

        ML, Oh don’t get me started on politics, haha!

        I think we need to send out a memo to the parents:

        Dear Mom and Dad,

        Please stay away from my Facebook wall!!!! This was supposed to be a fun place for my friends and I, away from prying and judgmental parents! I’ve been out of the house for 7 years, please let me have some fun! And stop posting my baby pictures on Fb.

        Alright? Thanks.


        • Geeeezzz…you all scared the shit out of me…now I’ll never gonna have a FB… it’s just a scary place for me! Parents and friends…ALL of them to see what I write about Rob??? OMG…and then also comment that???!!!

          • *Sigh* you know my my dad comments too(and my aunts and uncles). I don’t know how to tell him to please stop be-friending my friends too. Gosh even our minister is on there!!!! I didn’t be-friend him but his name pops up every now and then as a suggestion to be added.

            It’s very embarrassing when your mom writes on your wall : awww remember the time you got your period when you were 13?

            The Secret FB page is really appealing to me now.

          • SB…that’s scary stuff but I LMAO…your parents are hilarious!

  4. I used to have a rule to NOT accept strangers invites , but since ROB came into my life , I have this need to know every possible inconsequential detail about him , so now I do have “friends” that the only thing we have in common it’s our LOVE for ROB. And the funny thing is , I care so much about them , even though don’t know who they are ? I guess if they LOVE ROB that’s good enough for me:)
    My REal Life Friends just raise their eyebrows at the amount of pictures and info about ROB , they can find on my facebook page:)
    I wish sometimes I could have stayed in the closet, but my obsession it’s too strong. As soon as I read this post , I went and became a FAN,
    And that I am:)

  5. I sent a request.. I guess I’m outing myself.. actually I am just too lazy to sign into my super secret facebook page.. the one where I post HORRIBLE status updates about my exhusband that only my 2 BFFs can read… and then we call each other and laugh.

    • @owl_ransom

      Love that you have a super secret facebook page to post horrible status updates about you ex hub……that really made me laugh, and what a fantastic idea…think I’ll give that one a go, must be all kinds of satisfying.

    • Oooh that sounds fun!!

    • here… since I don’t ever mind getting outed on this…

      suuuuuper secret faaaacebook page.. everyone should have one!

      • @owl_ransom

        Agreed, everyone should have one.

        I’m off to start a new ‘super secret FB page’… I can become a fan and be happy in the knowledge that I wont get found out….i’m still not ready to come out of that closet yet.

        • you should add me and we can be snarks together.. hehehe

          • being snarks together sounds bloody marvelous Owl_ransom.

            I will send a friend request once I’ve started my ‘super secret FB page’ 🙂

            Am so excited!

          • I’m gonna create a secret page too, can you be my friend?

          • but of course!!! the more the merrier. My BFF can laugh at my rob addiction all she wants… hehehe

      • I know Moon and UC, please accept my apologies. I actually emailed you. Sorry. I’m still very much a closet fan. The one time I posted Rob-related there(I regret) I was bombarded. And no it wasn’t good stuff. I’m honored y’all want to be my friend but I have my mom and dad scanning my FB all day, hahah, can’t have any robporn or sparklepeen there.

        But I love u both!

        • Sorry this was meant to post on it’s own!!! Ah.

      • That’s brill, Owly. Can I call you Owly?

        A supersecret facebook page is a great place for my Roblife!!!


        • ML – I have the feeling that there are going to be a lot of ‘super secret FB pages’ after today. I for one will be starting my SSFBP when I get home tonight.

        • yeah you can totally call me Owlie.. several people actually do. My real name is Whitney, but considering about 90% of my friends and co-workers call me Owl.. insomnia is a bitch.

          although that leads to me answering “Yes?” when people hurt themselves and yell “Ow!” a lot… hehehe

          • Thanks, I’ll set up that Secret FB today.

  6. I don’t have a facebook account. My mom is always checking out my sister’s and complaining about things she finds there-I don’t need that. I know you can make it private but eh-it just doesn’t appeal to me. But I’d accept you if I did have an account!

    Besides that, between stalking and fanfiction (oh, and my family-they get a little time too) where would I find the time to be on facebook?

    I’d rather look at Rob than play that little farm game.

    • I used to have a Myspace with my dog’s name and picture. It gots lots of friend requests from-other dogs on myspace! Who knew.

      • Yeah, I’m one of those weirdos that has a Twitter account for my cat. It’s NOT NORMAL but it’s fun and was in response to my friend’s dog’s account. At least They’re Not Bears.

    • Ever since I found FanFiction my facebook time has been diminished significantly

    • “I’d rather look at Rob than play that little farm game.”

      Ha! So true. As someone who was previously sucked into the vortex of Farmville, I am SO over it now. It bothers the crap out of me when my feed is all crapped up with Farmville updates from my friends. I’ve been clicking the hide button a LOT lately.

  7. I don’t need to have a Facebook or be on Twitter or anything like that…HAVING YOU GUYS AND LTR TO TALK ABOUT ROB IS ENOUGH FOR ME…seriously… UC,Moon…you saved my life…really…because of you I still have my sanity…my mental health (sort of)…I was that close to exploding because I didn’t had someone to talk about Rob and my feelings for him!!!

    Thanks sisters…love you!!!

    • Love you back, Mel!

      Before LTR I had no one to talk to either…and I’m so grateful for UC, Moon and all of you cool people!

      • TRUE!!!

      • That didn’t sound right. I did have people to talk to (lol), but not about Rob.

        • Me too!

        • Me too, I’m so glad I have y’all.

      • You n me, both Sistah!

  8. I’m your friend on FaceBook and so far you haven’t really been that exciting. I’m wondering if it is even worth the space I allow you on my news feed.*

    *where’s that sarcasm link?

  9. Hey, I didn’t get a friend request. What’s that all about???? *sad face*

    • Me either, so I forced myself upon them and sent them one. 🙂

  10. Do your worst Moon! I couldn’t be more out with the Twi/Rob love so my friends will probably just ‘hide’ me like any self respecting person does on Facebook if it all got too Rob heavy.

    I challenge you to write ‘Rob approves’ on every one of my statuses because Rob would approve of them, as they mostly contain the word ‘cider.’

    • @shleeeigh
      my status updates usually include such things like ‘I have of late lost all my mirth….” and variations thereof……..I’m a very cheery person…NOT 🙂

      I try to incorporate Shakespeare as much as possible into my everyday life!!!

      Blimey, I truly am a very sad person!

      • comment awaiting moderation!

        Drat I misspelt my email address, was wondering why my avi had changed! All is now clear.

  11. I got your request months ago and I’ve left it pending because I get off on being withholding. It’s not super likely I’ll accept it – I’m totally in the closet. I’m not a “fan” of any Rob/Twi shizz whatsoever on there, mostly because I consider myself above that and not “into it all” enough to do it. Yes, I realize the hypocrisy of this theory as I post this comment on a blog about the man.

  12. I haven`t gotten my friend request on facebook yet & I`m kinda sad! I would totally accept it. I can`t say I`m completely out of the closet, but I`m not hiding there either. I don`t really care if people know I`m Robsessed. My sister-in-law & I were talking the othwer day about all the fake Rob facebook & twitter & MySpace pages are out there. This brought the conversation around to this blog & she ask “I wonder if they have a Facebook. That`d be cool to be friends with them.” She doesn`t leave comments on here (usually. occassionally she will under my name but it`s all good) because the only time she gets to check the blog is when she`s at my house. Anyway, UC & MOON (and anyone else who wishes to), send me a friend request on Facebook!! Look me up via my email:

    Dear Rob,
    I`m not ashamed of our love! In fact I`m proud of it. Ok, so proud of being Robsessed probably isn`t completely accurate but I don`t care if my facebook peeps know! Actually, truth be told, they all know we`re secretly in love anyway!! or at least they know I love you! Please tell UC & Moon & my friends here at LTR to send me friend requests on facebook so I can proudly display my Robsession!! thanks.

    • Dear Rob,
      I’m not ashamed of our love!

      Aww that sounds so sweet.

      I also proudly display it!

  13. I totally accepted right away. I’ve been out. Everyone knows I’m a fruitcake for Rob. At first, I wanted it to be a secret, but I gave up on that one pretty fast. I’ve been threatened with being “unfriended” if I didn’t stop with the Twilight crap, but to them I say, “Unfriend me, new foe!” And then I post this:

    And laugh for days.

  14. For the record, I DO want to be “poked” by that guy, he could “SuperPoke” me and I don’t think I’d mind.

    • oh God me too!

  15. I wave my freak flag high. Loud and proud. What can I say, I have no shame! 🙂



  16. I am a proud card carrying member/fan/friend of “weluvarob” on FB. I did deny at first, but then thought who give a flying fu(k. I am PROUD! Let all those bastards from high school make fun of me. Rob has my back, front. . .(that’s what she said).

    Plus, I LUV the occasional linkage during the day to other fun and interesting Rob topics.

    Thanks UC & Moon!

    BTW – how in the heck do I get rid of my germ avatar? It’s starting to give me a complex.

    • Hey BG- You can change your avi by signing up with Word Press. Here’s the link:

      • Thank you mam. . .

        • Can’t wait to see what you choose!
          I signed in so my avi will display now. Ugh, Christmas was 3 months ago… I should change it.

          • I hope it works!

            If it does, I am channeling Betty Draper this week. God, I miss smoking:o/

          • It worked!
            Oh, give me strength girl. Trying to quit… again.

    • Damn, Granny- you weren’t foolin- you ARE booming!

      • That’s right. Not only am I boomin’ Don Draper, I get to boom Rob from time to time;oP

  17. Most of my friends know about my acute fondness of the Rob. :: Facepalm:: No shame now!!!!

    I already get updates from “Official Kristen Stewart” and I think I may have stumbled over a Rob FB page or two (Squeeee) Stalking from the confort of home…WIN! LOL

    My Facebook has my real name not my super cool code name that I use here.

  18. I signed up! I love reading the comments everyone puts out there! My husband and my kids think I am nuts, but too bad!

  19. I have been friends wichu all on FB for “a while…” I hold myself back on FB about my RobLove- I need to be true to myself and let my freak flag fly but don’t want to freak friends and family out TOO bad 😛

    And being UC& Moon’s friend on FB is actually very entertaining and informative. For instance- just last night I clicked on a link to the Forum and was shocked! It was like in Goblet of Fire when Harry ducks into the Weasleys’ little pup tent and it’s like a huge, comfy cozy mansion inside! That was me, centering the Forum.

    See? Entertaining AND informative 🙂

  20. True story: I accepted UC and Moons friendship on FB. I’m not going to lie… I hesitated at first. But then I figured, eh, what the heck. I could use a good dose of snark on FB as well as LTR and LTT. The funny thing is, the hubs was sitting next to me while I was reading peoples status updates and there was one from the LTR girls. He looked like an inquisitive poodle, cocking his head to the side, with a look like, “huh?”. Needless to say, I ignored the look and continued to scroll down so fast on the page he was distracted by the blur. LTR is my dirty little secret, and I would like to keep it that way. 🙂

  21. weeeell, i’m kinda pissed cause i haven’t received a friend request! could be because i mostly lurk here, yeah, i know that. i don’t often pop up. buuuuuuuut, i’m here first thing in the morning and last thing at night. i even manage to sneak over on the weekends!! regardless, i don’t even think i’ve put twilight in my fav books section on fb, so i probably wouldn’t accept friend request. siiiiiiigggghhh, just not out. but man am i in. deep.

  22. I’m a friend of your profile. I hardly use facebook so I just figure no one will ever see that I am because no one bothers to look at my profile…right?

    Anyways, for anyone hesitating to friend LTT and LTR, put it in perspective: at least it’s way less embarassing than the girl who is constantly posting “I can haz cheeseburger” and “I has a hot dog” pictures to her status.

    • cough*me*cough

      • I would never do this. *smiles*

    • That would be me.

  23. I think I was already a Fan. Can I get extra UC & Moon Robcool points for that?!

    I’m not afraid to be linked to Rob on FaceBook but Twitter is where the real me is loud and proud about all things, mostly Twi/Rob/fan fic. I don’t need my Dad and 2nd grade teacher to know what I’d like to do to Rob behind a dumpster via FaceBook.

    • LOL..

  24. I’ll be a little out of context now…but I just saw this and wanted to share…so that we can beginn our day…you know, HAPPY…

    • I always notice this pics-Rob has very clean fingernails. No matter how hobo-ish he looks, the fingernails almost gleam, like he’s buffed them. Although I can’t imagine Rob buffing his nails. I can imagine ME doing it for him-anytime, Rob.

      • He must buff while waiting for his Hot Pockets to heat up. That Rob, such a multitasker!

        • Rob buffs his nails WITH the Hot Pocket- the grease is a great emollient.

    • Mel!!! You have already captured my attention again! The Police and then this song AND Rob. Too perfect. Heart you for this!

      • My pleasure Cath…anything for you sweety!!! Yeah…I’m into that kind of music… U2, Police, Pink Floyd…just to name a few…I’m into “old” rock…I guess I’m toooo old!

        • Nah, you just have good taste! In men and music!

          • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand Avatars… love ya 😀

    • Thanks Mel! How ru this fine morning?

      Actually it’s very Forks-like here in Lville.

      • It’s afternoon for me SB…and I’m fine…no work today…Greek holiday…so I can spend more time with you…love it!!!

        • I remember, you’re 5 hours ahead of EST right?

          Enjoy your day off!!!! Your avatar looks hot.

    • I had to comment on this myself…just because I soooo much love this mans hands/fingers.
      God…he sure has me wrapped around his fingers…big time!
      And waxbert has his hands in his pockets…we should at least see his hands on that thing!

      • I truly am surprised that Waxbert doesn’t have his hand running through his hair. It seems to be his trademark. How else would people recognize him? WaxKStew better have electronic blinky eyes.

    • **SIGH**
      Mel, you made my night!

      I heart you madly….

  25. Oh OK, the friend request has been sitting in the inbox for a few months and I feel mean everytime I ignore it. I’m off to accept right now.

    My friendbook page is unofficially my business page as a wedding photographer and weirdly I’ve found that a lot of my brides (who I friend on facebook) are secret twi fans. I did a blog post on “how not to look like a goldfish” for your wedding kiss (not I’m getting close to giving away my identity) and at the end of the post embedded the Twilight kiss which has to go down as one of the hottest kisses of all time and it’s been interesting seeing the reaction 🙂 Just sayin’

    By the way and totally unrelated, watching the Today Show this morning, they scanned around the crowd and there was this teenage girl holding a “WHERE IS ROBERT PATTINSON?” sign. What’s with that?

    • “By the way and totally unrelated, watching the Today Show this morning, they scanned around the crowd and there was this teenage girl holding a “WHERE IS ROBERT PATTINSON?” sign. What’s with that?”

      and now I have that “Whats up with that? whats up with that!” skit from saturday night live in my head.. LMFAO

      • 🙂

        • OMG – we are like soul sisters or somethin. I do this all the time at work. What is up with that? OOOOOOHHHWEEEEEEEEE! Whatupwitthat?

          • LMFAO meee tooo!! thats my little inner dialogue waaaay too much

  26. I am totally yours and everyone else’s friend that has anything to do with Rob, Twi and fanfiction. On FB and Twitter. My RL friends know I obsess over Rob. I think I have more cyber friends than RL friends on my FB and I have no RL friends on twitter.

    • I totes almost asked if I could be your RL friend to help even out your RL to Twi friend ratio!! *face palm* But that’s how connected I feel to LTRers!

  27. hi my name is Elín and im from iceland:) this is my first comment but i have bin comming here for a while and laughing at your post and comments. I just outed my self today by sending frends reqest on facebook and im looking forvard to shering story’s of my fondness for Ron 😀

    • ICELAND!? How exciting! I love Bjork. Which is the only thing i know about Iceland- oh and that it’s GREEN there and GREENLAND is where it’s COLD and ICY 🙂


      • hahaha right its green here and ice in Greenland(: but as soon as the sun is shining like today everybody is out in there t-shit and it’s not that warm:) but if you will ever visit iceland you should come in the summer or in the new years (cus there are fireworks everywhere and you can buy firework have youre own show it is like nothing else) but i love that you know Björk and that you like Sigurrós 😀

        • i think you guy’s on LTR, Rob and the Brit pac should come here on new years and celebrate:)

      • Right.

        I learned that “Greenland is full of ice and Iceland is very nice“ from watching The Mighty Ducks when I was a kid. Is that where you learned it UC? 🙂

    • Welcome, Elin! UC and Moon make it fun here!

    • Hi Elin! Welcome to the LTR comments 🙂

  28. What’s Facebook?


    Did anyone else’s friends send them a link to the NPR article that nitpick’s Stephenie Meyer’s writing ability? All I can say is she will probably be a billionaire in a year or two and that critic will still be reviewing OTHER people’s work for a living.

    • No, but thanks for telling me about SM’s writing being discussed on NPR, Swansong.

    • Yes! It cracks me up that my friends STILL send me that crap. As I told (i.e., bitched to) Mountain Lion:
      As if I didn’t know Stephenie Meyer’s writing sucks when I read the books years ago. As if that’s what I love about Twilight. As if they could outrun me…

  29. OMG! I sooo need to work.. Have I really been wandering around here FOR TWO HOURS… how do I even still have a job???? LOL

    • That’s normal.

  30. Dear Rob,

    I don’t do Twitter or Facebook but Sweet Darlin’ you can poke me ANYTIME!!!


    • Anytime… Anywhere… Any way….. You get the idea, right?

      Just wanted to make that clear!

      • Second that…ehhh multiple times!!!

    • Hahah, so glad to see you here today!

      Anytime poking is great!!!!!! Haha.

      • I ❤ you, SB!

      • I ❤ you SB!

        Btw, I'm wearing "Rob's" shirt… Slept in it again last night…

        • OMG I am so jealous Tupelo!!! I bet you had awesome Robdreams! ooolalala.

          I want one, you know I went searching for it and found one but didn’t buy it.

          I ❤ u too, keep me posted on email ok?

    • I like your practical mind 🙂

    • *waves* …to TH.

  31. I hardly use my FB, set it up last year when a friend of mine was sick at home for a longer period of time and she is all over FB.
    It was during the early phase of my Rob infatuation and I’ve might have bombarded her with Rob pics and vids, hahaha.
    She liked him as well, but it never developed in to, um, the LTR kind of love!

    I might go and start use FB more when it changes it’s name into RobBook and I can have as status update:
    ‘I kissed drunk Rob.’

    And ofcourse LTR then would be my honorary friends. No shame in love for the Rob. Everyone who doesn’t get it is missing out, but that’s okay, the line is already long enough!


    • We have to shorten this line somehow! Wonder if Rob would want that???

      • Just kidding…just kidding…the longer the better…ALL FOR ONE…AND ONE FOR ALL

    • What? I’m sad now.

      • Whyyyy??? (with the voice of Rob)

        Btw…can you tell me why I can’t use my thumbs…haven’t done anything wrong, I swear to Rob!!!

        • Cath said anyone who doesn’t get it is missing out(not coming out on FB??)…. and I’m being a goofball and being a drama queen,lol.

          Hahah, ignore me…I do sometimes, ignore myself.

          • Um, SB, my dear sweet drama queen,

            You do know that I meant anyone who doesn’t get the Roblove in general.

            I don’t care about FB or coming out there for your Roblove.

            It’s just all about Rob. And the Love. Roblove.

            That’s why I suggested RobBook. 😉

          • Yepp…yepp… and my can’tusethemthumbs are all yours Cath!

          • Haha, okay darlin….go look below, I just posted something interesting.


  32. i got you guys on there! haha i saw that and first was confused how you found me, and since then ive actively creeped your page ! 😛 all my friends know im a twilight fan, so i have no issues w/ that.
    i havent been posting in a while, but that doesnt mean that i havent been reading the posts!
    still <3'in you more than ever!

    ❤ ❤

  33. BWAH! This is so me.

    I’m terrified people will know my obsession. Doesn’t help that i’m ‘trying to impress a guy’ on FB. PFFT LOL like he even notices.

    Maybe i’ll add it like on a Sat night where no one is on FB and immediately remove it from my wall. Cuz I suuuure wanna be poked….repeatedly. 😀

    Like a quote from Titanic says: A Women’s secrets runs as deep as the blue ocean. And then the old woman died. See what happens when your secrets are revealed? *scared*

    • Thumbs up for the Titanic quote! I posted that on FB recently(for movie lines week).

  34. Out and proud baby! I am wearing my Daniel Gale rainbow sweater over here!

    I was not sure if I should out myself at first, but then I thought, hey I know a kid from high school that is an actor in LA now and maybe in the future he will meet Rob and then I will be somehow connected to Rob. Yes, yes I am am somewhat delusional.

    • but your delusion makes soo much sense! good for you! 😀

    • It’s all about connections and we all want to be connected to Rob!

    • Woot on the Daniel Gale sweater!!!!

      Yay, can you post a picture? Haha.

      • I think I may just change my avi! 😉

        • Change it! Let’s see the new sweater :-).

          I’m still waiting for u to watch RM so we can dissect Rob.

  35. Umm…Rob looks really buff in that picture of him with a ciggie. Look at his biceps, wow. *sighs*

    I don’t even smoke but gah he looks so hot smoking. My DH said, “he smokes, that’s gross.” I said, “whatever, I don’t care.”

  36. I think that Rob would approve that I “stayed in pjs all day and begin drinking at 3:00 p.m.”

    • As long as the drinking at 3 pm was his favorite, Heine!! Have you seen the new commercials for Hot Pockets? They’re on once an hour and I wonder each time if Rob would like them- how ridiculous is that?

      • That’s Normal!

  37. My lack of being in FB has nothing to be with my willingness to declare my ‘acute fondness’ of Rob to the world.

    It has everything to do with not wanting any type of contact (friend requests included) with several people from my past- oh yes, they’re on there and no, I don’t want to be friends!

    However, if there was any way on the planet that Rob would request to be my friend or to be available for a ‘poke’, well then, its done.

    • You and ML both posted before I sent my ‘worried where are you guys post’ See below.

      I can breath easy now.
      Thank goodness 🙂

    • Draska, I want to give you zillions of thumbs up for the “if there was any way on the planet that Rob would request to be my friend or to be available for a ‘poke’, well then, its done” comment…but sadly I can’t…don’t know why! Somebody took away my right to use my thumbs 😦

      • That should be drsaka ofcourse…sorry about that! What’s wrong with me today?

      • ‘Somebody took away my right to use my thumbs’ sorry about that Mel.

        But does that remind anyone else of the Dick Van Dyke Show episode (thank you TVLand) where Rob (HA!!!!) dreams that aliens were taking over everyone and they only ate walnut, lost their sense of humor and then lost their thumbs????

  38. Can somebody tell me where the hell are Jules, RG, MP, TOO, Drsaka, Mountain Lion, GGGP…where are they, this is very odd, at least one of them would have posted by now, especially RG…RG are you all right??????
    What are you all doing? Is there some secret website that you’re not sharing with us?
    Or have you all met up for a jolly and not told the rest of us?
    I’m worried, again I say where are you all??????

    I supposed, of course, that you all could actually be doing some work today….srly not!

    OK I need to get a grip 

    • yeah- actually doing some work!

      • oh and thanks for noticing my absence! Its very comforting!

      • M!M!M! ❤ – All the messing around I did on here the last few days finally caught up with me. Sorry Hun, I'm *actually* working. heh

        Re Facebook – I can't add LTT/LTR, you see, I treat my Robsession as if I were in a relationship with a bad boy whom my family and friends disapproves of. Fun, exciting and top secret.
        My two worlds cannot, must not collide.

        Silly relatives believe I think Rob is just another actor I enjoy. 😀

        • “Actor I enjoy?” Yeah, that, right. I enjoy him.

        • @jules
          Agree. No way can I let my RL ‘collide’ with my Robsession. Owl_Ransom has a super secret facebook page I think this is the way to go for all things Rob on facebook so that we don’t let on to our friends and family that we have, in fact, lost the plot!

          • ML – Naughty

            M!M!M! – A secret Facebook account will take time away from my Robporn, Fanfics, LTR and you girls.

            I follow LTT on Twitter, that’s my Robsessed civic duty right there.

    • RG was going to see Remember Me today! I’m so jealous

      • Can’t wait to read her reactions.

        • ❤ Can't wait to see it again!

          • RG – Email me your unedited thoughts! I know you can’t spoil on here.

      • @keisha

        arrahhh. thanks!

        Have calmed down now! Sanity/reason now returned (kinda).

      • ::Taps Foot:: Where the H is RobGirl????
        Maybe she drove to Bavaria to hear undubbed Robler

        • I’m waiting for her too, but I believe she went right back to watch it a second or third or …time…or she just can’t talk!!! RG…are you out of words hunny???

          • thanky keisha end mel and the others for “missing” me…<3

            I was on Rob and I'm high now! lol

    • I think RG was going to see Remember Me today…so hopefully she’ll be around to tell us about her Robexperience later!

      • Upps…sorry Keisha…didn’t read fast enough…

    • So has everyone seen Remember Me? I have some questions but I don’t want to give anything away.

      • I’d love to talk about it, Keisha, but don’t want to spoil it for anyone…

      • I’d love to talk about it too but maybe not on here since some people haven’t seen it yet. You can email me on the forum if you like.

    • Hi M!x3. I read the post this morning and got scared just thinking about having my acute fondness spread all over FaceBook for everyone to see, so I ran over to LTT instead for a non-embarrassing discussion of David Slade. But I’m over myself now, so don’t fret, I’m back.

    • RG is off in dream land right now with Rob…no worries :-).

      • honi…”off” is exactly right!!!!

        • HI!!!! Are you still alive after watching Robler? Did you need CPR? Hahahah.

          • honi, I’m alive but have not thank Rob, but TYLER!!!<3

    • Thanks for caring, Mine. I was at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.


      • You were 🙂 tell us everything about it! Is he as gorgeous as in RL?
        Ahhh…nobody should eva wax this man…and I mean…in every sense…neva eva!

      • I thought that Wax looked ok yesterday, but on closer inspection I’ve now changed my mind and it’s like all the other waxes they make….bloody awful and quite scary!

        Hope you enjoyed your trip to MT…lol 🙂

        • No, doesn’t look fine at all. Some in Paris actually look like the real item, but who cares about those ones.

          • that wax figure is ONE nightmare! the end!

      • hahaha let me guess…rechecking if the trousers fit?

      • I’m kidding about the museum.. I think the whole thing is super creepy.

        • Well, they did put his mole on waxbert’s neck:

          • Mole or no mole…stil don’t like that figure…but waxbert…lol!

          • I dunno…I mean…I dunno.

          • Yay! A side view! Thanks!!!!
            I’m not seeing any jawporn.

        • I’m no fan of Waxbert either.
          Maybe we can melt him down and have naughtywaxfuntimes or something.

          • Let me know when you decide to brake into Madame Tussauds…I’ll be ther asap…love the meltingprocess and I’m very good with wax!!!

          • @melronin… Good to know!

    • We are all in London mine! Or not! Damn ! Where is that LTR London gathering when you need one ? Who’s in?

      • I’m all in.. We should have global LTR parties.. London, LA, Greece, Atlanta.. let’s get on that hehe

      • Ma chère Robette, you got mail and I just had to do something with that Claudette ref. of you the other day…

        This one’s esp. for MP:

        Let’s be Rob’s Claudettes! 😉

        • hahahaha! Cath, I googled the Claudettes when Min mentioned it the other day, I didn’t see this vid but it’s priceless.
          Min’s bf = funny guy.

        • haha I simply didn’t dare posting. Also you should know he was very sparkling (clothes) and there are still women in their 60s who quit family and everything to live in the village where’s he’s burried, among posters and gig souvenirs. Needless to say, the Claude François lookalikes have major success.
          Bf said we’ll end up living in community like CF’s crazies, close to our idol. 🙂

      • MP, count me in. 🙂

      • Dear Am. LTR friends Owl and Sb,
        I suggest London for the gathering, guess why? Now, at your planes, ready, go! I’ll be waiting at the finish line with a pack of fresh Heineis!

        • LOL. OK make sure get me one that gluten-free okay?

          • now running to the shop sb

        • I am already packed and I got somewhere to crash in West London.. I think thats all I need.. get the beer ready MP

          • Beer is always ready, it’s a life rule. Where are you in West London, I can’t see you.

          • I’m actually in Atlanta, but one of my BFF’s lives in west london… about to move back to Wokingham.. so I come bug him from time to time 🙂 hi jinks usually ensue

          • I think his moving is a sign that you should come visit 🙂 .

    • hey mine! I’m here back from dubbed-Rob in RM!

      The only thing I’m able to say now is that RM is a beautiful piece of film, it touched me totally, storyline, characters, music and acting, I totally loved it.
      I think that the msg that’s in it is wonderful and true.
      I never saw Rob, I saw only Tyler (one little ecception, a tiny moment where touched his haid like 1 sec….lol), to me his acting was just GREAT!
      Thank you Rob for believing in that script, it was totally worthy!<3
      I look forward to watch this film in english next week in London!

      big wave to you all, missed you today, but me had a date with TylerRob!

      • HAIR and head !!! lol

      • RG, hey girl, so glad u finally got to see RM! Yay!!!

        He’s so lovely, than man. Sigh.

        • I meant to say “that” man….sorry.

    • All fine here Mine!
      Been hard at work! No no really!
      Also Now going to set up my super secret facebook account!
      Off to Lisbon tommorow morning so quite a lot to cram in before a whole wknd lost in RL. I’m already quite scared (AlexSupertramp scared) about the possibilities.

      • You’re right to be scared. It’s a crazy world out of the Rob bubble and no Rob friendly people, so much discrimination. 🙂

      • ::Sad panda:: We will miss you but have fun in Lisbon!

  39. I think it’s funny that at the bottom of a blog about LTR’s FB page under “Our Internet Game is Redonkulous” there’s no link to the FB page. Oops. Anyway, I actually became addicted to found LTT/R through a FB post “What if Twilight were A Facebook Status Update” or something like that. But I can’t find it now. 😦 It was hillarious though. REALLY REALLY hillarious.

    • This one?

      Click to access MEYERBOOK.pdf

      • Yep, that’s the one. Still makes me laugh. Thanks for finding/posting it Obi 😀

      • That is Hilar! & The rain sux.

  40. Half of my facebook friends are harvesting virtual crops on a daily basis. Like hell I’m gonna feel embarrassed for befriending fake Rob.
    I obviously delete all facebook messages that might inform them about this fact…

    • Hahaha, excellent point!!

  41. I’m definitely out of the closet and fans of LTT/LTR and friends with UC & Moon on FB..I think all my RL friends know I love Rob and every time I post something mildly related to him or twi, I get hundreds of *eye roll* comments!…PLUS I’ve also learned that I have other RL friends that love Rob and Twi too but they DONT KNOW about LTT/LTR!!!

  42. I think we have to add to our searching the name of che?
    Were is che today??? Che…come out, come out wherever you are! Miss ya!

  43. I’m not completely in the Robcloset with my bffs, but I can’t be your FB friend either. Because I get enough grief from my book club friends and bffs, I don’t need cousin Nick to start making fun of me too.

    I made the mistake once in front of my bff’s husband about “I read this funny blog about Rob by these two girls” and he has never let me live it down. I had to totally defend your blog and myself by saying it’s snarky/satirical/funny, but he still made fun. My skin isn’t that thick!

    So as much as I love you girls, I will see you here and Twitter and that’s it.

    • And even though I’d deny you, I’m a leetle bit offended that you didn’t try to be my friend. boohoo.

    • It’s just that many people don’t get it…our Robsession…i can’t even speek of feelings, and they just go to far with their comments…and then you have to defend Rob and LTR and you have to defend yourself…and in my case they think I’m crazy (besides being a perv…you know…doing stuff to that boy…being older then him…I should be arrested)…and it’s just a bit frustrating!

      I really prefer to talk about him ONLY with women that understand! That’s all!

  44. I had no hesitation about being FB friends with you guys – thanks to the “remove” feature 😀

    I am on vacation right now and your FB page and LTR are my only way of staying on top of Rob goodness (TWSS) while I’m away!

  45. Hahaha, this is so true. I know you guys are on there, but I have neither sent you a friend request (didn’t get one from you as I use a different email address) nor became a fan for all the above mentioned reasons and also because I had a look around and it didn’t seem like much was going on there. I guess I figured most of the action takes place here and that a FB link would be superfluous.

  46. Ohhhhhh becoming your friend on facebook that is soooo tempting – but it could open a whole can of worms for me NO ONE knows about my acute fondness. I even joined the group “vampires should burn in the sun not sparkle” to throw people off the scent.

    I think Robs status up date this week would read something like –

    Robert Pattinson is loving the sex scenes with Uma Thurman Chica Bow Wow

  47. I found you on facebook before i stepped into the commenting world. So i didn’t get invited,i forced myself on you.

    But i found it was a good way to link to ltr without it showing on internet history as “letters to rob” it actually helped keep my secret because if i linked over though there it just showed some unidentifiable facebook address which made me feel sneaky… and any time I “liked” something I quick deleted it on my profile so no one would know. 🙂

    I found uc and moon have not been outing me. “Rob”
    has yet to comment or “like” on my page. (Just so you know that’s not a complaint. I don’t want too have to deal with explaining that!)

  48. this is greaT..
    NOW I CAN upload all those cool photos I have been dying to share with you guys of Robbie and TomStu …

    your gonna love em!!!

  49. Girls…’s some more pics of Rob’s Wax figure:

    All these girls glomming onto him made me laugh so much!!!! Haha, you know I just want to be there and touch it just for posterity’s sake!

    What do y’all think? Too skinny? Jaw too narrow? Drsaka did point out to me last night that the fly was not zipped all the way….squee.

  50. Hey girls, my post didn’t show so I’m reposting. Rob’s wax figure with a bunch of screaming fangirls!!!! There’s a comparison too to the real thing and I agree!

    These girls are so funny, screaming and touching the wax Rob. 🙂 I think I prolly would too, regardless of how I feel about it.

    • BTW another Ltr girl pointed it out last night that the fly was not zipped all the way!!!! Haha!

      • They should have mismatched the buttons for a real life effect.

        The eyes are ALL wrong. Ewww. It kinda looks like George Michael. So not the look I think they were going for.

        I think they actually got the jaw right. But the eyes are evil!

        • Yeah the eyes look evil and baggy(underneath).

      • Not the real thing SB…not the real thing! But it must be really tempting to touch him when you see him (waxbert I mean). I saw the wax of Bono in Berlin…sure I touched him…have a pic with him too… 😀

        • Yes it’s tempting for sure, for a lot of us, this might be the closest we can get to Rob :-(.

    • SB! WaxRob looks way more tired than the real thing, hmmm…
      Wonder if that is related to his not quite zipped fly…

      WaxRob=PervRob, but not in a good way.

      He is also quite arrogant, look how he doesn’t even acknowledges his fans in those pics! 😉

      • He does look pretty wiped out huh? Probably from all the manhandling? haha, yeah I know, the fly, haha, maybe.

    • Wow, what happened to my pic on my avatar? I am now an alien with fangs?

    • I like when they out photos of Waxbert and Rob together a highlight the differences. Good analytical technique!

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